Spotted: Kelly Ripa and Kids Drink Up

07/08/2010 at 11:00 AM ET


Beating the heat on another searing day in New York City, Kelly Ripa and kids Joaquin Antonio, 7, and Lola Grace, 9, cool down with chilly drinks from Starbucks on Tuesday.

Skipping the outing? Son Michael, 13, who is off at sleepaway camp for the summer.

“The other two wanted to go with [Michael], they wanted to get on the bus. And we were like ‘No, you have to wait until you’re 12,’” says the Live with Regis & Kelly host, 39.

“And so the bus takes off, and we were sitting in the car, and the two of them are fighting and screaming. And I’m like, ‘Turn this car around, and get these kids on that bus!’”

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April on

Kelly Ripa is great but look at that! Lola’s legs are bigger than hers…she needs to put on some weight!

Scarlet on

Kelly Rippa is scarily skinny. Her legs are thinner that her daughters,yikes. Why does Hollywood think being a stick figure is attractive?

Sydney on

Those are some scary looking knees.

daniela on

Kelly eat a burger!

ronda on

It looks like Kelly Ripa has anorexia? Her chest area and legs look shriveled and unattractive. I hope I’m wrong about her being ill but for sure she needs to eat more and gain at least 5 to 10 pounds please!!

Ashley on

I couldn’t agree more. She looked better with more weight on her. Gain some weight!!

amy on

Her kids are adorable! Joaquin looks so much like her!
I know Kelly is skinny but she looks horrible in this picture. Her legs look skeletal. There is no way she can be at a healthy weight looking like that.

skipsie on

gorgeous children! always loved this family.

JustMe on

unhealthy looking

Brooklyn on

I feel the need to defend her. But maybe that’s just because I love her so much. Anyways, she’s always been tiny, that’s just her body type. Some people may think she’s too tiny, but as long as she’s healthy, I think it’s fine. But who are we to say if she’s healthy or not? That’s something only she knows.

trisha on

I agree she is very skinny, but I also feel sorry for her(and the rest of hollywood)…they are always judged on gaining too much weight or weighing too little.

Jen DC on

Maybe she is healthy… but I can’t imagine that having legs thinner than your own 9 yr old is healthy. And the lines showing on her face in the last picture – the smile lines – look hollow.

Kim on

I think she eats she just overexercises.I hope she takes calcuim

Shi on

Joaquin has his dad’s eyes, but he has his mom’s nose and smile. I think he looks so much like her whereas the oldest son is all dad. They are both such handsome boys. I’ve never figured out who the daughtr looks like. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think she looks much like either one.

dfs on

Why do so many celebs allow their children to drink starbucks? Isn’t the caffeine bad for children?

dee on

dfs, they do have non caffeinated drinks there. It looks like they’re just drinking a vanilla bean.

Helene on

not everything at Starbucks has caffeine. i myself drink Starbucks, but I don’t drink any caffeine. my kids drink hot chocolate from Starbucks.

angelbaby33 on

dfs- they have tons of kid friendly drinks- my 2 year old gets blended apple juices, and my older 3 always share a double chocolate chip frapachino which is basically a blended chocolate milk with chocolate chips. They love seeing the Starbucks sign when we are on the road and ask for “coffee drinks”. My kids do not drink soda or other caffeine beverages but an occasional trip to Starbucks is fun for the whole family. (FYI- if you small kids, order the venti and ask them to split it between a smaller amount of cups. They are so nice about it!)

Erica on

There is a difference between healthy tiny (ie Eva Longoria) and scary tiny (Kelly Ripa in this picture). Kelly is a talented lady with a beautiful family but her current frame gives her a sickly appearance. I can’t imagine having legs almost twice as skinny as your 9 year old child’s!

I can only imagine how much pressure is put on women in show business to have perfect bodies, but this a clearly an extreme. It’s 100% possible to maintain a great figure without looking malnutritioned.

romy on

hard to look at! She looked so nice back in the day when she had a bit of softness to her body.

Sadie on

She looks like a sac of bones, all hard and dried out. Lola looks more curvy and healthy looking than she does. Go eat some food, geez.

romy on

as for the Starbucks comment, my kids like the vanilla bean or strawberries and cream. I order a tall (small) and ask them to split it into 2 cups for my 5yo and 3yo. they put whip on top, and the kids love it.

hillary on

so annoying when stars say they do NOT having an eating disorder when it is beyond obvious that they do. very irresponsible of her seeing as she has three kids to set an example for!

glee fan 8 on

look, her legs are smaller than her 9 year old daughters! i’m gonna find her and shove a dozen big mac’s down her throat, a dozen large chocolate shakes, and a dozen large fries!

Erin on

When your knees are the biggest part of your body south of your butt, you have a problem. If we’re going to call heavy celebs out (Kirstie Alley, Sherri Sheppard, etc.) then you have to be consistent. It’s not healthy. Gwyneth Paltrow is slim but healthy. Kate Hudson, same thing. When your clavicle is sticking out, that’s not healthy. It’s a little silly to deny what the eyes God gave you are telling you, right?

Christie on

For the person who said that she’s always been very thin, I watched her on “Dance Party U.S.A” in the 80s and she definitely was “thicker” back in those days!

Tina on

Wow! I know it has been noted already, BUT… Kelly’s normal weight daughter should not out weigh her!! I don’t care if she is “naturally lean” she needs some bacon stat!

gina on

You are so right. I remember when she was on All My Children, the soap opera. Not heavy by any standards, but healthy and vibrant. Such a shame.

Milla on

This picture is really sad. Women who are severly underweight have seriously aged faces, and Kelly is one of those women. Her face is hollow and the weight loss has exposed the lines and wrinkles that say Gwenyth or Eva Longoria don’t have. Kelly looks about 5 years older than her actual age. I agree with the above comment about the legitimate distinction between a ‘healthy’ slim and a ‘scary’ slim.

trinh on

so sad. i remember the first day she guested on regis. she looked so much better. now she looks so stick thin gross. 😦 her kids are cute though.

Jenn on

I honesty just read the comments to see how many were focused solely on her weight.

I don’t know Kelly Ripa (I assume none of you do either?), so I won’t make any assumptions about her health, her eating habits, or her exercise habits.

gianna on

brooklyn that is by no means kelly’s natural body type. she was much thicker when she started on amc, she said herself weighed 130. On regis kelly recently there was a scale and she clocked in at 93lbs. 93lbs at 5’4 which is her height listed and around what she looked like height wise when I’ve seen her is so underweight. I’m usually not one to get on people’s weight because I have always been extremly thin since a kid and at 28 wear a size 00 but I’m 4’11 and very small boned, and UI wa never thicker like kelly and lost massive pounds, I was always tiny sorta like kelly monaco body type. Anyway she said that she buys clothes with lola in soho and she can wear kid size 12 and that lola is bigger than her, that’s creepy. being so thin has aged her too, and her ribs and no boobs just with muscle is just not attractive at all.

JMO on

I have watched Kelly since her All My Children days and yes she def. had a lot more weight on way before her children. She’s very skinny. I say it everytiem I happen to flick on Live and see her in some ensemble that has her bones in her neck and chest stickin out! I am a Kelly fan. Think she’s funny and fabulous but she really does need to put on some weight!

Tee on

I don’t know this woman personally so I certainly don’t feel particularly comfortable commenting on her weight, although she does seem tiny.

Thank you all for sharing about Starbucks’ various drinks. I don’t drink coffee, so I’ve never even been there. Now I’ll have to go check out the other options they offer!

Valerie on

The fact that she is so skinny may be tough for her daughter. Her daughter is beautiful and a normal weight and I hope she doesn’t use Kelly as a standard for what weight she should be. It is interesting that although Kelly has a drink, she is the only one not drinking it- wonder why!

Jennifer on

WOW– to me Kelly is scary skinny looking. When I see her on Regis and Kelly I always notice her very muscular arms, but I have to think, if I was that skinny too, maybe my arms would seem more toned/muscular too…who knows? I do know she says she works out a lot. However, I’m guessing she doesn’t eat much and probably over-excercises too. Sad though… it appears to me that she needs some help. Very scary. I’m also curious how her stick-thin bony legs can even lift those shoes to walk.

Appalled on

This picture pains me to look at it. Kelly is so unhealthy-looking that there is NO way that she is okay. Whether it’s mental, physical or a combination thereof, if this is what the “industry” does to a woman, then that’s sad beyond words. To sacrifice one’s health (and set yourself up for osteoporosis, anemia and so many other ailments, both short-term and long-term) for a career in the public eye and the big bucks is beyond pathetic. You can’t BUY your health and, once it’s gone, what then? I’ve seen her at a healthy weight and she looked fabulous. This is a SYMPTOM of a much bigger problem.

Electra on

Its laughable when people try to judge the health of people they don’t know. For all we know Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Eva Longoria are raging cokeheads and Kelly Ripa eats 6 small well-balanced meals a day. We don’t know anything about them aside from the public personas that they’ve created for themselves.

For the person that purposed anorexia as a reason why she’s so thin, there are 400lbs anorexics and bulimics. It has very little to do with weight or appearance and many sufferers of those mental diseases never get to the point where you can see the effect on their body.

I don’t think these are the best photos of Kelly and in my opinion I think she would look better with more weight(how she looked on AMC for ex), but some of these comments are so presumptuous.

Hannah on

Come on, how can you ladies visit this site and “ooh!” and “ahh!” over the kids of celebs who you don’t know “personally,” but turn the other cheek and act like it’s a crime to comment on a celeb’s weight? That’s the problem with today’s society. Kelly’s skeletal frame is a cause for concern and to pretend that she looks “healthy” is irresponsible. The kids are cute by the way!

JM on

valerie made a good point. sometimes mother’s may not even realise but there daughter are likely to look up to them when it comes to things like appearance. if you were a constant dieter and always worrying about your weight before you had kids, i would advise anyone to strongly reconsider because if your daughter is a healthy weight it could make her obsessed about her own body and give her a poor body image if she thinks she has to be skinny like mummy. remember we set examples for our kids in all sorts of ways…

Valerie on

I searched this website and found this picture of Kelly in which she looks healthier

Still probably too skinny but much healthier!

Mia on

First thing I noticed was how much Joaquin looks like her + Lola I think is a combination of both parents. The oldest is all Mark.

I love Kelly Ripa + Mark Consuelos.

She’s always been thin + honestly-her arms are toned/everything else looks good except for her legs. Hope she is ok.

Aileen on

I’ve loved Kelly Ripa for years. I remember back in ’06 she weighed herself on Live & weighed 108 lbs. I thought she looked tiny but she had quite a bit of muscle so she definitely looked healthier. If what Gianna says is true and she recently weighed herself at 93 lbs on tv, that’s quite a big weight loss. I don’t know her so I don’t want to make any judgements.

BTW Electra, I understand the point you’re making, but technically there are no 400 lb anorexics. The DSM states that an anorexic’s weight is a certain percentage below “normal”. If a person has all of the other symptoms of anorexia they technically have EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified). Both of course are unhealthy whether you are 70 lbs or 400 lbs.

Barbi on

My gosh, one cannot help but comment that Kelly Ripa does look drastically underweight. She does not appear healthy, at least in this photo 😦 I hope she’s okay. The struggle to stay thin in Hollywood must be overwhelming.

Her children are adorable!

Sharone on

Everyone keeps talking about her weight, but what I want to know is where to find her cute summer dress! Anyone know???

Kay on

While I agree that we don’t know her personally and therefore we don’t know what her eating/exercising habits are, I do know that I watch her show and she talks about weight and looks frequently. She will joke that a pregnant celeb guest looks smaller than her or that she wishes she looked as good as some other celebrity. I actually find it uncomfortable to listen to as she is very small and yet seems to not find herself to be small enough. I Googled her name and found a lot of pictures of her looking very trim but not so skinny. She looked great with a little more weight on her and definitely more vibrant and healthy.

Anne on

In an article on usmagazine’s website about Gwyneth Paltrow, it says that she works out two hours a day. I don’t think that’s healthy either!

shalay on

I’ve always been quick to defend Kelly because I’m also very petite, and simply just a big fan of hers. But even I can agree that she looks a little too thin in these pics. I don’t think she has an eating disorder. I just think she gets so busy with life (husband, 3 kids, tv show, commercials, etc.) that she doesn’t eat as much as she should because she’s constantly running around. And since she obviously has a workout regimen, she burns more calories than she consumes. I don’t think it’s anything to be seriously worried about, or that she’ll ever need to go to the hospital, but yes, she would probably be a bit healthier if she put on 10 lbs.

If she really is only 93 lbs, that’s just so weird. I’m 5’2 and 100 lbs, and I’d happily put on a few pounds of muscle to look a little thicker. I couldn’t imagine wanting to be SMALLER.

Lorus on

It’s interesting to see the comments on this thread compared to ones about Tori Spelling. It seems like the consensus is she’s too thin she should gain some weight. Yet when people say they same thing about Tori many others bark back about how she’s just fine/petite. What gives?
If you can see more bones than fat/muscle/curves then something is not quite right.

klm on

Anne, it certainly isn’t unhealthy to work out two hours a day! Especially depending on what you are doing to get your exercise. I often work out two hours a day, but I’m definitely not skinny – 5’5″ 130 pounds – because I eat! I do a boot camp class for an hour and then an hour of yoga or the eliptical machine afterward. It’s adds up to two hours, but I’m not obsessed with weight nor am I over doing it. It feels great to be in shape!

MiB on

All though I think Kelly looks a bit thin, I just wanted to add that visible clavicles are not a sign of under weight but has to do with how your body is build ond your posture. I am right in the middle of a normal weight BMI and my clavicles are visible. The only time they weren’t visible was when I was borderline over weight.

JR on

Its so stupid that people can be so judgemental, just because your life is not happy like theirs dont mean you can put them down to make your self feel better. And have you ever been to star bucks? They have more than just coffie products, when my wife and I go there we always get hot chocolate.

Diane on

I’m a big fan of Kelly’s and have noticed her weight loss ever since she started LIVE! Now that she has really gotten into exercise it looks like she might be addicted to the “high” some people get from it. It does look extreme and she would look 10 years younger if she gained 10 pounds!

Dissenter on

While I agree that Kelly could stand to gain a few pounds, I disagree with the comment about her being too thin b/c her clavicles stick out. I’m actually overweight — about 5’6″ and 165– and my clavicles stick out (so much so that it often hurts to carry a bag that rubs against my clavicle). It looks really weird, but it’s true. So sometimes people can be bony but fat at the same time. Kelly is just bony though. LOL.

Dissenter on

Just saw MiB’s comment… Roger that.

hotmess on

As a recovered anorexic, I can look at Kelly and see that she is definitely suffering from SOMETHING – she is withouth a doubt (Especially knowing what she looked like in the past, her body definitely supports a bigger weight). When I was at my lowest – 85 pounds (I’m 5.4 by the way), I was complimented ALL THE TIME for my ripped body. Because, once you burn away all the fat, there is nothing left but muscle and bone. So even though I never lifted weights, I was asked all the time what my work out I was doing in order to get such fabulous arms. It was sick. If i’m honest, i looked like Kelly Ripa! You could see EVERY muscle and it looked like i spent hours at the gym with weights, but it was simply from not eating and running myself to the ground. It was a terrible time and I’m glad to be done with it.

So just bc she LOOKS fit – toned etc – doesn’t mean she is healthy- she has simply burned away all fat and the result is what you see above. The female body requires a certain amount of fat in order to function properly. This is really sad.

She is simply eating too few calories and it sounds like she is pretty dedicated to working out everyday so therefore, her body is consuming her: her fat disappeared and probably soon enough, her muscles will get even smaller (until there is no muscle and just bone, it’s not pretty, trust me). It’s interesting to me that so many celebrities are never caught with food in their mouths, or if they are: like with Nicole Richie or Kate Bosworth (both tiny girls with rumered ED) its with something YOU KNOW they eat RARELY and only to put on a show for a camera: Cheeseburger and French Fries…yeah right, Kate, I’m sure that’s a standard lunch for you 😉 I guarantee you they never eat that unless they’ve called the paps ahead of time to document it.

Kelly should definitely take better care of herself if not for herself, then for her DAUGHTERS sake. At some point, her daughter will notice that Kelly gets a lot of attention and is considered beautiful and yet is much smaller than she is…kids put that stuff together frighteningly fast and the results can be devastating.

Anonymous on

r u guys kidding she looks amazing.

Stephanie on

The reason I am commented on Kelly is because I have not seen Reghis and Kelly in awhile and when I watched it today the first thought I had was omg she is more thin since the last time I saw her, her face looked drawn and her cheeks sunken. I am 55 and I am only 5 feet tall, I weigh 110 and I exercise often,so I get the workout thing but I do not think she weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, and she is 5’4 I believe. I remember Kelly so well on All My Children. I watched that show for years and she was always thin but you can tell the difference being thin and skeletal. She wasn’t like that then or when she started on Reghis. I think she is great and has a beautiful personality…she is so funny, but the reason I googled this is because I seen a difference after not seeing her in so long and was concerned. I do wish her the best.

lena on

Too skinny