Zac Hanson, Wife Expecting Baby No. 2

07/02/2010 at 03:30 PM ET

Bryan Bedder/Getty

There’s another Hanson baby on the way!

Zac Hanson and his wife Kate are expecting their second child, and the rocker couldn’t be more thrilled, he tells PEOPLE.

“I am so excited about the new addition to our growing family and for the stories and inspiration this person will bring to the world,” says the drummer, 24 — one-third of the trio Hanson — who just released their latest album, Shout It Out.

“Life is so short,” he adds, “And there is nothing better than getting to share life with our children.”

The new arrival will join older brother John Ira Shepherd, 2, plus a clan of cousins: Zac’s brother Taylor has four kids with his wife NatalieEzra, 7½, Penelope, 5, River, 3½, and Viggo, 18 months — and brother Isaac and his wife Nikki have two sons — Everett, 3, and Monroe, 2.

In addition to a built-in playgroup, the new baby is also likely to have an early shot at stardom — two of the younger Hansons, Ezra and Penelope, appeared in the band’s new hit video for their single “Thinking ‘Bout Something.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Shannon on

I am so happy for them! Hopefully it’s a girl, Penny is the only one in a crew of boys!

Jaclyn on

I am so happy for Zac! All three of the brothers from Hanson are great fathers!! What a rockin’ family!

Raina on

I was just about to say the same thing! all those children and only one girl! Here’s hoping for a happy healthy pregnancy (and maybe another girl to balance the genders! lol)

Madi on

Congrats to Zac and his wife! Even though he’s young I think his upbringing has taught him the true meaning and importance of marriage and family. Although it would be nice to add another girl to the family, I pray for a healthy mom and baby.

Roberta on

I’m happy for them!

Anonymous on

the 12 year old inside me can’t help but be crushed that zac hanson is married to someone else and is having children with her lol

Kary on

Congrats to Zac and Kate. The new Hanson’s album, Shout It Out is amazing!

Teg'smommy on

It’s great to see that fame hasn’t ruined this family of boys who have clearly grown to be great men. I wish them all the best! Maybe we will all be lucky and a few of these children will be as musical as their fathers so we can have generations of great music and morals to share with the world.

Luna on

Wow those Hanson boys sure do have a lot of sons. Poor Penelope is the only one representing the females 🙂 I really like their music. Congratulations Zac, Kate, and John. And congratulations to Taylor, Natalie, Ezra, Penelope, River, Viggo, Isaac, Nikki, Everett, and Monroe. I wonder if they’re hoping for a girl.

Lacey on

So Bizarre! A few weeks ago, I wasn’t wondering when he was going to have another. Congratulations!

Ashley on

Congrats to Zac & his wife! It’s so crazy to me, still, how quickly the years went by. Just feels like yesterday I was 14 like Taylor, Ike 17, and Zac 11. They are amazing men & musicians, who have made one huge beautiful family. Keep on rockin’!

Jess on

Congrats to Zac and Kate (Course he let the cat out of the bag about a month ago lol). But for the love of all that is good and holy do not take baby name advise from your brothers.

Linda on

Congratulations, Zac and Kate!

Fredi on

That is so great. Congrats. If his wife is listening to the new album “shout it out”, the baby gonna be a happy, cheerful one. 😀

MomTo3BeautifulBoys on

It’s great to see “rockers” who are so devoted to their wives and kids. Congrats to Zac & Kate!

SB on

seriously- these Hansons are breeding machines!! Holy cow!

Maura on

Congratulations to the happy father and his wife. I love Hanson so much! Us Hanson fans knew there was something up when he was interviewed a few weeks ago and he said casually that he had TWO children. We were like, What???????

Katy on

Congratulations to Zac, Kate, and Shepherd! I met Zac last fall after an amazing Hanson show. He’s a great person and I’m sure he’s a great husband and father. Blessed be!

Aim on

Yay! I am hoping that this baby is a girl and that Ike and Nikki have a girl because only two girls, totally wouldn’t balance anything out! lol. I couldn’t be happier for them and they are in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy and healthy and happy beautiful baby!

PS the new album rocks!

Amy on

Ooh, congratulations, Zac and Kate! Another wonderful addition to such an amazing family…

I love their new album- I was a quite disappointed that Isaac doesn’t sing his own song, but oh well.

Alana on

Yay! Love them!

Jess on

Man those boys like to make babies!

Vincent on

Wow, I was just watching a video when Zac was 11, and now he’s a gonna be a dad for a 2nd time. I envy them so much, and love them more than anything. I am so proud of all the things they do in music and other wonderful things for people all around the world.

Love my Hansons!

Brigitte on

i’m so happy for Zac & Kate. Zac appears to be an amazing father. i’m hoping for a girl, too! poor little penny needs a girl to play with.

Helene on

Congrats! The kids are so lucky to have so many cousins so close in age.

Jess, I hope they take some advice from the brothers. I love some of the names they picked.

Amy on

You know ha I was thinking last week “It’s been a while since there was a Hanson addition!” For a while it felt like there was one per year. What blessings! I am so hoping for a girl for them, but health/happiness is all that matters.

Jamie on

Wow, such great news! I know there were rumors for a while, but it’s nice to see it confirmed. Hopefully, it’s a girl. Poor Penny is all alone. LOL

Sarah on

How great to grow up with lots of cousins at about the same age!! I never had that–all my cousins (except 1) are a lot older than me and lived 1000 miles away, so naturally I missed out. The Hanson’s all sound like solid family people; I think it’s wonderful. 🙂

Sarah M. on

I have 2 cousins with 7 kids between them, and only 1 girl. She’s the toughest of them all! I wonder if Penelope is the same way…

Great news for the entire family. And they all always have at least 1 playmate close in age to themselves. If not more!!!

Jacqueline on

Very exciting and also extremely amazed at the uplifting comments for the families! It’s wonderful to see others excited about Hanson still.

CelebBabyLover on

I hope for a little girl, too! 🙂

lena on

congrats!! I bet all the kids will have lots of fun together. For me personally they all had kids waaaay to young but it seems for them its the right thing so I’m glad.

robinepowell on

I was wondering when CBB would post this news, I read about a few days ago on TV Guide, lol! 😛

I bet Zac will have a boy, since boys are more common in his family, at least for two generations. 😉

Congratulations to them both. 🙂

sky on

Gee, seems to me that all those brothers do is make babies, lol!
Congrats anyway! Another “mmmbop” on the way!

Claudia on

These Hansons have too many kids at a much too young age to be fathers (especially Taylor and Zac!). I think there is a time for everything but they rushed things a bit.

gurlee on

Congrats zac and kate!!! I am so happy for you!!! I wish a healthy bouncing baby!!!

gurlee on

Soooo happy for you guys!!! I wish you a healthy bouncing baby!!!!

mrscabrera on

They may be young fathers, but at least they are married and are forming a loving structure for their families. Congratulations to them all.

Rachel on

Claudia – I’d like to say that I don’t think they’ve rushed anything with their families. They started the band as young kids and grew up working, putting on shows, forming a record company on their own, so they grew up and matured very quickly. That may be your opinion, and that’s ok! But from where these guys are in their lives, I think they’re doing just fine forming their families responsibly whether they’re young or not. Honestly, I don’t think 24, 27 and 29 isn’t too young to have a family.

Jamie on

Completely agreed, Rachel. I think it’s really a matter of perspective and opinion, whether it’s ‘too young’ for them to be fathers. It might be too young for one person, but for them, it might have been at the right time in their lives. Everybody’s different.

Electra on

22 seems a little young to be starting a family to me, but to each his own. Out of curiosity are the Hanson’s religious?

Maura on

Hanson worship in the Eastern Orthodox faith.

JessicaC on

I always think people who say you’re too young to have babies around 23-24 are people who are just too immature anyway. Im 24, hubby’s 25 an engineer, 2 kids, and we own our own house, and thinking about adding a third munchkin…maybe people think we’re too young, but as far as I see, we’ve got it together better and are more mature than some 35 year olds I know. I always find it extremely rude when someone comments on my age like my life is over because im married with kids at 24.

Holiday on

Congrats to him! And I dont agree that 24 is too young to have kids. I am 24 with a 2 year old girl and 8 week old girl and never once have I been too young or immature to handle it.

Shannon on

They are not too young to be parents. I am 26 and I’ve been married for 4 years and with two kids and they both came at the right time in my life. Maturity, responsibility and willingness make for good parents, not your age. Some people aren’t ready to be parents at 30 or even 40. To each their own. Clearly this child, as well as all the Hanson kiddos, are wanted and welcomed into loving homes! And as far as religion goes, what does that matter?

Dave on

Congrats to Zachary and Kate! I hope it’ll be a girl!

Sydney on

Shannon- I believe the religion question would be to help understand why the Hanson brothers made the choices they have. Do they not believe in contraception for example? Or no sex before marriage? If so then this could explain why they are so young with such large families. If they aren’t particularly religious then they have made these choices without a religious influence. Nobody said it ‘mattered’ if they were or weren’t – just that they were curious!

Becca on

What better guys to be parents than Hanson, though. I’ve met them plenty of times and can’t say enough great things about how sweet and grounded they are. They grew up in a very tight family themselves, and clearly God, marriage children and music are the backbone of their happiness and I think that’s awesome.

Linda on

I am so happy for Zac and Kate!! I hope they have a healthy pregnancy, labor and baby!

I don’t see why some of you think he is sooo young to be having #2. I welcomed my 2nd child at 24. He’s married. He’s established in a career he loves and is able to support a family. What part of this situation makes having another child so odd?

Sydney – I think the guys have been clear that they have faith in a God. Considering, among other things, they celebrate Christmas, I would assume they are Christians. The devotion to their faith and how active of a role it plays in their lives is hard to say. They are really mellow about how they publicly express it since they don’t want to alienate anybody in their fan base.

But to answer one of your questions regarding no sex before marriage, some simple math could answer that:
Taylor’s first child was born on 10/31/02, 5 months after he and his wife, Natalie, tied the knot on 6/8/02.
Isaac’s first child was born 4/3/07, 6 months after he and his wife, Nikki, got married on 9/30/06.
So clearly, for at least two thirds of the band, sex happened before marriage.

Shannon on

Well said Linda. We do know that Natalie and Nikki were pregnant when they got married and I do believe on the Howard Stern Show Zac mentioned that they waited til they were married. Either way I still think what religion they are doesn’t matter. We don’t need to know how their kids were conceived, purposely or otherwise. Its not our business. When it comes down to it, we are just fans, we don’t know them personally.

Megan on

Congrats to Zac and Kate. I can say I was 24 when I had my daughter (my son came first at 19) and I don’t believe he is too young for a 2nd child. It’s not for us to decide if he is or isn’t anyway. That up to him and Kate and they obviously think they are ready for a second one. I give them my wishes for a good pregnancy and a healthy happy baby.

erilynne on

I believe whenever you are ready for a baby and are in a stable environment i say go for it! There is no ‘right’ age really to have a baby, people just judge on what they THINK is the right age. Like someone said, sometimes people aren’t even ready at 30 or even 40!

Congratulations to the couple! I hope it’s a girl! those Hanson brothers have so many boys, it’s like my family…always a boy never a girl! Lol

KittyQ on

Everytime I read this story, I get so excited for Zac, Kate and Baby Shep. Siblings are always nice to have around. Plus All those little cousins to play with as well. I love Zac, Taylor, Isaac, For everything that they do musically and also for the many Walks that they Campaign for. They are so sweet. Glad that Fame has not changed their values. They are real people with really big hearts. So Congratts Goes to Zac & Kate. Blessings and Love,

Cassandra on

When I was younger I would have been crushed by this lol but I couldn’t be happier for him and his growing family! Just seen them live last night and couldn’t help but to think about how I grew up with their music (I was 8 when I first heard them and I’m 21 now).

Congrats to Zac and Kate! I’m praying for a happy, healthy Hanson baby! Wonder who’s going to have the next baby, Taylor and Natalie or Isaac and Nikki? Lol guess we will have to wait and find out!

D on

Honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled for them. I don’t have kids and I am not married. All the same the only person who can decided if it is the right time is the people who are having the baby. Who are we to say yes you can or no you can’t. It is their kid their choice. I am really excited for Zac and Kate and wish them the best for them and their family and for Ike and Tay and their familes. I also hope it’s a girl but having boy cousins isn’t so bad Penny may turn out to be a tomboy. Besides if I know girls and I do being one she is going to be one tough girl with all those boys around!

jf on

Some people think the boys were a bit on the young side to be starting families, and you know what? Those saying this are ENTITLED to. They are entitled to it despite the defensive protestations that they shouldn’t be, or that they’re wrong. Which they aren’t necessarily, and none of you have proven otherwise.Taylor Hanson was barely 18 when he got married, for pete’s sake. EIGHTEEN.

Please stop being so embarrassingly fangirl, and using short-sighted arguments such as “it worked for me, “coz I was 2_ when I was first knocked up!”. Suurre, so THAT’s the reason no one should question all three of these boys doing something that otherwise, has become increasingly less common and necessary in today’s world? Who was talking about you anyway? Maybe it really has “worked out” for you, so far (most of you sound to still be in your 20s), but that doesn’t preclude that you too, couldn’t have waited. Doesn’t guarantee you or the Hanson boys won’t regret anything down the line.

For the record, age DOES matter when it comes to emotional maturity. Not everyone is ready for things at the same ages, but there’s a MUCH safer bet that the earlier you are into adulthood, the less likely you are prepared for the big, life changing responsibilities. After all, you are closer to your CHILDHOOD, you have less life experience. Is that so hard to understand? I mean why do people like you think that becoming an adult means HAVING to prioritize this, anyway? People used to start families younger, because they lived shorter lives and had to mature faster. They did mature faster. Teenagers then were not what teenagers are now, they were not “kids”.

The world has changed since then in so many ways. Getting to wait longer, and see out other options before settling down is a PRIVILEGE we have been afforded through our progression as a species and world. People had to start families at 14-15 at one point in time, and we evolved from that and are continuing to evolve. Not to mention, population counts were shorter back in the older days. Is this type of breeding really necessary anymore?
PS: Having a baby or husband/wife is not proof that you’re mature. It’s proof that you’re able spread your legs.
PPS: You can only be so mature if you don’t understand the concept of BIRTH CONTROL.

jf on

A few people think the boys were a bit on the young side to be starting families, and you know what? They are ENTITLED to think that, despite defensive protestations that they shouldn’t be, or that they’re wrong. Which none of you can prove is so.

Please spare us the short-sighted arguments such as “it worked for me, “coz I was 2_ when I was first knocked up!”. Oh, so THAT’s the reason no one should question these three boys doing something that otherwise, has become increasingly less common and necessary in the western world? Maybe it really has “worked out” for you, so far (since you all sound to still be in your 20s), but that doesn’t preclude that you too, couldn’t have waited, or won’t regret anything later.

For the record, age DOES matter when it comes to emotional maturity. Not everyone is ready for things at the same ages, but there’s a MUCH safer bet that the earlier you are into adulthood, the less likely you are prepared for the big, life changing responsibilities. You are closer to your childhood, after all. I mean why do people like you think that becoming an adult means HAVING to prioritize this, anyway?

The world has changed since since the days when everyone had to start families early in life. Getting to wait longer is a privilege we have now. We have been afforded it through our progression as a species and a world. We evolved from having to start families at 14-15, and we will continue to evolve. For how much longer will this type of breeding be necessary, do you think?
PPS: You can only be so mature if you don’t understand the concept of BIRTH CONTROL.