Kara DioGuardi ‘Letting Nature Take Its Course’ When It Comes to Kids

07/06/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

Jason Merritt/Getty

Kara DioGuardi would like to become a mom — but isn’t rushing anything.

“I would love that,” the American Idol judge, 39, tells 104.3 myFM radio host Valentine about whether or not she wants to have kids. “If that happens, it’d be great. I’d be very excited, yeah! That would be so awesome.”

But DioGuardi, who just celebrated her one year wedding anniversary with hubby Mike McCuddy, says she’s not trying to force anything.

“[I’m letting] nature take its course, but we’ll see what happens,” she said. “I think [motherhood] would be really fun.”

— Dahvi Shira

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ben macken on

she will be a great mom

Emily on

She looks amazing for her age, not that 39 is old by any means, but she looks about 15 years younger than that! And not in an artificial way either!

Anonymous on

At 39 years old nature might just take it’s course in the “non-motherhood” direction. Unfortunately, at this age you have to take your fertility seriously and make a definite decision.

suzy diamond on

She better start now. The risk increases dramatically as far as birth defects if you have not had your first pregnancy by that age.

Sam on

My goodness people, so quick to start with the negative comments re: her age and fertility!! I mean like most women who start a family later in life she’s probably well aware of the risks and time it’ll take if it even happens. I think it’s refreshing that she didnt’ feel the pressure to respond and divulge all of her concerns…nature can take it’s course when a woman is 39 without intervention and yes, a healthy woman like Kara can have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Anything is possible, good or bad, for any woman re: fertility and pregnacy at any age…negative comments like “non-motherhood” direction are not necessary!

Shannon on

At 39 she better get serious, and get a clue- pregnant naturally at 39 doesn’t happen every day.

Jessie H on

I say let the woman be! She knows what needs to be done! She doesn’t have to sit there and state it EVERY time she’s asked that question, which is more times then we’ll ever know about! Seriously people, quit trying to be so negative!

DD on

Geez people, she JUST got married and it sounds like they are trying naturally. She’s just not going crazy with fertility treatments. Not everyone wants to do that. Plus, her mom died of ovarian cancer — I doubt she wants to take any drugs that would increase her risks. I agree with her approach.

amy on

i met her in LA once. my daughter was 8 months old and loved (still does) absolutely everybody (we’re working with her on the “stranger” thing but trying not to scare her, she’s 16 months now.) she kept squealing and kicking her feet in her stroller. kara looks down and said “uh, your thing just puked” i cleaned up my daughter (which it was only a little bit of spit-up). my husband asked if we could get a picture of the baby with her (even her just kneeling by the stroller) and she looks at him, looks at the baby and says “id rather not” and walks off. ugghhhh RUDE.

Betsy on

Maybe she is pursuing medical intervention, maybe not, and hey perhaps she doesn’t want children, but decided she needs to come up with some pat answer for people that ask such personal questions.

Janice on

I hope that any woman or man would not make the decision to become a parent because it would be “exciting” or “fun”. Parenthood is a tough road to hoe and should be entered into because of a well thought out commitment to the child not because a the experience will provide ‘excitement’ or ‘fun’. My response may sound harsh, but her quote didn’t sit quite right with me.

gia on

Who is to say she even wants them…give it a rest!

nicole on

I think it is INCREDIBLY rude for anyone to ask a woman if she wants to have children. It’s NONE of your business. LEt alone, the people who ask women, 39+ if they want to have kids. It’s really rude and insensitive.

georgi on

nature take its course/ at 39?
this means i’m not going to have any kids but that’s okay.

California Surfer on

I totally think Kara looks great – and she can come surfing with me anytime!

Anita on

The negativity here is unbelievable. I got married at 38. We only started trying when I was 41 and a month later I got pregnant. I know I’m one of the lucky ones, but there’s no reason to think everyone over 35 needs to seek fertility treatments. And she didn’t say she wants to be a mom because it’s “exciting”. She said she would be “excited” if it happened. Not many people when asked this (personal) question) say “yeah, I hear all the work that goes into it is great.” Read the story properly if you’re going to comment.

Nina on

I agree with other posters who have said that becoming a parent because it sounds like “fun” is a remarkably immature statement to make. What happens when it’s not “fun” anymore, Kara? What then? You need to grow the hell UP before you even THINK of becoming a mother. I would hope your husband is the mature one in your marriage, because it sure isn’t you.

DD on

I agree that the question itself is rude. As are many of the commenters here. Janice, that’s a pretty awful response. Lots of great parents think having kids is “exciting”. And, of course, it is!

Michelle on

I don’t think most people here are being rude by saying that at 39, it is very glib (to use Tom Cruise’s word! haha) to say you are “just letting nature take its course” with regard to motherhood. It might not be fair, but it is just a scientific fact that a woman’s fertility starts to decline in her early 30’s and declines even further after 35 and and again at 40. Trust me, I wish it weren’t so, but I am struggling with infertility at the same age as Kara after not meeting my husband until I was 36. With everything I have been through, I speak from authority, not just on wishful thinking. I have been trying since I was 36 to get pregnant, have done every test under the sun (my husband included) and there is nothing they can find “wrong” with either of us. The fact remains that I am 39 and who knows what the quality of my eggs are at this point. Do you think I want to be putting my body through hell with injections and spending thousands of dollars to try to have a family with the man I love? Kara has a lot of money and can afford to pursue fertility treatments to her heart’s content until she DOES becomes pregnant. I think she does a disservice to women out there by acting like she – and they – can put off starting a family and then just “let nature take its course”, and bam – they’ll get pregnant, no issues. For the majority of “older” women, it just isn’t that simple. I wish it were different more than anything, but it’s not. I think it’s time for well-known women out there to be honest. Just because they can spend countless thousands to achieve motherhood while pretending it was easy as pie, doesn’t mean that the majority of women out there can do the same.

Tara on

I don’t find anything wrong with what she said. I don’t know if she means what I do when I have said the above. What I mean is, if it happens naturally, than I will become a mom and if it doesn’t, than I won’t. Maybe this is how Kara feels. Motherhood does sound fun and exciting to me, too! And this doesn’t make me or Kara immature or unable to handle what may lie ahead.

Diane on

Come on people. She is just saying that so she and her husband don’t have to deal with the stress of everyone knowing they are trying!

Racha on

It’s not some random thing. “Nature” doesn’t determine if you have intercourse or not. And how often you have it, and when you have it. Nature might determine how many eggs are released and what happens to the sperm, but “nature” has nothing to do with those 19 kids that disgusting family has: it wasn’t “god’s plan” because god didn’t decide when they would copulate. It was entirely up to them.

Overpopulation isn’t fun. On the “other end” the babies become middle aged or elderly people with too few resources….

erilynne on

That’s good she isn’t rushing anything cause of her age, you don’t really want to rush pregnancy or motherhood just cause you want it. I hope she find a genuine guy to help her raise and have his own ‘fatherhood’ too :o)

I do agree though that it IS tougher the older you get. Yes, a lot of women have babies at her age and even well into their 40’s but you just don’t know with your body. Just cause a 43 year old woman had an easy pregnancy doesn’t mean you will.

All the best to her!

Emily on

Wow, some real bitterness on this one.
Janice & Nina- So, she’s a horrible person for suggesting parenthood would be “fun” and “exciting”? How HORRIBLE!!! She should be lynched! And when asked a pretty personal question in an interview, it’s very obvious she’s keeping things light. Did you think she should have gone into a somber speech about the trials and tribulations of parenthood woes? You both need to get a grip and maybe relax? Not flattering.

Rebecca on

Amy- If your ‘story’ is true, why would you want a picture of your baby with Kara when she had just called her a ‘thing’? Doesn’t add up.

Erika on

Seriously people? Give her a break…that is such an awkward question to answer. Especially for celebrities who will get criticized for no matter what they say. If you don’t want kids, you are criticized for ‘not liking kids’. If you do want them and you’re older, there is constant mention of fertility issues. Wanting more than one kid= polluting the planet. Wanting only one kid= a lonely only child. There will constantly be some criticism. Anyway…

Seriously though if she is trying with fertility treatments, do you think she wants everyone to know about it? It’s not something that should be made public. I really don’t even follow this woman, I’m not a fan but I get annoyed whenever I see posts like this.

And I totally agree with Rebecca’s post. Amy’s story seems a bit off.

Mary on

I also can´t find anything wrong with what she said. Honestly, what I read there is simply that they are trying naturally and if it happens, it does. I, for one, wouldn´t go down the fertility treatment route, just because I think it would be way too hard on my body and frustrating for me. But I don´t judge who chooses that path to parenthood. We all know what´s best for ourselves, right?

shidley on

I know many women who waited and successfully became preggers in their late 30s and well into their 40s. It does happen, they do have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. So there you go. Don’t be discouraged if you’re trying. And don’t let your age discourage you from achieving your dreams of having a family. It happens more often than you might think!

Lorus on

To me, the way she said things it sounds like maybe she is having trouble getting pregnant and isn’t ready to let the world know yet?

MiB on

Well, maybe she is actually OK with either outcome? That she’d be thrilled if she became pregnant, but that she wouldn’t be devastated if she didn’t? I know several women who have that attitude (it is usually behind the statements “we didn’t try for a baby” or “it was a nice surprise”), some have children, some don’t.

Patrice on

This is such a standard BS response! I understand if people want their privacy, but you are either using protection or you aren’t. “We aren’t trying to force it” doesn’t even make any sense.

Jacqui on

Thanks to those like Shidley with positive, forgiving and uplifting comments on this topic. Stress is an even bigger factor than age when it comes to fertility and those negative it-ain’t-gonna-happen comments are nothing but destructive and unhelpful.

Anna on

@Nina: I find it fun. There are obviously difficult moments but overall I would describe it as fun, interesting, exciting, and wonderful. Does that make me immature because I actually enjoy the experience and don’t find it boring drudgery? No, it does not.

Lauren on

“We aren’t trying to force it” doesn’t even make any sense.”

Um..yes, it does. Instead of injecting herself with IVF treatments and having sex like rabbits-trying to “force” a pregnancy out of stong desire-she and her husband are simply living their lives, including, I assume, having regular sex, and if they happen to get pregnant that way, they will welcome it. If not, that’s fine with them. Not that difficult to understand. I really shouldn’t be surprised by these comments anymore and yet I always am. It’s like a group of mother hens that don’t stop cackling.

Susan on

People, you seriously need to use your heads. Are you all a bunch of twelve year olds or something? She clearly is not rushing to have kids and doesn’t even confirm one way or the other if she’s trying or would try IVF or any other measures to have them. Stop assuming what you do not know. If she has some, great. If she doesn’t, great. Who cares either way? It only matters to her, not you. Grow up.

Jacqui on

The thing about motherhood is that it is a lot of things, fun being one of them. You pretty much run the entire range of emotions when you are a mother, often on a daily basis, especially if you are with your kids all day long. I don’t have nearly thick enough skin to be a celebrity. You make an innocent, off-handed comment or two and people tear you apart.

JMO on

Wow I can’t believe how many people up in this board have their thongs twisted! Yikes!!

Perhaps it’s not very common for women of her age to quickly get pregnant. And yes the risk for things to happen may increase. But give it a freakin rest! I feel like I’m reading the Charlize Theron threads all over again! Maybe this is Kara’s way of putting it nicely that motherhood isn’t for her and maybe it would be fun but who knows if it happens it happens. I am a nanny. I find kids to be EXTREMELY difficult to raise (and I’m not even with them in the nightime hours or weekends) but I also find them extremely fun! Is it wrong to say you want a kid because you think having one would be fun?? Guess what it’s hard but if you have kids and you can’t find time to have fun then you have your parenting skills all backwards!!
Kara if she wants a baby at 39 or 41 whatever, good for her! Who’s to say she hasn’t thought it out?! I know plenty of women who have had children naturally in their late 30’s and early 40’s w/ no complications whatsoever! So it’s nice for others to be concerned and tell her to hurry up but I think that’s not really your job now is it?!?!

gianna on

people lay off her, a lot of women say nature take it’s course when they are trying and it’s not happening, which I’m almost certain is the case with kara. I read 2-3 interviews over the summer where she said she was trying for a baby and hoping for one because she has a stepdaughter who she loves and would love a baby. I remember tiffani amber thiessen saying same thing about nature taking it’s course and people going crazy because she is 36. meanwhile after she got pregnant she admitted she was trying for quite a while and got poisened which made it longer for her and harder to convince. I’m sure kara will have a baby, most rich people have the money to get treatment which is why we see so many of them with 1 or 2 babies well into their 40’s.

Electra on

Gianna you’re 100% right! I remember that comment from Tiffani as well and several months later she was pregnant.