Céline Dion Expecting Twin Boys!

07/09/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Lilly Palmberger/CelebrityPhoto

Come November, Céline Dion will be mom to a brood of boys.

The singer, 42, and husband René Angelil, who announced that they were expecting twins after a sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt earlier this year, confirmed on Dion’s official Web site that she will have two more sons.

“Céline first announced the upcoming new additions to the Angelil-Dion family back in May, and now she just revealed that she is expecting twin boys!” the statement reads. “Congratulations to the happy family!”

The two baby boys will join big brother René-Charles, 9.

— Anya Leon

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Katie on

That’s wonderful! So happy for her!! I have a 8 month old son and he is the light of my life!! Gotta love little boys!! 🙂 Congrats Celine. You so deserve this!

Heather Lynn on

Congratulations to Rene, Celine, and Rene-Charles! What an exciting time for them! 3 boys will certainly keep them busy. I can’t wait to hear what she names them and see pictures!

Ashley on

Yay! Congrats to the whole fam. Boys as so fun. There will never be a dull moment. I have two little boys and it’s awesome. 🙂

CB on

It’s been a long tough journey for this family and I am so happy they are adding to the family. Nobody deserves it more 🙂 Congrats!!

Gigi on

So happy for them. I know how much they wanted this.

Ali on

How wonderful! Congrats to them! 🙂

Lacey on

Awesome news! The rollercoaster she’s been on, she totally deserves them!

klutzy_girl on

I was hoping for at least one little girl, but congratulations to them!

Jennifer on

Congrats Celine….No one deserves it more that you! Boys can be a handful, but I know you’ll do great!


i AM SO HAPPY FOR CELINE, she is a special person and she deserves all the happiness. She sends it back to us in song and she has been a great person to listen to, wish I could meet her.

michele on

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for her!! Babies are such blessings!!! I have 3 boys as well!! I have an 11 yr old, 2 yr old and 1 yr old. I don’t have twins, but I have an older child with two very young children!! It’s a challenge, but a very rewarding one!! Enjoy!!!

Brooke on

Yay!!!! 🙂 I am sooo happy for them! Although I would have loved to see her with a little girl, I’m so happy for them!

Shirelle on

Congrats to them!

Electra on

I had a feeling she was having twins(i guess the biologically the odds are for her), i’m so happy for them both! Congrats Celine!

Bb on

Congratulations, so, so happy for them!

chanel on

congratulations!!!! i have 3 boys and its a blessing and lots of fun and laughs

Maurene on

God bless and much happiness to all the boys and amazing parents.

Kathy on

Congratulations to the whole family! Celine, you are truly an amazing woman with a gentle and caring heart. I have been to many of your concerts and know that you are a genuine person who loves what she does and cares deeply for those around you. You have waited a long time for this miracle and truly deserve the joy that all your boys will bring to you!

Joan on

I’m so happy for you. I remember trying to get pregnant when you had your son. We have nine year old identical twin boys. It’s wonderful. They’re little buddies and Mommy’s boys. I wish you all the best.

Liz Reiser on

what wonderful news to here that you are carrying two boys and congrats to you both I know about twins my mom had a set when I was 13 yrs old and I help her at night to feed them. It is great news to hear good luck to you all god bless

Electra on

don’t they look a-like in that picture?? Same eyes!

Kay on

congrats to celine and rene!! twin boys are a blessing.
i do worry about these 40 and 50 somethings bearing children though.

Lola Monroe on

What an amazing blessing…God is seriously awesome…many prayers for Celine and her family!!!

Luna on

Wow what a HUGE blessing. There will never be a dull moment in that house. Three boys is a lot of work, but tons of fun too. My best friend from college has triplet boys, and that house is absolutely hilarious! Congratulations to Celine, Rene, and Rene-Charles.

JM on

lola monroe….yeah…either that or science is awesome, the thing that helped her get pregnant.

as someone who has had twins, it’s a wonderful experience. i wish the whole family all the best and every happiness.

poppy on

Congratulations! Although it’s a bit annoying that posters keep saying boys are handful – from my experience girls are just as much of a handful!

Lorraine on

So happy for them. We love Celine! She is so genuine and caring and is probably the best mother around.

Kathleen on

Big congratulations! I bet they will be as beautiful as Celine!

Jill on

There are A LOT of women around 40 having babies. Just look at this website and I know a half dozen women just in my neighborhood who had a baby at 39/40/41/42. 40 really has become at least the new 35 if not the new 30 with people living longer, healthier lives.

I had my baby at 40 after years of infertility and became pregnant naturally after finding supplements for PCOS I never had heard about.

Newsflash: Women around 40 have been having babies for centuries. So it is not a new trend. That is a media myth. The average age for women to have their last baby in Post WWII was 42. That was before any infertility treatments. It is completely normal and common. Plus the majority of babies who are born to women around 40 are completely healthy if that is what you are worried about.

Having a baby around 40 actually helps you live longer and look younger with fewer health issues later in life. They think it is the progestrone during pregnancy. Maybe mother nature knew a few things.

Celine is right in the mix still to have a baby. So stop being negative!

LingLing on

Congrats!!! So happy for you!! Can’t wait for your concert next year back at Vegas!!

J on

Ah congrats. Wow 3 boys!! 🙂

Erika on

I have to admit I really wanted her to have at least one girl. But 3 boys should be ummm an adventure lol.

glee fan 8 on

i have been waiting for this news! i wish she would be having at least one girl! happy to see that they are happy and healthy during this pregnancy!

Mary on

God bless you and your family!

brannon on

I agree Poppy…very annoying! (ever notice with girl announcements nobody says ‘aww..wish it was a boy'” Pet peeve. anyway. exciting news!!!!

Sharon on

How absolutely fabulous to announce to the world, when it appears you have it all, you are adding babies to your family!!!!! Celine and Company is such a beautiful image! Congratulations to you, your husband, your son, and those little ones soon to be born…

D on

So, so nice to read positive comments for a change. I saw Celine in concert at the Pespi Center in Denver a year ago in February. One of my dreams come true. What amazing talent. What an AWESOME woman she is. So compassionate and loving towards everyone she meets. She is one of very few celebrities out there, who has NOT let her fame and fortune go to her head. She has a HUGE heart. She is a great mom, and these two little miracles, will have more love showered upon them, than they’ll know what to do with. 40 is NOT too old to be having children. At 35 pregnancy is considered high risk. There’s rish with every pregnancy, and she’s not different. Congratulations to her Renee, and RC Jr.

Crystal on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for Celine, Renee and Renee Charles. I too was hoping she would have a girl but God has blessed her tremendously with Renee Charles and her twin boys on the way! Congrats again! 🙂

Natalie on

God bless Rene and Celine and family!!!!

Catherine on

Congratulations to Celine & Rene on the announcement that you both are gonna have twin boys. that is such a blessing.

Marisela on

How wonderful for them! Three sons is my dream family. I wish Celine nothing but the best for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Edie on

Celine & Rene’

Congratulations to you both! I am thrilled and happy for you and wish you and your family a happy and healthy life ahead.


SoBelle on

Céline Dion is an amazingly talented woman and is a generous person, as well. She found out that she was the idol of a young singer from the Philippines, Charice Pempengco. When Charice guested on the “Dreams Come True” episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show on September 9, Oprah referred to her as “The Most Talented Girl in the World.” She sang Céline’s “My Heart Will Go On”, after which Oprah surprised her with an appearance by Céline Dion via satellite, who invited her to sing a special duet at New York City’s Madison Square Garden as part of Dion’s Taking Chances Tour. She performed her promised duet with Céline on September 15. They sang “Because You Loved Me,” dedicated to Pempengco’s mother, who was in the audience…it was a “tug on the heartstrings” moment, for sure. When Céline allowed her to perform with her, she took a step back and allowed Charice to dominate the stage…Céline put her hand over her heart and had tears in her eyes and was genuinely blown away by the performance of this talented 17-year-old. There was no big ego “I’m the star” attitude as she allowed a young girl’s dreams to come true. That made a HUGE impression on me in how she just turned the performance over to Charice. I’m very happy for Céline, René and René-Charles on the impending arrival of the blessing of these twin boys. And to the person who “corrected” the other poster who excitedly gave God the credit for the miracle of the approaching birth of the twins…God is the Author of Science, so you are both right. I think Céline would agree.

Stephanie on

I’m so happy for Céline!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Céline, René, and René-Charles !!!!!!!!!!! I know René-Charles’ so thrilled to have little brothers. Since I’ve learned she was trying to expand their blessed family I’d pray for her every night. I love that she truly loves being a mother above everything else. Céline describes herself as a mother, wife, and singer. I find that so amazing. I love Céline Dion, the singer, but I absolutely unconditionally love Céline Dion, the person. I used my seventeenth birthday wish for Céline’s dream to come true. The freaking thing is that their due in November the same month I was born. My dad thinks I’m a total nut cause I cried when I heard she was finally pregnant. Céline Dion’s my idol and I’ll do anything to meet her and sing with her. Maybe I should make that wish this year. LOL. I’ll pray for her to have for success in her music career. I’ll also continue praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy twin boys. LOVE YOU CÉLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria on

Delighted for them all. Such lovely happy news. I don’t get why people say they hoped she would “get” at least one girl, a baby of either sex is a blessing, I have 3 boys and they could not be more different from each other, gender does not give you something different other than the sex organs.

Deb on

I was so happy to hear of the upcoming birth of your twins. What a gift babies are. It took me 10 years to have my son at the age of 41, and he is the light of my life. You are truly blessed and your babies will be so loved. God Bless You All.

Jane on

God bless you both …I am praying for you Celine

JM on

Healthy is number one … the Love is already there. Congratulations to All of you! You deserve the best life has to offer 🙂

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Celine and Rene ….. I know they are happy beyond words 🙂 Though I have to admit I was kindof hoping that she would have a little girl 🙂 but I know they are just as happy with their twin boys 😛 once again congratulations to them 😀

Karissa on

Congrats she really needs a girl but Boys are fine too Congrats Celine

Shinieke McGee on

Celin I am so happy for you & your family. I adore you a your music, you are so talented. I have followed you career since the beginning, have all your books,cd’s & videos. Have a Blessed pregnancy/delivery.

Helene on


Karissa, why does she really need a girl?

Jennifer on

Great news for Celine! Hope the birth is easy 🙂

Jessica Schwartz on

Oh Celine and Renee I am so happy for you all!! That’s wonderful news and I am wishing your family much happiness!! Celine I have always loved listening to u sing!

Much Love,


adabeth on

I am so happy for this family. Celine is such a hard worker and loving Mom. Best wishes.

Kay on

40 may have become the new 30 in a social way. But biologically, our bodies haven’t changed. Our fertility is what it is. I don’t care what anyone says, women setting example by bearing children in their 40’s and 50’s should not be the norm at all.

Lindsay Benfield on

I love Celine!! She is my idol!! I am so happy for them!! I am pregnant too, I am due Oct.28 this year!! So we will be having babies together…..I am having a boy too!! Little boys are perfect, I already have one son. So we will both be in a house full of boys! I can’t wait to see what she and Rene’ will name them. Congrats to them!!

Evangeline on

Congrats to the family and I hope that her babies are born healthy. I’m thrilled for them. When I first heard that she was having twins, my first guess was one boy, one girl, but I guess I was wrong. 🙂 Two boys will be very fun!

DK on

Congrats to the happy family! It must be boy season, I, too, am preggers with twin boys due in Aug. and a 4 yr old boy- a brood of boys! Cheers to a happy, and healthy pregnancy and delivery! 🙂

Jannica Quintanilla on

I have had the honor of watching one of your many performaces in Las Vegas. I’m so happy for the both you and wish a wonderful term of pregnancy and Joy to both your lives. Blessings from the Island of Guam.

e.j. on

that is great news! WHY are there always the ‘would’ve been nice to have a girl’ comments….so insensitive and thoughtless. families that don’t have the ‘1 boy and 1 girl’ should NOT be made to feel they are lacking in anything.

Jules on

Congrats to the happy family!!! Hope you will have smooth pregnancy and enjoy being mummy of twins.

I’m a 1st time mummy of twin (boy & girl)!! I can say both of my hands are full…

Lots of Love and blessing from the island of Singapore!!!!!!

Allison on

I am glad her pregnancy has been a healthy one, but i can’t get past Rene’s age. I think they are being really selfish having babies at his age.

Jill on

It is not just socially that 40 has become the new 30 — or at least the new 35 that’s for sure. Things have shifted by at least 5 years with people living longer, healthier lives. Many, many women have babies around 40. I guess you don’t get out much.

Who said anything about bearing children in your 50s? I guess you did but it has nothing to do with Celine.

Celine just turned 42. Basically her late 30s. Not 50! She is a lot closer to 30 something than 50 something. Come on.

What is your problem? Mind your own business if you can’t say something nice. Women with infertility like me and Celine don’t need your negative comments here. Get over yourself already and get with the program or get off this website!

Jill on

I don’t get what your beef is? Celine is already pregnant. What do you mean that our bodies have not changed and our fertility is what it is? Celine had infertility throughout her 30s. She finally got pregnant again. There are a lot of women who have babies naturally around 40, or like Celine go through IVF like a lot of women also do in their 30s.

Celine’s infertility problems began in her late 20s. Age usually is not the only factor with inferity. It was not with me. I had infertility throughout my 30s and then at 40 I became pregnant naturally. I don’t get your problem. What bad example is she setting exactly? You must just be jealous or something.

Emily on

Wow congratulations to the 3 of them. I think it’s easy to immediately think ‘oh if only there was a girl in there ‘ I don’t think that’s really what it’s about. I personally have always wanted a girl but as I’ve got older I’ve realised it doesn’t actually matter what you have and a perfect family is NOT always about having a girl and a boy! Plus if I reckon if you are having twins its quite special for them to both be the same gender anyway. I can’t wait to see what they call their boys!

Sandy on

So happy for them all!! She is so awesome,she has such a beautiful soul and heart. I watch her New Day dvd all the time and love everything about her!!! Can’t wait for her new arrivals!!!! Best of luck!!! 🙂

Kay on

Jill, I don’t have “beef” with anyone. I’m just saying that with celebrities having babies later and later (Kelly Preston will be pushing 50) it scares me that women will think it’s okay to wait that long. It’s well known fact that age is a factor on fertility and even though as human beings we may be living longer, our eggs are the same as they’ve always been… what we are born with and as they get older, they aren’t the same quality and neither is our reproductive system as it once was in our 20’s. That’s all. Those are facts, not my opinion. I’m glad having your first after 40 worked out for you, but I know my kids love having a young mom.

Kay on

Jill – very immature to go to the whole “you must be jealous” argument. Are you sure you are 40? Jealous of what exactly? I have a wonderful life, 3 beautiful children and I’m only 31. I played with my kids for 5 hrs straight on the beach yesterday while an old first time mom next to us sat in a chair while her 3 year old had to beg her to make a little sandcastle.
Again, I’m happy for Celine and Rene. As I stated earlier, the precedent that celebrities are setting with having children at an older age concerns me. That’s all.

marybeth Carlsen on

Wonderful, I have seen you in mass and in Vegas it was the best time I ever had. (my anniv. gift.) People saying boys oh boy. I own and operate a family day care for 20 years I love it. If you need a nanny I would be their in a second you would love me ha ha enjoy I mean it nanny Im their….. mary in mass

sky on


some women have careers in their 20s and 30s or meet the partner of their dreams when they hit 40. why should they be punished for getting help from science to have children then? besides, i bet celine froze her eggs from her 30s and conceived from those eggs. why punish women for having it all? i like that woman are liberated! get with the program, it’s not all about having kids in your 20s and staying at home. we make money and run companies now.

nonniejo on

So happy for this family. I know they will be treasured boys. I know because she is such a great mom to Rene Charles.Enjoy every moment of their childhood. They grow up so fast.

brenda on

Celine had embryo’s frozen. I remember that on 9/11 she was very concerned that the clinic where they are stored in NYC may have been damaged, but it wasn’t.

Jill on

I did not realize who I was talking to. You are the immature one. Get over youself saying you are “only 31.” Careful huge. Are you sure you are even in your 30s? If so I think it is about the time you should be a little more grown up but since you are a so called young (immature) mom maybe not!

The nerve of you to call any first time mom old. Anyone who is able to have a baby is not old at all. Maybe more mature and experienced. More than you. There is also such a thing as having a baby too young. Give me a mature mom 35+ any day.

Why does it scare you what other women do? It does not affect your life. It is completely natural and common for a women in their late 30s/early 40s to have a baby naturally and like I said the majority of babies born to women in this age group are completely healthy. So again, what is your problem?

Why is it your concern if a women decided to wait to start her family until her late 30s/around 40 or has no choice because she suffered infertility in her early 30’s like Celine and I did?

If you have such a wonderful life then stop dumping on Celine’s joy and mind your own business. Your timeline should not dictate’s Celine’s timeline since you were obviously able to pop out 3 kids just like that — it doesn’t mean everyone is able to have the “so called” perfect life like you. Perfection should not be the enemy of the good. And what is perfect anyway — nothing.

You have no idea what infertility is like until you have lived it and any kind of timeline goes out the window so stop placing judgement!

Kay on

jill – are you reading what you write? don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. sounds like you are a little insecure as an old mom. you are the one with the issue taking everything personally. as for everything else, can’t beat a dead horse. i think what i’ve said stands for itself. happy for celine, i just think hollywood is setting a bad precedent. peace out.

Erin on

It is a well known fact that age is a factor on a woman’s reproductive system, so I do understand what Kay is saying. Not everyone can control their life, but for the women who think they can put off having babies until mid to late 30’s and think getting pregnant will be honkey-dorey may face a huge reality issue that they might not have faced in their 20’s. Age isn’t the only factor on fertility, but all professionals say that it is a big factor. Just something to keep in mind.
As for Celine and Rene, I’m so happy for them! I love that they are going to have 3 boys!! Boys are awesome – I have 4 myself 🙂

Linda on

Ummm…. it’s not Celine’s age that is the issue. The issue is that these kids will certainly lose their father at a very young age. They may never know him personally.

Erin on

good point, linda!

Rodhe on

I am so happy for celine and her family, she is a great mom and has done such a great job with her son that she deserves to have more children. Congrats.

Barbara on

@ Linda. That was pretty to cold to say the they will “certainly” lose their dad at a very young age. Since when did you become GOD! Everyone should just be happy that they will be loved by everyone in the family and well taken care of! We all never know when our time is up!

Alex on

I actually find that selfish of Celine. When there are so many children in the world already who are in need of homes, she chooses to waste an extravagant amount of money on bringing even more children into this world.

Why bother with IVF at her age, anyway, when she already has a perfectly healthy son?

miranda kelley on

wow thats great news.it delights me so much and i will pray for you and your family celine.i have twin brothers and i tell you this they were awesome when they were small .they are now 38 yrs old now and still awesome. i cant wait till someone announces their birth and names.congratulations and best of wishes from a woman who thinks you have an angels voice and im hoping your biggest fan.love you celine .

Amy on

Congratulations Celine, Rene and R.C., on the fantastic news that you are having twin Boys. I Know, how much you wanted another child. They are gonna be busy with three boys.Congrats again Celine, Rene and R.c. on the news.

Judy on

As I am a soon to be grandmother of granddaughter #7 from my oldest daughters, I know that healthy happy babies is what is important. Two of mine were surprise identicial twins, who have just turned 2 years old and I still can’t tell them apart.

Much happiness to your wonderful family on their double blessing.

Karen on

Way to go Celine! I’m so happy for you!!
Gotta love those boys!

Stacey Perkins on

Congrats to Celine and Rene! So happy to see good things happen to good people!

Anonymous on

Kay should be removed from this group, for posting such bogus posts. There is always a black sheep in a flock of sheep, and Kay is the one.

Tee on

I get such a laugh when the too old to have kids debates starts up here! I feel bad about laughing but I can’t seem to stop myself. Women in the plain community have babies into their late 40’s and early 50’s, sometimes even later. 95% of those children are born with no health problems at all. They happily live in their parent’s house, court and marry a boy, and then set out to have a quiverful of children. To save my life, I can’t figure out why people have such an issue with it.

Lori on

After all you have been through in order to be pregnant with healthy babies… I am soooo happy for you. God Bless you all. Lori