Family Photo: The Spelling-McDermotts – Mellow Yellow

06/24/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

They call me mellow yellow…

Tori Spelling and Stella Doreen, 2, went for matching mommy-daughter looks at Monday’s Uncharted TerriTORI book signing, held at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif.

This is the third tome for the actress and reality star, who posed with husband Dean McDermott and son Liam Aaron, 3, at the event.

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ang on

such a cute pic! can’t wait to get the book =)

jordan on

This is my favorite well one of my favorite Hollywood Family. and Stella is such a beautiful girl and I love Liam’s style. Tori looks like she’s getting some weight back on her(not much but a little). Anyways love this family.

Jenn on

Wow. Stella is definitely Dean’s daughter!

gianna on

those kids are so cute, and tori dresses them great. Tori was at borders in nyc last week, 700 people showed up and she signed a book and posed for every single fan, what a nice nice celebrity she is, really appreaciates her fans. she did the same thing at barnes and nobles in ca this week for over 500 fans. Loved her on 90210, love her show and books, and the fact she is so down to earth, is even better. liam looks just like the spelling family, and stella is all dean. oh at her book signing she said she def wants 1 more baby, but not till liam and stella are a bit older, so probably within 2 yrs I’m guessing

torgster on

I don’t mean this in a nasty way because I really like Tori, but I just wish she would switchup her makeup for a softer look in public. Their family photos are always so nice – Dean scruffy casual and the kids so natural looking. But Tori always looks so harsh, like she’s made up for the stage and not a hair out of place! She doesn’t need all that gunk – she looks great without it IMO.

Luna on

My gosh that’s a gorgeous family. I’ve always loved the Spelling-McDermotts. Can’t wait for Tori’s next book.

court on

Very sweet! I wish we saw Jack more often. I know Dean wishes Jack was around more too.

CelebBabyLover on

The kids are adorable (and Stella is ALL Dean!), and I’m glad to see Tori is putting some weight back on and looking healthy again after her medical ordeal (in an excerpt from her book posted in PEOPLE magazine, she mentions that she had a particularly nasty bout of Swine Flu this past Fall, and that along with it’s complications caused her to lose too much weight.). 🙂

Michelle on

torgster – I agree!

She has such strong facial features that when she is “at home” without any make up on is when she is the prettiest.

Perhaps she needs a mask for public appearances?

JMO on

This is the family that I so wanted to hate and I can’t I just can’t. They sucked me into their reality show (mostly cause their kids are too freakin cute) and now I’m in love with them!! It even makes me shake my head in disbelief to admit it cause I usually do not watch reality shows especially not one’s about celebrities!

Becky on

I love this family!! For celebs, they are so down to earth. She totally seems like she could be your friend. I have about 10 books that I have been dying to read and started all of them and don’t have the time to go back and finish them. Not sure why I keep buying them but I just “have to” have them but I got her new book a week or two ago and am actually making the time to read it. I love her books! And this one is just as good, so far. I am about 1/4 of the way through.

Anna on

Liam looks like he enjoys being dragged to all the grown-up events, but Stella always looks miserable. They should leave that poor child at home so she can have fun and play and be a kid. I’m sick of watching this woman use her kids to get attention and make money.

Jenn on

Stella is a carbon copy of Dean!! No mistaking paternity there LOL! (Not that there is anyway). I think Liam looks a lot like Tori.

Mariana on

Stella looks so adorable!!!
Liam is such a cutie, too!

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Stella grinning away at events. 🙂 She’s maybe going through the terrible twos right now, or maybe she was just having a grumpy day (we all have those every once in awhile!).

Anna on

CelebBabyLover: I’ve never seen one. And I’ve seen tons of her looking miserable, as well as footage from the show where they’re showing up at some red carpet event filled with flashing bulbs and the poor child looks visibly startled. It’s nice for people to spend lots of time with their children, but there are just some situations that are not appropriate for children and in those cases it would be much better for them to be left with a nanny of family member at home.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- Here’s my favorite picture of Stella smiling at an event: Look at that happy baby (in the second picture she doesn’t look as happy, true, but my point is obviously she DID have fun during part of the event!)! 🙂

Anyway, the bottomline is that I think Tori and Dean probably know their kids and what they need better than any of us do. 🙂

Kitty on

I watch their show because the kids are so adorable. And I have to say I think Tori and Dean are doing an excellent job raising those children. They are always so happy and Liam seems so mature for his age. Stella looks like Dean and I always thought that Liam looked like Tori’s brother Randy.