Attention Bargain Shoppers! Forever 21 Launches Maternity

07/05/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy of Forever 21

There’s so much gear to buy before baby arrives, there’s no reason to invest in maternity pieces you won’t wear longer than 10 months. That’s why we’re excited about the new mom-to-be collection at Forever 21 — and so should you!

It’s full of on-trend pieces in simple cuts (think: skinny blue jeans, easy knit tops, cropped leggings) that are $20 or less. Our favorites? The pretty Chiffon Flowered Tunic ($19.80) and the sleek, under-the-belly Skinny Maternity Jeans ($13.80). Talk about cheap mom-to-be chic!

Shop the full collection at

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Lauren on

I have mixed feelings about Forever 21. I feel like most of their clothes are crap that look cheap and/or will fall apart within a few wears. But I’ve also gotten some really unique, well-made things from them that are more than worth the low price tag. You have to dig a bit to find the god stuff with them, but it’s there. Will give this line a look!

KKS on

So I guess that this means that this will be the store that all the teen mommies will be flocking to?

Megan on

*chokes on soda laughing* So they’re changing their target market from teenage girls to pregnant adults ? Okay…

mina on

I can’t decide whether or not this is a good or bad thing. Fun, inexpensive maternity clothing is always needed. But this is a store marketed to teens.

Gabrielle on

This makes me so happy! When I do decide to have a baby, I will definitely be buying my maternity clothes from Forever 21 (although I’m far from 21)! 🙂

Cash, Cove & soon to be Capri's Mommy on

is that Cameron Richardson? she is gorgeous!

i agree with above about the clothes not withstanding wear and tear of everyday life, but also that you can find some great items! personally, i’m only in maternity clothes for a short period of time, so i see this as a great steal for the pricing. i would rather spend 300 bucks on a handbag or shoes that i know are going to last me a lot longer than those stretchy jeans and a flowing top.

Rachel on

Is Cameron Richardson expecting? Looks like maybe a September/October baby. I wonder why they haven’t been covering her pregnany on the blog. Congratulations Cameron!

sara on

i like the idea. i still shop at forever 21 and i’m 28. sometimes it’s hard to find stuff for my age group, but the prices on their tanks and tees can’t be beat. i see people of all ages shopping there 🙂

soph on

The model in the ad looks so familiar to me, I know I’ve seen her in movies before…anyone know what her name is?

nicole on

As a young (24) pregnant woman, I am so excited to actually have fun, cute, trendy, young clothing! Forever 21 will be getting my business!

katie on

I’m not a teen and I shop there — mostly for things like shirts/tops, but I still shop there and so do quite a few of my friends. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them adding a maternity line, from what I’ve seen here I like what I see.

Kat on

Well, I guess since I can’t swing a dead cat without seeing Bristol Palin on a magazine or on tv, a maternity clothing line marketed to teens shouldn’t be that surprising.

Pinkdancer on

Whoa, I didn’t even realize that was cameron richardson! I love her and I’m so excited for her! I wish we knew more about the pregnancy though.
Forever 21 can be cheap but they have a wide variety and I like that they are branching out and expanding more.


I’m 30 and I went to Forever 21 and bought a ton of stretchy tops, long tunics & leggings from there while I was pregnant this past winter. The only maternity pieces I bought were a coat & jeans from Motherhood. I’ve seen a wide variety of ages shop there, so I think overall the line will be worth checking out- I’m sure they won’t market the maternity wear to teens 🙂

Luna on

KKS: No not necessarily. It means trendy mothers who don’t want to break the bank when they’ll only need maternity clothes a couple months will shop there.

Electra on

Ladies they’re growing to extend their clientele, not gearing towards teen moms and btw I’ve seen women of all ages in their stores. They also created a plus size lineand a line for men available online.

Inge on

Here is Cameron in march..
So yeay, pretty pregnant

jessicad on

I’m 29 and I love this store! They opened one in my town about a year ago and I shop there a lot. I do have to dig to find things more appropriate for my age but I love it and they have great prices. I wish they had a maternity line when I was pregnant 3 years ago, maybe next time:)

This model looks like a girl who played in a episode of house recently, I think.

Sarah on

Jessicad, she has been in House. That is Cameron Richardson. She was also in Harper’s Island (I loved her in it!) and the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

She is pretty. I wish her pregnancy was covered here because I’d love to know how it is going and if she’s having a girl or a boy.

Anonymous on

Okay, Forever21 is already filthy rich…they DO NOT need to target a new demographic for goodness sake! They have more than a dozen sub labels, and their stores take up thousands of square footage at some malls.

They even have a children’s clothing line now. How does maternity and kids relate to all the other lines Forever21 has? So moms should look and feel like they’re 21 and so should their kids?

I think Target and other discount stores like Kohl’s is perfectly fine for those who want to shop for affordable maternity clothes. Every designer collection is age appropriate and unique enough to suit people’s tastes.

jessicad on

I see your point anonymous, but target and kohl’s aren’t really fashion forward for pregnant women. I ended up buying bigger sizes in regular clothes instead of maternity because I wanted to look cute when I was pregnant:) It seems like a ton of nice maternity lines have come out lately, which is good.

April on

Cute outfits. Too bad we don’t plan to add to our family…..

Anonymous on

Well, The Gap has great maternity clothes. I definitely there are options out there for stylish maternity clothes.

Danielle Friedland on

Tomorrow we’ll be reading about Rave Girl introducing their new breastfeeding bra line.

HeatherB on

When I was pregnant with my first (at age 24) I bought a few shirts/tunics from Forever21/Charlotte Russe. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a shirt that I was only going to wear for a few months. Now at 26, we are thinking of trying for baby number 2 in the next few months so I am looking forward to the maternity line for some trendy, inexpensive maternity clothes 🙂

Jeanine on

I am 26 and i dont see anything wrong in their new market strategy there is a lot of single moms in their mid 20s that purchase forever 21… i think their spectatives is to reach future consumers that no other store has ever done before. If you guys saw Kourtney Kardashian wore regular cloths and they look fantastic on her. Forever 21 is trying to incorpore that image of fun, loving, radiant young mothers to be in their cloths…. Goodos to them and to me that i get to wear them now…. yei!

LC on

I’m 37 and I shop there all the time, and when I get pregnant I’m totally going to shop there as well as the Gap. Their clothes are cute, and it does not look at all like they’re marketing to teenagers. Sheesh!

And, Danielle– if you wanted to voice your (very strong) opinions, why did you sell CBB? Maybe just take your millions and stick to your super judgmental Twitter stream, since you obviously know everything.

LisaL on

When forever 21 first came out years ago, I was hesitant to even walk into the store. My mindset was that they carry teenybopper-ish and cheaply made pieces. When you actually do dig into the store, you DO find awesome finds for a really good deal. i’m 30 and pregnant. I have to admit that some of their clothes are poorly made but it goes along with the price you pay. Especially with I being in school, wanting to look sexy and chic while being pregnant, and not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on maternity wear; I think it is AMAZING that forever21 is targeting us moms-to-be.

Mom of almost 5 on

Sorry Anonymous, but if you really think TARGET or GAP has fashion forward maternity wear, you’re a little offbeat there. I’m over 40, getting ready to have my 5th and I’ll DEFINITELY look there for a few things. Not everything in the store is made for 14 year olds and quite frankly, I don’t like looking like a school marm in maternity clothes. I don’t look my age, so I’ll be darned if I’m gonna dress like some old lady (or teenybopper). Since you only wear those clothes a few months, for the price, it’s worth it, rather than spending a fortune on those tents sold elsewhere.

Emmy on

To those of you saying this store is for “teens”….check out the name of the store. FOREVER 21. 21, which is not a “teen”. Supposed to invoke the feeling of forever being 21. So, as much as I’m sure teens shop there, the store was not intended for teens. Use your brain

HLO on

I think it is awesome!! By no means am I a “teen” anymore. *tear
I am an adult in my late 20’s that just has a sense of fashion, unlike some people.
Us poor moms that are trying to stay hip do not want to wear “maternity moomoos” as my husband calls it.
I think its great! Cant wait to shop!!