Bethenny Frankel’s Blog: All the Clichés Are True!

07/08/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

PEOPLE covergirl Bethenny Frankel is adding one more item to her long and impressive resume: Moms & Babies blogger! The best-selling author, creator of the Skinnygirl Margarita and star of both The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married?the highest rated series in Bravo history — is sharing the highs and lows of motherhood with us this month.

This week the star – who is mom to 8-week-old daughter Bryn Casey with husband Jason Hoppy – tells us how motherhood has changed her life.

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Hey PEOPLE people!

How’s everyone’s summer going so far? Suffice it to say that I’ve had a crazy last year and this summer has been no exception.

The Real Housewives of New York season was tumultuous and dramatic to say the least. In my spare time, I released a book (The Skinnygirl Dish), got engaged, got pregnant, got married and launched my own show Bethenny Getting Married? Oh, and then I had a beautiful baby girl named Bryn who entered the world five weeks early. She is the most beautiful, sweet, magical girl in the world.

All of the clichés are true: Parenthood is magical, it is a gift, a miracle, and yes, I am over the moon.

I can be the toughest, most abrupt, and often harshest person in the world, and somehow this tiny little being has softened me. She makes everything so simple. She quiets it all down, and she makes all the drama inconsequential.

Being 39 years old, finally finding my partner and true love and having a baby seem too good to be true.

Now I realize that if you work hard, hold onto your dreams and plug away going forward, you will get to your destination. All roads lead to Rome. You may be diverted, distracted and feel defeated, but if you move forward, you will get there.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @Bethenny, check out my site and tune into my new show on Bravo, Bethenny Getting Married? Thursdays at 10 p.m.

— Bethenny Frankel

A warm welcome to Bethenny! What questions do you have for her? What topics would you like her to blog about in the future?

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Kimber Christian on

Love her! I’m so happy for everything wonderful that has happened to her in the past year.

Maddi on

Thank you Bethenny so much for being a blogger! I always love these blogs and when I saw you were going to have one,I was so excited. You crack me up on your show and your daughter is so adorable. So thank you!

GwenTucker on

I adore your show!!! You have the best sense of humor! I wished I lived closer; I would love to be your assistant!

Elisa on

love your new show! Bryn is beautiful. Work hard, hold onto your dreams and keep going forward- I need those words to work for me!

Erin on

I want to know the dirty details, and I know she will give them. I want the real story, the pain, the things nobody likes to talk about but the real stuff that goes down during labor and after getting home.

lala21 on

Great Job Bethenny!You deserve all the happiness in your life right now and in the future. Rise above all the haters and continue doing what is best for your family. I am so happy you found some peace!

KSmomX5 on

You have always been my favorite Housewife. You tell it like it is & never have some hidden agenda. You get what you see with you &it is a breathe of fresh air. And you are quick to apologize when you say or do something that has hurt another-a rare & unique quality found lacking in most people today.

I know you have had a rough road to get to this point & I am so very happy that you are at a place of love & happiness. Brynn is a luck girl to have you as a mom. Enjoy her & Jason & this new life adventure. I have no doubt that you will be a fabulous mother.

becky on

hey bethenny
i am so happy for you!!! love watching your shows. and you are truly funny!!!!

Rebecca on

Great insight! I am 33 and getting married and I am trying to get my dream career started. You inspire me. Thank you.

PS: your baby is such a cutie pie!

Jen on

Bethenney – You are my absolute favorite! You’re driven, witty and hilarious! What advice can you give about being confident with yourself and becoming a better person?

Lola Monroe on

Yay, love this mommy blogging thing People is doing & love that Bethenny is added to the list! You are absolutely hilarious & I am so happy that you got the family you have deserved in Jason & Bryn…best wishes!! Oh, and 1 more thing, can you PLEASE mention to Jasons parents how cute they are, I love those 2!!!

kan on

Love your show! Been a fan since the first season of Housewives. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about motherhood! May you have all the blessings motherhood and newlywed life have to bring!

Annie on

Bethenny, you’re the best! I think you’re beautiful, hilarious, talented, ambitious, the list goes on. Congratulations on your marriage, new baby girl and other personal and work successes this year!
Can you tell us about a few of your most special moments with Bryn and Jason in the past 8 weeks? Also, before Bryn was born, what have you learned or experienced that no one ever told you about becoming a mother?

Tina on

Hey, She’s wearing Carters!!!! 🙂

Erika on

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so hard for a reality tv show star! Obviously I’m not in love with her, but she is hilarious! Her show is amazing. She deserves all her blessings, and Jason Hoppy is such a doll! Mazel tov Bethenny!

Jordan on

That’s a really cute picture.
Glad mommy-hood is turning out OK with you!

Kristen on

Hey Bethenny! Congratulations on everything; your marriage, your new show, & of course that beautiful baby Bryn. You are an inspiration, you never gave up on making your dreams come true! How has Cookie taken to the new addition? Love your new show, I watch every Thursday!

Fifi on

LOVE her!!! So glad she’s going to have a blog here! Bethenny is so funny and charming 🙂

glee fan 8 on

bethenny- bryn is absolutely beautiful! i love her name. it’s unique but not out there like some other celebrities children’s names. the picture of bryn with her mouth opened melts my heart!

lilee on

LOVE LOVE LOVE BETHENNY! “BGM?” is my fave show. Here are some suggestions for upccoming blog posts: balancing work and motherhood, keeping the celebrity limelight out of your homelife, tales from the “Cookie” jar (yes we wanna hear about pooch and baby!), how Jason is adjusting, coping, growing in fatherhood.

mae on

Congrats Bethenny! Love your new show and wish you and your family all the best. As a new mommy to twin girls I love reading the celebrity baby blogs on People and so excited to have you join the roster.

Lorelai on

Your daughter is adorable. Motherhood is the most magical thing in the world. I have a 3,5 yr old girl and a 7 month old boy, and they do keep me busy busy busy, but oh it is so worth it, I love them to pieces. Congratulations to you and your family 🙂

Renee on

I have to say that I noticed that Bryn was wearing Carter’s too and that made me SO happy. I have a 4 1/2 month old daughter and I just lover Carter’s clothing . . . It makes me happy to see that famous/rich mom’s don’t all go overboard in dressing their children. It’s not necessary and seeing the down-to-earth thinking and the “normalcy” is refreshing for those of us who are not famous or rich. Keep it real Bethenny! We love that about you!

P.S. Bryn is adorable! Enjoy it because they grow too fast. My daughter already seems so big to me and yet she’s only put on 5 lbs since she was born. Their personalities and their demeanors are what make them SEEM so much bigger. I love being a Mom more than anything and I’m sure that you do too!

MIchelle on

I LOVE Bethenny!!! I’m not the type to take time to post a comment, but I just had to b/c that’s how much I love Bethenny!!! Like everyone else has posted, she’s inspires women!!! She’s SO GREAT!!! I bookmarked her blogs and read them in my spare time. I’ve also been wanting to buy her books!!! GOOD LUCK Bethenny!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanine on

Never watched the Housewives of NY, always liked Orange County…but I have to say I love this women….she takes no crap and says it how it is….good luck with the new baby….! She is adorable!

KarenC on

Bethenny, is my favourite of all the housewives. She tells it like it is. I laugh at the one liners she puts out there, she is so funny without trying. I am very happy that her dreams of being a mother have come true for her.
Can not wait to see her new show.

alexa on

love love your show! i laugh at loud! from a rough beginning to a beautiful, successful life. many hugs to you, hubby, and baby! keep it going!

Jennifer on

Hola! Just wanted to say I love, LOVE your show! I’ve been a fan of yours since New York Housewives season 1, thanks for being so real and down-to-earth… And sooo hilarious! I’m so glad that you finally found the peace you needed but also deserved in your life! You are very blessed and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family!

Nancy on

Congratulations to you and Jason! I have enjoyed watching your growth from the first RHNYC. As a married Mom of 3 wonderful kids, and a wonderful hubby…I’m SO glad that you are able to have this experience in life. How true the best things in life are unplanned?! Don’t worry about repeating the mistakes of your childhood. It’s gonna’ be completely different for baby Bryn. Also, in my family, if we are on the boat, or in the car and can’t stop…we pee in the bucket too! LOL. Much love from my family to yours.

Sharon on

Love Bethany – she is so, so funny and the show should continue even since the wedding and baby. Jason seems to be the nicest guy. But the wit and quick humor (no matter how abrasive sometimes) is hysterical and her show like watching a sitcom.

Wendi on

My son, Finn is now 10 months old and was also born 5 weeks early. He is thriving and doing great! I know from watching your show that you are a planner and like to be in control of your life, I am the same way. These babies really throw a wrench into our plans don’t they! When my water broke I was like “Wait a minute, it’s not time. I haven’t had my pre-baby pedicure, highlights, car wash, etc.” My husband said “Too bad the bay is coming!” It really makes you look at what is really important in life. They change everything!

Love your show! It is nice to have a working, down to earth mom to watch on TV. You help me realize that I can work and be a good mom. Thank you!

Melissa on

Love Love Love the show!

Keep up the great work girl.

Chloe on

Congratulations on everything…I wish you the best! 🙂

Joy on

Have loved your sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to life since the beginning of HWONY began. You haven’t changed much but have noticed a calmer and more relaxed Bethenny since the baby. Enjoy – you deserve it.

Sara on

Bethenny — I love you and your show and wish you all the best!

missy on

You so crack me up. You say it like it is and dont care who it offends. Love the “whats up with the chocolate pancakes?” Keep up the good humor and congratulations to you and Jason on your marriage and new baby.

Jada Murray on

Bethenny, I love, love, love, love you!! You are an inspiration to us all. Kisses!

Rita on

Bethenny you are my favorite Real Housewife. Your show and life story are so inspiring. I’m almost 30 and sometimes get down about not being married and having any children. In the past, society has made us feel like we should go to college, graduate get married and have children way before 30. And if we don’t do all of these things before 30 something’s wrong with us. It’s nice to see that all hope is not lost and it is possible to find love at and after 30. This is why I love your show so much.

Sarah on

Hi Love her! I love her books, her show, and her yoga DVD. I’m a bit obsessed, and I don’t typically get crazy over celebrities either. She seems real to me and absolutely hysterical. I’m so happy for her and her family. What a blessing!

Joyful Mom on

Aren’t we all the same, enjoying the birth a new baby puts us all in the state of euphoria. You, Bethenny, have made us all reflect on the joys of blessed motherhood and you can see most of the people that have responded to the PEOPLE magazine’s question are……women! As viewers of the BGM reality show has enabled us all enjoy all the ups and downs of the “trying” times of first time pregnancy. Keep on talking about your new knowledge of bringing up Bryn because we are living it too and vicariously … through you. We can say to ourselves, “oh, yeah! been there done that! Through your humor, we are reliving it…isn’t it wonderful! Mother’s day isn’t once a year but as long as we have our babies…it is everyday of our lives.

TarA on

Yeah Beth !!! Isn’t it incredible what children bring to your life !!!

Shawna on

You are a true testament that success is life’s true revenge. Congrats to you. I am truly happy for you and all the wonderful things things that are happening for you. You have truly earned it.

KSH on

Love your show! Love you on the Housewives too. But your show is so much better. Congratualations on everything and thanks for sharing your ups and downs with us. You need to write a book about your life growing up. Your story is an inspiration.

Crystal on

Well Bethanny I have always thought you are a wonderful person & I can relate to your life because I too was rasied by “wolves”. My boyfriend always finds things to do when I watched housewifes but you have won him over & he likes your new show.I think he has a bit of a crush on you as I do (not sexual)Just as a awesome person that you have become thru all of the crap in your life.I wish I could be a go getter like you but I am disabled & not up to a busy life.Love to you & your husband & baby Bryn.♥♥♥

Whitney on

She is the modern day Cinderella Story. I would be more interested in reading her life story than her skinny girl books.

Jamie on

Bethenny, I love your new show! You are hilarious and tell it like it is! I admire that and think it is histerical! I have the same personality myself!! Children are magical and life changing! I have three girls and a baby boy. Congratulations to you and your husband! Bryn is gorgeous!! I wish you all the best!!

blogtastic on

Bethenny can come across as abrasive at times – but she is undeniably likeable. She does not come across that a spoiled rich woman just throwing her money around to pass the time. She is shown working hard for what she has. Bethenny you are an inspiration with your perseverance & ambition. I am very happy for you, your husband, and your new little girl. She will certainly grow up with a wonderful role model to lead her through life.

abbyreph on

Bethenny, you have the rare ability to make the average viewer feel like your best buddy. I find myself laughing at what’s happening as if I’m right there with you (lest you think this is creepy — I have a very full life with many friends…but Bravo is like my secret obsession).

I hope the next season of the show is called “Bethenny Having Baby?” because I need to watch that unfold as well!

Anonymous on

I lovee Bethenny!! I think she is such a role model for people of all ages. Her show is hilarious everyone should check it out. She gives me hop that you really can do it all.
Bryn is beautiful! and I think Jason is absolutely perfect for you. Congrats all of your hard work has paid off! I can’t wait to read the magazine : )

brittany on

So happy for all your sucess. Glad your going to be blogging about motherhood and life!!!!!

Nancy on

You are an inspiration. I would love to know more about how you overcame obstacles to get to the point you are at today.
Keep it real and continued success to yuo! Love the Skinny Margarita, just had it over the weekend. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Hard work and believing in oneself, that one does deserve happiness, does indeed pay off!

MaineMom on

My little boy is six months old.

As an older first-time mom I can only say I’m so glad I waited.

I am in the right place and time to be managing but also enjoying every minute of motherhood, my career and my marriage.

I hope you find joy in the balance, as well! Of course, motherhood comes first because it’s the most important and the most thrilling.

Enjoy your new life! Congrats!

Chiquita on

Bryn reminds me of ray of sunshine and is always being surrounded by only people that love her.

Bethenny, you and Jason are the focal points of this little miracle, wasn’t she worth the wait?

Yeah! Team Bryn!

rose90909 on

Congratulations! You deserve much happiness for finding the right and wonderful guy, and having your beautiful daughter. Love your show! All the best!

VannaPnk on

Okay, I have to add..I love B! She’s was the best, funniest ‘housewife’ & I’m so happy for her!!

Go Team B!!!

Debi on

CONGRATULATIONS BETHENNY! You are such a breath of fresh air and I am sooo glad you have found your happiness! Enjoy your wonderful new life and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Lissa B on

Dear Bethenny,

I’m so excited to have found your blog! *Yea!* I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the inspirational words. So happy you got to Rome, and you deserve it.

Best to you and your beautiful family,


Annette on

You deserve all the love coming your way!! Somehow God gives the love you missed out on!! Needed to say, you love on your man as much as you love on Bryn. God has blessed you with the very best and you need not forget him. Us moms have a tendency to forget the wonderful dads and husbands we are richly blessed with!!! Love you sweet girlfriend:)

Kathleen on

Awww – Bryn’s adorable. I’m waiting for my People mag to appear in my mailbox so I can read your cover story. LOVE BGM and will be watching tonight’s episode with a box of Kleenex. Congratulations to you and your wonderful hubby on your lil angel!

romy on

cute baby, nice husband, pretty fun show. Slow down now! Those babies grow up SO fast, enjoy it.

Anonymous on

She is so so beautiful Bethenny and you deserve all the happiness in the world. You give me hope that good things can happen to good people eventually. Can I just say you are the funniest person on TV and I laugh so hard each week at your show. Your one liners make my week… I laugh till tears come down my face. I hope I find my Jason one day! I wish you all the best.

Andrea on

Welcome Bethenny .
Bryn is such a cutie.
I love your new show. and im so glad you are finally happy.

are Jason and you planning on anymore kids?


amcwhitney on

She is such a beauty, congratulations. I love her name. I am assuming she is named after Jason’s deceased brother, Bryan? I was listening when you met with the officiant and Jason specifically spelled his name. Enjoy this time, it is so very special. I have four grown children I am just wild about!!AMc

Brianna on

I just love your new show Bethenny!

It’s such a breath of fresh air, and congratulations on everything! You sure picked a great guy, and it’s so nice to be able to watch you on TV now without the “toxicity” of a couple of your former cast-mates.

Looking forward to your blog, and the show tonight!

N/A on

I used to be Team Jill…now I’m 100% Team Bethenny!

NSH on

Love you and love your show!!!! Brynn is such a cutie — so glad she’s brought you so much peace and happiness — after BGM, what will be your next show??? Hope there is one!!

Beth on

Congratulations on all your success. Would love to see pictures of Bryn with Cookie — my guess is that Cookie will become Bryn’s second mommy:)

monica Whalen on

i love her and to me she is the only true housewife that keeps it real……….i would love to have seen her more love watching her new show keep smiling your are loved and love is wonderful
best wishes

jodi on

Hi Bethenny,
Love the Show , Love your quick wit and great Personality, I want to offer a small word of Wisdom.
Babies when they are Little they step on your toes, and when they are Big they step on your Heart. And Miss Bryn Is a cutie-p-tootie. God Bless you and your Family and continued Success.

(grandmom of 7)

Shelly on

I’m glad that Bethenny has some self-awareness about how she has come across to people in the past. Congratulations on your marriage and new baby girl.

A good topic–has your relationship with Jason changed since having baby Bryn and if so, how?

Ladi J on

Hey Bethenny!
So glad ur blogging after watching u this last season I felt very connected to u we have such a great deal in common we could be sisters right on down to the “DAD” situation! I am a sagitarius actually a triple sag and like u all fire! Love to cook and life has really handed a funny deck of cards but I was also BLESSED with 2 perfect princesses, Teiya Gianna 7, and GiaNina Sofia 18 months. Well I keep up with you on FB,I am sure it is not u and I do not tweet so I don’t follow u on twitter do not even know how it works but so glad ur blogging and cannot wait for tonight so I can watch your wedding! I am so glad you are sharing that with us just another thing to prove how amazing Bryn’s momma is! Take Care love your the best and so glad your not dealing with the rainbow and unicorn #1 “hoe bag” kelly lmao Bethenny was she on drugs or something seriously u ladies I have no clue how u dealt with that one! Anyone, enjoy being a mom, married, and a success! U proved to all them ladies u are the one who is everything I mean look who got the spin off! YOU GO GIRL U ARE WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT AND U ARE THE ONE WE WANNA KNOW AND HEAR ABOUT! U ROCK

Lucy on

This is a blog? This is more like an ad for “pay attention to me” Watch my show, read my book, follow my blog. Sorry I wasted my time.

Melissa on

I Love You Beth! Glad you and the baby girl are ok! take care and keep bringing interesting stuff for the world! XOXO

Jen on

Love her so much and I am so happy for her. I respect her candor and realism and I know this is only the beginning of what she can do. I see a cooking show in the works and why not have her guest star on Top Chef. The sky is the limit! As for blogging, I simply want to hear about the life of a mother really trying to have it all! As a wife, mother and attorney operating my own practice her story encourages me to keep on moving when I feel like giving in and she lets me know that its normal to be overwhelmed. Her struggle and triumph, battles and victories…yup, that’s it!

Ana on

I love you “B” you are. A breath of fresh air wish you the best …. Don’t quit NYHW .. Your the reson I watch …

Rona on

I’ve enjoyed watching your show. I do hope now that you have done so much in the past few months, that you will slow down and enjoy motherhood, and marriage. It seems like you are always on the go and very driven. Don’t leave your time with your daughter up to a baby nurse and your husband. Just a word of advice. You only have this time once.

Terri Cary on

You hold nothing back. That’s what I love about you. You are your own person. Your show is wonderful. A breath of fresh air. May your life be filled with nothing but happiness.

samantha on

You’re a fabulous mommy and Jason is going to be a fabulous daddy..God is good…you worked hard and believed it could happen and it did!! Great loves in your life, FINALLY!! watching you makes me smile…and warms my heart…lol

Stacy Marie on

Bethenny you are an inspiration to us all I think…you’re one of us and I feel like since you made it to the Happy Place, so can I!! Thanks for the words of encouragement and for sharing your life and your family with us!! Bless you Ladybug!!!

Shannon on

Ahhh, motherhood…it fills you to overflowing and takes your breath away all at once! My girls are the best gifts I’ve ever received, so I know exactly how you’re feeling…”over the moon.” Congratulations and all the best to you, Jason, and Bryn.

Melissa on

YAY Bethenny! So proud of you, girl! You’ve worked so hard and I’m rooting for you. Our backgrounds are very similar and happy to see your success. Your show makes me laugh and shed a tear – best of luck!

stephanie on

you are truly a rare and very special person….and an inspiration!!!!!

Sonjia on

Congrats on everything! I love your recipes and drinks….love your shows. You crack me up so much. You’re definately someone that would be fun to go drinking with!

Jennifer on

I’m so happy that Bethenny has found True Love, and the Love of Motherhood!

Pamela D. on

Bethenny all roads due lead to Rome. I met the love of my life three years ago and two years ago we eloped in the U.K. before taking a cruise and we spent our honeymoon in Rome! I never thought I would meet the man of my dreams but did! Best to you and your family.

Jill on

Congrats on a wonderful husband and gorgeous baby girl! Love the show and look forward to your blogs!

Gloria Reyes-Moore on

Love love love your show Bethenny! its the best!
nobody calling up whining, sniveling, etc…. what a show
to look forward to! its serious, funny, awesome too!
I’m really enjoying the show Bethenny, you did the right thing with this one! we enjoy y ou on NYC Housewives but theres so much ‘drama’ & catawalling’ in there was getting ‘old’ by the end of the season. just can’t stand KrazyKelly at all, Jill ? what happened to Jill, don’t know but something did…and it got ugly! that day she told you ‘we are done’ and you broke down right there in the middle of NYC I almost burst into tears with you, oh that hurt my heart! so sad…. you are on the right track & always have been & now you got it all girlfiend you go girl! keep up th e good work and know you are FABULOUS!

Priscilla on

Bethenny, Congratulations with everything! Your daughter is so beautiful! God bless you all. I am very very happy for you that you worked so hard and you got everything you ever wanted. You have a beautiful family. I love you new show it cracks me up. Anyway I just want to wish you well and that seeing all you have done can prove that when you work hard your dreams do come true. Take care. You look great!

Kim Richoux/new orleans on

Bethenny, motherhood agrees with you, your baby is so Beautiful and you have such and wonderful glow about you. keep on bloggin we love hereing from you.

Organic Mommy & Baby Healthcare Solutions on

Hi Bethenny:

Your show puts a smile on my face! How brave of you to share your personal life details with the world.

All the best to you and family.

Irma Fraelich on

Love Love Love!! Bethenny

She is a straight shooter as am I. Nothing fake about this wonderful lady!! Be happy! with all the new and exciting things that have happened to you and my you have many more blessings.

Jackie on

I love your new show! Congrats on being a new wife and Mom!!! I love your wit, sarcasm and attitude! You should think of doing stand-up (just one more thing to add to your full plate, right?) You are really funny!!!!!

Lisset on

Love your show. I hope you take a trip towards the West Coast.

We love you over here!
Enjoy all the happiness you deserve!



jessicad on

She’s absolutely glowing, love that her life came together like this and she gives me hope! I relate to her in many ways, a big one being that I’m afraid of commitment. I’ve been engaged a few times and ran from perfectly acceptable and great guys, and I’m afraid I’ll end up alone. I’ve dated one guy briefly in the almost 3 years since my daughter was born. I don’t want to bring different guys into her life until I know I’m ready to commit. I’d love to know if she made any changes within herself before meeting Jason or if he was just the right guy with good timing. I laughed for days about Jason saying she was his little kite, that was so cute:)

I’d also like to know how she deals with the criticism over her weight gain/loss. I think she’s a great pregnancy role model and wonder why she got so much negative feedback.

Congrats to them and I can’t wait to read more from her, she’s so honest and I’m sure her blogs will be hilarious!

Kathleen on

Bethenny, your baby is beautiful.

Norma on

I know you’ve worked hard, hard to get where you are, but you have a really special quality about you, too. I don’t know what it is, maybe just old-fashioned charisma, but I love to follow you on TV, blogs, etc. Good for you and your sweet husband and baby.

itznia on

Bethanny really is a fantastic inspiration – I absolutely looove her – I have been watching her since the 1st season of the real Housewives and she has grown a tremendous amount and I am so happy for her!!! I hope she never goes back to the real housewives show – she has it all as is!!

Kim White on

Just keep doing it like you do. Keepin it real!!

Thats what we like about you.

lizchris on

Couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving!!! It would be great to have her address advice-givers (re: baby-rearing) both good and bad. What advice has she found the most helpful in this new & challenging time in her life?


You truly are an inspiration!! I am 39 years old and FINALLY found the man of my dreams. Last weeks episode when you said no one from your side of the family would be at the wedding. I cried because I know that will be me! But, finally in my life I am happy and okay with it! We just lost our first pregnancy, but will try again soon! The clock ticking is at the for front of my brain EVERYDAY!! I just love that you are such a relatable woman!! I love that there is NO false pretences with you!!
Anywho, I watch your show in the morning when I’m getting ready for work and LUUUHHHHHVVVE IT!!(My boyfriend doesn’t enjoy reality TV 1/2 as much as I do).

Jason…well he’s a gem. I love the way his personality is coming out more and more with every episode!! I loved you on the Housewives it will not be the same without you!!
I wish much success!!! Much happiness with your new little bundle of joy…..she’s just perfect, but most of all I wish all the love in your life that for some reason or another evaded you for so long!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!
PS….I have NEVER written on a blog!!!

Helene on

You look amazing as a new mom. I am so happy for you and you and Jason. You seem like amazing parents. I was so happy to hear you were having your own show. YOu are the reason I watch RHNY. Your new show is awesome. I never want it to end. I can’t wait to watch your wedding tonight.

I think some topics would be, how do you juggle work and parenthoood, what roles do you take on as a mother vs jason, anything you share i will read.

Thanks for sharing!

Tracy Myers on

You are beautiful, kind, and an incredibly funny girl who deserves all of the wonderful successes that have come your way! That includes your handsome, adorably sweet, & loving husband, Jason, and your precious baby girl, Bryn!!! Congrats to you and your beautiful family!!! And many more!!! Your show is great!! You GO GIRL!!! Move over Rachel Ray….I see The Bethenny Frankel Show coming soon!!! P.S. I too love to cook……If you need a su chef…..I’m available!!! : )

Rochelle on


Milagro on

Love you Bethenny, can’t wait to see you marry your true love, Jason. I know you will look absolutely breath taking. My heart has gone out to you and I can definitely relate to your life. I have my box of tissues ready for tonight. Love your picture with your lovely little angel, Bryn. Congratulations to you both. You’ve come a long way!

jenny on

Bethenny, I love your new show and most of all I am so glad that you have found happiness in your life. Can totally relate to the family stuff you’ve gone through and I pray you will find peace with all of that. I am still working on my stuff and I know how tough it can be. Never doubt what a wonderful gift from God you are.

VetTech on

I love your shows, your books and now your blogs. Can’t wait to read your next post. 🙂

delphina on

I’d like to know how fatherly Jason is and how over the moon are the grandparents. I’m so very happy for you you so deserve it.

chicista on


As a college student, I have looked up to you from Day 1 of RHNY because you have shown me that it is indeed possible for a woman to do things on her own terms. I too come from a difficult home life and it is fantastic to see that you did not use this fact as a crutch or an excuse to not go out and do great things. Instead, you managed to channel that experience into making great strides in business and creating your own happy family.
I guess what I’m trying to say is: when I grow up, I wanna be just like you! Keep up the fantastic work. May you and yours always have peace.
PS: Bryn is just too cute! I can feel that you are going to be the fabulous mother she needs and deserves!

Faith on

I never could watch bravo housewives shows because I thought women are pretenious and very fake,not career women..until my friend told me about NYHW..and Bethenny..OMG, she is so real; and someone who most women can relate to, or want to be ..intelligent,beautiful,Charisma/witty,hilarious/ wonderful women/wife/mom…Your parents missed out on being a part of your life..parents pray for there child to grow up and become such accomplished person..You deserve all the wonderful things in life very happy on everything that is happening to you….KARMA… one of your biggest fans!!!!!!!!!!!Glad you FINALLY have your family you dreamed of—-XO Btw- when officiant asked who in your family is coming…and you said nobody and your chin trembling and you were choked up…so sad..I shed some tears too…Jason was so sweet at that moment..showed how muched he cares..well, B know you have many people who care…along with Jason, Bryn and Cookie (aka da booboo)

Erin on

Bethenny, you are my favorite – nothing makes me laugh like watching your show.

The first year of having a baby can be tough on the relationship, no matter how elated you are, but I promise it gets so much better after that 1-year mark when things are clicking (baby sleeping predicably, you feel back to yourself, etc.) Good luck, and keep on treasuring Jason. He seems so grounded and such a great complement for you.

kristin on

I love Bethenny! I need to pick up this weeks issue of ppl to read her article. Her show is funny 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of her blogs!

Heather on

Congrats again! I am 42, pregnant expecting a girl October 1st. I would love to hear about your feelings as a older mom, how you handle your career and raising a child. I am looking to start my own business and want to be able to juggle three (relationship, career and child!), especially not missing out on my child’s life! Love your show. I think you should stick to your own show and not go back to the drama filled Housewives, you dont need that so you can focus on you and your new family!

Lisa on


You are so real and authentic. I love your show and wish you and Jason all the happiness in the world. Motherhood only gets better( until they become teens!).

Kyle on

Thank you for sharing your story and happy life with us all! You really are an inspiration to all us girls out here trying to get to “Rome”. Love the way you honestly share your life both current and past. In the world that seems to be more and more fake and full of posers and players your such a breath of fresh air. You just seem to take everything in stide and keep moving on.

Would love to hear more about how you were feeling before you met Jason and how you got to the point of accepting your life with or without a man. So cool what happened in your life once you got to that point. Would like to hear more about how you deal with the drama from the other women in your life. You stayed incredible grounded and real during the last season. I wanted to just slap JZ and L for being so mean to you. You never got down to their level you just stayed true to who you are and shared your feelings honestly with Jill.

So sad for her that she was caught up in her own ego that she missed that and lost you as a friend. She might be crying now, but it’s all at her own hand. You did great during all of that!! But some of the episodes really had us all in tears with you. What a great guy Jason was during that time also. He didn’t rush in and try to make things “right” he let you work your own way through the issues and was there to support, gotta love that man for that!

Please keep up your work, it’s important to all of us. God bless you, Bryn, Cookie and Jason with much love, hapiness and success. You deserve all the goodness you have and all the more that will come.

Malu on

Dear Bethenny, I am so happy for you and your new family. Wow, everything seemed to happen at once! I love the reason you named your little sweetie Bryn. What a thoughtful way to honor Jason and his folks! BGM is the only woman’s reality show I am interested in following now! Bless you all.

Rosario on

I absolutely am in love with your show Bethenny Getting Married! I think youre one of the funniest and influential people I have ever met. You work hard and you deserve everything youve gotten. Im so happy that youre not like other women in the Housewives shows that depend on their husbands for their money and you truly deserve to be happy. Warm wishes to you and your family!

Carrie on

I am 8 months pregnant and have loved watching your show! I have had some similar meltdowns and love that you can still find humor in the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy. I would love to hear more about your experience as a new mom

Kim on

LOVE you and your show. I don’t watch any shows regularly, but watching Bethenny Getting Married is what I look forward to every week. Would love to know how you still maintain health and nutrition as a priority with being a wife and mom now. My family has several food allergies and we don’t eat processed food at all (gummy bears included). Food preparation is very time-consuming – I’m wondering how you keep healthy, non-processed food available for yourself and your family while running a successful business and being a mom/wife.

Mahep on

Bryn is such a sweetie pie! I had a 34 weeker and shes now 12, is 5’8″ and a size 11 shoe not to mention a high honor student!!

She also is named after someone special, my first husband who died of cancer. My new husband picked her name (a female version of my 1st husband) in honor of him, for had it not been for his suffering and passing, our daughter would not be.

I liked when I heard that you named Bryn after Jason’s late brother, Bryan Such a sweet honor and know she’s got her own special guardian angel!

Lauren on

So your daughter has softened you? How convenient.

angel on

hi bethenny- i just wanted to congratulate you on all of your success and the new DIVA and HUBBY. LUV the show. I just finished naturally thin and just love this book, talk about a revalation. who knew it could be this simple. I have tried the coconut cupcakes, the chilli for my family and the are in hog heaven. Thank you for making eating less stressfull. Wishing you increased sucess and happiness

Christy on

I just want to thank you for being so candid in your therapy sessions especially regarding family. I have a father that wants nothing to do with me either and I found hearing you talk about that, kinda made me feel better as well. Its all about coming to terms with who you are and accepting that. I really appreciate that private glimpse into your life. I really enjoy the show. You go girl and that baby is just beautiful!! You are doing a great job!!

TVannie on

All that love, wrapped in a tiny little, beautiful baby girl and Bethenny crumbles. Love conquers all. I’m so happy for her.

Paulette on

Bravo Bethenny,

You are my shero!! All the best to your beautiful family. Truly an inspiration to many women, thank you for sharing your truth.

Dee on

I love, love, love that you are going to be blogging. Love your show! Here is my questions:

You and Jason seem to be opposites (it is true that those attract), so when you have disagreements, how do you settle them? Do you both stay calm and talk them out? Have you found that communication is harder now that you are so busy with a little one?

Rachel on

Love your show, love YOU! Your sarcastic, witty, funny, and someone we all relate to with our many faults. Congrats to your beautiful babe and beautiful hubs.

Lacey on

I love Bethenny!!! I am so happy for her and Jason – congrats!!!

Charlene Ambroise on

My son was 7 weeks early and is 3 months now. Isn’t it crazy! Love everything you stand for especially not taking sh*t from anyone!

Sandy on

Cherish every moment! You are beautiful! I am so happy for you.

JoAnne on

Hello Bethany: I love love love your show; I spent most of the time laughing while watching your show which is such a gift in my life. It’s so ironic that of all the real housewives of several cities, but in particular NYC, you are the one to have a incredibly successful TV show of your own.
Congrats on the birth of Miss Bryn; and you deserve to have Jason in your life who has and continues to teach you that you are worthy of real, trusting, and safe love…..Can’t wait for your show each week; I even tape it and watch it over again…..

Nichole on


I rarely fall in love with people on tv err or maybe even people in general, but I so dig you! I am a 26 year old lawyer who has absolutely NO life direction and most of my friends are in serious relationships, engaged, married,and/or pregnant. Guess what I get to check? That’s right. Answer E- None of the above. I was beginning to feel terrible, like what’s wrong with me??!!! Now that I’ve told you information that you’re probably thinkin “Who the f cares??” I will say you are such an inspiration and complete picture of success. I know I’d love to hear more about your take on relationships, the good the bad and finally finding the one. Our real life Carrie Bradshaw. I admire you! Keep it up chica.

claudia on

I love Betheny!! you inspire me and make me laugh/cry all at the same time. You are a breath of fresh air.Forget the haters.Congrats on the new baby and being married.

michelle T W on

Love the new show, will miss you on Housewives of NY, You were my fav ! (if I even watch it now)You have a great new hubby and an adorable baby girl, Your book or books , your skinny girl cocktails… You really do have it all Bethenny . I think your great, opinonated, honest, funny ( omg such a hoot) pretty woman who deserves all the good things life has to offer you . Congrats on all of the above and wishing you only good things .
One of your biggest fans , Michelle T W

Lori on

Bethenny, you rock girl…I love your show so much and it is so nice to see a show that seems REAL. I love that you have gotten what you have wished for and that you are so happy. yOu have a beautiful family with Jayson,I adore his mother, she seems like a wonderful lady and a mother in law we should all be so lucky to have, she truly adores you, let her love you and be a mother to you like I know she wants to be, you deserve it…Thank you for this show and opening up your life to share with us all, it truly is an honor to be a part of, even from afar 🙂 much happiness always, Lori

Southampton Mommy on

Congratulations on everything! Bryn is so sweet and I like that you put her in a carter’s outfit too. You keep it real 🙂 Just saw the wedding episode…it was such a sweet and touching ceremony and the room looked perfect.

I want to know what bakery you and Jason originally wanted your wedding cake from so that we can all try it out! There’s this place called Little Red Hen somewhere on the upper east side…I’m wondering if that’s the place?

Thanks Bethenny, you’re fabulous and seriously, none of the other housewives could’ve carried a show on their own. 😉 Also kudos to Shawn your wedding planner!

Heather on

Hold the little one close and long. The times goes by so fast. Before you know it, she’ll be getting Married. Love you and you show.

Adrienne on

My daughter had the same outfit…it was my husbands favorite!

Annid on

Many blessings to you and your new family…she is gorgeous…enjoy every minute of it…cause they grow up fast…Love your show…stay they way you are…We love you…God Bless!

Ronald Jones on

Bethenny, Your my favorite New York housewife, and I’m happy for you. You deserve it. I wish I could’ve met you before you met Jason I have a big crush, but you guys have a beautiful daughter. She’s so adorable:)

Kim Anderson on

Enjoyed reading your blog look forward to more
Hope you continue to update us on your beautiful daugter
Wish you continued happiness with Jason and all your future endeavors

Melinda on

I love your new show. Your dry sense of humor is refreshing. Don’t let anyone keep you down. You give the rest of us Mom’s hope that we all can rise above all the naysayer’s and have a fabulous life. I am so glad you are friends with Alex and Simon. They are my absolute favorites on TRHONY. Come back next season. Your new show will be around a long time too. You and Jason are fabulous parents and your daughter is lucky to have you. Best in everything.

skye on

She looks very tiny for 8 weeks. Sweet baby, nice pic.
I watched the wedding show last night and it was beautiful. You got a great catch for a husband, I think, and your new family seems very authentically nice. I hope it is the fairy tale dream come true life it seems to be now for you all.

Nikki on

My little boy was born 5 weeks early so I know how stressful that can be and with everything you had going on. You are one amazing woman. I’m so happy for you and wish nothing but the best. You are one of the great ones girl.

nicole dino on

oh my god, I cannot even tell you how ridiculous I looked last night with Orange Fanta dispensing through my facial orafices like I was a 7-11 soda machine. I could not stop laughing at the Betheny Bucket scene and the look on the wedding planners face. I just could not find the words if I was MaerriamWebster himself. That was great, better than great. You, Betheny, if you ever read this, or if your assistant or publicist or Bryn when shes 40, ever reads this, are so much like myself only you have jumbo boobies and book deals and tv shows and a husband and better eating habits, all that aside though, you and I are best buds on another realm, has to be

Diane on

Dear Bethenny, Your story is so compelling to me. I recently lost my lovely,talented,accomplished dauther-in-law to suicide just before her 29th Bday. She had basically all of the issues you did..parental and personal…but couldn’t overcome them no matter how hard she tried. Her death has broken many hearts…especially my dear son’s who did everything he could to love her and value her. You’re lucky that your strength has seen you through. So stay strong and above all, be a wonderful mom…the hardest personal challenge ever! Best wishes. Di

Crystal on

Through all the fame, you have stayed true to yourself and your fans….thank you. I have a great respect for you because of that. Maybe LuAnne should take a page out of your life and see what class is all about. Your one classy lady, inside and out. Congrats to you, Jason & Bryn, you all deserve the best life has to offer.

Tarris on

Congrats Bethenny! God loves you and so do we (fans)! You deserve the very best and you FINALLY got it! Just when I thought I married the most greatest man in the world…God created Jason for you! Your little angel is beautiful like her parents. Keep Jill and the rest of the Housewive Haters out of your life and you will have a prosperous, healthy, drama-free life! Keep your head up and stand firm on all your decisions in life..God bless! 😉

Laura Fissinger on

Hey there, new wife and mum! For as much as I relished your appearances on “Real Housewives”, I never imagined a Bethenny-centered show would create such drollery, such laughter, such poignancy, and so much gritty inspiration.

Jason has all the needed dry wit, compassion, ease — you’ve got yourself a terrific life and work co-star.

As for Bryn, so far she seems to have Mama and Papa’s charisma. We’ll see how she does with her big scenes opposite Cookie and the new challenges of rolling over and grabbing her toes.

Blessings on you and your little clan. Your stunned appreciation of your family is a gift to us.

livewriter2000 on

I think your fabulous Bethenny and you have me cracking up every time I watch you on TV. I even got my husband interested in your show. Parenthood definitely changes a person. I was a real party animal at times in risky situations until I had my baby girl and she changed my life. She made me experience a new innocents through her eyes.

marynb on

Congrats on your marriage and your little one. she’s gorgeous. i’m 56 years old and was always “the skinnygirl” without trying. Not anymore and trying to get back into shape. I’m presently trying Atkins diet but it is the only thing i think about all day, what can i eat, what can’t i eat. it’s driving me crazy and taking so long to get rid of the excess belly. i’m a little worried about changing to your way of eating due to the carbs. should i be worried or give it a whirl? any suggestions?

Melinda on

Thank you for your words of inspiration about moving forward! I needed to hear them today. It’s so nice to see a beautiful and authentically happy celeb achieving true success in love and life. All the best to you! So glad “People” has you blogging also – I can’t wait to read your upcoming entries!

Yvonne on

OMG…. I love everything about you and your show. You are wonderful. I cried all through last weeks episode, but nothing compares to the crying I did last night. You were such a beautiful Bride and Mommy to be. You wear it well, Happiness that is. I love all the good things that you wanted in life have come true for you. You rock. I would watch your show everyday of the week, over the housewives. I love them but the show is so different than yours. Bethennys getting married is drama free. Cant wait until next weeks episode. Love you and Jason.

Carla on

Of all the housewife shows since OC, you are the one person I’d love to have in my family…..You are so down-to-earth and naturally witty, there’s got to be some Irish there somewhere! I wish you and Jason, Bryn, Cookie and your extended family nothing but the best. Keep being happy!!!

sinclair on


I rarely fall in love with people on tv err or maybe even people in general, but I so dig you! I am a 26 year old lawyer who has absolutely NO life direction and most of my friends are in serious relationships, engaged, married,and/or pregnant. Guess what I get to check? That’s right. Answer E- None of the above. I was beginning to feel terrible, like what’s wrong with me??!!! Now that I’ve told you information that you’re probably thinkin “Who the f cares??” I will say you are such an inspiration and complete picture of success. I know I’d love to hear more about your take on relationships, the good the bad and finally finding the one. Our real life Carrie Bradshaw. I admire you! Keep it up chica.

– Nichole on July 8th, 2010 ”

Nichole, you have accomplished a lot already, from what I can tell. PLEASE just enjoy your 20s, and definitely adopt Bethenny’s mindset. You have your whole life ahead of you and plenty of time; life has a way of presenting things to you that you never imagined. I love and value my friends and family, but the moment I stopped worrying about what other people were doing, and how many kids they had (and that I still DIDN’T have), the moment I was able to live life and appreciate just being in the moment. Planning for the future is great, but I feel like being in NYC in my 20s, I saw so many people trying to outdo each other–and I let them go at it. I wanted no part of it, thanks…Anyway, my late 20s were a really free time and looking back, I relish the fact that I lived it (mostly) the way I wanted, working hard, enjoying my social life, dating here and there, but not ‘looking’ for anyone in particular. The fact is, they are all ‘out there’, in any part of the world, I just knew that once I was receptive to letting that person in, there would be no problem with the universe putting us together. But, for some of us, the 30s is that time.

Carmelle Jasmin on

OMG!!! When the Real Housewives reality shows started to come on I really wasn’t interested but one day I sat down and watched an episode and I was STRUCK!!! I love you Bethenny because you are REAL and you say it like it is and we need more people like that in the world. They say one thing in front of you and another behind your back. When I saw that you were getting your own show and you were finally marrying the man of your dreams and having a baby I was thrilled. I am happy for you Mrs.Hoppy. I wish you and your whole family all the happiness in the world.
With all your hard world and dedication, you can have your CAKE and EAT it too!!!!!!!!!

Kathy on

Bethenny…you are absolutely adorable and so is Bryn! Congratulations Momma!

suzie mills on

I am so very happy for you! All the best. Your baby is adorable.
I have always related to you… and I had the very same childhood—was terrible….you at least did something with your life where I am floundering still—at 63!

Cindy on

LOVE LOVE BETHENNY! and the show…Congrats on the baby and the wedding..Loved every moment!!

Elaine on

Bethenny, your TV show is a ‘breathe of fresh air.’ I laugh and cry right along with you. I had my two younger children at a later age also. I was 41 when I had my daughter and 44 when I had my son. I think having children later in life makes us better parents. Your wedding was gorgeous and I can’t wait to go on your honeymoon!

Kathy on

Bethenney, You are an incredible person. I wish you and your new family all the love and happiness your heart and hands can hold.

D. Garcia on

I am older than you and have never had a baby, but have always desperately wanted to have one. I believe now that my last option is to adopt and I know that I can love a child that is adopted as much as if I had given birth to that baby. I have to say that I have enjoyed watching you throughout this season and the last one. You have stepped up and met a wonderful, wonderful man and your baby is so cute! It seems you waited for a long time for everything to come together in your life, but I know that your life has really only started! I hope you have a beautiful life now with your new husband and baby!

Betsy on

Bethenny–love your new show. You and jason are so great together! I wish you guys, little Bryn and Cookie a wonderful life!!

Trish on

I watched your wedding last night…simply beautiful! You really make me laugh at loud…especially with your “Hoppy” comments. I love watching you on Housewives and Getting Married….you take me away from my world and worries. Thank you for that! Blessings to you, Jason and your beautiful daughter and new family!

Niki on

So Happy for Bethenny! She is the most relatable housewife of all the housewives. I wish her and her new family the best. I hope she keeps saying it like it is and doesn’t let fame change her.

Sylvia Hillman on

Congrats Bethenny! On the baby on love on your success with your newest book! You are the realest of all the “realities” and sad to say I watch a few of them – but YOUR show is far from fodder… even tho I was raise a po’ black child in the projects to be a bad ass single mommy of two (now grown) daughters – you are the one I could and can relate to the most. You give me hope on all levels; love, life and career. Youre a ballsy blend of wry, warmth & moxy. Dont stop keep going. You’ve paid your dues and earned your beautiful life so LIVE IN IT and Love In it and Let your hubby and baby girl Love you too! You Go (skinny) Girl! So happy for you!

Caprice on

Bethenny, I loved watching your show. I recently got married too so it was fun seeing you go through some of the same things. I really hope you are going to do another show with the baby. I love your sarcasm and that you are so down to earth. You are really inspiring and not superficial like some of the other housewives can be. I never write in these blogs, but in case you do read them, congrats and best wishes!!!

Kelly on

I am so happy for you Bethany! You deserve it!

sdunbaugh on

never wrote a celeb ever. i so much love the show. you made’re one liners just make my day. my hubby watches it when he thinks im not looking lol. but he said he liked u best out of all the housewives. thanks again for an escape from my reality every thursday


Tracy Hodge on

you are so adorable! I’m so happy for you! Reading your first blog gave me chills, and so did your wedding; congrats on everything!!!!

Sylvia on

Congratulations Bethenny and Jason, I absolutly love your new show. Bethenny you are so funny! You remind me of one of my girlfriends, telling it like it is. I am so happy for you and that your beautiful baby Bryn is doing well and I am sure your husband is over the moon! The two of you make the cutest and perfect couple. I think the both of you hit it big when you found each other. I hope you will consider having at least one more baby. Your husband wants two and little Bryn will proabably want a little brother or sister. After all you and Jason make great babies!! I love the way you have embraced Jason’s Mom and Dad. This is so sweet and they really love you. I wish you and your family all the best. May God bless you.

T Ellis on

Love you,the show and I am very happy for you!!

Shelly the Chic Crafty Chick on

Congrats Bethenney on sweet little Bryn. It is amazing how a little one can make everything else not important.

I’ve been glad to see your tweets that Bryn is growing and doing well. I know you must have been so scared with her coming 5 weeks early. My first son was a 25 week preemie, a whopping 1 pd. 12 oz., so I know first hand that having a child early is never what you plan.

I can’t wait to see your posts on here. I know with your great sense of humor that you will have some hilarious descriptions on the different joys and challenges of first time motherhood.

I wish you and your family all the best. Enjoy this first year with Bryn because you’ll blink an eye and you will be planning her first birthday. It goes by quick.

Shelley on

I agree with Erin…I hope know we can count on Bethenny to tell the truth. The reason so many of us feel unworthy or unsuccessful is that we are afraid to tell one another the truth about our lives…I don’t care who you are…it ain’t all FABULOUS! To quote Muriel Rukeseyer,”What would happen in one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

Liz on

Congrats Bethenny and Jason on your beautiful baby girl! Love your shows, and watch you every Thursday! Looking forward to reading your blogs!

kaylee on

Love you Bethenny! Your inner beauty and strength shines through on the outside. You have a beautiful family. Stay blessed!

Sarah on

Bethany, you have a beautiful family. I love watching your show, it is a breath of fresh air!!! You have a beautiful daughter. You are going to make a wonderful mom!!! I loved your wedding, you made a beautiful bride!!!!

Silvia on

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful, from the dress to the place. CONGRATULATIONS! And know that you have many many people wishing you the best.

Your baby is just as beutiful as you are 🙂

Dee on

I adore you Bethenny. You’re freakin’ hilarious. You crack me up! At times I cry with you. What a great show. You’re an inspiration. I feel like I can have it all. Thanks for your brutal honesty. It’s refreshing. You have an amazing realism that makes you likeable. Jason is incredible and your baby is so cute. Enjoy it!

Laurie on

Bethenny, I love your show and am hoping Bravo adds it to the permanent rotation! You are the epitome of what I stand for as a woman. You show how woman do not need to play the victim and we can work hard to rise above our demons and persevere to make our dreams come true. My life parallels yours in so many ways and even though I don’t even know you, by watching your show, I don’t feel like I am alone in my struggles. Most people can’t relate to this and it’s so nice to have someone to look at for validation. Thank you for sharing your life.


Nana on

Congrats Jason and Bethenny! You deserve all the happiness coming your way. You have worked so hard – now it will be good to see you take time to smell the roses and relax and give Bryn and Jason as much “normal” life as possible. I’m looking forward to seeing you keep it simple and let her be comfortable in her Carters and not bling that so many superstars dress the little ones in. Really, do you like having a “garter” around YOUR head when you go out? Gives me a headache!! Lots of love coming your way.

ajshe on

Thats so gret that you had a baby. Its so cute! I just cant get overhow cute your baby is!I love house so much.I love the role of your character. I wish you and your baby the best of luck!

beth on

CONGRATS on all of it!!! Please do all of us a favor, KEEP YOU OWN SHOW!!! Don’t make all of us watch those awful women just so we can hear the occasional, always hilarious sound of true talent….(…clean-up on isle nine!!LOL!)

Laura J. on


Love your candor! Can really relate to your introversion and sarcastic wit. Blessings on your new marriage and baby. God is in the business of new beginnings- your best is yet to come! 🙂

Gina on

Bethenny, I’m so happy for you. I’ve watched your journey and you’ve made me laugh, cry and smile. You’ve finally found someone wonderful to share your life with. Isn’t it amazing. I found my husband when I was 19 years old, had a long distance relationship for 5 years, got married when I was 25, had my 1st baby when I was 33, my last when I was 40. We have 4 now, 2 boys, 2 girls. Sharing your life with someone you love who is a wonderful husband and father is the best thing in the world. There are married couples and there are special married couples. You’re a special married couple! Welcome to motherhood. Enjoy!

cozumelia on









Tracey on

Congrats! You are an amazing women. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us….I am sure it is not easy at times. Just know that there are lots of us regular loving people (just like Jasons family) who appreciate you and are cheering you on! We are simply happy for you! My friends and I always say…we could totally be bffs with her! Love the show, love that all of this has happened to you…enjoy each sweet moment of that sweet baby girl…mine are 6 and 9 now…it really flys by (like after month 9…it starts to speed up)…enjoy it! Blessings!

Susie Hughes on

I absolutely love you! You are a beautiful, strong, intelligent woman. I wish you all the best with your handsome husband and your darling baby! I hope we will continue to see you on television. You are amazing!

Marilyn Schenck on


I’m sitting here catching up on episodes, having just read the People Magazine article. I just wanted to tell you that I’m old enough to be your mother and, although I never had children, I would have been proud to have been yours. You are a brave, funny, delightful young woman and I hope you and Jason make your family as loving a family as you deserved as a child.

dawn moore on

I love that you are blogging!!!!!! I find it to be therapeutic. Kudos =)

debra n on

love you bethany,all the recipes and humor etc..are you returning for another season to housewives ?and will bethany gets married continue?w/ happy for you and lots of love to you and your family..

Anita on

Bethenny is a riot! Her husband a doll. Thanks for sharing the real you. Your sharing the high and the low moments is an inspiration. I split my gut laughing (peeing in the bucket) and cry my hearty out (when the judge asked who in your family will be attending). Love your new assistant and hope the wedding planner gets his own show.

Kathleen Hain on

Hi Betheny,

I love everything about your show. You have found a good man who truly loves you to share your life with. Your daughter is beautiful. I wish you much happiness in your life. Hopefully Bethenny gets married will continue.

Thank you for your time!
Kathy Hain

Lisa on

Oh Bethenny you look great! Congratulations on the birth of Bryn and your recent marriage nuptials. All is well in your life though busy as it is it’s nice you will blog to let your fans know what you are up to. Even throwing in a few words of wisdom and wit along the way. I hate to see you off of NYHW but love to see you on Bethenny getting Married? Its a great show. I haven’t read your article in people magazine yet but have heard about it. With all you went through I’m glad to see you made it to where you want to be in life right now. Your starting off as a great Mommy. Keep it up. The best of luck to you always.

Liz Palmatier on

I just want to say that I really enjoy you as a person. You and Jason were meant to be together. Love, love, love your show. Wish we could be friends, you are my kind of people (honest and happy and true) I wish your family the best, and keep making me laugh.


Enjoy Life

caroline on

how come everyone gets on here and acts like they know her OR that she cares two shakes abour our opinions? She shows us exactly what she wants us to see….just like every other celebrity. And for those of you who say “oh she’s just so down to earth?, she’s just like us?” really?? normal people have a camera crew? normal people have personal assistants? normal people have their hair and make up professionally done?

gimme a break!

Tricia on

I am so happy for you! Watching you on Housewives I wanted to write to you and say “find nicer friends!” based on Jill and Luann. It seems like Alex is a good friend for you. And of course you now have such a great hubby! Your wedding (the TV part anyway) was lovely. I am hoping all the best for you. After all your trials you deserve a great guy and a happy family. Your tears after saying no one (family member) would be at your wedding struck a familiar chord for me and my heart went out to you. You have a great way of expressing things. I really love your use of words. Many blessings to you, Jason, Bryn and any babies to come.

Rachel on

Congrats Bethanny!!! She is beautiful. I have a Bryn as well. We spell it Brynn. She is 2.5 and a real pistol. She gives my older daughter (5) and younger daughter (6 months) a hard time but keeps my husband and I laughing. Hope your Bryn is just as much fun. Looking forward to your next blog. Enjoy every moment with her. It goes much too quickly.

ByrnieMac on

Its really awesome to see another Brynn in the world. I’m a Brynn with two “n’s” I love her name!

Morgaine on

Bethenny, how does it feel to be America’s best friend? Watching your show is like watching one of your girlfriends fall in love and start a family – so heart-warming.

I just love your show and I hope you’ll share lots of info about little Bryn with us. It’s so much fun to hear you talk about her and being a mommy has obviously had a profound effect on you. I wish your family all the best.

BTW – what was the name of the song you had your first dance to? Everyone seemed to know it, but I’m not up on pop music, so I’d love to know the name and artist. Thanks!

Keeping it real on

Hi Brethenny! Congratulations on your little angel. I love your show and you are awesome. To me it just goes to show who is the best housewife. All of your success is so deserving. Everyone else has to be soooo envious. The other thing I was thinking in regard to your mother, while you have mixed feelings about your relationship with her, the one positive thing I could say to you is that her problems and lack of good parenting made you the awesome person you are and while your mother cannot take the credit, you can for rising high above the negativity. So moving forward is your key to being the powerful person you are and enjoy being successful Congrats to you, Jason and your beautiful baby Bryn. I love the sentiment of her name. Your the best.

suzieck on

You were so brave to allow filming of your private therapy sessions. This not only demonstrates true depth of character, but a willingness to allow yourself to be seen as vulnerable, wounded, open, and willing to learn and grow. A great role model…and this all in spite of your spunky, take-no-prisoners style that I, personally, absolutely adore. You leave them in the dust…

Cheryl on

I absolutely, positively love you Bethenny! No one tells it quite like you! I was so upset with all of the drama this past season on Housewives, but find your new show to be like a breath of fresh air. I wish you, Jason (who is so sweet), and Bryn a wonderful life!

sara on

I think you rock betheney. I think you so rightfully deserve all the success and happiness that you now call your life!!!Your work ethics and self disipline are a true inspiration to me. So much so I’ve decided to go back to school and start on a new career path. With all you manage to juggle on your plate..two kids…two jobs and a husband are no excuse for me. I love that you keep it real, aren’t afraid to say whats REALLY on your mind and your sarcasm always keeps me entertained. Best wishes for a wonderful life with your beautiful family! P.S-i admit to a small crush on your husband…what a nice guy…you done good girl!!

wendy on

The show is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I hope there’s going to be another show with you in it after this one end’s. The baby is adorable. You seem to be full of good luck at the moment, I wish you all the best.

Michele Ard on

Congrats on your gorgeous baby girl, Bryn! May God Bless your lives always. I have to admit…my guilty pleasure was Housewives of New York! Without naming names…I was stunned at how catty, unkind, and um…nuts some of those women are! You, on the other hand, were dignified and gracious (and freakin hilarious) amid all the craziness. I cried with you on several shows…my father and I weren’t close…well…we weren’t anything really. It affected my life in similar ways. Just wanted to say that I am happy you are doing well and I look forward to seeing whatever you do in the future!
With Christian Love, Michele Ard

June on

I have somehow missed “Housewives of NY” and am almost done with “Housewives of NJ” mainly because of all the fighting. It is difficult for me because I grew up in a home with non-stop adult fighting. But, by “accident” (literally), I happened upon your show. I am a total fan and cannot get enough of you. I love you and how real/honest you are – no airs or phoniness. Viewing the life of a genuine person is so incredibly refreshing.

I am married 47 years with 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. I breast fed all 3 kids so know exactly what you are going through. I admire that you chose the “Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” (which is actually a real book put out by the LaLeche League and a wonderful guide for moms-to-be and new moms as well).

I am looking forward to more viewing, more blogging, more guest appearances. Congratulations with Love!

sharon davis on

Bethenny, I am so happy for you and Jason! And when I had my daughter 27 years ago I just could not believe how beautiful she was and how blessed I felt! You are blessed! You will never be the same . . . you are you, but better!

Marie White on

Bethanny, God has blessed you with a beautiful healthy daughter and a wonderful man to be your soul mate. After 40 years of marriage to the same man, 2 grown children each married 20+ years and with 4 beautiful grandchildren, let me share one secret in raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted and well-mannered children. First put others first, secondly keep your home a healthy environment with no arguing, cursing, etc around baby Bryn and lastly always talk things out. When my husband and I were counseled by a minister before our marriage he told us that there is no 50/50% give and take in a marriage. There is 100/100%. Talk things out, remain open and keep your home a clean, safe haven for your daughter to be raised in and she will become a well-balanced child in later years. I promise this is true, from experience. God bless you and your husband and your beautiful child.

mmc on

You are one lucky lady.I hope your wonderful husband Jason will teach you to trust in love and make you a sweeter and more loving person.I do think it’s happening already.Put your past in the past and look to the future.You can have a wonderful life with Jason and that little Angel Bryn.He’s a good man…he loves you and he has compassion.If i wasn’t married so long I’d leave my husband and run after him.He’s a keeper for sure.Your wedding was lovely and Shawn really did a great job.Enjoy your new and wonderful life and remember life isn’t perfect but I think yours will be close!

Jeanne on

I laughed til I cried!! I gotta say Jason is the best!!! You’re hilarious but so is he. Have fun parenting. A word of warning…hang on to your hat. Teenage girls make their mother’s hair turn gray… Dad’s too.

#1Nana fm MD on

Bethenny, I love you….and your adorable ways. I also loved the way Jason said one time with the minister…yes, I am on the ground and she is my very own little kite!

AZnana on

It’s been a long time since I have seen what you and Jason have in your eyes – there is love, laughter, understanding and now complete happiness with your new daughter. I have loved watching you go through the stages and develope into a butterfly. Keep the love and laughter in your lives as the two of you, together, raise this beautiful girl. There will be ups and downs –
just remember what you both vowed and you will make it through.
Hope we get to watch this happen – but will understand if we don’t – sometimes you just want to close the blinds…..

Riki on

Just wanted to tell you, that on my honeymoon in Mexico, 29 years ago, we also had a lizard. We called her Lizzy, and everyday she came out to watch us. I like to think she was a good luck omen for us. Marriage has it’s ups and down, but it’s the best, as is having your baby together. Just always love each other, and you can overcome anything.
Best to all of you,
Riki in Tx

Jennifer Jones on

I really relate to what Bethenny said about having her daughter “saved her life.” I have said having my son saved me from myself. Once you have children you no longer have the time to focus negative energy on yourself all the time. You become so focused on this baby and surrounding them with love and stability.

I know Bethenny has worked so hard to recover from her dysfunctional childhood I hope she soon realizes raising a child and being a newlywed on TV is not exactly the “normal” lifestyle she has always strived for. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to keep focused on your ultimate goal. I hope she and Jason realize this before they become victims of reality TV like so many other broken couples!

Best wishes to Bethenny, Jason and baby Bryn!!

Elizabeth on

Hey Bethenny! Congrats!!!
I loved in last night’s episode how Jason said with babies comes a lot of STUFF—everywhere—and you said you’d just be organized. I’d love for you to include organization tips in your blog. I have two kids–my—son almost 2 1/2, daugher 4 months–a two bedroom condo and so much STUFF it’s ridiculous!
Good luck and I look forward to your blog!

Kathy on

Hey Bethenny,
First of all thank you for the laughs, the reality and honest down to earth viewing I have enjoyed while watching you. Hopefully you can find time to continue your new show, I think you show us that we cannot connect with you on different levels, we feel like we know you, and love that you share things w/us. Beautiful Bryn, handsome Jason, you both will make caring loving parents. You have worked hard and earned it all, it has finally come back to you~
Love you Skinny Girl!

Kathy on

As the mother of 6 grown sons, I can say its always magical. There is no favorite age, try as you may to compartmentalize the sweetness andjoy, everyday brings new laughter and deep, profound inner love towards another person. It’s as if God in his perfect design, with held a piece of out heart knowing only a child would fill it, and we love again, anew for the first time.
Your family is simply beautiful, your innocence and vulnerability are “real”, and you make TV worth watching, simply because you, found yourself in Jason and Bryn…
Best of luck..

Peg on

OMG, Bethenny Hoppy! You and Jason are absolutely the best! You give me my much needed, weekly “laugh until I cry” fix! Although I am old enough to be your mom, I can so-o-o-o-o-o relate to your learning experiences with regards to “I don’t know nuttin’ ’bout birthin’ babies”! Congratulations to you and Jason on the arrival of beautiful Bryn! We ordinary people out here in lala land love you guys SO MUCH!

Sharon Fink on

I couldn’t be more happy for you and Jason. What a lucky beautiful baby. I am always free to babysit, I have 7 grandchildrren from 14 to 17 months that will give you refernces. I actually babysat from the age of 10. I am a young 62 with energy and skill. this is the best time of your life, enjoy it and always thank G-d for his blessings. with love,
Grandma Sharon

jesse on

did my comment go through?

Sharon Fink on

It is Grandma Sharon again to tell you that I think you will be an outstanding mother. Just remember to ask for help when you need it. This helps to prevent burn out. Take your naps and stay calm. By the way you look gorgeous. Just as an aside I picked the same name for my secong pregnancy, turned out i had to use Benjamin. Stay well and happy and give that handsome husband a big hug from me.He is truly such a calm adoring husband and father you are a very lucky girl Please enjoy every minute of that baby.

Grandma Sharon on

I just saw a recent picture of Bryn. Isn’t amazing how we carry for nine months, deal with the pain of labor, and the little suckers look just like their Dads. Good thing you have a handsome husband. All kidding aside I am a huge fan and want you to be happy and savor every minute of motherhood. I have four children and seven grandchildren and for me nothing is better than children. I was a special education teacher for thirty years and I know what it is like when children aren’t wanted and loved. So just enjoy and spread that love good and thick. Give that child all the love you didn’t get and more. Love you,
Grandma Sharon

Judy on

Little Bryn looks soooo bored. Hence the yawn