The-Dream: It’s Easy Raising a Baby When You’re Rich Like Me

06/30/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

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Christina Milian‘s hubby The-Dream may be experienced when it comes to raising babies (he has three children with ex-wife Nivea), but the singer-songwriter and record producer, 28, says the fourth time around has been the most simple.

“This time’s easier because I’m rich now,” The-Dream, born Terius Nash, told PEOPLE Moms & Babies at the BET Awards Sunday.

“When I had my 5-year-old, I was up all night and paying for milk with the last couple of cents I had, so it’s a little easier now.”

Not as easy for the music man is snagging one-on-one time with his 4-month-old daughter Violet Madison.

“Christina’s very attached,” he says. “She doesn’t let anybody near that baby. Not even me sometimes!”

The-Dream says the best part about having children is giving them the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. “What I look forward to the most is influencing an individual to go out into the world and make the world a better place.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Ada on

Hahaha. He’s definitely right, can’t argue there. Much easier to raise kids when you have your financial life in order…

I like him, he seems very well-spoken.

tiffany on

Must be nice….

Maria on

Ya all the nannies you can afford to raise your children.

Jennifer on

Didn’t they register at Target?!

Rachel on

Nice to see someone speak the truth!

jen on

WOW…must be nice to be rich and cocky :0( Maybe don’t have so many kids before you even turn 30 and you don’t have to stress so much about milk.

All Smiles on

The-Dream: It’s Easy Raising a Baby When You’re Rich Like Me

Well, that certainly makes me feel better about having children…

Brigid on

The title of the article and what he actually said have completely different tones!

Nia on

He can’t be that rich having to support three kids from a previous relationship! He’s delusional. He’s no Puff Daddy.

Jacqui on

The man is just telling the truth!

Tune on

You are definitely singing a different tune in this interview then the one I read in another magazine. In that one you basically said you never get up at night to help with the baby b/c you have people for that (Christina, nannies, grandparents). Guess you caught a little flack for that.

Angela on


He may not be P. Diddy. But, he does have a lot of money. Not only is he an artist. He does a lot of behind the scene things such as produce, write, etc…. That is where most people in the music industry make the most money. So, I HIGHLY doubt he is having a problem paying for his 4 children!

Erin on

For those who don’t know – he’s a fairly major producer…he has the money to raise those kids. And who cares if he uses nannies? Who’s to say you wouldn’t if you had the cash?

That said, I appreciate parents who bring children into the world when they’re ready and willing to take full responsibility for them and are in a loving relationship. Having a nanny doesn’t mean you’re not responsible…but during the time when you’re home…what’s the point of having a child if you’re not bonding?

Anonymous on

Well now maybe they will share their wealth with me since they are so rich and I am not!

amy on

the tone in the title makes it sound like he’s cocky. but when you read what he says, he’s talking about how there’s less stress this time around because he’s stable. why is everyone judging him? because he can take care of his kids? we all know you don’t have to be “rich” to provide for a child, get off your high horses and stop taking everything so fricken literally! i’m sure you would find it easier if you had millions too! stop being jello..

Jacy on

He began the interview sounding like a pretentious, pompous idiot, then ended on a good note. Maybe his wife gave him “the look”. Like, oooh just wait till we get home, I’m gonna slap you to next week.

Latanya on

The Dream is a piece of work. I don’t think he is around the new baby at all.

J on

A real winner Christina got herself. With some of the stuff that spews out of his mouth, I would’ve overdosed on birth control before I had a baby with someone like him.

Marcie on

I think it’s funny how people critisize celebrities when they complain about how hard being a parent is, but they also complain when one admits having money makes it easier.

blah blah blah on

the headline is such bullshit!! he didn’t say “it’s easy raising a baby when you’re rich like me” he SAID, “the time’s easier because i’m rich now” WTTFFFFFFFFF???

Jennifer B on

Yes he is kinda right by saying that…but i’d rather have little that i have to provide for my son and have a one on one time with him than living it all up for the nannies…Financial stability is important to children but most of all being there every step of the way is what matters.. Some of these celebrities are so caught up with chasing money that they forget what it is like having a strong family foundation for the kids..I commend Ben Affleck, Will smith, Matt Damon and a few others for balancing both.

Kris on

I hate it when people call themselves ‘rich’. A very good friend of mine is wealthy but would never call herself rich….tacky. Material things make you rich but these can get taken from you at any time. And for the record..any more kids and he won’t be rich for long..especially with different women. Unfortunately being aable to pay for nannies and have someone else raise your kids certainly softens the burden of being a parent. Sad but true.

Candy on

I guess some folks would rather for him to be poor and begging the government for assistance. It’s the American dream to have a lot of money by the time you have your children. Being a parent when rich is definetly much easier because there’s less stress and possibly more time to raise them right.

chani on

im glad he has the money for this child, but dont tell me your not going to let the nannies raise it

Jenn on

Unfortunately, it takes more than money to raise a good kid. Hopefully Christina’s influence can rub off on the child. He’s a jackass and I will NOT be buying his album this go round. smh.

Meghan on

It doesn’t say anywhere in that article that he has a nanny. It actually sounds like his wife and he are around the baby all the time. Why does everyone have to freak out when someone mentions money? Obviously he’s wealthy, both he and his wife are recording artists, and he does producing, etc. Everyone that is saying nasty things about him is completely ridiculous. Would you rather he wasn’t paying for his children at all?! There’s TONS of men who don’t take any responsibility for their kids at all. And also, he had three kids with his ex-wife, not three kids with three random women. He doesn’t sound like a bad guy at all. I wish more men were like that!

Sandra on

Wow, how conceited is this jerk. Who does he think he is? I don’t care how much money you have, you never let the whole world hear it. And if you kept your pants closed, you wouldn’t have so many babies at such a young age!! People can be so outspoken!

Meghan on

I totally need to stop reading these, because all the judgemental people who post on these just make me angry.

dnice on

Being rich makes it easier financially, but it is still tough raising kids — for anyone. Throwing money around does not make you a good parent — spending time with your kids and setting a good example for them is what counts most. Money cannot buy common sense!!

Amber on

He might have money, but he has no class!

deborah on

Finally a celeb who speaks the truth! Don’t you hate to hear other celebs saying how hard it is to raise a child etc…spare me! with nannies, cooks, personal trainers, your bills paid and money put away for your kids college/future? Sorry don’t feel for you…only the real ones that know how hard it was in the beginning! I hope he stays real unlike JLO and the rest of them spoiled celebs!
BTW, we can all look like a model 2 weeks after giving birth if we had the MONEY!
Wake up people!

jordan on

The dream doesn’t know what to say out of his mouth. I’m not only talking about this article but in other articles; to me he’s wording himself wrong and doesn’t think before he speaks. I think he’s taking being a father the forth time around as an advantage. To me its like he rather have money take care of his wife and daughter. Don’t get me wrong i love his songs but i think he needs more interaction with his daughter.

doug on

yeah real easy when you can pay someone else to raise them!

Electra on

The title really needs to be changed. It makes him sound really arrogant and inarticulate, it’s deceiving. Having said that, I don’t know why some posters are so offended by what he said. He didn’t say that he was a better parent, or that people with less money make for better parents. He said being rich has made raising a baby easier in comparison to when he was SCRAPPING FOR CENTS! Who here can honestly disagree that not worrying about finances makes for less stressful parenting? Or just a less stressful life!

Tawney on

For all you haters…The man has 4 children by two different women. He was/is married to the mother of his children. It’s not like he had any of the children out of wedlock. OMG!!! give the man a break. Atleast he’s taking care of his responsibilities.
All he is saying in the article is….B4 he started making money as a writer, producer and singer/rapper he had to scrape change 2gether to buy milk for his child. Now that he is making a LIVING, he can afford to buy what his children need or want.
For all of U hating about having a nanny…bet you a dime to a dollar that if you were making the money he makes, you would probably have one too!!!!!AND I’m sure he and his wife are NOT the only people who have a nanny (if they have one).

ollie on

my, aren’t we humble?

Tawney on

This is for Jenn…

Do you think The-Dream cares whether you buy his CD this time around? Believe me, you paying $19.99 for his next CD is NOT going to break his pocket and I’m sure his feelings WILL NOT BE HURT!!! Hater!!!!!!

Gabrielle on

I agree that the title of this article and the story are completely different. The title makes it seem like he is cocky and putting us regular folks down (who aren’t “rich”). All he is saying is that now that he has more money (than he did before with his other children), it is easier for him. Read the entire story before jumping down this man’s throat!!

Emily on

I get the sense that when he says “This time’s easier because I’m rich now” it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek…just saying…

Lisa on

CBB knows that they are so wrong for that title! not anywhere in this article did he say that! all he said was that when he and Nivea had their first child, he was up at night with the baby and spending his last dime on her. now 5 years and 3 kids, a divorce and 3 albums and God knows how many songs produced for others later, he has enough money to where he doesn’t have to worry about feeding his kids. He also said that he would like to spend time with his youngest child, but he doesnt have the time and her mother is being kinda stingy with her. but maybe i read something different, or maybe i’m not a hater. SMH at the jealous ones.

Jen DC on

Paying for things and raising your child are two different things. I’m glad he’s more comfortable financially, but he might’ve wanted to wait a minute and think it through instead of saying “it’s easier because I’m rich.” Well… so’s just about everything else! And it’s just tacky.

Cristina on

“Money can’t but you Class” ugh! I don’t like that song but that’s all that came to me when I read this “article”

LC on

Relax. What of freedom of speech so he didn’t sugar coat the comment? He was being honest. Why should he? Who doesn’t sit there when they are poor saying, “I wish I was rich and not poor so I could give my kids a little more/worry a little less?” Seriously!?

I absolutely 100% appreciate his honesty. And I am unable to have kids! I do recall my sister being a single mom at 19 though and seeing her and her then boyfriend/now husband do it without any help from anyone or any system. It was hard. I have no idea who either of them are in this article either but he is telling the truth and bless him for doing so.

He has been on both sides. And he is being honest. Refreshing.

Sage on

I wil admit that my hubby and I are well off and it’s easier raising kids. because we came from hard working families and it was a struggle to pay for milk and rent. So though it may not seem humble to some, it’s actually fairly true.

Also the reason the title and the quote are different is to make it controversial people because that’s what gets people to check out the website.

Crystal on

I love Christina and Violet is ADORABLE but the Dream makes me want to barf!! I recently read an article where he said he doesn’t get up with the baby because that leads to “expectations” and she has nannies and her mother for all that (talking about Christina). I did not care for him after that and still don’t.

Lola on

Well, the title of this article is definitely misleading. He never said that parenting is easy, he just said that it’s easier now that he has enough money to take care of all of his child’s needs. He never even said anything about hiring nannies (though it’s likely that he has). That part at the end about raising a child to have a positive influence on the world was nice, too. That being said, I don’t think it was exactly classy of him to call himself “rich”, even though it’s true.

ss on

i can definetly relate to the buying milk with your last money. i had my daughter when i was 18. me and my husband then had to count every penny to survive and pay bills and put food on the table. then we got divorced and i got remarried years later. everything was great. we both worked and we decided to have a baby. while i was pregnant, my husbands hours got cut. we couldnt afford everything and then my checks got guarnished, the truck got repossed, we had our son and my check didnt cover the cost of full time daycare so i had to quit my job. my husband worked full time plus a part time job. then got laid off from his job in 2007 when our son was 8 mos old, our apt lease was not renewed, his unemployment was messed up, our other car got repossed, when he found another full time job it was guarnished by creditors ect. so for all of those who think you should wait till you can afford to have kids…it dont always work out how you plan it and expect things to go!!! anything can happen!!!

Gaia and Laban's mom on

Envy is ugly! None of us know how much time he spends with his children but, if you think that any working celebrity dad has what the average joe would consider a normal schedule- you’re mistaken. He isn’t in the minority if he doesn’t spend a lot of time with his kids. It doesn’t mean he cares about them any less or that they’re being raised by anyone other by family. A nanny doesn’t raise a child. Or they aren’t supposed to.

I am opposed to acts of extravagence like by a 16 a $300,000 maybach(diddy) or throwing million dollar sweet 16s, anything that smells of noveau riche but, dream is just stating facts! Based of these comments I dont see why people are taking offense? How he acting your way of life?

I just find it odd that someone would visit a celebrity site, expose themselves to these lifestyls that are clearly opulent(suri’s million dollar wardrobe, honor playing on a jungle gym in a $200 dress, heidi klum and her two nannies), yet complain when one of these celebrities says “I’m rich”…like…what???

Carlin on

We all know that having money makes it easier to have children, so why because someone says it out loud its classless or tasteless. He obviously didnt come from money and the position he holds in the music world now he had to work for, so let him be proud. It’s not like he won the lotto he worked hard for what he has, so let him celebrate, and even brag. And if I could have afforded nannies when my kids were growing up… oh wait i paid for daycare.

ss on

continued from above……… i totally understand what the dream meant about money. and if i had the money, i too would have a nanny to help out. i have been home with my son since the day he was born 24/7. my husband works two jobs, we have 1 car, and no family willing to help out. i have only left the house to go to the dr. i never get a break from my son. i love him dearly with all my heart, but believe i would be a better heathier mom if i could get some time to myself for even an hour out of the house. and think it would be better for him too. so….if i had the money thats why i would have a nanny to help out. it dont mean your a bad parent. it just means you care and arent afraid to admit you need some extra help.

Sandra on

Wow. I have to say, most, if not all, of the negative comments about this article sound rather ignorant and jealous. The title is certainly misleading. I bet every one of you who posted comments would agree that it is much easier to raise a child with more rather than less money. Less stress, that’s for sure! And that is all he meant. Even though it didn’t sound humble, he spoke the truth. Nothing wrong with that!

Butterfly on

As many others have said there is nothing wrong with what he said THIS time. Maybe some of the venom being spewed is based on his past comments. Hopefully he learned from them and is being more careful with his words. The title definitely needs to be changed.

Christina always looks so in love with Violet and I wish more pics and an article with her was on here.

Julie on

I’ve never even heard of this guy. Typical rapper/pseudo producer who probably can’t even spell his name correctly on the doted line. It’s scary that people like him are bringing children into the world. Miss Milian will be a single mother in two years.

i said it on

Nothing wrong with what he said. WE ALL KNOW IT’S TRUE! Of course it’s easier. At least he’s keeping it real by admitting it! If a white guy said it, no one would care

JM on

wow, i really don’t get it. you know there are enough reasons not to like The Dream (silly name), and believe me i am not and have never been a fan.

but can someone please explain to me which one of these is correct:

katherine heigl says that parenting is hard for any parent and that everyone struggles in some way no matter how much money you have = she is out of touch with the real world, ungrateful, whiny and complaining, disrespectful towards people who have less money and work hard for it.

the dream admits that parenting is easier for him because he has more money. he has experienced parenting both with and without money and appreciates that now that he has made a lot of money (that’s just a fact btw not bragging) that it makes life a lot easier = he is arrogant, should furiously deny having money of any kind, should pretend that parenting is just as tough for him as someone living on minimum wage

i am seriously confused. to those of you complaining in these threads: is it the celebrity or the issue that you have a problem with? would you be reacting like this if one of the golden celebs on this site had said the same thing (jennifer garner, nicole ritchie, gwen stefani, any Z-list-famous-for-nothing celeb who for some reason are always popular around here) ? GENUINELY curious. like i said, i really don’t like The Dream for many reasons. THIS is not one of them.

emmy on

He is speaking the truth. I would hope they arent doing all the nannies tho. Children need their mom and dad. If your gunna be a mom or dad then be one, dont give the dirty work to another person.







Pat on

He’s right! It’s much easier raising children when you are financially stable. At least, every parent wants to provide the best to their own children.

Erica on

Hey, I appreciate his honesty. At least he’s not being phony. He’s being real and just stating a fact. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it DOES make a lot of things easier.

Terry B on

Who is the Dream …. and more importantly — hasn’t his 15 minutes expired yet? Hope he has a good investor to back up his statement.

JMO on

I don’t know anything about this guy. But the title is a bit misleading. The article didn’t bug me. Of course having money makes it easier to raise kids! Most people have kids when they don’t have money then expect everyone else to take care of their kids for them!

Sweet on

Shame on for this salacious title and tone which is not related at all to the article. Based on the comments, it looks like most of people didn’t read the actual article but commented on the title alone..shame on you people too.


Why can’t celebrities say normal things like; “Having money helps and being rich makes things easier”… Doesn’t it? Ofcourse it does…. A lot of non rick folk figure out which bills there going to pay before they get there weekly check, then buy house necessities like groceries, diapers, and maybe have a bit of fun money—> and don’t forget the laundry soap 🙂 So yes, what is said is flipping true—> end of story and people quit making it more than what it is or what he said…. By the way I never heard of the guy till he got her pregnant— FYI

KW on

Don’t really know much about The-Dream but at least he is not on state welfare expecting handouts for free while he sits around and does nothing. He has money, a job and supports all 4 of his children. And he wants them to grow up to be responsible, respectable people.

J on

Oh hush Tawney and “i said it”. What makes you think Jenn cares what your ranting about. Hater, really? How old are you kiddo?

And to bring race into it is just ridiculous and immature. Grow up I Said It. Please contribute when you can get over race and have a real discussion.

A. on

Well, that must be nice…

All us little people would not know what that’s like!



Beth on

Realistically he may have money now but hes not really a household name, I mean he’s not Usher!
Save your pennies mate you may need them with all the baby mamas popping your kids out.

E on

CBB – this title is dreadful – it seems that you are deliberately trying to influence the reader to think badly about this guy when actually, as many have commented on here, he has only spoken the truth.
Of course it would be easier now. The stress of having to worry about where your baby’s next meal is coming from would obviously have made things harder. Having money definitely does lessen the anxiety of having a baby. Come on people – there is no need to be so vicious!!

Anne on

What a joke of course it is easy for you to raise kids with money cuz you are not even raising them someone else is. PS who is this guy I have no clue who he is or ohow he even got rich!

MiB on

OK, every parent I know that has been in financial difficulties during one period or another will subscribe to this. It is much easier to be a good parent (or even just a parent) if you don’t have to constantly worry about being able to feed your children and have a roof over their heads, so why is his statement creating such an uproar? Sure, the headline might sound a bit cocky, but it is probably taken out of it’s context, and let’s face it, not everyone is a smooth talker.

Robert on

Sounds arragant but he is speaking his truth. Wealth doesnt egual “good parenting” or “good kids” for that matter. There’s a lot of messed up rich kids of celebs out there.

Ms M on

Let’s hope that when any one of your kids reaches the age of 16 you don’t fun out and buy a $300G Meybach for her/him to drive. What a waste of money for a 16 yr old. First car should have been a hooptie just you started out with.

Francesca on

Although it is easier to raise a child with a higher income, I still think it is inappropriate to brag about it. And that is what he did, he had to throw out that he had money. Does a child require money? yes, but there is also nurturing and sorry, money can’t buy that. That nurturing comes from the parent. So, for him to throw that out about him being rich is just immature and, quite frankly, a shows me that he defines himself through money. Just my thoughts.

Lee on

@Francesca, your comments sound immature and jealous. You seem like the type to whine about honesty but yet can’t handle it.

Me on

Good Grief people. We all know that having money makes it easier to do anything. That includes raising a child. Just because he has the money to raise his kids, and worry about little doesn’t mean that he doesn’t spend any time with his kids. I get a hint of jealousy in A LOT of the posts here. Seriously, get over it. For those of you saying, “it must be nice”…yeah, it probably is. You choose to have kids…knowing your own financial situation. That was your choice. Celebs have money! They have kids! They have the option of hiring help…so do non-celebs. So for all the working couples out there with kids who hire nannies, and take their kids to daycare…are you going to say that they don’t spend time with their kids too? Get over it already. According to half of you, celebs can do no RIGHT by anything.

J-Lin on

Beth – His name is not household, but The Dream is a major producer. He works behind the scenes and everyone knows that really where the money is. You may not know hm like you know Usher, but I bet his money is just as long.

As far as babymamas, he has an ex-wife, Nivea, and with her he has a daughter and a set of twin boys. Nivea has had some success in the past as a singer. His latest “babymama” and wife has had success both as a singer and actress.

Thought I would educate you before you said anything else to make you look like those silly idiots that buy into stereotypes.

ILuvPerfectParents on

The Dream is a R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. He has written/co-written/produced songs for Jesse McCartney, Mariah, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Rihanna, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Brandy, Katy Perry, Ciara and the list goes on and on.

He left a bad taste in my mouth because of a previous interview he did recently, not this one. In this one, he said what a lot of celebs & non celebs think/know to be true but just haven’t said out loud. Him saying it out loud vs… another rich celeb thinking it but wants to be PC, differs very little.

Take a look in the archives at celeb moms who lose baby weight really fast or talk about how easy it is having a kid/twins and read the comments. You will definitely see more than a few stating, “of course it’s easy when you have a nanny, a trainer, a chef etc”… He is saying the exact same thing.

Luna on

When I had my son, who is my first born, it was a surprise and my husband and I were not financially ready for a child. Things were tough for a little bit, but we made it work. Things picked up when my son was about 8-9 months old. My husband got promoted and therefore got a raise, we paid off our cars, and I was working, but my family would volunteer to watch the baby. When I got pregnant the second time, with twin girls, I was extremely financially stable. I was able to become a stay-at-home mother for my three children. I now have five children and I stay at home with my daughter who just turned three, and my son who will be a year old in August, while the other three go to school. My husband is a big boss at his company and things are much, much easier.
I do remember those times when I was buying Bob the Builder shampoo from the dollar store so we could buy things we needed for the baby. What I’m trying to say is, I actually agree with The-Dream. When you have more money and are financially stable, it’s much easier to raise your child/children. I think that the article title should be changed, but it’s correct in content.

Lisa on

Yes, he’s telling the truth. Nic Cage probably thought that at one time, too, and now he’s lost houses and everything else he bought when he was “rich”. Kids need love and attention, not just financial stability.

SweetDivaT on

These are isolated comments from The Dream.

Most of his comments regarding his marriage and fatherhood this time around have been totally off base. This is a man who hasn’t been seen (publicly) with his daughter or his wife for that matter since the People photo shoot. I think a lot of the negativity is coming from those of us who have read his previous comments (in the past 3 weeks) and have surmised that these remarks in CBB are his attempt at a clean-up job.

LisaS on

I don’t know who this guy is but I get the gist of what he’s saying and don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not very humble but it’s the truth and I, for one, appreciate it. Besides, the actual content of the article differs greatly from the title so why people are getting so riled up about this is beyond me.

April on

He says a lot of things that don’t make him come off in the best light. This quote was appalling: Do you help Christina out when you’re home?
THE-DREAM: I don’t because my “helping out” turns into expectations. I’ll get Violet on a late night maybe one or two times, but after that, no. If Christina’s tired, call the nanny, call Violet’s granny. We got people.

D on

Egotisital much!?

Terri on

Everyone’s all up in arms because CBB posted an misleading title. I agree with him. Having sufficient finances certainly makes things easier.

Moore on

Nothing he said is false. It is easier when you’re rich. Why wouldn’t it be? So, the guy doesn’t want to get up at night? I’ve heard poor people say the same thing. I don’t know when that became a requirement in being a good parent. Don’t get up at night, if ya’ll have that understanding but as long as he’s there at other times, sounds fine to me.

tracy on

NO amount of money can make you a good parent. Some of the poorest people out there are the best mom’s and dad’s. I guess that makes me a cr*ppy mom. I’ll take it any day of the week. Quality is much more important than quantity.

what of it? on

Okay, I’m confused. Whenever a celebrity says raising a child is tough, everyone is up in arms because supposedly rich celebrities shouldn’t complain about child rearing. When someone admits that wealth makes it easier, people are equally up in arms. I thought there was going to be high fives all around for this posting. I guess you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Maria on

Is it me or did he leave Nivea so he could get a younger version in Christina Milan??? He does have money. The money in music is in the writing and producing and he does a lot of that.

Amber on


According to my friend who is also Nivea’s former publicist, Nivea left The Dream. She just had a baby with Lil Wayne.

Haleiwa on

I happen to agree with him and glad he’s being direct and not sugar-coating anything. I too had a child when my first husband was making the bare minimum and it was rough. Hindsight is always 20/20 and like The Dream, I’ve seen the other side of what it’s like to raise children when you do have finanical stability. Which is why I to the proverbial rolling of the eyes, when I see people with barely a pot to pee in, having babies and saying “all you need is love”. That’s a Beatles song and nothing more. Try telling a landlord, a pediatrician, or a daycare provider that you’re paying them with love.

HJ on

What the heck are you all complaining about… re read the article. Reading one small article is going to make you all experts on how he’s raising his kids, pathetic.

Kristin on

Ugh, I heard all the hullabaloo about this. I think the title is very misleading and a bit unfair. He didn’t say it was easy, he said it was “a little easier.” And he is rich, and we know how much easier money makes things, especially providing for a child. Granted, I had never even heard of this guy until it was announced that he and Christina Milian were expecting, so I don’t know anything about what he’s said in other interviews, but I don’t see anything wrong with what he said here.

Tearra on

Lol @ J.

The article wasn’t as bad as I thought, but in others he has sounded like an ungrateful jackass.

What he said is exactly why I refuse to have a baby right now. I would like to enjoy my children without the added financial stress.

Tina on

I call bullshit. He got wic and wasn’t paying for milk.

anjel on

I’ve read a few of his interviews before and to me he always sounds like an idiot, but this time he actually made sense. It really is easier when you have money.

Kelpy on

If there was ever a true word spoken…
Money makes lives easier.

He’d better hope he says (Rich) that way!

MiB on

I call bullshit. He got wic and wasn’t paying for milk.

– Tina

Tina, I am not familiar with wic, but I am quite sure it doesn’t pay for all the milk and diapers a baby needs, I know about other systems like that, and none of them do.

Tee on

I have a question. Why is it that quite a number of times someone is called a “hater” or “jealous” for expressing their own opinion? It particularly drives me batty when it’s a politely put opinion!

Actually, I have another question. How in the heck did race get brought into this?

Tae on

Believe me having money does not make it easier raising a child/kid/teenager. Unless some of the people that were posting messages are right-they can pay for nannies. Which then are they really dealing with the real issue of parenthood? I mean seriously have you heard of any other rich people walking around and saying because I am rich; it is easier to raise a child. Yes, you can give them much more material things. Nevertheless, being a parent is more than just providing money and buying milk. Hello, if you read his interview in Essence he doesn’t even see his daughter that much. This is word from his mouth. You tell me how much money should keep you away from putting you baby to bed every night, feeding, cuddling, and just watching there first milestones. I know I wont get to see every moment of my child’s life, but dang I sure don’t want to miss it either.