BumpWatch: Alicia Keys Debuts Her Belly

06/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
George Napolitano/FilmMagic

Showing off her growing belly in a belted romper, Alicia Keys grooves during a Friday performance on Good Morning America held at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield.

Keys is “right about” five months pregnant, she revealed on the talk show.

The expectant singer, 29, and her fiancé, producer Swizz Beatz, recently had their baby on the way blessed in a traditional Zulu ceremony while in South Africa for the World Cup.

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sheryl on

where is her baby bump? i dont see any! lol.

Sadie on

Alicia is definitely beautiful and now glowing through her pregnancy.

Brooklyn on

I watched her this morning on GMA and from the front you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant! But from the side you could certainly see a bump! Anyways, she looks beautiful!

Ashandra on

2 words: camel toe.

Robin on

Yah you def couldnt tell she was pregnant from the front but from the side you can see a tiny baby bump! She is gorgeous & cant wait to see the baby!

JMO on

Ashandra you took the words right out of my mouth!! When I watched this morning all I could think about was that!! yikes!

glee fan 8 on

gosh i don’t even see a bump! she is gorgeous and i can’t wait too see her equally gorgeous baby

electra on

Onesies are for babies.

jordan on

i can’t see the belly either sheryl

Mariana on

I think she’s having a girl.

romy on

what an awkward outfit

CelebBabyLover on

She looks small for five months (not say there’s anything wrong with that at all! Just making an observation!). And if I’ve got my math correct, she’s due somewhere around late October/early November. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, is Swizz Beatz Alicia’s fiance’s actual name (I’m assuming not, but you never know!). I hope not, because I can’t imagine a baby with the last name Beatz.

evie on

Maybe if the belt was not there, she would look preggo. But there is no baby bump. With your first it takes about 6 -7 months before you look preggo (wich is a shame, because all you want to do is show it off) She looks great thou!!

Lucy on

Wow, she is beautiful and glowing! Don’t see a bump, but sometimes the side has a better view.

evie, I have to disagree. I don’t know anyone, who didn’t start showing till month 6 or 7 with their 1st. Even both of my super petite cousins. Never heard of that before.

Shirelle on

Alicia Keys is pretty. I cant wait to see the baby it’s going to be half black,1/4 white and Puerto Rican. I think it will be a BOY!

Diana on

Yeah I agree Lucy; definitely didn’t take me 6-7 months to show with my first! I wore maternity clothes at 3-4 months! (I probably didn’t necessarily NEED maternity clothes at 3-4 months but my regular clothes were too small so switching to maternity clothes made sense to me)

Sydney on


You can see a side view of her bump here.

I gotta say though, at five months pregnant, it’s time to put the thighs away!

allison on

CelebBabyLover@ Swizz Beatz government name is Kaseem Dean

ericka on

CBB Theres alot better pics of her bump out there from this show. This one does NOT show it off at all.

I dont think camel toe because camel toe is like \|/ not just \/ lol…it goes up the middle

babygirl on

i totally see alicia keys baby bump! Actually her baby bump is kind of cute for a celebrity singer.i wonder if she is goin to have a boy or girl. i hope she has a girl then her daughter could be a singer and then it could be tradition in the family.she looks like she is 3 or 4 months pregnant. i know because i was pregnant once.

Lucy on

Babygirl, sorry, but you are wrong. The article says she is about 5 months pregnant.

Emily on

Sydney- why put the thighs away? Is it because shes not a woman anymore- shes a mom? I guess I never understood that…she still deserves to feel sexy, and her outfit is not overly revealing in the least.

evie on

Just checked those pictures out on sydneys block. Yes she does look preggo. Dont understand thou why women who are preggo walk around in high heels shoes (hers are very high) anything can happen, even if you were them all the time.

Terri on

Definitely a good view from the side. She looks cute.

Anonymous on

why does she need to put away the thighs and high heels? does she have to wear muumuus and houseshoes now? people can wear whatever they want. she’s actually one of the more conservative dressing stars out there. you don’t see her in cut off shorts and revealing tank tops like ms spears or anyone. she’s a classy woman who wears heels so more power to her.

niyah on

I hope alicia has a baby girl. Esp since swizz already has two sons.

brannon on

She looks gorgeous and I actually think the outfit is adorable! If I had those thighs I would be rocking them too! Hoping its a boy for some reason…

Amanda on

Definitely could have chosen a more flattering outfit, like someone else said onesies are for babies, they don’t look good on even the most fit an attractive people, let alone a woman who is in that stage of pregnancy where if she wears the wrong thing she could still be mistaken for having a big lunch rather than a baby.
But she does look great, not too big or too small. I’m 5’3 and normally 110lbs and while I couldn’t wear my normal clothes by 4 months people who didn’t know me didn’t guess I was pregnant until closer to 6 months. I was smaller than Alicia at 5 months (and I didn’t get bigger with each one, I was actually the biggest with my 1st, smallest with my 3rd), but she doesn’t look too big either. Cute little baby bump starting!

Bella on

what bump..have three boys..I don’t see a bump lol!

Laydacris on

Actually Alicia is half italian and half jamaican and swizz is half african american and half iranian.
I think alicia look gorge. Not every pregnant woman has to wear a smock!

Tahj on

Good luck Alicia I hope you have a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yomamafoo on

you guts obviously have no sense in fashion, belted rumpers are very popular now a days and this one looks great on alicia. but yes i do not see the baby bump either