Mark McGrath Introduces His Twins!

06/24/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Meet rocker and TV host Mark McGrath‘s biggest hits: His fiancΓ©e Carin Kingsland and their 8-week-old twins, Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace.

“She’s so precious, just a princess. And he’s my little dude,” says the Sugar Ray singer of his children, who arrived on April 29. “Their birth was the greatest moment of my life.”

Carin, Lydon, Mark and Hartley — Alison Dyer

More on the twins — and a video of the family! — below.

The twins are “polar opposites” in personality and looks, says the couple. While Lydon “knows what he wants and wants it now,” says Kingsland, Hartley “is very calm and has a lot of patience. She’s very sweet.”

Adds McGrath, who will host the new season of Don’t Forget the Lyrics! this fall: “People say Lydon looks like me, and Hartley has a Latin flavor to her — she’s got darker skin and big beautiful lips like Carin.” The couple plans to raise the twins to speak English and Spanish like Kingsland, whose mother is from Panama.

After 16 years of dating ups and downs, McGrath, 42, and Kingsland, 37, hoped to start a family after a solid four-year run in their relationship. But their path to parenthood wasn’t easy, especially as they got older.

Kingsland had lost one ovary to a tumor at age 11 and suffered from fibroids and polycystic ovary syndrome. And McGrath had been told he might never father children following a childhood case of testicular torsion.

So after more than a year of failing to conceive the old-fashioned way, they decided to try a single round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and were surprised not only when it worked — but when they learned they were expecting two bundles of joy.

“Not to be cheesy, but you get really gangster about your relationship now, like this is my family,” says McGrath. “There’s a bond that the four of us share that nobody can mess with.”

For more on McGrath and Kingsland’s journey to parenthood, check out the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Marisa Laudadio

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Corrie on

Awww! So sweet! He looks completely besotted. Congratulations to them both. πŸ™‚

Cas on

what a beautiful family! Congratulations Mark and Carin!!!

16YrOldMommy on

Im due with Twins any day now, so i love hearing how it is to have two of them!!! The whole family is beautiful

Erika on

Those babies are so precious! They look so different as babies, I can’t wait to see if they look alike when their older!!

KRS on

Oh my gosh, I hope “16YearOldMommy” is just a made-up screen name! Twins?! Seriously!? Either way, best of luck to you!

Lucy on

Congrats on your beautiful bundles of joy! Your story of trying to conceive is an inspiration. You both have a glow. So happy for you both.

Megan on

Congrats! I am a mommy to 18 1/2 month old fraternal twin girls. My husband and I also had to go through IVF, we were so thrilled when it worked the first time and both eggs took.

LindaWhisler on

Awww So cute, Right now, I think they favor there mommie, but I love watching them grow, and there looks bounces back and forth from dad to mom. It’s so great, and you 2 are very lucky.They are just beautiful.

Anon on

How beautiful! They’ll be wonderful parents! I wish them all the best!

Mom Of Twins on

Being a mom of twins bring me such joy, Carin & Mark cherish every moment. It goes very fast.

Anonymous on

Thanks for sharing your story. It is always great to hear a happy ending. Congrats!!

Becky on

As a Nanny to twin (boy/gilr) congrats to both of them..Best of luck to the family..

Irma on

We so proud the babies will lesarn how to speak Spanish.
Viva the twins!

veraroberts on

Beautiful family! Congrats to them!!!

Sandra on

It gives me hope to know that someone else with only 1 ovary and PCOS can have a baby! May God bless them!

glee fan 8 on

the twins are adorable! their names have grown on me!

Brooklyn on

Aw! They’re both adorable! Love their names.

Lucy on

Sandra, me too! Good luck!

TC on

Okay Mark … it was very cheesy to say you get really ganster. Just saying you’re very protective would have been fine πŸ™‚ Congrats – cute girl name…Hartley πŸ™‚

kat on

awwww that’s sweet that he’s so attached and such a loving dad!!! The babies are beautiful & I wish them all the happiness in the world πŸ™‚ β™₯

Christy on

Very beautiful family!! Congrats to them!

On a side note… the pillow behind her makes it look like she’s growing a peacock tail. πŸ™‚

Alisha on

Awww, beautiful family, great article!

TR on

I think they favor Mom right now moreso than Dad, they’re sweet, but need some hair. Sorry, I never favored bald babies, not saying they’re ugly, I just like babies with hair. Look forward to watching them change over the next months, grow into their own lil personalities. And they are very lucky to have IVF work 1st time. Enjoy & much success to come.

amelia on

those r 2 cool babies, they have my birthday!! lol just 22 yrs difference. : )

16YrOldMommy on

Dear KRS
nope not a made up scareen-name :)Im 16 and expecting my twins on July 16nd!!! But they may be comeing sooner :)Thanks for the good luck wishes πŸ™‚ I would love to get to know other twins moms!!! πŸ™‚

electra on

I had such a big crush on Mark McGrath growing up. I thought he was just dreamy and “someday” is still one of my favorite songs 10 years later. Its so nice that they could overcome medical issues to have beautiful twins. Congrats to them.

Bancie1031 on

YAY! I have been waiting (impatiently – I might add) to see these 2 gorgeous bundle of joys!!!! Mark’s going to be a wonderful dad and I’m sure Carin’s going to be a wonderful mom. I haven’t met her but I have been blessed to meet Mark and he’s a wonderful human being with a beautiful soul! He was just awesome with my daughter so there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he was going to be a wonderful dad.
Mark and Carin look so happy with their new family πŸ˜€ I couldn’t be happier for them. Plus I consider it very brave how they admitted and told their story with infertility (and the same with each and every celebrity that does the same thing). I can’t wait to (hopefully) watch these 2 miracles grow up πŸ˜€
Mark is right, while he’s gone at work when he gets home it’s going to seem like he missed so much. But I believe that it will just make him closer to his twins.
I know that Carin has been wanting a family for a while as well and I can see why Mark fell inlove with her πŸ˜€
Everyone looks great and hope to see lots and lots of more pictures of this beautiful family on this site!! πŸ˜€

Bancie1031 on

oh and Thank you so much to Mark and Carin (plus people) for including the video!!!!

Opinionated on


Ohh sure you’re excited now but reality will catch up with you in a big way. I pity any child born into an immature and unstable situation. It takes a heck of a lot more than love to raise a kid and any 16 year old that thinks they’re mature and stable enough to raise a kid let alone two is seriously missing some marbles. Good luck to those poor babies. They need all the luck they can get.

cris on

Cute babies! IMO 16yroldmommy is just looking for attention…based on her posts, I do really hope for her and her babies’ sake, she continues her education.

And on

@ Opinionated you shouldnt pity the kids you don’t know 16YrOldMommy so back off. She might have all the support she could ask for you dont know her situation. I’m sure any new mother 16yrs or 30yrs old isnt going to be the best but she will learn as time goes on.

@16YrOldMommy dont let anyone put you down you will be the best mother that you can be no mothers are perfect. I hope that people like Opinionated arent involved in the lives of you and your unborn children.

Miko & Gabe's Mom on

Beautiful babies! I wasn’t a huge fan of the names originally, but now I think they’re really cute. Anyway, good luck to this family and can’t wait for future updates. As the mother of identical twin boys, it’s incredibly hard bringing up two at the same time, but it is SO worthwhile and I wouldn’t trade being a twin mama for the world!

Eva on

No matter what anyone says, a 16 yr old parent will NEVER be a good parent. I have seen WAY too many situations where teenage girls have babies and they think “love” is all the baby needs. NO, love is not nearly enough. How about an education, a stable job, a place of your own, and financial independence? There is NO way you can have any of that at 16. And no, minimum wage jobs do not count because it would take three or more minimum wage salaries to raise a child and still have money left over for rent and to feed yourself.

torgster on

I could watch the video 24/7 LOL. Those two little dolls are absolute perfection! They look so wise and alert for only being 8 weeks old, perched there on mom and dads laps with those expressive tiny faces. Luv luv luv them.

16YrOldMommy on

I have a lot of support in my family, and i dont appreciate how insensitive some of you guys are. I am really mature and have given up being a teenager for my beautiful children, For the women who said i should continue my eduvcation well guess what. I got my GEd on saturday!!!!! So you shouldnt assume that i am a slut or am not gong to be a good mom or finish school cause guess what, I did!!!! And by the way im not looking for attention, since when is it looking for attention to comment on something and relate it to my own life. ( ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVE DONE THIS, IS THIS FORUM)

JR Jake on

Great pictures Mark and Carin. Loved the video of Mark and the kids, you can tell they just love their Daddy and vice versa. The best thing I ever did and I hope you two smother those children with much love forever. Hope to see them growing up pictures as well. Mark you were made for that gig. Being a Papa is cool huh Mark?

MagicalGem23 on

Why is everyone picking on @16YrOldMommy?? I mean really now, we should be telling her the positives of parenting not telling her she will not be a good parent, just because of her age. I was 22 when I had my daughter and didnt have a clue like all first time mothers. Yes having twins will def be harder than having just one but as “AND” said, she may have all the support she can ask for. I know several people who have had children in their teens and they are GREAT parents.

@16YrOldMommy – CONGRATULATIONS & BEST OF LUCK with your twins! Hope you show all the negative people out there that you can be a great parent and tell them to shove it!!

fuzibuni on

whoa at this thread.
i’m getting a bit of a ‘precious’ vibe if you guys know what i mean.

beautiful babies though. congrats to the parents.

Anna on

16yearold mommy is just a way to rile people up. Just last week there was also “proudteenmom”….just trying to get attention.

16YrOldMommy on

Seriously anna???? Ok so now i cant pick a anme that says who i am?? How would you liek it if i said the name Anna riles me up because my sister had that name and she was killed…………..( which is true)

Gaia and Laban's mom on

There’s this assumption that a 35 year old will be a better mom than a 16 year old. Obviously a 35 year old has more experience and in many cases more money. However to say with certainty that this girl who has posted will be a mad mother is wrong. We don’t know her. There’s a 16 year old girl in my life who is having a child and SMH because I know her! And I know she’s not going to be the best mother she can be.

Ultimately, I think what determines a good mother is someone who is willinging to any lengths for her children. Who are we to say this girl wouldn’t? There have been plenty of teen moms who have made it and if any of you are to comment to this girl, why not say something inspirational or positive? I don’t see the benefit of spewing negativity to a young pregnant CHILD you don’t know. Even if she’s looking attention.

Luna on

16YrOldMommy- First off, congratulations. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, a positive outlook, and you’re doing the right things for you and your upcoming twins. i applaud you for that. My cousin had a baby at seventeen and she too is a fantastic mother. Judging based on the way you’ve posted, I think you will be too. Everyone else, stop picking on her!

Lydon and Hartley are precious! Congrats to Mark and Carin on your beautiful babies.

PrincessTwinsMom on

Congrats to the new parents! One of my twin daughters is named Hartley – and this is the first time I’ve seen the name for another little girl. My daughter was thrilled to see another child with “her” name!

Butterfly on

I ran a program for teen moms and have seen many of them go to great lengths to be the best that they could be,as parents and as adults. Young people with a strong support system and drive can achieve so much. How dare anyone try to put this mom to be down! Is being a pregnant teen ideal? Definitely not but does that mean she can’t be a good mom? Heck NO! 16yroldtwinsmom needs encouragement not put downs.

Congratulations on your twins and good luck with your future!

Sylvia on

All these ladies who are saying “Oh my goodness, a teen mom could NEVER be a good mom should actually watch some teen moms mother their children.
Who says that age determines how good of a mom someone is? How ridiculous!

Bancie1031 on

16YrOldMommy – don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t be a good mother just because your 16 ….. I come from a family that tend to have babies young …. I’ve got 2 cousin’s that were sisters and each had a baby when they were 16 and both turned out to be wonderful mom’s (don’t get me wrong they made mistakes as do we ALL!), they both went on to have 8 children each while their sister had a baby at the age of 15 and was a “bad” mom … she expected her mom to take care of her baby so she could continue to be a teenager ….. WRONG ….. once you decide to have children you give up your life to take care of someone else.
You can do this and Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck πŸ˜€ I’mI’mI’m glad that you have a

Bancie1031 on

torgster – I also could watch this video 24/7 ….. just LOVE it. Beautiful beautiful beautiful babies πŸ˜€

PrincessTwinsMom – Oh my that’s too cute! How old is your Hartley?

J on

I’ve known a couple of teen moms and none of them feel the need to tell everyone how old they are.

Then again, this girl got what she wanted with all the pats on the back.

Perhaps you should go find a teen mom group instead of bragging to strangers kiddo. It’s not impressive that you are 16 and pregnant, you’re a mom like every mom out there, you’re no better.

meg on

I like the video too! Though I’m now feeling *duh* about it — when he said “they’ll grow another foot,” I thought, what a strange thing to say.

Now I realize he was talking about inches.

Adorable babies!

CelebBabyLover on

MagicalGem23- I agree (and I love your screenname)!. I also want to add that teenagers can definitely be mature enough to raise a child and do a good job of it. Look at Jamie Lynne Spears and Keisha Castle-Hughes, for example. Both were 17 (if I’m remembering correctly. I unsure about Keisha) when they had their babies…..and both seem to be doing a wonderful job of raising their girls!

Obviously they have more money and such at their disposal than non-celebs, but money and support alone doesn’t make someone a good parent!

PrincessTwinsMom on

My girls are 9 years old. Hartley was my mom’s maiden name – and she passed away 2 months before the twins were born. I had always loved the name, but it seemed so appropriate to give it to my precious little girl in honor of her Granny that she’d never meet.

Sophia on

All this negativity towards 16YrOldMommy is kinda ridiculous seeing as you know next to nothing about her or her situation, nor can you say that a teenager will NEVER be a good mother. One of my closest friends recently welcomed a baby girl at 17, and I can say with total confidence that that little baby lucky enough to have been born to an amazing woman who is already a wonderful mother. Not only does she love her daughter with all her heart, she has an education, a great knowledge of how to care for and raise a child, an incredibly supportive family, a longterm partner who has a steady job, a house, insurance, etc. SO I really don’t think it’s fair to cast judgments on other teen moms just because of their age. You never know. 16YrOldMommy, all the best with your twins, I’m sure you’ll be a great mother πŸ™‚
And, just to finally get to what is actually the topic of this post, Lydon and Hartley are really gorgeous babies πŸ™‚ Congratulations to Mark and Carin.

Jessica on

Let me just say some of you guys are just so holier than thou that it’s ridiculous!!!

I was pregnant at 16 with my 1st child. My husband was 17. We have now been married for almost 12 years (together since I was 15) both have good jobs. He had a college degree and I am in nursing school part time also working full time. We also now have 3 kids and they are all attending private school. Teen parents CAN be good parents!!!! I am a better parent than most of the parents I meet. I do more for and with my children than most of the parents I meet. I am constantly told by older parents that they don’t know how I do all I do. Do I do it to prove myself…NO!! I do it because I want to be the best parent I can be!!!

So get over it. With a little encouragement we can build this girl up and as a society help her be a good parent. How can draggin her down help her?!?!

Makes absolutely no sense at all. Is being a teen parent ideal?? HECK NO!!! But it happens. Let’s build up and not tear down these parents!!!!

Maybe all of you who judged her are just trying to make yourselves feel better by saying there is NO way she can be a good mom so you can convince yourself that no one can do a better job than you!! Think about it!!!!

I come to this site everyday and see this crap alot. Why do mothers feel the need to tear each other down. I will never understand it!!!

To 16YrOldMommy congrats on these new lives you will be bringing into this world. It will be hard, but you can do it!!!! Keep telling yourself that!!!

Handy Manfred on

Huge congrats, blessing & prayers to ALL of you. Love life more every day!

isabelline on

Jessica, you and your children are very lucky. It’s great to hear a nice story like that. I hope 16YrOldMommy and her twins are as lucky as you

Nancy on

16YrOldMommy – I had twins at age 33. You have NO IDEA what you are in for. Kiss away your youth forever. Lots of Luck, anyway.

Luna on

Wow go Jessica!

GiannaG on

Why did this thread become a ‘bash the 16 year old mom’ thread? How obnoxious and utterly ridiculous.

Congrats to Mark and Carin!

Jessica on

@ NANCY “16YrOldMommy – I had twins at age 33. You have NO IDEA what you are in for. Kiss away your youth forever. Lots of Luck, anyway.”

We all “kiss away” a certian part of our lives when we become parents. She may be giving up *some* of the things she could have done if she didn’t have children so young, but she will be opening the door to one of the greatest chapters of her life.

B on

Wow unbelievable,
I am so tired of hearing mothers putting mothers down. Why do you feel the need to make yourselves look high and mighty. We as women and mothers should unite together. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you know more.
16YrOldMommy, I want you to know that not all of us women or mothers are this immature and insensitive. I want to tell you that I think that if you work hard and remember to focus on what is important you will succeed in life. Parenting is difficult no matter how old you are, the trick is to stay calm and patient. Remember to breath and believe in yourself.Each stage is just that a stage. Enjoy them even if they are hard. Don’t let the comments get you down. They don’t pay your bills, they don’t sleep in your bed, and They are not going to raise your babies so they don’t have a reason to speak about your situation.
To the other mothers- what happened to you to make you so judgemental. What gives you the right to pass negativity to a young mother. It happened aleast she is taking the steps to provide for her babies. Instead of putting her or any other mother down why don’t you keep your judgemental harsh comments to yourself. We should be learning from eachother. This is beyond high school.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

They r adorable! πŸ™‚ I hope I get 2 gave twins (but that’s about maybe a good ten years away!!) I’m happy 4 them, so lucky. And electra, you’re not the only one with the crush on Mark! Seriously, they are very, very, very lucky. Oh, and by the way, stop picking on 16 Year Old Mommy. I’m sure she’ll be a great parent. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Bancie1031 on

GiannaG – I agree with you! Lets get back to the topic at hand and what this thread is truly about Lydon and Hartley πŸ˜€

PrincessTwinsMom – ahh so she’s definitely old enough to know that her name is a name you don’t hear every day πŸ™‚ I think it’s a beautiful name πŸ™‚

electra and LoveCrazyBeautifulLife – LOL I think at one point or another everyone had a crush on Mark πŸ˜€ I have to admit I still do and I think Carin is a VERY lucky woman πŸ˜€ Mark loves her (and has for 16 years) they just had a gorgeous son and daughter plus Carin and Mark are engaged (FINALLY!!!)! They make a beautiful couple and a gorgeous family!

I still love the names Lydon and Hartley πŸ˜€

Bancie1031 on

BTW I wonder how Mark’s 3 dogs took to the twins when Mark and Carin first brought them home …… Marks dogs were their babies before the twins πŸ˜€ for a long time. In the video they don’t seem to mind the twins (yet anyways lol) I just can’t stop watching the video πŸ˜€

Mamaof2 on

Gorgeous family! Best wishes to them all! : )

Becky on

@16yearoldMommy..Congrats to you..Most of all good luck..It’s nice to hear that you have family that will support you..As others said, please don’t let all of the naysayers get you down..Yes, you can spend the rest of your life saying what if, but guess what, if is the biggest word in our language..We (most) all have lots of what if’s in our life, so just enjoy your children and try to be the best Mom that you can..

Grace on

The twins are beautiful and the names are cute and unique!

Elisabeth on

I am so very happy for them. Congrats their beautiful babies!

My husband and I know all too well how PCOS can reek havoic on your fertility. We’ve been TTC for over 4 years. Last year I became pregnant with our miracle son, but due to Placental abruption and being in my second trimester it was too early for them to do anything. So we’ve been back ttc since January. We miss our son terribly.

Eileen on

lol….”eduvcation” just says it all. what a world…

Lucy on

Eileen, wow, you must live in a perfect world where you never misspell anything or have any typos!! What’s that like? Maybe you didn’t notice but i think as she was typing the word and went to hit the C she bumped the V as well. I know I have.

cindybatgirl on

People can we just stick to the subject of Mark and Carins twins and leave other people alone? Mark and Carin your twins are beautiful Congrats! Bancie I was thinking the same thing about Mark’s dogs. Your right about how nice mark is he pulled my son up onstage and had him sing a Journey song with him. I have it on video on my facebook.

Claudia on

Wow! They look sooooo happy and all four are sooo beautiful! IΒ΄m soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for them and with this family all the luck they need and wonderful years together!!

facingreality on

To 16yroldmommy – I had my first child at 15 – I turned 16 two months later. Today that child is a RN Practioner who is beloved by her patients and her family. By the time I was 21 I had 4 children. Unlike yourself, I had no family support and yet I completed high school on time and went on to a secondary education in Engineering.

They are all grown and law abiding citizens (2 in a medical field, 1 who served in the Navy and another who studied elementary education). As a single parent, I’ve done more to contribute to successful young adults than a lot of ‘older’ and ‘married’ couples.

Always remember: It is not about age but wisdom and even greater understanding. So go forth and raise your children with these things and the joys of parenthood (no matter what age you begin) – awaits you.

facingreality on

To all of you who feel so self-righteous enough to pass judgment on single parenthood – please remember that Mary gave birth to Jesus as a single, unwed mother.

Lucy on

I can not believe Mary and Jesus have been brought into this post. For starters, I have ZERO problems with single parents. I have other issues, but will not bring them up bc it is not the right venue. Keep in mind that not everyone that comes here believes in God, Mary, Jesus, etc. And religion is a very taboo topic and should not be brought up in a post focused on the miracle and beauty of 2 babies.

Bancie1031 on

cindybatgirl – did you use to be on the sugar ray website?? If so I believe your already on my facebook πŸ˜‰ He said hey to my daughter during one of his songs and she was like momma he said my name LOL …. he has a wonderful memory! And he’s such a wonderful guy ….
Claudia – good to see you on here posting for Mark and his family πŸ˜€

Unknown on

Congrats I am an older sibling to twins and I absolutly LOVE IT!

Pinkdancer on

Ok, so I know that they have been together for a very long time, but why would they go to so much effort to have kids when they are not yet married? Now on this case I think they obviously will get married so this is different but so many celebs get pregnant and are like, “oh we should get married” but then they never actually do.
I guess this situation is different but I just wanted to say that.
And those babies are gorgeous. What a beautiful family photo!

CelebBabyLover on

facingreality- Not only that, but Mary is believed to have been only 14 years old at the time she gave birth to Jesus.

Bancie- I understand your view point as well. πŸ™‚

Lucy on

Now we bring up the kids before marriage!?! Seriously pink dancer.

I think there is nothing wrong with having children with a partner and not being married. You don’t need to be married to be a good parent. I could go on for days about this and bring up other topics that I feel so strongly about, but will not.

Pinkdancer on

I certainly wasn’t saying that people who aren’t marrried are bad parents at all. I was just thinking that since they’ve been together for so long and were trying so hard to have a family, why not just be married? But they’re engaged, anyways.
I guess their life really is none of my business or anyone’s, I was just comenting because I am allowed to have an opinion just like everyone else.

cindybatgirl on

Yes Bancie that is me. I miss seeing them in concert but family comes first now.

mommyof3 on

Mary was NOT an unwed mother at the time of Jesus’ birth! Against normal protocol, Joseph married her, although she was “with child”, after the angel appeared to him. Come on, if you are going to use this as an example, at least get the story straight! Also, 14 yrs. then was at least 24 by today’s standards.

Lee on

@Lucy, why should anyone care about your opinions about marriage?

Bancie1031 on

cindybatgirl – lol I thought that was you when I seen the batgirl LOL πŸ˜€ I miss all of you guys since they closed the discussion board 😦 I also agree with you …. I miss seeing them in concert …. but yes family comes first …. and I bet Mark’s enjoying his family πŸ˜€

J on

GiannaG it became that way because she felt the need to tell everyone about it because she seems to think going to a celeb baby site and comparing her life to celeb’s with twins will help her for some reason. Odd…

J on

Hey B soe moms here are just telling 16yearoldtroll how it is with twins, it can be rough. Why butter it up to prase and coddle her. If you can’t handle some people’s honest comments than maybe a few of you should grow up. Some people were kind of nasty but others werejust to the point. Get over it.

Lucy on

Lee, I don’t care what people think!!!

CelebBabyLover on

J- When did 16YearOldMommy say that comparing her life to a celebs will help her with her twins? Also, I think all people are trying to say is that we should be saying things to her like, “Twins can be tough at times, but you can do it!”, rather than making assumptions like that isn’t mature enough for twins.

Bancie1031 on

I agree with CelebBabyLover!

Tracy on

Congrats on the beautiful twins Mark and Carin!! Mark is going to be a wonderful father! He was completely beaming on the video. Thanks for sharing the pics and video with us. Best of luck and enjoy every single moment!!

Ly on

[ Maybe all of you who judged her are just trying to make yourselves feel better by saying there is NO way she can be a good mom so you can convince yourself that no one can do a better job than you!! Think about it!!!! ]

I agree with Jessica on this. It seems like some older mothers are incredibly threatened by the idea that a teenage mother could do as well, or an even better, job than they are, so they feel the need to tear her down.

Parenting is hard. Babies cry. They cost money. Some people can handle it and some can’t, PERIOD. And many of those who fail at it are ones who had little interest and desire to succeed in the first place and don’t succeed even after the child is gone, so it has nothing to do with them being a parent at X age.

ka on

Great story! If anyone reading this has had similar problems with fibroids or cysts, you might want to check out the work of Julia Indichova, who wrote the books “Inconceivable,” and “The Fertile Female.” Her work is holistically minded and has been very beneficial to people suffering from these types of growths (me included)!

Gwenda on

Well, congrats to the new parents….gorgeous kids….comments to the 16 year old mother to be, only you can decide to be a great mother, and one of the things a great mother does is to give support and kind words and encouragement to our children and those around us… maybe the people on here who believe that there is NO way a teenage mother can be a good mother don’t have children, alteast I hope not because I would call what they are doing on here “BAD” parenting….definitely not something that I would call setting an example making comments like that…..

FC on

Mark and Carin have such beautiful twins. After such a long, tough road both of them had, they sure got two beautiful little blessings! πŸ™‚

Cozy on

*Congrats to both of you! What a happy story and an adorable family! I was so excited to see your article posted up at my doc’s office 3 days ago – and even more excited to find out you had the same doc as me! This gives me so much hope! My guy and I have a similar love story and just started our first IVF cycle – hopefully it will work the 1st time!! I have a great feeling it will. Thank you both for sharing your wonderful story! I love it!


Julie Lepage on

Bonjour. I’m so happy for you Mark and your lovely girlfriend and twins. Congradulations and I never miss your show. I wish all of you the best of everything . Respectfully Yours Julie