Spotted: Halle Berry and Nahla Think Pink

07/09/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

GSI Media

Pretty in pink!

Halle Berry totes her favorite bag, poncho-sporting daughter Nahla Ariela, 2, and a feathered friend Thursday while heading to lunch at Barefoot Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Dad is the actress’ ex, model Gabriel Aubry.

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Amber on

How sweet is that face?
Love Halle’s hair.

jordan on

Twins!!!! I love this mother daughter duo

Shaunie on

For some reason, I like to envision certain celebs, and celeb children being friends in my head (I’m sure I’m not the only one do this. lol)…

And I think Nahla Aubrey & Tallulah Dash(daughter of designer Rachel Roy & music mogul Damon Dash) would be the cutest little duo!

Sadie on

Halle and Nahla are just two beauties. Love seeing pics of them but I think they’d prefer to be left alone – understandably so!

Sadie on

@ Shawnie – Of all the celeb kids, why did you pick these people? I mean I have never even heard of them.

I am sure she has play dates with “regular folks” and not just other celeb babies.

Though a pic of Nahla with Harlow Madden, Honor Warrren and Olive Cohen would be total CUTNESS!

Jillian on

WHERE can I buy that adorable poncho?!?!?! Please find it, CBB!!

Shaunie on

@ Sadie, in “my world” they are known celebs.

And I’m sure Nahla does have play dates with “regular folks”, matter of fact of seen [adorable] pics of her on a play date with a little friend before!

I just comment on how with celebs you sometimes think to yourself “I could easily see this person being friends with that person. They seem like they would mesh well.”

And thought they would make an adorable pair (that goes for their gorgeous mothers as well)! That’s all.

Just like in my mind Ryder Russell & Maddox Jole-Pitt would be cute friends b/c they seem so laid back and cool. Or Harlow & Honor, the little fashionista would be adorable together…etc.

Sadie on

@ Shawnie – Thanks for explaining, did not mean any offense. Fully understand where you are coming from. The little girl is very cute and I’m sure fun.
I guess we don’t have to know who all the celebs are for them to be celebs!

JM on

hands down one of the most beautiful children i have ever seen!

Beth on

Halle doesn’t look happy. Hey its fun looking at pics but is it really worth it at the expense of knowing that this poor child is followed and filmed simply because of her mom?

Certainly an everyday mom wouldn’t want to be followed 24/7 whether just her and/or with her family. The kids just can’t be kids — its just not normal. It’s like these kids are in a bubble to be gawked at. Taking pics of adults is one thing (its own issue), but holy cow, these are just kids. No peace at all.

I wonder if people consider this, I guess most don’t. Just filling the incessant need. And the cycle continues.

torgster on

This child is so breathtaking she’s almost ethereal, like she radiates an aura or something. There are lots of beautiful kids on here, but Nahla’s looks are beyond human possibility lol!

gianna on

nahla’s so cute, she looks like halle with her dad’s eye shape and eye color.

Linda on

Jillian, Nahla is wearing a pink tee by Cherokee exclusively at Target

Lina on

I love Halle n Nahla is soo adorable!!!!

Electra on

I saw some pics of her exploding at the razzi, during this outing. I agree its not worth it.

gloria on

I have always mentored Halle , she is a beautiful women with or without a man. I know it is not hard for her to find one, but think of you and your precious little miniature Halle.Remember good things come to those who wait. Your daughter will be a star and you will be looking at her one day as we look at you. Glad to see the short hair, you can wear it Girl!!!!!!

Helene on

Electra, Where did you see those? I saw about 10 pictures from this day on another site and didn’t see any negative ones.

torgster on

@Beth – can”t say I disagree with what you’re saying but on the other hand, here WE are supporting a blog centred around ‘razzi shots. If there was no market for the pics, the paps wouldn’t be chasing the celebs 24/7 to get big bucks selling them to clients like People. So I’m guilty I admit it.

SoBelle on

Nahla is so beautiful, it’s almost unreal. I mean she is positively breathtaking. I’ve been out of the loop…didn’t know Halle and Gabriel had called it quits. Halle and Nahla are gorgeous and, I agree, Halle wants to be left alone, especially with daughter in tow.

MiB on

Haha, that flamingo makes me think of the croquet game in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Nahla makes a georgeus Alice IMHO

Beth on

Torgster —

I think as a society (with everyone seemingly having a camera etc) that many people are just nowadays used to seeing the pics, and they want to, hey they even expect it.

But lots of people don’t even think about it, or care that the people are followed like animals — they just want to see the pics and the “news” headlines. Just like you said, it fuels itself.

As you mentioned, I agree that it is often taken too far when kids are involved. It’s one thing when star X is at a chic Hollywood restaurant, but they follow them around 24/7. And, I don’t agree with showing (and ultimately buying pics) of kids at the playground, leaving school, coming out of the dentist. They are like playthings in a bubble. I know “regular” parents wouldn’t want to be hounded 24/7 — and certainly not have their kids lives played out for everyone to see, I don’t think its ok for Hollywood kids to be followed 24/7 just because they are born into the family.

It would be great if it would get to a point (after consumers voice their opinion) that pics only a public events etc. But I think it boils down to dollars, as long as there is an interest, it will continue. As long as people are so interested in the new diaper bag that Jennifer Garner is carrying or hmmm does that star look pregnant, pics will be taken. I think its too bad.