Party Time – Stella McDermott Turns Two!

06/28/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startracks

Happy birthday Stella Doreen!

The youngest McDermott turned two with a Barbie-themed party held at Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s Los Angeles-area home on June 19.

The party featured lots of pink, a life-size Barbie cake — see Stella and 3-year-old brother Liam checking it out at left — cupcakes, candy, BornFree Trainer and Twist’nPop straw cups, as well as party favors featuring Mabel’s Labels Label Out Loud and Teeny Tags and Miss Brittany’s Organic Fun Dough deluxe kits.

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Albert Michael/Startracks
Albert Michael/Startracks
Albert Michael/Startracks

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Crystal on


lila on

Can’t believe she is 2 already! Happy birthday Stella!

mmlove on

Cute, Cute, CUTE! I love that theme idea!
Happy Birthday Stella!

Angi on

What a fun party idea! I’m sure she had fun. My daughter just turned 2 and is getting into the princess phase. It can be such fun.

Kristin on

Happy Birthday sweet Stella!! Great family photo…..they all look great!

Audrey on

What is she going to have to look forward to?

Emily on

Wow, that cake is huge!! Stella is such a cutie, I think she looks just like daddy.

amy on

in the third pic… tori’s boobs look like they HURT!

other than that, both kids are adorable! and that party theme is ALLLL girl lol happy birthday stella

margaret on

Aww, love the party ideas, really cute. Can’t believe Stella is already 2, wow, and she’s looking so much like her brother Liam now.

JMO on

haha that outfit has become Liam’s theme birthday party outfit!! Stella’s super cute! Happy Birthday little one!

Heather on

Is it just me or does Liam look so much smaller than Stella!? I had to think (before I read the story) who was born first!! x

Felicia on

How cute! I love how Tori Spelling puts so much thoughts in her babies parties. I love her even though she gets hated on a lot.You can tell she really does love her family.

TC on

I can not believe Stella is TWO!!! Jeeze it seems like yesterday she was pregnant with her.

Before her reality show I thought Tori was just a cookie cutter celeb. Boring. But thanks to her show I see she struggles with the same things as everyone else, fights with her husband, fights with her mother, just normal every day things. She has become one of my favorite Celebs

Ella on

Audrey – my thoughts! What will her future parties be like?
Barbie is far too early for a two year old, imo. And why are so many celebs keen on showing their kids’ parties to us? Is it really a party for the kid or maybe just another chance for the mom/dad to show off? Take Kelly Rutherford and others…

mochababe73 on

I have been to Barbie themed birthday parties, and I love them. As a mother of two boys, I like going to girly birthday parties.
This looks like a typical birthday party to me so I don’t understand why some say “what does she have to look forward to”. She’s two years old! This doesn’t appear to be over the top.
I also have no problem with them releasing the pictures. I’d rather see these than to have a papparazi ruining Stella’s special day.

tracy on

why is Liam wearing pajamas? he should have been dressed like Ken! ha ha

Shan on

Hope Tori ate some of the cake. She’s wasting away.

Jamie on

Love Love Love the goodie bags!

jordan on

OMG I already thought Stella was two because she is so advanced in her words and sentences. I guess that’s what you get for having an older sibling to teach you stuff. I love this family and yay she celebrated on my B-Day. Anyways happy belated birthday Stella.

Carmen on

First Stella is so cute and getting so big,but am I the only one freaked out by that cake?

Amy in Oregon on

Heather, my thoughts exactly! I was just thinking how small Liam looks now! They are a year apart but they are just about the same size! Anyway, I love this family, those kids are SO smart and not to mention adorable!

LJK on

Tori did squat for the party.. isn’t it obvious that Born Free owns this party?

Jennifer on

LOVE this family! Tori is quite the party planner and it fun to actually get some fresh ideas from her…like the labels, etc. Liam and Stella are just too cute…they are so much fun to watch on the show, too. Can’t believe Stella is 2!

Maddie on

what an adorable party. would love to get goodie bags like that, fun dough kits, custom labels,etc. NICE!

Emily on

Wow Crystal, what a mean comment. How would you like it if someone declared that you looked AWFUL? Would you say that if someone featured on the site was morbidly obese? I think not. Apparently the comments aren’t being monitored at all anymore on this site.

ollie on

I love Tori Spelling! She always does a fantastic job with parties! Happy Birthday, Stellita!

hayley on

omg! that cake is amazin!! lol all of you negative nellies are just jealous 🙂 :p

ig you could have that cake for or daughter you would, be honest now and big enough to admit i, i am! i am jealpous i can’t have that for my daughter 🙂 i want that cake !!lol

side note stella is just so cute, my lord xxxxx and little liam looks lovely too xx a very sweet little family x

Manal on

were they like the only ppl in the party?…

Astrid on

Do some of you honestly think Tori planned this herself? This party was very obviously professionally planned, and paid for by Born Free. Selling out her two year old’s birthday party is very gauche.

Inge on

They are the most commercial family out there.
And Liam looks so small! But Dean is pretty hot lol;)

Rye on

I also think it was a mean comment to say Tori looks “Awful”. Not really relevant or necessary. You could say she looks skinny or you don’t like her outfit, but I feel like calling someone “awful” looking is just mean-spirited.

Stella is ALL Dean!

molly on

hayley while i may agree with you at some points, I would not want this cake for my daughter’s bday party. I limit sugar intake wherever possible and i actually got a bit nauseaus while looking at this sugar overload. If i get a cake like this, I would get maybe a foot tall, and that would still be too much. At 2nd birthday, we had a cake that had a pond and duckies ! It was way cuter and becuase i made it myself, we liked it much better anyways. Stellas cake is cute, but mine was prettier and made with love.

Dee on

Actually Emily I’ve seen mean comments about fat celebrities too (not that there are many fatties in Hollywood). Point is that people like to say mean things. I personally think Tori looks fine. She clearly likes being skinny and it’s her body.

I think Stella is beautiful. Tori isn’t the best looking woman (looks too much like her dad) but she and Dean make good looking kids.

Donald on

Went to the website for Miss Brittany’s Organic Fun Dough to see what it was. Wow what an amazing product! Stella and her little friends must have had a ball with it.

Anna on

Nice advertisement, oh sorry party! It looks pretty cool though.
Tori should see a doctor about her implants.

Lisa on

Who cares if Tori had someone plan the party for her, she made her daughter happy and that’s all that counts. I would have loved to have a party like that! When I was little, we could go places for my parties to what’s the difference if Tori had a party planner. I can’t think of any little girl who wouldn’t want a life size cake like that!

Way to go Tori!

robinepowell on

I wonder if that’s a cake similar to the ones Tori had growing up and she had for Liam’s first birthday? I think in her book she mentioned the store’s name is Hanson?

As for Stella being too young for Barbie, a co-worker’s daughter is turning three in July and for the past year she has been into both Hannah Montana and Disney Princess. 😉

Susie on

Clearly looks like Bornfree is the sponser and paid for the whole party…Sad that those kids can’t have a private celebration for once with no photographers or People mag present.

Luna on

Happy 2nd birthday Stella!
I love Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood and it really opened my eyes to their struggles. That party looks like a lot of fun. As for the people who said Tori didn’t plan the party, if you watch the show, she’s constantly planning events. She’s a HUGE event planner. So maybe she had help, or maybe she didn’t even do this one, but she does plan events. Knowing as I do that the cake was a tradition for Tori and she’s passing it on for her kids, I love it. Again, happy birthday to Buggie.

Renee on

Tori said on her twitter that she asked Stella what she wanted and she asked for a barbie cake. she wanted pink everything! so it wasn’t all Tori’s idea. I would have loved a party like this when I was little. looks fun!

Crystal on

Tori hasn’t looked like the Tori Spelling we have all come to love in some time. She is waaayyy too thin and wasting away. She looks terrible. It’s not an insult. It’s the truth!

Laura on

What else do they have to spend their money on?? They might as well splash out on their little girl. It would be a huge challenge for any mother to plan and hold a party this intricate – of course she had help! I wonder of she’d like to help out with my little girl’s 2nd birthday party! Tori – are you free?


See details of the party. The company that did ALL of the entertainment elements for this party–the actual CORE of the party is here:

SITC.TickledPinkPrincess.6.19.10 009

Marla on

this kinda makes me not want to use born free bottles, which i already have. they seem like such a wholesome brand and sponsoring a barbie party for a two-year-old celeb-tot seems like somewhat of a disconnect.

and i think the barbie cake is ugly (my opinion-not jealous at all). it reminds of those crafty toilet paper covers from the 80s that had a barbie like doll with a crocheted dress that you would cover toilet paper with…

that being said, cute little girl, who i am sure loved that barbie cake.

CelebBabyLover on

I wish people would leave Tori alone about her weight. As I said in a previous post, in a recent issue of PEOPLE magazine there was an excerpt from her newest book, and she explained about the weight loss. She didn’t lose the weight because she wanted to, but because this past Fall she came down with a particularly nasty case of swine flu (she even had to be hospitilized for a week!), and that’s how she lost the weight.

Also, looking at her arms, it looks like she’s starting to gain some weight back. When you lose a bunch of weight like she does, it takes awhile to gain it back. So it’s no surprise (at least to me) that she’s still a bit skinny (not to mention that Tori has ALWAYS been on the skinny side. She just hasn’t always been quite THIS skinny). Tori, if you’re reading this, I hope that you countinue to have success with gaining that weight back!

Anyway, as for the party…….It looks like it was a fun one. I love the first picture, where Stella is looking at that barbie cake as if she can’t belive she got that lucky, and the last picture, where Liam is imitating Dean’s thumbs up. 🙂 As far as Liam being small…..In the picture with the whole family, Dean and Liam seem to be further back from the camera than Tori and Stella are. So I think that’s what’s making Liam look almost smaller than Stella.

ang on

tori actually asked fans for ideas for the party on the show’s facebook page and yes, stella opted for the princess theme. for the record, this particular party was NOT filmed for their show. tori is a supremo party planner, and they are doing a new show about weddings. tori said the first episode was filmed yesterday or day before i think. like her mother, she adores celebrating occasions and works damn hard to create beautiful memories for her family and friends. she is @torianddean on twitter for anyone who is interested. stella is so cuddle-worthy =D and liam is utterly hilarious and i share his love of garlic bread =D

Lorus on

Another sponsored celebrity baby party. You’d think that celebs would pay for their own parties instead of pimping them out. They have the money for it but I guess not the pride.

MomOf2Boys on

Wow! Just shakin my head at all these neagtive comments! 1st thing is this a little girl’s birthday party. So what if its over the top, lavish, doesnt fit a girl that young, or even sponsored by a company. ITS A BIRTHDAY PARTY AND SHE’S NOT YOUR BABY! Its about the girl having fun bottom line and she did. And all the comments about Tori being thin. Thats who she is, let it go. Its a shame so many people have such bad things to say about someone else and THEIR child. With that being said, Stella looked cute and the party looked fun. Wouldve did the same for mine.

Mary on

to the very first poster, I always look like HELL on my kid’s birthday party days, I’m totally stressed and run ragged, usually up all night the night before.
I don’t like the way this family comes across in pictures, people are so critical of them, if you watch the show, the kids are so sweet and cute and Tori and Dean are just a regular couple, they remind me of my family. Pictures don’t do them justice.
Happy Birthday Stella!

jessicad on

I love the theme and think they all look adorable. I used to be a tomboy and was nervous about having a daughter, but she has turned me around and I would totally have a party like this!

Tori does not look awful, that’s really rude. Yes she’s thin but she has always been super tiny, look how small she was on 90210, and I’m sure having 2 kids on top of having swine flu is stressful. Tori seems really down to earth and nice so I wish people would drop the weight issue!

Anna on

“all of you negative nellies are just jealous”

It always becomes clear that someone has a valid point when the people who disagree can’t come up with any response besides “you’re jealous.” I don’t understand the “you’re jealous” people, are you really unable to grasp the fact that it’s possible to simply dislike or disagree with something without being jealous. Or is everything black-and-white in your world?

Lola Monroe on

Gosh, Tori can never do right…I swear it doesn’t matter what she wears, how she wears her make-up, what kind of parties she throws her children..everyone always has to bash her. She has feelings like everyone else, as you sit behind your computer screen & bash this woman. Positive energy to you all….

Stella is super cute though & the party looks awesome!!

Kristina on

Totally cute!! Love Tori and her fam. Love her party ideas. Just because she has born free cups there doesn’t mean they are paying for the party. Its a product she stands behind and she wanted to use the cups as party favors. Get over it. Jealousy is disgusting. The cake is way awesome! Im sure little buggy had a wonderful time, Besides that’s who this was all for anyway. Seems like alot of people forgot about that.

Heather on

Happy Birthday Lady Bug!!!! I can not believe she is 2 already!!! Its so funny that Liam was in his Spiderman outfit!! He must really like that thing!!!! I love the Spelling/McDermott family!!!! I dont care what people say about Tori Spelling- she is one of my favorite people to read up on! Half the people that make hateful comments about her or her family dont take the time to read her books to hear her side of the story or dont watch her show to see how much of a beautiful person she really is!!!

Anna on

“Half the people that make hateful comments about her or her family dont take the time to read her books to hear her side of the story or dont watch her show to see how much of a beautiful person she really is!!!”

And what about the other half? I have watched all 5 seasons of her show and read all of her books and I still find her shallow, self-involved, immoral, dishonest, whiny, selfish, deulsional and she exploits every aspect of her children’s lives. And it’s been endlessly entertaining for me watching her show and seeing karma catching up to her (and to Dean of course, since he’s just as immoral as she is.)

Anna on

“Half the people that make hateful comments about her or her family dont take the time to read her books to hear her side of the story or dont watch her show to see how much of a beautiful person she really is!!!”

Really? You read a book about a woman who slept with a married man while she was married and you came away from that thinking she was a beautiful person? That’s sad.

michelle on

seriously why is the only details on the free “stuff” no guests, not fun info! born free and any of those companies would be respected more if they just sent out a must have for the blogs. but putting it all in one is enough… and some of these companies just work with her too much! they should learn she gets way to much negativity when they pitch their products after a party.

it would be more respected if this was not all about the products and just an inside view of her party!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- Tori has made some mistakes, yes…..but so have all of us. Nobody’s perfect, and I’ll bet that each one of us has done something they really regret or even wish they could go back and do differently. However, you can make mistakes and still be a good person. It’s important to remember that not everything is black and white. There are shades of gray in there, too. 🙂

Lee on

@Anna, the more you comment, the more it’s obvious that you really are jealous. Just admit that and then you can deal with it. You have wasted time online in order to spread hate for one person. You don’t see a problem with that?

Helene on

While I am not a fan of Tori Spelling, she does seem like a wonderful mother, whose number one focus on life is her children. I bet her daughter had a wonderful time at her birthday.

Anna, I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. You should never resort to name calling and attacking another individual. I don’t think that makes you a jealous person, but rather an angry person. I mean, you don’t even know Tori. Some of the words you used, I use (in my head) towards people I know and trully dislike. Heather never said from the book she thought Tori was beautiful, she said from the show. I think you should let go of your bitterness and anger and move on. Keep in mind, I myself have never watched an episode, read a book, or magazine article about her. BUT, I don’t need to trash her. It is all about having class and tact.

Anna on

@Lee: You’re so right, I’m jealous. I wish I had a husband who barely works who acts like an overly-hormonal 14 year old boy. I wish I had a marriage that was based on infidelity, immorality and deception. I wish I had several bothched plastic surgery attempts. I wish I had a mother I barely got along with who wrote a tell-all book about me. I wish I had so little talent that I had to exploit my personal life to make money. I wish I looked gaunt and had an eating disorder.

It’s deeply sad to me that you look at Tori’s life and see something to be jealous of. The only good thing she has in her life are her children and she seems determined to poison that relationship by exploiting her kids every chance she gets.

@Helene: I didn’t tell you how you should express your opinion and I would appreciate the same courtesy in return. I’m not going to alter how I post to accomodate people who think that only those who want to gush about celebrities are allowed to freely express how they feel.

Helene on

Anna, that’s fine. I am not saying, I disagree with all of the words you think, I just disagree with posting it. To each their own. I am just not into name calling. I think calling someone the names you did, is no different than calling someone fat, ugly, etc. You can post however you want, I am just saying I think it is wrong. I just don’t think this site should really allow it.

Ella on

I “know” Tori only from her old days in 90210 and from the pics -which most of the time are no paparazzi ones (!)- I see posted here on the site. So Anna might have more insight into Tori’s character/person and she just wrote what her impression is after seeing, listening, reading about her. It is not names calling imo. And I do agree with her that this should also be allowed as “celebs” like Tori do really provoke this by selling their life & even family life & children (!) to the public.
One have to swallow the “super-cute” remarks of others, the gushing and adoring, so let others post their feelings/opinions.
And let’s face it – honesty can be brutal sometimes to some people.

Aaron on

Seems to me that “Anna” has too much time on her hands.
Other than that, totally LOVE all the pink at the party!

Aaron on

Okay, I’m going to try this again since it didn’t go through the first time around.
@Anna: All I can say to you is that you obviously have waaaaaay too much time on your hands to be able to pick apart every single comment that has been made on here.
Other than that, I totally LOVE all the pink that was at the party.

ecl on

I agree with the people who can’t stand these sponsored parties. When the kids look back on these parties, they’ll know what’s going on here – parents who are using them for money and publicity. Think about people like Jennifer Garner. We never see her kids’ parties splashed all over there with a toilet paper themed cake (for example). That’s the kind of celebrity parent I can respect. It seems to be the people whose careers are based on celebrity rather than talent that pimp our their kids the most.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- Tori lost a lot of weight last year of a severe case of swine flu (so severe she even had to be hospitilized for a week. She speaks about it in her new book.), not because of an eating disorder.

Helene- I agree 100 percent!

CelebBabyLover on

Ella- If calling someone selfish, immoral, shallow, whiny, etc isn’t name calling, then what is?

Kresta on

Has Liam shrunk or is it just the camera angle? Stella looks so much bigger than him. I have to agree that some of these themed parties have a lot of sugary foods. I live in New Zealand and kid’s parties here have more savoury than sweet items to eat.

Melissa the NY'er on

Happy Birthday, Stella! She is such a little sweetheart. What a beautiful family. I love how involved Tori is in all of the planning & details & making everything so special. For the people making hateful comments, are the celebrities who just have someone else plan the party or have everything catered to the enth degree & have no knowledge of the details better? They seem like very loving, genuine parents who are interested in making a special day for their kids. And because they have more money than many of us, they’re able to do a bit more. You can’t hate on that. Don’t we all want to give our kids the world? I know I do 😉

Lucy on

Oh stop with the awful comments! Tori is an amazing mom and she does great parties for her children. What is wrong with that? I think some readers are just jealous. Great job Tori and Happy Birthday to Stella!

Lucy on

Wow Anna, are you that sad and pathetic with your life that you have to make horrible comments about someone else? It’s simple…if you don’t like Tori, then don’t bother commenting. Psycho!!

Allison J. on

How cute! We had a Barbie-themed party at my house for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She is obsessed with Barbies! Our party had a barbie doll cake, too – the regular barbie-size one, LOL.

Lee on

@Anna, at this point I just find you creepy. Your room is probably covered with their pictures from your obsession…disturbing

CelebBabyLover on

Kresta- Come on! Sugary foods and birthday parties go together like roller coasters and amusement parks! 🙂

Coco on

Tori and the family look great, so sweet. Mean girl, didn’t ur mom ever tell u if u don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Sara on

Lots of negative comments here! Being a mommy is tough (regardless of your economic situation)! Mommies should support each other, not criticize someone’s boobs, dress, kids, cake, etc! Jeesh! Get a life!

Bev on

Oh my gosh, leave poor Tori alone! She is a fantastic wife and mother and she loves giving parties. If I had the money I would do the very same thing. She puts so much effort and thought in to each party and I love it and love her, Dean, and the kids! I hope your show is on for a very long time so I can watch those angels grow up.

meeri on

This cake is awesome!!! Stella is so cute and Liam is so big already.I Love the show!

MsChrizy on

Lookn Hot Tori!! Your family is too cute your lil baby grl is grown up awww =)

Kimberly on

Happy Birthday Stella!!! You’re a doll!!!!

Tracie on

Fabulous looking family! Don’t you ever let anything bring you down,girl. You are a terrific and caring parent.

mia's mom on

Wow the comments…
people are so harsh if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything or maybe your jealous of the lavish bday parties Tori plans for the kids. I think she is a great mom she’s more beautiful now than her younger year’s and I would give anything for my daughter to have beautiful parties like Liam and Stella. No sugar or limited sugar at a party is not a party. Stop hating haters and do something else with your time than tearing other people down that didnt do anything to you.

suzy on

Tori u are so goregous..i love watching your show..You have been blessed with such a beautiful family! i adore the way you dress, i would love to know where you shop for your clothes, you have wonderful taste! blessings to you all suzy..