Adam Sandler Worries About Spoiling Daughters

07/01/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Jim Spellman/WireImage

If Adam Sandler had his way, his daughters Sadie Madison, 4, and Sunny Madeline, 20 months, would be anything but spoiled.

However, the actor/director is the first to admit his fame and fortune are not working in his favor.

“The idea of my kids being spoiled, I go to sleep thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it,” the Grown Ups star tells Toronto Sun.

“I try to do the right thing, but with the amount of money I have, it’s difficult to raise the children the way I was raised.”

Fortunately, Sandler, 43, is doing his part to ensure his girls with wife Jackie Titone Sandler are grateful for what they have!

“I took away the West and North wing of the house from those guys,” he jokes. “They’re not allowed in there, and so far I think that’s working.”

That said, Sadie is beginning to understand her dad’s profession — and is already voicing her opinions on which films she prefers!

“There’s a mocked up picture of me [in drag from the upcoming film Jack and Jill] in my house that my daughter Sadie loves,” Sandler says. “Every time I talk about Grown Ups coming out, she goes, ‘Jack and Jill?’ ‘No, we’re going to do Grown Ups first.’ ‘And then Jack and Jill?’ ‘Well, no. I’m doing one with Jennifer Aniston, that’s gonna be good.'”

— Anya Leon

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Lora on

Adam sounds like such a great father. He’s so funny, I bet he’s a fun dad. I can’t believe Sunny’s already 20 months, where does the time fly?

Adrienne on

❤ He's awesome. His ladies are lucky.

sat on

It’s a lot scarier to sleep and wake up thinking about your children not having the necessities they need: shelter, safety, education, nutrition. Adam should instill his daughters with the spirit of giving! That is the best value for the wealthy to have, in this time of unequal distribution of wealth. As adults, they will have an unprecedented opportunity to give back to a world that desperately needs a fraction of the resources possessed by their family.

Butterfly on

So is he also “classless and arrogant” since he’s talking about how much money he has?

Michelle on

Aww, he seems like such a great dad, with a sensible head on his shoulders!

Jackie on

I don’t think he’s arrogant AT ALL. He’s telling the complete truth that many celebrities don’t. They DO have a lot of money and no matter what they do, their kids will always have more than they ever did.

Bancie1031 on

I bet Adam’s a funny dad to have 😀 We don’t see him and his children on here too often but when we do he seems very hands on 😀

JM on

Jackie i think Butterfly was referring to the thread about The Dream where people couldn’t wait to criticise him just because he pointed out the obvious, that he has a lot of money. adam sandler is generally liked here so i doubt this thread will develop into the same criticism as the dream thread. (it hasn’t so far). it’s just interesting and it’s exactly what i pointed out in the other thread. same topic – two different celebrities – they are judged differently.


for the record i have no problem with him or The Dream stating that they have a lot of money. they do, it’s just a fact.

i’m sure there are ways he can figure out to not spoil his kids. i would say make sure they help out around the house and their pocket money is no more than their friends’ pocket money who don’t come from the same wealthy background. and from a very early age encourage them to give to charity and help others…. it’s not that difficult really.

Butterfly on

JM that is exactly what I was referring to. It’s a shame that there is such a double standard because both dads are correct. Having more money does make child rearing easier but it also makes the parent work harder to instill values that these men have learned through their struggle.

The great part is that by speaking up they are talking about the challenges and rewards of parenthood. There are to many absentee dads, of all races,and they are showing examples of MEN that stay present in their children’s lives.

Nichole on

Every lot in life comes with its own set of parenting challenges. It’s so great that he actually thinks about these things. He probably realizes that not getting handed everything growing up made him who he is today, and realizes that while life will be easier for his children, they won’t have the same set of challenges. But don’t worry, Adam Sandler – your children may grow up differently than you, spoiled or not, and they’ll still turn out to be great people.

Mira on

I love Adam Sandler. He’s a smart and funny guy.

His remarks about money are quite different from The Dream’s remarks about money. They’re not analogous at all. The Dream is emphasizing the benefits of having money, hence he’s seen as bragging (although, I wouldn’t criticize him, he was just being sincere and blunt). Sandler is emphasizing the challenges of having money. I’m nowhere near rich, but still my family is much richer than my parents’ dirt poor family. And I see Sandler’s concern 100%. I too worry that I’ll spoil my kids by providing a good life for them. It’s quite hard to balance between providing your kids with the best opportunities + giving them a happy, carefree childhood and overindulging them and turning them into entitled brats.

Helene on

I read this article about having money completly different than the article from The Dream. Adam doesn’t come off to me as arrogant and comes off with tact and class. It may be because the Dream comes off as cocky in other interviews as well. Again, this is all my perception and my opinion. I can see how people feel this is a double standard; however Adam Sandler seems like an amazing and participating father and I can’t think of anything negative about his statements. I will not say anything negative about the Dream’s parenting skills bc I don’t know anything about them.

ILuvPerfectParents on

Butterfly you are absolutely correct. Wow!! Anyway, I love, love, love Adam Sandler, he is so funny to me.

torgster on

I get so tired of the posts criticizing the celebs for how they choose to spend their wealth and raise their kids. They’ve earned their money – if people likewise can’t provide the “necessities” for their kids, then don’t HAVE the kids.


I think if he’s thinking about it and trying hard to not spoil them then that’s great! It seems like it’s important to him. HMost celebrities might not even care to even think about it. He actually seems grounded and normal for being in Hollywood. I’ve never thought of him as being arrogant. He seems like he would actually be kind of shy in person. Most comedians are said to be introverts and they use comedy to overcome that.

deb on

Coming from Adam Sandler, I don’t think he’s being arrogant or can’t blame the guy for being famous & wealthy..he’s making a statement based on his life and his concerns..if you were wealthy, wouldn’t you think about or worry about spoiling your kids too a little bit? You can’t feel sorry for the wealthy but i’m sure they have there own concerns and problems (not that i would know by experience) that come with fame/fortune. If this was someone that was known for arrogance, i’d have a different standpoint, but you never hear of this guy acting out of line and acting entitled so good for Adam..he seems like a stand up guy who loves and worries about his kids.