Kelly Ripa Tries to Tell Her Teenage Son That She’s Cool

06/29/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos might have their love life in order, but when it comes to raising their teenage son, they need all the help they can get.

“I read all of these books on teenagers, and they tell you all these things that are going to happen, and it all happened,” Ripa, 39, told PEOPLE at Monday night’s 10th Annual Trevor Project New York Summer Gala, benefiting gay youth crisis prevention.

“They become surly. They lock themselves in their room. Everything [the parents] do is embarrassing.”

She adds with a laugh: “I keep telling him, ‘As far as parents go, we’re the bomb! The coolest parents ever!’ ”

Michael just turned 13 at the beginning of June. But Consuelos says, “I feel like he’s been a teenager for the past year already.” For one thing, he’s thrilled about getting away for his second summer of sleep-away camp – and this time, his parents are feeling better about the separation, too.

“Last year, we were literally pacing the house, calling the camp after 12 hours, asking, ‘Why hasn’t he called us? We haven’t seen any pictures of him online yet!'” says Consuelos. “We were freaking out. This year we’re way more relaxed.”

And in fact, they’re quickly coming around to the idea of sending the younger kids – Lola, 9, and Joaquin, 7 – off to camp themselves.

“The other two wanted to go with [Michael], they wanted to get on the bus. And we were like ‘No, you have to wait until you’re 12,'” says Ripa. “And so the bus takes off, and we were sitting in the car, and the two of them are fighting and screaming. And I’m like, ‘Turn this car around, and get these kids on that bus!'”

— Shruti Dhalwala

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CTBmom on

I LOVE Kelly!! She seems so down to earth…and I can totally relate to what she is going through, having a son myself, who recently turned 13. He too is surly, and thinks everything his dad and I do is embarrasing, lol. I swear, sometimes I think an alien has taken over his body….and I’m like “where did that sweet little kid go?” I know it’s all apart of growing up….but it isn’t easy!

Lina on

Kelly is awesome!!!I have a 13 old girl and I have the same situation going on. It’s really crazy, I can’t say anything that she says that’s embarrassing “mom”! One day she loves me and one day she hates me! Teenagers are so confusing! Hopefully, this stage doesn’t last too long!!

Lorelei on

I totally relate. My 13 year old son has always been pretty easy to raise until the past six months. He no longer has parents I guess. I have an 11 year old daughter and a 10 year old son to follow. Boy is that going to be fun!

Kay on

I love Kelly!! She’s right, she is cool. She had her kids younger and is just an all around cool chick. Any kid would be so lucky to have her as a mom.

mom of two on

boy do i remember those days! my daughter is 20 now, but i remember everything like it was yesturday. i remember all the hugs and i love yous i got, then all the sudden at 15…they stopped 🙂 i remember her thinking that me asking her to do her homework, pick up the mess in her room, change the cat box once in awhile, take out the bag of trash as she was walking past the dumbster anyway to leave, be home by 10pm on school nights and 11-12pm on friday and saturday nights was being way to hard on her and she wanted to go live at her dads house where she thought she would have no rules or curfew in a house with 6 other kids…lol. she never went to live with her dad…but still insists she some how had it soooo awful! i guess it was cuz i didnt let her stay out till 3am like her friends were. anyway….good luck kelly and mark. at least your 13 year old is breaking you so you know what to expect when the other kids are teenagers. i have a 3 year old boy so i will be going throught it all over again too! lol

Karen on

I summed it quite simply when people ask how we are coping with our new (hormonal) teenager…. When she turned 13, we turned stupid ! It is so refreshing to know this applies to everyone including celebs.

Marianne on


That is so funny about telling your son he has cool parents. My daughter turned 13 in April and I keep telling her that too.

Sarah on

My son will be turning 13 in November, but has been self-conscious for quite some time and is irritable and surly. He really likes to sleep in (9am is late for us). None of the cool stuff I did as a teenager or young adult has any effect on him, because he doesn’t think I’m cool AT ALL.

Rochelle on

I too have a 13yr old but this is not my 1st time around the block. I also have a 19 and 18yr old. Let me tell you, each is SO SO different than the last so do not think one is preparing you for the next. Just when you think you have it figured out they do a 360 and you are back to square one. LOL!! Currently my 19yr old is far more work and heart ache than the 13 or 18yr old. I have to remind myself what I put my mother through and then it does not seem so bad. (I was much more a handful than mine have been so far… fingers crossed) Also, there will be a few moments when you see a glimpse of the human form of your teenager all be it very brief. Enjoy that moment you share a laugh or hug and remember, this too shall pass and that we also thought everyone was stupid @ that age. They are just trying to figure out what their opinions and feelings independent of our beliefs and opinions. Trying to do this has to be hard all by itself then add those crazy raging hormones and confusing emotional changes. Sometimes I am not sure which is worst, going through the teenage hormone/emotional crisis with them or my own menopause…All these hormones in the house I am surprised someone has not ended up in a pink padded room. LOL!!!!! Wow, I got started and could not shut up. I too wanted to agree with everyone about these yrs ahead of us but to remind everyone to sit back and watch because some of this can be VERY comical. Easier said than done when you are in the moment though. Good luck to all.