Spotted: Camila Alves and Levi Get Pushy!

07/01/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

GSI Media

He’s in the driver’s seat!

Little Levi Alves McConaughey, 23 months, gets a free ride courtesy of mom Camila Alves on Wednesday at a Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Although they’re now back on the West Coast, we recently spotted the whole family — including dad Matthew McConaughey and 5-month-old daughter Vida — out and about in the Big Apple.

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Ella on

Cool look but was it really that cold in California then?

Sam on

He’s so sweet and always looks very quiet, but I’ll be he’s full of energy when the paps aren’t in his wee face! Also, wondering why they always have a hat on him? Not necessarily a sun cap but a hat. Style?

romy on

I wonder if they had a cold, miserable 75 degree day in CA? lol, he’s a cutie. another boy whose hair I’d cut though!

Mary on

Anyone else notice he never smiles? He’s a cutie but he always looks so upset or serious.

sara on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of this boy where he doesn’t have a hat on…
And I also think his hair is way too long and unkempt…they probably think it’s stylish or whatever but I honestly think he would look much better if they cut it. just my opinion

lizzielui on

Maybe Levi just likes wearing hats.

Amy on

I wonder what kind of carseat Levi rides in. You can see the tether strap and it appears to be forward facing. I have a two year old that looks about the same size as Levi. He’s in a forward facing Britax Frontier but he looks so tiny in it!

gianna on

rumor is she is pregnant again, around 2 months. I wouldn’t be surprised I read matthew said she wants a 3rd baby and he was like slow down we just had two within 18 months. Both kids favor camila more and levi doesn’t seem to have grown much in the last year.

Beaky on

Aw. He is such a gorgeous child, with those huge eyes! I adore him.

Maybe he likes the hat. My sister wore this denim baseball cap for almost three years. My parents could not get it off her, not even when it got too small and was leaving marks on her forehead. He could have seen it around the house and not wanted to take it off.

glee fan 8 on

@ gianna where did u hear that she was pregnant again? he probably has grown a little in the past year, we just have not seen it as much is what i am meaning. he is such a cute little boy!

CelebBabyLover on

I HOPE Camila isn’t pregnant again! I mean, Vida is only five months old! Camila, girl, let your body heal properly first, and enjoy Vida for awhile! 🙂

Bancie1031 on

See I have to disagree with the majority of people here … I absolutely love Levi’s hair!!!

Every time I see Camila I’m amazed at how stunning she is!

Camila and Levi both look great 😀 I just love seeing this family …. I don’t think I could ever get sick of seeing them 😀

olia on

i have seen him without hat many times and i have seen him smiling many times. this kid is very cute!!!

Jenn on

I wonder if he will be small in stature like his Mom? He’s so tiny and cute..then again, I don’t really know how the average toddler looks (height, weight) at 23 months. I’m sure it varies, I just think he’s gonna be on the smaller side when he gets older, not tall and broad like his Dad. Nothing AT ALL wrong with that though, just an observation! I was just curious. 🙂

hayley on

i have to say as a mum of a teeny tiny 21 month old, about 17 and a half pounds *she was born teeny but perfect :D* i sometimes find myself geting quite cross with the amount of times i hear ‘my god she is so small….or really? i though she was younger’ as long as they are healthy…height not really inportant, well not to me xxx

no child is the same , maybe he is small but it does’t matter and to it does get talked about every single post thats on this family, lol i think we need a line under the sand, he is short end of it lol lol lol

his hair is his hair, i don’t think he should cut it at all, i also hink he is dressed like a normal boy, and the hat thing i think is just as the other posters said, he likes a hat on his little head and mum just goes with it 🙂

i think they are a beautiful family, and another baby would be lovely! xxxxxxxxxxx

MiB on

I don’t go to any other celebrity sites, but I have seen plenty of pictures of him both smiling and without a hat. As for the hat, maybe he likes it? Maybe he likes wearing hats? As for the smiles, do you walk around smiling all the time? He is not interacting with anyone, he might not be excitet by going in the cart, he might be looking at something that interests him (he looks quite focused too me) or he might be sleepy. I am known for being smily, but not even I smile all the time, espesially not when I’m just sitting down by myself doing nothing (I am not smiling right now for example).

Nina on

Her hair is just beautiful.