Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank Keeps Me Busy!

07/02/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Justin Stephens

As first-time parents, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett have front row seats to the greatest gift of all: watching their son Hank Randall IV grow up.

“It’s amazing … because we created life and now we get to see all the stages of life,” the Kendra star, 25, raves to PEOPLE.

“It’s the most amazing, magical thing you could ever go through … seeing life start and then seeing every stage.”

And although that little life is only 6½-months-old, baby Hank is already creating quite the commotion — and keeping the new mother constantly on her toes — in the Wilkinson-Baskett household!

“He has so much energy, he is ready to get up and go,” Wilkinson shares. “Man, I know I have a lot of work ahead of me because he is one energized kid, let me tell you that!”

That said, Wilkinson is embracing life with her baby boy as she continues to celebrate her “Christmas gift times a million.”

“When I wake up I just have to run to wherever he is and just hug him and kiss him and squeeze him because it’s a dream come true to me that … I have a son now,” she says. “It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

Justin Stephens

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Luna on

Little Hank is such a cutie! When he was first born, I thought he was identical to his father. But now I’m seeing more Kendra coming through. I love his hair and I love how much his parents love him. 🙂

Alice on

They look so happy and cute! Baby Hank’s little poof of hair is adorable!
I love Kendra’s outfit! Any ideas where it’s from?

Brooke on

He is such a doll!!!!

Anonymous on

baby hank is the cutest celebrity baby

Lacey on

He is adorable!!

ILuvPerfectParents on

Awwh he is an adorable little boy.

Bancie1031 on

Little Hank is such a cutie!!! I love these pictures …. my favorite is the family picture ….. This is such a beautiful family 😀

Hill on

I never comment but I couldn’t resist because he’s such an adorable bundle of cuteness!

Sarah on

he’s sooooo cute but look who he has for parents!!

Someone You Already Know on

Geez, that’s one cute baby!

jordan on

AWWWWWWEEEE was first thing that came out of my mouth. He is so yummy…such cutie pie

Liliana on

That little boy is one of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen.

glee fan 8 on

when Hank Randall IV was born i thought he looked a lot like his dad but now he is looking so much more like kendra. his small amount of hair is adorable. the family picture is great too.

Haleiwa on

He’s quite handsome and has a really good split of both parents’ features.

Anonymous on

Krishna Lakshmi meet your future husband.

Marina on

I love the dress she is wearing, and that is a cute baby!

Julie on

I love this family! Kendra and Hank look like such loving parents and Little Hank is so freaking cute! I wish them all the best.

Sadie on

What a cutie pie! Kendra if you read this, know that you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

Amy on

He is so, so, so cute! The Basketts are such a sweet, adorable family. Kendra and Hank are awesome parents!

Meghan on

I saw these pictures in people magazine today and couldn’t stop staring at that little cutie. All I kept saying is AWWWW. He is absolutely adorable and is going to grow up to be one handsome little boy. You can’t tell in these pictures, but in the magazine he has the most beautiful blue eyes. Gosh he is just too cute.

Kendra, you and Hank are doing an amazing job. You can tell by how happy Lil Hank is. I am so happy for you both and wish you two many blessings. I can’t wait for your new season so I can see some more of this little stud muffin. 🙂

Sophia on

Wow, little Hank is such a stunning baby! Hands down cutest celebrity kid, I think! There seems to be a lot of love in their family which is gorgeous to see 🙂

Silvia on

What a cutie! Congratulations Kendra and Hank!

Motherless Hula Girl on

This little pumpkin is by far 1 of the cutest celebrity babies around. I’m so happy for Kendra and her happiness with being a mom and wife. WAY TO GO GIRL! She’s definitely and ALL-STAR mom!

Christina on

Little Hank is so precious! I think he looks like Hank and Kendra. Adorable!! 🙂

Jennie on

I would never put him down, such a chubby bundle of Joy!!!

Tammy on

That little guy has been beautiful since the day he was born and he continues to get more beautiful. He is such a lucky boy and I don’t mean because his parents are wealthy. He’s lucky because he has such loving, caring parents. I can’t get enough of this family. I love them all.

Shirley on

What a beautiful, happy baby and a happy family!!! Kendra and Hank are very lucky for what they have.

Robyn on

That is the cutest baby ever….besides mine of course! 🙂

Christina on

What a beautiful family!!! He is so adorable.

nana on

I like Kendra…I think she is devoted to her family and nobody should judge her by her past…Good luck to them!

LJ on

That is by far the cutest baby I have ever seen . Mom and Dad look over-joyed with their little bundle of love. I am so happy for them all.

Lola on

That is such a cute baby. His father is a handsome man so its no wonder. I am not a fan of Kendra but i am impressed of how a good Mother she is and how much she has matured.

Christie on

Such a beautiful baby and family! Love them!!!

Stephanie on

He is way toooo cute!!! They are such a cute little family and look overjoyed with their little angel!

Sophie on

they seem like AMAZING parents. i love Kendra and Hank. they are such sweet people. Kendra is freaking gorgeous. and nobody can deny that. Hank is an amazing person, and very good looking. i love em’ both. 🙂 and there baby, wow. what a blessing. sent from heaven. they should be so very proud for creating such an angel. there whole family are angels sent from above. i hope everything stays well. I LOVE YOU GUYS! stay strong. stay amazing. stay sweet. 🙂

Sophie from Texas 🙂

Monica on

What a gorgeous, happy HAPPY baby!! I hope they come up with a little girl eventually… Hank, the big one, looks so proud and happy too. They are an adorable family.

Angela on

Awwwww! What an adorable little bub! He is too precious! I love them 🙂

Jenn on

Cutie pie!!

Bobbie on

He is adorable!!

mommy of 2 girls on

little Hank is a cutie!!!

vetta on

Kendra, I love you and your family so much. please keep loving your husband and your lil boy. you guys are adorable. you are my Gemini sister.

Saber on

so cute lovely baby. 🙂

Lola Marie on

He is soooo adorable, I see his eyes got much lighter too!! What a complete doll, they make a gorgeous family, so happy for Kendra!!

Melissa on

He is a cutie pie! I am just happy for once she isn’t talking about her body, That’s all she seems to talk about thses days is her post- baby body. In every People magazine as of late I see at least one article about her body enough is enough!

Frieda on

Look at that little cutie smile 🙂

Lizz on

Hands down, Baby Hank is the cutest celebrity baby boy. He and Violet Affleck could star in smile commercials!!!!!!

nat on

OMG this story made me cry! Kendra and I were pregnant the same time, and I see my daughter growing up. I know what u mean girl!

cassie on

so adorable baby hank is such a doll!!! and they look like such a happy fam

Marie on

He’s adorable! I watch the show from time to time so I can say that baby Hank looks like his paternal grandmother. Regardless he’s going to be one handsome young man.

Joy on

It is wonderful to see Kendra is a ‘hands on’mom; not a celeb mom who hands her child to the nanny. Hank Sr. looks like a hands on dad, too. I love their show and can’t wait till it comes back on! This Sun. Kendra will be on “Holly’s World”, E! channel at 10:30 pm. Yea! Go, Kendra!!

joanie on

omg he is the cutest thng his hair is so curly and his eyes are so blue! perfect baby!

Happy Mom on

I am sorry but what’s up with the baby’s hair?????

lexi on

Omg!!! he is such an adorable baby boy.they made a beautiful baby that makes me want a little boy even more.I hope they create more pretty babies. what a nice family

carla on

Kendra seems like such a different person since vacating the “mansion”, being on her own, etc. She’s really matured & should be so proud. SHE’S SO BLESSED to have met HAnk, who appears to be such an understanding man. Proud of both of you, and BABY HANK is SO advanced for his age– standing, etc. What a wonderful thing!

Denise on

I am so happy for this family. I always loved Kendra. I think she really loves her husband and adores her son. I just pray God’s blessing on this marriage and that they may continue to be happy in the future.

Rye on

Cute baby. I don’t like her at all though. I dont think people should really pay attention to a girl who was one of 3 girlfriends to a 90 year old man and who exploited her body for money and fame.

Nesa on

He is so cute he is such a pretty baby……Im sure he is going to be a hansome boy like his dad. There just beautiful family Im a huge Kendra fan and now that she has her family Im a fan of them as well you could see honest true love trough her and her husband and that makes them more beautiful. I hope there together for ever and ever!!! Good luck to both of you!!!!!!!

vegasks on

I wish them much happiness!

Blake's Mommy on

I love this family, they remind me so much of my family. Out of all the celebrities I relate to Kendra the most. I has my son 8 1/2 months ago and I’ am still struggling with my weight and the motivation. I loved that Kendra shows everyone that just because you are a celebrity doesn’t mean you don’t have body and confidence issues!

Shaunie on

@ Happy Mom

With many babies, their hair doesn’t always grow in at the same rate all over. Not to mention that a lot of babies also lose patches of hair (especially in the back, from laying down). Which is probably why he has a tuft of curls on the top but not much hair on the rest of his head!

I think his little patch of curls is adorable!!!

Diane on

He is just a little doll baby! Congrats Kendra!!!

Pat on

Little Hank is super cute. He looks more like his mommy now. They are such adorable family. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I just read the article in it’s entirety, and found a quote from Kendra saying something that “Hank mentioned to me a few days ago, “How about baby number 2 this summer?” Then she goes on to say, “We’re planning on it!”. I thought she said she was going to wait until Hank IV was in school before having another baby?

Nothing wrong with her changing her mind, just curious as to what made her do it. 🙂

CTBmom on

He is most definitely a cutie-pie!!

romy on

she is one lucky girl to have met and married a good guy like Hank. I never would have pictured her life going this way, hopefully she stays on track. Cute boy, he does look like both parents now ratheer than just Hank

Megan on

Love them all! I, too, after having my son, was going to wait until he was in school to try for another one. But he’s 3 1/2 now and we’re trying already. Time is just going by so fast and I don’t want a huge age gap inbetween the kids so by the time I have one if I am able to get pregnant soon, they’ll be 4 years apart and that’s a perfect age gap to me since my sister and I are 4 years apart. I think she probably just realized how wonderful being a mother is and decided the more the merrier, and sooner!

Macy on


michelle on

Little Hank is sooo frickin CUTE!!! Kendra and Hank are the cutest couple in Hollywood!! They have the cutest family and they act like normal people. They are sooo BLESSED!! BEAUTIFUl Family, Kendra!! You guys are awesome!

Fan on

your baby is so cute..

Marla on

little hank is so freakin’ cute. seriously, adorable. i love reading about moms who are so smitten with their boys (i have 3). kendra looks fantastic and quite happy. congrats to her and her husband.

Fatima on

oh my God!!!!!!! lil hank is soooo adorable!!!

Kelsey. on

Baby Hank is one of the CUTEST baby’s in Hollywood!! He’s soo chubby and cute!! I just wanna squeeze him. Kendra is a FABULOUS mother and Hank is a WONDERFUL father and its so sweet too see a parents who are so in love with their child. You can really see the love they have for baby Hank. My favorite picture is the family picture!! 🙂

Anonymous on

I never wrote a comment either, but i must say kendra and hank your baby is so cute and handsome, he is the most beautiful celebrity baby ever

KJC on

Baby Hank is definitely a cutie pie.

Curious question as I don’t know anything about the family. …Little Hank is so light skinned – Is Hank Sr’s family also interracial?

KD on

OMG!! Babe hank is one of the cutiest babies ive ever seen he looks jus like his daddy i dnt blame kendra and hank for never wantin to leave his side, bt watch out this lil man is gana be a heart breaker all thm lil grls are gana be after him LOL! and kendra ur a wounderful wife and mother u hav a great husband dnt let nobody tell u different you go with ur bad self..u are indeed a M.I.L.F!

Mia on

He is a cutie + I am very happy for Kendra. Her husband is so in-love with her.

In answer to the poster’s question: Hank Sr.-his mother is white/his father is black, so that makes Baby Hank 1/4 Black + 3/4 White (since both of Kendra’s parents are white).

Megan on

What an adorable cutie he is. Always liked Kendra and Hank well he is just so sexy!! They make such a lovely family.

Brooke on

That baby is gorgeous.

margie on


ronisha on


nora on

Kendra I watch all your shows, and I enjoy watching your little baby growing up. He is so cute, looks like his maternal grandma. he smiles so sweet, love to watch your family so close. keep up and waiting for your next show.

J on

Not a fan of Kendra, but good lord is that baby cute.

Vivian on

Oh!my God.That kid looks so adorable together with his mum. I wish i can get back in shape like Kendra did cos i’ve gained so much weight after giving birth to a baby girl five months ago.

diane on

ADORABLE BABY!! That is all you can say.

CD on

One of the most adorable babies I’ve ever seen.

marissa on

so cute!!!!!

Anonymous on

He is so cute you guys make a good faimly

Anonymous on

omg so cute

wondrbrd on

Amazing…little Hank looks Jewish!