Constance Marie’s Blog: My Sick, Sad, Snotty Baby!

06/30/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Courtesy Constance Marie

We’ve covered a range of topics with Constance Marie — so far, we’ve met the family, gone “into the trenches,” learned all about cloth diapers, heard about her fertility fight, discovered how she “greens” her daughter’s world, and discussed how the concept of time changes once you’re a mom.

This week, the actress — who lives in California with her fiancé, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 16-month-old daughter, Luna Marie — tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies about dealing with her baby girl’s first big cold and fever.

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My new topic: Exactly how much snot can a little baby produce?! This week, Luna Marie got her first really bad cold.

She’s had colds before, little ones I guess — no big fevers — and usually she still keeps her happy-go-lucky demeanor. This week — NOT SO MUCH! Who knew a little runny nose at the park could turn into a 103.9 degree fever?!

It started as I was trying to take photos for last week’s blog. She wouldn’t smile, and really seemed out of it. No matter what crazy noise I would make or funny thing I would do, she was so not interested. I thought she was just anti-paparazzi or needed a nap. Well…

The next day she woke up SO SO HOT! And I don’t mean like Eva Mendes hot. I mean like a curling iron that had been left on all night hot. OMG! I felt awful for her. Her face was all red, her eyes were watery and there was snot everywhere. Kid you not, like a waterfall…

Courtesy Constance Marie

Thanks to my mommy group, I knew of other babies getting fevers and that until a baby has a fever of 104 degrees, that you really shouldn’t worry. But HELLO?! She was there! Here’s the worst part: My little vegetarian baby — who eats three course meals, four times a day — would not eat!

Let me explain what a big deal that was. Little Luna Marie will normally plow through 5 oz. sautéed spinach, 5 oz. black beans and 6 oz. pasta, plus strawberries for dessert! It was no problemo! But now — she wanted NOTHING.

I didn’t learn that I would be one of those moms who obsesses over whether or not her baby eats until after I had Luna Marie. I’m sure when she’s 40, she’ll walk into the house and my first words will be, “Honey you look thin, are you eating enough?!” Which is even more ironic especially since I am an actress! Hello?! It’s like they pay me not to eat!

However, for my little baby I’m totally different! Seriously, I still keep a schedule — you know the one they give you at the hospital to see how much breastmilk the baby is taking? — Well I still keep track, but of food intake instead! Yes, she is 16 months old and I still write it all down! I’m a little OCD … but I digress…

Courtesy Constance Marie

Anyway — my lil’ baby will not eat, she is so whiny, snot is flying everywhere, she has a cough and worst of all — she will NOT sleep at night unless she is lying on top of me or Kent! We have become human mattresses! Now to paint a picture, she is 25 lbs. and really tall for her age, so that lets you know how comfy that is on a 44-year-old momma’s back!

What can you do? She needs us, she needs sleep and so do Kent and I. We literally tag-teamed all night, each of us going as long as we could ’til our backs just said, “Enough!” (Or until she had coughed in our faces or slapped us just one too many times.) We would just pass her back and forth in the bed and she wouldn’t even wake up!

Thank God this only went on for four nights! I know, I know, we didn’t realize how spoiled we were. She has slept through the night in her own bed since she was two months old. I feel for all the parents whose babies just keep waking up for years. My heart and back go out to you guys! You are my heroes and I am not fit to walk in your shoes!

I took her to the doctor when the fever got so high, and found out she had ear infections too! Seriously, it was like she had been hit by the sickness train! No wonder every time she coughed she would start to cry.

The worst part was that she lost her little voice too. When she cried it sounded like she was singing, and she would just whisper, “Mama, Dada.” It broke my heart. It all happened so fast, one minute she was happy-go-lucky and then the next day BAM! She was little miss sicky sick. 😦

Courtesy Constance Marie

Thankfully, her fever is gone and her smile is back, but the cough and snot are still lingering…

As any mother knows, we just want our babies to feel better quickly and we all do whatever we have to do to help them — no matter how much it inconveniences us or hurts our backs! Last night I was trying to tough it out, cradling Luna Marie in the rocking chair in her nursery. Of course, my back was seizing up and pinching every time I inhaled. Kent had to work early in the morning so I wanted him to sleep as much as he could.

Then I looked down at this sweet little face, leaning up at me in the glow of the nightlight, mouth open drooling and with her little arm wrapped around my neck choking me ever so slightly … and my only thought was, “This feels so awesome. She feels so good. Her hair smells so good! Her skin so soft. I love her so much! I am so glad I got to be a mom! I am happy to be her lumpy pillow — for as long as my back can take it!”

Of course my next thought was, “How much longer ’til I can pass her off to Kent?” 😉

— Constance Marie

PS – I hear a lot of kids are sick now. So watch out!

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Jen DC on

Oh, poor honeys! All of you! Watch out – I’m sure you have everything she had save the ear infections, so drink your OJ, etc. and hang on.

Hopefully her li’l nose isn’t too chapped and she starts chowing down again. Good luck.

Plume on

We went through the same thing about two weeks ago-ear and throat infections, high fevers, a cold-so I feel you. And of course my little guy wouldn’t eat either, which got me even more stressed because he actually doesn’t eat much on a regular basis. Fun, fun, fun.

Brandee on

She is so adorable! I know as a parent and an aunt of over 30 its so hard when they get sick because it pulls at your heart I know I would stare at them thinking, why couldnt it have been me! Anyways, love your blogs hope she gets better soon! Your an awesome momma! 🙂

Pinkdancer on

I just wanted to say that I really love your blog! All of your entries are funny and informative. So sad to hear about little Luna! I hope she is feeling better. Don’t worry, in the pictures you posted, she is still as adorable as ever!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, and I look forward to your blog every week!

Natalie on

This is all soo true, there is nothing worse than when your baby is sick! My daughter is 2yrs and 4 months and still go in her room and stare at her sleep. That is one scene that never gets dull. Thank you Constance for the blogs, love them.

Tina on

I think we all go through this at one point or another. At 22 months old, my daughter had 4 ear infections in two months before they decided to put tubes in her ears. It was the same thing every time, a little snot meant a lot of ear infection.

I’m glad she is feeling better, but know that you’ll be prepared for the next time because it will happen.

Paun on

Your daughter is so adorable! My hubby and I are going through the same thing with our 15 month old. He caught a cold from daycare and now hubby and I are both sick. What fun it is to be a parent, wouldn’t trade it for the world. He actually slept through teh night last night, in his own crib!..

Kim on

OMG ! I just went through the same thing with my daugther from Friday until this past Tuesday! She had the same exact thing, a little cold and a nasty cough and then BAM 104.7 fever and ear infections in both ears AND she has 6 teeth coming in at the same time!! I definitely know how you feel! Thanks for sharing! It’s nice to know I wasn’t alone in the “mommy mattress” world! 🙂

Isa on

Poor baby! I am glad she is feeling better! Love this blog, she makes me feel like I am right there! love the pics!! keep up the great job!
Ps. My 12 year old loves you and the george lopez crew!!

Dr. Nicole on

Your baby girl is gorgeous. It’s exciting to read that you are feeding her a natural diet! Have you had her checked by your Chiropractor? You should. Keeping the nervous system healthy is the #1 thing you can do to keep your child healthy and strong!
Dr. Nicole

Sydney on

OMG!Poor Luna Marie! I’m sooo sorry!! I feel so bad for you,and little miss sicky sick! I can just imagine how sick she must have been.I hope she feels better:)Can’t wait for next week’s blog!I hope you have a great rest of the week,and hope you have a wonderful 4th of july,with your family!!Good luck to you,and your family!:)

Lee Lee on

fever is usually a sign of some kind of infection, mostly ear infections though. i’ve gone through this with all three of mine and whenever they got a fever, I knew it had to be an ear infection or some kind of infection. glad you took her to the doctor and found this out.

Chrissy on

my son is the same age and he is getting over a bad cold also,so i know exactly how this woman is feeling right now.the worst part for me is he gets a cold everytime he gets a new tooth,without fail!

Grace on

Just got through a stuffy then runny nose and ear infection with my soon to be 4 mo. old daughter. Not fun! Yesterday she started getting the runny nose again, just as we’re headed out of town for the 4th 😦 oh no! I too, just like you, document all her food intake…the antibiotics did a number on her for 2 weeks she barely ate – I HATED it.

Here’s to hoping your little “moon” gets well soon and lets mommy and daddy sleep again.

ps. I love love love that sweet precious baby smell, especially in dim nightlight when their mouths are hanging open with drool and they’re hanging on to you – melts your heart :o)

Holly on

Poor baby! And poor parents! It’s so hard when they get tackled by the illness trifecta.

I didn’t deal with the heavy duty sickies until my daughter was over 2 years old. And she got a tummy bug. We had sick-covered laundry piled up, ran out of clean sheets, the only things in our fridge were pedialyte, applesauce, leftover white rice, and coke, so we could stay awake.

And everytime she would start to get sick, my heart would just twist into a million pieces. I would have done anything to take that away from her.

Hopefully you guys get a lot more rest! And even as sick as she is, she’s a cutie to the max!

therealestatecafe on

I love this blog (I read it to my husband too…). I can never get enough of knowing that all moms go thru the same things, even tho half of us are afraid to actually admit it!

angel on

I’ve been lurking for a bit… love your blog. I feel for you and your lil mama. As parents we feel so helpless at times, it’s just awful. Even though she wasn’t feeling her best… her pics are adorable. You’re doing a great job! Enjoy every day with her…

Jennie on

I can completely relate to her situation…my 16 month old son has been sick off and on for the past month, but thankfully he’s all better now. While he was sick though, I would’ve done anything to make him instantly better because I hated seeing him feeling so bad.

Love your blog Constance! 🙂

Mandi on

I feel for you!! Ear infections are the worst 😦 They come on so fast and linger forever. Hopefully she gets better soon!

SKN on

Who said that “until a baby has a fever of 104 degrees” you shouldn’t worry? Strep presents with 101+ and can lead to scarlet fever! Unless you know your kid is teething or that tylenol breaks the fever after 1 dose- it is never a bad idea to get your baby checked by a physician when he/she is running a fever.

Andrea on

Black beans & strawberries for a child so young? Beans, ok, maybe… but strawberries? I thought children weren’t supposed to get certain foods (such as strawberries) until they’re older so they don’t develop food allergies…

K. Hill on

I feel for you….I went through this on an ongoing basis with my son for a YEAR and a HALF, culiminating in tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and tube placements because he quit eating much of anything after 10 mo’s & a bout with Mononucleosis. Yes-my 10 month old baby got Mono 😦 Just wait until you all get the stomach flu together…..I could fill pages with inappropriate stories about THAT debacle. The good news is, with medical intervention, I am proud to report my son gained almost five pounds in six weeks following his surgery! Good luck and speedy recovery to your daughter-she sure is a cutie!

Donna C. on

Constance: I knew you a few years back and have enjoyed keeping up with you (and your career) through TV interviews and magazine articles. I especially enjoy hearing your stories of Motherhood and all about your sweet baby girl. I never did get the chance to have children of my own, so I live vicariously through my Friends and Family.

That little girl of yours is SO cute, some pictures I see, she looks JUST like you!!

Luna is a lucky little girl to have a Mommy (and Daddy) that love her so much.

And thank you for sharing that very happy part of your life.

God Bless you all. XOXO

Melisa on

I am the mother of 4 boys and I have been through it with the older 3. My oldest caught colds all of the time we ended up having his tonsils removed at 3. He hasne’t been sick much since and he is 14 now. My 6 year old used to just spike wild fevers out of nowhere followed by a drippy snotty mess much like your Luna for days on end. My now 3 year old was the one that actually worried me. He would just hack for hours on end, run the high fevers, and cry as I cleaned out his nose over and over again. It turned out that he had asthma. His immunities were low as well and he caught everything. The endless cases of strep have amazed his doc. Just after his 1st bday he had tubes put in. Now that I am the mom of a 7 month old, I am weary (yet happy) to say that this one has proven much healthier than his older brothers were. I am with you on the back pain… My boys always wanted mommy when they were sick. Many nights with them with us in bed waking up for every dose of medicine to keep their fevers down. You know what, I would not trade it for anything. Thank you for your blog.

Kimberly on

I hope your little angel feels better soon! I know what you mean about the back thing… My daughter has severe acid reflux, and we held her upright (24/7 – no exaggeration) for the first 10 weeks of her life. If we laid her down, the reflux would wake her up. We each averaged 2 hours of broken sleep per day. After she was well enough, and we could finally lay her down, it felt strange to sleep horizontally again! I enjoy reading your blogs very much – hugs to you and precious Luna Marie!

Angela on

My kids (6, 2, and 8 months) are all sick with colds right now too! For snotty noses I LOVE the Nose Frida snot sucker. Sometimes even my 24 month old can’t blow her nose easily so I use that on her to get all the goop out.

tulle on

your baby will be all better soon enough.

hayley on

ooooo no sick babies are just the worst! 😦 xxxxx my two are always catching colds ect from other kids at play group and i find it so hard watching them suffer 😦 i almost can’t stand it, my husanbd has to put his foot down as i can just waaayyyyy over the top with the breathe easy rub and calpol and checking temps every 5 minutes lol.

i truly hope she feels better soon xxxxxxxxxxx

Lindy on

Andrea…strawberries are fine, just in pieces so babies/toddlers don’t choke. My 6 month old eats strawberries in his pureed baby food with no problem. Give it a try if you have a little one…it’s especially popular mixed with bananas and/or apples!

Belle on

Hey! I just read a post from another mother of 4 boys! Wow!! I also have 4 boys, aged between 17 and 5, only I’m a single mom, so I didn’t have anyone to pass the youngest to when he got sick…Anyway, I heard from a naturopath once that when a child refuses to eat it is just following instinct. The body cant’ work on fighting off sickness while also working on digestion. So they don’t eat and will sleep more because that’s how they best fight off the infection. I’ts worrisome, I know, as I’m also one of those moms that will measure their food to make sure they’re eating enough (ok, not with the teenagers anymore – they eat like termites!), but it’s what their bodies need. Stay strong and keep doing what you’re doing: loving her all the way around the universe and back!

RM on

I’ve learned the hard way when my 2 year old had RSV last winter and had to be hospitalized with pneumonia for 5 days – it’s ok if they don’t eat. Fluids are the only important thing when they are that sick. My little guy got so dehydrated the IV took almost an hour to get started. It was brutal for him. They will eat when they need to but you have to get them to drink. It’s terrifying when your in the hospital and the doctors are having to weigh their diapers.

Tina on

Good Job! & Great Blog. I am 28 and thanks to the years of caring for my 7 nieces and nephews my baby Chloe. My daughter had a 104 fever and thank god it is gone today. I really cannot wait for her to turn 24 months in October so that I can give her vitamins. I still take my prenatal and I think they are my only saving grace!

Miranda on

I’m so glad she’s feeling better! My 16 month old had her first real cold start on Mother’s Day. She woke up with a fever and cried as if she was in pain. We were able to break her fever pretty quickly, luckily, and she drank her milk and ate a small amount of food through the day. She was super lethargic and wanted to be held the entire day. It was heart breaking! All day I thought about how it was terribly fitting to spend Mother’s Day MOTHERING and how it was awfully nice to have this little being in my arms, even under those circumstances.

We, also, were blessed with a good sleeper but in our case our daughter was fine sleeping in her crib on her own while sick- for 17 hours straight! That was very concerning for us but I guess her poor little body needed the extra down time to recover.

So happy that your little Luna is back to her happy, sunny self- she’s just adorable!! Thanks so much for taking the time for blogging- I hope you decide to keep it up!

Alex on

Hi Constance Marie,

Your little girl is the prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen, cuter than all the celeb babies, and more…..she’s so precious, and you really sound like a great mother, a mentor….

Love you,


Lorelai on

Poor Luna! It is awful when babies get sick sick for the very 1st time. Now that I have a 2nd one is worse cause my 3 yr old goes to school and she brings home all the lovely germs to pass on her little 8 month old brother and of course, her nanny, my husband and I…and we rotate the flu for like 2 months. It’s awful. I also obssess about how much my babies eat but we moms tend to over worry. They will not starve and will make up for it when they feel better. Of course this is what I know after 3,5 years of being a mom…but the 1st time..oh my, I still remember how awful that was…I actually cried and all LOL (and then I wonder why is it that I have such drama queen daughter! haha)

Brooke on

I absolutely love love love reading about the way you are raising Luna Marie! She is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing, I’m always looking forward to your next baby blog!

T. on

Gotta love a sweet endearing blog post about snot 🙂

Caitlyn on

Your daughter is the cutest!

My daughter is 15 months and just recently got over being sick. It was the worst thing! I’m a young mother—-20—-who freaks out anytime anything seems wrong with her! Its just her father and I raising our doting daughter, so we try to be as hands on as possible. WELL—-when I wake up in the middle of the night Sweating because my little Leila is hot beyond hot, I was totally freaked out! I didn’t know what to do! I called the hospital to get advice from the nurses, but all they could tell me was give her Children’s Tylenol and if her fever persists, to bring her in. WOW—atta way to help right? So there I was, three in the morning, covering her forehead with a cold wash cloth, praying her fever would go down. Luckily it did. I didn’t get to sleep til the sun came up, but it was the best feeling in the world to know that she was sleeping soundly withOUT a fever!

I love your blogs Constance! Keep them up! I check everyday to see if there is a new one posted!

Catch you on the next post!


Erica Swailes on

My youngest (he’s 15 months) out of my 3 kids is sick with a cold. Snot in his hair. Snot all over his crib sheet. Snot all over his special blanket. It’s gross. And, now I’ve been run over by the sick train. My middle child now has a runny nose and sneezing as if someone threw dust in his face (maybe some of that really is dust due to my lack of dusting talent). While I never like to see my children sick, what I REALLY don’t like is for ME to be sick! No one tends to me and makes me chicken soup or toast with butter and sugar and cinnamon on top! No one lets me lay there and watch movie after movie while I go in and out of consciousness! Motherhood is definitely not for the weak, that’s for sure!


I 100% agree with SKN. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner, and I can tell you it is absolutely not correct to “not worry until fever gets to be 104”. While a little fever never hurt, a temperature 101.5 and higher is not a little fever, is more indicative of a bacterial infection and definitely deserves some medical attention paid to it.

Ms. Moss on

WAIT!!! A fever in an infant/young child is classified as anything over 100.4 degrees F, NOT 104!! Big difference. In fact, most pediatricians recommend calling them with anything over 100.4. Please note this! I really hope someone doesn’t blow off a fever of 102 (or similarly high) after reading this.

glee fan 8 on

poor little girl! glad to see that she is feeling better!

Nina on

the minute I saw the title sick baby I knew that I was going to have a lot to say! having had much experience and practice when it comes to caring for my sick babies I can completely relate to your situation. Especially when it comes to ear infections. I have had a fair share of ear infections from when I was a baby, so much so that I had to have ear tubes placed in at the age of two, and I can easily tell you that ear infections are one of the most painful infections that a child can have. Its a throbbing, clogged sensation that will just not let up, in addition to you feeling like you can’t hear. It is a completely horrible feeling that just makes you want to cry. Having had a never ending series of ear infections I can tell you how painful they are, but having to watch one of my children experience this pain is even worse. unfortunately this is just one of the trials and tribulations that comes along with the whole mommy package. great blog Constance can’t wait to read the next one!

Andrea on

The thing going around now where I live is the stomach flu. My 2 year old gave it to me and I am slowly getting over it. But I feel for you regarding the ear infection. My son got his first at 10 months old and then about once or twice every month after that until we got tubes put it. Now since last October he hasn’t had an ear infection. I hope your little girl doesn’t get another one becuase if she does you will have more sleepless nights and a child who doesn’t want to drink or eat. Good luck!

Traci on

I’ve just got to say, your blog always makes me smile. Even on a sad topic like a sick baby. 😦 Thanks for keeping me laughing Constance:)

Momof7 on

Oh I feel for you and Luna! Those first big sickies are the worst. Heartbreaking to see your baby so sick and knowing only time is going to make it better. Hope that her cough and snots go away quickly.

Crystal on

The picture with the tissues is ADORABLE!!! I’m super happy Luna is feeling better!!! 🙂

Ayanna on

Hi Constance, thank you so much for your blog! I am a new mother with a 6 week old precious boy, and throughly enjoy reading about your experiences as a mother – life’s most challenging job out there 🙂 You tell it like it is and yet manage to find the silver lining in it all which can be hard to do when you are emotional, sleep deprived, and aching everywhere, lol. It is so important for new moms to take courage and know that they are not the only mother out there dealing with a demanding baby while striving to be the best version of themselves (the best mother) that they can be! We all want what is ideal, but I feel that we should learn to give our best to our little ones, partners/spouses/family and pat ourselves on the back at the end of each day for a job well done. Keep it going! :o)

MiMi on

You hit it on the nail. Regardless of how much a struggle it is for all the late nights of our kids being sick, it is SO WORTH IT! Our daughter has had many nights like yours, and all she needed other than love was our arms! She is now 22 months old, and I will still do what it takes to sooth her when she is feeling miserable with 105 fever.

Sherri Jones on

Even though their the ones that are sick its hard on us as parents because we want them to feel better right this minute we feel miserable for them. Glad shes feeling better


It just hit our house last week, and my 7 yr old son who never gets sick, came down with it on Sunday. My daughter is still snotty and coughing. My husband has had it for weeks it seems.
Go far away sickies. We don’t want here anymore.

Suzie on

aaww poor darling! it sure does suck! we go thru bouts of every illness known to man it seems every year! since my DD was 2 weeks old its been cold after cold virus after virus she has had RSV 4 times, bronchial pnemonia, ear infections, strep, Roseolla, UTI’s … its almost like name it my kid had it! she has been hospitalized twice cuz of her illnesses & has more dr’s then i can count! the fever’s scare me most especially when they get so high … the not eating part isnt too much to be concerned about … just need to ensure they are staying hydrated … saline is the best to use for their little noses … & dont forget about the humidifiers/vaporizers! we use them CONSTANTLY – especially w/ my little one having allergies & asthma!

sbon on

i enjoyed your blog today. i hope little one is feeling better. the last bit of your entry struck me. the part about wanting to be her lumpy pillow as long as you can. please enjoy every second. i remember keeping track of everything about my girls firsts: first tooth, step etc. but then, in the blink of an eye, i realized i had missed the lasts. the last time i could pick them up, the last time they would fit on my lap. they are 18 and 13 and i could cry thinking about it. it goes so fast. enjoy it. snot and all!

Coco on

Constance, you should try nasal irragation like the Netti Pot or Nasopure. Routinely washing the sinus’ helps keep away infections and illness.

D on

So sorry she’s sick with her first cold, but unfortunately, it won’t be her last!! Having sick baby’s sucks big time. I’m past that stage with my kids, but I feel for her.

KDK on

I have 4 kids, and unfortunately these fevers/colds/snotfests happen. However, I would take a sick 2 year old over my son when he got sick….AT 18 years old. He reverted back to “Mom, hold me.” “Can’t I sleep with you and Dad?” “I’m going to be sick forever!”
He started his regression at age 14, and I’m glad my husband and I survived his Winter and Summer colds. Stay Strong!!

Laura on

I can’t believe the advice to take your daughter to the chiropractor. Don’t do it! My uncle is best friends with the county medical examiner. Do you know how many people’s necks are snapped by their chiropractors? It’s all hush-hush because of insurance pay-outs. Have your daughter eat healthy, have good medical care through her pediatrician, and treat her symptoms as best as you can. Other than that, most things run their course in a few days. Lots of TLC goes a long way to make her feel better!

Jenn on

I just love to read your blogs. You have a lot of great info and your love for your daughter comes shining thru. Plus, all the pics are great!! I just watched you in the movie, Little Girl Lost, on LMN. It was fantastic and you were wonderful. What a heart wrenching story. I remember reading about it when the little girl was found. Keep up the great work!!

FC on

Aww, Luna is such a cutie—even sick! I love that shot of her with the mound of tissues at her feet. And the one of her sitting in the corner, looking so woe-is-me.

Looking so much like a mini-Constance!

Hopefully the family will be feeling better much sooner! 🙂

Jojo on

Constance, I love you, but the best way to have a child that grows up with eating issues and disorders is to obsess over food as they are growing up. I really hope you won’t continue to focus so much on her food intake. Measuring food portions and continuing to monitor what she eats with a chart is not healthy. Please don’t do this.
I hope she gets rid of the cough and is back to normal quickly. on

Useful information. Fortunate me I found your web site accidentally, and I am shocked why this coincidence didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.