Spotted: Nicole Richie and Sparrow’s Sunny Stroll

06/30/2010 at 03:00 PM ET


Looks like rock star style runs in the family!

Nicole Richie escorts her Mohawk-sporting son Sparrow James Midnight, 9 months, on a shopping adventure with Joel Madden and daughter Harlow, 2 (not pictured), on Monday in Studio City, Calif.

Richie — who says she and her Good Charlotte frontman fiancΓ© call their son “Row” — explains that their children’s naming pattern was unintentional.

“I didn’t even realize that [both of their names] ended with ‘ow,'” she explained recently. “I love the name Willow, and now that’s out because I’m not gonna have all kids with ‘ows!'”

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Hugo on

the little dude is starting to look like his sister!

tiffany on

He’s cute, but looks like he does that same weird lip thing as his daddy (kinda looks like it in this pic anyhow)!

lexi on

Omg!! he is too adorsable he looks a lot like joel/nicole has the cutest kids ever

Sharon on

Not a close up of the little tike, but OMG he looks like his daddy from this distance!! I bet he is gonna be supper cute like his big sis.

ariana on

Hugo, you are right! He does look like his sister. Both kids are cute as ever. The kids look more like Joel I think.

Minami86 on

I love Nicole’s family! She’s really matured & turned into a classy business woman!

Also, does Sparrow have a mohawk or I am just really tired from class today? LOL I seriously think it’s a mohawk. There’s more hair on the top of his head than the sides. I dont mean this as an insult either so please dont flame me. I think it’s cute!

glee fan 8 on

he is so cute! i think he looks like harlow and joel. i love sparrow’s little mohawk. it looks so cute on him!

Chelsea on

Aww .. He is so cute. I love Nicole , She is such a great mom πŸ™‚

April on

What a cutie! He’s definitely a mini Joel!

jojo on

Great job Nicole, the kids are beautiful. I’m so glad you got you life together.

selene on

It’s a mini Puck, haha.
He is so bloody cute, he looks so observant.
Love his little totseys catching the rays.
I would love to see him and Bronx Wentz together. Nicole & Joel and Ashlee & Pete are good friends, I bet those play dates are so much fun.

MIA on

minami86 yes the story goes “Nicole Richie escorts her Mohawk-sporting son Sparrow James Midnight”

Anna on

I hope that “I didn’t realize they both ended in ow” thing was taken out of context because otherwise is makes Nicole sound kind of dumb.

And on a shallow note: I have no idea how Nicole walks in those shoes. I wouldn’t be able to walk more than five feet in shoes with that high of a heel.

Alycia on

Wow! Nicole is rocking that outfit!!

Bertie on

Why is it when Melanie Brown’s child was given a mohawk, she was lambasted by people on here but when Nicole does it to her child, no one has a problem with it?

Isla on

So adorable! πŸ™‚
(P.S Nicole, Maclaren’s have a recall and you need the hinge covers)

CelebBabyLover on

ariana- Actually, if you look at pictures of Nicole as a child, Harlow looks a lot like she did as a kid! πŸ™‚ But Sparrow DOES resemble Joel, and he’s a cutie!

Bancie1031 on

What a cutie …. Him and his sister are SOOO adorable! We haven’t gotten to see him as much as we got to see Harlow at this age 😦

Momta2 on

@ Bertie, I would imagine it’s because Melanie’s child is a GIRL! Of course I am not saying that it should matter but just that it is the reason why some people critized.

Lola Monroe on

He is too adorable, I love this family!!

Amanda on

There’s a pretty big difference between a girl with a mohawk and a boy with one. If I saw baby pictures of me with a mohawk I’d think my mom was crazy and maybe even be a little embarassed by them. Not the same if it were a boy.
My son is 6 months and has a natural mohawk going on LOL His hair seems to be coming in along the top of his head a lot faster than on the sides and his hair is so fuzzy right now that it sticks straight up. Everyone thinks it’s adorable.
Can’t quite tell from this distance who he’s really looking like but he looks adorable.

JM on

Bertie – because some things are ok for one celeb but not for another. nicole and joel are generally one of the most liked couples around here so they get more of an easy ride. people are going to refute this but it’s true… two celebs can do exactly the same thing and depending on how much people generally like them it will be ok or not ok.

i have to admit that question was on my mind too. i think sparrow looks adorable, but then i also thought Kingston Rossdale and Mel B’s daughter looked cute with their mohawks… it might not be something i’d do on my child but i have no problem with other people doing this, it’s not harming the kid.

Marina on

Bertie – I don’t know about the other people but I dislike the hair cut that Mel B gave her daughter because the Mohawk was too long, almost as long as her head and it look weird.
Instead Sparrow’s is short and has a nice proportion, and look beautiful on his face.

Luna on

I love mohawks on little boys! My eldest son had a mohawk when he was a baby, because it was adorable, and then he got older and decided he wanted a buzz cut so bye bye mohawk. Now my youngest, my ten month old, has a mohawk. Love Sparrow’s! He’s adorable.

Minami86 on

@Mia: oh ok. I see it now in the story. The reason I asked though is because some babies sometimes get bald spots or the hair thins out a little & it can look like a mohawk. My poor oldest niece had that issue for a while & people thought she was a boy. She has more than enough hair now to make up for lost time. XD!

Kristin on

@Anna, I think she meant she didn’t realize it when she chose the name Sparrow. It was just a name that they liked and it didn’t occur to her until later.

Jeri on

Ive always loved the name Willow too. To bad she wont be using it. I think it would be cute to have all “ow” names.