Spotted: Sarah Michelle Snuggles Her Sweetie

06/24/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

So cute!

Sarah Michelle Gellar snuggles up to daughter Charlotte Grace, 9 months, while heading to a lunch date with her mother on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Charlotte, who arrived last September, is the first child together for the actress and Freddie Prinze Jr., her husband of seven years.

“Certain expressions she makes look just like mine — those are on the dumber side — and when she’s contemplative and thoughtful she looks like Sarah,” the proud papa said recently.

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Jennie on

What a stunning baby!!! Her name suits her well. It is so great to finally see her!

Sadie on

She is beautiful and has her daddy’s eyes.

klutzy_girl on

She looks so much like Freddie!

Kathleen on

Beautiful baby! Looks a lot like Freddie!

soph on

She is beautiful.

Kristin on

Charlotte and my daughter were born on the same day. 🙂 It’s nice to finally see my daughter’s birthday buddy. She’s gorgeous!

jordan on

oh my gosh!! It’s about time we finally saw her. She is so beautiful. I would love to see Satyana and Charlotte have a play date together.

Elizabeth on

oh my! I forgot SMG and Freddie had a baby! She’s beautiful!!

Colleen on

Beautiful baby. Of course, with such gorgeous parents, who’d deny it?

Bancie1031 on

She’s gorgeous! She looks just like Freddie ….. She’s gotta so big since the last time we seen her ….. 😀

CelebBabyLover on

What a cutie!

Jaedyn on

Must agree: She looks like Freddie 🙂 Cute girl!

Monika on

Kristin, I was born on September 19th too! :). Nice to know I have b-day buddys too.

Barbi on

She looks a lot like her daddy, even the same stare. Congratulations!

Ellie on

Ok – she is a cute baby. My question is “Why is smgp still being photographed as though she is a current celebrity???” If having a baby is cause for getting your picture taken, there are thousands of babies being born and the parents do not need to smear their pictures all over the place. I’m sure her rep and agent would like her to make a “comeback” (and I use that word loosely) and keeping her in the news is their job BUT she is currently not doing anything interesting at all except staying home and strolling, lunching, shopping with her baby – something alot of other new mothers would love to be doing. They may have to work or take care of other children so SMGP casually lunching with her child is a tacky and silly way to keep your face current. Maybe it might be more appropriate for FPJ to be out with the baby – that makes much more sense now he is slightly breaking back into the limelight. Hopefully sometime in the future, smg will let fpj get a little buzz from their child – but right now she seems to be making the most of this sweet child.

Mamaof2 on

@Ellie – perhaps Sarah Michelle just likes to leave her house on occasion and enjoy the day with her child? Do you really think she’s begging to be photographed? Really?

Kim on

Ellie – Give her a break! So she can’t go outside and do normal everyday activities same as us non celebrities? She has the right to go outside, run errands, take her baby for a walk in the stroller, go shopping, & etc. The paparazzi’s are the ones who chooses to snap those photos of the celebs out with their families, not the celebs themselves. You have to realize they are normal people just like us, the only difference is they have a different job than we do.

kmb on

Ellie- that’s quite a snotty thing to say. Both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr are celebrities, as the definition of a celebrity is “a person who is easily recognized in a society or culture.” Lots of us, I’m sure, are excited to see this celeb baby, and her adorable little face. There are many less recognizable celebs and babies on this website, but even so, to each his/her own.
Adorable little one- she looks so much like Freddie!!

Brooklyn on

Adorable! I can’t believe she’s already 9 months old!

Jennifer on

So let me get this straight ellie – you think that because he’s the one currently in the “limelight” freddie prinze jr should only take the baby out in public? So I’m assuming you practice what you preach and out of you and your husband, whomever is more successful is the only one to take your children out of the house?

Plus you say she’s smearing pictures of her daughter so she can be in the spotlight too. I’m not too sure about this but I’m pretty sure I see both of sarah michelle gellar prize’s arms in the pictures…kinda proving she isn’t the one taking pictures (yes, that’s sarcasm).

Ellie, you also say “is currently not doing anything interesting at all except staying home and strolling, lunching, shopping with her baby.” Most of the pics of celebrities and their children are of them doing nothing…they are usually shopping, walking into an event, or going to eat. Not to mention you say she’s not a current celebrity. That’s based on interpretation. Anyone is a celebrity these days…as long as the publics knows who you are…you’re a celebrity. This includes actors, reality stars, athletes, someone that did something stupid and got press for it, etc… This is a celebrity-baby blog…so therefore these are pictures of children of celebrities (and the paparazzi think the kids are important enough cause they pay thousands for these pics).

I’m not sure why you have hatred for sarah michelle gellar. Maybe you’re jealous cause she’s prettier than you? Maybe you’re jealous that she has financial security that she can spend time away from work and only take care of her baby? I’m not sure…but can you just be quiet? Most of us want to enjoy the cute, adorable pictures of the baby.

She is an adorable baby and I love the very affectionate way sarah michelle gellar prize holds and looks at her daughter. Such a cute moment that I almost feel bad being a part of…seems like a moment between mom and daughter only. I’m happy for this family…they seem grounded and very cute and happy together. Many blessings!!!

Lauren on

its not like we see pictures of her everyday. its once and a while. her baby is SO adorable!

Sarah on

Ellie- blah blah blah…. really? You have some issues. She is still a CELEBRITY BABY!… last time I checked… that was what this site is for, correct?

erilynne on

She definitely looks like Freddy!

Mariana on

Ellie, please. Does it always have to be someone to start an unnecessary discussion on every topic of CBB? Come on, guys.

OMG, 9 months, time really flies! She now looks a lot more like Freddie than she did a few months ago. And he’s so funny when he talks about her expressions – I just love this family!

Plezee on

Ellie you are so jealous, and Ellie you are a pitful human! Your comments prove the type of hate that celebrities are so bother by. Freddie certainly does not need nor want your support or to be his fan! Fans of Freddie adore his wife and family just because they are his chosen family!!!!

nan on

@ ellie….. entertainment weekly just put out an issue of the top 100 greatest characters from the last 20 years and “buffy” came in at number 3….. out of 100! she may not be currently on tv (geez, she just had a baby and may want to be home!) but she is certainly still a celebrity!

Leigh on

Re: Ellie’s comment: And *that* would be why SMG is so rarely pictured with her child. Considering everyone’s response here of “Oh wow, so good to finally see her!”, SMG clearly has gone out of her way to NOT be that person who would call the cameras to snap shots of she being a mother and her daughter just being her daughter. Yet, let the papz catch one afternoon and suddenly she’s a famewhore? Yeah, okay. It’s clear why SMG’s first and original instincts were better than some other actors who like to show their kids off in well known celeb kids areas or dressing up to catch camera attention.

Stef on

She is ALL Daddy.

ericka on

She looks like Freddie and his father a little Freddie Prinze Sr. Shes adorable and very fair skinned with dark hair…ugh wonder if she’ll have blue eyes? Such a beautiful combo

Kristin on

Suggesting that she is bringing her child out for attention is ridiculous. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are extremely private people. I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Charlotte (at least where she wasn’t covered up) since the ones they released shortly after she was born. And by the way, they are both currently working on new projects– Freddie is joining the cast of 24 and Sarah is working on a new show called The Wonderful Maladys. Just because they took a break to enjoy married life and have a child doesn’t mean they aren’t “current” celebrities. They are doing a lot more than some people shown on this site.

Bancie1031 on

kmb – very nicely said!

Ellie – you must not know SMG or Freddie very well because if you knew the first thing about them it would be THEY LIKE TO STAY OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT! They love their privacy. Even before Charlotte you hardly ever seen pictures of Sarah Michelle and Freddie. SMG and Freddie are both Celebrities and I very much enjoy seeing pictures of them on here (few and far between that they may be)!