Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Learning to Live in the Moment

06/28/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

America’s Best Dance Crew co-host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles first-time motherhood — daughter Melody Rain is now 7½ months old. Read her latest blog — and see some exclusive photos — in the extended post!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

I have to apologize in advance if I start to sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe how fast motherhood is flying by! It seems like just yesterday we waved goodbye to our amazing nurses and my extraordinary doctor Jay Goldberg and put Melody in the car seat to bring her home from Cedars-Sinai.

I remember getting home and looking at Steven, terrified and so happy at the same time, as if to say, “What do we do now?!” I’m sure all the moms and mothers-to-be know, no one gives you a manual! People can give you all the advice in the world but every baby is different. Nothing can truly prepare you for motherhood … like motherhood!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m having crazy nostalgia. I remember sitting there looking at Melody when she was only a few weeks old thinking, “I can’t wait until she can talk, I can’t wait until I see her little personality shine through…” I can’t wait ’til this or can’t wait ’til that. It’s almost as if I was appreciating her in the moment, but at the same time looking ahead out of the sheer excitement of wanting to get to know her better.

Now Melody is almost eight months old, and she is making sounds with her mouth like, “Mammmma mmaaamma!” (She’s not talking about me, that’s just what she says about everything she likes!) She’s moving around, rolling, almost crawling but not quite. She loves her little baby foods…

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

It’s so cool getting to know her — I fall more in love with her as each day passes. Yet it’s also bittersweet, because when she was little I was just imagining what it would be like, fast forwarding in my mind to now. I can’t believe I was rushing that time — even if it was out of curiosity and excitement — because those little moments pass so quickly.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m learning to take in the here and now and not rush myself along, because Melody will never be one month old or five months old or eight months old again! I’m learning to cherish every single second because as exciting as what’s to come is, these very moments and milestones are equally exciting. It’s so cliché, but I really understand the phrase, “Life is a journey not a destination. Enjoy the ride” and it couldn’t ring more true for me than now.

You’d think I’d be Melody’s teacher on life, but without her knowing it, she’s been mine!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

Here are some pictures of us from the weekend — Farm Fresh To You is an awesome delivery service we use for organic fruits and veggies and they had an event at Stehly Farm Organics. They invited their customers to come and pick fresh blackberries, oranges and other delicious treats.

We spent the day at this beautiful farm picking fresh fruit and laughing. It was such a gorgeous day and a big shout out to Noel who owns the farm for being so warm and welcoming! Melody loved being carried around on Daddy’s back — you should see her, she acts like she’s the Queen of England in her little Kokopax!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

Thank you for listening to me share my thoughts with you. I’d love to hear your experiences with motherhood, and for those that aren’t mommies yet, I love hearing your thoughts too. 🙂

Much love,

— Layla Kayleigh

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Lisa Fort on

They’re such a cute family
I love reading her blogs

amy on

that baby looks EXACTLY like her daddy! so beautiful!

JO on

Such a cute family and such a great blog. Learning to live in the moment is very important!

Inge on

Oehlala that is one hot daddy

Kandy on

I love how she says she’s learning from Melody
I think we all learn to be better people/parents from our children
Great post

Jess from Ohio on

Melody looks just like her hot daddy! They make a wonderful little family.


I definitely understand learning to cherish each & every moment! With my first child, I was the same way.. I couldn’t wait for him to sit up, crawl, say his first word, etc. I look back at pictures from when he was smaller and I can’t believe how much he’s grown! He’s not a baby but a big boy now (he’ll be 4 yrs old in Aug). Now with my baby girl (who’s 2 1/2 months old) I live in the moment with her, not looking ahead as much but enjoying where she is now. I may be enjoying it a bit too much because I feel as though she’s growing way too fast! Certainly bittersweet, however I am looking forward to watching her relationship with her brother develop!

Lorraine on

Can’t believe how big she’s getting!
Such an adorable couple and family

Luna on

I love that fourth picture. It’s just… I don’t know. It really shows that together, they’re journeying onward into whatever life has for them.

BigFan on

beautiful family

Paul O. on

The million $ question is …. will Melody inherit her Daddy’s pomp?

Michaelangelo on

Beautiful family Layla and Steve, Melody is a doll.

Roxana on

Melody is so cute and she looks just like Steve it’s amazing how kids could look so much like there parents.

margaret on

Layla, you are so right when you say that life is a journey and not a destination…sounds like you’ve already learned one of the most important things about motherhood – cherishing the moment. The pictures are great especially the one of Steve and Melody both picking fruit…too cute!

Veronica on

What a beautiful family, Love you all..xo

Iva on

Layla, I love reading your updates and really look forward to hearing/seeing what Melody is doing. She is so cute – she looks exactly like her Daddy…You really have a beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I look forward to your next update! 🙂

Lola Monroe on

Layla you are one lucky lady, gorgeous baby & gorgeous daddy =]

Rob In Texas on

Good looking family!

BostonSal on

Nice picks Covino aka Steven… Cute baby

JR in GA on

Good looking family! CNRshow is the best!!

Lorelai on

Hi there! I have a 3,5 yr old girl and an almost 8 month old boy (born nov 15th) and let me tell you, time goes by so fast is amazing. To me motherhood has taught me lots of things, to be patient, to be more caring, to know world does not revolve around me but my children, all those things you never imagine you are capable of doing when you are childless. My children are so precious and I love them to pieces. Motherhood is a whole new dimension in a woman’s life, and it is so hard to describe unless you are a mom youself. Full of hard but gratifying moments, and lots of lessons to learn. Your baby girl is soooo beautiful! Congratulations on that gorgeous family!

SJ on

I love your post and yes it goes by so very fast, at lightning speed in fact. My son is 17 now and everyday that he allows me to spend time with him is priceless to me. I remember wishing he would talk, stand, crawl, run, and now all I wish is that those moments would have lasted a little longer. The best part of him is the man he is growing into, and the best part of me is him. As those with teenagers know, I still learn from him everyday, because they of course know everything.

Marija on

Yes, those little precious moments do pass so quickly…I also have an almost 9 mths old daughter, Jana, and I completely share the feeling that time passes by soooo quickly and that you have to enjoy every single moment with that little creature next to you….My little one also babbles mammmma, mammma, all day long, loves her toys, never ever stops not for a second…she is one of a vivid child. I love her. Try to appreciate every second (psssst, that isn’t so easy sometimes, especially when mommy’s tired or busy and Jana wants to play and gets inpatient, but…I try to give my best!!!)

El Guapo on

A toast to Covino!! Great job

Katie on

Couldn’t agree more. I think we all tend to stress about what is best for our babies/children and wonder if we are we doing a good job, that we forget to enjoy each moment because you’re right, they are only this age once. Especially in the first year when they change so much, we need to appreciate and enjoy each moment.

Rob on

Looking good dudebro. Way to rock the carrier!

linda on

Layla. I’m so glad you wrote this blog, my son is about the same age as Melody and I’m going through the same feelings you are. thanks for putting things in check for me

Fawcia on

I never write in these things, but reading your blog made me think how true it is how time flys, I have a 15 month old, I I can not believe he is walking and saying things now, he has an opinion about his food, wich is crazy, I had such a hard time w/ him turning one!! I was so sad and kept looking at our birth video, and picutres of him as a newborn, and at the time him turning one seemed so far away, but here we are at 15 months and I can truly say it gets better and better! believe it or not but you just get amazed and everything they say and do, and how much they understand now and how much they love you and those mile stones they reach just mesmerize you as a parent and especialy if you are one for the first time!! kids rock!! I LOVE being a mom!! enjoy it only gets better!

Marie on

I can’t believe how much Melody looks so much like her Daddy
gorgeous family

David on

Looking good Steven…
Melody looks like you dudebro…

Bonnie on

So adorable

Tina on

hot couple and cute baby

Melina on

I love this beautiful family

fhasai da-nga on

A warm and lovely family.

FC on

Hot dad, beautiful mama, adorable baby. Always love that combo, especially when they’re out enjoying each other’s company.

But I adore the photo of Steven picking fruit while wearing Melody. She decided to get a few piece for herself. She totally has that, “Yep, you do that Daddy, and I’ll just help myself to some, too.” I love it. 😀

Bindi on

congrats Layla, your little Melody is gorgeous! I agree it does go so fast!! My girl is now 17months and i remeber the day she was born like it was yesterday – so your not alone with your thoughts about how fast it does go! You and your partner seem so very grounded and loving parents.. congrats again to you both and cherish every bit as you already know it goes way too fast!

C on

such a beautiful family 🙂

Lisa on

You said perfectly what every mom feels. I look back at pictures of my son and can’t believe he’s now the little bot that he has become. I look at my daughter who is 9 months and think – what happened to my baby girl? Where did that time go? I often thought about the future – when she’d crawl, when she’d start to babble, when she’d get her 1st tooth, walk, talk, etc. She’s doing most of those things now and I often look back and wish she was the itty bitty thing she once was. Enjoy this time with Melody. Cherish it! Loved the pics of my cousin and his little girl. Love to you all!!! Hope to see you guys soon.

Mike on

Cogratulations Layla and Covino! Awesome blog. I wish nothing but the best for you guys and Melody. She is a doll. Have a good one dudebro…