Kourtney Kardashian’s Blog: Mason Visits N.Y.C. – And Relaxes By the Pool

07/06/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

Our newest celebrity blogger Kourtney Kardashian has told us all about feeding her son Mason, 6 months, as well as the joys and challenges of co-sleeping.

Today, she shares her thoughts and fears about teaching her son to swim — and she’d like your advice. Tell her what you think below.

See more of the reality star, 31, and boyfriend Scott Disick on E!โ€™s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloรฉ Take Miami, which recently premiered its second season.

Read Kourtney’s latest blog below!

For the long Fourth of July weekend we ALL — Mason, Scott, Kris, Kim, Khloรฉ, Lamar, Kendall and our entire camera crew! — headed off to the Big Apple! It was Mason’s first trip to New York, where Scott was born and raised.

Scott and I enjoyed taking Mason around the city, strolling outside. What a fantastic city for children with the culture, the museums, the parks, endless activities and the energy.

We also took Mason out to the Hamptons to visit Scott’s parents, who Mason doesn’t get a chance to see every day like he does my family. Naturally, the grandparents were beyond excited to spend some nice time with their grandson relaxing by the pool.

Mason LOVES the pool! (Lots of sunscreen, a swim diaper and a big hat, of course.)

Which brings me to a subject I could use feedback on: I am thinking of having Mason start swimming lessons this summer. I’ve heard that babies become great swimmers when taught early because of their natural survival instinct to hold their breath under water. The combination of a pool and a baby does scare me if lots of caution isn’t taken though.

How does everyone feel about it? When is the right time to teach a child to swim?

— Kourtney Kardashian

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romy on

swim lessons are fun for mom and baby. you can do the ‘survival’ ones where they teach them how to be on their own in the water if they fall in. we didn’t do those, we did mom and baby ones where you are basically getting the baby comfortable in the water. Nice to socialize with other moms and bob around in the water. you have to continue lessons or some type of swimming to keep them comfortable or they ‘forget’. Try it!

Cristina on

I think it is a GREAT idea!!! Mason is such a DOLL, he is one handsome little man!!

Stacy on

Kourtney-Swimming lessons at an early age are a great idea for both parent and child. With access to a pool or any body of water for that matter I think children should start lessons as early as possible. We started my daughter’s lessons at 20 months and now at 35 months she can swim on her own as well as jump off the diving board, slide etc. My personal opinion is to have them in the pool frequently and take a Mommy/Daddy and Me style class first.

Sydney on

There lots of classes in London for newborn babies. They have an automatic gag relex that shuts off their windpipes as soon as they are submerged in water, but around 9 months old they lose this ability. Google “swimming babies” and you can see lots of photos of babies underwater, they seem very much more at ease than older children learning to swim.

Good luck for whenever you decide to teach Mason to swim!

Jenn on

My daughter started swim lessons at 6 months and she is amazing around water now at 17 months. She has no fear when it comes to any kind of water, yet she still manages to exercise caution when around large bodies of water like a pool, lake or ocean – she always looks at me before she jumps in the lake with her life vest on.

I think one of the best things we can do as Mommies is teach our children to love the water and be safe in the water at the same time. Plus, you get to actually get in the water with your baby and swim – I can think of no better way to bond when it is this hot and humid outside! Good luck!

Lola Monroe on

Hey Kourt-
Sounds like an awesome 4th of July with the whole family, including Scott’s!! I personally think the earlier children are introduced to water the more comfortable they become. Starting it & seeing how it goes sounds like a great idea, if he doesn’t enjoy it you can always try again later, even though it sounds like he is a little fish already!! He’s gorgeous, best wishes doll!!!!

Taryn on

Hey Kourtney-

I personally think its a GREAT idea to get Mason started now. I was a lifeguard and water safety instructor for 5 years. I am also a mom to a one year old. I already have her in the pool learning to kick, go under water, doggy paddle and blow bubbles. All simple skills for now but all of which are necessary for learning to swim. My mother did the same with me and I was swimming underwater and jumping in the deep end by the time I was two years old. The trick is to start slow, make sure they are used to the water and dont push them into anything they dont want to do or dont seem to like. That leads to water fear. Good luck! Mason is ADORABLE!

Perri on

K- I think starting swim lessons early is a fantastic idea. We actually just started lessons yesterday with my 2 year old. He is doing a program called Infant Swim Resource and it teaches your kids how to survive in water. They teach them to roll over and float on their back if they ever fall into a pool. We started late due to my son being 3 months early and me being nervous about his lung strength. I think Mason starting at 6 months is perfect. The website is infantswim.com. It takes place at someone’s house in a private pool with one on one instruction. I highly recommend this.
Thanks for writing your blogs. I enjoy reading about that little ham of yours. He is sooooo handsome. Good Luck with swimming lessons.

Jennie on

I would recommend swim lessons for Mason. It is better to be safe then sorry. My son is 2 1/2 and loves water, he doesn’t understand water is not safe and you cannot just run and jump in. I will be signing him up this summer as well. We would of signed him up sooner, but this summer is the first summer he has gone swimming in a big pool.

Randi on

I say def enroll him in swimming lessons, as a former swimming instructor myself I can attest the younger you start them-the better. They are too young to be “afraid” of the water, allowing them to be really comfortable in the water and learn how to swim safely. Just make sure the instructor is certified. Good luck and enjoy, babies were my favorite students!

Jane Davidson on

My mum said I was a complete water baby! She took me swimming from a very young age (a few months) because she’d only learned to swim at 14 and was never a confident swimmer and was determined I’d be different. I loved the water and always had a lot of confidence because I’d been used to it from such a young age. When I had just turned 5 she signed me up for formal lessons, and I swam the width of the pool the first day with no floats or armbands, because in her opinion, although she’d managed to give me the confidence I still needed the extra push a swim instructor could give, as well as help with the technicalities of swimming strokes. She definitely wishes she’d signed me up sooner as she believes I would have swam at a younger age with lessons.

I’ve never heard of baby swimming lessons but it sounds interesting. At the very least, take him swimming yourself and get him used to going under water and being splashed. Maybe go and watch a baby swim class to see how it’s run and how confortable you’d feel with him taking part?

I definitely think the younger the better though when it comes to giving your child water confidence. Best of luck!

And congrats on your very beautiful baby boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Lou on

I’m not sure what the right answer is to that. I can tell you that we started our two at 6 months and they both love the water and are fantastic swimmers (now 12 and 7 years). I think the key for them was really being comfortable in the water and starting early helped with that. Where’s the downside? Best of luck with your decision.

Rebecca on

I put my son in swim lessons at 3 months old. He loved the water! He is now 5, and hasn’t changed a bit. He has been in more swim lessons since then and I can trust him at a pool. Better to teach your kids to swim and be safe as early as possible, rather than be afraid of the water.

Anonymous on

My parents started me in swimming lessons with them at 6 months. I think it does help with a love for swimming, I swam competitively from age 8 until I graduated high school.

Shane Conner on

Hey Kourtney! You have great taste in baby names! My son will be eleven this August and his name is Mason!!! I think that swimming lessons for Mason are a great idea. He can learn when he is older, but most of the time it is easier on the child to learn to not fear the water at a young age. I myself didn’t learn until I was about five years old. Good luck with everything and thanks for giving us a chance to get a glimpse into your life. Your entire family seems to be just lovely and devoted people!! My family LOVES your shows!

Amelia on

DO IT. I used to coach and teach swim lessons and so many parents wait until their child is 8 or 9 years to get him swim lessons, and that is way too late. Start him early with an experienced coach and he’ll get comfortable in the water and won’t be scared as he gets older. Obviously, he won’t be swimming laps at 12 months, but it will come in time. Avoid swimmies and other flotation devices, unless recommended by the coach.

Jessie H on

It’s up to you and your comfort level but I had my daughter start swim lessons when she was 7 or 8 months old. She loved them and had a blast. I say if you have the time it’s a great thing to do!!

julie on

Ensuring your child is comfortable in the water is incredibly important. Swim lessons shouldn’t be a one time thing. You should continue lessons until at least the age of 10. If you spend any time near water, it is vitally important that your child feels comfortable and safe instead of freaking out in case of an accident.

Lessons for most sports are simply for fun, but swim lessons are very important for general safety.

Mommy and Me classes would also help you be comfortable with your child swimming, but as Mason gets older, he should be taking classes on his own so he can flourish! (or private lessons)

Brittany on

I have taught swim lessons at the local YMCA for the last 10 years. Mommy and Me classes are the best things out there to introduce a child to the water. It consits of the child and a parent enjoying bonding time in the water while they singing songs, playing with toys, and getting used to the water and how to move around in it. It not only teaches the child basic swimming skills, but it’s a bonding experience for child and parent, and helps build social skills by interacting with the other people in the class. Also, the parent’s fears are calmed because you are in the water with your baby actually teaching them with the guidance of the instructor.

Mary on

I think it’s a great idea. There is a location here in Austin that does swim lessons year around, once a week, called Emler Swim School. We put our son in lessons starting when he was about 13mon old. He just turned 5 and L.O.V.E.S the water. He is our little fish. We have a 7.5mon old daughter and she will be starting lessons in January. Good luck!

Allison on

Kristi on

It’s never too early to teach a child safety around the water. Besides, most babies love the feeling of the water all around them, and it’s a great bonding opportunity as well. Both of my boys (3 and 1 1/2) are starting swim classes in two weeks. I wish we had done it sooner, but better late than never!

Fiona on

Kourtney, Six months is to young for actual swimming lessons, what you can do with Mason at this age is teach him how to roll over and float on his back, there are many great programs our there that teach this method. Next time you are in Miami chech out the British Swim School, they will help you find the right program for Mason. Cheers Fiona.

Stephanie on

Kourtney – taking Mason to swim lessons is a great idea. My husband takes our 9 month old son to once a week swim lessons and he just loves it. He is very comfortable in the water and enjoys the interaction with other kids.

Jen on

I say go for it. My son (who is 13 mos.) and I joined a parent/child swim class at our local rec center. He really enjoys the class and is very comfortable in the water. The classes is open to ages 6 mos. and up so this is a perfect time to get Mason started. It’s also a great way to bond w/your little guy too.

Rachelle on

I think it is great. I have several friends that have done that. If you are going to have your baby around water a lot, you should do it. I truly do not believe you can be too careful when it comes to your children. A few hundred dollars for teaching them is nothing compared to their life. You should look up the youtube videos of the babies who have been taught. It is amazing.

Jess on

I think they are great for kids! At Mason’s age they can do the classes that teach them how to roll on their little backs and float…like the survival class that someone else wrote about i suppose. I think that if he is going to be around water…why wait?! plus it’s extra bonding time for Mama and baby! Keep up the good work Kourt!

Maria on

I am by no means an expert, however I can’t imagine time spent together with your child in any fashion would be negative. Especially in a pool! Why not take a dip and teach basic movements? If it could in any way be beneficial, go for it! Unless there is a negative side (I’ve heard nothing though) I don’t see why you shouldn’t!

Swimming is always something I’ve enjoyed…as long as it was in the 3ft section. I took swimming lessons as a child, as I should have. However, I almost drown twice during my childhood as well and never really took to learning to swim because of it. I’d only stay in shallow water, too scared to wade out past my hips. I don’t even go out very far at the lake, and when we go to theme parks, forget the wave pool! I wish I didn’t have this fear, and I know I should take lessons now as a young adult, but the fear still takes over. I think teaching your beautiful, precious child to swim as early as possible is brilliant, especially if you know you all will be spending lots of time by the water.

Best of luck! You all are amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

Meredith on

The earlier the better. As babies, they are used to water from being in your womb. It is quite easy and the babies love it. I used to teach swimming lessons and my favorite age was the infants because you can really see how much fun they are having.

Lorelai on

Swim lessons are great!! I started taking my daughter when she was 8 months old and my baby boy will start his soon. It’s very fun for mom and baby, helps them sleep better, helps with motricity and you get an awesome fun time with your baby. Just find a really certified center for babies and (this was recommended by my children’ pediatrician) better if it is a pool run and cleaned with saline water (it’s an australian technique where they clean pools with sea salt) instead of pools kept and cleaned with cloride, which can irritate their skin and in the long run it can lead to asthma. Just do your research and sing up! you won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

vmtanaka on

The sooner you start lessons for Mason the better. Myself and all of my swimming instructor cohorts will tell you the same. And you really should keep him lessons all year long. He will be a great swimmer once he gets older and if you find the right program or instructor then they should teach him how to be safe around water as well. Regardless of how frightened you all may be, once he comes up out of that water you smile and laugh as much as possible. Have fun with it and remain relaxed.

Allison on

I’m a lifeguard/swim instructor so I’ve had tons of experience teaching babies/toddlers. Starting off with a mommy & baby class will really get mason comfortable in the water and you can start practicing floating and getting him comfortable getting his face wet. For legitimate lessons, most places won’t teach kids under two since that seems to be the age when kids are strong enough to be able to actually start swimming. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Katie on

I think its a great thing to teach a child. My daughter is 9 months & LOVES swimming. I am super over protective of her, she isn’t allowed to swim in public pools until she is old enough to learn to not drink the water. Thanks for posting about co-sleeping, my husband & I do it and everyone we talk to acts like we are horrible parents because of it. It sure makes night feedings easier!

Katie on

Hi Kourtney!! You’re such a good mom!! Thanks for the blogs. I enjoy reading them. Swimming lessons is a wonderful idea! I did the same thing for my daughter but I waited till she was 12 months old. We did a mommy and me swim class to start. She enjoyed the water games and songs and I enjoyed watching her. She’s three now and has been getting lessons ever since. She jumps off the diving board, can swim the length of the pool at the YMCA. She isn’t afraid of anything. I’d say wait until next summer maybe? I’d be afraid at this point. Let us know what you decide. I LOVE ALL YOU GALS!! Love the shows and your mom and Bruce!! You all are wonderful people!

Heather on


I don’t believe that “lessons”, per se, are necessary. By having him in the water with you, that is enough at this age. He doesn’t have the motor skills right now to actually swim, but he can certainly benefit by being in the water and being comfortable in it. My oldest was 4 when he actually took lessons, but because he had spent so much time in the pool from when he was an infant, he could already swim, and the lessons were basically to refine skills and for him to learn strokes and lifesaving techniques. My youngest is two weeks older than Mason, and he is in the pool quite a bit. But, I won’t put him in lessons until he’s around 3-4 years old because it is at that time that he will be ready to learn more refined strokes. But, I’m confident by then, he’ll already be able to swim just like my oldest.

K.W. on

I have five children and while they have been in the water since they were babies we didn’t start actual lessons until they were 4 years old. In my opinion you’re just paying to have you baby play in the pool to get comfortable with the water – which you can do yourself.

Lisa on

Definitely teach Mason to swim. I taught all of my kids when they were little and they never once became afraid of the water and actually loved it. I never had to be afraid for them being around a pool.I think it is a great idea.

L on

I did the Infant Survival lessons when my son was a year and a half. He went the following summer for a refresher. He is 3 1/2 now and swims like a fish. When he gets worn out he just gets on his back and floats with such ease. One reason why the infant survival is so important (in my opionion) if the child falls into a body of water lake, canal etc and can not get out due to a muddy or rocky bank. They are able to float on thier back until they are rescued. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made.

Laura on

Kourtney –
I was a certified swimming instructor for ten years and have some advice. Your biggest concern right now is to keep Mason safe around the water but formal lessons are not necessary for Mason. It would really be nothing more than a “Mommy and Me” type of class. He is too young to learn the mechanics of swimming. The best thing you can do is take him in the water with you. He can kick, splash, and blow bubbles to build a love for the water. As soon as he can understand, he needs to be taught about the dangers of the water. When he is about three years old, he’ll be able to take lessons to learn swimming techniques. The bottom line is he needs to know how to get to the edge of the water if he falls in … I don’t care what anyone says, He is too young to understand that now, so swimming lessons will not help. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to NEVER assume someone else is watching him. Have a specific conversation along the lines of, “I’m going in the house now. You are in charge of Mason.” Hand the baby to the person, and wait for a concrete acknowledgement. Also, make sure he doesn’t have access to any pool if he is outside playing. You can’t underestimate his ability to slip out of your sight, and it only takes secods for a disaster to happen. Having a baby puts you in a state of vigilance when it comes to watching what he does, but it’s especially important around water. Have a wonderful summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

Joy on

We started our first two kids off between 6 and 9 months and have kept them in it and I am so glad that we did it. They are now 3 and 4 and know what they are capable of when it comes to swimming which gives me a better level of comfort having them in a swimming pool. You still can’t take your eyes off of them though because accidents happen all the time. We have another baby that is turning 6 months old in two days and we plan to start her in swim lessons next month. I really don’t think you can go wrong putting him in lessons now. Most places offer a trial waterbaby class – try it out and see if you are up for it – because you (or Scott) will be the one in the water with him until he is able to swim a few feet by himself. If you decide you don’t like it then at least you tried it!

Jen DC on

I started when I was about 9 months old and by a year was swimming across the deep end alone – although with “floaties.” It’ll help with pool safety as he grows older, give him an opportunity for outdoor exercise and help with coordination and self-confidence. There is literally no downside to swim lessons with your son!

I hope you’re using reusable swim diapers like Kushies or or Bummis! Give ’em a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Lily on

Hey Kourtney –
I am not a mom yet (only 23) but as someone who started swimming at 6 months and a former lifeguard, I can’t tell you enough how important water acclimation is as a baby. My dad taught me, but you should start Mason as soon as you can get a class that has a consistent schedule. From teaching kids, I have seen that the younger they start, the more confident they are in the water and with themselves. Good luck in your decision!

Andrea on

Do it. My mom did it for me and my brother (I’m 34 he’s 29) and from a very early age our parents never worried about us when at a beach or pool. Well, not NEVER, but you know what I mean. And you know what DOES suck? Having a 37 y.o. boyfriend who doesn’t know how to swim. WTF, right??? I hate that he can’t swim. Not only do I hate it, I don’t even understand it. One thing EVERY child should learn how to do, is swim. Not just for recreation, but for safety. I say, do it. He will learn to LOVE the water and not be terrified of it like other children. Another bit of advice – get him used to swimming in different environments, especially the beach. So many children seem to have irrational fears of sand (dry & wet) seashells (another WTF moment) and swimming in oceans or lakes, which parents reinforce by carrying them back and forth and letting them scream bloody murder. Children exposed to things like this early on learn there isn’t anything to be afraid, just fun to be had – but safely. I think you’re doing SUCH a fabulous job at being a mom – you keep your heart, ears and most importantly, your MIND open – while making millions of people laugh. You and Khloe and two of the funniest, hottest b*tches to show up on tv in a long while. Keep up the kick ass work mam ๐Ÿ˜‰

Suzane on

Please check out the “Myles” video on You Tube; 9 month old reaches for a ball and falls into a pool. Myles is fully clothed and swims to the surface, turning onto his back so he can float and breathe until someone rescues him. Infant Swim Resource (www.infantswim.com) is the amazing program that teaches babies and toddlers to rescue themselves should they be in an aquatic accident.

Heather G on

I got my son started to take swim lesson when he was 11 months old. He loves WATER! It was a good start for small child. They taught my son how to float, how to hold breath, swim with arms and legs. My son is 8 years old, and he is active swimmer. You should get Mason to start swim lesson now. He will be active swimmer by the time he turns 2.

dmalone on

Starting swimming now will bring joy and fun to both you and your baby

Anonymous on

It’s not a “swimming lesson” per se as much as it’s just moving them around the water and learning, as a mom, to dip them under if you feel comfortable doing so. It was also great because it got us in the deep end holding our babies and I felt that part was more for us the moms so we could feel comfortable getting in and moving around in the deep end while holding our babies safely.
Real lessons don’t start ’til later but until then, my kids have no fear of water beacuse of the combination of us as parents taking them to the pool often and taking these classes.

Sara Campbell on

I put my 9 year old in swim lessons when she was 9months old. She could fall in the water and kick her way up to the surface to grab the wall and crawl out before she could walk! I now have a daugther that I feel safe (but never to safe) and comfortable in the water. She has been on a swim team since she was 6 years old and wishes to one day be in the Olympics. We took her to a school with an indoor pool and small class sizes. Up to 2 years old I was in the pool with her helping her learn what to do if she fell into a pool and then after that she was on her own with instructors and by 3 years old she was jumping into the deep end and going for the bottom with no problem swimming up!
For safety, excercise and a possible passion…put him in for sure!

Meghan on

Awesome idea Kourtney! It’ll really help him when he’s older so he won’t be afraid of water like a lot of kids are. Good luck! He looks just like you!

Ashley on

I have a baby four months older than Mason, a boy. He loves the water baby classes. It’s called that at a local center, Water Babies. And he loves it. They sing songs and show us neat things. I highly recommend it.

Catca on


Swimming lessons are good both for getting Mason comfortable in the water and if he is around pools, the whole survival thing. It is definitely important. But like all things, there are pros and cons to weigh. The con is that babies who take swimming lessons as infants tend to be more prone to ear infections. My personal feeling is that if Mason is going to grow up around swimming pools – go for the swimming lessons while keeping a close eye on any signs of ear infections. My son is a month younger than your son and we don’t have a pool so I am getting him comfortable with a wading pool and then when he’s a little older I’ll start working on floating (right now I keep his ears out of the water). But again, my son is not around pools so it’s different for me.

jennifer on

My 6 month old son and I take lessons together at Waterworks in Beverly Hills and he loves it!! It is really important that he is comfortable and safe in water and we are making that happen as soon as possible and having so much fun doing it!

Laura on

IS IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR YOU TO THINK FOR ONE SECOND THAT BABIES CAN SAVE THEMSELVES BY GETTING TO THE SURFACE AND FLOATING ON THEIR BACKS UNTIL HELP ARRIVES! Young babies have some instinct in the water, but they cannot save themselves at six months old! Their cognitive development just isn’t there right now. People are naive to think their children are good swimmers because of formal lessons as infants. Good swimmers emerge from being exposed to (and developing a love for) water at an early age to get used to it. That can transition into lessons later on, which makes a good swimmer. Additionally, kids can be great swimmers without lessons. You can show Mason the basics for the next few summers and then get formal lessons for him. I hope you read my previous post because I think I have some good advice for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Barb on

I was a swim instructor for 10 years and I taught hundreds of hours of Mom/Dad and baby swim classes. You have to be careful with the “survivor” classes as they force the child underwater and that can actually cause ear infections and some fear. The classes I taught focused on teach the parents as much as teaching the child – water enjoyment, bonding time, and a healthy respect for the awesome power of H2O.
A few tips (other than the obvious): use the stairs to enter the pool if possible, work with Mason on blowing bubbles (bath tub too!) and splashing and kicking his feet – it is a great precursor to learning the fundamentals of swimming. Hold him at a diagional so that his chin in near the water. This will help him develop the muscles he needs in his neck and back to keep his face out when he needs to breathe. If you feel he is ready to completely submerge, “scoop” – don’t dunk. Hold him horizontally in front of you by the armpits and when he looks down towards the bottom of the pool make a scooping motion towards you so that the water flows over his face and head without shooting up his nose. My son is 14 months old and I have been doing this with him since he was 3 months – never had a fear of water and now he runs around our lake in his lifejacket jumping in like all the big kids.
Love the pics! Keep posting:)

ChefDulce on

What a great idea! I had swim lessons with my son at that age and he now loves the water and is very comfortable doing water activities. I did the ones that are Mom and baby and he enjoy them as well as me.

Jennifer Taylor on


I am a BIG proponent of early swim lessons for kids. I have 4 and all but 1 (my eldest son) did swim lessons since they were infants. The 3 that did are TOTAL water kids to this day.

My son who didn’t get to partake in them (I was working F/T and between my work schedule & their father’s we couldn’t work out an acceptable swim schedule for him) is very leery around the water still and he’s 13.

I totally regret not being able to work something out for him and know that he doesn’t get the enjoyment out of the pool & beach that his sibs do. Just one of the many instances where, as a parent, you’ll regret one thing or another.

As long as YOU’RE comfortable with Mason taking swim lessons, do it. That’s one decision you WON’T regret. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Check out Infant Swimming Resource.

stephanie on

mason is getting to the age where he will soon be crawling. summertime is the perfect time to contact a local ISR instructor to come to your pool and teach him survival techniques. it gives you as a mother such peace of mind knowing your child understands what bodies of water mean and how to be safe by staying away or rolling back into a float if a mistake is made. mommy and me classes will not teach him that. floaties will not teach him that. he will not have floaties on or be blowing bubbles with you when he falls fully clothed into a pool.
my son, also named mason, had his first course last year at 15m and is finishing up his refresher this summer at 27m. he swims under the water and if he realizes he wont make it to me or the side in time, he doesn’t panic, he just rolls over into a float. when he was younger, he was playing on the steps just a few feet away from me; he fell forward into the water. before i could get him, he had already rolled over to float. it’s amazing!

Jen E. on

I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I have 3 small kids and live by a lake and have I also wondered if we should get them all into swimming lesson early but after doing some research I found an unnerving fact, and please forgive me for not having the exact info, but I read that children who have lessons at a very young age, younger than 3 or 4 have a higher rate of drowning accidents. I believe its because the parents tend to become comfortable with the child’s abilities. I’m definitly NOT saying don’t do it, just know that its not going to make him safer. Just do it for fun. It would be a good bonding experience for you and your child. I also think that the children are less fearful and tend to approach the water at times they shouldn’t. So just keep your eye on that cute little guy!! Not that you wouldn’t, but just a little motherly advice. Happy swimming!

Stuff1970 on

Of course, absolutely, MOST definitely you should get Mason swimming lessons. Not only because he will have fun throughout life whenever he is in the water, but the most important reason is that knowing how to swim may save his life one day. It is a necessity and the earlier you get him lessons the better!! Take care!!

sherry on

Look at Infant Swim Response…

Tali on

Hi Kourtney,
I am a former lifeguard and water safety instructor for almost ten years and managed a swimming pool; I recommend that you and Mason begin swimming lessons immediately. He will be more comfortable in the water and will never develop a fear of the water if you begin early. You can even do “scoops” with Mason in the water because like you already know babies automatically hold their breath. A “scoop” is a quick dunk under water scooping him down forward and up. He will also hold his breath if you ever blow air on his face, just like a cat! Just alway have a calm demeanor even if something happens that scares you. If you act scared Mason will be scared, not because of what happened but because you his Mommy are scared. Best of luck!

Becca on

I would definitely encourage you to start Mason in baby swim classes. Obviously, when they are infants, it is more to have them learn to adapt to the water and not actually a lesson. I started my son at 9 months and he loves being in water of all types now at 13 mo. It is good for them to learn at a young age that they are OK getting their head and face wet. Also, they start to teach them at a young age to just go into the water on a cue and how to look for a ledge. All important when you have a child near water. Have fun!

Laura on

I forgot to mention a very important way to help keep Mason safe around a pool. Keep the pool free of toys when everyone is done swimming. There have been too many drownings because people leave balls, kickboards, noodles, rafts, and other water toys in the pool. It’s an invitation for kids to reach in to get something that’s floating and if they fall in, it may be hard for someone to be able to see they are in the pool and trapped under all the stuff in the water. Be careful!

glee fan 8 on

i think it is a great idea! one of my friends and her daughter who just turned 1 took them 3 months ago and they both loved it. mason is adorable and is starting to look more like his uncle rob in every picture i have seen of him recently!

Happy Mom on

Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death among U.S. children ages 1-9. The highest rate of drowning is in the 0-4 year age group; adolescent boys are the second largest group of drowning victims.

Following are swimming safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (www.aap.org):

Supervision is essential for all children, regardless of whether they have had formal swimming lessons. Many children who have drowned were being supervised by adults who turned their backs for just a moment.
Families with pools or spas should put up four-sided barrier fences that cannot be climbed and include a self-latching gate to separate the pool/spa from the house and the rest of the yard.

Portable and inflatable pools also pose drowning risks, and these pools also should be fenced in. Children can easily climb over or fall into the pools, even when ladders are removed.

Pool and spa drains should have special covers and vacuum systems that prevent body entrapment and hair entanglement. While public pools are required by law to install drain covers and safety systems, many home pool and spa owners are unaware of these risks and have not taken precautions to prevent injuries.

Finally, parents should use multiple layers of protection, such as supervising children, learning CPR, and installing fences, an alarm and cover, to ensure a fun yet safe time for everyone. NEVER LEAVE A CHILD UNSUPERVISED IN AND AROUND ANY TYPE OF WATER.

KC on

We recently went through the same questions with our 1 year old son. We’re getting ready to go on our first family vacation to the beach, and I wanted to make sure he’d be ok in the water. We enrolled him in a parent-child class at our local YMCA, and I am so happy we chose to do it! Not only does he giggle when we sway him back and forth, and try to get him to kick, and sit on the edge and jump (ok, maybe just leans foward and falls into) into the pool, but it’s a great time for him to spend with other kids around his age. I think it helps him to see other kids trying out the same things. He’s not going to be a swimming superstar any time soon, but we know we can bring him to the pool/beach now and he’ll not be upset or afraid. He loved his lessons from the first day! Good luck with your decision!

Karen Booth on

If your baby accidentally fell in the water after 6 weeks of lessons, where would you find him? Infant Swimming Resource offers survival swimming lessons to babies and young children so that they could save themselves if they were to find themselves in the water alone. There are instructors all over the US, but some in Miami as well! These lessons are a fun, and more importantly, safe way to teach your baby about water. Other classes may give him a false sense of security and teach him that the water is a safe place to play, even when mommy and daddy are not around. He can start as young as 6 months too! My twins have been through the program in Miami and I cant say enough good things about it! Though I never, ever leave them unattended around the water – even for a second – these lessons taught safety for them, and gave peace of mind if the unthinkable were to happen for me. http://www.infantswim.com

Laura on


I started swimming lessons as a baby and have loved being in the water ever since! My mom’s always called me “Fishy.” As an only child, I could entertain myself for hours in the pool or lake because I had the confidence to be by myself.
I am due with my first in late November and plan on doing swimming lessons next spring/summer.
Have fun in the water!

Sheri on

Hi Kourtney,

I 100% believe infant,toddler ect should learn to swim. I know down where i live in south Florida everywhere there is a pool,or water all around..It is importent not only importent for the child to get swimming lessons, and have fun at a pool, or at the beach..But, there are other things that can happen in life that a child would benifit from knowing how to swim. I know it hardly happens but cars have been know to get into accidents and end up in lakes, and all kinds of odd situations that make it importent for the child to know how to swim.
My son was in the water @ 6 months, and at 9 months we got him lessons. My daughter got lessons at one year she was not as friendly with the water as my son.
My daughter is now 5 and she swims like a fish and has for quite a long time. My son is now 3 and he likes nothing more then to go splash around and have fun in the water. And i have the peace of mind if they should ever get into deep water, then will not drown..

I think if Mason likes the water, you should get him lessons.. It is also a really great bnding experince for both parents and child.
Love your blog weekly, thank you for taking time to write it for your fans..

Nicole on

I think it’s a great idea to have him start swmming lessions. I did it with my daughter with she was about 6 months old and it was the best thing for her, even though she cried the whole time. She still learned how to swim. Now she is an awesome swimmer!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Melyssa on

As a swim instructor I strongly suggest getting swim lessons for Mason. My family are all swimmers and my parents had me able to swim independantly by the age of 2 and my niece is not far behind. It is a great survival skill and the sooner you introduce the child to water the easier it is for them to learn and not fear the water.

Susan Lewis on

Take the little one to the YMCA, they have a good program for the tiny ones. It isn’t too soon, if he’s going to be around pools, this is one way to a fewer headaches. BTW: This little guy is just too adorable! Look at those little cheeks!

Anna on

My parents put me in swim lessons at six monthes old. I thought it was a great expirience for myself as a person, because now I am an excellent swimmmer, and totally confident in the water. Start out in the Mom and Tot classes and slowly move up the swim lesson pyramid. Good Luck to you and Scott!

Sarah beth on

I have been in the pool since diapers and have been fearless when it comes to the water. some of my cousins who waited to exposed their children to the pool are a lot more squemish… so my advice is to start as early as possible.

Mom Noir on

I enrolled my kids in the Infant Swimming Resource classes. Initially they learned the roll back to float technique and now they are learning the swim to float technique. I was more concerned with preventing an accident from happening as opposed to the mommy and me classes because the chances of me being in the water if an accident happened was slim. I am all for teaching kids to swim at an early age. Good luck with whatever you decide!

margie on

that is a great idea i think everybody should teach there kids when they r baby’s how to swim it is more safe!! u have a gorgeous baby kourtney ๐Ÿ™‚

Tori on

I do swimming lessons with my 9 month old at the health club and she LOVES them!! It’s a fun Mommy Baby bonding activity and something to keep her social.

jazz on

Taught my son and daughter @ 9 months…you wait until they are toddlers and they fear…Both kids after 2-3 days could swim underwater from one side of pool to the other…never stopped…teach at young age is better…taught swim lessons to what we called “Turtles” and younger the better…they have no fear!!!!

Anonymous on

We just had my son’s first swimming lesson yesterday at 2 months and he loved it!

Lynn on

Kourtney, my cousin in florida started swimming lessons at 6 months! She loved it and was great at it! I think you should do it for Mason!

XoXo on

I think as long as it’s a safe environment, and you’re involved in the swimming process it should be fine.

Kourtney Kardashian on

You want your kids to start at a early age for then they can swim better! And who knows now instead of seeing M icheal Phelps you will see Mason Kardashian in the olymipcs! JUst teach him the basics to be comfortable in the water then when he gets older you can teach him the strokes(breast,butterfly,back,front strokes)!

Carole on

My mother had a fear of water and instilled that fear into me. I broke that cycle by having both of my children in swim lessons at age 6 months. Now they are 15 and 17 and are turtles in the water….it’s one of the best choices you can make as a mom….

Yari on

its a wonderful idea to start them in swimming. It helps develop their muscles and also helps them lose the fear of being in the water! My son started when he was 5 months old and it was one of the best decisions by far!

Jennifer Feagans on


All you need to know about having your baby, even as young as your little guy, safe in the water is on those websites!!


kristan on

my husband and i wish we would have started our son with swimming lessons when he was a baby. he is almost 3 now and we just tried taking him to swimming lessons and he was petrified the entire time. it is probably better to start when they are still babies. now we have to try every year and hope that his fear goes away.

Lauren Dias on

I enrolled my son Braeden in swim lessons last summer when he was 2 and he did great! He learned how to float and smim to me and the wall. I wish I would have started earlier so he would have been swimming earlier! I enrolled him again for this summer so I can’t wait. He loves the water! I wish you lots of luck with baby Mason! He is a beautiful boy!

Stacy on

There is a BIG difference between swimming lessons, Mommy and me classes, and aquatic survival skill lessons. Unfortunately no body regulates who teaches these lessons. The water is a fun BUT DANGEROUS environment for children. Mommy and me classes are great at getting children comfortable in the water… so comfortable that they have NO FEAR, but if they go in without the assistance of an adult or floatation devices they are facing an almost certain death. PLEASE visit http://www.infantswim.com for more information on getting your son into survival skill lessons with a program that has a 100% safety record. Don’t trust your baby to just anyone!!!!

Lindsay on

Three letters…ISR!! It’s the only way to go in my opinion! Started my daughter at 8 months…she swims like a fish now. Best part is that the whole philosophy is about water safety and self-rescue!!!

Anne on

I started my little boy in swim lessons when he was 7 months old. He loved it and it was great for me too because I learned how to hold him in the water, help him learn and it was a great way for us to bond since he is a Daddy’s boy. He is 15 months now and still loves the water and is quite the little swimmer. I really recommend putting him in lessons, especially if he’s going to be around the water a lot.

Artemis on

I have bee teaching my own business of swimming lessons for 10 years now and it is very very important to get your children in the water as soon as possible, the earlier the better, they will confortable and won’t have a fear of the water and they will learn faster. I know some parents who even get their children in at a month old, which is great! Swimming is one of the reflexes children know how to do at birth, because while in the mother’s stomach they are surrounded by fluid so it is important to continue having them in that environment. 6 months is a great age to start. I have taught many 6 month olds, teaching them how to hold their breath, close their eyes, and float on their back, which is crucial for safety purposes. If you continue teaching them how to swim they will be able to swim at a very young age. The youngest child i had swim (all of the strokes and a good distance) was 1 1/2, and I have many 2 and 3 year olds who could swim 4-6 laps of the pool and all of them know pool safety and how to react in certain situations.

Jess on


My personal opinion is to teach them as early as possible. If you start them with lessons early, the fear of water doesn’t really have time to develop. I waited to long with my son and we are still battling some fears about the water. He is getting more comfortable, but he still panics if he can’t touch. I want him to have confidence in the water, at all times. By starting Mason (such a handsome little thing!) early, he has more time to become a strong confident swimmer. Good luck & keep us posted!

P.S. I’m a huge fan of you, and your family! Keep the shows coming!

lilly on

INFANT SWIM RESOURCE IS THE BEST! http://www.infantswim.com

Stephanie on

Hi Kourtney,
For more than 40 years, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has been teaching children critical Self-Rescueโ„ข swimming skills — giving children the competence and confidence to safely enjoy the water. ISRโ€™s technique teaches babies from 6 months to 6 years of age how to save themselves if they were to end up in the water alone.

I am an Infant Swimming Resource Instructor here in Miami, and I’d definitely recommend enrolling Mason into ISR lessons. At 6 months he will learn the skills needed to survive in the water in the case of an emergency with his Roll-Back to float, while at the same time enjoy being in and around the water. ISR has safely delivered over 7 million lessons teaching water Self-Rescue skills to more than 200,000 infants and toddlers and has educated parents and medical experts nationwide on water safety techniques and proven instruction methods. To date, ISR has 790 documented cases of children using ISR techniques to save themselves from drowning.

For more info check out our national website: http://www.infantswim.com

Or you can contact me for more information as well: s.moore@infantswim.com

Good Luck and Happy Swimming (hopefully with ISR) ๐Ÿ™‚

heather on

I agree the earlier the better! I waited until my first son was 4 and he HATED it,lol…but with the second one I started him under 1 yr. old and he did fantastic. btw…Mason is ADORABLE!

Amy on

The best thing I ever did for my kids was enroll them in the Infant swim Resource, which they teach babies as young as 6 months to float on their back until help arrives and after around a year they teach them to alternate swimming and floating until they can reach some help themselves (the side of the pool or stairs). I have 3 children 3-1/2, 2 and 6 months. We started the oldest two at the same time; one at 2-1/2 and he learned the swim float and the second one at 14 months and she just learned float. This year they had refresher courses and the second also learned the swim float. I am about to start my third one as soon as she can sit up on her own. This summer swimming with them is wonderful. This class doesn’t focus on technique or swimming, just survival. It gives them confidence to get in the water knowing they can save themselves and they try new things because they know they can survive and not because they know which strokes it takes to swim. Over the winter my then 1-1/2 year old was accidentaly knocked in the pool at a party and everyone around us freaked out while she just rolled over and floated and waited for us to grab her out. No tears or gagging. This was our proof and we appreciate the ISR program more than we could ever express on paper. We would have enrolled ours at an earlier age had we known about it sooner. I think Dr Barnett is a genius for putting so much research into this and unlocking the keys to what our children are capable of at such a young age. The bottom line is keeping them safe and adding this extra layer of protection on top of keeping your eyes on them at all times could mean the difference between life and death. Teach them to survive in the water and the rest will follow.

Brandi Lopez on

I took my now 6 year old for lessons when he was 6 months and he loved it. They say that they are mostly just getting used to the water and learning to kick. I now have a 6 month old who was born December 17, 2009 and he is already swimming back and forth to dad and I. Swim lessons are great at this age but you can do the exact same stuff with Mason they teach you in the classes. We try to have him in the pool at least once a day and tell him to kick kick kick, and he really is getting the hang of it. Whatever you choose to do you are a great mom and will make the best decisions for baby Mason.

Renee on

Do it! My mom had me in baby and parent swim lessons at 4 or 5 months. I have been a fish ever since. Start him young and he should always enjoy the pool.

TamIAm on

The only caution I ever received when I mentioned I wanted to start my nine-month old in swimming lessons is that doing it at such a young age can remove the fear from a child so that they are less cautious around water and may gravitate more towards it, which can result in dangerous situations. That being said, anytime kids are around any type of water, they should be under constant supervision and that includes the bath tub. As long as swimming lessons are seen as a substitute for vigilant supervision, I think it’s a great idea.

Robyn on

Survival lessons are a great idea for Mason at his age! Having taught swim lessons to many children, he is definitely at the age where he can be made more comfortable with the water and taught to turn over on his back and float if god forbid something were to happen and he were to fall in. That said, once he is comfortable with the water, you have to have your eyes and ears on him constantly, especially when he starts crawling and walking. Once he learns to love the pool, he won’t be afraid of it and accidents can happen. So keep a close eye on him and keep a gate up around the pool. That said, usually kids need to be about 2 or 2.5 years before they have the strength and coordination to learn to really “swim.” So start with some baby survial now and by the end of next summer 2011 or spring 2012, he should be ready for some full on lessons!

AKN on

My parents started swimming lessons when I was very young. I started a preschool program at the YMCA when I was a year old and swimming was a part of the program. I loved it and swam year round competitively until my senior year of high school. If he loves the water I would start him with swim lessons early.

Jennifer on

Hi Kourtney,
My daughter just turned 1! We have been taking “Mommy and me” swim classes since she was 6 months old. It is a lot of fun! She loves the water and enjoys the splashing and moving to the music! She has already learned to sit on the edge of the pool and fall into my arms!
I would recommend taking a class with baby Mason!
Take care,

Pam on

Mommy (or Daddy) and Me swim class – great way to introduce baby to water and enjoy some play time. And the instructors provide tips on how to comfortably acclimate your baby to different water activities – like blowing gently on his face, then tipping him back underwater and bringing him right back out. Blowing in the face causes him to inhale, so he is exhaling when he goes under water and doesn’t breath water in. It totally works, and now my son can swim and dive and jump into the water without holding his nose because he automatically exhales when under water. Also get that important skin on skin contact that is so important since you are both in your bathing suits.

JMO on

Most definately!

I grew up with a pool my entire life. My brother and I knew how to swim by the time we were 3 years old. My nephew has been swimming, diving, and yes doing backflips off the dive and he just turned 5!! We believe if your going to be around pools that it is a MUST to start early with being comfortable and secure around water. As babies my mother would blow into our faces and dunk us under! We loved it so much.
For infants and toddlers at our local gym we run mommy and me classes where you get to swim and interact with your baby in a calm soothing environment. Most babies will learn to put their faces in the water and the toddlers learn to use movements such as kicking their feet or moving their arms to guide them in keeping themselves above the water!
The earlier the better! And remember if mama becomes too anxious and scared then usually so does the baby!

Anonymous on

I second what some others have said when they mention Infant Swim Resource. While it is time consuming and a hassle for both the child and parents (once a day for 10 mins each day, for 6 weeks), it is crazy the progress they make during this time. Go to youtube.com and google this – some parents have posted videos of their children rolling over onto their backs. It’s wonderful. It also teaches you that things that we may have grown up with (the arm floaties, for example) are really bad and can actually force a child to get stuck on their bellies with their faces in the water. It is good stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

Jenn on

We LOVED Infant Swim Resource. My son had his first lesson at 6 months. Now, at 2 1/2 he can swim all the way across our pool and float whenever he gets tired. Its incredible and he loves it. Why not give your child every tool that you can to keep him safe in the water? Especially if you will be in Florida where there is a pool/ocean/lake everywhere you turn.

Mandi on

I haven’t done any formal swimming lessons with my daughter. However, she was about 7-8 mos when we went into the pool for the first time. I would put her in a floaty & let her kick herself around the pool. She really enjoyed it. She’s 20 mos now & we still haven’t done any formal swimming lessons, but she prefers to move around the pool on her own. So I keep a life jacket on her & she know’s where the steps are to get out, or to hang along the side. I think next year, we’ll start teaching her without the life jacket. Right now, it’s just fun watching her do her own thing with the life jacket on.

Veronica on

I think it’s a fantastic idea and it’s definitely not too early. That’s one thing I wish I’d done when my two boys were babies. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Mary on

Aww, He is so cute!!

Ash on

Although it sounds like fun, you should probably do some research on how chlorine affects babies. I remember reading an article recently (in the NY Times, I think) that indicated that chlorine in swimming pools can be harmful to children under the age of two. It affects their ears, somehow. I’ve held off on letting my little girl take swimming lessons for that reason. I know we can’t put them in a bubble, but sometimes a little caution is sensible.

romy on

I already commented on the swim part, but I forgot to say that the picture is cute, and it looks like it could be Rob’s baby picture! rob must love that.

emilee on

I just signed my 6 month old up for swimming lessons, we start on monday. i’m so excited and i don’t want her to be afraid of the water. as long as i’m with her i think everything will be fine.

Jennifer on

I think its a great idea! I will be getting my youngest into it this summer as well. My oldest who is on his 3rd summer (2 1/2) has never had swimming lessons but acts like a fish in a little boy’s body. He’s basically taught himself to swim, with floaties of course. But I think the earlier the better, because after a couple years they also develop more fear as they learn about the world.

Ruben on

As a father of two girls ages 17 months and 4 years old living in South Florida I was immediately concerned about water safety. First of all there seems to be a body of water everywhere inside as well as outside; pools, canals, ocean, and things people don’t think about such as bathtubs,jacuzzis as well as buckets laying around at times.

As a local Fire-Rescue responder I have witnessed near and full drownings first hand over the years. Nothing hits home harder than seeing a family in unimaginable pain because a youngster wasn’t trained in water safety. Most people think that plain “swimming lessons” are the answer but few stop to realize what will happen if a child gets tired swimming. In my opinion being proactive with regards to your childs’ safety is much better than reactive should an unfortunate situation occur. Most families on scene of a tradgedy say that “I just turned my head for a second” and then bam, the child was in the water.

Upon abundant research(both locally and abroad) I discovered infantswim.com and was immediately touched watching videos of babies performing techniques that will enable them to maintain buoyancy that enables someone to successfully rescue them in time. My two daughters just finished the course here in Miami, FL. with Stephanie Moore and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The course makes sense and we are more at ease around the water wherever we may tend to be.

Nicole P. on

Absolutly! Especially if he likes the water. Beause once he starts crawling/walking he’ll just want to jump in! Lessons are a definite!

Anonymous on

I highly reccomend ISR lessons for little Mason. Infant Swimming Resource teaches self rescue survival lessons.

Nicky on

I just want to add to the chorus, in this day and age it’s best to teach the little ones about water safety as soon as it’s been cleared by the instructors and by the family doctor.

Mason’s a beautiful little boy but I can’t help but giggle at the picture today. He’s reminding me of Buddy from Cake Boss in it.

Genevieve Lindsay on

I love ISR (Infant swim resource) and recommend it most highly. My son graduated at 20 months. His graduation included swim, float, swim to the poolside completely clothed, diaper, jeans, windbreaker, shoes. Not many adults can do that. He is now 3 1/2 and he knows to swim and float when he gets tired. Not to panic and not to look for someone to rescue him. Find ISR on the web or on facebook

Nina on

Hi Kourtney, in answer to your question yes swimming lessons are ESSENTIAL for any child who will be around water. As a mother, swim lesson instructor, and former competitive swimmer I can promise you that swim lessons for Mason are not only crucial but so effective when you begin at a young age. I also read in your blog that children have a natural instinct to hold their breath when in water, this is very true but the exact opposite of what is taught at swimming lessons. At swimming lessons, the children are taught to blow bubbles in the water, not hold their breath. But the longer this habit of holding his breath develops the harder it will be to reverse it. Just one more tip, if you do decide to sign Mason up for swim lessons, which I VERY much encourage, be prepared for quite a bit of crying. After much experience as a swim lesson instructor, I have seen that children tend to play on their parents’ sympathy and put up quite a fuss. So I often recommend that parents watch from a distance. The children can still see mommy and daddy, but aren’t close enough to play the sympathy card. Hope this helps!


Tricia on

This is a super idea. My boys are 2 and 4 and started Infant Swim Resource (ISR) classes when they were each 18 months old, although I wish I had started them even earlier. ISR is a fantastic program and will teach both you and Mason so much. Now I am able to swim with both of them and my 2 year old is a fish! He loves to dive in and is so happy in the water and likes to show off. I encourage everyone to have their children take lessons. It is so important to teach the skill necessary to save their own life and also have fun.

Heather on

Currently have my 9-month old in survival swimming and it’s a must-have! My 3 1/2 year old has been doing it since that young as well and is a fish. She’s jumping off the diving board, swimming underwater and super confident when other kids her age and older are learning to blow bubbles with traditional lessons. Most importantly, she saved herself last year after just falling down in a baby pool. I just had my head turned for a second- you just never know what may happen and she has the skills to get air! It’s amazing. Check out http://www.infantswim.com.

helen on


please do not teach your son water is fun before he knows how to save himself!

Wendy on

It’s got to be fun with mom and Mason together in the water.
Avoid brutal survival backfloat programs that force the babies to float and swim.
I found this web site that teaches a positive fun approach in South Florida. http://www.babyswimming.com

Caroline J. on

I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old and put my boys through swim classes last year (when they were 1 & 3). My youngest also just took and finished a refresher course. They both are water babies and absolutely love to swim! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to have their babies take survival swim lessons (infantswim.com). I am so glad I did and love watching my boys so comfortable in the water! Good luck! Enjoy being a mom ๐Ÿ™‚

Rita on

Hi Kourtney,

You’ll probably notice a ton of people recommending Infant Survival Lessons. Just thought you should know its because the company’s media person sent out a notice asking parents to recommend it to you!

isela on

i have a 4yr old son but when he was 10 months we put a life jacket on him to swim and ever since then that is how he swim he gets out he jumps in the 6 feet he swims all alone with his lil life jacket its hard but they do learn to swim and my now that my son is 4 he does not like for us to hold him he does it all on his own

Yvette on

I think it’s a great idea! Both my boys had official lessons at 3 & 4yrs old. I was told my youngest Jacob would be a natural breast stroker because he didnt paddle his arms, they would naturally go wide. I started them in the summer league that year and by 8 & 9yrs old, Jake won first place in Breaststroke – was in top 5 almost every year in his age group/league. 1st time he won, came running to the bleachers to find me, and we both hugged & jumped up & down..sooo exciting! Josh has been on top at backstroke/butterfly. I also hope it will help with scholarships now that they’re in high school. They still love the water at 15 & 16yrs old! Single mom’s need all the help they can get… Anyway, good luck, God bless u & fam!

Holly on

Those eyes!!!!!!!

bex on

Here in Australia its really common to have your kids in swimming lessons before the age of one. I was in swimming lessons at a few months and I could swim un assisted before I could walk (at 15 months). My brother was the same, we are both strong swimmers and represented at a state level.

Its so important, especially here in Australia surrounded by water. The first thing the kids learn to do is if they fall in the pool to turn around and get back to the wall.

Both of my younger cousins have fallen into the pool and both have turned around and swam to the wall (whilst we watched). Their older friend has fallen in before and started lessons at 2 and she sank to the bottom and made no effort to get back up, if it wasn’t for us being there she would have drowned.

steph on

i learned how to swim @ 6 months and was jumping off a diving board @ 1 yr. mom said people would freak when i toddled up the diving board…lol. I never looked back. My kids learned how to swim at a young age also. Its a great thing!


Natalia on

The first time I saw this video on the web http://www.youtube.com/user/InfantSwimming#p/u/8/fwvv5IyPkXM
I was sure that it was something my daughter needed to learn. Being 10.000 km away from the closest Instructor it was a little complicated to get her into the program, so I finally became an Instructor myself and brought the program to Rosario, my city in Argentina.
Donโ€™t hesitate about ISR! Itโ€™s a give of a lifetime!

Jenna on

I’ve been teaching swim lessons for almost 10 years now. It’s never to early to start, and absolutely no harm. I will say, the later you start the more difficult it becomes (after a certain age). I would also consider looking into ISR. Teaches kids to respect the water, it’s not all about having fun in the water, which can be dangerous as well (when kids believe water is all fun and games).

Susan on

Sign him up for swimming lessons early. I have three children and they all had swimming lessons before they went to school. They grew up loving the water, not being afraid of the water and having lots of fun in the water. I never worried when they were near a pool or lake or spent the night at a friend’s house who had a pool. The sooner the better!!

Natalie Lahnan on

Mason is an absolute doll! My son Anthony, 19 months old, currently takes ISR lessons with his instructor Fernanda. After seeing and hearing about ISR swimming survival lessons, I felt it would be a crazy if I didn’t enroll Anthony in swimming survival. Drowning is the #1 cause of death for kids his age in the state of Florida. It is a last line of defense, and I will surely take it.

He is doing amazing! It can be a little intense for Mommy, but that is to be expected. Anthony’s confidence and enjoyment in the water has sky-rocketed. It will truly warm your heart when you see how Mason can learn to help himself, and learn to respect the water. Good Luck.

Jordan on

hi Kourtney,

swimming lessons are so much fun for mum, bub and even for scott, it is a good bonding experience and you will both enjoy the time spent with Mason,

Not all baby’s like water to start off with so try and few lessons and them if he dosen’t like it or it’s not what you thought try again in another couple of months

Just do what is right for all of you.


Rayna Overmyer on

After two years of deliberating back and forth whether I could handle putting our son into Infant Swim Resource, I decided this summer was the best. We live in FL and obviously surrounded by water, as well as constantly at the water park. I knew as hard as it would be on me to watch, it would be harder if Alan ever fell into a body of water and couldn’t save himself. So with much research and talking with my friends I contacted Fernanda Whitney, our local ISR instructor, and I cannot begin to explain the relief I feel that if anything were to happen to our son in the water, Alan would be able to save himself. I highly recommend Infant Swim Resource. Good Luck!

Monica R. on

What a cutie, swim lessons are fine for babies. My 1 yr old just went through a program from http://www.infantaquatics.com , they have instructors throughout the US. I love them and they are so gentle not like others that force traumatize your child. There are a lot of programs that teach your baby to swim and back float. Pick the best for your little one and avoid the harsh ones. I found a lot of information about infant swimming at http://www.infantswimmingtruth.com

Monica on

I did swim lessons with my oldest daughter when she was 6 months old- and have a great picture of her underwater to prove it! It was fun for both of us and helped tremendously with bath time too- teaching her to hold her breath when we pour water over her head to wash her hair. I would definitely recommend it. If nothing else it’s a fun half hour with your baby in the pool.

Erica on

As a certified swim instructor myself, I think it is a great idea to start taking your son in the water! Since he is so little, I would not recommend any structured lessons. Children love the water ad they always have tons of fun-especially with their parents. I would start parnent and tot classes when he is around a year old. Getting him used to the water is the biggest challenge for a child this age. You are in no rush, he ha plenty of time to complete the levels in your swim program if he wishes to become a lifeguard himself!!!! Your son is adorable!! I love the clothes you dress him in- they are so cute!

Jen W. on

I took my now almost three year old to swimming lessons at the Y when she was eight months old and she did NOT like it! I think it was just too loud for her (indoor pool). Last summer she took lessons and loved them! It probably varies from child to child. I have another baby now, she will be six months old on Friday, and she is never so happy as she is when she’s in the bathtub, so she might love swimming lessons!

Becky on

You are obviously a GREAT mom! It’s so sad that you have to justify your every move (adding the fact that you use sunscreen, swim diaper, hat)…life in the public eye I guess! Your actions are speaking for themselves, we can see how much you care for and love Mason!

Do what you want in terms of swim lessons. I say if the both of you are willing and you enjoy it then “jump in”! Enjoy your trip ๐Ÿ™‚

Joanna on

Hi Kourtney,

I am from the UK and use a company called Waterbabies with my daughter. She has been ‘swimming’ since she was 6 weeks old and loves it. She did her first underwater swim at 6 weeks and although cried at first she now loves going underwater. She does what they call an release swim where i put her under the water and let go and she swims herself back up to the top (she is only 6 months old!).
Early swimming skills are a great thing for babies to learn and they pick them up really quickly…I would really recommend you taking Mason whilst he is still little.

Nicole on

Mason is such a little handsome baby. I think swim lessons are great it gets them use to the water and not to be afraid of it.I have my children(older) in swim lessons now and they love it just wish I would of done it earlier.I see to many young kids scared of the water and they are yelling as their mom is taking them in.Good luck I hope it all goes well for you!

Ali on

Aw, look at that chubby belly!!!

Traci on

I teach swimming lessons and I’ve got to say the kids love the classes with their parents. I’d suggest it again and again. When the kids become comfortable early it helps during their future lessons:) Kids love water.:) Good luck!:)

Silvia on

I think it’s ok as long as the baby enjoys being in the water. If he isn’t enjoying, then maybe you should think of postponing classes for when he’s a bit older. I hope he has fun in the pool!

Anniebananie on

I taught swim lessons for 10 years and always enjoyed the “Mommy and me” sessions most. It is a great opportunity for mommy and baby bonding in the pool and you’ll know he’s safe at all times in your arms. It is definitely best to start swimming when they’re young and can become familiar and comfortable in the water. The trick to teaching a baby to hold his breath underwater, is to blow gently in his face before quickly dipping his head in the water. A baby’s natural instinct is to hold his breath when he feels the blowing on their face and they will continue holding their breath while briefly underwater.
Good luck!

cheri on

Go for it! My daughter took lessons at 6 months and has loved the water ever since.She is now 3 and can swim like a fish. It’s a wonderful idea especially if you are near water alot. The first set of lessons are one on one/ mommy and me and then they progress to water readiness and more challenging lessons. If you have any concerns you should contact your local red cross association and they can tell you all you need to know. Best of luck.

Gayle Paaluhi on

A good friend of mine got her grandsons into the infant survival swim program ages 2, 1, 6mos at the time. The instructor came to the home. The program was really great that they continue to hold the class at my friends home to this day. One day there was an incident where the 2yr old rode his tricycle into the pool. As most parents would do, they panicked. But before they could reach the pool, the survival instincts kicked in for the 2yr old, did exactly what was taught to him and swam himself to the steps of the pool. My grandson enrolled into the next class given where I sat and watch the training in process. It’s 15 minutes a day for 6 weeks. I’ve seen many at 6 months old taking this course. As much as it is hard watching the children scream, kick and cry during the 15 minutes in the first couple of weeks, by the third week the children are doing what they were taught to do on their own. It’s all hands on training where the certified instructor is right at the child’s side. It’s the comfort knowing that at such a young age, if such an incident should arrive that as a parent your worries is cut into such a big percentage knowing your child has learned these survival skills. That 2 year old who is now 4 years old swims in the deep end on his own with the supervision of an adult. It is the best investment my daughter made for the welfare of her child.


Chrissy on

I think it’s a great idea for the swimming lessons! On a side note, your delivery seemed so easy! It looked as if you had no problems at all! What’s the secret?

Alaina on

I’m not a mother, but I am a swim lesson instructor for grades K-5. For some of the kids its the first time with out their parents and they don’t like the water–which makes it harder for the instructor. My advice to you would be to yes, start early, don’t show him all of your fears, explain as he is older what is and isn’t safe, etc. But do start early! Its not only better for him, but for you and the swim instructor.

Brie on

I think it is a great idea to start your baby swimming early. I have heard if you go to the baby swim classes it is easier if you put your baby in a baby wetsuit because they are not as slippery to hold on to and they stay warmer than a regular bathing suit or swim trunks.

ATX Mommy on

Man that baby looks like his uncle Robert. In turn looks exaclty like Grandma Kris. Those eyelashes are to die for. My little one has long lashes like his daddy and I know mommy is going to have girl trouble down the road. But for now he is my little “Papa”. It’s so wonderful!
God Bless.

Susan Lewis on

This little dude is going to be king of the beach one day, why not get him swimming right away! Darn it, he’s adorable!

Holly on

Part of the swimming lessons teaches the kids to be responsible are careful around water. My son started lessons at 6 months old. He turned 3 yesterday and can swim by himself. It is definitally important to start them young. Hope he enjoys it!

Susan on

I have three children all grown now. They started swimming lessons at age six months. My grandchildren also started at six months. Now all five can’t get enough of the water especially the ocean…Safety is a factor living in Florida.
Great idea!

Jennie on

We did the baby SURVIVAL SWIM classes for 2 yrs. if you have a pool or frequently around one I highly recommend it. It does work!! We went through Infant Aquatics.

Whitney on

Swimming lessons are a great bonding experience! Mason will have a healthy love for the water at an early age. I took swimming lessons as a toddler and fell in love with the water. You’re doing a good job taking care of his skin too. Mason is a very beautiful little man. Congratulations! His smile is so bright and sweet.

Denise on

My son is 13 months he loves the pool just like Mason… I’ve taken him to the pool since he was 3 weeks old he loves it!!!! I’m definitely going to start swimming lessons for him because its a great bonding time for the parents and child. My husband doesn’t know how to swim his steady learning…but its so much harder when you’re an adult. Definitely starting the kids off at an early age will be beneficial to you n your child. Many blessings to you and your fam xoxoxo!

Gwendolyn on


My parents started me in swimming (started out mommy & me) at 6 months old, at 2 I fell into a pool and nearly drown, the only reason I didn’t was becasue I could doggie paddle and I kept my self afloat until my dad could get to me, so yeah start them young. I ended up being a competitive swimmer and a life guard and my boys 6 & 2 are both in the water. I am a firm believer in getting them in young and keeping them in! Good for you so many parents don’t think about swimming lessons until kids are older. Good luck!

Nicole on

I got my son in the pool as soon as I was able to go in. He was a June baby so by August we were both in the pool. He didn’t like it because the water was cold. But he did enjoy looking at and feeling the water. My daughter was 9 months when she first got in and loved it immediately. She is now nearly three and practicing swimming without water wings. I have never taken either of them to formal swimming lessons but both are excellent swimmers because I get in with them and pushed them to learn to swim but I am never far enough away that I couldn’t swim or reach out to them in an emergency. My son has special needs and is very apprehensive to go in the water without water wings but he can swim without them if we can get them off. I am very much of the school of toss them in and let them swim but I am always in the water with them. Mason is at a great age for you two to get in the water and the more time you spend in it together getting him comfortable and letting him try them movement of swimming the better. A lot of it does have to do with personality. My favorite story about my kids is that when I was pregnant with my son and got in the pool I could feel him climb up as high in my belly as possible to avoid the water. When I was pregnant with my daughter and got in the pool she was ready to go and loved when I would swim. They both had their own pool personalities before the were even born. Good luck with your water baby! ๐Ÿ™‚

ashleigh on

my daughter Sienna began swimming lessons at six months. she naturally took to the water. she is four now and is like a little seal. she loves the water. i just had my second baby and i want to do the same for him when he is around six months old as well. swimming lessons are a great idea no matter what age. i think that the earlier you start them then, even though it is scary at the start, they become more condient and it will be easier for you when they are older to put floats on them and let them swim independently, with supervision of course.the mommy and me classes also made me feel a little more secure about my daughters safety. i felt that if i was in the water with her then she was more safe. now at her lessons she sits on the side of the pool of the instructor is with another child while i watch her.
swimming lessons are great. you can never start too early

Braden K. on

Kourtney-It is an EXCELLENT idea. I have taught all levels of swimming, including babies, for almost 10 years. The American Academy of Pediatrics just moved up their guidelines for swim lessons to as young as a year old. These “mommy and me” classes are very basic, and extremely well run. New studies have also shown that earning early can also have huge benefits on your child developmentally, as far as balance and grip strength are concerned. Keep in mind that 25% of the deaths in children aged 1-4 are caused by DROWNING! Incredible stat, get the kid in the water!!

Samantha on

I agree the best thing you can do is start early and teach your son to swim and as he gets older you can incorporate pool safety and rules. I taught my son to swim @ an early age and he is now 15 and a water bug!!! It can be scary because that is your lil man, but teaching him to swim is a good thing and you do not want him to be afraid of the water and then again not to comfortable to where he will wander to get in. Keep the pool safe and make it a fun thing! its good….

jo on

Girl, Had I known what I did 10 years ago I would have gone for swimming/water babies then. I say the earlier the better. I have regrets with not teaching my son sooner.

Allison on

I don’t recommend all those baby survival classes. At your son’s age, the best thing is a mom and me water class just to have fun and get him used to being in the pool. A child doesn’t really learn how to swim until age 4. And with a lot of those programs where they are constantly dunking the baby, can cause them to drink a lot and get water toxicity. A mom and me fun class in the pool, and formal lessons by age 4. My kids are enrolled at the local community pool this summer, lessons are free and so far so good, they are learning and loving it.

Deby on

Make sure you educate yourself before you signup for any program. Do you want to give your beautiful son Mason the skills to survive if he accidentally ends up in the water when you aren’t there? Mom and me classes teach children to love water but don’t give them the skills. To me that’s like teaching your child to ride a bike but not teaching them it’s dangerous in the street. Infant Swimming Resource is a program that has been teaching children not only how to swim but how to rescue themselves if they end up alone in the water. Over 180,000 children have benefited from this program. Of course there is nothing that replaces constant supervision of children of any age in or near the water.

Laurie on

Kourtney Take him to the swim classes. my daughter did with my grandson and he just loved them 12 years later the boy loves being around the water whether it be a pool in his back yard or the ocean. It also gives you some mommy and Mason time.

Kelli on

I highly encourage you to enroll your son into a Self-Rescue swim program as soon as he is mobile. At that point, he will be able to escape adult supervision and could find himself in a very dangerous aquatic situation.

Mommy and me classes only teach the child that “mommy” will be there to save them if they fall in the pool. What happens when mommy isn’t there? The unthinkable.

As for people saying that children can not learn these Self-Rescue skills, and that it is a waste of time and money, please go to http://www.infantswim.com and read the countless survival stories that parents have shared with the world, thanking ISR for saving their childโ€™s life. For over 40 years ISR has been teaching children 6 months to 6 years the skills necessary to be able to SAVE THEMSELVES if they were to fall into a pool, lake, or any other body of water.

The AAP changed their statement on swim lessons for children under the age of 4. They have recognized the FACT the children CAN be taught these skills. Formal stroke lessons are not recommended until children are around 4. There is a BIG difference between stroke, and survival lessons.

There is a lot of controversy over which program is the best out there. There are a lot of bitter, and competitive people out in the world that would love to ruin ISR’s impeccable reputation. All I can say is, those are the people that you want to stay away from. ISR is a family of 450 caring, and passionate instructors whose goal is to reach as many families as possible, and to educate communities before another child suffers this preventable tragedy. It’s not about competition. As an ISR Instructor myself, I have seen the good that comes from this program first hand. My niece is alive today because of it.

This is a very serious decision, one you shouldn’t take lightly. Do your research before you enroll Mason into ANY program. Whether you decide to go with ISR or not, make sure that he will be learning some kind of “survival” skill.

I hope this helps!

Anonymous on

I think it’s great to teach Mason how to swim early like now. My newphew loves the water, he has a pool and lives in West Palm and loves the beach water too. He is already taking swimming lessons and he’s 1 1/2 yrs. old.

I dont think it’s too early to start especially if he loves the water. There is def. a lot of caution taken when teaching a young baby how to swim but it will make him more used to it so when he gets bigger, he will already ease into the swimming.

Go for it!

M.M on

It seems you have more than enough advice. Folks really need something to do…(lol) How about changing that hat! it looks like a little girls hat, but he sure is cute in this picture.

Kuuipo on

My nephew started swim lessons when he was 6 months old and he has progressed really well. Both him and my niece are born fishes. I suggest the earlier the better. I am sure he will do great in swim lessons plus it is a great way for you and baby to bond more or even Scott and baby to bond more.

Ashley on

First I would love to say great job with Mason. He is adorable and handsome. I love watching you on tv and seeing you become a great mommy and reading your blogs. Working is hard when you have a little one, but you are doing great, always remember what works for you is what you need to do. And by the looks of things your are doing great!
I love your idea of starting the baby off with swimming lessons. I am on assignment in Belize and my two year old daughter Amayah loves the pool and beach. Problem is I am not the best swimmer and I am eager for her to learn how to swim asap!! I don’t want her to be like mommy and learn in high school and still suck when she is an adult!! I think it is a great idea to start him off early. I wish you the best of luck with this endeavor and keep us posted. I am sure you can find numerous places which offer this service. Let’s hope I am half as lucky in Belize.

Michele D. on

Beautiful Kourtney,
I taught my own baby to swim. We lived in Sherman Oaks, where I grew up. By the time she was nine months old she could swim the width of the pool underwater. We began by just going into the shallow end of the pool, baby in my arms, and we would go one, two, three, and submerge (dunk) together under the water’s surface, and then bounce right back up together. I was always holding her in my arms and she was facing me with her tiny arms around my neck. She learned to hold her breath this way, and each time we did this she would learn to hold it a little longer. Evenually I would sit her on the top step in the pool, I would back up only as far as the bottom step in the beginning, but standing on the floor of the pool. I would extend my arms to her, and she would fall into the water and kick her feet and move her little arms underwater until she reach me. At which time I would immediately scoop her up and we would bounce around together in the water. She loved it, and each time I would back up a little further and eventually she would sit on the edge of the pool and fall forward towards me, and move her arms and legs underwater until she reached me. There was never any pressure to push her, but was always right there waiting for her with my arms out. She just kept wanting to do it over and over, and each time learning how to hold her breath a little longer. She turned into a great swimmer, and always loved the water. I did it myself with her at the time, but I’m sure swimming instructors today do similar teaching. I just enjoyed spending a lot of time with her when she was a baby, and we both loved the water and being together, just the two of us with no distrations. I wish you all the joy and happiness with your precious little Mason. He is the spitting image of the Kardashian family (sorry Scott). Oh by the way, I knew your father a long time ago. I worked for a very close associate of his on the Sunset Strip years, and Robert Shapiro had just joined the firm after leaving the D.A.’s office. All my best wishes to you and your family, its not easy being in show business period, I know first hand.

Heather on

I think the swim lessons are a WONDERFUL idea! Especially being around pools! Children can get away from you and be in the pool before you know it and if he is taught and knows how to swim at least you will have a little bit of piece of mind of course still teaching him not to go to the pool alone is the best idea! But being an active Mom and taking this step I think you are doing such an EXCELLENT job with Mason he is so lucky to have you as a Mom!!

gb on

I’m a lifeguard and swim instructor, and firmly believe one of the best things you can do for your children is enroll them in water safety/swim programs at young ages. Ideally, around 6 months since they still have the reflex to hold their breath under water (which generally lasts until 9 months, but varies with every child). I have taught children who have started to swim as infants (below 10 months), toddlers (~4), and even as late as 8 or 9 and the ones that continually express the greatest comfort and skill were those that started out the youngest. If you are bringing your child into environments with pools, up at the cottage with lakes, or live by the coast it is so incredibly important to educate them about water safety. I teach a mommy/daddy and me class and the parents are always thrilled not only with seeing their children’s skills in the water, but the bonding time they have with them, and with the other parents. For more information, an excellent resource is waterbabies.co.uk. Some programs that are taught even have a photo shoot at the end of the session that gives you great memories to show your kids later in life!

Dianna Glantz on

I think it is a great idea to get Mason into swimming. My son is almost 6 months now and I am also looking into it. I have talked to several other moms that have their babies in a swimming group at Waterworks which is a great facility in Orange County and Los Angeles. I’m in Orange County so I will be joining the group there very soon, but they also have a facility in the Beverly Hills area Check out their website. http://www.waterworksswim.com.

They have “Parent and Me” Lessons for babies as young as 4 months which teaches the children about submersions, back floating, and movement in the water.

I’m sure Mason and you will enjoy it very much. Enjoy every moment….doesn’t it seem to just fly by? I can’t believe my little one is going to be 6 months in just 2 weeks! WOW!

D on

swim classes are great i have 2 grandchild they have problems with swimmer ear you might want to use ear plugs. good job kourtney love your show. bless you all.

Allie on

I think swin lessons are a great idea. I never had any at either a young age or when I got older and it sucks. I’m 18 years old and I still can’t swim well so getting Mason used to water now before he knows to be afraid of it, I think, is a great idea

ABB on

I taught swimming lessons in high school and I definitely recommend starting swimming lessons AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! The older the child is, the more likely they are to fear the water (common sense). The hardest swimmers to teach area adults because they KNOW the water can hurt you. If you can teach them to respect the water and how to swim early on, you will have far few worries around water with them.