Spotted: Eva La Rue and Kaya – Surf’s Up!

07/09/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Russell Baer/Splash News Online

Beach time!

Eva La Rue and daughter Kaya McKenna, 8½, splash in the waves on June 26 in Mexico, the day after the CSI: Miami star wed new husband Joe Cappuccio.

Kaya is 43-year-old La Rue’s daughter with ex-husband John Callahan.

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Manal on

i want the beach!!!
Beautiful pic of both of them:)

Robin on

I love her!! Ever since she was on All My Children!!

HeatherR on

Eva is rockin’ that bikini! You go girl!!!

Sadie on

Now here is a healthy looking mom, compared to that one of Kelly Ripa and her kids that was recently on here. Very nice!

Shawna on

I really do not think that bathing suit is appropriate for an 8 year old. It is designed to make the child look like they have a grown up figure when they don’t. What is wrong with a one-piece or a sensible tankini? I have an almost 8 year old daughter and I see no need to put her in a bathing suit that clearly is designed to sexualize the child. I find it very disturbing.

giftbox on

Eva’s 43? Wow. She’s gorgeous.

Valerie on

Shawna- well said and I completely agree. Girls are at enough risk in our society and parents really need to be aware. It is appallaing to see some of the outfits designed for children even as young as this… and some of the slogans on the clothing are often so inappropriate. Interesting that this is not an issue with boys clothing but certainly is a problem with girls clothing. Parents need to be hypervigilant.

Anna on

There is nothing wrong with children wearing a bikini. They don’t make a body look any different from how they look in a one piece. All I see here is a happy girl playing on the beach, nothing sexual about it.

Toptop on

The bikini looks totally appropriate to me. Putting an 8 year in a one piece (except for swimming laps)sounds totally inapropriate to me. One pieces are for old people.

OnyxJones on

Eva is gorgeous and Kaya is adorable. I while not my choice for my daughter, I think she’s fine because she is with her mother.

cecily on

Stop sexualizing little girls in bikinis. There is nothing wrong with that bathing suit.

Helene on

Beautiful! Beautiful!

I am so confused. How did we pedophiles get brought up in this post?

Inge on

I really dont see anything wrong with the kids bikini..chill people.

gianna on

eva’s gorgeous and looks younger than 43. kaya is so pretty, she has eva’s features, but john’s eyes and lighter complexion, cute body too. I read interview recentkly where eva said her new hubby and her won’t be having any kids together. he has 2 grown kids and she said she doesn’t wanna start with diapers and newborn stuff again, and is happy with one child. glad things worked out for her, after john and her divorce, always loved her on all my children.

Sarah on

I think it looks just fine. When I was 8 years old, we were naked on the beach and I really believe that there were pedophiles too. All this is a problem of society, who see something though there is nothing. Yes, WE have to protect our children, but not like this.

JM on

totally agree, i think if you see this picture and think pedophile that it says more about you than the parent who dresses their child in this.
it is clearly a child’s bikini and she looks adorable. as someone else pointed out, for a pedophile it is irrelevant what a child is wearing, and a one-piece or a bikini DEFINITELY won’t make any difference.

jessicad on

I couldn’t help but notice Eva’s boobs!! I don’t have any so that’s usually the first thing I notice on other women, hers look great:) She looks amazing and I had no idea she’s 43, she doesn’t look it at all.

I wore bikini’s when I was little and don’t see the big deal, although I did see a string bikini for toddlers the other day when I was shopping for my daughter, that’s a little weird and taking it too far. I let her wear a bikini because it’s easier for the many potty breaks and she looks so darn cute in them! She also has one pieces and suits that cover her arms so we do change it up.

CTBmom on

Eva looks gorgeous! And Kaya is such a cutie….she looks just like her daddy to me.

Lauren on

I have called out celeb moms in the past for blatantly sexualizing their children through outrageous clothes and make-up (namely the daughters of Cindy Crawford and Tish Cyru), but I see absolutely nothing wrong with Kaya’s suit and, to be honest, am slightly disturbed that out of everything that comes to mind when viewing this photo, that is the first thing people come up with. If you can look at this photo and associate sex and perversion with this innocent girl, I think that says more about you than her in terms of looking for trouble that isn’t there.

I also hate the double standard of boys vs. girls swimwear. I don’t approve of string bikinis or other purposefully sexy swimsuits on girls, but a simple bikini that shows the belly does not count for me. If it did, I’d have my sons in a wetsuit while my daughter was in a one-piece. Everyone’s too busy flipping over “how to protect their daughters” to notice that they let their sons roam around the beach in literally nothing but a pair of swim trunks. Yet I never hear anyone worrying about the sexualization of boys or trying to protect them from pedophiles. Why is that?

Masumi on

I find it disturbing that both Shawna and Valerie find the swimsuit to be sexualizing. That clearly says more about you two.

Anyway, this picture is so cute! It’s good to see Kaya smiling and enjoying time with her mom.

Lola Marie on

My 2 year old has one just like that, guess im trying to sexualize her as well…smh..some people take things way to far just to stir up something. Everyone is entiteled to their own opinion, but I see nothing wrong with Kaya’s suit & Eva is rockin hers….MILF alert!!

Sam on

CBB please read ‘Helen’s’ post again. It says ‘……we pedophiles…………’. That is concerning. Is it a typo or am I just mixed up in what I’m reading?? Thanks

Sam on

That is an adorable picture! Little Kaya is so pretty! I don’t see anything wrong with either bathing suit even after reading the posts. They are at the beach. It’s hot out. They are covered where they need to be covered. My daughter is 26 and we wore bathing suits like this when we played in Lake Huron all our summers! Mom and daughter having time together is all I see.

SadieA on

Toptop, your comment made me laugh so hard, the thought of someone finding an 8 year old in a one-piece inappropriate is hilarious. I assume you were being sarcastic in response to the criticism?

Electra on

LOL @ The person who say bikinis are for old people. I’m 21 years old, a beach volleyball player and a swimmer but I still wear one-pieces and monokinis. I really wish people would go back to wearing one-pieces because they’re way more flattering on 90% of the population. .

Its got nothing to do with sexualizing as a man will sexualize a girl or woman in a once piece just as much in a one piece if he wants to. A man will sexualize a woman wrapped in a carpet.

I find that bikinis look very silly on little girls as most of the time they’re falling off a flat chest, and sagging in the back. Having said that, this one rare instant I think Kayas suit is actually cute! Its bright and floral. I think it would have been just as cute as a one piece.

Sam on

*Helene*’s post, not *Helen*

D on

Wish I looked that good in a bikini, but I don’t wear them.

Tansy on

Lee, I have a cousin who is a pedo and he DOES get turned on by little girls dressed in skimpy clothes. It’s why he hangs out at the beach and the local pools. He loves the hooker outfits a lot of little girls wear for Halloween. He saves photos of pics like this one because child porn is illegal. Like boys of my generation who used to look at JC Penny catalogues to check out the ladies in their undies (since porn was hard to get), he ogles these types of legal pics because he doesn’t want to go to jail for his freakiness. I know you want to believe that rape, incest and child molestation is all about power and violence, but many offenders are attracted to children the same way some guys like chicks with big boobs or long legs or curly hair. It’s their preference and pretending that they don’t get off sexually by seeing these photos is pretty naive.

Now I think it’s a parent’s choice whether to let their kids wear clothes that might turn on some people (we can’t control the perversion in other people’s heads – only our response to it). Yet, people like you who pretend that because these are children and therefore they can’t be sexual, means you’re living in denial. Weirdoes are out there and we have to choose the best way for each of us to handle that. Some moms on here wouldn’t dress their kids this way, some moms would. Again we can only control our reaction to the craziness in the world and hope for the best.

hayley on

i like the swimsuit, i think there is a vast gap from letting your 8 year old cover herself in make up wear thongs and padded bra which is going to make her look older than her years then whats going on here,

she looks 8 , fresh faced and healthy and her mum has a ‘banging’ body as my husband would say xxx i think we need to stop picking these pics apart looking for things to be offended by, my lord you would think you lot are british lol thats our job! :p

sgv on

“I am so confused. How did we pedophiles get brought up in this post”

wow…WE pedophiles? should read the comments before they post them, Maybe was a typing mistake, but it sounds awful and very disturbing. You should cancel that comment right now.

Helene on

Sam, are you serious? The word we, was a typo. I was so flabbergasted that a girl in a bikini makes someone type the word pedophile in their post, that I couldn’t get my thoughts down.

Sadie on

OMG, Some of you really need to lighten up, geez! All I saw was a cute mom and daughter.
While I get what the people who have a problem with the suit mean, it really isn’t any of your business. If Eva wants to dress her daughter in a two piece how is that your concern??
While I wouldn’t put mine in it, it really isn’t any of our business how other people dress their kids.
Those nasty pedophiles are going to find even a fully clothed child sexual, even one dressed like a nun, because they are sick and messed up.
You might not put your child in a bikini and neither would I, but I see no reason to put Eva down because she chooses to.

Helene on

Typo, it was a typo! If I could cancel and resubmit I would, but I can’t.

Sam on

“Helene’ I was serious, and I wasn’t the only one. Keep reading! I didn’t mean to imply you yourself were a pedophile, just that your post read that way. Maybe you didn’t notice it right away, only noticed it after I mentioned it. If it happens again just re-post that there was a typo – then we can understand sooner. :))

Sam on

‘sgv’ – – exactly what I said eariler today. “Helene’ has since cleared it up. But YES, CBB should be more careful – they used to be. 🙂

Sasha on

LOL, you women are funny. I saw the pic and never thought twice about her wearing a bikini. Get your minds out of the gutter. LOL

JustMe on

Welll said, Lauren.
And, Helene… LOL… I figured it to be a typo! 🙂

Luna on

I don’t see anything even remotely sexual about Kaya’s bikini. That is perverse and disturbing that anyone would think something sexual about an eight-year-old having a fun day at the beach with her mother. I think the suit is cute. I put my daughters in bikinis, not padded tops, string bikinis, or thongs, but I let them wear bathing suits similar to this one. They are six and three. Not sexual. I don’t see how pedophiles get brought up here. I really didn’t think that this picture would start a conversation about the appropriateness of a bikini.

Lara on

Because people are too quick to nitpick the first thing that riles them up rather than read the comments fully Helene, it’s sad. You don’t need to explain to anyone, they need to relax a little.

lizzielui on

The whole notion that a bikini on a girl is too sexualized is completely insane, especially when you consider that boys run around on the beach bare chested with their their trunks often times falling off. We were in Fiji last summer and the native little girls there wore NO TOPS on the beaches and it was completely fine and harmless. This is a child doing what kids all over the world do in the summer.

Jenn on

One pieces are for old people? Seriously? I use one pieces for my four year old because it’s less skin to worry about getting sunburned. Yes, I lather her with sunscreen but I figure the more that’s covered the better! However, I don’t see anything wrong with two pieces.

Sam on

“Lara” you’re wrong. I did read “Helene’s” post ‘fully’ – over and over again. I also suggested it was a typo or that I didn’t understand it, but I was also concerned (and I wasn’t the only one). “Helene” has since explained that it was, as I figured, a typo. You’re wrong again when you say ‘Helene’ didn’t have to explain it – yes she did. Anyone can post here (and they do), so explaining it took about 30 seconds and all was clearly understood.

Helene’s question is a good one – why are people even mentioning pedophiles when seeing a picture of a little girl playing at the beach with her mother??? It’s a cute picture, family fun – that’s what I see.

Haleiwa on

Eva is smokin hot!!!!!! Congratulations on her new marriage. She and daughter look fabulous and it’s clear they are having a fabulous time.

fuzibuni on

oh. my. god. people. get a grip.

this website has degenerated into a cesspool of bitterness, fear mongering, name calling, and general insanity. i can hardly read it anymore without feeling a bit ill.

And while I appreciate lively conversation and discussion, this thread is over the top.

and Helene dear… don’t worry. I knew it was a typo without you even having to explain. everyone please relax.

maggie on

OH MY GOD! it’s a stupid bikini! let’s just comment on how happy they seem or that we’re happy for eva’s new marriage. NOT “OH a pedo is gonna get sexually aroused by the fact that a 8 1/2 year old is wearing a bikini”. hello half the sickos in this world are going to be attracted to either someone older than 20 or even someone dressed up as a nun! besides from that … THEY SEEM VERY HAPPY AND I THOUGHT EVA WAS 36!

FC on

I can’t get over how much Kaya has grown. I still think of her as a baby. And wow, Eva just gets better with age. She’s crazy beautiful in that shot!

I think the photo’s so sweet, too!

JMO on

Bathing suit is fine on both mother and child!!

I just got back from the beach and saw hundreds of little girls running around in bikini’s and they all looked very cute. The only thing I’d be concerned about is more skin showing that can get sun burned. Other then that if a pedo is going to look they’re going to look no matter what the child is wearing. Some of these comments are disturbing btw.

Sydney on

The sad thing about this whole thread isn’t the one piece vs bikini argument, it’s that some of the words repeated again and again here will make this post appear higher in a google search and this picture could fall into the wrong hands. THIS is the effect of the fearmongering of the Shawnas and Valeries of this world.

Penelope on

I know I’m late on this but, does anyone remember the old Coppertone Girl ad’s? I believe it was introduced in 1954 or so. In that ad the littler girl only has bikini bottoms on and a puppy is pulling at that. Is that sexual too?

Penelope on

Coppertone Baby!

Sam on

“fuzibuni’, what are you talking about?? What name calling? Fear what? Who is insane here? Then you go on to tell ‘Helene’ not to worry about her original post, yet it WAS worded to cause some concern. I’ve never seen your name on this website before and I’m here a lot. It’s about the only decent place on the internet to comment on pictures we see of celebrities.

Helene on

People were not as concerned as you probably because:
1. I post on here ALL the time (as does fuzibuni).
2. Typo’s happen and to be honest, do you really think that someone would seriously come on here and say that?

Get over it and stop bringing my name up. You previously suggested I should have sent a note right away. Well, I don’t post a comment and then sit on this post all day and reread my post, so I didn’t notice the error. I don’t have that much time on my hands. If you were concerned that is fine, but she was not.

Sam on

Helene – please remember that I did think it was a typo and was not meant to read as it did. I only brought up your name to bring the typo to your attention or when people posted to me mentioning your name. My name has been mentioned a lot and I’m not bothered by it, neither should you be. If you post here, that can and does happen. Oh, and you contradict yourself – you said you post here ‘ALL’ the time, but then you say you don’t have time to reread your posts. Have a very nice evening. 🙂

Mi on

To be honest, I remember I used to hate the feeling of the wet swimsuit on my stomach as a kid (I still do) and switched to bikinis as soon as I could. I only use swim suits if I am only going to do laps or if I’m going diving. My school insisted on one pieces and I remember hating it.

Helene on

I do not contridict myself at all. I do post on this site all the time, but I do not reread my comments, who does?! That is not a contridiction. You make no sense at all.

Sam on

Helene, “this is a blog and we are allowed to comment and say what we want”, a direct quote. You’re sooo right and that’s what I did. You don’t have to like it but it’s my opinion, not quite a direct quote, but close. 🙂

Helene on

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I never said you were not. Not sure where you got that idea. And in commenting on your last post, I have no idea what your point was because it makes no sense. From what it sounds like, I think you may be a bit obsessed with me! 🙂

Sam on

No, not obsessed, just trying to prove my point. Thankyou.

Helene on

Reading my comments on other posts and putting them here?! Get a hobby.

Jamie on

I don’t see anything wrong with Kaya’s bathing suit. Can’t believe Eva’s 43 years old. She’s gorgeous! 🙂 And, her daughter looks just like her.

Dennis on

Im sorry you can’t find true love because your a very beautiful person I feel inside and out, very smart and a great actress and deserve better so keep your chin up. I wish I could help .