Spotted: David Beckham and Brooklyn Touch Down

07/02/2010 at 01:00 PM ET


The World Cup is so last week for David Beckham. Next stop? Wimbledon!

With his son Brooklyn Joseph, 11, by his side, the clothing-coordinated duo arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport Friday en route to the courts.

Also in their native U.K.? Wife Victoria Beckham, who struck a pose at a Vogue/Range Rover event.

The couple are also parents to sons Romeo James, 7½, and Cruz David, 5.

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Electra on

One thing I noticed about the Beckham,they’re always holding hands. Even the oldest one. I think thats very telling! It seems like they’re a really great close family. Though i just noticed becks looks kinda silly with a cardigan on and a sweater on his waist!

Anonymous on

they are such a sweet family, not to mention STUNNING. and electra, guys aren’t really too concerned about wearing sweaters around their waists. lol. becks has an amazing fashion sense but at the end of the day, he’s just a regular guy…and regular guys go for comfort, instead of having to carry the sweater.

tiffany on

Oh, there’s a kid in that pic? Becks is so gorgeous I hardly noticed ;). That man would look fine as hell even wearing a Hefty bag!

MaryAnne on

Awww. that is a great pic. My 6 year old will not hold my hand anymore! 😦

Kay on

I agree Electra, it’s so nice to see this family always holding hands. I love it! I hope my son still wants to hold my hand when he’s 11!

Viv on

They really are a close-knit family. They were watching the Murray-Nadal match earlier today, which was broadcast on British television, and the cameras caught a lovely shot of David stroking Brooklyn’s hair affectionately for around 7 seconds, before Brooklyn slapped his hand away, lol! Lovely family, and what a lovely dad David is.

romy on

I never would have held hands with my parents at that age. It’s sweet, but I wonder if they make them for photos?

Lacey on

They do seem to be a close family and David and Victoria seem to have a good marriage as well.

Kresta on

Romy, if an eleven-year-old doesn’t want to hold your hand there is no way you can make them, especially in public.

Jackie on

Make them?! For photos? Are you kidding? I hope so, because that’s ridiculous.

Jne on

The Beckhams used to annoy me, but nowadays I really admire David and Victoria. They seem to be productive, nice adults with really nice kids, and they all seem close to each other.

Kelpy on

Lovely photo of father and son – they look very casual and down to earth.
Not at all like when Mum Victoria is photographed with them; wearing those killer heels, the boys always seem to be trying to hold her steady and upright!

Helene on

David couldn’t look silly regardless of what he was wearing.

In regards to holding hands, the child is 11. If he is holding hands because he wants to then that is adorable. If he is holding hands because his dad wants him to because they are celebrities and in public and paps are everywhere than that makes sense.

hayley on

awwwwwwww xxx well i think he will be one good looking young man!
i love the fact they hold hands but mind you if i was surrounded by photgs i would might feel like holding dads hand too……..

a lovely family xxxxxx

Nina on

Awww,this photo melts my heart.David looks so protective of his son.I think the Beckhams hold their kids hands to reassure and protect them when all the crazy papperazzi come a calling.

Jennifer on

Have any of you people that are whining about the hand holding seen how BAD the paparazzi are around this family? Just walking through the airport, this family has AT LEAST 100 people photographing them. I would hold my child’s hand through a crowd of that many…let alone it’s a group crowding them with flashing bulbs and following them only a few feet away. Plus, it seems as if they’re an affectionate family. Even if your child is 40, you can show affection in some sort of way. The kid would take his hand back if he wanted…it’s not like his father would make a scene to take the hand back in the middle of the paps. You people just whine about everything!

Julie on

I hope my sons will still hold my hand as they get older.
In certain large crowd situations, even 11 year olds can get lost or overwhelmed. I can only imagine how it is for them with paparazzi following them since birth.

erilynne on

I don’t think they made him hold his father’s hand either. They just seem to be a close family. It seems very protective and rightfully so, that is good! You never know what will happen even at 11 years old with parents as famous David & Victoria.

I hate the judge of stuff once kids are at a age where people wonder about things they still do.