Constance Marie’s Blog: Tick Tock Goes the Clock!

06/23/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Constance Marie has been quite prolific with her blogging — so far, we’ve met the family, gone “into the trenches,” learned all about cloth diapers, heard about her fertility fight and learned about how she “greens” her daughter’s world.

This week, the actress — who lives in California with her fiancรฉ, yoga instructor Kent Katich, and their 16-month-old daughter, Luna Marie — tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies about how the concept of time takes on a completely different meaning once you’re a mom!

Courtesy Constance Marie

Mommies! I LOVED your comments about the green nursery blog! As I said, there are many, many things we can do to help our lil’ ones out. Regarding one reader’s comment: Buying secondhand is awesome!! I forgot to include that! There are also great baby resale stores, and of course there is always eBay! If it makes another mommy and baby happy then they should have it.

Before I forget, please check out my new “Easy Greeny Mommy” How to Videos on Youtube. This one is about cloth diapers — a special thanks to Happy Heinys!

Oh! And a secret lil’ thing I like to do to spread the organic word is to purposely walk into a store, find the manager or sales person and ask them point blank if they have any green or organic versions of their products. When the answer is, “Um … Well … No” I say, “Oh! Bummer I really wanted an organic version of (whatever they sell).” It isn’t a lie, I really do! Then I leave.

I know, I know, sounds crazy! But then again, maybe not so much? If stores and vendors know there is a demand for organic products, they will make them. The more they make, the more the cost comes down. Babies will have better products and everybody will be happy. We can all do that and become what I call “easy greeny mommies.”

Courtesy Constance Marie

Moving on…

A little story: When I was pregnant, I tried to join a mommy/baby exercise class. I saw an expectant mom in the class with her older baby and thought, “Oh! That would be fun…” I asked if I could join, and the teacher said, “Sorry, no.” When I asked why, she replied, “Your time is still your own — you can come once the baby is born.” I was shocked! What did she mean, “Your time is still your own?!” I was pissed! Of course my time is my own! What was she talking about?!


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock! Ya hear that? That’s my beautiful, precious 16-month-old alarm clock! Yep! Lil’ miss Luna Marie, whom I adore and worship. But I realized — everything I do is around her schedule and desires: How long a conversation on the phone can go, how long my shower will last (and if I can even get one), how much time I can spend on the computer, how many hours I get to sleep and last but so not least, how long it takes to get out of the house!!

Seriously, it is like planning a frickin’ space shuttle launch! So many things to pack too — it’s like we are moving!

Courtesy Constance Marie

She doesn’t do it on purpose, I know. She just doesn’t know that playing with the dirty, germy dog toys outside doesn’t need to take 20 minutes! Or that when she hears that horrid phrase, “Time to change your diaper!” it does not need to be followed by her trying to bang her head on the floor and 10 minutes of crying and squirming! Or that other things need to happen in life.

Honestly, if she knew, she might actually help me out. She’s that kind of baby. But for now, she’s the new cop on the block. Her mission? To police Mommy’s time! She’s the boss. It’s her job to take the time to explore the world, even through head banging. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’ve heard my other friends chime in with, “But you have help!” Yes I do, but if you know anything about me, that so doesn’t matter. When I see her in the morning, I want to stay and she wants me to as well … So I do! Then I am late for work, which I hate. When I am away, I’m always keeping an ear out for a call from Luna Marie’s nanny. I know when she eats, what she eats — she is a vegetarian like me! More on that in another blog — how much she plays, if and when she naps and for how long, if she is having a good day or not. Technically, that’s my job! I can’t help it.

All of this is on my mind constantly. Help or no help, I’m lovingly obsessed with this little baby! I will walk out of whatever meeting I am in if I see the nanny’s face pop up on my phone. I did it just the other day, in a meeting of 12 people. Oy. No worries, she just needed to know where the sunblock was!

Courtesy Constance Marie

Here’s the best part: Even if the nanny is there and I have time to relax, I feel guilty. I should be working! Making the most of my time! When I’m on duty but Luna is napping, I still find myself cleaning, rounding up toys (which takes a ridiculous amount of time!), dealing with computer work, the laundry and — as any mom knows — a BILLION little tiny details that just suck the time away. It’s like a black hole of time.

No joke, I remember forcing myself to sit down and have a cup of tea one time. I started staring at the baby monitor and thought, “I better hurry up and relax — she could wake up at any minute!” Oh boy! What kind of relaxation is that?! I feel like I’m always on high alert.

So you know what? That exercise instructor was SO right! (Of course, I hate that she was.) My time is not my own! But Luna Marie’s my sweet, feisty little girl and I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone says, “Pay attention and enjoy it” because it goes by so fast. And it IS! My baby was just a little blob what seems like five minutes ago! Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Time? Yep! It is TOTALLY different! I hope you all had a great Father’s Day with your families! ๐Ÿ™‚

— Constance Marie

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Lisa on

I LOVE reading your blogs!
I have 3 kids; 5,3-1 and they take ALL my time. I NEVER have time to do anything and once they are all in bed, it’s so late I cant do anything and I am so beat!

Also, thanks for the green/organic info! I never knew half the stuff you said! Again THANK YOU!

Oh and where do you shop for Ms. Luna?

Jordan on

She looks just like her daddy to me. Except for the hair and eyes.

Melissa on

Luna is such a beautiful baby, I dont even have kids but I look forward to reading your blog, and viewing the pics of her your gracious enough to post, She’s growing right before our eyes. Take care

Josie on

I also don’t have kids (a niece & nephews I adore though), and I love your blog! It’s my favorite!



I only just started reading your blog, but I absolutely love it. I am a Mom of two wonderful kids, a boy 7 1/2 and a girl 2 yrs. They keep me on my toes all the time, and it seems the older I get and the older they get, time just goes quicker and quicker. I wish I could just stop time right now and enjoy every second, minute, hour that they are still little.
Thanks for taking the time out of your life and day to write this blog, it has help me put mommy hood back in perspective.
By the way, Luna is absolutely beautiful.

Judy on

Thank you for writing this blog. It’s a joy to read. Your daughter is a sweetie pie. Even though the time isn’t your own anymore, it’s one of the best sacrifices.

Mar on

I love reading your blog ha ha I don’t even have kids and really have no plans to have children anytime soon but I am sucked into it and I can’t look away ha ha. I even tell my coworkers who just had children that they should really look into going green for the babies ha ha they tell me what are you doing reading that stuff you don’t have kids!!!! lol

Totally looking forward to reading the rest of your entries!!!

Kelly on

I swear, if more “stars” wrote blogs like this, we’d actually believe they were normal people!! I love reading your stories, and listening to you delight in your little girl. Motherhood is messy, frustrating, exasperating, exhausting, and ridden with guilt…. but also the biggest rewards and most awesome moments. I wouldn’t change my experience in the world with my two, and it is so refreshing and awesome to see someone in the public eye take so much joy in it as the rest of us do. Keep writing!

tiffany on

I love reading your blogs, and I cannot wait to read all about how and what you feed your vegetarian baby. I too don’t eat meat, so I can’t wait to hear all about it. My kids are 2 and 4, they are my world just like your little Luna, the love you have for your baby girl is perfect. I am glad all your fertility struggles ended so beautifully. And you look gorgeous with your long straight hair! Time flies by so fast it’s ridiculous, take a million pictures, and kiss that baby as much as possible. Thanks for inspiring me with your words ๐Ÿ™‚

Ana on

You have a beautiful baby! She’s so pretty! Congrats!

fuzibuni on

ah! thanks so much for another installment. it’s like hanging out with a friend while reading it. you have a lovely writing style… very open and honest. i like how you seque from something like baby head banging (totally hysterical btw) to the relativity of time. i was going to suggest that you start your own blog, but then realized you already have one! haha… i’m off to bookmark it now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sofia Espara on

I also love your blogs, even though I do not have babies yet. I am getting to my middle 30’s and am starting to think about it and I can relate to you about when you started to think about babies. Keep up the good work!

Amy on

I love reading your blog! We are hopefully going to be adding to our family in two years and I am researching everything on babies. (Hopefully two years is enough time!) I truly appreciate your candor and honesty. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences.

Keep up the awesome blog (at least until my future babies are grown)!

Jen on

I love Constance’s blogs! I too had difficulty getting pregnant, have one child now and he does take up most of my time!! But with my husband’s help, I try to get time for me as much as possible. Whether it’s going for a pedicure, shopping myself or reading a book. It is so important do this!! Difficult, but so worth it if you can do it. But at the same time you don’t want to miss a moment since the time does go so quickly. It’s so hard to balance everything but all you can do is your best and your child will love you for it!!

Raquel on

It is true. Your blogs are like hearing from a long distance friend catching us up on the the newest stories of Luna. I still always have “Nicholisms” to share with my friends and family when my middle one has a classic story! (although all 3 of my boys come with great stories also)
I was curious in how you incoporate culture in raising Luna? What family traditions have you shared with her that were passed along in your upbringing? I know the going green and organic things are the potentially new traditions that you are sharing together, but what from the old school are you sharing when raising her? Just curious esp coming from a mexican background and also being in an interracial marriage with multicultural children.
Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Jill on

I can relate. I have a year old little girl after years of infertility like Constance Marie. Everything revolves around our baby’s schedule that’s for sure. I also loved your blog on your infertility journey!

We went through three failed IVFs and gave up for years. Then I finally get pregnant after finding PCOS supplements I did not know about. The next month after starting these I was pregnant at 40. That would have been good info years ago!

But I think A LOT of women around 40 are having babies so we are still right in the mix like Constance Marie. But I do feel bad all the time we lost — speaking of time!

Tammy Field on

I love reading your blogs!! I hope you continue to share your thoughts with us. Thanks!!

anna on

I love ur Blogs(am such a Fannn of urs!!!)n am always looking foward to reading them every week!!! ai dios(i do remember the banging on the floor days n still happenns at times, ijole!!)!!! ur right!!! ;)…tick tock ow yeah goes the clock!!…am a single mommy of 2 lovely boys 6 n 3 which drive me nutts sometimes(in an awesome way)wanting to restle or play zombies n really thats how i feel sometimes like a zombie!!! am 25 yrs old and i feel like 60 at times…i work 9-5 m-f and i know that when we get home they want me and only me, but if i dont have to do laundry i have to pick up, wash dishes ect…ugh!! i get frustrated i do wish i could give them alot more of mommy working on it thow i am!!!!…
ur lil Luna ke chula esta!!!!….
Gracias Constance!!!…

Brandie on

I LOVE your blog and Luna Marie is adorable! I am looking forward to your blog on vegetarianism. I am a vegan and considering having a baby. I am nervous about making sure the baby gets all of the nutrients it needs. I take a multi-vitamin to ensure I’m not missing out on anything, but how do you make sure the baby isn’t missing out?

JessicaH on

I love reading your blog each week! It is great! Your little girl is adorable and I can really tell she’s your world. I love your writting style! It has a personal feel that makes us all find ways to relate to each other! Keep the blogs coming! Well, as long Luna Marie let’s you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Heather on

I love love love this blog!!! I am expecting my first and I’m so excited. Reading Constance’s blog feels like you are getting advice from an honest and trustworthy friend. I never even considered cloth diapers until her blog got me thinking! Keep them coming!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

Katie on

I love reading your blog and I don’t even have kids yet! It’s great that you are offering women a glimpse into what motherhood is really like. Often time all I hear is women complaining about how busy they always are, how little their husbands help or the complete opposite about how “perfect” everything is. I was hoping you could have a post about how you and your husband share responsibilities and not panicking if he does something “wrong”.

Your baby is beautiful!

Luna on

Constance I love love love reading your blogs. I know completely what you mean about the baby ruling your life. When I got pregnant with my first, I had this completely unrealistic picture of taking him to Gymboree, the grocery store, and then cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and being picture perfect by the time Daddy got home. Needless to say, it doesn’t work that way. I’m lucky if I get to bathe, let alone do all my chores. He ruled my time and I didn’t regret it for a second. 9 years and 5 kids later, I’ve learned. It’s crazy, but it’s wonderful. It feels like yesterday my oldest was in my belly, and now he is telling me, “You know Mom, I don’t want you to hold my hand around my friends.” Enjoy it while it lasts. Luna, Kent, and yourself are beautiful.

Christi on

It was SO nice to hear another mom say that her child cries and squirms during diaper changes. My son is 15 months old and I can’t get him to sit still or be happy when that time comes around. He throws a huge fit! Our previous daycare provider made me feel like there was something wrong with him… now I know that it’s probably more normal than she led me to believe! Good luck with your little one having more peaceful diaper changes! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen on

Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean! And let me tell you, it seems to have increased exponentially with the addition of another child. Whenever we have to go somewhere there are so many things to get in order. I have to start planning out departure two hours in advance to make sure the baby is fed and clean and rested, and my preschooler has her snacks and water and activities in her backpack. Then of course we have to take a potty break so we can try to avoid the public restroom, or I forgot to put on nursing pads so I quickly stuff my bra to avoid putting on a one-woman wet T-shirt contest, or I forgot that thing I was going to return at Target during our errands and of course that is the ONLY reason we were going out in the first place. And when the kids are napping, if their naps happen to overlap on any given day, the last thing I want to do is laundry or dishes or housecleaning. Sometimes I manage to get those chores in, but usually I just vegetate or I would lose my mind!

Plume on

I had never written anything here, although a religious blog follower of yours. But I had to because I second Raquel’s request! I too am in an intercultural marriage (husband’s from Mexico!) and I’m always looking for ways to instill our heritage on our son. Although I have to admit I sway more to the Mexican side. It would be interesting to see what you and your family do. And I’m also vegetarian so I’m looking forward to your vegetarianism post!

lucia F on

Constance,could you please tell me were you got your daughters blue tunic blouse?
i love it! thank you

Mamalynn on

Really enjoy reading your blogs. I can relate to all of it. The funny thing is, some say when they get bigger you will have time for yourself. Well, that is not true. My son is 5 yrs old and I still feel quilty. My little man get 100% of me.

Alex on

That is one stunning little girl!

Morgan on

What a beautiful little girl! Like mother like daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

Marie on

Hi Constance,

Your daughter is beautiful! I am a new Mom of your age & some of the same issues.

I am a long time vegetarian & would love to read what you are feeding your daughter.

L.A. on

Hr daughter looks just like her, not much of daddy though. She is cute.

Lorelai on

“Seriously, it is like planning a frickinโ€™ space shuttle launch! So many things to pack too โ€” itโ€™s like we are moving!” I did LOL @ this comment! It’s so true!! now imagine having two! I have a 3,5 yr old girl and a baby boy and getting out of the house takes around 1 hr, seriously. I noticed you are worried about Luna’s headbanging, I have never dealed with this myself but my little sister used to do that and I know many babies do..not that it makes it less worrying, sorry about that.
PS: the pics here are so gorgeous!

Lyndse on

you know how there are those things that no one ever told you when you were pregnant? For me this was it – TIME!! I have 2 little darlings now, a 2 1/2 yr old boy and a 9 month old girl and i literally watch the clock all day. I spend so much time just calculating in my head how much time I need to plan for things and how much time it will take to do this or that – my sister calls me the time nazi!! I am trying hard to relax about it – but it is crazy how fast it hits you when you become a mommy and I dont remember eading a stinking thing about it in any of my baby books (and I had about 50 of them!!) Gotta Love every single second though ๐Ÿ™‚

Love reading your blogs and that baby girl is gorgeous!

Kelly on

Luna Marie is beautiful. It is nice to read posts from a “normal” celebrity. I enjoy reading them. They are very funny, and very true! I have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I never get time to myself, and when I do, I am NOT doing my dishes or laundry. It is hectic, but I would not change it for anything. Keep up the good work.

Lily on

Your blogs are super entertaining. I enjoy reading them while my daughter is napping. You are so right about the me time lol.

T. on

Time…ugh…I used to have time for things. =)
I have 3 of my own and I run a home daycare so I’ve added 5 more to the bunch. I’m not sure where the time goes or what happens but at the end of the day, I’m spent.

Enjoy your baby, she’s gorgeous!

Kayla on

I totally feel you on time not being our own once we have children. I have two boys – a 7-year-old & an almost 15-month-old – which would be bad enough if I had help like you, but being a single working mother means there is pretty much zero “me” time! Luckily I have family fairly nearby, and last weekend my parents kept the boys, but I spent all weekend cleaning & doing laundry! Any suggestions on a live-in nanny who would work practically for free?! lol

Jennifer on

I love your blog,, Women all around are giving me hope that one day if I can afford to do invetro and adopt,,, my dream of becoming a mum will come true!!!

I have lost three children due to blocked tubes, I nearly died,,, but I still have hope.

I wish it was not so expensive to adopt or to do invetro,,, there are so many women who would love to be able to do both, but the up front cost is just not right. Maybe soon more children will be able to go to loving mom’s and dads!

bless you and your fam

Idalia on

First of all, your daughter, Luna Marie is adorable! It is so great to finally hear a normal celebrity talk about the everyday double, sometimes triple day duties of motherhood. I catch myself with a sigh of relief after reading your blogs because I know that I myself am a first time mother and can definitely relate and struggle with the diaper duty, teething, lack of sleep and don’t have enough hours in a day to squeeze everything in. Thank you for sharing and for letting all mother’s know, we’re not alone. Again, thank you.

Kimberly on

What a beautiful daughter you have! I look forward to reading your blog each week – it always brightens my day. Please keep it up!

Stephanie on

Constance, Thank you for writing about your fertility troubles and baby Luna. I am currently having the same problems. Reading about your struggles and ultimate success keeps me positive and hopeful. You are such a genuine person! I love reading your perspective as a new mom. Please keep writing!

Carmen on

I love reading your blogs! They make me laugh & smile & anxious to one day have my own! As for the cloth diapers I will definitely do that! Thanks so much for posting! Happy blessings to your family! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lori on

Hi. I love reading your blogs every week, even though I do not have any children.

I was wondering if you could clear something up for me? I saw on your Wikipedia page that your full name is Constance Marie Lopez, making Marie your middle name, but it appears as though you are using it as your last name. Now, Luna is always called Luna Marie. Is Marie her last name? Or is it her middle name, with her full name being Luna Marie Katich?

sydney on

I love to read your mommy blogs!Every week I look forward to reading them.They are so interesting and funny.Keep the stories coming!Luna is such a beautiful baby!

Maddie on

Constance Marie,
I think you have a very cute daughter!!She looks like you:)You are soo right kids do grow up very fast!!One minute they’re in your arms at the hospital,then they’re gonna be walking,then they start to get into stuff!!:)They will be in preshool before ya know it!(Lets not wish the wonderful years away!!)Big blessings to you Constance,Luna and Kent!

Ashley Ross on

I am not a Mommy yet, and I have years until I am, but everyday when I am eating my lunch at my desk, I am here checking to see if you have another blog post!I know when the day comes to have one of my own, I’ll be ready with knowledge about cloth diapers to organic products! Thanks for blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonnie on

Great to see you and your beautiful daughter… I have a 3 yr old and she is worth all my time. They grow so fast and before you know it have lives of their own. Found some old Fairfax picture of you, Deborah Abigail , Diana Korkus (sp) and a few others. Aww…the good ole days! Anyway congrats on all of your accomplishments I always knew you would do everything you set your mind on.

FC on

I missed this one somehow, but I think Constance’s blogs are about the best addition to this site. Always have something insightful included with a mix of humor and beautiful photos. Can’t go wrong with that. ๐Ÿ™‚