James Van Der Beek & Kimberly Brook: We’re Having a Girl!

06/23/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Amy Graves/WireImage

It’s going to be a pink-and-white-themed baby shower for James Van Der Beek’s pregnant girlfriend Kimberly Brook.

“We’re so excited to announce we are expecting a girl!” Brook told PEOPLE exclusively at Tuesday’s Jaguar and TyKu-sponsored summer music night at h.wood nightclub in Hollywood.

“We are thinking and taking suggestions for names, but we have no idea [what to call her] right now,” she adds of their baby, due this fall.

However, prepping for parenthood hasn’t been all fun and games for the happy couple.

“Women have mood swings when they’re pregnant, and I’m not immune to them,” Brook admits.

“I was literally at the edge of a bed once, telling James, ‘You don’t get me!'”

Van Der Beek, 33, says he saw the shifts in personality coming.

“When the mood swings happened, they were so textbook, I almost had to laugh,” he says. “The hard part was stifling the laughter, like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe this is happening — this is just like the book said.’ She’s so amazing, I kind of thought she’d be immune to them.”

One thing that’s been easy for the soon-to-be-mommy? Abstaining from alcohol.

“Staying away from it hasn’t been a challenge at all,” Brook says. “It’s been kind of nice. I mean, this is L.A. — we’ve all had a little too much of that!”

— Dahvi Shira

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glee fan on

i think that they should go with kailah rose, holland elizabeth, haedan mae, harlow kate, heaven grace, or helena joy

Becky Luedtke on

I have 2 girls ages 7 and 10.
I suggest the name LiLia for the name it means Delicate Blue Flower

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

That’s so sweet! I hope they go with a normal name. I love Dawson’s Creek! Dawson’s gonna b a daddy!!!!!!

Jamie on

They just need to go with a old fashioned name. Nothing crazy like Apple.

Jane on

Something nice, normal, and traditional in this wave of weird baby names. Something that won’t get the kid mocked outside of Hollywood and will look decent on a business card.

Alexandra, Emma, Grace, Victoria, Elizabeth, Jane, that kind of thing.


Sally Mander on

“Dawson Brook” of course!

Samantha on

Congratulations! How about..Joey? Just kidding. No weird names though (like Apple or Coco), how about a simple name like Claire?

Maria on

Congratulations to the happy couple! I’m so happy for them! My favorite names for girls are Lily-Rose and Violet


Aubree Alizabeth

Komal on

That is so cool. The Junior Dawson’s Creek blooming!
I will suggest names like Jennifer, Jane, Grace, Jenny, Kaelie, Josephine ;), Jacalyn, Jacy, Jade, Jazmin etc.

DeDe on

I love the shows he is in-Good luck…

Jen DC on

I just hope she has her mother’s head at birth because James van der Beek’s head is HUGE. Look at that melon!

@ Samantha: Claire/Clare is a nice choice and with a last name like van der Beek, I think going monosyllabic might be key.

Indigo-Serene on

I think they should call her Trinity as Baby will make them a family of three!!

Jennifer on

What is people’s obsessions with taking classic names and BOTCHING the spelling?

It’s “Elizabeth”, NOT “Alizabeth”. It’s “Aubrey”, NOT “Aubree”, etc. etc. etc.

When you take a normal name and BOTCH the spelling, you’re lining the poor kid up for a whole LIFETIME of having to correct people when they misspell the name.

Why don’t people seem to understand that???

Katherine on

Actually Jennifer – Elizabeth was ORIGINALLY “Lisbeth”. And it’s one of my middle names. And there’s often multiple spellings for the same “classic” name. Take mine for instance. Katherine can also be Catherine or Kathryn. All considered “Classical” spellings.

Although I get your point. I’m not a fan of “Alizabeth” either. Just looks weird. And the trend with name children off the wall things is completely over done. We went with a very classic but still underused name for our daughter – Zoe. Not Zoey, Zooey or Zoie. And yes it’s PRONOUNCED “Zow-EE”, as the traditional, Classical Greek spelling of the name would be.

Laura on


Because parents are selfish and must live vicariously through their children. Take Jason Lee for example. He thought it would be so cool to give his child a name that would shock people. If he had any guts whatsoever, he would have changed his OWN name to Pilot Inspektor. Giving that burden to his kid just means he’s a wimp.

sophia on

I can’t stand when people misspelled a child name Mackenzie Macknyzie Ashley Ashleigh Caitlin Katelynn Michaela Makeala Lily Lillie Jane Jayne.

Heather on

I’ve always LOVED the name Ava. Ava VanDerBeek would sound exotic!

Shawn on

I think Autumn Rain would be a pretty name!

Shawn on

Or Brook Van Der Beek…incorporating her last name as the baby’s first name lol

Dannie on

I see nothing wrong with making a child’s name unique. Granted, Apple, Coco, Pilot are going overboard. I have three children, and all have names that do not have traditional spellings. My girls are Kenadie Jean and Caisyn Brielle. My son is Korbyn Deric.
I don’t think my kids have names that will make them miserable for the rest of their lives. I think it makes them unique and doesn’t put them in the “normal name” group.

Debbie on

I have twin boys and i always wanted a gilr too and my pick for a name is Violet Elizabeth…its so pretty…good luck to you both!

sadie on

@Jen DC – I completely agree with you on the head thing. I have noticed his pictures lately & it looks as if the pic is distorted or something because his head is so elongated. Has it always been that extreme? If so, I have never noticed before.

Kit on

My daughter’s name is Margaret Rose, but if I was ever to have had another girl her name would have been Rachel Lilly

Luna on

If she’s due in fall, you could call her Autumn. That’s pretty. I agree with Jane, make it normal. With a last name like Van Der Beek, I would give her a classic, traditional name. I do like Aubrey, but spelled normally. Elizabeth, Sarah, Nicole, Clara,etc. Normal names please, as they both have normal names (Kimberly and James would sound weird with a daughter named something strange)! Congrats to Kimberly and James on their upcoming baby girl. 🙂

Tracie on

I think they should call her Trinity as Baby will make them a family of three!!

– Indigo-Serene on June 23rd, 2010

Yes!!! My eldest daughter is called Trinity, she also has a little sister named Oriana. Either of those are fine!!

LeeAnn on

How about a name I’ve loved for over 20 years (saw the name on the cover of Good Housekeeping in 1986), Debby Boone and her family pictured, with her new baby at that time, the name of her new baby girl “Tessa Rose”, beautiful!

Leah on

I love Tierney, Brooke, Calla and Lauren.

Jennifer on

<<<< My girls are Kenadie Jean and Caisyn Brielle. My son is Korbyn Deric.

As simply my opinion, Dannie, but you are EXACTLY the type of parent that frustrates me.

Your children's quirky and made-up names aren't cute, particularly with the botched spelling you chose. They are quite ridiculous. Poor kids.

Before everyone gives it to me, I am entitled to my opinion.

christy on

my daughter is named autumn riley. we call her auti. she was born december 18th, which is still TECHNICALLY autumn since that doesnt end til december 21st.

sophia on

There is a girl on TV who name is Sara /Sarah but she spelled it Carrah wow that is the most ridiculous way you can spell the name Sara /Sarah.

Jennifer on


Josie on

Nina Nicole…

Anonymous on

seriously? people need to stop “botching” the spelling of traditional names? what ever happened to uniqueness? and, maybe, “jennifer” is too boring! my children have apparently “botched” names, and i like it that way, as do they! maybe being traditional is lining a child up for a life of miserableness?!?!?!

Dannie on


You’re right, you are very much entitled to your own opinion. Just as I’m entitled to think your opinion is nothing shy of being ridiculous.
I have NEVER had anyone tell me my children’s names are not cute, nor have I ever been told they are ridiculous.
I didn’t want my kids to have the same name that a million people in America have (i.e. Jennifer, Sarah, Ava, Jack, Steven, Joshua). To me (in my opinion) traditional names are boring.

Brittany on

I think they should choose something unique but not crazy. Elizabeth, Ava, and a lot of the other names I’ve seen suggested are either really popular or trendy.

I think Juliette Freya Van Der Beek would be a good choice. Some other good options I think would be:

Dahlia Ruby Van Der Beek
Valentina Beatrice Van Der Beek
Poppy Rae Van Der Beek
Lia Rose Van Der Beek
Hope Aurora Van Der Beek

sophia on

Last time I checked Kennedy Jean Derrick are all traditional names. To me unique name are Lynnea Calista Kaydence Harper Kaia calla Presley .but you just took traditional name and botch the spelling.

Lauren on

I don’t care what they name their baby since it is theirs, but I like the idea of what Shawn said. I am very much for names havinng meaning and not just picking a name bc I like it.

I think slightly changing the spelling of a name is fine but you should still be able to tell what the name is by looking at it for me to think it is “normal.”. Sometimes I see a name and have to sound it out and read it so slow and it turns out to be a simple name spelled wierdly.

Sophia: carrah pronounced as Sarah made me laugh!

Dannie: I am not even sure how to say the names you chose. Is Kenadie sound like Kennedy? I read your spelling slowly 5 times, not sure.

Kaeleigh on

Clearly my name is spelled a little weird, but I think a name helps shape a person. My older sister’s name is Sarah. How boring is that? So, I do agree that having a unique name does set you apart from everyone else. Having said that, I think that when you do not spell names correctly, it really does set the child up for having to correct their teachers when they mispronounce their name in front of the class or having their name misspelled in the yearbook. Trust me, it sucks. And if anyone has read Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, the way you spell your child’s name and what you name them reflects the level of education of the mother and in some cases, sets them up for failure. So please spell your child’s name the way it was intended to be spelled.

and the last name Van der Beek is awful, if anything they should let the kid have the mom’s last name.

Lori on

Congrats!!!! The name Lilianna Rose is especially beautiful. I also am a fan of Teaghan ELizabeth!!

Dannie on

I see traditional being more Sarah, Claire, Emily Jack, Joshua, Matthew. More “old world” names.

Kenadie (or Kennedy) is just now starting to become a little popular. I don’t think Deric (or Derek as most people spell it) is very traditional. Jean, maybe, but it’s after her grandmother. I was talking more their first names, than their middle names.

And I didn’t “BOTCH” their names. I changed the spelling and made them unique and more “modern” so to speak. I didn’t take a hacksaw to their names.

Luna on

Honestly curious, did Jennifer agree with herself or are there two Jennifers? I think some traditional names are boring, but I like names that are names, not the Kkydfjo’fdaoja-sra type names that aren’t names at all. Some names that I wanted for my children are Noah, Lucas, Elijah, Ella, Grace, Delilah, Aubrey, Elizabeth, Olivia, Charlotte, and the most unique of all, Bellamy. We loved Bellamy because of Matthew Bellamy from Muse. We call her Bella. There’s a line between weird and not necessarily common, but nice. I think a great example is Nadia, because not everyone is named Nadia, but it’s a nice name.
Just to add, I have five kids, not eleven. 🙂

lizzielui on

Kenadie and Deric are embarassing names. I’m all for unique but COME ON. Changing the spelling is not unique, it’s just plain silly.

Kaeleigh – You’re totally right about Freakanomics. Everyone should read that part before giving their kids ridiculously spelled names!

Anonymous on

I have 3 children and I always said I have one more I would call her Rachel, Mikayla, or Adriana.

Victoria on

I love it when new babies are born. It makes me want to go shopping for cute baby clothes, especially the pjs with the feet. Love them! Obviously, I’m not a parent yet. My goddaughter’s name is Mandolin Grace, for the flower and the instrument. My best friend is going to stick with the flower/biblical name for her children. I vote for Victoria Elizabethe which is my name. Both are strong classic names which I love. My dad wanted something not so traditional so my mom compromised with the “e” on the end of Elizabethe.

Congrats to the happy couple.

lizzielui on

How on Earth is there another lizzielui?

Jes on

@Dannie and Jennifer

As someone with a name that was the #1 girls name in the US for almost a decade (“Jessica”) I am in agreement with both of you. When my fiance and I were talking about/deciding on baby names we wanted names that weren’t over-used or common (his name is “Sean”) but we didn’t’ want it to be a name that the children were constantly having to correct people on. Especially given the fact that the children’s last name is of Slavic/Germanic dissent and is one that people already mess up ALL the time. Our names that we’ve picked are:

Girls – Alexa Leigh “Lexi” and Emmeline Jayne “Emme”
His mother is Leisa pr. Lisa and my mother’s middle name is Jane

Boys – Holden Richard and Sawyer Joseph
Holden is a surname on his father’s side and Richard is my dad’s first name. Sawyer we both really like and Sean’s middle name is Joseph as well as the fact that my grandmother is Josephine.

To each his own but I think that parents do need to give serious thought to their children’s names and if you are going to go with something more unique OR common then use the middle name to balance it out.

My first and middle name are Jessica Allyn and I’ve really grown to like it.

Dannie on


Deric happens to be my father’s name, who is 60 years old! So, Deric is not somethign that I can up with out of left field.
Had I spelled them Kennedy and Derek would they be silly or embarrassing then??? Would they be okay then???
It’s not like their names are going to get mispronounced. Kenadie is pronounced just how it is spelled, as is Deric.
I’ve seen Kynydie, Kynady, Kinnedie. I’ve also seen Deric spelled Deryk, Derrick, Darrick, Darik…..so, mine are not the worst possible was those two names can be spelled.

Raleigh on

how about using a hyphenated name?

Heather on

We named our 5 week old daughter Madeleine Rose. There’s several different ways to spell her first name, and my husband and I didn’t like any of them (Madeline, Madylin, Madilyn, etc) except for the french version. She may need to spell it for people, but it’ll be no different than a lot of other little girls her age. I recently read that there are 14 different spelling variations for the name Caitlin… so sad. Classic names with common spellings are the way to go IMO!

Dannie on

@ Lauren

Yes, Kenadie is said just like Kennedy. Deric is said just like Derek.

I’ll admit, Caisyn is very different. It would be said like “Case in”. But, I like it and my daughter likes it, and has everyone else who has ever heard her name.

CA on

Emelyn is a good name

Amy on

“I changed the spelling and made them unique and more “modern” so to speak. I didn’t take a hacksaw to their names.”

Ironically, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what people are talking about when they consider a name botched.

steph on

How about Ainsleigh!

Barbi on

Congratulations! How about something unusual but very pretty: Kylie Sarai. It’s my new granddaughter’s name. I picked her middle name “Sarai” which means “princess of the Lord.” I liked that 🙂 Her sister’s name is “Kiara” which is also very pretty and unusual.

Dannie on

@ Jes

My names have meaning for all of them. My grandfather was Kenny and my husband’s mother’s middle name is Jean. (Kenadie Jean)
My best friend for 27 years is Casey (Caisyn) and I just really loved Brielle.
My mother’s maiden name is Korbin and my father’s name is Deric. (Korbyn Deric)

Manal on

i love the name Masa.. it means diamond in Arabic 🙂

CA on

Tesia or Karissa is a good name my friends Children have these names.

Janna on

I’m with Jennifer on this one.

Dannie: There’s nothing “wrong” with your children’s names. Obviously you’ve given them a lot of thought and they have meaning to you. BUT…. you’ve definitely set them up for a lifetime of having to spell their names every single time they have to speak them to someone. I don’t think that can be denied.

(I know of what I speak. I grew up with a very normal sounding, but weirdly spelled last name. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been spelling it FIRST to people before I even say it!!)

Deanna on

Reading all of your comments judging other people and how THEY chose to name THEIR kids frustrates me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions as well as what to name their children. My name is a common name, but I have ALWAYS had to correct people on how to say it. I have three children and chose to name them Kylie, Kynadie & Chase. I also liked the spelling Kenadie for my daughter. And to me it is not embarassing, why would it be. To me Kennedy is ti boyish so I chose to spell it my way and that was my choice. To each their own!!

Jen DC on

I’m sitting here repeating to myself “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Dannie, you get a reprieve from me, particularly since you’ve been piled on already.

@ Sadie: I don’t know… I never paid attention to his head before he got his girlfriend pregnant. I feel like his head was always kinda long, but now it just seems BIG and long, y’know?

Trinity? TRINITY?!? Just remember: Your kids have to put these things on resumes some day. People have to take them seriously. I’m not taking “Trinity” seriously. Not at all.

Dannie on


I don’t deny at all that the spellings are different and may prove to be difficult as they get older. But, people can also mess up the spellings of common names. My name is Danielle and I get “Daniel, Danelle, Danyelle” all the time. I’m always having to correct the spelling of my name and it’s fairly common. So, to each their own on this topic I suppose.

Jennifer on


Ok last word. I’m sure that you’re a perfectly nice person, but take a moment to listen. I have a PhD and I work for a major research university.

NO ONE (absolutely no one) I know — with MDs, PhDs, MBAs, etc. — has a silly made-up name with silly made-up spelling. Whether you agree or not, these types of names make the family appear uneducated.

Need proof? Go into your local bookstore or library and randomly ask some educated folks what they think of the names “Kenadie” or “Brielle”. Most will roll their eyes.

Then ask them if they know how the names are spelled, and I suspect ALL will misspell them.

Ok, I’m over and out now. Glad that we could all discuss this, with our opinions accepted for being just that!


To me, beauty found in the eye of the beholder…that being said, just because someone wants to name their child a different name or spell it different, that is their choice and their right as a parent…same goes for those who want to name their kid a “common” name. Also, who’s to say what’s the “right” and “wrong” way to spell a name, I always thought that as long as the constants and vowels go together well, it’s fine to do that with a name. I also think that it is petty and rediculious to degrade or belittle a person for what they chose or don’t chose to name their child…c’mon people, there are ALOT more things that we need to focus on and worry about. Finally, you could always name your child a name you make up yourself, as I did with my daughter…there is no right or wrong way to spell it since I made it up myself and I’ve been told by
literally everyone I have ever met that my daughter’s name is not only unique, but absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Erinn on

Everyone seems to be a little heated in these comments. I just wanted to point out that my name is Erinn spelled with 2 n’s–a traditional name with a subtle twist. Don’t hate on Dannie’s spelling of her kids names. I am so thankful my parents put 2 n’s on the end of my name because it sets me apart from the rest of the Erin’s out there, plus it makes people remember my name better. Good for you, Dannie!

Margo on

Well, first just want to say, Congrats to James and Kimberly!

Also…I totally understand the idea of having a ‘unique’ name but not one that is too off the wall (as I have a name that wasn’t popular and people were always wanting to spell it with a ‘t’ at the end or some other French ending, but it’s just how it sounds.

Anyway, whether a ‘classic’ or ‘unique’ name, hopefully a name is chosen out of love and respect for you both as parents and for the sake of your baby girl growing up. 🙂

Dannie on

@Jen DC

I take it witha grain of salt. All that matters is that I have very happy healthy children who love their names because they come from their families. My daughter (Caisyn) tells me all the time “Momma, I love my name cuz no one that I know has it.”
So, every time someone says anything negative, I just remember her saying that. Makes it all okay.

Kira on

You people seriously need to get off your high horse. Who really cares how someone spells their name? When I was younger there were a million Jessica’s and Jennifer’s and now thirty years later there are a million Ava’s, Emma’s, and names that rhyme with Aidan. I’m a firm believer in people can name their kids what they want and spell it how they want as long as it’s not something completely insane like Pilot Inspektor or Kal-el (thanks to Jason Lee and Nick Cage). My daughters are named Sairah Annaleigh and Courtneigh Alyssabeth because I wanted normal names but still be unique. Stop hating on people for wanting to be a little different. It’s better than jumping on the bandwagon so there are eighteen different kids with the same name.

Dannie on


To say that I appear uneducated because of the way I have spelled my child’s name does your PhD absolutely no good. It makes you sound uneducated and judgemental.

I have a Master’s in Sports Management and my husband has his BA in Accounting. We both have high paying jobs that has allowed us provide our children with the best education (in which all of them are in accelled classes). Its unnecessary to tell someone they “appear” uneducated simply because they choose an uncommon spelling of their child’s name.

romy on

lol, something nice and normal and pretty to go with VAN DER BEEK. and nothing bird or animal like haha. something with an easy classic spelling, nothing ‘made-up’ is what I would go for. When you create a new spelling for the name it is just confusing for everyone, and in the end it’s the same name. You can yell GRACE or GRAYCE on the playground, and it’s still just plain old Grace. I like Kimberly’s comments about the pregnancy.

Wendy on

Okay, assuming there is a “correct” spelling, which I take to mean traditional.

Ashleigh is actually the correct spelling for a girl. Remember “Gone with the Wind” Ashley was a man.

Aubrey is a man’s name. It means “elf lord.” I don’t hate it for a girl in the same vein as “Taylor”, but given that it’s my father’s, and part of my grandfather’s name, I wouldn’t use it for that.

Heather on

I can see both Jennifer and Dannie’s perspectives… Jennifer, I agree with you because I’ve seen too many people have to spell their names for others, and I’ve never cared for “modern” names or spellings. I don’t see them standing the test of time. My husband is case in point. His name is Johnathan. A very common, classic name, but with a different spelling. He always gets Jonathan or Jonathon, and it drives him nuts. Our last name is even worse. When I give it to people, I say it first and then automatically spell it. To me it doesn’t look difficult to pronounce, but no one EVER gets it right.

Dannie- I see where you’re coming from, and you’re correct. You have every right to name your children what you want, and I think it’s wonderful that your daughter loves her name because it’s unique. I can’t get behind that name for one reason, and one reason only… It’s the name of a milk protein (casein) and knowing that, I’d never use it as a name for my child (but that’s just me!). And the uneducated comment… I don’t see that at all. And I’ve got two university degrees and I work as a biologist.

Just my two cents…

me on

@ Dannie:

“accelled” and “judgemental” are not words.

M.B. on

Since my maiden name was “Kennedy” it is especially annoying to me to see it “screwed up” (Kynadie or Kenadie).

It cracks me up that people are actually posting suggestions to the expectant parents as if they are really going to see this & use one of those suggestions. Get real people.

Megan on

Unique is great. I loved that I was seemingly unique as my name became popular a decade after I was born. However, when the average literate person cannot pronounce your name, it sucks. I have that with my last name which I always have to spell. It is one reason I virtually never use it. I would hate that to be my first name.

jane on

wow! what a bunch of closed minded unoriginal people! i love different and unique names! why would i want to give my child the same name that a million other kids have! so they can be one of 5 kids in the same class with the same name! i bet that would make them feel real special!

Serena on

What about Evelyn Brook and call her “Evie” …

romy on

M.B. I agree. With something like Kennedy, where everyone in the world knows how to spell it and say it, you should stick to the normal spelling. It’s like taking Rose and saying oh I htink it’s cool to use a Z instead since it sounds like a Z and spelling it Roze. I could actually imagine this couple coming here and reading comments, lol, but I don’t think they will specifically look for anyone’s suggestions. I could see a Harper, Willow type of name from them.

Sarah on

I like all names. To me there isn’t a bad name and people that have problems with other people’s names obviously have no problems at all in their life (lucky them).

My suggestions for Kim and James is Stacia (Stay-sha). I love it and think it goes good with Van Der Beek.

Kate on

For all those of you mothers who say you wanted “different” and “unique” names, thereby changing the spelling of common names to achieve that goal, I have news for you. The names of your children are no different and unique than the original spelling. Dannie, your daughter’s name is still Kennedy and your son’s, Corbin. Kira, your daughter’s names are Sarah and Courtney. There is nothing unique and different about those names. They are had by many children in many schools around the country. Since they are pronounced the same, there is nothing different about them.

“Unique” and “different” can be achieved by choosing a name that everyone knows how to pronounce but few people have. That doesn’t set children up to have to spell their names each day of their lives.

A Jaden, Jayden, Jaiden, Jaydan, etc. is still “Jaden.” Nothing unique and different about that.

therealestatecafe on

My girls are Kenadie Jean and Caisyn Brielle. My son is Korbyn Deric.

Sorry – I agree with Jennifer. These kids are going to spend their whole lives spelling & pronouncing their names for people. The names are adorable for kids, but when they are adults (and dont use the midle names), how is this going to translate in the professional world? A lot of people wont even know what gender they are. Just my opinion.


person on

NO ONE (absolutely no one) I know — with MDs, PhDs, MBAs, etc. — has a silly made-up name with silly made-up spelling. Whether you agree or not, these types of names make the family appear uneducated.


kennedy is not a made up name, it does exist.just becasue the spelling is different doesn’t make it fake. open a book

Maya on

All this talk about the “correct” way of spelling NAMES, I have to comment: the noun of “miserable” is not “miserableness” – it’s MISERY. Miserableness sounds really weird!

alyson on

I cant believe you’re all wasting your time writing back and forth on this thing. The only reason I’m reading it, is because I’m on my dinner break @ work, and I’m bored! Get a life!!!!!

By the way, my name is spelled different than most and I love it!!

Alyson 🙂

ms on

I love the name Mandolin. I also like Aubrey, Paisley, Marley and Donnelly for a girl. Or Zen, Mason, Wesley, or Jackson for a boy.

I have to agree about spelling names in odd ways. My mother is a teacher and most of these spellings are not even phonetically correct. It just makes things difficult.

Sandy on

Congrats! Here ara few to consider:
Caroline, Carol Ann, Carolee, Catelyn, Conica, Peyton, Patton, Praylee

Georgina on

I agree with Kate, I don’t get the “I wanted an original name” yet said aloud Kennedy or Jaden sounds exactly the same! Give your kid an original name then. Not Kennedy spelt phonetically.

Van de Beek is very Dutch maybe they should go Dutch! Like…

Trisha on

My full first name is Trishlina (Trish-lean-a). My mom combined my two aunts names. I go by Trisha but to be honest I have never really liked the name and wanted to change it to Heidi or Brittany when I was younger. (I’m glad my mom wouldn’t let me then! I no longer like those names) I think my name sounds kiddish and I have just started to accept it for what it is. I love my mom but I wish at times she had named me something else. I am always having to pronounce and spell my name. That said, when we named our daughter we wanted something less common so we went with Peyton Olivia. No weird spelling or made up name 🙂

electra on

My mom is 54 years old and she went to school with a girl named Apple. She grew up in British Guyana and the name isn’t that uncommon there. Its no Ashley or Brittany but it’s far from outrageous. I think people need to consider whether a name is outlandish or if its just different from what they’re used to.

Jay9 on

Say what to the unique names?!? Seriously, who cares? My name is not spelled classically and I love it! Its a twist on Janine. I am all for unique spellings of names and I never thought it was a hassle to “correct” people nor did I think my parents were “selfish” in adding a little twist. So if someone wants to spell Elizabeth as Alizabeth or Elisabeth or Alyzabeth…go for it.

Rosalind on


I can hardly believe that I’M actually reading all of this, let alone James Van der Beek and his pregnant girlfriend!

Jay9 on

@ jennifer

I am a D.O. and my name is spelled uniquely and I am VERY educated. I also know other Medical colleagues with twists on traditionally spelled names. So don’t go throwing around your degree as if this makes you an expert on the outcome of name spellings. I really have to sigh at very narrow minded people, if you want to spell your child’s name traditionally or put a twist on it, go ahead.

Anonymous on

dannie, of course nobody will tell you they dont like your kids’ names. they’re gonna grow up with baby names. people like you make adults have baby names. its so sad and pathetic. ugh. i’m surprised you haven’t altered your name to dakneehie or something tacky like that.

VanVan on

I think Sadie Van Der Beek rolls off the tongue nicely.

Lindsay on

Jennifer, I see it as both intelligence and class issue. Most middle upper class families would not botch up cheesy names for their children. I like classic names and will honor the memory of loved ones that have passed when my husband and I have children.

I met James in college briefly when he studied at Drew University. Kind of funny actually for someone to make fun of his last name, something he cannot control.

Cinder on

Congratulations to the the new parents to be…it will be a magical time, that will change you life in so many ways, and blessings!!!
I am pleased to say I have 7 lovely girls in my life, all with personality and, beauty…
They are: Stephany Lyn
Shawna Michelle
Sheena Rae
Kenzie Rae
Ava Viola
and, Rayni Renae

Some are spelled slightly different, but all are amazing!!
Give her a name that you both will love, maybe waiting to see her when she’s first born might help in the decision!!
Ultimately, it’s up to you. She will learn self -esteem, and pride from you, her parents…however he name is pronounced, or spelled.
Again, Congratulations!!!!
Cinder 🙂

Shannyn on

I have read all the comments and I really don’t care if you like my opinion or not, cause im going to give it anyways.My name is Shannyn and it’s spelt differently, yeah but like maybe 5 people in my life have said it a different way and ive corrected them, and if they spell it wrong I dont care it’s the same name.

For Dannie I think your kids names are great don’t listen to all these people.I like how you’ve changed Kennedy, because as far as I believe it’s a unisex name but Kennedy is more boyish and you’ve put a girly twist.

& to whoever said the comment about they wont even know what gender they are that goes for any name almost, Ashley, Casey, Bailey, Addison, Avery, Kelly, Stacey, Kerri, Blake I could be here all day with all the names that could be girls or boys.

& It really doesn’t matter what profession your in and how your name is spelt it’s just a name, and if your so shallow you won’t take a person seriously on how there name is spelt, you could have just lost a really good employee or business partner or president, whatever. It’s just like judging a book by it’s cover.

Thats my 50cents.

Ajay on

@jennifer et al.

Traditional spellings most definitely do not exempt one from spelling one’s name, i.e. Angela which I repeatedly have to spell because throughout history the French and Italians have spelled it Angelia where as the Greeks, as my family is, spell it without the (i). I have to spell it to ensure no (i) is added since I abhor that spelling due to it belonging to a bully in elementary school.

As far as your “doctorate” giving you the high horse to roll your eyes, I would like to see you tell Dr. DEEPAK Choprah and Dr. AHMET Oz that they are considered raised by illiterate parents or are not taken seriously as I’m sure they are much more well known than you.

what of it? on

Claws in ladies. Claws in.

ecl on

I’m confused. Are these people really expected to come to this site to pick their names? I doubt it and I’ve never understood giving suggestions to people on baby names. They’ll pick what they like, not what you like.

Rachel on

My name is Rachel. Spelt the traditional way and still I continually have to spell it out for people or have it misspelt on a regular basis. I really dont think it matters how you spell a name people will always ask how its spelt.
I personally like changing the spelling on names, it gives some uniqueness to it.
As for suggestions I love the names: Zoey Anne, Jordan Simone, Amos Ashley. But those are just my choices.

Finley on

When I ran an internship program at a national political magazine where I worked, I scanned resumés all the time, of potential interns. If I came across mispelled names, i.e. Alizabeth, Kenadie (UM, there IS a proper name, and it’s spelled “Kennedy”) or what you strange people claim is “creative,” guess where the resumé went? Into the trash can. When you send your children out into the world with misspelled, odd names, you are sending them out with a huge disadvantage. I know you don’t believe me, but it’s true. Take it from someone who went through thousands of resumés, and hired only Whitney, Alexis, Celina, and Sarah while I was there. They were all A students at top universities.

Brandi on

@ Dannie
I for one enjoy your childrens names, especially Caisyn. I love original names. We chose traditional for our son Jackson Rhyse (that would be Reece for everyone with no imagination), for our 2 girls we turned to herbs. We have Sage Loryn and Camryn (Cami) Thyme. Are they kinda out there? Yeah probably, but I love the names and that is all that matters.

ecl on

Ok, really Ajay? Deepak is an Indian name, not a mispelled, made-up name.

halfpint on

There are lots of beautiful names out there, both traditional and contemporary. To me it isn’t the name, it is the spelling. Oddly spelled names are just hard to pronounce. I have a name that has been botched my entire life. I have constantly had to correct people (and mine isn’t even that odd). So, just think of this when you are naming your kids. It may seem unique and fun to you..and it may be…but it also may be a total pain in the ass for your kid to constantly have to correct people. Just sayin…


First of all, I have several friends with PhD’s & Masters Degrees with very unusual names. One of them is CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, so I guess that debunks the theory that people with unusual names aren’t educated. Secondly, I’m one of those parents who took traditional names and changed the spelling. My children haven’t had any issues & I could care less what anyone has to say about the spelling.There are plenty of criminals with normal names that are spelt normal.

Jillian on

Honestly, I think most people on this planet nowadays are so stupid that you would have to spell a name like B-o-b and they’d probably still spell and pronounce it wrong….I don’t know WHY these people made the mistake of asking for name suggestions…In turn, they get all your bitter and overly critical answers instead of something useful.

To each his own.

Lauren on

This is hilarious!!
I’m on the traditional, non-misspelled name train. Anytime I see names like Jaydyn/Kaydyn/Taylyn (or Jaeden/Kaeden/Taelen, whatever) I’m honestly baffled – THEY ARE NOT ORIGINAL. They look bad, and yes I agree with the “scholars” out there, slightly uneducated/of lower class. Weird spelling of a common name does NOT equal a unique name. Courtney is not common and Courtneigh original. It just looks dumb.
I would consider unique names to be something like Carmen, Lila, Jennica, Bethany – ones you don’t hear everyday (compared to Sarah, Jennifer, Jessica, Christina, Catherine, etc.)but ones that are easy to pronounce and don’t look like a jumble of letters. Also, why are people so obsessed with having original names in the first place?? Does it really matter if your name is Sarah and there are 4 other Sarahs in your class? In my experience, not at ALL – it’s still a pretty name and in the end it’s probably better for a kid to be bitter about having the same name as a couple of his or her classmates than for them to be bitter about having some off the wall name or ridiculous spelling for a common name.

Jennifer Chew on

My brother and my sister-in-law is also having his first child, and it’s also going to be a girl. They are thinking about the name Emily, which is nice. Trust me when I say this, if James is reading this, DO NOT name her Jennifer. Growing up, I had gone to school with at least 15-20 other girls who had the same first name as I did. It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t very original. Having the teacher announce the name Jennifer, and have 5 other girls including you respond is not cool. Which is probably one of the reasons why I really don’t like the name now that I am an adult. Try for something more classic.

Angela on

I vote for Spencer Leigh Van Der Beek.

danae on

Spelt is an ancient wheat not something you would do to a name. Many of the name choices that have been provided are excellent. Thanks Everyone

giovana on

FYI from Merriam-Webster,

Main Entry: spelt
Pronunciation: \ˈspelt\
Function: noun
: an ancient wheat (Triticum spelta syn. T. aestivum spelta) with spikelets containing two light red grains; also : the grain of spelt

Main Entry: spell
Pronunciation: \ˈspel\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): spelled ; spell·ing
(1) : to name the letters of in order; also : to write or print the letters of in order (2) : to write or print the letters of in a particular way b : to make up (a word) c : write 1b

intransitive verb
: to form words with letters ; also : to spell words in a certain way

Anonymous on

We have a Madeline Rose (Maddy Rose) and a Lily Anna and a Ruby Claire..classic, simple and easy to spell!

Taelor on

As a person with a “BOTCHED” name, I really like the way my names is spelled. I was the only person all through school with my name (Taelor-said like Taylor) spelled the way it is. Yes I do have to spell my name for people and YES I have been called different names (like Tyler and Tea-lor), but when I was little I though I was COOL because my name was spelled differently. If someone wants to “BOTCH” a name, let them, it ISN’T YOUR DECISION anyways, it is the DECISION of the PARENTS.

I like the way Dannie spelled Kenadie (it looks more girly than Kennedy)

as for name suggestions
Eisley,Emerson,Emily,Natalie,Abigail,Julia,and Ainsley

Jessca on

My name is spelled in an odd way, but for me, I love it.

As for children’s names I love anything nontraditional. I love the use of old names, such as, Greta. Or even the use of last names as first names, such as, Emerson.

Sarah on

Being a Sarah, who is married to a Matt, and also have a brother Matt, I was named after my great-grandmother, Sarah. My mom and dad put a lot of thought into my name, and they were really surprised by how popular Sarah was, when I was born. I went to school with eighty different Sarah’s, and I do not hate my name. It is an old family name, and I’m going to use old family names when naming my children. Matt and Sarah are too common, I do not want to name my children something that is too common, but I also agree that naming a kid with a variation of spelling is very ridiculous. One slight argument about how to spell my name, Sara or Sarah, ensued, and luckily, my father won out in favor of his grandmother’s traditional spelling. I have had several people ask me how to spell my common name of Sarah! “Is it Sarah with an ‘h’? Or without?” Really? I have two brothers, and my other brother is Jamis. Not Jamison, not Seamus, just Jamis. People have always had a hard time with his name, and his kids are well named. Leyton and Keian. He wanted the unique aspect of a name, but not with the hassle that Jamis, in itself, gave him.

Going on that thread, if I have a child, if it’s a girl, I’m naming her after my great-great grandmother, Aili. (Eye-lee) A very old, very traditional Finnish name. If I have a son, his name is going to Harland, or Viktor. (My husband is Swedish, and those are his grandfather’s first and middle names, respectively.) My grandmother’s middle name is Adelia, which I find to be very pretty and simple. We have a very long last name, four syllables, so the name Adelia is probably not going to be used, keeping in mind that our child would one day have to learn to pronounce such a long name. Two syllables or less, for the first name, if the last name is long.

My two cents worth is this…if you’re going to change up the spelling on a name, don’t do it unless it’s something easy on the eyes. People are not going to waste their time in trying to figure out how to say a misspelled name, as my brother has found out having a name like Jamis. I would rather have the name Sarah, and deal with the commonality of that name, than deal with the ish that my brother had to put up with. Not to mention, whenever I would tell people my brother’s name, a lot of the time, I was asked, “Oh, is your brother a different race?” W. T. Eff?? Here we are in order: Matthew, Jamis, and Sarah. My parents found the name for Jamis in a newspaper article, and he has been passed up for job opportunities because of it’s unique-ness. Every place Matt and I have applied to, we have always been able to work at. I really do think there is some validity, in the above arguments posted about names having an impact on resumes and jobs.

Just my two cents’ worth on here, since I know all too well what it’s like on both sides of the fence.

Holiday on

I had a little girl 6 weeks ago and named her Kathryn, so that name gets my vote.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen DC- So what if James has a big head? I have a big head as well, and so does my mother. Big heads are beautiful! 🙂 As far as the “great name debate” going on here…..I’m sort of in the middle when it comes to uniquely spelled names. I don’t approve of names that are spelled totally funky, off-the wall unique (for example, the name Sarah spelled Carrah, as one poster mentioned).

However, I don’t see a problem with slightly altering the spelling of a name. In fact, there are several names out there that actually have more than one accepted spelling. Some examples include: Aaron/Aron (and of course Erin for girls), Lynn/Lin (although granted, the latter spelling is more common in Asian countries than here in the U.S.!), Lucy/Lucie, Erma/Irma, John/Jon Madeline/Madelynn, Caroline/Carolyn, Sean/Shawn, Michelle/Michele, Ashley/Ashleigh, Kate/Cate, Katherine/Catherine/Kathryn/Cathryn, and Mary/Merry (although yes, the former spelling IS much, much more common than the latter!).

Dee on

MY great niece is “Britten Nicole” – love it !
Also Brooklyn would be cute with her last name being Brook

Laura on

A name like Aislinn or Domino. 🙂 Caitlin too.

Sarah M. on

There is a girl on TV who name is Sara /Sarah but she spelled it Carrah wow that is the most ridiculous way you can spell the name Sara /Sarah.

– sophia on June 23rd, 2010

I also know a Saraha, pronounced the EXACT same. I cringe every time I see it! (I probably consider it worse than others I’ve seen because it’s a very off-the-wall spelling for my name.)

I can see both sides of the issue. While there werea few other kids in a few of my classes with the same name, at least it hasn’t ever taken people several minutes worth of staring at my name just trying to figure out how to pronounce it!! (Even though I have to introduce myself as ‘Sarah with an ‘h” to people sometimes!)

I do agree that there can be several ways to spell different names, too. Kayden/Kadin/Kaeden/Cayden/Caeden/Cadin, Caityln/Katelyn/Kaitlyn/Kaitlynn/Caitlin/Katelin, Jayden/Jaeden/Jadon/Jadin/Jaden/Jaedin, Christy/Kristi/Krysti/Christi, etc. Also, I know how kids can get teased for having a name that’s more commonly used for a child of the opposite gender. My SISTER’S name is Krystofer (pronounced the same as Christopher). She goes by Krysti.

All in all, I think I’d rather have a common name with a common spelling, than an overly unique name that noone can ever pronounce. ()

Mikki on

My 2 girls are Zoie Ernestine & Olivia Caroline. I don’t care if anyone else likes the names are not. Strong or not, it’s not what you name your child that makes them, it’s how you raise them! Other girl name I love are Amelia Rose & Elliot Elise.

Emily on

Wow alot of suggestions. Firstly would like to congratulate James and Kimberley on finding out they are having a girl. So cool!
I personally don’t like names that are traditional but spelt different like Georgia – Jorja or Caitlin – Katelyn. Too confusing and I think it makes the names slightly tacky but that’s just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. I’m sure everyone who alters the spelling has their reasons why they do that.
I’m only 19 so haven’t had kids yet but if I had a girl I’d call it Ava, Ruby, Brooke, Paige or Greer. They are names I have loved for so long and they seem to be known names but not too common.

xxx on

i love the name ALBA ( “pure white” in latin) for a girl.

Please can we forget all theese Lily-Rose, Riley, Violet etc.. don’t we have enough of them already?

Carine on

My daughters name are Sharon and Eden.

Sharon or Eden Van der Beek sounds quite cool !!!!

M on

I think it’s hilarious how everyone gets so uptight about this stuff. They should be able to name the baby whatever they want.

As for the person (with the clever made up screen name of @person..how original!)who insinuated that NO educated people have odd or differently spelled names, and that naming your child differently makes you appear uneducated, I once knew a highly respected judge- who had a LAW DEGREE, hello!- whose name was Aphrodite. That’s right: Aphrodite. So how you can make that assumption is beyond me, and frankly, makes you look like the judgmental and uneducated one!

Lisa on

Wow, people are super sensitive on their kids names! I wanted something “different” for my baby, but we couldnt agree on anything. I wanted Kylin, Grayson, Prestley or Emerson ( i know there was more but i cant think of them!) and i didnt want the name to start with an M because the last name is M. Somehow my bf won and we named her Mckenna Jean. (no capital K and Jean is my dads middle name, Gene) We constantly have to correct the spelling and we can never find any of those cute personalized items for her. (like the pencils, keychains, water bottles, ect)
That is the only thing i dont like.. (actually i dont really like my babys name, i wish i could change it! lol)
I do think its hard when kids names are ‘botched’, i will be the 1st to admit mine is. Just own up to it, dont get offensive. I know that Mckenna will have to spell out her name her whole life, which i feel bad for.

Amy on

This thread is hilarious. i believe they meant they are taking suggestions from family and friends for name ideas – not from randoms on a People comment thread. Dear Lord.

I agree that misspelled or “botched” names give the first impression that the person deemed with carrying the name through their live came from immature or uneducated people. When you make up a name for a child, it makes it seem as if you trying to name a babydoll, not a little being that is going to hopefully grow up to be an adult someday. Call it judgmental, or whatever, but it’s true. That’s not saying that that adult won’t be able to overcome the initial reaction to their name.

Aphrodite, Deepak and Ahmet are not misspelled or made up names. Aquanetta, Shanaynay, ESPN (not kidding) ARE and give the impression that that person’s parents were morons. Sorry, but it’s true.

kendrajoi on

Sairah Annaleigh and Courtneigh Alyssabeth

OMG! This beats Kenadie, Caisin, and Korbyn by a landslide!!!! Sorry, but, really?????

I don’t have a problem making a “traditional name” unique, but it’s like some people just add a bunch of letters in there and make it twice as long. These kids have to learn to write these names, too. Give them a break!

I have a son named Cameron.

I like Aubrie- if it were up to me completely, I would name my daughter that, but hubby doesn’t like it.

I also like Joanna, but it’s a little old fashioned….

Finley on

To the person who knows a judge named Aphrodite–HELLO–that’s the name of the Greek goddess of love. That is not a made up or botched name. Thanks for proving a point.

romy on

celebbabylover, I think she mentioned the big head thing because Kimberly has to give birth to this baby! and this post is hilarious. I love reading the comments and cre8tive spellings. jay9? is it pronounced Janine(jan-een)or jay-nine?

jasmine on

Jennifer needs to get over herself, seriously.

Jen DC on

What’s the problem with a big head? Getting stuck in the birth canal, that’s what.

fuzibuni on

Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh folks. I nearly choked on my coffee while reading this thread. By far the best comments were from those defending the misspelling of classic names as being original. I guess that’s probably the best position to take if you’ve been blessed with a unique name such Chelsi, Brandi, or Jan9.

Erika on

Ahhh the discussion of names. As an Erika (not Erica), I can also say I hate misspelled names. I’m sure ‘Erika’ as opposed to ‘Erica’ is not the worst misspelled name out there, but it always bothered me. It is constantly spelled in different ways, and not just ‘Erica’. I have gotten ‘Ericka’ ‘Eryca’ and my personal favorite- ‘Eryckah’. Having teachers never learn to spell my name correctly was very upsetting to me when I was little. I have siblings with very classic, traditional names, spelled correctly, and on trips to Disney World and such, they could get personalized items that were already made (such as key chains, mugs etc.). Not me. I felt so left out. It didn’t make me feel unique, it made me feel weird. I was shy and hated correcting people. Now, I kind of like my name, and I’ve gotten used to the spelling, but I would NEVER choose an alternative spelling for any of my future children. I think it’s just setting your kid up for trouble.

For their child, I love the names Claire, Jenna, Alyssa, Lila, Nora and Ava for short names. Longer names, I love Amelia, Madeline, Julianna, Annabelle and Charlotte. I feel like Nora, Lila, Amelia and Madeline are so underused. They are so beautiful and classy and feminine.

Erika on

‘We named our 5 week old daughter Madeleine Rose.’

LOVE that name!! It’s so beautiful and classy! And I really like the spelling, I don’t think it looks misspelled. I think that Madeleine is just as tradiional as Madeline but it’s actually prettier with the extra E. I think any name like that with several different traditional spellings will need to be spelled out to people no matter which way it is spelled.

HeatherB on

We have a Madeline Rose (Maddy Rose) and a Lily Anna and a Ruby Claire..classic, simple and easy to spell!

– Anonymous on June 24th, 2010

I had to comment because I just adore your name choices. We have an Ella Grace and almost all of your names are on our list if we have a second daughter. My number one choice is Lily Madeline (my favorite spelling of Madeleine, btw!). Anna and Ruby are also on the list! I guess we both love those simple, classic names! 😉

Terri on

Isn’t Sarai the Hebrew version of Sarah? I like it.

I like the spelling Madeleine.

I have a 3 month niece, Laura Elizabeth. Very traditional and it goes very well with her romantic sounding last name that begins with an L.

Tracey Palmariello on

I think James will be a terrific daddy and I like Jamie!!!

Rebecca Jayne on

Sophia: For many generations, the woman in my family have passed down the name “Jayne” as a middle name. We’re talking back into the late 1800s that I know of – not a new “misspelling” I can assure you.

And as someone with a degree in Linguistics, I can tell you all that human languages are defined as they are SPOKEN, not written. Some human languages have never been written down before and don’t even have a written form. This said, unless you are writing a sound combination with phonetic symbols, you really can’t misspell it. Spoken languages and their written forms are constantly evolving and changing, and historically, people who have tried to freeze a language in time (prohibit it from naturally changing) end up looking ignorant and controlling and ALWAYS fail at this attempt. (various governments and dictators).

Finally, as a mother, as a woman, please stop with all this criticism of each other! Let’s support and celebrate each others choices and individuality. I read an article recently titled “men attack their weakest; woman attack their strongest” and it is so true and unfortunate.

Veronique on

Congrats to the happy couple! I have two daughters, Analise Jolie and Olivia Brielle….and I’m now looking for a name for my third girl coming Aug 2nd. We have always chosen to keep our ideas to ourselves until the baby is born cause people always have their opinions and I personally never want to hear negative comments about what I’m about to name my child (they are defineatly out there as we’ve all been reading)….I figure they will just deal with it cause it’s none of their business anyways…and as long as the baby is normal than it’s all good right? Have a happy delivery!

Appalled on

“NO ONE (absolutely no one) I know — with MDs, PhDs, MBAs, etc. — has a silly made-up name with silly made-up spelling. Whether you agree or not, these types of names make the family appear uneducated.”

I dont know what you got your PhD in, but I doubt your dissertation was about reliable research methods. First of all having a graduate degree speaks nothing of your intelligence or your ability to discuss something in a rational fashion. There were plenty of people with PhDs that were against integration or ending apartheid. You can have a graduate degree and still be an ignorant fool.

Just because YOU don’t know anybody with weird names and a graduate degree means absolutely nothing. Your argument is laughably shallow, as are you, I believe.

Allie on

To the person with a daughter named Madeleine Rose, my cousin is named Madelyn Rose and we call her Maddy Rose too! I love the name Olivia Charlotte a lot. It sounds nice Olivia Charlotte van der Beek. Classic too.

Butterfly on

This discussion of names is CRAZY!! As parents we give our children names that we like and have meaning to us. My name is a combination of my parents names and I hated it growing up. But I’ve grown into it and love the story behind it.
I gave my daughter an african name that is not common. I think it’s beautiful and so unique that when I hear others with the name I am curious how their parents came up with it as well. As much as I love it she hates it. Hopefully when she’s older she will love it.To read that people have thrown away resumes because the names did not fit their standard is sad and infuriating. How dare you judge a person’s character based on seeing their name in print. I have interviewed Lisa’s and Janine’s who were not as “sharp” as some of the Shaniqua’s and Brunilda’s. How sad and boring society would be with just Ann, Claire and Ava.

Megan on

If you are entitled to your own opinion, you are also entitled to spelling your child’s name differently. Which is not botching the spelling, it’s changing it. Just my opinion, get over it or find a hobby if looking at these suggestions upsets you so much. If it wasn’t for these “irritating” moms, we’d all be named John or Mary.

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- It is, and I’ve also seen it spelled Sarahi, which I think is cute. 🙂 I also meant to say last night that I don’t think having a name that is spelled “differently” neccesarily means you’ll have to constantly spell it for people. For example, I went to school with two girls named Crystal….Only one’s name was spelled Krystal, and the other’s Kristal.

Our teachers never had any difficutly spelling their names, and nor did any of us. The one who’s name was spelled Krystal DID occasionally run into the problem of people assuming her name was spelled Crystal, but that was about it! 🙂

Shannyn on

Congrats to the happy couple.
I have 5 girls Seraphina Lindsay, Leighton Emilia, Saskia Chontelle, Violet Rosalia & LaBelle Madeline. For the name debate I am totally for unique names over plain old jane names, but my husband prefers more plain names so it took a while for us to choose names for our girls & we weren’t copying Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s name thing with Violet & Seraphina, Violet was a name we had considered but wanted to continue with the L/S theme but when I was pregnant with her she was going to be Lulu Violet but on the day she was born my husband’s grandma passed away and she was a big part of our lives, and in memory of her we named Violet, Violet Rosalia. I definately agree with having meaning’s behind your child’s name because thats what makes it extra special & I don’t think it is right for people to judge others on how there name is spelt and not taking on a person for work because of a name spelling is so sad, I hope ig your a person that does that, that your business fails miserably!

Oh and @Lisa, I love your daughters name Mckenna is so precious was on our name list but hubby pushed it off 😦

Babymama on

This is going to sound odd but I like Lilix. I know that’s the name of a band but it has a cute sound to it and it’s unique. Congrats!!!

Heather on

“‘We named our 5 week old daughter Madeleine Rose.’

LOVE that name!! It’s so beautiful and classy! And I really like the spelling, I don’t think it looks misspelled.”

Thank you! We thought it was elegant and beautiful too. It sounds so cute for a little girl, and appropriate for an adult, which I think is key when choosing names for your children. I think that’s why I like traditional names with common spellings. We made the same choice for our son, whom we named Jack. My grandfather’s name was John, but everyone called him Jack, so we named our son after him. It makes me tear up every time to hear my grandmother gush over her “Little John”. So special! I’m kind of sad it became such a popular name right around the time he was born.

Jennifer on

Ok, final word from me:

Mark my words, NO ONE named “Caisyn” or “Brielle” or “Cody” or “Hayden/Brayden/Jaden/Kaden” or “Logan” or “Kenadie” — and their other corny counterparts — will ever be a supreme court judge.

You’d best be prepared for the poor children to have a lives of mediocrity with these sorts of names.

Melissa on

Just wanted to put my two cents in. It bugs me, too, when parents give their children names spelled in a way that differs from the norm. My name is Melissa, which was one of the most common names in North American the whole decade I was born. There’s really only one spelling, and people still constantly spell it wrong. It’s annoying. I can’t imagine how annoyed I would be if it was spelled any other way.

If you want to give your child a unique name, fine. I’m all for it, and I hope to not give my child a name as common as Melissa. But please, take the time to come up with an uncommon name, instead of just taking a common one and switching out a few letters. Jennifer is Jenifer is Ginnifer is Jenypher. It’s all the same.

Also, to the woman who said she named her daughter Madeleine. I think that’s gorgeous, and the true, original, spelling, in my opinion. Names like Maddilyn and Madyline are just bastardizations of that beautiful, classic name.

Becky on

Wow, Jennifer, you really have issues with names don’t you? I might not like some of the names that others on here have mentioned, but these are names that they like..Chill out, you are going to have a stroke..

Heck, my nephew gave his 3 girls names that I don’t really care for, but I still love them..Aryan, Mei and Danyelle..I told him that they sound like stripper names..

@Alyson..Love your name, I have a niece with the same name except she has 2 Ls..

I hate my name and have all of my life..Don’t really know what name I would like to have, just know that I would like something different..

Anonymous on

I suggest the name Emerson… it is not weird yet not trendy. You don’t hear it that often.

sharona on

I have two daughters and my first daughter is Melanie (my deceased husband named her after the singer who sang “Brand New Key”), and my second daughter is Kelly (I got to pick her name because she looks like a Kelly with brown hair and big brown eyes).

Anonymous on

Scarlett Belle Van Der Beek
Kelly Winter Van Der Beek
Gretchen Bell Van Der Beek
Juliet Pearl Van Der Beek

girltrifecta on

Look Daniell, I can appreciate your desire to appear unique and to receive praise every time you have to spell your child’s name. That being said, try having to spell your name for the next forty years, a little annoying, no? I am a corporate attorney who changed her name from Stormy Noelle,(yes, born during a snowstorm in December), because I could not be taken seriously. I just implore all of you to imagine these made-up, stupidly spelled names on the business card of a high-powered professional.

KW on

Brooklyn Elise Van Der Beek is a thought. I bet she’ll be adorable. Good luck with the name game!!

maggie on

america would have NEVER thought that our 44th president would be named “Barack”!

J on

I think a great name for your baby girl is Heather Ann.

CelebBabyLover on

maggie- Right on girl! I also want to add that even having a “normally” spelled name is no guarantee you won’t have to spell it for people a lot. I’m a perfect example of that. I have fairly common name, spelled a “normal” way….and I STILL have to spell it for people at times.

In fact, the only person in my family who never gets asked “How do you spell your name?” is my dad (he’s lucky in that he has one of those rare names that is virtually impossible to misspell!). My mom, brother, and even my grandmother, all of whom have “normal” (and normally spelled) names, have had to spell their names for people several times as well.

Melissa on

Can we stop comparing made-up, creatively spelled names to common names from a different culture? Deepak, Ahmet, Barack, Aphrodite—these are all names that are considered normal within a different culture. Just because it’s not an anglo-saxon surname, doesn’t put it on the same level as Alizabeth or Tryniteey.

To sum up: Ahmet, Barack and Aphrodite are real names. Kennedy is a real name. Kenadie is not.

Megan on

Being that language is defined as spoken, that would make Kenadie the same as Kennedy, no? It would. As for these children never growing up to never be president or supreme court judge, unless you can see into the future, you have no idea, so leave it be.

Jennifer on

My daughter’s name is Elliana Rose. We call her Ellie for short.

erin Wiggins on

I have 2 little girls named Gracie and Reegan, both awesome names you don’t hear everyday.

Janet on

Shawn .. You suggested Brook Van der Beek as in her last name and his. I really like it and it sounds nice.

As for all the back and forth about original and traditional. Thanks you have been very entertaining 🙂 My girls are Jillian and Megan, not overly original but it was all my husband and I could agree on. I wanted Isabelle and Teagen. Changing the spelling can be difficult but to each his own. Also as a Travel agent … Please teach your kids to ALWAYS advise their travel agent of their FULL LEGAL name with correct spelling it’s a pain in the a** to change an airline ticket most of the time.

Erika on

‘Can we stop comparing made-up, creatively spelled names to common names from a different culture?’

I completely agree!! Names that are Arabic, African, Indian, Asian etc. are not the same as names like Brittannee (Brittany) or Myshelle (Michelle). Neither are made up names like Shaleeque or Quintrice (both names I have heard).

Jessica on

As someone who has always had to go by Jessica R. instead of just my first name, I love unique names. I hate my name because everybody has it. My best friend’s name is Jessica. In my physics class we had five Jessicas, it was ridiculous. I would much rather have to spell my name for someone then be turning around everytime someone says Jessica.
I like boy’s names for girls, Spencer, Carson, Sawyer, Peyton, etc.

Karen Stewart on

How about the name Skyler Brook

Heather on

What great news!! No wonder she wasn’t seen drinking any of those cocktails! The ones with the TY KU Soju were honestly some of the best drinks I have tasted in a looong time.

Kerri on

To those that say that children with “weird” names will never go anywhere, let me just point out that the President of the US is named Barack. That’s an absolutely ridiculous and narrow-minded statement to make.

Erin on

Apparently being educated does not mean that you posses any tact! if someone likes the name they chose – who else cares – it’s none of their business. You want a certain name, a certain way, then have your own kids – everyone has the right to their own opinion, but that does not mean that you should state it. When it comes to names – to each their own, but all that matters is that the parents like it. Simply put , you have the baby, you get to name it. No one elses pigheaded opinion matters. The kid can change it later, or go by something different with their friends if they don’t like it! A pat on the back to all the parents who decided to step out of the box- it’s innovators like you who move our world to make new and exciteing advancements. Shakespeare said it best “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”- It’s the person who counts.

maggie on

well said erin! NOW can we please get back to james and kim’s baby news!

CelebBabyLover on

Kerri- Exactly! And to add to your comment….I think the point people are trying to make about names like Barack is that, like uniquely spelled names, they seem “different” and even “weird” to a lot of people, and, in some cases are just as difficult for people (or at least people here in the U.S. in the case of Indian, Asian, etc. names) to spell as uniquely spelled “normal” names are.

Also, not too long ago, I read an article about a woman named, I am not kidding, Marijuana Pepsi. That’s not a uniquely spelled name, but it IS an extremely unusual name. But guess what? She has a job as college guidence counselor! So it definitely IS possible for kids with “weird” or “unusual” names (whether those names are uniquely spelled “normal” names, names that sound unusual here in the U.S. because they’re most commonly used in non-English speaking countries, or just plan unusual names), to succeed in life and eventually get a good job. 🙂

Erin- I think you said it best of all!

Amanda on

The reason most of you are complaining about having a normal name yet having to spell it out for everyone is because of all of the abnormal (and yes, uneducated) spellings that have been floating out there for years. People are now forced to ask how you spell your name because of ridiculous people that “cleverly” name their child Kenadie rather than Kennedy. Stop. Just stop. You’re not creative, you’re a joke and you’re messing up everyone else’s normal-ish name.

Jennifer on


Thank you for agreeing! Someone finally else sees my point!

As for these being my “pigheaded” opinions, there is actually a great deal of empirical research that has been published in this area — showing that made-up/misspelled names are indeed linked with poorer educational outcomes, job attainment, socieconomic status, etc.

It may be easy to discount my perspective now — but get back to me in 18 years when your child is an adult. Then tell me I wrong!

Amanda on

@Jennifer- I have been agreeing with you all along. These people are ridiculous in their justification of incorrect spelling. Normally I would have just kept quiet, but it’s just outrageous to promote misspelling and pawn it off as creativity. It’s embarrassing and lame, and I feel for these children with laughable names.

@Everyone else- No, James Van der Beek is not looking to you and your infinite wisdom to help name his child. I believe what the couple meant in the article interview is that they are taking suggestions from people they actually know (i.e. family and friends) and not the public in general. Besides, 90% of these ideas are atrocious.

Lucy on

Jennifer and Amanda, I don’t have anything else to add because you took all the words out of my mouth. And you both said it better than I could have ever done.

This is a blog an an open forum and if people don’t want the names of their children negatively discussed, than keep them to yourself. In this world of free speach we are allowed to say what our opinions are and not be criticized for being honest.

In regards to Marijuana Pepsi, did you read how hard it was growing up for her because of her name? Who does that to there child?

MiB on

A creative spelling doesn’t make a name unique, You can be sure to fine another Kenadie out there, possibly even in Your own neighbourhood (I still remember the face of the two mothers in a play group when they realized there was another Ollyver there). But let’s also discount traditional alternative spelling from the list of creatively spelled names, neither Madeleine (French) nor Erika (Germanic) are creatively spelled names, Shawn and Sean are the Irish and Scottish version of John, Jean is the French. In many cases the male or female versions of a name get mixed up when used in a different culture, Michelle is a french womens name, Michele is an italians mans name, in the US I have seen both used as womens names because the ending with an “e” is precieved as feminine.

I say,if you want a unigue name for your child, look into an existing but unusual name,like the name Elizabeth but think it’s too common? Why not choose the Dutch version Elsbeth, the Germanic versions Lisbet(h), Elisabet(h), the Spanish Elisabete, the Nordic Elsa, the English nick names Elsie or Eliza?

I guess what I want to say is that there are millions of beautiful names out there for those who want to give their child a unique name, so there is no need to invent a new spelling of a quite common name. And if you really love a name but think it’s too common? Use it as a middle name.

I have a traditional, traditionally spelled name (i.e. not the commonly seen version), I always spell my name when someone else has to write it because I know they will most probably get it wrong otherwise (some still do in spite of me spelling it) and I have almost never found anything with my name on it. It doesn’t bother me a bit because I have done it since I learned to spell my name (though there was a period around 11-12 when I was a bit upset that I could not find merchandise with my name on it), but I do think there is a difference between those who have a name with a creative spelling and those who have a name with a heritage (cultural, historical or familiar) that explains the spelling (who can proudly say “I am named after the Greek goddess of love/my great great grand father/the place where my parents met”). Not to mention that “I have the Russian version of the name to honor my russian heritage/because my parents met during a lecture on russian literature” is a way better conversation starter than “I am named Jessyka because my mom wanted me to have a unique name”.

sanden96 on

To Cinder:
My daughter’s name is Rayni Renae same exact spelling and I have never seen anyone else with it. You wouldn’t happen to be from the Omaha area?

Saskia on

@Shawn: a very late reply, I know… Brook van der Beek? Very funny. Brook in Dutch means pants! Zo when you would translate her name it would be…. Pants of the Creek… 😉