Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Bless Baby in Zulu Ceremony

06/23/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Dave Allocca/Startraks

Rapper-producer Swizz Beatz, who recently announced he’s expecting a baby with fiancée Alicia Keys, appeared on Good Day New York Tuesday, revealing that the newly-engaged couple received a blessing during their recent trip to South Africa last week.

“We were doing an event for Bobbi Bear under a special tree where a lot of kids who have been abused come to get special healing to have positive energy in their lives,” Swizz said.

“It turned into this ceremony that I didn’t know about. I felt like I was on Punk’d or something! But, yes we had a special blessing [for our child].”

The U.K.’s Daily Mail revealed that the traditional ceremony took place last Wednesday in Durban, on the country’s eastern coast, and was performed by the elder women in the community. Keys — donning traditional jewelry and a blue robe — and her unborn baby were both given Zulu names during the blessing ritual while standing under a fig tree, known as a healing tree to locals. Keys’ mother and brother were also present.

Asked by the show’s hosts if they were expecting a boy or a girl, the producer turned coy, responding, “I don’t know yet” before explaining he’d like to wait until the baby is born to find out the sex. As for the couple’s upcoming wedding, taking place later this year? Swizz said the superstar couple will “let it flow.”

During their time in South Africa, Keys performed in the World Cup’s opening night with the Black Eyed Peas and John Legend and also performed charity work at a nearby village that they’re hoping to help rebuild.

“It’s a life-changing trip because it makes you appreciate having shoes on your feet,” says Swizz. “It was a real emotional thing for me but we’re going to turn something negative into a positive.”

— Tiffany McGee

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Shelby on

What a winner this guy is….

Leigh on

That’s going to be one pretty, pretty baby.

Lee on

@Shelby, so are you going to keep posting how much you hate him during her whole pregnancy and when the child is growing up?

m-dot on

still SMH @ this couple.

Lola Monroe on

Get over it people, every single post does not need to be flooded with negativity…geeze. Many blessings to them for a healthy baby & happy marriage!!!

Niko on

@ Shelby:


MiB on

“It’s a life-changing trip because it makes you appreciate having shoes on your feet”

What a wonderful qoute! I think we all need to remember to appreciate the shoes on our feet every now and then!

Regina on

I seriously don’t understand all the people criticizing this couple. I am not a big fan of Alicia Keys BUT she is not a homewrecker. Look up the meaning of homewrecker- a woman who begins an affair with a man she knows is married (with kids). Swizz Beatz and Mashonda were SEPARATED- they might not have been officially divorced yet but the MARRIAGE WAS OVER…Alicia didn’t do any-damn-thing so can all you negatives just quit your bashing…it’s getting so tired and stupid now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neena on

These two are a joke and Alicia is a fool.. He was sleeping with her while his wife was pregnant and he has a 9-month old by another woman.. While the baby is innocent, this two aren’t.. Alicia’s image and sales has taken a major hit.. Karma is headed this way..

Layla on

I’ve always liked Alicia Keys, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That said, every baby is a blessing and I am happy that Alicia will be a mom. I just hope he doesn’t do her like he did his wife Mashonda. didn’t Alicia have a song about Karma…….

Holly on

Regina, how do you know they were seperated? He says one thing, his ex-wife says another thing. So please explain to me how you know they were seperated? Are you their divorce lawyer or did you live in the same house with them? Now maybe Alicia didn’t ‘do’ anything, but she sure as heck didn’t help. I wish that baby nothing but health and happiness, but the way this situation started is messy and trifling.

d on

perhaps you all who think alicia keys did nothing wrong should read swizz beatz’s WIFE’s open letter to alicia keys and see a different side of it..

LPW on

Let’s hope it works out.


WHEW!!! Some of the comments on here…. YIKES. Regardless of how we feel about the parents, there is an innocent baby that didn’t ask to be here. We really don’t know what happened between him and his prior wife, but it just looks bad. Honestly, if we looked back at our own lives we all at one point or another may have been a part of a situation (not necessarily similiar to this one ) that may have not been what it seemed, or simply wasn’t anyone’s business. I just hope that they can raise this child in a happy home, and that he/she will be able to get to know the other siblings.

Regina on

@ Holly…no I’m not their divorce lawyer and neither are you…Mashonda herself has come out to say they were NOT TOGETHER but apparently they were “trying to sort things out” and Alicia just came in and “took him”…it’s not Alicia’s fault…if a man doesn’t want a woman there is no way he will stay…some women need to learn that instead of always taking it out on other people saying “homewrecker this and homewrecker that”…THE HOME WAS ALREADY WRECKED before Alicia came on the scene…and on that note…a big congratulations to them…wish them the best of luck on the birth of their new baby…and to continue to disregard all the haters and keep moving with their new family

Kellz on

@d thank you for posting

Ruth on




Ruth on



Sarah on

It amazes me of how judgmental you all are. Do you know in fact what happened? Are you God? Does living in negative blogs and gossip rags improve you as a person? Let them live. Just because your life isn’t in the public eye doesn’t mean you haven’t did any questionable things either. We can only assume because we aren’t God. Anyone and everyone could be making up a story, and to call someone a name base on rumors is childish. Congrats Alicia, you will be an amazing mom.Also, his child is 3 years old. Alicia wasn’t even with him when his wife was pregnant.

Kasha D on

I still don’t understand what a celebrity does affect the lives of any of you. You don’t get money to believe or disbelieve about what goes on in their lives. Why should what they do affect whether or not you purchase her albums or not. She’s a singer not a darn evangelist, we all do things that’s not right, but because they are in the spotlight, you get to judge them. No one can judge them, only GOD. GET A LIFE and stop living through others.

SS on

How can you have a wife and a fiancée? I can’t believe some people are defending what he did. When two people get married they ask God to bless their union. For him to go and creep around shows what type of person he truly is. He could have gone about this a different way. I don’t believe that every baby is a blessing either. Tell that to a 12 or 13 year old girl who thinks she is grown and has sex then a month later I, through welfare taxes, have to pay for it to be born and raised. What is society coming to people ?

Lucy on

Wow. All of you who “know” what happened MUST have been there bc that is the only way you can know. When couples divorce they will say different stories as to what happens. It isn’t our job to judge. I just don’t understand people. Why do you care?

Terri on

No comment other than I think it’s funny that someone says we need to stay out of celebrities lives…as we all browse this website. 🙂

I used to be such a huge fan of Alicia’s. However, whatever this child’s parents did or didn’t do (and I don’t care to debate it) I hope that the baby is blessed.

nad on

i agree with the person who said that not every baby is a blessing because that is very true. i doubt some woman who had 10 kids with 10 different men considers them a blessing and i doubt the woman who is brutally raped and becomes pregnant considers it a blessing!! so you should really think before posting something like that.

loren on

Well this should be a long thread, now a discussion over whether every human life is a blessing or not begins. Threw in ‘human’ for the sake of even further discussion 🙂

J on

Ruth, celebs put their personal lives out for us all when they choose to become celebs and all their dirt comes out.

I love the people who say “what do you care” about their personal lives and then defend them to no end. What do the defenders care as well to get so up in arms over people they don’t know that they scold others about?

Rachel on


Actually it is possible to have a wife and a fiance. My fiance is seperated but not divorced and we are enagaged. It’s all very Waltons and we get along fine and dandy, his wife, me, our daughter and his 2 kids. It’s a shame that some people don’t communicate in their relationship, especially on ‘exiting’ it the wife probably thought they were sorting things out and he was probably going through the motions but looking for the door. So what? Does it really matter, no!


What’s done is done- bless this child & God give the adults in his/her life the wisdom & maturity to raise him/her in a positive manner.


Lee on

@J, so you come on the blog to judge? But yet you expect us to take someone who spends her life online looking to criticize celebrities seriously hmmm

Lucy on

Lee, you are doing the same thing.

her on

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the child, hope the child gets here healthy and has a pleasant life.

If it’s true that Swizz really was merely ‘separated’ (sorry, that’s still legally married) when they got together, AND if he really did have another baby sitting out there somewhere too, I hope Alicia is not expecting him to suddenly be a man of commitment with her.

I agree that people can change, yet I am also a strong believer in past behavior being a strong predictor of future behavior, UNLESS the person consciously realizes & wants to learn the error of their ways.

Bottom line, she saw the writing on the wall. I hope they have a successful relationship, and I gotta admit, the start looks pretty d@mn rocky.

bernice on

god bless the baby…..

anon on

Y’all are defending mashonda like she’s somebody. First of all it was very childish of her to write that letter. Second her whole argument was about “oh we just had a baby” blah blah blah. My mom always told me “baby don’t make 3” meaning just because she had his baby doesn’t mean he had to stay with her and that’s what she thought would happen.

And if he ain’t want her anymore who are we to judge him for wanting someone else. There’s no law stating a time limit for a person to be dating again or whatever after divorce.

And to the person that said being seperated means you’re still legally married yes that is true BUT they are free to see other people. That is why some married people get separated because divorce is in their future so they “test” the waters to see if they want to stay or lelave

hayley on

lord oh lord, i think all will agree that one of the top tens fears has got to be your husband/partener faling in love with some one else and leaving you……worse stil when your preganat or just had his child, i think its why our views as women can be coloured when looking a these kinds of family set ups.

i don’t think we can be objective when we look at these two because we imagine ourselves in this situation and its not pretty.

angie and brad get away with it, because they have lots of children and look like good parents and jen had no children so somehow that makes it ok although at the time there where so many who blame jen for not giving into mans demand to be a father , then blame brad for being so weak as to fall for angie and of course the most vennom was saved for angie herself because she is what we as women fear, the person that will make our husbands fall in love with them.

i think we need to step back, marriges break up all the time and you can’t help who you fall in love with or how quickly that happens, i feel the letter was always written to get people on side, why write it and share it with the world if not to make people and by that i mean us ladies hate him for daring to leave and her for stealing him away.

while i truly feel for his soon to be ex wife, and i really do every one should be happy and i also feel that even if you have kids that doesn’t not mean you should stay married just for them, its important kids grow up in a happy home and that will never happen if mummy doesn’t really love daddy or vise versa.

btw i no not allll women think like this, but i no i do, i no i find it hard to be objective, i no many of my g/fs feel the same but i’m big enough to admit it, but i really wish for every one to be happy and the baby healthy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sugar on

Whether Alicia and Swizz last long or not, Alicia is going to make an awesome mom – besides, she’s monied enought to take care of herself.

I’m not sure why all the negativity – it takes two to tango afterall and Alicia is not a homewrecker!

emily on

why are you guys arguing over their private matters? I just don’t understand what the outcome of it can be??? that’s their private business. How can you argue when you don’t even know what happened? how can you take sides? and WHY should you even bother to take sides.

This is a blog about celeb kids, so it would be great if we would actually celebrate this new life, instead of all this negativity.

belle on

ello Alicia and Swiss….I think you are a beautiful couple and will have a beautiful bundle of joy…Alicia, you are an awesome person and I don’t know of anyone that has ever said anything negative of you. You are a humanatarium and well loved throughout the world….Again, congratulations to you, Swiss and your precious little baby. That will be one beautiful baby…

Babymama on

Ok first I want to address what a previous commenter said about babies. All babies are indeed a blessing. If you are in a situation where you can’t take care of a raise a child then give the child up for adoption. Every child is a blessing wether you raise it yourself or wether another couple adots it. Babies are amazing and wonderful and they help change your whole perspective on life.

As for being on welfare some people have to. It’s not always a matter of lazziness or teen pregnancy. I’m a single mom on welfare. I have a part time job but it just isn’t enough to pay rent and for food and I have health issues that prevent me from working fulltime. So don’t judge everyone who is on welfare.

As for Alicia and her fiance. I don’t really know all the details of their life. I don’t know exactly how long Swizz was separated from his wife. Do you? Do you know the reason for their split? Do you know every detail of their life? I don’t think so. None of us really know what happened. I do think that it’s silly for him to be engaged while he’s still married but who are we to say? Love happens. You can’t help who you love and sometimes you fall out of love and there’s nothing to do but move on. Stop judging people. It really sickens me that people are always judging other people when you have no idea what the situation is. Deal with your own life and stay out of other’s.


Dee on

Sorry but I dont care what happened writing a PUBLIC letter like that wont resolve their issues. All it does is invite people into their personal lives.

And in the end….the child will suffer because of it.

I hope that all parties involved can work it out so that both children have their parents in the long run.

Stuff like this has been happening for years now….lets stay out of it and pray that it works out for the best.

Congrats to Alicia on the baby, he or she will be a stunner no doubt 🙂

We dont know the full jist of what happen so lets keep an open mind instead of trying to SPECULATE or HATE on the woman!!!!

Terri on

anon, everybody is somebody.

loren on

Thank you, @hayley, Babymama Well said!!!!! 🙂

Anonymous on

Great.congrats on the new kid. the only difference between celeberties and us is money.I am married to my husband and i dont give a damn if we are getting a divorce then any one who is intereswted will have to wait until we get things together. She was seeing this man while he was still married separted or not. This goes both ways men needs to start apperciating what they have a home, because prettier isnt always better. I wish them all mothing but the best. Was a fan but not anymore she is a human being just like you and i. if someone you know help contribute to the breakup of you snd your man you would be pissed. no difference with these two

Anonymous on

we are all imperfect; & with that being said we do not have the right to judge anyone or point fingers.

be4real on

What people are trying to say is, this is not a faithful man. Lets break it down, he was with his wife for 10 years yet he has a 9 year old son by another woman, a 3 year old daughter by another woman, a 3 year old son with his wife, someone mention earlier possibly a 9 month old baby by another woman, and on top of it all Alicia was already 4 months pregnant before he got divorced. Do we see a pattern here, he has not changed, Alicia will be raising this child with another man, I do believe we will soon hear of their break-up due to his infidelities.

RayJ on

I adore Alicia Keys…She will be a fabulous, grounded mother. I am so amused by the soap box some “commentators” cannot seem to get off of. I think many use this to share their 2 cents, and then forget about the actual point at hand. Hysterical.

Much positive energy for a healthy pregnancy and an uninterrupted time as well.

For all of the philosophers and mind-readers… Appreciate art, and focus on your own lives.

Amy on

I love them both and think they are perfect for each other. God bless the happy couple and many blessings to their little bundle coming! 🙂

Eman1002 on

Nobody knows what really went on between Alicia, Swizz, and his ex-wife. So stop proclaming that you know what happened, because you don’t! They only way you would know is if you were they reps and a friend of theirs or something. So, just shut up, leave them alone, and worry and live your own life. Whatever is going on between the three, they will get it straight. I wish nothing but good health and a good life for Alicia and her baby.

cocoa on

i think all the negative people need to shut up and worry about their own lives and get out of Alicia;s business!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel on

The only people who can wreck a marriage are the husband and the wife.