Levi McConaughey Gets Shorn For the Summer!

07/06/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

A birthday buzz? Just in time to turn two on Wednesday, Levi Alves McConaughey was spotted sporting a newly shorn ‘do in Malibu, Calif. on Independence Day. As the host of Shear Genius, mom Camila Alves knows a thing or two about hair, and said back in February that she and Matthew McConaughey weren’t ready to break out the scissors quite yet.

“He’s a little boy and I don’t want to touch it. It’s still pure and perfect! We’re going to have so much time to style it and cut it,” she explains. “At this stage in his life, I’m leaving it as pure as possible.” Seems like they decided it was time to give their toddler a trim!

TELL US: Which look of Levi’s do you prefer? At what age did you give your baby boy his first cut?

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Sadie on

Well he certainly needed the cut. Too bad we still can’t see him without a hat or bandanna.

Gi on

I like it both ways! Looks cute as can be! Wondered when you were going to post this!

Shannon on

Why does it look like Levi’s shirt is spattered with blood in the pic? Just thought it looked weird 🙂

Lola Marie on

Definitely a gorgeous little boy either way, but now he looks much older. Love both styles though!!

B.J. on

Aww, his new haircut is so cute!! Love the new look!

Helene on

Sadie, Why does he need a haircut? funny you mention the bandana and hat bc he has neither on in the first photo. He is being festive for the fourth and matched his mom!

Shannon, I think it’s from a Popsicle. You can see it better in the full picture.

Shannon on

Adorable either way. I have a two and three year old and they’ve each only had a couple of cuts. I love the natural baby curls.

Mina on

Normally I love, love, love, long hair on little boys, but he looks sooo much cuter and better with short!

Brooke on

He immediately turned into a clone of his daddy with his short hair. I actually love it.

Molly on

He’s SO cute. Looks just like daddy, but with his mama’s great complexion. Either haircut is adorable – I love his offbeat fashion sense! Or his parents’; whoever chooses his outfits and accessories.

Jaxson on

Levi is cute little boy he adorable no matter what his hair style is

erilynne on

He looks cute both ways :o)
I don’t think it is anyone’s place to judge when or if a child needs a hair cut except the parents, cause really why do YOU care so much exactly?

Alisha on

I’m so glad they finally cut his hair! He’s adorable, but I hate long hair on boys. I don’t particularly care for the way they dress him though. Definitely a cute anyway.

Elle on

I love the short hair! He has such beautiful features that he looked like an adorable little girl with that long hair. I think some little boys pull it off nicely but on him I think he looks better with it short.

Melissa on

He’s a cutie either way! Long hair or short! 🙂

Lorus on

I really like long hair on boys but I prefer Levi with his short ‘do.

Sharon on

OMG he now looks his age with that hair cut, I thought the long hair made him look young, Keep it short i say

Jess on

I actually loved his long hair. He is still a looker either way.

hayley on

i think all kids look lovely no matter their hair cut, part of the joy that is being a child is not having to worry what others will think of you.

i loved is long hair, i love his short hair,they could colou it pink with blue spots and id still love it lol. xxxx he is a beautiful child xxxxxx

A.Heilbrunn on

It’s about time. Now the little boy needs a trip to the GAP.
Levi always looks like he is wearing “hand me downs”.
My blonde sons were given their first haircuts for their first

JM on

erilynne i completely agree. it irks me so much when people go on about a child “needing” a haircut, like they are some divine authority on the issue, or as if there is some standard acceptable length for a child’s hair to be. and i agree, why do you care so much how long another person’s child’s hair is? really, nothing better to do?

anyway, i think levi is a really really handsome little boy. i loved his long hair as it really suited his face shape and delicate features. but i can understand wanting shorter hair for summer. either way he looks adorable.

jessicad on

I thought his long hair was cute! Either way he’s precious, now he’s looking more like a toddler than a baby:)

He doesn’t need a trip to the Gap, that’s just silly. I love the unique way they dress him!

J on

Oh for God’s sake, perhaps the parents cut these longer bushier baby styles in the summer so their kids will be cool and not have hair flopping in their faces. Why does it bother some when the long hair gets cut. Go let your own kids have long flowing locks and leave it alone.

There’s no conspiracy why the hair got cut, it just did. It will grow back. Chill.

J on

At the same time JM, it irks me when people like you go on about the longer hair getting cut. Not every parent wants their kid to have long hair, especially in the summer. It’s not the end of the world just because a lot of people have a short hair preference for kids. It’s easier sometimes, expecially if they are messy kids. It’s not all about loks just to please others.

KillMilla on

That boy is so incredibly beautiful – both with long and short hair.

J on

So much better! Long hair on a boy is just wrong!

Lyl on

he looked so cute with his long hair! but with short haircut he looks more boyish 🙂 he is gonna be a heartbreaker

romy on

LOVE it!

Jessie on

cute either way

Allie-Rose on

Both were cute. He just looks more boy-ish now

Lori on

Glad he got his hair cut. He looked like a girl in the first picture. A cute girl, but still a girl. 🙂

noneya on

Levi is adorable either way and it’s really nobody’s business except his parents as to when and why he should get a haircut!! My grandson is 2 1/2 and has the most adorable long blond curls – would hate to have his parents have to cut it yet!

JMO on

He no longer looks like a baby!! He’s so cute even w/ long hair but I do love boys with short hair vs long hair!

Jen DC on

Oh, he is all mommy either way! I like his hair both ways – long and short. Maybe he got something in it and it couldn’t be salvaged? Who knows?

JMO on

oh and I think when your son is referred to by someone as a girl that’s when it’s time to cut the hair!! I know when I was a baby even in purple someone told my mom that I was an adorable little boy! She was so offended she pierced my ears later that night and bought me a bracelet with my name on it! lol
I think some boys can pull of the long look and others can’t. Levi can but I do think in the first pic he looks a lot like Salma Hayek’s daughter Valentina!!

Sadie on

@ Helene, @ Erilynne, & @JM – If People Magazine did not want our comments there would not be a comment section.

I am entitled to my opinion so If I think he needed a haircut, why shouldn’t I say that????

You don’t see me jumping on you for saying that his long hair looked fine and that he didn’t need one.

OBVIOUSLY its his parents call. But they asked the readers opinions and we should be freely allowed to give it without other people criticizing what was said.

Seems like its the same people who always have a problem with what other people say no matter what (and I can name you off one by one). Nothing can be taken as is. Some of you always have a problem with other people’s opinions – Never live and let live.

kaljay on

cute either way!

Helene on

Sadie, no need to jump down my throat. Yousaid he needed a cut and I was wondering why you thought he NEEDED one. Don’t Be so defensive. Geesh.

Marjo on

He is a gorgeous little boy. Who cares what kind of a hair style he has. He is own little person.

Lisa on

I think he looks cute either way.

L on

The parents probably got tired of people saying to them; man what a cute little girl. *shrug*

JM on

J, er how exactly was i “going on about his short hair”, in fact i said that either way he is a very handsome little boy. i actually think he looks lovely with his new haircut and would never presume to tell his parents that they shouldn’t have cut his hair. try reading my comment next time rather than assuming what my actual intention was. what i was saying was that if parents want their kids hair long or short is up to them….

and sadie, again, i didn’t say you weren’t allowed to have your opinion or post them, i was actually doing the same, just disagreeing with your opinion. i never said you shouldn’t say it just that it bothered me when people thought they were some divine authority on children’s hair length. saying that you don’t like the long hair so much is different to saying that his parents SHOULD have it cut. as if there is some general standard….

Kim on

Now he looks like a little boy…the one thing I don’t like is parents letting their boys look like girls….wait until the child can make up his own mind….

Julie on

Aw, he looks his age now! I find that the old haircut made him look young and hid his features. I’m not the biggest fan of longer hair on little boys at the best of times though.

Bobbie on

I agree with you 100% on each of your posts here, Sadie. Personally, I detest long hair on all males. Looks very unkempt. Levi is such a cutie and deserved a decent haircut. Was happy to see Kate Hudson finally had her son’s hair cut, too.

suzy diamond on

About time that he look like the boy that he is!

Ali on

Mini Rambo 🙂

Laura on

I’m getting a good chuckle out of reading people’s comments. It is hilarious that people are so serious about it! Who cares if he has long hair or short hair? … I guess a lot of people do. Some people really need to figure out what is important and what is not important (like Levi’s hair length) and GET A LIFE!

sharon on

Its hard when you have to cut their locks off at a young age. But now he looks like a little man. It looks cute.

dee on

It always amuses me how people are so insecure about babies being mistaken for the opposite gender.

Anyway, he looks cute with long or short hair.

Kelsey. on

He looks cute with either hairstyle. He’s one of the cutest toddlers in Hollywood(:

Amy on

GASP! Levi is a boy? I had no idea!

ME on

Why does this child always looks so sad? I can’t remember ever seeing a picture of him smiling.

Madi on

I might be old fashioned but I prefer little boys with their hair cut short.

babyboopie on

Awww little Levi is now a boy! My son Pierre had long hair as a baby, just like Levi and now he is 5 years old, he has short(ish) hair and still looks as adorable. I think Levi looks absolutely beautiful with both hair styles- it really should be his choice at the end of the day whether he wants his hair to be long or short.

joan on

why not finish the job so he looks neat and you would know he was a boy maybe a smile would be nice

Gi on

I have seen so many smiling pics of him on other sites, why do you refuse to put a smile of him on your page?

Tiff on

I like it better cut…my son got his hair cut when he was 6 months. His hair was really long and it kept getting in his eyes! Not kidding. He is 10 months and has had another one already.

Lizzie on

LEVI IS JUST WAAAAAY TOO CUTE!!!! That isn’t blood on his shirt, it’s probably in HONOR of THE 4th of July, sprinkled red!!!!!!! He dresses like a skim boarding due, he’s just THE CUTEST!!! His Sissy IS adorable, I guess she’s dressed in baby girlie girl clothing!! BlessingS to their
Fam!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Asha on

I love it!!! He’s super handsome now!

Lizzie on

Happy, Happy Birthday, LEVI!!!! He could wear his hair anyway & he’d BE THE CUTEST!!!! I just LOVE his
skim boarding style, he’s just ADORABLE!! Show us current pixes of his Sissy, plezzzzzz!!!!

Tina on

my brother was 2 his first hair cut ! everyone thought he was a little girl !!!!

Abby on

Oh you guys – he’s not your baby, stop judging how you think he should look. He’s adorable no matter what.

musickmama on

gave my son his first hair cut at 3 1/2 months…hair was in his eyes and bugging him…

Alisha on

Love it either way, he is so adorable!

DB on

Cute kid…..like the short cut….like it long too until ya have to ask is it a boy or girl….just went through that with my grandson…..dark curls and blue eyes….and no matter how he was dressed …people said what a pretty little girl! LOL….went through it with his Daddy too…LOL

Connie on

What a CUTIE looks like his dad.

Angela on

Laura, did you even read the caption under the photos? People were asked to comment on their preference.

Natalie on

This little boy is so adorable and he is identical to his father. Looks just like Matthew! He’s going to be a handsome young man just like his father when he grows up.

Kat on

he’s a cutie….I always like long hair….he looks cute both ways…maybe something in the middle would be perfect 🙂 ♥

kjc on

I think Levi is pretty much the cutest Hollywood baby, so it really doesn’t matter how his hair is cut.

I suppose my preference would have been the longer ‘do. Super cute either way.

Layla on

He is so adorable! I can totally relate to Camila on this, I didn’t cut my first son’s hair until one month before his 4th birthday for basically the same reason. And my second son got his first haircut a few months after turning 2. Happy Birthday Levi!

CP on

He’s adorable…I wonder if he gave himself a haircut (kids will do that when they find scissors) and then mom & dad have to fix it !!

Pam on

Long, and the first time I cut my son’s hair was around 18 months.

I can relate to what Levi’s mom said in February – that they (the parents) were not ready. It was very difficult to take scissors to my son’s hair for the first time, and cut off all those adorable curls!

Jan on

He looks adorable either way, and I agree with the other comment that he looks a lot more like his Dad with the shorter hair. All 3 of my sons didn’t get a haircut until they were about 3 years old.

kathy on

It looks much better short…he now looks like a boy….i know folks want to let it grow but come on let the boy look like a boy….

glee fan 8 on

he was so mommy with his long hair now he is all matthew with his shirt hair!

Gi on

Looks cute either way. Keep looking at the picture with long hair and see a boy, not a girl, I just can’t see a girl. Anyway. He is so precious. I hope they grow his hair out again. And keep his dressing style going and stay away from the GAP!!!

FC on

I don’t mind his hair long or short, but with the cut he looks more like a little boy. He doesn’t have such a babyish face. He’s cute either way. 🙂

torgster on

When a child is this spectacular looking, he could be shaved bald, or wearing a yacht mop on his noggin – who is even going to notice? He’s perfection in aany case!

M-dot on

I love his haircut! He looks like such a big boy now! Awww. He continues to look just like his beautiful mommy.

Luna on

He looks precious either way but I prefer it short. When my oldest was little, I gave him a little faux-hawk, cutting it in a way so that we could spike it up in the center. I figured, it’s the only time I can do what I want to him without his opinion, so I’ll hawk it. Lol 🙂

Tearra on

I love long hair on little boys. I think they look extra sweet and adorable! My aunt didn’t get her son’s hair cut until he told her he was ready. Which happened on his 5th birthday. He was so excited and we were so sad. But he said he was tired of having to get his hair combed 🙂

linda on

levi is lovely

he looks cute either ways.

BelleBlont on

Levi looks like a master piece Artists rendering no matter how he is shown!

Donna on

He’s adoreable just like his daddy!

pa on

With all that is going on in the Gulf of Mexico i would think the length on a childs hair is the most stupid thing to keep going on about. It is his parents call as to what hairstyle Levi will have until he is old enough to have a say in what length of hair he wants.