Spotted: Heidi Klum and Kids Beat the Heat

06/29/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Rest stop! Heidi Klum takes a breather with kids Johan, 3½, and Leni, 6, while playing in the water fountains in Battery Park with Henry, 4½, and Lou, 8 months, on a steamy Saturday in Manhattan. Later on, the family grabbed popsicles before beating the heat at the movie theater — the group saw Toy Story 3.


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Electra on

Johan reminds me of hughey from the boondocks lol. Henry is going to be a really handsome man when he grows up. They’re all beautiful kids.

gianna on

holy cow lou is a clone of seal, just lighter skin. Henry is so tall for his age, he could easuily pass for 7 yrs old, he also looks just like seal. johan is a combo of both his parents, and leni resembles heidi, but she has a lot of features especially her nose of her bio dad too. I think for the most part, all her children favor their dads.

jordan on

It’s funny how they are all working the bush even the baby. Cute kids Lou looks like a little Seal on

I’m a bit jealous that she takes her 4 little kids out for the day and doesn’t even have to lift a finger to push a stroller…just drink her smoothie. I took my 3 to meet a friend and her kids for coffee and then we walked 2 blocks to the park this morning…it was nothing like this! 🙂

Anna on

That last photo looks funny with Heidi just drinking her drink and the nanny pushing 2 children + several bags! It’s her job though and probably a pretty nice one.

The first photo is supercute!

Angela on

Johan is so gorgeous! He looks like he should be in one of those Ralph Lauren ads.

Caitlin on

I can’t get over how tall Henry is! And in that first shot, Johan’s features are just so striking. Beautiful family!

JMO on

Henry looks just like Seal! The kids all look so tall but I guess that’s a given 😉

romy on

they could probably beat the heat better with a little less hair 😉 well the other ladies only have to push the strollers, Heidi has to do the entertaining/fixing/grabbing etc is another way of seeing it. Isn’t the blonde lady Heidi’s mom?

fran on

a 6 year old in a stroller????They should have only one stroller for the baby!

Sadie on

Wow! These kids are gorgeous. I think Henry could use a haircut, but its up to them. I agree he is very tall for a four year old and Johan has very striking features. I think the stroller is great for little kids who get tired and could use a nap. Besides the make them for kids up to 65 pounds.

Patrice on

My God, I just couldn’t like this family any more! And would you look at all of Johan’s beautiful hair in that photo???

ROMY: As a biracial person myself, I find it very insulting when people insinuate that Heidi needs to “do something” with Johan’s and Henry’s ever growing afros! She’s celebrating ALL of her children’s natural beauty and I love it! : ) Never heard anyone comment on Leni needing a haircut before to “beat the heat better” as you say…

Amanda on

Hey I want that job of pushing the kids in the stroller! Hire me, hire me! As a parent I always enjoyed hands on with my kids, even when help was available 🙂 Hate me now 🙂

Nancy on

I’m not a fan of Heidi’s but I like the way she dresses the kids, their names… they’re just “normal” LOL (whatever “normal” means) ;o) Who knows how long their walk was. I’m also not crazy when it comes to see 6 years in a stroller but maybe she was tired and switched with her younger brother Henry ;o) Henry sure is tall and I always think he’s the eldest even though I know that Leni is Heidi’s first born ;o) They’re all very cute kids and I always love to see them out!

J on

Patrice as a biracial person myself, I find your nitpicking to make a simple hair comment a racial issue insulting. It’s thick hair and it can get hot and uncomfortable in the summer heat. Leni has thin hair that Heidi puts in ponytails sometimes.

I knew a few ladies who had children with thick hair like Heidi’s kids and they would shave or trim it in the summer or braid it. The kids were uncomfortable with the thick hair in the summer. They weren’t disrespecting their heritae when they cut the hair either, btw.

Please don’t make ridiculous issues out of a simple comment.

Lee on

@J, you still choose to remain ignorant about the world around you. Not everyone hates his hair just because you do

Haleiwa on

Lou and her cheeks are just too cute. I think all the children have very lovely hair. Black folks have been walking around with thick hair for like forever and most are comfortable even when the temperature rises. It’s no different from the Jewish girls with super thick “Roseanna Danna” hair. The hair has been on their heads for just about all of the children’s lives and this is probably not their first experience with heat. I’m sure they are use to it and like their hair just the way it is.

jen on

beautiful children! and what a super fun day – park, fountains, pops and toy story 3! Every kid should be so lucky!!

Electra on

Yall it could just be that Romy is someone who prefers boys to have shorter hair, not necessarily because she doesn’t like the texture of their hair!! Im mixed and my hair is like Johans and this type of hair can TRAP HEAT! Yesterday was almost 100 degrees in NYC(where i think they are) and I washed my hair, i swear it felt like steam was rising from my scalp!

romy on

No insults meant here, I would have said it about Matthew and Camilla’s son too if their headline had something about ‘beat the heat in it’. I don’t care if they have afros.

vailet on

can I just say that this hair was naturally made by nature to PROTECT your head by hot weather 😉

Maya on

Haleiwa: What an ignorant statement “Jewish girls with super thick “Roseanna Danna” ‎hair” – First of all, Jews are not a race, as opposed to Africans. There are European Jews, ‎Arab Jews, North-African Jews, etc. Second of all, the character you mentioned was a ‎parody! I have never seen any “Jewish girls” with kinky hair like that. Get real! ‎

JM on

beautiful family. yeah a 6 year old in a stroller is ridiculous but i don’t care, it’s their family.

the kids are all gorgeous and i LOVE the boys’ hair! really love it. i am partial to slightly longer hair on boys be it blond and straight like my two older boys (i have three, and i guess it’s more wavy than straight), or black and curly. the boys are rocking that look.

molly on

Im not biracial myself but I would also think that with so long hair the kids get really hot and sweaty. I have straight shoulder hair and im really hot in the summer, too ! And one of the ladies pushing the stroller is Heidis mom and grandmas love doing that. When im visiting my mom she will not let me push the stroller at all

Stef on

Henry is getting so big!! I love these kids…they’re all so adorable and they seem like such a normal family. I’m not too keen on the nanny thing but I guess if you can afford it then why not? I’m sure my mom would have loved to have had help with the 3 of us back when I was a kid!!

CelebBabyLover on

Lou is getting so big!

Sophia on

I LOVE Johan’s hair! It’s beautiful! As are all four of Heidi and Seal’s kids. They all look so gorgeous and content 🙂

Winnie on


I recommend an academic course in sociocultural studies. “African” isn’t a race either.

Adi on

Also, to be Jewish has also become an ethnicity in some cases. I think the hair comment was a little weird, too, but you can have religious Jews or ethnic Jews – something that developed over many people coming from the same general area.

BeQuiet on

Please enjoy the photos and leave out all comments that create negative energy!

Lola Monroe on

Who cares if a 6 year old is in a stroller, maybe she was tired & hot….needed a little rest…heck, im 22 and I wish I could still ride in one some days. But nonetheless, all their children are gorrrgeous, Henry is going to be SO handsome when he’s all gronwn up!!

Patrice on

@Lee: Thank you : )

Lorus on

I’d rather push a petite 6yo in a stroller while on a long walk than listen to them complain about being tired. Little ones have to make 2-3 strides per one adult stride so what seems like a small walk for us it’s 2x as long for them. It’s not like her kids have weight issues so her taking a ride beside her younger brother (they actually look the same size!) is no big deal.

I love Johan’s hair. All of these kids are super cute. I think Johan and Lou look so much alike.

annji on

ok this shouldnt turn ugly but ppl if you are going to make comments regarding children be prepared for comments back, as a black woman with both bi racial and non biracal kids that beat the heat comment was inappropriate whether it was taken out of context or not. minorities do not have to cut their hair to be relieved from heat, if heidi were to put their hair in ponytails ppl would have something to say remember ryder? you wouldnt suggest for leni to get a haircut my daughter loves her long flowing hair and would not dare have it cut as most non minority little girls prefer so to imply heat related haircuts is obsurd, my son loves his curly afro style hair and he has survived in the heat for yrs now. just be careful of how your words innocent or not come across and lastly all kids are scrumptous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margot on

Hang on – look at Johan’s and Leni’s legs in the pram photo. They’re the same length! He’s half her age!

Heidi and Seal sure do make tall babies 🙂

Anonymous on

So Henry’s hair is thick. He’s cute and doesn’t look like he’s going to burst into flames at any point in the near future, so leave the poor kids be.

@Maya, you might want to look at your comment before you go on calling others ignorant. I think that what you said about African being a ‘race’ is the most ignorant thing I’ve read here so far.

@Margot, way to notice that, they sure do make tall babies. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Anonymous- Then why is it called “racist” when, say, someone calls a black person the N-word?

britney on

Uhm….. This is about four beautiful children spending precious quality time with their loved mother. When did this become a race discussion.

Anonymous on

@Lee and Patrice…your over-sensitivity to absolutely EVERYTHING is obnoxious and irritating. Lee, you are a troll. Your opinions are always ridiculous, ignorant, and non-constructive. Personally, I could not care less about what these people do with their hair, but that comment was in no way offensive. Unless you look for racial issues in everything, which just makes you look insecure and racist yourself.

FC on

I adore these kids, I really do. The entire family, really. And I would kill to have Johan’s hair. I love his thick mass of curls. 🙂

Brianna on

What beautiful kids they all look gourgeous
So what if a 6 yearold is sitting in a pram as a mother i have 5 kids 🙂 between the age of
6 months and 9 years we have a pram that has four seats two at the front and two at the back now when one of my kids is throwing a tanti saying they want to get out of the pusher and my 9 year old tells me his legs are tired problem fixed a let one of the kids out and put my 9 yearold in the pram buckle him in and off we go 🙂 i think its adorable seeing kids in prams my niece is 11 and she sits in there sometimes when two kids are walking around

Barbra Gordon on

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