Adriana Lima ‘Amazed’ By Gisele Bündchen’s Post-Baby Body

06/25/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Soul Brother/FilmMagic

There’s another model mommy who’s making her post-baby comeback!

Following in Gisele Bündchen‘s steamy modeling footsteps is fellow former Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, who just graced the cover of this month’s V Magazine–just seven months after giving birth to daughter Valentina.

“It’s really exciting for my career because I’ve been away for my pregnancy,” she told PEOPLE Moms & Babies at Thursday’s Follow the Sun Summer Party in New York City. “I’m really excited about coming back.”

And what does the bombshell, 29, think about her fellow Brazilian’s flawless body?

“Amazing! I think she’s amazing,” Lima says. “I wish my body was in shape right away like her! I’m still not where I want to be right now but I’m working on it.”

The model — who shares baby tips with Bündchen, as well as fellow catwalking mamas Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrósio — says that she’s still dieting and exercising to get back into her pre-pregnancy form. With an all-protein diet, followed by a detox diet and salads, Lima says that she’s also boxing and jumping rope every day to shed the extra weight.

“I want to lose 4 kg (about 10 lbs.),” she says. “Not because of work but because I want to. Also, I will continue with my workouts because I like a toned body. I like everything to be hard.”

— David Yi

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sarah on

losing 10 pounds shouldn’t be that hard, especially if she only gained something like 15 or 20 pounds during pregnancy. gag me please.

Kristina on

Honest to God, I will never understand how is it possible that these ladies have flat stomach few weeks after giving birth when it is supposed you need to have maximum rest 6 weeks upon birth. But then again, if I had her amount of money and entourage…..and not 10 hours working mum, i would have something to flaunt

Haley on

After having 4 kids and having to work to get back in shape after every one, it’s nice to see a supermodel who is working hard and admitting that things didn’t bounce right back. That’s great that Gisele, Heidi and others are walking a runway 6 wks after delivery but lets face it, that’s not the norm! Thanks Adriana and People!

Savanna on

I think she looks just fine! I just hope she doesn’t get too skinny like one of her fellow co-workers. And I love the lighter hair for the summer!

whitneycassie on

very nice. she is sweet! and they both look amazing post baby. ahh supermodels

Savanna on

Also, she didn’t mention that she gained 60 pounds and Gisele probably didn’t even gain half of that so Adriana has come a long way and looks amazing!

whitneycassie on

alessandra ambrosio I think got the thinnest the fasted because she had to walk in the annual victorias secret show like a month after. we shouldn’t be surprised, these are supermodels who never have weight problems to begin with and are tall and thin, so they never look chunky. good for them! cant hate on them, if its their genetics.

Christine on

I commented on another article written with Gisele about her post-baby body, it’s nice to see that people can quickly return to pre-pregnancy but as I said before, this is a woman who has millions. Both her and her husband are loaded financially, they have the resources for personal cooks, nannies, personal trainers, etc. The same thing was said about Demi Moore after her last baby, she had two personal trainers for up to 4 hours per day, specialized cooks, maids to clean her home and nannies for her baby and other children. Show me an average woman who is working full-time, gets her pre-pregnancy body back through hard work, eating right and without all the perks of being a millionaire and then I will stand up and cheer for their accomplishments. It would be nice if the article writers would elaborate on all their daily schedules and how these celebrities got their post-pregnancy bodies back so that new moms wouldn’t starve themselves and compare themselves to people who don’t live in the regular, working class moms world. Show us a “real” mom who has accomplished the same and they are out there instead of a mom who has plastic surgeons, airbrushing, and the endless entourage to help her achieve that pre-pregnancy body.

ivy on

Models spend their lives making a living off of their bodies so they spend an enormous amount of time caring for and working out those bodies. They have trainers and advisors that oversee physical activities on a regular basis. If a pregnancy/delivery is a normal one, there are no major restrictions, post delivery, regarding activity. Gisele has stated that she worked out…yoga especially…right up to the time of delivery. I bet she went right back to yoga post delivery and gradually incorporated other forms of exercise very quickly as she recovered. There is also something to be said for muscle memory . Muscles that are extremely fit/toned do not lose that if one continues exercising during pregnancy so getting back into shape is a lot easier. Finally, some people just lose wirght faster/easier than others. Gisele seems to have a body type that might do just that.

Amanda on

To Sarah:
More women are being told to gain more weight while pregnant, especially a model (she was extremely tiny in the first place). Most women I know gain WAY more than 20 lbs while pregnant. I personally gained 50 lbs while pregnant because I’m petite.

Katie on

She can do it… they train themselves to be able to get in fit form shape like that.. it’s in the blood and business. I was 120lbs prior to giving birth to my son. I gained 23lbs in my pregnancy but it took me 9 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy form. A lot of hard work but it is worth it and you feel great in the end! Good for her for not wanting to do it for anyone but herself. Keep up the hard work!! =)

whitneycassie on

well its their jobs to get thin again. they have it written in their contracts, so these aren’t you everyday “average” women so dont expect them to be! lol they are tall,thin and dont have weight isues to begin with so why would you think they wouldn’t get hot again after babies? look at Heidi Klum! she has been notorious to getting in shape real fast again. Models have high metabolisms, and trainers so there really isn’t an excuse to keep that weight on., especially when they have to be in lingerie soon after. I know adriana has her victorias secret contract. gisele had a colcci contract that said she had to shoot the colcci campaign in january (that is only one month after her baby) so they have higher expectations to get thin again. Adriana has such thin legs, lucky girl. My sister is 5’10 and only gained 25 lbs during her pregnancy and was flaunting her new abs in less than a month, lol so I think tall/thin girls just have it easier. sigh

whitneycassie on

look at Heidi Klum or Alessandra!? this is expected of models honestly. or claudia schiffer! have you seen her post baby body? its only been a month and she is tiny already.

Happy Mom on

Whatever….soooo vain. How about your kids health? Instead of worrying about how you look? I used to be one of those 95-pound soaking wet girls and I was sooo miserable. People tried to feed me all the time, asking me if I was sick, telling me I had an eating disorder, etc….Now I have 2 STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS little girls, and I weigh between 145-155. I look NORMAL. HEALTHY. And I am happy.

Happy Mom on

I gained just 20 pounds with each pregnancy, and I ate a lot. My doc always used to yell at me and ask me if I was eating. Some people just don’t gain weight!

Katrina on

For all of you that think that it’s not possible to have a flat stomach after giving birth, you’re wrong. After I had my children and never had a big pregnancy stomach, my stomach went flat. I don’t have a trainer or tons of money to hire somebody. I think it’s just genetics. Everybody is different and it is possible to be thin right after birth.

Karen on

No one should be amazed that a very tall, think young woman lost her baby weight.

Tammy on

If a woman is naturally thin, returning to pre-pregnancy weight is easy, has nothing to do with money, or the fact a woman is a modeland has to loose the weight!
It seems like alot of woman want to believe this.
I’ve had 4 kids and I look the same as I did before I had any kids.
Nothing to do with being vain either.
Every body is different.

whitneycassie on

I wish I could show you my six pack after baby! lol it is not impossible!!!!!!!!! everyone has different genetics, some women gain 60 lbs some gain only 20. its never the same. I wouldn’t expect supermodels to have weight troubles during or after pregnancy. I saw Heidi Klum’s stomach after her baby and was shocked. was flat as a board! oh the life of a supermodel! lol
Happy Mom, that is great; for you. but Big time Supermodels cannot weigh 150 lbs or they will lose jobs and their contracts. it is written for them to stay thin.

Me on

That 6 weeks after birth rest is a lie. Unless you have a C section you need to start light exercise within a few days, go on a super healthy diet with no bread or dessert (ever) and the weight comes right off. I started running one week after my son was born, did light hand weights and yoga, and lost all 50 pregnancy pounds in 4 months.

Jennifer Rice on

I lost all my baby weight two weeks later.

whitneycassie on

Not everyone has weight troubles throughout pregnancy, geez and dont expect them to either. some women gain more and take longer for weight to come off, some women gain littler and the weight falls off easily. eating healthy and doing light excercises and house chores you will be surprised how easy it will be. you cant just keep eating chocolate (like that kendra wilkenson girl) and then whine and cry that the weight isnt coming off. plus she doesnt have model contracts like Supermodels do. Its not about vanity, Im guessing a tall,thin model just doesnt have too much problems with weight.

Mommyto2 on

I’m a mother to two beautiful little girls, they are the sunshine of my life. The weight both times was not something that was very hard to do. When I was pregnant with my first, I was alone and working very hard to make a living and survive. The job I had actually depended on my body being in the best of shape, and I found with that added pressure I worked my butt off to get back where I was pre-pregnancy. I think that’s what a lot of women forget when they criticize these girls for loosing the weight fast, “be a normal working mother” if you relied on your body to bring in a paycheck you’d be working too. You get paid for modeling/looking great and keeping your contracts, you are going to hit the gym, get on a good diet and loose the weight. So while most working mothers go back to their jobs, Adriana is working out and doing hers (as this is part of her job). Like I said on a much smaller scale, I’ve been there. I had to loose the weight to keep my job. With that added pressure, and knowing I had a new baby to keep clothed and fed I had no choice but to get to work on it. I gained around 40lbs with my first pregnancy, and I’m 5’3 and weighed around 110 before I had my daughter. It took me about 4 months to shed the weight with hard work and strict diet, and I was able to get into even better shape than before. Again, that added pressure of getting your body in shape or not bringing a pay check home will get your butt out working 🙂 For my second daughter, I had already learned from my first pregnancy and did exercise up until the week I gave birth. I gained less than I did the first time and didn’t have the pressure of getting into shape anymore since I wasn’t in financial trouble, and was able to take my time. So, I do admire Adriana for being honest with her struggle, because even if it takes 4-5 months for people to loose the weight it’s still no fun to do it when you feel like everyone around you just popped out a baby and looks fantastic. I find her statements refreshing and honest, and find myself rolling my eyes at most of Gisele’s comments.

Tammy on

No one really cares. lol
Every person is different. Money or fame does not determine how fast a woman loses weight after having a baby.

SadieA on

Happy Mom, are you saying you gained 20 lbs or 50-60 lbs? I’m assuming both “Happy Mom” posts are from the same person, but one of them says they ended up 50-60 lbs heavier and the next says they only gained 20 lbs because “some people just don’t gain weight.” Just kind of confused here lol

Jules on

Obviously breastfeeding is out of question for these models, although Im sure they are aware of the fact that formulas cant replace breast milk.I gave birth 7 weeks ago and I dont feel miserable about those extra pounds, because I know Im doing what is best for my baby boy.
Once again, they are setting a bad example.

whitneycassie on

oh supermodels u gotta love em and hate em. ahah
gisele never made a statement on people did she? I dont recall. I think just Vogue articles. no one has to read them either, if you roll your eyes at her statements. so silly!
these girls are in demand they have to lose weight. no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Gisele never had a up and down weight issue like I have seen Adriana so her weight loss is not even surprsing in the least bit but again never saw her “making” statements, just being interviewed for magazines.

Natalie on

Amazing, moms can be healthy, fit AND care for their children. Someone posted that she should be more concerned about her baby’s health and not hers? I didn’t read in the article that she didn’t care for her baby…must have missed that! All moms and dads should live a healthy life, they need to be healthy and have energy so they are able to care for their children and still be around to enjoy their grandchildren. Not only that but when parents live a healthy lifestyle they pass it on to their kids….what a wonderful gift…..the gift of HEALTH!

whitneycassie on

Heidi Klum was impressive.

katie on

I agree with Kristie. If I had a nanny to watch the kids, a dietitian, a trainer etc. I too would look great. It’s called money baby, money!

whitneycassie on

oh how nice of Adriana to talk nice of others! if only her fans could be more like her..

whitneycassie on

how come no one mentions Karolina Kurkova’s post baby body? she looks way better than Adriana! better than ever actually. her weight just fell off real fast, maybe even faster than Heidi or Gisele’s did!

Cicily on


I work a full time job and have no nanny or extra money to spend on my body, and yet I was able to drop the 50lbs of baby weight I gained in just 8 weeks. Don’t wonder why its so hard to lose weight, because it’s not. It comes straight down to a battle between laziness and determination.

Biffy on

I gained 26 pounds with my first pregnancy and lost all my weight plus 5 pounds in one week. This might not sound normal but for me it was. I delivered an 8 pound healthy baby. I didn’t diet. I didn’t have stretch marks. I started exercising to tone up a few weeks after I delivered but for me it was surprisingly easy to get back in shape. I had a c-section with my second child so my stomach wasn’t as flat but again my weight was back to normal within 2 weeks without dieting or exercising. So it’s not a miracle or unsafe when people get back in shape quickly. Sometimes it’s just good genetics or luck.

Mommyto2 on

There is no real need for everything people claim they need to loose weight. No need for someone to tell you what to eat! Low Carbs, low calories and burning more than you take in. One of the most effective workouts is working out on the treadmill or walking/jogging. Heck they even make jogging strollers (which I have, love them) Like I said my two girls are very active, and both under 5 so I’m consistently involved in what is going on in their lives but I do make time. Nap time ,I get on my treadmill at home and workout, when I go to the grocery store I get fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods. You don’t need someone telling you to eat, it’s common sense, you also don’t need to belong to a gym, or have a personal trainer. It’s a matter of involving your kids in your exercise routine. I take my kids jogging in their stroller, I go biking with them in their seats behind me, I’ll take them to the playground and take advantage of the monkey bars and other tools. Like I said you don’t need all these things people claim to loose the weight, it’s about making it work with what is around you.

Marky on

When I went into my first pregnancy, I was 5’3″ and weighed about 110. I gained 20 lbs, and when I went home from the hospital several days after his birth, I was wearing a sheath dress (which I had worn before he was conceived) and the nurse thought I was a visitor and tried to kick me off the floor for being there when it wasn’t visiting hours. (I was waiting for my husband to pick us up) I ate like a horse the whole time and worked out daily during my pregnancy. I also did the same from the time I got home, which apparently resulted in PPD, because I took no time for relaxing with my child; it was just dive right in to my old schedule and take care of him. And before anyone jumps on the weight bandwagon, he weighed over 7 lbs., so he wasn’t underweight.

2nd pregnancy, I did the same routine as first, but after the baby, took 2 weeks of just relaxing with the kids and enjoying my “mommy-time”, then hit the exercise, and within 4 weeks, I was back to my normal size and weight.

I think it is somewhat due to 1) genetics, 2) don’t gain more weight than you should during the pregnancy–if you are not having twins, why do you need to gain 45 to 60 lbs?, 3) For your sake and the health of your child, do some daily exercise; it’s good for your body and your mind. The second time around, I just took the first one in the stroller. 4) You don’t have to have a cook and a trainer; read and learn to take care of yourself! I worked and had 4 kids and no family to help and was only in my 20’s, and I managed. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Anonymous on

you women CRACK ME UP!! you’re not supposed to gain THAT much weight in your pregnancies. you all act like its healthy to gain so much weight that it won’t come off in years and years wah wahhhh wahhhh boo hoo. adriana lima and the rest of the angels have to be thin, DUH. that’s why they TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. they don’t see pregnancy as an excuse to veg out and gobble down mcdonalds. you don’t HAVE TO BECOME A SLOB WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT. you don’t have to indulge EVERY craving or spend all day in bed (unless you’re on bedrest).

celebrities have trainers, we all know that. but seriously, you guys don’t need to be so blatantly jealous that they lose weight fast. the secret to their success is they DON’T gain all this weight like all of you haters do.

next time you’re pregnant, eat healthier, go for walks, buy a small medicine ball or weights and use them while you’re plastered on the couch watching real housewives LMAO. you’ll see you won’t turn into a slobby blob and you will have less reason to come on here and complain about women who are handling pregnancy health CORRECTLY.

Gina on

I think if you are naturally thin, or you have always maintained an exercise regime, the weight naturally comes off after childbirth, or at least much easier. I’m 5’7″ and gained 30 lbs. during pregnancy. I ate healthy and did a lot of walking during pregnancy. After the baby arrived, I was under so much stress and was trying to keep up with nursing and pumping, that after the third month, I was back to my original weight, with no exercise. It happens! It really just depends on the person, the metabolism and the amount of food you eat.

elena on

– Christine, I am 29 years old working full time office job mom to 3 babies all under 4 and I look like super model, those people who say have no time to go to the GYMs are just lazy, you can find time if you want to, I spend about 4 hours every week in the GYM and I care for my kids, you can find time if you want to!!

Crystal on

Why can’t people just be happy for other people??? There are some nasty comments on here – either because they are jealous that the models have the body they do or because some people believe people are fat/overweight from sheer laziness. Come on.

martina on

I don’t care how much money you have, and what resources are available – your uterus needs TIME to shrink. A completely flat smooth stomach 4 weeks post-partum, like Gisele’s?? Something is just so fishy about it. I don’t care whether she’s tall, and how much weight she (didn’t) gain during pregnancy. If there was a baby in that uterus, it is stretched out for at least a couple of months after birth. It’s simple biology. No one is immune to. I believe they used a surrogate and lied about it. But we’ll never know.

Aleksandra on

I have read an interview with Adriana where she says that she had a difficult pregnancy that made her quit exercising after the third month, and that she gained 20kg during pregnancy and had to deliver the baby because of preclampsia as soon as she entered the nineth month so it saved her gaining few more kg. I was happy to hear the first honest description of a super model pregnancy especially that even 7 months after the birth of her daughter she is still struggling with the last 5kg who are the hardest to be melted ( been there, done that I am not a super model). I am sick and tired of the statements like; I did youga and boxing until they put me on the delivery bed! It makes it a tremendous frustration for all of us women out there, who work full time, have a baby and still have to struggle to fit in the old wardrobe just because Gisele or Haidi can! Thats why I think Adriana is great!

Renee on

Martina what a ridiculous statement. Gisele used a surrogate? Really?

Here is photographic proof from People Magazine that Gisele did not have a surrogate.

I’m also attaching a link to a woman on Babycenter who was doesn’t have the body type of any of the models who have given birth, but didn’t look pregnant at all throughout her pregnancy just so people can see how a long torso can determine your baby bump.

There was just as much negativity from commenters in her photo album comments that has taken place in this thread and others here whenever some female celebrity has been spotlighted here with her in shape post-baby body.

Health, genetics, body shape, etc play a role in how women look during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

There is no set standard because every woman’s body is built differently.

Mommyto2 on

Martina, that claim is outrageous. The uterus is done shrinking by 3-4 weeks for most women. To claim these girls (models, actresses, entertainers) have surrogates is laughable. There are many women on here who have shrunk back down pretty quickly, myself included (4 months for my first because I gained to much, and about 4 and a half weeks with my second) Did we all have surrogates too?

Tee on

Pssh, that’s nothing. After delivering my baby I weighed less than before the pregnancy 😉 lol

Lee Lee on

Christine, please. Just because someone ‘has millions’ doesn’t mean they can easily shed the weight. Genetics has a lot to do with it, and these ladies are very tall and thin to start out with. There are plenty of wealthy people who have babies, and with the help of personal trainers cannot lose the weight. I lost weight quickly myself (15 yrs ago after giving birth) and I’m not rich or tall (5’6″). I lost it by pushing my daughter in a stroller everyday and not eating like a pig. My exercise was bending down to pick up baby and toys. It’s not that tough if you’re active, healthy and have discipline. You don’t need money to get in shape, so please don’t look for an excuse.

electra on

These woman shouldn’t be held as a standard or goal unless you too have a body frame or shape of model.

I think a lot of women when they refer to post partum body are referring mostly to getting their core back to its original pre-pregnancy shape. There was an ad for lingerie on this site with a pregnant woman and while her belly was pretty big you could tell she had phenomenal abs prior to being pregnant. You could still see her core was in shape tho she looked to be 7months. I think that state of your abs before has a lot to do with it. My friend recently had a baby and was doing planks up until she was 9 months pregnant. There also a minority of woman who come out of pregnancy looking BETTER because they took the initiative to take care of their bodies during pregnancy.

Terri on

I’m not sure if the uterus is done shrinking like 6 weeks and it never goes back to the size it was pre-pregnancy.

I don’t see why everyone gets so upset either way. Some think that those that don’t lose the weight fast enough are lazy and those that do lose the weight fast are too concerned with themselves and not their babies. Maybe it’s just because we women are all different. We’re allowed to be, you know.

SadieA on

Well said, Terri

Kathleen on

I believe that there is far too much emphasis on losing weight after having a baby in our country – as well as far too much emphasis on being thin overall. A woman’s body creates a miracle and too often all other people look at is how much wieght she gained!! Enough!! Also enough about how fast or how slowly one sheds the weight. When I had my two children, both times I lost my pregnancy weight in less than month. I remember thinking “how the heck did I do that?” because I did not return to exercise until 4-6 weeks after each birth and even then it was very light. If I had any “secret” it was NOT money (we do fine but are not the slightest bit “rich” I had no trainer, no nanny, and a husband who travelled a lot. Yes, my genetics are favorable, but none of my three sisters who were already moms had lost their weight so quickly or even close – even my identical twin sister took a year to lose her weight. I agree with the poster who wrote that one does not have to gain nearly as much weight as it seems during pregancy. I was very active during most of my 9 months with a variety of exercise and I educated myself on the healthiest foods. I ate close to 3,000 calories a day when I worked out, gained 20 lbs and gave birth to an 8 lb. 2 oz. healthy baby. I think the #1 thing is to honest with yourself about how well you are eating, staying active and sleeping well enough. It is no “miracle” even though at the time I could’nt believe how fast I lost weight.

Amanda on

to “Anonymous”:

Well, that’s not true. When you’re petite it’s good to gain a lot of weight while you’re pregnant, my doctor told me it’s better for the baby. I’m not saying get FAT or anything, but like I said I gained 50 lbs (I’m 5’4″ish and was about 105 before I got pregnant) and I lost all the weight…probably more. And I pretty much sat on my ass my whole pregnancy…I was told I was to be on bed rest the last month or so though…

whitneycassie on

LADIES! now now can I just say, quit comparing yourselves to supermodels all the time? LOL I mean what-ever,they are naturally always taller and thinner than the normal woman, so dont expect them to gain wieght like a cow and not be able to take it off like a cow. these are MODELS. they are better than us, no matter what you want to think. they dont have weight problems. EVER. so just look at them or dont. dont expect to LOOK like them though. that is settin yourself up for failure. I had babies and guess what? had a thin tiny face and arms and legs and butt., only my belly got huge. its very possible for you to have a normal thin body during prego. cindy crawford,claudia schiffer,gisele,heidi.alessandra …show me a model who looked like a regular woman while preggers, than wh’ll talk!

Haleiwa on

She makes her living with her body and I don’t find it odd that she wishes to lose the “baby weight” and get back into good shape quickly. Most people who use their body or body parts in their chosen profession take good care of their “instruments”. If she were an athlete getting ready for a big competition shortly after giving birth, there would be very few complaints. Her body is her asset, in the same way Derek Jeter’s body is his asset. If Derek could get pregnant, you better believe he would make sure he was back in shape pronto for the start of Spring training and there wouldn’t be all this drinking of the haterade.

I gained way too much weight with my 3rd baby, and it’s incredibily difficult to get off. There was no need for me to go over my ideal pregnancy weight by 20 pounds and now I’m paying for it. But like Lima, I’m doing what I need to do to take the weight off and making a committment to living a healthy and active lifestyle. And, there’s not a trainer, chef or nanny in sight. You don’t need necessarily those things when you have determination, lack of excuses, and a refusal to be lazy. If I can spend 10 minutes looking at celebrity baby, I can spend 10 minutes excercising or preparing a healthy snack.

Miss M on

I just wonder how healthy a diet and detox is for her baby if she is breastfeeding?

maricruz on

here is the thing, it doesn’t really matter how much money or time you have or don’t have. If you eat healthy, treat your body right, don’t treat it like a garbage disposal like Gisele said before, it is much easier to get back in shape. Let’s face it, we all have 30 minutes a day we could get off the couch and do something instead of griping about women who have nannies, chefs, blah blah. I am not defending these woman but pointing out the mere facts while I sit here typing this with a bag of chips instead of on a treadmill or doing some exercises. My kid is in a jumpy toy getting exercise. Shame on me for not going out with her and getting us both some fresh air. I am just point out that I have a MILLION excuses. Good for these women. I wish I WANTED to tear the chips out of my hand and go exercise.

Sarah on

Well, them being close to 6 feet sure helps a lot!

Tammy on

All genetics ladies, once again!
I’ve had 4 kids, and not 1 inch of blab in my stomach, yet I know many young mothers with one child who look like they are 4 months pregnant.
There’s no debate here at all!

Wendy on

Gag you with a spoon, Sarah? Maybe that’s why you think losing 10 pounds is not difficult and no big deal. All women are different– for some those 10 pounds would come off easily, for others there’s a whole lot of effort to put into it. Let’s not make condescending and generalized remarks about a subject that is difficult for many women.

neverthoughtI'dbethisblessed on

Everyone is different and have different priorities.Congrats to those who get back into shape after giving birth it takes hard work and I admire those who do it.It doesn’t matter how much money,cooks,nannies these models have they still have to put in really hard work to get in shape.I still look pregnant 7 years after having my last child and people ask me if I’m pregnant all the time.I’m having so much fun with my two wonderful kids that I couldn’t care less.For now I’d rather spend my time doing activities with my husband and kids instead of working out.

Lola on

Every woman is different. Our bodies all respond in various ways after giving birth. One of my best friends has a very tall and slim body, after giving birth to her son she went right back down to her normal size. She was wearing her pre pregnancy clothes the day she had her son and wearing belly shirts and bikinis within a week! She doesn’t work out or restrict her diet at all. Lets have some repsect for other women and their body choices. 🙂

Carly on

Who the heck ever said a “petite” person should gain extra weight? My doctor told me from the get-go, if I gained more than 20-25 lbs total, I would really struggle to get it off, and to just think about it. Baby, fluid, a little extra fat to support hormones, -no more than 20-25 lbs at the most. Anything else was unnecessary and would just cause me problems getting around during the last trimester, and misery trying to lose it afterwards. Everyone I know who gained more than that has struggled way more than needed, and half of them have never lost the weight.

We are not doing ourselves or our babies any favors being overweight. As far as being able to nurse, one of my babies never took a bottle, ever, and I made enough milk to donate, all at 5’3″, and 117. I don’t care what anyone weighs, but don’t say it’s the right thing to be overweight. It’s not; it’s unhealthy and a bad example for your kids, just as being anorexic is.

Rosa B. on

I like how there’s an ice cream ad at the bottom of this article under all of our comments. LOL – Ladies, that is definitely targeted marketing!

CelebBabyLover on

Jules- Heidi has spoken in interviews about the fact that she’s breastfeeding Lou (or at least was. I’m unsure if she still is or not), so obviously it IS possible for models to breastfeed. 🙂 That being said, when I read about Adriana’s diet, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Is she breastfeeding?”. The second was “Is that type of diet healthy for a nursing baby?”

Renee- I agree! And Nicole Kidman, who is also very tall and has a long torso, also barely showed for most of her pregnancy. Yet no one accuses her of having used a surrogate! Every woman carries differently, and every woman loses the weight differently!

Kristen on

I am tired of people saying you need money, a chef or a nanny to be back in shape that soon. No people, it takes genetics (YES, this is a big part) but it also takes dedication. If you sit there stuffing your mouth with the excuse you just had a baby, it won’t work.
What does it matter if you work outside the house? Sure you can take 30 minutes of your time to do some cardio. And of course YOU choose what to eat for dinner…so choose wisely. And not gaining 50 pounds to start with…helps a lot.

Kayla on

When I had my son within 3-4 weeks I was back to my post baby body (Flat toned tummy). Now I attribute that to eating healthy PRE baby. I’ve never been disciplined as far as exercise goes, but I am about what I eat. While I was pregnant I ate huge salads from the Harris Teeter salad bar (spinach, grilled chicken, broccoli, cukes, eggs, green peppers, etc) and other healthy meals, so my weight gain was all baby. My son was born strong and healthy (but gassy lol). Remember there’s no such thing as “eating for 2”. Don’t double portions because you think you can, and don’t eat crappy food.

Savanna on

@CelebBabyLover – I don’t think she’s breastfeeding Valentina anymore. She’s been bottle feeding her from what I’ve seen in videos. She could be pumping, but I doubt it. And I doubt that her doctor would give the go on a strict diet and detoxing if she was still breastfeeding.

Jen on

Ok Christine, here you go.

I gained 24 pounds when pregnant with my daughter, I had lost all but 3 pounds 10 days after her birth. I wasn’t weight again until my 6 week check up, where I was at my pre-pregnancy weight. I continued to lose over the next several months and ended up about 5-6 pounds below the weight I was when I got pregnant.

I was able to take 12 weeks off with my daughter, but I didn’t go to a gym, and I certainly don’t have a personal chef, unless you count my husband ;). We eat as healthily and naturally as possible, but we aren’t perfect and I eat/ate my fair share of junk/processed food.

I was also exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months and had to maintain my calorie intake. I was constantly eating or drinking something.

But I am also naturally quite thin, and don’t gain weight too easily. It does happen easily for some of us, without utilizing personal trainers or chefs, or starving ourselves.

Jen on

Withint MINUTES of giving birth, the uterus shrinks back down to the size of a grapefruit, and within a week or two, it should be back to it’s pre-pregnancy size. Not sure where you got your information from.

My stomach was flat (not toned) within a week of giving birth, because it’s just how my body is. I have other friends who are fairly thin and had a harder time losing the weight. I have a friend who was/is overweight and she lost all her pregnancy weight plus more very quickly after giving birth. Different bodies react different, a novel concept I know.

But I certainly did not use a surrogate, your post was ridiculous.

Jen on


The recommendation for petite, thin women is to gain 25-30 (as opposed to the 20-25 recommendation otherwise), not to “gain a lot”.

Like I said above, I gained 24 pounds. I am 5’3″ and was 108 when I got pregnant. My daughter was 7 lbs 9 oz, so not small at all.

I happen to believe that for many people, you gain what you gain, regardless. Of course, eating healthy and staying active may help, but it’s not a guarantee. I have a friend who ate great and was active throughout her pregnancy and gained 40 pounds. Her next pregnancy, she ate everything and wasn’t very active and gained 50 pounds. My SIL, who is naturally thin, rode her bike to and from work everyday until she was almost 7 months. She does not eat any process food, she gained 40 pounds too.

Like I said above, everyone body reacts differently. It’s not necessarily a sign of someone being lazy or not eating enough.

And Jule, that’s a ridiculous statement. A person’s size is not necessarily indicative of their ability to effectively breastfeed.

Jen on


Maybe not on this site, but on others, Nicole Kidman was accused of using a surrogate.

romy on

you also have to remember these models don’t eat much either. Most are lying if they say they do. Ask people that work with them or really know them. There are also other ‘habits’ for some (many) in Hollywood that aid in weight loss or staying thin. Not saying that these 2 models use/do that, just saying Hollywood isn’t exactly what you see is what you get, and it isn’t normal life like ours.

Jenna on

If a woman puts the majority of her focus and attention on diet and exercise of course that’s going to be reflected in her weight. Most women give all that love and attention to their baby. But, everybodys different and some have different priorities. For me, I choose to stay home after having my first baby. I lost the baby weight over a period of several months each time. The first few months of a baby’s life are so special. To me my focus was on making sure everything was going the way it needed to at home so that the baby was healthy and happy, and each member of the family had what they needed to bond and adjust to the new addition.

d on

supermodels are NO BETTER than the rest of us, we are all women with different bodies, frames, genetics, and lifestyles.
My son was born 2 months ago and I still have 15-20 lbs to lose and am actively going to the gym and working on it. It’s not easy and we are all constant works in progress.

I gained 40 lbs during my pregnancy and was moderately active the whole time. My doctor did not have a problem with my weight gain due to me being petite at 5’1 and 115 pre pregnancy.
Every woman’s body is different and we should not compare ourselves with anyone else.

B on

She also delivered at 34 weeks due to preeclamsia. Not sure about anyone else, but I gained much of my weight in the last few weeks of pregnancy. At the end of the day, doing it right or not, she is the one who is going to have to live with her decisions! And all of you spreading the negativity to other women, well, that starts to fester and cause it’s own problems for your health. Good luck with that!

Desiree on

She looks fab! She probably works her butt off for it, it has nothing to do with money.

If I was working out right now instead of reading all these rude comments my butt would probably be smaller too. HAHA!

Julianna on

Let’s face it: Gisele’s, Heidi’s, Claudia’s and other models’ and celebrities’ quick return to pre-baby body is not average, no matter how fast their metabolism is. It puts an unbelievable load of pressure on normal women. It’s so spirit-lifting to see a famous woman, who’s famous for her exotic beauty, admitting that she’s sweating through losing the pregnancy pounds. Congratulations, Adriana, for your refreshing honesty!

FitForever on

It is NOT impossible to be fit after you have a baby. Especially if you are fit and healthy before you get pregnant and if you don’t stuff your face with junk food when you’re pregnant. I have 2 kids. I am 5 ft 6 in. weigh 120-125lbs. I worked out before, during and after both my babies. My stomach is as flat as it used to be before my kids (with a few pregnancy stretch marks now) I work out 5 days a week, I eat very healthy low fat, lots of protein, veggies and whole grains. I am not rich and I go to school full time. I put aside 1 hr a day to work out, no excuses! Alot of women just let themselves go and eat unhealthy. And most gyms have a daycare, so there is no excuse!!

martina on

FitForever – not everyone can set aside an hour per day to work out. I teach yoga in Manhattan & Hoboken, and here is the situation that most of my students w/infants & toddlers face. Infants don’t sleep through the night or wake up early. Toddlers are up at 6 am. So working out in the morning is really tough. Then it’s off to work. Home at 6:30. Do you want to run to the gym or be with your child? Cook your husband a nice meal? I have a 20 months old – if I didn’t work out for a living I would not be in the gym every day. My goal in life is to be a good mother, not to be a mother who looks the best in a bikini.

Kat on

She is tall & skinny yes, is it natural probably not, half genetics probably. I bet she has to run, do weights, eat super healthy everyday. People sit there and complain about skinny people, its often because they are not happy with them selves, and instead of working out to be where they want to, they are lazy and decide to critic those that work really hard at it. Does she still have self-conscious issues, oh Im sure….but to pick at her & the other girls is ridiculous.

Christine on

Congratulations to the many “average” moms who did it on their own. That was my point in the first place, after having three kids and each time eating right, exercising and with plenty of discipline I was able to do the same thing. I think too many people are mistaking a jealousy factor for simply stating that the article writers are not pointing out in detail how many of these women returned to those pre-pregnancy bodies. My point was two things – explain how they returned to those bodies so that like Julianna said, there aren’t young moms starving themselves and having unrealistic goals because of what they see in magazines. Doesn’t it make more sense to highlight that these women had to do A,B,C to return there or better just to say she just returned there magically? Many of the women who posted on here explained how they returned to their bodies or how they maintained throughout, that’s a better example for other young moms or moms-to-be than simply printing an article and saying wow, she had the baby and magically just resumed her normal life within a week.

Annie on

A trainer does not do the exercise for you. Every one likes to talk about these trainers like they are miracle workers that make you thin. They will make sure that you are exercising properly and help you do proper exercises. But anyway you look at, these celebs have to get off their butts and do the hard work themselves. There’s no use in trying to make yourself feel better about being overweight by complaining about not being rich or not having a trainer.

Marta on

Whoa to all the haters. If you don’t gain an obscene amount of weight during your pregnancy and keep it at a healthy 25 – 30 lbs the weight does come off very, very quickly…specially if you are breastfeeding. All my girlfriends and I lost all our baby weight within two months of having our Little Ones and let me tell you,not a one of us skipped a meal! So quit hating and instead focus on having a more healthy pregnancy the next time around. (Also, this is not to say we were ultra toned afterwards…we all have different bodies and we all retain a little extra something!)

martina on

Marta – the “haters” aren’t talking about the weight. Most posters probably lost the baby weight quickly, and didn’t gain over 30 lb. The debate is about those ultra-tight, toned bodies SOME celebrities seem to regain instantly. When they look within 4 weeks like they never carried a child, it is shocking. Of course the weight can and should come off rather quickly.

pc on

I know people love to hate on models, but the reality of that world is you gain weight you lose jobs period. People in that industry are very brutal. I know cause I had a friend who was a model. She was constantly being told she was too big and needed to lose weight. I personally didn’t see it. Everybody is different and has different lifestyles so you can’t expect everything to be the same. Supermodels are naturally tall and thin anyway so you can’t expect them to look the same post baby as the average woman in this country who are 5’4″ and are a size 12-14.

CelebBabyLover on

Christine- I’m confused by your comment. This article has a lot of detail about how Adriana is losing the weight. It decribes the diet she’s on, and mentions that she boxes and jumps rope.

babiesgaloremomma on

with both of my pregnancies i gained a healthy amount of weight about 28lbs and then was rather thin between 4 to 6 weeks after delivery. and my babies were a healthy weight. it just fell off. although i am married now i was a single mom for both pregnancies. i am 5’7″ tall, so a bit taller than average. in my case i think the fast return to my pre- baby weight is the combo of not going crazy gaining a ton of weight during pregnancy, genetics and stress. i am one of those lucky ones. these ladies are MODELS, they get PAID millions to look fabulous. don’t hate, they look awesome.

Rachelle on

I can eat anything i want and don’t gain weight.

I have two sons aged 5 and 7.
2 weeks after giving birth I was looking just like before. Wearing my clothes, etc…
I ate a lot during pregnancy, Of course very healthy food which is what a pregnant woman should be eating anyway, putting in the baby.
And my boys were born weighing 8.5 and 9 lbs respectively. I gained 20 pounds which was mostly baby weight, placenta, etc….

Except for the skin on my stomach that took 4-6 weeks to regain the same smoothness/tightness/elasticity. Everything stayed the same and I don’t have stretch Marks.
I am 5″10 for 125 and my measurements are 34-24-36 to this day.
So Ladies I think it is a matter of genetics and not p***ng out .

Anonymous on

There are real moms who are lucky enough to lose the weight fast, but it’s a combination of genetics, age, and luck. I was skinny a week after having a baby, but that doesn’t mean I was toned. I also was too busy with my baby to make it to the gym which is another advantage these women have; they have nannies, etc. However, after slowly managing to get to the gym for awhile, everything went back to normal. Most of us have to go to the gym even if we aren’t post-pregnancy!

Kat on

Hey I have pretty much nothing but overweight people on both sides of my family, I was overweight all through childhood, and at my thinnest I was 130 at 5’2″ before I got pregnant and that was due to severe ulcerative colitis which made me so sick I couldn’t keep any weight on. However, when I did find out I was pregnant I made sure to eat as healthy as possible. I still gained 45 pounds by the time I had my c-section at 39 weeks, even though I was also active my entire pregnancy as well.

My baby is only 2 1/2 weeks old now and I have lost 35 pounds so far and my skin, which was stretched to full capacity (so much so that I looked like a freddie kruger victim with all the stretchmarks) and almost all of the excess skin has shrunk all the way back and my stretchmarks are thin red lines at the moment. I have not worked out once yet, just walk around every couple of days and eat small meals frequently.

My baby has to be bottle fed due to the medication I have to take to keep from bleeding out again, so breast feeding has nothing to do with my weight loss either. And at my 2 week checkup this past week my OB said my uterus is almost completely shrunk down. The only thing out of the “ordinary” that I have done is I wear the compression band they put on me right after my surgery, which has both helped heal my incision quicker by keeping excess weight off of it and shrink my hips and skin back with the compression.

It is not hard to lose it, and genetics or “luck” does not always play a part in it either. It usually takes finding what is right for you. It really is simple and does not take much time at all. I spend every waking moment (short of shower time) with my son and I am having no problems losing the “excessive” 45 pounds I gained while growing my sweet, perfect little boy.

Prem on

i think there is some crazy number ou thetre in baby land that a pregant woman should onl consume 300 more calories a day during her pregnacy , crazy i know with cravings and supoorting anthour human life . I know with my second i just ate tons of vegtables and fruit instead of chips and all the other goodies i could have killed for ,(ok i wasnt great at the will power all the time ) it helped alot that my child hated for me to consume even a speck of my beloved chocolate but i CRAVED ice cream like a mad woman > so my deal was no bad snacks during the day and i kept them all out of the house . and i could eat ice cream after dinner . sometimes a bowl was fine some times more but i didnt feel gulity because i was packing my day with veggies ( have i touched a carrot since not really ) but than the min she was born hershey kisses found their way back into my life . With a stroke of luck and alot of restrnght i only gained about 10 lbs , insane i know but i also think it had tons to do with the constant puking i did for 5 months with morning sickness. Use common sense , moderate , excersise abit ( which i am sure you run maratons around the house with the first . besides you might just be to busy this time around with baby number 1 that you wont have time to get larger with baby number two. but than again all those muscles will strech faster because they were already laxed . oh the irony . Good luck and congrats on your children . I might not have been a help , but good luck