Diego Luna, Camila Sodi Welcome Daughter Fiona

07/02/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Colby D Crossland/Getty

It’s a girl for actors Diego Luna and Camila Sodi!

The couple, who wed in 2008, welcomed daughter Fiona at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, July 1 in Mexico City. She weighed 6 lbs.

“We’re very grateful to everyone who has been thinking of us and who has respected the intimate moment we’re experiencing now — the arrival of the family’s newest member,” the proud parents said in a statement.

Named after the Y tu mamá también star’s late mother, who was killed in a car accident when he was two, Fiona joins big brother Jerónimo, 22 months.

The Abel director, 30, and Sodi, 24, announced the pregnancy in January.

— Anya Leon

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soph on

Love the name Fiona!

glee fan 8 on

what a tiny baby! my sister’s kids were all 2-3 lbs bigger, the name fiona is okay.

Sonya on

I love the name Fiona! She sure is tiny, but I bet she’s gorgeous (she can’t miss with these two for parents).

Nicole on

It’s so sweet that she is named after his mother. I love Diego! I wish we could see some pictures…I don’t even know if I’ve seen one of Jeronimo, but I know they are a private family.

eva on

Great,happy news! I think it’s so sweet that they named her after Diego’s late mother.A beautiful tribute for the grandmother Fiona and Jeronimo won’t meet.Among Spanish speakers Fiona is a very unusual name but I’m sure it will become popular now that they’ve used it.

appellationmountain on

Great name! Wonder if we’ll see an uptick in newborn baby Fionas?

Electra on

Is Diego a big star in Mexico? I know he had a few movies in the U.S but nothing really came of his cross-over attempt.Fiona is an interesting name, it always sounds better with an accent. When americans(like myself) say it, it kinda falls dead on the tongue.

Kaz on

Fiona is a very common Scottish name. I wonder if his mum was Scottish? I love the name, to me it’s very ‘normal’ and familiar and you don’t get that a lot these days, what with everyone naming their daughters Olivia, Grace, Isabella etc etc. My name is Karen and I don’t think there has been a baby names Karen since the early 80s! lol! Maybe it will be fashionable again in 20 years!

They look like a lovely couple, I like that they are private about these things. I wish the family well.

Corrie on

Fiona is one of my favorite names! Congratulations to them.

Electra on

His mom was English Kaz!

Helene on

It shocks me that people still comment on disliking a name after finding out she is named after a deceased grandparent. I would think the story alone is beautiful. Just my opinion.

Luna on

I love the names they gave their children, especially new baby Fiona. Love names that are for someone deceased. Congratulations Diego, Camila, and Jeronimo and welcome to the world baby Fiona.

nico on

I attended a screening of his film “Abel” at Munich Film Festival on Thursday (comparing time zones pretty much around the time when little Fiona was born, how funny!) and the organizer who introduced the film said that Diego couldn’t be there because his wife was just about to have their second son – so I’m slightly taken by suprise by the news of a daughter 😉


Sophia on

Fiona is such a cute name 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I love the name Fiona (partly, I’ll admit, because I’m a huge Shrek fan!). Congrats to them! 🙂

Rachel-Jane on

Electra, that would explain it then! Also being Scottish, it’s a very familiar name to me – I know loads of Fionas. It is a lovely name too.

And 6lbs is small, but being a little baby myself (5lbs 14oz and 8 days overdue!) I can assure you that great things come in small packages.

Mallory on

Love the name Fiona, and it’s just that much sweeter because of the legacy behind it! Congrats to them!

Deeley on

Personally, I’m not a fan of the name. But I do love the story that comes with it, it’s beautiful. Congratulations to the family and luck for a happy healthy long life!

Lori on

Love Fiona. I actually wanted to use it for my daughter, but my husband was having none of it! LOL! He said it reminded him too much of Shrek. Congrats!

Rey on

I agree with Helene, why couldn’t everyone refrain from commenting on/analysing the name and instead focus on the happy news? It’s not like your dislike would matter to the parents any other way.

Congrats to the proud parents!!

Lauren on

Ah, Fiona’s such a pretty name! I’m jealous – it’s much more unique than my name! I always wanted a name that set me apart from the rest rather than something that enabled me to blend in better. Too bad I don’t share a birthday with her – I’m sick of sharing with Montel and Tom Cruise. Tom’s giving July 3rd kids a bad rep these days.

From what I’ve gathered, everyone seems to think 6 pounds is tiny. That makes it kind of mortifying to admit I was born at a hefty 2 pounds.

Lucas on

I personally dont like the name.. Dont get me wrong i do know is after the grand momma, but hey after all i admire both of them they are very talented and Diego is a without a doubt one of the best actors in Mexico… Felicitaciones y Tu Mama Tambien.. lol

Anonymous on

Congratulations, I love the name, Fiona!

Sarah on

I love the name Fiona. It means a lot to them and her in the future. Grandma is watching you child. May god bless your soul forever.

Sally on

Fiona is a common name in Ireland and to a bit lesser extent, in England, too. But, then, a lot of ‘island hopping’ has ocurred in the British Isles over centuries, so presumably the name has moved around as well. Sometimes it is awkward to mix names with different language roots, however, Fiona Luna is kind of cute.

Fiona on

Well, welcome to the world little Fi… I didn’t always like my name, but now I love it! Much love to you, Fiona! … 🙂 Congratulations, Sodi-Luna family!

Feiger on

I think Fiona is a lovely name. There is Julia [Fiona] Roberts and one of my favorite actresses, Fiona Hutchinson. What a classy way to honor Diego’s late mum by keeping her memory & name in the family. May this Fiona have a long & healthy life!

Shannon on

How sweet!

Laura on

I have a 4 year-old daughter named Fiona. It is a beautiful Celtic name that is much older than Shrek. Congrats on the new addition to the family!

CelebBabyLover on

Feiger- I didn’t know that Julia Roberts’ middle name is Fiona. Cool! 🙂

Nesa on

I agree with Helen I was shocked as well how could be talk about her name….if they like it or dont. No wonder there so private.

Angela on

I’m sorry but I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that people are commenting on celebs baby news.. Really? Do you know these people? do you think they are reading your comments and caring in the least bit as to what you say? I’m sure there are more important things going on in your lives than to have to let someone know whether or not you like their new baby’s name.. Drives me crazy..

Dave on

Congratulations Diego!
You have a beautiful family and Your Mother would be very proud.

J on

Do NOT like this name, reminds me of Shrek. Weird.

Fiona on

My name is Fiona and it is wonderful to see it getting used outside Scotland, where it is indeed very popular.

Welcome to the world fellow Fiona, lol. I bet she’s adorable.

Jen on

I had sooo hoped it would be a girl and they would name her Fiona! Not only is it an unusual and really cool name for their beautiful little girl, but what an undeniably wonderful way to honor Diegos mom, who left this world, and her only son, far too soon. She must have been one incredible lady to have had such a beautiful, caring and amazingly talented son. He looks like his mom, too…here is a link to a picture of Diego’s mom, Fiona Alexander, holding him as a newborn! (She was very pretty, and her coloring and nose, esp around her eyes/forehead really look like Diego. http://www.diegolunaloco.com/images-gallery/Quien07Mama.jpg
Congrats to Camila, Diego and Jeronimo, God Bless!