Joey Fatone on Starting Over with Baby Kloey

07/02/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Omar Cruz

It’s back to square one for Joey Fatone and his wife, Kelly.

After the January birth of their second daughter, Kloey Alexandra, they felt a sense of déjà vu.

“It was like starting over again,” says Joey, 33. “Diapers, midnight feedings, all that. We hadn’t done it in nine years.”

The Fatones have quickly found their rhythm in taking care of a newborn. They don’t employ a nanny, instead taking turns as they care for Kloey, now 5 months old.

“I won’t say it’s always easy,” says Kelly, “but we’re making it work. It’s amazing how we remember how to do things.”

“Yeah,” interjects Joey. “It’s cool having a baby around the house. Sometimes, Kelly will be like, ‘Okay, you’re watching the kids. I’m going out with the girls on Friday night.’ And you know, that’s okay. It’s hard to be with a baby 24/7, and everyone needs a break sometimes.”

And now they have some extra help: big sister Briahna Joely, 9, is a pro at baby care.

“Briahna really is good with Kloey,” says Kelly. “She can play with her and distract her, and she really likes to do it. I was afraid of jealousy, but they’re really good together.”

Kloey doesn’t have a room of her own, instead sleeping in Joey and Kelly’s master bedroom. They had planned to create a whimsical nursery, but they’ve put their 8,300-square foot home on the market.

“I could live in this house forever,” says Joey, “but then I’d have to work forever. We need to downsize, to get something a little more reasonable.”

Fatone has kept a busy schedule: he released a single, Radio, on iTunes earlier this year. He’s starring in The Producers in Pittsburgh. And there are the TV guest spots.

“I did Hannah Montana last year,” he says. “And I did an episode of The Imagination Movers. When you have kids, you just want to do kids’ entertainment. It makes you really cool at home!”

One thing the family has ruled out: more children. It was a challenging pregnancy for Kelly — requiring total bed rest — and the Fatones aren’t willing to go through it again. “This shop is closed for business,” Kelly laughs. “No more babies!”

“Really, I have two kids already,” adds Joey. “I’ve got everything I need. I’m a happy man.”

Omar Cruz

— Steve Helling

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Elle on

What an adorable picture of them in the tub! Such a cute family.

Anonymous on

wow, that last picture is very creepy to me.

Becky on

Anonymous – would you be creeped out if they were all in a hot tub together in their bathing suits? I can guarantee they are not naked in there. What is creepy about it? I think it is an adorable family picture!

Bancie1031 on

I think both pictures are adorable but my favorite is the tub picture! Very cute family.

Anonymous on

I think it’s really cute how they name the first one (middle name) Joely (after Joe and Kelly) and now the 2nd one is Kloey, again another form of Joey and Kelly….cool

tracy on

LOVE the bathtub picture. SO adorable. And it’s nice to hear that both he and his wife don’t employ a nanny like so many others. And it’s so true, once you become a parent, your focus is more towards children and their tv shows.

jordan on

I don’t know who the eldest daughter looks like. She looks like both parents to me. When I looked at the first pic she looked like Joey now i don’t know…the nose is throwing me off because her parents have the same nose. Well whomever she looks like both kids are cute. They look like a lovely family.

Fifi on

They’re so normal! No nanny, and they’re even moving to a smaller house!

glee fan 8 on

i love how normal seeming this family is! the bath tub picture is absolutely adorable. their oldest sure does not look like she is 8. she looks like she could be 12 or 13 years old. both kids are adorable and their youngest has really pretty eyes.

l bruno on

Love the play on the kids names, intertwining the parents’ names. Awesome pics!!

Lisa on

Creepy? You American? 😛

laurie on

I also find that bathtub pic a bit creepy, but only because of their expressions… The first pic is super cute though. 🙂 To me it looks like some ad photo of a perfect American family (I’m from Europe) 🙂

Anonymous on

yeah the bathtub pic kind of creeped me too… I have kids and there’s a point you stop taking baths with them Usually when they’re toddlers. And yes, I am sure they’re still clothed but still…………

Anon on

Happy for them but why would you spell such a pretty name Kloey instead of Chloe?

Jersey on

I dont think its creepy at all… however your thought process is creepy, you should seek help for that.

Beautiful family.

Tisha on

what a beautiful family, so happy and joyfull!

Madi on

What a beautiful family! I love the picture in the bathtub. Both of the girls look just like their mom. I wish the best for Joey and his girls. It’s obvious how much in love he is.

Christie on

What a beautiful family! I had the pleasure of driving for Joey and N’Sync SEVERAL years ago in Louisville, KY. I have to admit, even then at the height of his fame, Joey was a down to earth, heck of a nice guy (he was also ROCKIN’ the Superman t-shirt!) It’s nice to see such a close knit celebrity family. You guys keep on rockin’!

Brandi on

I love how they say “They didn’t even hire a nanny!” like everybody hires one, lol. But, they are a cute family.

Helene on

They are such a normal family, it is so refreshing. Cute pictures and a cute family.

Anon, did you read the article as to why they spelled her name that way? It explains it in the article.

Amanda Babin on

So sweet! The family pics are so adorable and so great to see the first pics of little Kloey! Wow, her eyes really are blue. I’m sure Joey is a very fun dad to his girls and so great that he now has a complete family! =D

Racha on

These people did not consult the “How to Spell Your Children’s Names so They Won’t Have Unpleasant Lives” manual. Babies become adults; it’s no fun dealing with the “creative” spellings your parents thought were adorable.

Fortunately, it’s inexpensive to change one’s name.

Marina on

I found the bathtub creepy, wherever that are naked or not! I’m not saying that is wrong, just not something I would like to do.

Anyway they seems like a nice family, down to earth (or whatever that means) and I wish them well.

Rye on

Joey Fatone shot me in the eye with a squirt gun once!!! No joke!!! LOL!! Love the family! Super funny! I don’t get why people have to take a picture like that and turn it into something gross and perverse. It’s like those people who went to jail for taking pictures of there toddler child bathing…Cmon people, we all have photos of ourselves as babies and young kids with no clothes on in the bathtub! It’s no big deal! Everyone always has to turn something innocent into something nasty. ugh!

Mallory on

I’d rather have a different spelling then be a 30 year old named Precious or Sunshine. I like uncommon names I don’t want my kids growing up being a name and an initial because there’s 3 other kids with their name in their class from k-sr year.

Michele on

Nice looking family,seem fun and normal. I wouldn’t use the word creepy, but in my opinion, the bathtub photo is a little odd. Of course, they are dressed, but still inappropriate.

Shawna on

Adorable family. Joey, you are an awesome role model in Hollywood. A star that actually stays married to the mother of his children! Keep it up and best wishes to your gorgeous little family.

Sophia on

Gorgeous family! Joey’s wife is so pretty and seems sooo sweet and the kids are precious and well Joey has always been awesome. Can I just say how cute it is that Briahna looks sooo much like her mom and I think it’s obvious Kloey is gonna look more like Joey… It is sooo cute!

Carrie on

I’m not sure how much the house cost but I thought it was funny when he said he would have to work forever. I can only imagine how much money he made with N’Sync!!! It’s very down to earth of him though to think into the future and make some changes now. Very cute family and very cute pictures!!
Still wish they’d do an N’Sync reunion!!

Bobbi on

You all look great! I am so happy for you Kelly and family!

J on

Lisa, what does being American have to do with anything?

J on

Oh Jersey, spare us the reverse issue finger pointing.

Sal728 on

What a photogenic family! Great shots!

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t see the issue with the bathtub photo. Assuming they ARE all wearing swimsuits underneath all those bubbles (well, except for Kloey. It’s pretty obvious that she’s naked, except maybe for a swim diaper, but she’s only six months old!), how is their being in the bathtub together any different than if they had been in a hot tub together?

Most people feel perfectly fine being in a hot tub in a motel or a resort with complete strangers, so how is a family bathing together while wearing swimsuits any different?

Anyway, the kids are adorable, and Briahna looks just like her mother!

Melissa on

They’re downsizing so he doesn’t have to work forever? After *NSYNC, shouldn’t he be loaded??

April Z on

Wow, she has some beautiful teeth!

JM on

they seem like a nice family. i don’t find the last picture creepy, just really really cheesy. i think if i was one of their kids i’d look back and cringe when i saw that picture. too cheesy.
🙂 but i’m sure they don’t care what i think. afterall it’s their lives.

Sharon on

While the spelling of the baby’s name is a combination of the parents’ names, the spelling is awkward and looks bad. Khloe is the usual spelling of this name, or with a C. Just don’t like the way the name looks.

Tracy on

The more I read about him, the better I like him. He is just an all-around great guy who is quite happy with his princesses. May Joey and Kelly live long enough to enjoy their 50th anniversary, and beyond — the world needs more positive role models like them.

D on

People, get over yourselves about the bath tub! How many of YOU have taken photos of your husband/wife in the tub playing with the kids? HUH? This is a perfectly fine and beautiful photo of a family. Stop hating on family! If you weren’t so ‘dirty minded” all you would see is the beauty!

Donel on

What a beautiful family 🙂 The picture in the tub is absolutely precious…look how happy they are!!!

Deeley on

Cute kids, but I also think that expressions in the second photo is creepy. The heads look photoshopped onto the bodies.

Hilary Crook on

This is an adorable family. I think Joey and Kelly look so much alike! And their daughter the same as well!! I was a little surprised by the bathtub pic, but I think it’s cute. I agree that the older daughter looks like she could be 11 or 12. I guess I’m surprised at the need to sell their house so Joey won’t have to work forever — didn’t he make a TON of money?

Anon on

I must say, the tub picture is a little disturbing. Although I know they’re all wearing swimsuits underneath, it’s a little too incestual for me. Just my opinion.

hayley on

incestual ……really getting in the bath wih your baby is incestual ………well better not let daddy change that little girls nappy then becaue you no that might be incestual too…..get a freakin grip.

i no i no expressing an opinion and all that bullshiz but im geting fed up of negative nellys just trying to cause a stir with their closed minded, silly and some times down right stupid comments.

i have millions of pics of my babies in the bath with daddy its bloddy normal too! any one that can look at this picture and see some thing sexual should get their head checked. its one thing to say ‘ you no i like the top picture better not so keen on the other’ but to call a famiy picture creepy or imply that there is something sexual going on is sick , on your behalf just plain sick.

i wish i had never looked at the comments, cross is not the word.

Carol on

LOVE the story and photos and all that they represent–great family life at its best!! Lucky kids to have these fun-loving, down-to-earth parents.

glee fan 8 on

@ carrie- i heard they were doing an n’sync reunion along with the backstreet boys :)!

Tee on

Why all the heavy airbrushing? It makes their faces look like mannequins. :-/

mrscabrera on

I actually worked with a woman who was married to a Japanese man and when they would visit Japan they would take a family bath. She had pictures of them in the tub and I believe they were all naked. The tub was huge and she explained it was a cultural tradition, the same as having a family bed, which they also did. I don’t see the issue though I wouldn’t show the pictures to many people because everyone is not as accepting as others are.

Sunshine on

You can clearly see her bathing suit under the baby’s arm so its not that different from swimming together…P.S. to Mallory… Im a 26 year old named Sunshine & Ive never hated it!!!

DJ on

I don’t think the bathtub pic is insenstual or anything. More just weird-looking. It looks like it should be on

Pam on

Their kids names are nothing compared to some of the junk celebs come up with. I mean Pilot Inspektor? Moxie Crimefighter? Apple? Dweezil and Moon Unit? Sparrow (and for a boy no less!)That’s just a couple. Most celebs seem to want to outdo each other on the odd names. As a teacher I have heard some doozies. Kloey and Briahna are pretty normal. And to those creeped out by the tub pic, they’re not naked, it’s a cute picture. I bet you get creeped out by the thought of women breastfeeding too. *Insert eye roll here.*

Lee on

Actually I’m disturbed by the comments saying it looks like incest. What kind of people think of that first?

Valerie on

Too cute! I used to have such a crush on Joey 🙂 It’s wonderful to see him with such a great wife and kids 🙂

Sarah on

OMG at incestual… come on.
It’s an adorable photo and KUDOS to them for being comfortable and NOT having dirty thoughts/feelings about something so natural.

Signed.. a Momma who bathes regularly with her kids AND husband.

Jenn on

Cute family but AWFUL spellings of both girls’ names. I would rather see a ‘different’ name than another trendy name spelled creatively or even a trendy name spelled the traditional way. If I see another Katelyn or Madison I am going to scream.

guest on

beautiful family-they all look so loved and happy and I bet have an extraordinary life-I saw joeys awesome house on cribs-just amazing

Angela on

I don’t think the members of *NSYNC ended up with too much money. They had a shady manager, Lou Pearlman, who ended up fleecing them of a lot of the money they should have seen. He’s currently in federal prison because he was involved in a bunch of scams. I think that’s probably why Joey has to work so hard now.

Anonymous on

hey, original anonymous here.
i said this picture was creepy because of their over enthusiastic faces. i do not have a dirty mind. it seems to me that whoever accused me of having a dirty mind, is the one with the dirty mind.

with that being said, i think choosing to take a picture in a tub like this is odd. NOT BECAUSE ITS DIRTY. seriously, who takes baths like this together? nobody. i understand having a picture of your kid in the bath, or even of a parent holding their kid up in the shower. but all 4 in a BATH? that’s just weird. NOT IN A DIRTY WAY. i just find it weird.

Kathleen on

Saw Joey on Thursday at a Pirates game here in Pittsburgh. He was friendly and very down to earth. Sounds like he is thinking ahead now with the downsizing. Good for him!! and good luck to all of them!! Beautiful family!!

CelebBabyLover on

Pam- I have to chuckle at the thought that you apparently find Sparrow more suitable for a girl…..Because I feel just the opposite! I cannot imagine a girl named Sparrow…..but for a boy I think it’s a cute name. 🙂

Anonymous- As some of the other commentors on this post have pointed out, some parents DO take baths with their children. 🙂

Beaky on

I find it creepy too. And not because of the bath – because of the cheesy grins and the factthat someone went crazy with the airbrush. Definitely material… *shudders*

Also, ridiculous spellings. Give me an unusual names over insane spellings any day. Kloey is bad enogh but I think Briahna is worse. Makes my eyes bleed!

Hayley on

yeah i too am creeped out by the 2nd photo… it is just so awkward and unnatural ?

i am not creeped out that they are in the bath together, thats cool
but more so they are posing for a photoshoot in the bath if that makes sense ?
just a little weird place to set up a photo with a photographer. defiantly

Renate on

I think the tub pic would be a LOT less creepy if big sis wasnt in it. Dad looks way too excited. I know thats not what he’s thinking and thier all just hsppy to hsve thier photos being taken, but come on, whos idea was this. I have a 5 month old son and take baths with him, and will probably do so for a couplr years. But theres a point where its not cute anymore. Even if it is a staged photo. I don’t have a dirty mind its just a weird photo.

Lee on

If you find the bathtub picture creepy you may want to rethink why you do and get some serious mental therapy help . Renate, I’m more disturbed by your comments. You do have a dirty mind which is disgusting when you are turning a innocent picture into something disturbing

JMO on

okay it’s a photoshoot!! They are probably all wearing bathing suits!! Do you think they’re going to let a strange photographer come into their bathroom and have their 9 yr old get undressed and be okay with it?! Please! I don’t find the picture creepy at all. It’s a family most likely clothes in a bubble bath! Ohhh scary. Coming from someone that had to deal with abuse as a child from a family member…even I didn’t find the photograph to be odd or wierd!!
I think Briahna looks like both but def. has her mothers features more so then her father. I agree the spellin of the names is a bit confusing. But I also agree it’s better then what some celebs call their kids. So if it were me I’d take odd spelling over crazy name!!!

Cute family.

J on

Lee, get your mind out of the gutter. You’re totally adding drama to Renate’s comment. Seems like you may have some issues as well with your judging and assumptions as to what you think others are saying.

Lee on

@J, you hate my comments which is a good thing. You can’t stand women who dare not to follow the crowd.

MiB on

Fame doesn’t equal a lot of money; he might not have earned nearly as much as we think or the money might have been badly managed so that there is nothing, or not much left. Just look at Michael Jacksons estate, he made a lot of money, but it was badly managed and he died in debt. I think it’s wise of Joey and Kelly to adjust their lifestyle to their income and circumstances rather than live above their means like a lot of people do.

KJC on

Nice family, cute pictures. Although, I agree with the poster that says the pictures aren’t creepy, but when the kids grow up, they might be embarassed by them.

At the time of Nsync fame, Joey was definitely my favorite – but I find it funny when he says that when he has kids, all he is interested in doing is the kids entertainment stuff. I honestly don’t think he could get work doing much else. If it makes him happy, and his family happy, that’s all that really matters in the long run.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

The baby’s cute! The family’s cute!!!!!!!!!!!! The last picture creeps me out, but the other picture is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fair-n-square on

I like the spelling of Kloey–it’s phonetically easier to pronounce just reading it than Chloe or Khloe. And I like the sentiment behind it.

Also love that they are raising their children themselves and plan to downsize their home.

Best wishes to the Fatones!

Alicia on

I think it’s sad that so many people think the bathtub shot is “disturbing”. When I look at that picture, I see a happy family goofing around. Even though we all know that they weren’t naked in the photo, who cares if they were?? It’s a human body. Why does that instantly make people think of something sexual? I think that the people who make these types of comments are the ones with the unhealthy attitudes about sex, not the Fatone family.

J on

It’s not disturbing in a sexual way, it’s just a “different” kind of family photo. Who takes the time to get a posed photo like that in a bubble bath? This isn’t exactly a “We’e already in the pool together so take our photo please” Honestly some need to stop making the assumption that the distaste of the photo is because of sexual reasons.

Alicia, perhaps its people like YOU with the issue since you seem to like to immediately jump down the throats of the people sho say “I don’t care for the photo” and act like they are prudes. Who would honestly do a pose like this with their family? It’s just seems to be a too cutesy, time consuming photo shoot for a simple family photo. We get it, they are fun loving, but bubbles?

J on

@Lee. Actually, no. You’re just one of those loudmouths who have to be different for shock value only and feeds off of the attention you beg for. You always have something snide to say to people here, celebs and other posters alike. Someone makes a comment and you’re quick to throw insults and nastiness to get the instigating going and then claim that you know “their type”. You’re no strong woman who thinks outside the box, you’re just a bully who loves the attention good or bad, so good bye and grow up kiddo, go get your jollies instigating others elsewhere. Do us all a favor and ooze back under the rock you came out of.

Don’t bother thinking up more bad retorts I’m done with your sorry self, if you reply you prove my point. 🙂

Houda on

the picture in the tub is a little wierd

Anonymous on

nice family pic. stinks that they have to sell their house. but then again when people show off what they have usually end up loosing in the end. so sad….and why are they always talking about how happy they are. I’ve always though when people brag about how happy they are and how wonderful life is.. they are miserable and use the idea of being happy to cover it up. money doesn’t buy you happiness and to stay with some one because they are your meal ticket is so sad kelly. really are you that happy?

K on

So this means when I went to the PopOdyssey tour in June of 2001 at age 13 Joey was already a dad? Ha ha ha I didn’t even know he was dating anyone then! And I was a super huge obsessed Nsync fan 😛