Spotted: Alyson Hannigan and Satyana’s Sunny Stroll

06/25/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Here comes the sun!

Alyson Hannigan holds on tight to her little mini-me, 15-month-old daughter Satyana Marie, during a day out in Beverly Hills Thursday.

Satyana is the first child for the How I Met Your Mother star, 36, and husband Alexis Denisof.

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Sandra on

She looks pregnant! Hope she is!

Cute little girl 🙂

Jords on

I thought the same thing, Sandra!

laurie on

It would go well with the HIMYM storyline too 🙂

Katie on

Yep! I thought the same thing. She does look pregnant. That would be nice to have them close in age. I didn’t know Satyana had red hair. I always thought it was brown. Maybe I was wrong or maybe it turned red? Anyway… she’s adorable!!

klutzy_girl on

Oh thank God I wasn’t the only one thinking she looks pregnant again!

I hope she is, but it could be the way she’s holding the baby, too.

ericka on

totally thought the same thing also but I hate saying because when you assume and its wrong then what? lol

she looks great tho either way

Mariana on

She does look pregnant indeed.

Joannie on

Haha I was thinking the same thing that’s why I checked the comments! I hope she is! Satyana is sooo cute !

Emily on

So funny how no one comments on the babys lack of sunglasses, and being exposed to the sun. If this were Britney, Ashlee, or any other mother who everyone seems to critique, people would be all over it!

Biankita on

Can’t tell what’s wrong with children being exposed to the sun, with the right amount of course. But then again, seeing her with the shopping bag and all, Alyson might just be on her way from the shop to the car. For such a short time I wouldn’t bother to put a hat or even sun glasses on my child either. I mean, it’s not that they’re “melting” from being in the sun for 10 minutes.

Traci on

I think shes pregnant:) And that baby is growing up so fast! Super cute:)

Erin Kay on

Plus have you tried to keep sunglasses on a wee one? My 17 month old daughter has them and she keeps them on for about 20 seconds then flings them to the ground!

Laura on

Oh darn, I was just thinking she had a normal left over belly from this baby like I have from my 15 month old! But maybe she is pregnant again.

Julia A on

That baby is pure Alexis, except for having Alyson’s coloring!

CelebBabyLover on

I think it’s just the way she’s holding Satyana that’s making her look pregnant. If you click on the “Related” link, you’ll see that in that picture, she doesn’t appear to be quite as “pregnant”….and that picture was taken just a little over a week before this one.

Sharon on

OMG ladies were do you get I THINK SHES PREGGO from, i dont think she looks pregnant at all, Just your adverage mum going to the shops!!!

Marina on

she does look pregnant, but I think that is just the angle of the picture! The little girl is beautiful 🙂

Jill on

Such a cutie! I have been struggling to see her as being pregnant. Don’t see it at all.

romy on

she looks pg sort of, but then I think most women look that way after babies. it may just be the dress and the way Satyana is sitting on her belly. OR she could be early on, who knows. Not that she’s old, but at her age it would be a good idea to have her babies sooner rather than later if she wants more. So many people want it to happen later on and struggle. As far as the sun goes it’s great to get out and get some Vitamin D for a few minutes. Looks like they’re doing some errands not strolling the zoo. Satyana could have on sunscreen too, who knows. I don’t put it on my kids to go from the car to the store though.

christina on

I’m sure she has sunscreen on her daughter or only had her exposed for a few minutes. She seems like a very responsible parent. But, looking at this picture actually makes me cringe because of Allyson’s skin! Compared to the fair skin of her baby you can really tell how dark/damaged her own skin is. As a fair red head, she should not be that dark! I hope it’s from a spray tan (still gross and unnecessary, in my opinion) and not from the sun…

alice jane on

Beautiful mom and beautiful baby!

And Christina Alyson naturally has dark auburn hair… although I think you’re right, from all her freckles it seems like she has very fair skin. Although every now and then I’ll look at her twitter, and she talked about how her and Alexis recently rented a house at the beach. I have really fair skin too and I take care to protecct it, but if I’m at the beach for an extended amount of time, it shows, no matter how much sunscreen I wear. And Alyson lives in California, yet this is the first picture I can think of where she’s tanned, so it’s probably safe to say she takes care of herself.

dede on

i’m pretty sure alyson isn’t a natural redhead, but i also remember watching a conan o’brien interview where she talked about using self-tanning products. so it might be that.

CelebBabyLover on

If Alyson ISN’T a natural red-head (and it does indeed sound like she isn’t), then there’s something I can’t quite figure out….Where did Satyana get her red hair from (Alexis doesn’t have red hair, either)?

Lucy on

I as a child had bleach blond hair until I was 12 and my parents both have natural black hair. I am not adopted, so it is possible. Juliana Margolis (sp) also has the same situation with her child.