Kourtney Kardashian’s Blog: Breastfeeding My Baby

06/22/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Our newest celebrity blogger, Kourtney Kardashian, has told us all about traveling with her son Mason, 6 months, and now opens up about breastfeeding him — where, when, how and for how long.

See more of the reality star, 31, and boyfriend Scott Disick on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, which recently premiered its second season.

Mason’s first meal – Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

Mason is now six months old and has only been fed breast milk up until this week! I just started incorporating solid foods into his diet. We began with a mixture of rice cereal, oatmeal cereal and mixed grain cereal with some breast milk added. When I introduced it to him, he seemed confused — but ready and excited for it!

I still want to continue breastfeeding for maybe another six months or as long as Mason still wants it. I’ve heard that some babies just get over it and stop nursing. But personally, I’m still loving it. I love the bonding time, love that it’s natural and what your body is made to do, love the benefits for his body and mine. I find it to be such an amazing womanly thing.

When reading the comments from last week’s blog post, I came across this one: “Nice article! I just wondered why you bring a bottle of fresh breast milk? I avoid nursing in public (NIP) whenever possible, but when I do, I wear a nursing cover and try my best to cover myself. It is so much easier than bringing a bottle and pumping.

The answer is, I actually do nurse on takeoff and landing while traveling. But I bring the bottle for emergencies and for the milk in the nose trick. I’ve nursed Mason while shopping in the shoe section at Neiman Marcus, in dressing rooms, in my car, wherever I need to.

I know that for me, I need to try to cover myself while breastfeeding so that no one snaps a picture. If this wasn’t the case, I probably wouldn’t mind as much because my son is my biggest concern. My attitude is, if someone sees a little somethin’ somethin’, don’t look if you don’t like it.

My sister, Kim, was just at a restaurant where a woman was breastfeeding her toddler and had both breasts exposed. Kim Tweeted about it and got some very nasty responses from people. She also said that the woman was changing the baby at the table with food everywhere.

People always have something to say about how long is too long or not long enough to breastfeed. I think this is such a personal decision that it can only be made between each baby and his or her mommy.

As for me, I take my cues from Mason and together we’ll take it from there!

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

— Kourtney Kardashian

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April on

He is all Scott in these pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing Kourtney.

Amanda on

Kourtney – the one thing I’ve learned since being a mom is that everyone has an opinion and everyone things it’s the right one. I say – whatever is right for you and your child is the right one and I respect you for making the right choices for the two of you – regardless of what anyone else thinks. You are a great mommy and your baby boy is obviously doing great and thriving because of your love for him. Keep up the great work! I know I tried breastfeeding but she was having issues. I pumped for 3 months before work, school etc made it impossible to keep up. Good for you for keeping going with it! Best of luck.

dlock on

Nice blog! Kourtney, I wanna praise you for encouraging me to keep breastfeeding my 4 month old son. I do supplement with formula and he just started eating a little cereal and gerber solids. So far he is enjoying the different tastes.

As far as covering up while nursing in public, I can’t do that because my son hates being covered. So, I take on the same attitude, “don’t look if you don’t like it!” I feel that if my son is hungry than I will feed him. I’ve breastfed in the mall, in The Cheesecake Factory, etc. I find your blogs to be really great! Please continue to blog, I love getting advice and products that you love for little Mason. 🙂

Amanda on

I agree, he sure looks a lot like his dadddy in these pictures! Before all I could see was Kardashian, but now it’s Scott with the Kardashian coloring.
My little guy was born 12/13 so he’s about the same age as Mason, I like reading what babies his age are doing. He’s also breastfeeding and I’m still loving it and we just started solids too, though he isn’t loving that as much as I expected him too…all 18lbs of him! LOL I am pretty self concious about nursing in public so I try to nurse in the car or dressing rooms since he HATES being covered, I can’t even imagine trying to nurse with cameras following me everywhere!

Sarah beth on

HES SOOOO CUTEEEE! i cant even… those cheeks Kourtney you made one beautiful baby boy!

Ashleigh-Faye on

Kourtney this was such a good blog. You hear so many stories of celebs doing formula, and seems like their job is more important. So good for you! He is such a cutie pie! Good job momma!

Lola Monroe on

Kourtney- I’m so happy you’ve been consistantly doing your blog, I absolutely love reading it. You seem to be such an amazing mom, who would do anything to make Mason happy. Watching last weeks episode I love when you said the part about wanting Mason to look back on the pictures & remember how much fun he has with his mom & dad. It really shows how much you’ve grown in the last year & honestly, Scott seems like a great dad…I loved when he was brushing Masons no hair in the bathroom lol, I really hope people lay off him a little bit.
Hope you guys are having fun on ur 1st family vacation doll!!

Sadie on

Kourtney, you are doing fine. People will always find something wrong, its human nature. Just ignore it and keep doing what you’re doing. Mason is healthy and thriving and that’s what’s important.
Love the mommy that you have become. Keep it up and know that you will always have fan support as you do with family.

Holly on

I just want to say he is the spitting image of your brother and father! It is uncanny. And good for you on the breastfeeding, I nursed both my kids for 13 months! Take care.

NYC_Nona on

Great job Kourtney…I nursed my daughter until she was 19 months…it is totally possible for you to nurse another 6 months or more…the feedings will decrease obviously…but the little ones find such comfort in it…I never pumped at all…and you’re totally right about nursing anywhere…you can totally be discreet and do it while shopping…You can tell Mason is feeding well and he looks “filled up” in those pics…ready for a nap…He’s beautiful and keep up the good job!…

heather on

I think that is so wonderful that you are breastfeeding! I went through a battle with post partum depression and I stopped breastfeeding my son when he was 2 months old. I have never regretted something soooo very much! I wish I would have stuck with it, I know I would have gotten through it with the right support. and btw, your son is sooooo precious! He looks like a little handsome man in a baby’s body, lol!

Sheri on

Mason is so cute. Your being a great Mom and your correct all that matters is what is right for Mason and you.
People will always find something to complain about.

PS- I have to say i never laughed so hard ,watching you give Khloe a wax was just priceless..Love the second season…

Scarlet on

Breast feeding is a natural thing, but I do agree with Kourtney. You should be discreet and respectful to the people around you. Using the bathroom is a natural thing too, but you don’t see someone whipping it out at the table. Use discretion and be considerate of other people.

Lina on

Mason is so cute!!
He looks alot like Scott, your dad and Rob. Thanks for sharing!

mae on

Hey Kourtney, Congrats on making it to six months exclusively nursing Mason! It doesn’t work out for everyone but so nice to read that it’s been a positive experience for both you and the baby 🙂 I still nurse my 8 month old twin girls and it has been an amazing experience. Because I have two I often have to pump and travel with bottles of milk b/c it isn’t always possible to nurse both while we’re out. But I agree it’s such a personal thing and every mom needs to decide what works best for her and her baby/babies. Good luck with the adventure of solid foods!

Lola Monroe on

Wow, can Mason get any cuter!!! He really looks like Scott in the 2nd picture. It’s refreshing to hear a celeb keep it real about breast feeding & anyone with common sense knew what Kim meant in her tweet, it IS disgusting to change your child on a table in a public restaurant where everyone is eating. People seriously want to make something out of absolutely nothing, it’s so annoying.

Bettina at Best for Babes on

Thank you so much for sharing your breastfeeding experience openly, you are helping thousands of moms beat the “booby traps” so they can achieve their personal breastfeeding goals. So glad your attitude about covering up is for moms to do whatever makes them comfortable, as you can see from the comments sometimes a cover doesn’t work. Keep up the great work!

Lu on

Hi Kourtney,

Great blog with very sensible tips! My kids have all grown up ~ enjoy him! It goes by sooo fast!

I would like to add a caution though with introducing foods to babies for the first time. Instead of mixing three cereals, you may want to try just one at a time. Try each for about a week and then try a new one the second week. Sometimes babies will develop allergies to certain foods. If they do develop a rash or any other allergic symptom, it would be very hard to tell which particular food caused it. I hope Mason doesn’t develop any reaction, but sometimes they do. 🙂

Angie Rose on

Your Little Mason is so handsome and you are doing a splendid job with him. He looks so healthy and always happy with each pic I see of him. Every Mommy will do what is best for their baby and you are doing just fine. Breast-feeding is one of the natural gifts you can give your baby. I do appreciate you saying that you are respectful of others and their feelings. You are wonderful and keep up the great work. My two babies are all grown up, so cherish this time with him and stay happy <:)

Lucinda on

Kourtney, I applaud you for nursing your son, its such a natural and beautiful thing to do. I myself have breastfed 3 of my 5 children and they are healthy and happy. It does not matter how long you nurse, its when you and the baby feel comfortable enough to stop. The bonding is wonderful and you cannot get that kind of love from a bottle. I understand your sisters concerns regarding the incident at the restaraunt, If the woman was covered up, then I see no problem, obviously she must not have been. I am all for nursing public or private. As for teh changing the baby on the table…..I would never have done that. I think you are being a very good mommy to Mason and I hope that he knows how lucky he is to be loved in this world of ours. Best of love to you and your little one.

Ashley on

People will have opinions and to me, nursing in public doesn’t bother me but one should try to cover up and definitely not change a baby by food. I know some restaurants don’t have a changing table in them, but you can always go to the car. I have a baby and that’s what I do.

Kim has the right to her opinion, just like everyone else. No one should be criticizing her. To each their own.

Mama in Georgia on

I think you are a wonderful mama!! You have the cutest baby ever (besides my two)!!! Keep doin’ what yo do! If you ever need a sitter, I will be more than willing to help..for free!

Kelly on

Kourtney, I think you are doing an amazing job! Mason is sooo cute, I see so much of your family in him. I have a 1 year old son that I just adore and I see so much of that with you and Mason, he definately loves his momma! Don’t listen to any negativity .. people are so quick to judge others. Mommy knows best and that’s what I stick to when people try to tell me what to do for my son. You’re doing great Kourtney and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shows!

Devon on

Kourtney, I really admire you for being so pro-breastfeeding. The rest of the breastfeeders in the world are so thankful to you for assisting in the normalization of breastfeeding.

I do, however, still take issue with the tweets your sister put on twitter on Saturday. You and your sister may not be aware that some babies/toddlers like to switch often and quickly back and forth between breasts when they are breastfeeding. I cannot speculate on the woman’s reasons for having her breasts exposed at the restaurant, but what I do know is that women have been dealing with judgmental comments regarding breastfeeding for a very long time and we get our backs up a little bit when someone makes comments like your sister did. The woman at the restaurant was feeding her child, just as your sister was (presumably, being at a restaurant) eating, herself and if your sister was uncomfortable with the breastfeeding that was going on, she should’ve turned and looked in a different direction.

Shannon on

Kourtney, I love your blog! My son is 8mo and we’re just about done nursing. I totally agree that when to stop is totally up to baby & mom. My son Max started on solids at 5mo and we started breastmilk in the bottle then too. Within the last month he’s switched to straight formula and nursing only once at bedtime. I never nursed with my first son and I totally regret it. This was such an amazing bonding experience with my second son. Enjoy this sweet time with Mason, it goes so fast! My firstborn is 2 and a little stinker! Love hearing about your experiences as a Mama! Its the toughest job in the world, but certainly the most rewarding!

Tami on

I’m so happy that Kourtney is advocating breastfeeding! I am the mother of a 5 1/2 month old and find myself also breastfeeding in my car a lot. If I do feed my baby in public I’m covered up and 99% of the time people around me don’t even realize what I’m doing. Breast milk is so wonderful for babies. Not only because it’s accessible whenever you need it, but it’s free and most importantly the health benefits for your baby is so great. Thanks Kourtney for being a great Mommy role model!

Hazel on

Kourtney I love your show and I love to see the way you care, protect and love your son! It seems like you have changed so much after having mason and you have become such an amazing mom I admire you for that 🙂
I believe that breastfeeding is important but like you said is a personal desicion between you and the baby. Dont hear what people say, I think scott is doing a great job with mason too, I found it funny when you guys went to the parrot jungle and when he was brushing his hair, they looked so cute. I love reading your blogs and I LOVE your show. Best of Luck.

rhonda on

Hi Kourtney, I think Mason looks like you a lot…..he is so cute….

Nichole on

Hey Kourtney, I am 7.5 months pregnant and just love reading your blog, especially this entry.

jovi on

Mason is SO cute! I love watching your family on tv, I hate to see people critisizing you guys when they don’t even know you. They just believe anything they read in tabloids. You’re doing great as a mommy, can’t wait to see more Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami!

Jenn on

You seem like a truly amazing mommy! My daughter is 2 now and I would have breastfed her as long as possible, however, she had lactose issues and we had to switch to soy formula. I was very disappointed and I love that you have been able to breastfeed for so long. We seem to be the only culture to put limits on how long to breastfeed your baby and I think that is crazy!! Your baby is beautiful and you are beautiful!

Mary on

He is so adorable! I love your stories, and I think it’s awesome that you have had success breast feeding him. I do not have kids yet, but it’s definitely something I want to try when I do. Was your mom supportive? My mom did not nurse me, so I feel like she does not get it. Love season two of Miami, by the way!


Gabrielle on

Mason is a beautiful baby! Wow!

Allie-Rose on

I’ll never understand why so many Americans feel so strongly against breastfeeding in public. It’s such a normal and natural thing, why hide it? Of course, that doesn’t mean flashing everyone, but I don’t see why a mom should cover herself and her baby when she’s doing the most natural thing in the world

bella on

…you are an amazing young woman…I alwas love to hear what you are up to!…thank you for sharing your joy with us!

mel on

OMG, he is the cutest baby ever!!! I just want to squeeze him and kiss him! 🙂 Congrats again, Kourt. I’m so happy for you.

autumn on

Well I think its great hearing a feel good story. As for the woman NIP with both boobs exposed, THATS a little much. You have to be respectful of everyone around you, and sitting there with one just hanging out, saying hi to the world isnt(unless youre in cancun). But what is too much for me is the fact she changed the baby at the table. Thats just not kosher. I dont want poo molecules traveling and getting anywhere near my food. It doesnt hurt to just go to the bathroom, she shouldve thought about that.

Gina Ciagne, CLC on


Congrats on 6 months!! That is fantastic and you should be really proud of yourself. Isn’t it amazing that your milk has enabled him to grow to the big beautiful boy he is today at 6 months! That was all you and him as a great breastfeeding team. Good luck on the next 6 months and hang in there because it is worth it–not only for the benefits for him but also for yourself. He may, at times, get fussy and seem like he may not want to nurse anymore but don’t let a temporary nursing strike derail you. It is rarely about your milk or your supply or that the baby just does not want to nurse anymore. Quite often, it is that his increasing awareness of his surroundings captures his attention and distracts him but try not to be discouraged. We have tips and advice for how to manage a nursing strike and more on our website and blog if you need any tips.

We wish you the best and are here to help out if we can. We (former) breastfeeding mommies are here to assist!

Gina Ciagne, CLC
Director, Breastfeeding and Consumer Relations
Lansinoh Laboratories

Fifi on

I was hoping you’d discuss your breastfeeding experience! I wanted to breastfeed my daughter (now 15 months) so much. Unfortunately, we encountered some big issues, and lactation support in my region is very poor, so these issues became insurmountable. Since then, I’ve thoroughly educated myself, and now know what to do to fix my problems. I’m hopeful that my knowledge of breatfeeding will allow me to successfully breastfeed my next child (not on the way yet, but hopefully soon). Thanks for blogging, Kourtney!!

nicole on

I hate to be a negative person on your blog but in reference to the person your said had both breasts exposed while breast feeding….how is that any different from you baring your breasts on national tv to pump milk? Is there a double standard? I know she was in public but you don’t know peoples circumstances so maybe you should think before you speak.

Anonymous on

Gosh, Your baby is soooooo handsome. I can’t get over how much he looks like your father and brother and YOU. Lovely eyes. Take care of your beautiful self and baby boy…

shelly on

i agree with Kim, yes you can b/f in public but theres a way or doing it and a way of NOT doing it, what about little boys whom are in the restaurant seeing this womans full breasts exposed, have some class and some tact, i b/f and pumped for 14 months and would never have dreamed of exposing myself like that NOR changing a diaper on a table where theres food its downright disgusting-

Liz on

Great blog, Kourtney!! Mason is adorable and I’m loving the second season of you and Khloe in Miami. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your entries. Keep them coming! LOL.

I sympathize with Kim. I totally get where she’s coming from. Breastfeeding in public is a personal decision, but seriously, changing a diaper at the table among people who are also eating is a bit much. IMO, this obviously wouldn’t be an issue if there was no restroom available, but in a restaurant there is, so there is no excuse. I’m pretty sure the Department of Public Health would frown upon that if they’d been present to witness it.

Ashley on

OK, after reading this post Kourtney is now my favorite celebrity mom! LOVE her! I wish La Leche League would contact her about being a spokesperson!!!

Alicia on

First let me say that I think breastfeeding is a wonderful thing! When my little one is born I fully plan to breastfeed! With that being said, personally I don’t think I would like it if I was at a restaurant and across from me was a woman with both breasts out (no covering) breastfeeding a baby. All I’m saying is TRY to cover up a little. I have no problems with breastfeeding; it’s a natural thing and I think it’s lovely. However, I do think that you should try to cover up a little. For the women whose children hate being covered, I know it’s difficult and I sympathize with you. I think that there should be places were women can go in public with their babies and breastfeed without being criticized for it. Just like we have public places for smokers to puff away; there should be a place for mothers to breastfeed out of the eye of the public. For myself I know that I probably won’t be comfortable just popping out my breasts in public without covering up. I’ll probably feed in the car or a dressing room or something. I’ll definitely have a bottle on hand for the times when a dressing room or the car is not possible.


Love reading your blogs. You seem like a great mom, and your son is adorable! What I don’t know is why you added your sister’s comment about NIP and the restaurant. Seems an odd comment in the middle of an otherwise awesome article. Whatever your sisters say, keep it separate from your blog. Unless you want to add what you think of it, which you didn’t this time.

amy on

I have a new respect for Kourtney- great to see she realizes that breast is best!

Gina Ciagne, CLC on


Just wanted to add for you and other breastfeeding mommies out there–come tweet with us on our breastfeeding chat on Wednesdays at 3pm eastern to 4pm eastern. Use #bfchat and come join us! Bring your questions, your tips to share, and anything else breastfeeding-related!

Hope to tweet to you on Wednesday.

Gina Ciagne, CLC
Director, Breastfeeding and Consumer Relations
Lansinoh Laboratories

Tracy B. on

Just have fun being a mom. My kids are all grown up, but I breastfed my son until he was almost a year, but my twins couldn’t be BF, so it had to be bottles with breast milk. The important thing is just to spend the time bonding with your son because they do grow up, and you’ll miss this time.

shawnie on

He is a beautiful little boy Kourtney thank you for sharing with us! As far as what you choose to do with breast feeding and anything to do with Mason that is up to You and Mason! I am a mother of 2 teenage boys now and eveyone has an opinion and advice on what is “The right way to do things” but it all comes down to what is best for you and for Mason! He is healthy, happy, and most of all loved very much and that is what is importent!! Your doing great keep on doing what your doing!! And as for Kim and her twitter it was kinda gross to change a baby at the table where there was food, that needs to be done in a bathroom/changing room!!! You Go Kim!!!

Kathleen on

I’m sorry I don’t want to sound rude, but… If you say you “cover up” while breastfeeding, then how come you exposed yourself on national television breastfeeding without covering up on the latest episode of K&KtM. I don’t see the difference between you and the woman at the restaurant.

BTW, Mason looks a lot like Scott, what a cutie!

Karen on

He’s precious! Love those eyelashes!

Trinity on

You go mommy! I have an 8 month old and everyone acts like I am crazy to want to continue breastfeeding. Yes it would be easy to give my Lila some formula, but why? You keep on doing what you are doing because you are doing great!

Jean on

Kourtney, you are doing a great job. Breastfeeding is such a wonderful thing thing to do for your child. I breastfeed mine and have no regrets whatsoever. She’s turned out to be a wonderful child secure of herself and very independent. Wish you the best. Mason is so Kardashian, he is adorable. Congratulations.

Janessa on

I just wanted to point out that it is really only in America that people have these issues. People in other countries find this totally natural behavior – in some places (like Amsterdam) you can even urinate in public right on the side of the road in open air urinals! – so breastfeeding is hardly as “bad” as that! Not to mention that there are always foreigners visiting and you never know if one of the bf-ing mama’s you see NIP is a foreigner who finds it completely natural and doesn’t understand the weird looks she is getting (I’ve actually seen a woman NIP in the middle of a very crowded mall and everyone was staring at her, when I walked by her I heard her speaking in German. I’m sure back home no one thinks twice about her NIP uncovered). I personally nursed my baby until he was almost 20mo old and it was harder for me to stop than him! And pumping is great! I used to save my extra milk and I donated over 500oz to AIDS babies in Africa http://www.breastmilkproject.org . For all you bf-ing mama’s out there, look into donating your extra milk and helping other babies, it is a wonderful thing to do! And Kourtney, a big CONGRATS on everything you are doing, bf-ing is NOT easy and it takes a lot of time, love, and unselfishness to stay committed to it, you are inspiring so many women!

Jen on

Yea for breastfeeding moms! As a dietitian and fellow breastfeeding mom, it is so wonderful to see a celebrity promoting exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life and then continuing on plus solids. What a great example 🙂
p.s. that’s got to be hard BF in public. I had no problem with it but I don’t have pap’s following me everywhere!

Heather on

What on earth is the milk in the nose trick she speaks of?

Liz on

He has the Kardashian dark good looks!

Heather on

Kourtney, Thanks again for your blog! I love reading it every week and LOVE the pictures of Mason! He really does look alot like Scott in the second picture but in the first picture all I saw was YOU! I agree with you if you don’t want to see what I got when I am feeding my baby don’t look but I don’t agree with all the negative responses that you or Kim received! Why can people not be positive anymore! I think you and your family are awesome and I totally enjoy your shows! You are doing a wonderful job with Mason you can see it on his gorgeous face!!!!!!!

Courtney on

Great blog Kourtney! I only breastfeed my baby for 2 months and even then I had to pump and give it to him in a bottle (he wasnt a baby that showed much interest in latching)I know he received the best for him at the best time. I felt bad about stopping so soon but felt that it was the best thing for me so that I could be a better mom to my now 7 month old. Many women criticized me for “giving up” but many of my friends supported me. I’m glad you wrote that its a personal decision between baby and mommy because nursing is not as easy for some women as it is for others and it important that people understand that!

Christina on

Hi Kourtney! I love your blog! My son Riley who is almost 6 months is also eating solids. He loves it. In fact, yesterday he ate sweet potatoes, green beans and some blueberries for lunch. I agree with the others that say that you have to do what is best for your baby. Every baby is different, and nobody knows your baby better than you do. Mason is so precious. I love those long eyelashes. 🙂

Cindy on

What a cutie Mason is! In this past week’s episode of Khloe & Kourtney in Miami you are pumping hands free – just wondering what bra you were using – you make pumping look so easy and simple ! I’m just starting to pump frequently and returning to work!
Thanks from all the breastfeeding moms!

Jen DC on

FYI: Introduction of cereals may cause a “back-up” – i.e., constipation! Breast milk is the best cure, however if that doesn’t work, a little prune or apple juice should do the trick!

Luna on


I am a total advocate of breast feeding, and applaud you for breast feeding adorable little Mason! I kind of agree with Kim on the NIP woman at the restaurant. I don’t think breast feeding is something to be ashamed of or must be done where no one can see. However, if a young boy sees two full breasts exposed, it would be inappropriate. I know I wouldn’t want my sons getting a full view of some stranger. And as for changing the diaper at the table, um ew. That’s not just inappropriate, that’s nasty. No one wants to see your kids excrement while they’re eating. That’s grimy. Love you, love your blogs. Keep doing what you’re doing because it looks like you’re doing it right.

Lorelai on

I give you mad props for breastfeeding your baby! it is what’s meant to be. He looks A LOT like Scott in these pics and I remember him looking a lot like your father in previous pics. They change a lot by the day. I remember watching the show (which I love!) and you feeling insecure about becoming a mom. With the birth of a new baby also a mom is born. You are doing so fanstastic. I am so proud of you 🙂

Kristin on

Awesome job on breastfeeding!! Hopefully more people will come forward and open up about it. I’ve been BF for 13months and wouldn’t change it for the world. I plan on letting my daughter decide when she’s ready to start the weaning process.
Keep up the good work!

mmlove on

I so encourage breastfeeding in fact im actually jealous because I wasn’t able to 😦

Shenae on

Mason is too cute! Thank you for sharing. I have an almost 6 month old son myself and he just started the cereals too. (We started at 5 months). My question is what kind of high chair do you have? We need to get one and I’d love some advice! Thanks!

Leigh on

He looks like Kim…love the lashes…

Nicole P. on

Love, love, love the blog and pics! Masons cheeks are so scrumptious you just want to eat them up! And I totally agree with the Mommy-Baby bonding during breastfeeding and all the benefits for the baby and self that come along with it. I breatfed both of my children and I let them decide when they wanted to stop. It was actually heartbreaking for me when my son (who is the older child) deniied my boob for the first time – i cried!!! He was a few weeks over a year old and my daughter stopped when she was 14 months. It is sad when they stop, but at the same time you get an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment; because it really is a great thing you’ve done for your child(ren). Keep up the good work!

Carrie on

I’m a mother of 3 and I breastfed all of them till their first birthday. I never worried about nursing in public. I would do it as discreetly as possible but when they’re hungry they’re hungry. I totally agree, if you see a little somethin’, somethin’ don’t look! You know you are doing the best for your baby.

Maria on

I think breastfeeding is great and all but I personally think its a bit strange when your baby can walk and talk and you are still breastfeeding. Alot of these children grow up very attached to mom only. But please understand this is my personal opinion from actual facts that i have seen.

Liana on

Can someone please explain the milk in the nose trick?

Michelle on

Kourtney: You are wonderful and you are doing the best thing for your baby. We are in a culture where breasts are seen only as sex toys and not for their nature-intended purpose, which is to feed our babies! Thank you for sharing your experience and your voice! You really are doing the best thing for your son. I love this line: “My attitude is, if someone sees a little somethin’ somethin’, don’t look if you don’t like it.” Baby comes first!!!

Dana on

Thanks for posting Kourtney! You sound like such a great mom, and I am so happy to finally see someone in the spotlight shed light on breastfeeding and all of its benefits.

Tracey on

I think when you breast feed, it should be kept under wraps and not changing around a food table out in public. i don’t have a problem with women breast feeding while out and about, as long as its covered. We don’t need to have our breasts out in seeing public, we just want to feed our children. i would’ve changed my child away from the table with food. that is disgusting. alot of people do NOT have manners.

Crystal on

Love this blog and look forward to my “Kourtney and Mason adventures” every week! Yay!

Jenn on

First off congratulations on your sweet baby boy, I am so grateful that as a celebrity you are pro-breastfeeding. Hopefully expecting mothers that look up to you, will consider the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding. I personally was only able to bf for 3 months, although disappointing it was a wonderful experience to bond with my baby girl. Good luck with all your first time mommy experiences and cherish every moment!

glee fan on

@ april i agree totally with you that he looks so much like scott in these pictures!

katie on

for those who are worried about their sons/kids seeing a woman with breasts exposed in public, i don’t quite get it. i am in the US, too, but they’re being exposed for their natural purpose (feeding and nourishment), not for sexual gratification…it might do your kids some good to see women’s breasts as food sources, not just sexual playtoys.

JM on

i love it with babies, tends to happen more with boys, when even as a baby you can already tell exactly what they are going to look like as adults. he has a very adult face, really interesting. he’s a cutie and clearly very loved.

Anonymous on

Your baby is adorable!!

Brooke on

Kim was 100% RIGHT in what she posted. If it had been me, I would have walked up to the woman and told her myself instead of Tweeting it.

Momma of 2 on

I am so appreciative that you talk so openly about breastfeeding and pumping! So many people dont know how easy it really is to continue for the whole 1st year. I have pumped for a year for both of my boys (who have never had a drop of formula!). They are both so healthy and happy and I contribute a lot of that to the breastmilk. I think your audience especially can benefit from your experiences 🙂

Pam on

I agree! And re little sister’s tweet, nip is natural and wonderful and certainly nothing to be embarassed about or offended by, but there is absolutely no need for a nipping mom to sit in a public place with both breast exposed. She is nothing but an exibitionist!

Jennifer on

Kourtney-Thank you so much for being so open about breastfeeding. I wish more celebrities would- it sets a good example. Continue your breastfeeding for as long as it is agreeable to both of you. WIth my son, that was almost three years old. My original goal was a year, but somehow it goes by so fast. And they do wean when they are ready. Enjoy this time with your child- it won’t last forever! Mason is very lucky to have a mom that is doing the right thing for him!

Dee on

I think it is absolutely awesome that you’re breast feeding as long as possible. I breast fed my daughter for 6 months, until the teething became a huge issue. I would feed her anywhere I had to, because whether someone likes it or not, that is your child. Your child must be fed. If you didn’t feed your child you would be arrested for neglect. Some people just aren’t very courteous about it (Kim’s experience). Great job!

sfmom on

Kourtney, you’ve won me over as a mom. 🙂 First it was the video of you catching Mason in your own arms as he was born…I had the same experience with my daughter (who just turned one) and I hope the memory of that moment brings as much joy to you when you think of it as the memory of that moment with my daughter brings me…truly amazing. I love that you showed it and that hopefully in seeing that, it opened to other women the possibility of having the same kind of experience.

As for breastfeeding – good for you. It’s not often you find moms willing to just take cues from their little ones as you are. I breastfed my first daughter for 2 1/2 years (a little long for me…but she wanted to the closeness and comfort and at 4 she’s adjusted just fine to life), my second just turned 1 and is still nursing, despite her VERY full and robust diet of solid foods (she’s been eating finger foods since 7 months and eagerly eats anything we feed her from Japanese to Indian curry). I just wanted to encourage you to stand fast…when you have a kid it’s open season for people to offer unsolicited advice (and I can’t even imagine how much worse it is when you live in the public eye – as you do)…but you know Mason, God made YOU for this role as his mommy and He gave YOU the intuition and instincts you need to be the kind of mom your little guy needs. It was the harder part of being a first time mom for me – you seem like you’re doing a great job trusting those instincts. Stick with it.
And congratulations – he seems like a precious little guy.

Jeanine Johnson on

I am so with you on this breastfeeding thing. Who is to tell a mother when or where or how long you shoukd do it. You body is doing all the talking. When my middle daughter was born her dr said do it until she is 2 when i said we will go with what she wants and she nursed until she was 20 months. BUT not all the time. After about 11 months she only did it at night and in the morning. She didnt eat food until she was 10 months old. Not that I didnt try, she just wanted nothing to do with eating. My last daughter is 22 months now and she just stopped nursing at 15 months. Just one day she did it in the morning and never wanted to do it again. It just come to show you that you and your body and each child that you have ill know what to do. You are a awesome mom and are doing a great job. Mason loved you weither his food come from a bottle, jar or “from the tap” he know no diference!!! PS I love your show and watch EVERY one!!!

Natalie, Ohio on

Kourtney ~ You sound like an AMAZING Mommy! My baby girl Bella Rose is just about 2 months older than Mason! I think it’s wonderful how you’ve bonded w/him through breastfeeding. And, I know other breastfeeding Mommys appreciate your openess! I agree with you that everyone has an opinion (Lord knows, about EVERYTHING!), but you should be very proud of yourself for taking the high road when people say negative things. B/C regardless, if you are a celebrity or NOT – when you’re a Mommy…that comes before everything! I’m sooo glad you are enjoying motherhood! So am I! *wink* Enjoy ever second with that cutie! Before you know it he’ll be taking his first steps, Bella just did! Lots of Love, Bella’s Mommy

Jay on

Hi Kourtney! I love your blogs and I think you are doing a great job as a mom and you should be so proud of yourself! Mason is adorable in every single way possible. Enjoy your breastfeeding bonding! 🙂

Amy Jo on

I am so excited to see more famous moms OPENLY breastfeeding! And what you say about its yours and your sons decision about how long to bf and all is so true! Just keep your focus on your handsome son and not what everyone else says and all will be well! I was so glad i did! Keep doing what your doing, its an inspiration to all of us!

hayley on

i agree breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, beautiful and a great bonding experinace for mummya and little one.

how ever i do not agree with a breast ‘hanging out’ in public lol, yes ok you may see a little extra then maybe they or you would like but to sit with your breast out for the world to see is just not needed, a simple blanket or well placed arm won’t hurt mum or baby, in fact maybe little one would like a little bit of space from other people cooing over them while they are having their dinner lol.

well done to all mums that breastfeed xxx 🙂 🙂 xx

heather on

Why is it that the Kardashian sisters like to through eachother under the bus? Everyone is entilted to their own oppinion, you dont address them on a people blog. Whatever, when im eating I dont like to see someones breast. But if your covered , I think thats respectful.

Joan on

Thank you so much for being such a positive influence for breastfeeding. We need more celebrities to point out that breastfeeding is normal and natural! Everyone has an opinion about EVERYTHING! You do what you believe to be the best for your lil one! Keep it up girl! Your lil man is such a cutie!!

Sara on

Your a wonderful mom and you are everly most right on the breastfeeding thing!!! Mason looks soooooooo much like you and scott i think!!!!! So adorable!! Keep up the good work!!

P.S. The waxing khloe show was hysterical!! I think i laughed myself to sleep!!

Brittany on

I LOVE how you are such a good mom and are such an amazing example to all those young women out there. With your celebrity status you are such a role model for other young women and mothers and I personally LOVE you for setting this amazing wonderful example for everybody. You seem to be a beautiful person inside and out and your baby boy is one lucky guy to have such a loving caring mom like you. Keep up the good work!
He is super adorable! I have two children a 2yr girl and a 9month old boy…both nurse and its my personal decision to go ahead and let my 2yr old nurse when she wants because I just can’t stay the baby can have but you can’t…she throws a huge fit and to avoid that she can have too.
And for Kim and her tweet, i think she was saying how gross it was to change a diaper at a table of food and yes that is super gross…but maybe she could have worded it better as to not get such backlash from people.

Natalie on

Aw, he is so cute! And yay for all the good mama milk he’s had… good job! 🙂

Michelle on

Kourtney, I’m really happy that you have become such a breastfeeding advocate. Young girls look up to you and you will be able to positively infulence them. On the whole nursing in public thing…I understand why you cover up and I do as well but it is a woman’s right (protected by law at least in my state) to feed her baby wherever and whenever she wants. That woman also has the right to NOT wear a cover if she chooses. I think your sister, Kim, shows more boob on a daily basis that most nursing moms. Tell your sis to cover up HER breasts!

Jomy on

Keep it up with the breastfeeding ur son mason is a cutie. I think he definetly looks like ur brother so much. Take care and god bless!!

Natalie on

Kourtney, I am so happy for you. Obviously I don’t know you personally, but it seems like you’re one of those women who was meant to be a mother. The fact that you take the time to breast feed him and travel with him and that you blog about him is amazing. I wish more parents, celebrity or not would be a little more self less in their parenting like you apparently are being.
Many blessings and congratulations on your new family.
BTW, he looks so much like your brother that it’s weird. You have some really strong genes girl!

Jess on


First, I want to congratulate you on your new family ~ Mason is a gorgeous little boy. Second, I would like to point out that your attitude towards the negative comments and opinions is fantastic. Although my children are 8 and 9 years old now, it seems like just yesterday I was breastfeeding them. It can be a challenge to take care of your baby when you are being criticized for going about things the NATURAL way. But with such a great head on your shoulders, and only being concerned with Mason, not the public, you have nothing to worry about. Best of luck & keep blogging!
P.S.- I love the show(s), and love your family dynamic. You and your sisters remind me of how my sisters and I are when we get together!

Nicole on

I agree with Khloe…now that Kourtney is a mother she is spouting out advise like she is perfect and sunddenly she is “super mom” and knows everything ther is to know about being a mother. News flash Kourtney – this is your first child, believe me, you have a lot to learn and may not be the best person to be shelling out advise and tips on motherhood.

Tamsyn on

I have a son that is a week younger than Mason. I am still breastfeeding as well. He is my 4th child. I agree with you that everyone has an opinion on how long you should breastfeed, but I take cues on my babies. I have nursed all 4 of them. It is alot harder than what people think. When he is hungry, if I am in public, I nurse. If people have a problem with it, there are plenty of other things to look at! Keep up the good work. It is nice to see a celebrity that is taking care of her baby and not handing him over for someone else to do all the work!

Caitlin on

You are amazing! I love your attitude! Mason is adorable and appears to look just like your brother.

While I had no problem with NIP (I didn’t use a cover, just let my shirt cover up while he nursed from underneath), I totally get where you are coming from being a celebrity – people would no doubt stoop to snapping pics of your exposed breasts, rather than respecting you as a nursing mother.

I think your attitude of following Mason’s cues is wonderful – as long as it is working for both of you, it is NOBODY else’s business. I nursed one child for 3 years, one for one year, and one for 18 months, because that is what worked for us. I didn’t set time goals or limits, just enjoyed the bonding and wonder of it all, as you said.

Keep up the great work and continue educating all the moms out there about the power of breastfeeding!!!

Shannon on

I have a 9 month old and we are still breastfeeding. I get the question constantly, when are you planning on stopping? It’s slightly annoying because there seems to be the underlying opinion that it’s time to stop. However, I am doing what is best for my child. And as for the woman exposing herself, it’s hard to nurse without showing something. My son constantly pulls the cover off so that he can see what’s going on! He’s a curious baby! So if someone sees something, I’m sorry. And there are laws that protect breastfeeding mamas.

Candace on


You really have no idea what you will or will not be comfortable with until you get there.

No one should have to go anywhere to breastfeed–it is nothing like smoking where the smoke travels towards other patrons, potentially increasing their risks of cancer, whether they are looking or not.

As you will discover, it is challenging enough continuing to feel like a human being, meet-up with friends, run errands, without having to scurry off to a dressing room or your car every time your infant needs to eat. Would you just leave a cart full of groceries in the middle of the aisle because your baby needs to eat?

I don’t mean to be harsh on you — I’m just pointing out that you should wait and see how it goes before deciding what it is like. Also, even once you are breastfeeding, please remember that this is only the way you breastfeed that child. Every relationship is different. So try not to judge other moms who have different breastfeeding relationships with their babies.

Erin on

Thank you, Kourtney, for being such a great public face for breastfeeding. I love that you follow Mason’s cues and do what feels right for both of you. How refreshing. You seem like such a genuinely happy, “baby-led” mother.

For me, nursing from 8-13 months was the best – it’s even more rewarding as they get older. But I did nurse only 1x/day from 12 to 14 months, so that’s an option if you are ready to slow down later, but not stop entirely. Thank you again!

Kerrin on

BRAVO! Well said. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Lizz on

I am very impressed by what you have written here today. I nursed my son until 20 months. Good for you! You are setting a great example!

Monica on

The breastmilk in the nose is from her last blog about flying with Mason. Her pediatrician recommended putting breastmilk in his nose (or up it? I really didn’t understand) to prevent him from getting sick while on the nasty airplane.
I breastfed my oldest daughter for 1 full year but had pumped so much that I was able to give her more for another month before we switched to whole milk. I am currently breastfeeding my youngest daughter who is 5 months. We will start solids next month so we’ll see how that goes. I would like to nurse her for at least 1 year too. I nurse whenever or whereever we are cause it’s better for everyone around if I do instead of hearing a screaming baby! It’s quite easy to do without a cover up and still be discreet if you wear a longer shirt. It gets harder when they get older and pull off all the time to look around but oh well what can you do?

My one bit of advice for Kourtney- Nurse Mason before you feed him the solids, not after. My pediatrician explained it to me that the breastmilk is the meal (because that’s the most important thing he needs) and the solids are like the dessert (because they are just extra). I know some people’s milk production dwindles when they start solids and I didn’t have the problem with my oldest because I always nursed first.

And I loved you testing for the alcohol in your milk. There were a few times when I actually got to go out and have fun and ended up having to “pump and dump”. Better safe than sorry! But worth the fun!

inka on

Thank you for putting a public face on nursing…. I love to read about celebrities who nurse..and I ‘m wondering how you do it with the busy life you have??! I’m a SAHM and still find it hard sometimes…my son is 19 months old and I want to let him breasfeed as long as he wants…. At 2 1/2 years I will think about weaning if he hasn’t yet. But hard it is..still I can’t imagine not breastfeeding, most of the time I love it!

Here are two great articles for anyone who is breastfeeding:


http://www.llli.org/NB/NBJanFeb04p4.html I would read this first!

suzy on

my son is three days younger than mr. mason. he was also exclusively breastfed until six months and is just now starting solids. its so inspiring and refreshing seeing how dedicated you are to breastfeeding despite your busy schedule and how you make it work for you. i know each mom does what works for her.

Kelly on

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sydney on

Kourtney. I think your an amazing mom and mason is so lucky to have a concerned parent like you. Good job (:

Ashley on

I think that it’s wonderful to use your celebrity to help women feel comfortable with their decision to breastfeed. When breastfeeding my first son, everyone that I knew felt that by breastfeeding my son, I was taking something away from my husband. It was thought to be unsexy and obscene. I brushed them off and successfully breastfed for 13 months. I did, however, keep my breastfeeding extremely private, hiding away in bathrooms and fitting rooms whenever my little man got hungry. Thank you for this blog.

Huge K Fan on

I absolutely love the fact that your a mom and loving it! I admire the decisions you have made and continue to make for the good of you and your son. But and this is a big but…I have to agree with your sister. Not about breast feeding because hey, let’s face it, everyone has to eat but I am sick to my stomach to think that anyone would think it was appropriate to change their baby’s diaper at the table. I don’t care what your last name may be. Whether it’s a restaurant or at home. You eat at a table not poop so please, restrooms have gone above and beyond to make it possible to care for your babies in private and not where someone is trying to swallow their meal. Smartin up folks and understand you’re not living here alone. The world is filled with other humans!


This article & the comments have encouraged me so much today.. Big Thank you to Kourtney & all the other bf moms who have shared their comments! I’m currently nursing my 2mo old & will be returning to work soon. All I’ve heard up until today is that it will be too hard or that my milk supply will decrease or that I should wean her & do formula. Well, I’m shutting all that out & I’m committed to my goal of 1yr. Fortunately, I work for a company that provides rooms for nursing moms to pump on breaks & lunches. The plan is to continue nursing in the evenings after work & I’ll send her to daycare with bottles of breastmilk. The past 2 months haven’t been easy & I haven’t had much support other than on-line, but if your committed it can be done successfully. My son, now 4yrs old, had issues with formula & had to be put on the most expensive one (25.00/can) and he went through 10 cans a month!! I deeply regretted not breastfeeding him. So to all the expecting mommies, I encourage you to try- the benefits are tremendous and every breastfeeding challenge is worth the benefits!

SAR on

My gosh, what a beautiful child.

Ashley on

Kourtney K, good for you! I have 6 month old twins so our babies are all growing up the same time! I BF for 5 months and I know how hard it is. (Two is challenging!) I too BF in dressing rooms, in the car, at a resturant but only in a hidden corner!! Yet to see a celebrity do all that we really do as mom’s and to be so open about it sends a wonderful message about the reality of being a real mom! And yes, it’s possible to still do it with my hair done and lipstick!

The correct length of time to nurse is what your body and Mason tell you, not anyone else. The correct way to parent is what YOUR instincts tell you and by what we’ve all seen so far, you’re the best Mason mommy in the world!

Keep it up, and keep making it look so beautiful. It is possible to be all things, a wonderful mom, keep up with your own beauty and style, work…YOU’RE AMAZING!

romy on

I like Kourtney’s blog so far, it’s just so funny to read it and picture the girl I see on tv!! I like that she is open minded and not putting others down for not breast feeding, she’s not saying formula is bad, and she’s not setting strict guidelines on how long someone needs to do it for. In the end mom and baby can be happy and healthy either way, but breast feeding is definitely a nice start. I also like how she says it’s good for HER body. I don’t think any ‘diet’ works better or more easily (for most) right after having a baby than bf’ing. in the first few months when you are feeling different and down about your new body bf’ing sure helps with the initial weight loss. I know sometimes people get mad at women for saying that, say they’re selfish etc, but I see nothing wrong with those honest feelings! Mason’s a cutie, let’s work on Scott’s attitude now 😉

Marie on

I love that you are so open about breastfeeding! It’s a beautiful, natural thing and I hope that the future continues to bring more women like you (and me) who aren’t afraid to nurse in public.

millefleur on

Kourtney I just love your whole attitude on breastfeeding! Thanks for talking so openly about it! A celebrity can make a huge difference in the public’s attitude about things like this; it’s really important! Thank you! 🙂

candrmama on

I am so proud of you for writing this blog post. Whether or not you realize it, your words have impact on a generation of young women who will become the next generation of mothers. Your wonderful attitude goes a long way in normalizing breastfeeding in our society. Well done, mama!

Christina on

His eyes always looked brown on TV and in other pictures. His eyes are breathtaking! He is adorable. I think he has Scott’s eyes and everything else is Kardashian, lol.

Good luck with mommying Kourtney, you seem to be pretty good at it!

sheryl on

hi kourtney! mason is so adorable! i have a 3 1/2 little boy and a 20 year old daughter. (i am 38) cherish that cutie and all your precious time and special moments together cuz the time flies and goes by so quickly. and good luck when he is a toddler…lol. little boys are full of energy and like to be naughty! lol. i applaud you for breastfeeding and all the other moms out their who do it. its not easy! i am also happy that you try to keep it descrete for you and mason’s privacy and wish others moms would do that also. i have to agree with kim and the other people who think people should try to cover up and not expose themselves to everyone. breastfeeding is great and there is nothing wrong with it, but it should be done responsibly and woman should not just be exposing it everywhere especially in restaurants where families are there paying alot of money to enjoy themselves with older children and dont want them staring at someones boobs while they eat. keep up the good work with your blog, tv show, ect! 🙂

Erika on

Mason is soo cute!!!

I agree with Kim on the diaper changing. I can understand not wanting to breastfeed your child in the restroom but seriously, change them in there. That’s really disgusting and I feel bad for the people at the table after them.

Karina on

Mason is so cute. Love those eyelashes!

JMO on

First and foremost Mason is such a cutie pie! Those big brown beautiful eyes!!
Anywyas, I was at a restaurant one time and a women was breastfeeding her baby. Sorry to say but people can’t help but notice and glance. She was pretty good about staying covered as she was right across from our table. I don’t think there is anything wrong with BF in public. When a baby has to eat they have to eat but I do appreciate mother’s who try for the sake of others to be discrete. My cousin will BF her baby in public and she too covers up but sometimes the little one will remove whatever it is she’s using to cover her!
I have not had kids yet and not sure if I plan to BF but kudos to the mother’s who can do so. I know for me personally it probably won’t be something I thoroughly enjoy. But we shall see.

Good luck with Mason.

lisa on

you’re awesome. such a great mom. love the breastfeeding bits, keep it coming!

Jennifer on

Breast feeding is a natural thing, but I do agree with Kourtney. You should be discreet and respectful to the people around you. Using the bathroom is a natural thing too, but you don’t see someone whipping it out at the table. Use discretion and be considerate of other people.

– Scarlet

I couldn’t agree more! I have NO problems with women breastfeeding where it is needed, but I don’t need to see your boobs out everywhere. Don’t look? No one is TRYING to see them, but if you are whipping them out, people are going look, whether you like it or not. I understand a woman’s right to breastfed, but I have the right not to see all your junk, and I especially have the right for my children not to see it!

As for the woman who changed her baby on a restaurant table….EEEEEWWWW! What the hell is wrong with her?? I hope she got baby crap in her food!

Amber on

You ROCK, Kourtney! You are a fantastic mommy! I admire you!

ollie on

It’s utterly sad that people feel the need to explain their decisions following comments from others. kourtney, in the future, don’t feel the urgency to disclose your personal choices to anybody, especially us TOTAL STRANGERS. you go, girl!

Beverly on

I’m so proud of you, Kourtney. Consistent breastfeeding isn’t always easy or convenient, but it is so very worth considering who the product goes to. I, too, breastfed exclusively for the first six months, even though the father was eager and wanted to begin feeding baby food at four months. I held off until six, per my doctor’s recommendation. At that point, my daughter ate baby food and nursed, which did alleviate the number of feedings. At one, I cut the feedings to twice a day, one in the morning and one at bedtime. Shortly thereafter, it went to the bedtime feeding only. This continued until she reached 17 months, when she quit me. I had the same attitude that I would aim for a year and then see where it would go from there. I was sad it was over, but was proud of both of us for continuing as long as we did.

Crystal on

What handsome little man!!!! Love the second picture.

Thank you for your perspective on breastfeeding. We (mothers who couldn’t breastfeed for one reason or another) always feel like we are being judged for it and you presented a fairly non-judgemental perspective.

“People always have something to say about how long is too long or not long enough to breastfeed. I think this is such a personal decision that it can only be made between each baby and his or her mommy.

As for me, I take my cues from Mason and together we’ll take it from there!”

K on

The difference between Kourtney breast feeding on television and a woman being in a restaurant with both breasts exposed is that I can change the channel on my television if I feel that my young children should not see exposed breasts, I cannot change the woman in front of me:). I breast fed each of my four kids and did so in public without ever having both breasts hanging out of my top. I tried my best to cover up and never just unlatched the baby and left my breast out and I was always respectful of those around me. At home, I fed with no top on all the time, but out is different. Remember, when you are out in public it is not just all about you, it is about respect for those around you as well. And if you choose to leave your breasts exposed expect that my children will have questions (loudly) and I will answer (loudly). Also, my teenage son doesn’t quite understand the whole breasts are for feeding thing and he may stare or make comments (he is a teenager). As far as changing the baby at the table, I would have said something and asked for a manager. BM particles travel quite a distance and that is unsanitary. Should I have come over and peed in your food?
I am very much a love and let live kind of person but I also have limitations to what I feel is okay in public and in certain establishments. It is okay to breast feed in public and have class while you do it.

Verity on

Kourtney, it’s great to see a working mum breastfeeding still! You and your sisters are great inspirations to many ladies out there! Your son is adorable and you must be so proud. I had my first daughter, Lyla-Grace on 6 April this year, the same day as my elder sister who also had a girl and we are absolutely loving it! The best piece of advise someone gave me was use your instinct .there are so many people out there wanting to voice their opinion but like you say it’s all down to personal choice. Thanks for sharing your mummy moments with us all, I thoroughly enjoy catching up on it all.

Robyn on

You are doing a great job as a concerned Mom, and you’re right. If anyone doesn’t like what they see – LOOK AWAY! I nursed both of my boys until they were over 2 years old, and I got a lot of flack for that, but I could not have cared less, and I miss it more than I can say! Good job, Mommy!

Miko & Gabe's Mom on

OMG how cute is that little boy? I’m also in agreement that he looks just like his Dad in this pictures.

Karen on

Kourtney, you are doing a great job with him. He looks so healthy & loved…what an adorable babe! What loooong eyelashes!

Rosy on

Kourtney, you’ve taken so well to motherhood and I love your blog entries!! Mason is getting so big, he is absolutely beautiful and getting more so each time I see new pics of him. You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work 😀 xxx

Anna on

I agree that it’s strange to expose both breasts while breastfeeding. I see people nursing all the time and don’t even see one breast. And they don’t use those covers here.

However, I don’t understand the people who are afraid of their little boys seeing breasts. Can you please explain how that is bad for them/will harm them? It’s just breasts.

Luna on

I agree with Jennifer. There’s a way to do it, and a way not to do it.

Jen on

I breastfed exclusively until 6 months, and then consistently, with SOME added solids, until 14 months.

I used a cover in the beginning because I was still figuring out the mechanics of everything, but soon found that using a cover made it HARDER, so I ditched the cover. Yes, I was discreet, but if I hadn’t been? I was feeding my child and people have the ability to look in the other direction. How would we feel if everytime we ate a meal, we had a blanket thrown over our heads?

And for the commenter who posted about what if there were little boys? Well, breasts aren’t inherently sexual, that’s an unfortunate cultural thing. The adult with them should simply explain that that mother is feeding her child and that it isn’t polite to stare. End of story.

Great job Kourtney! You’ll never regret making this decision for your son.

Jess on


Congrats on making it to six months! Breast feeding is not always the easiest way to feed your child, but it is the best thing nutritionally for Mason. I have breast feed my daughter for over nine months now, and I can say I am so glad that I stuck with it! It was frustrating and exhausting at first, but I was fortunate to have a VERY supportive mother and husband who were encouraging to me. The frequency of feedings definitely decreased after she started on solids, but my little one still loves the bonding time as much as I do. 🙂 Mason is ADORABLE and I am very impressed to hear a celebrity has honestly done something completely selfless.

Liz on

It is SO great you are breastfeeding Kourtney – I really admire you for doing it. I nursed my 2 sons until one was 2.5 and the other was 4. I never expected to do it so long, but they loved it. I think you will find that instead of Mason weaning himself, he will never want to give it up willingly! It is such a comforting thing for the baby, and you are right about the terrific benefits. I read up once on all the things it does for both the Mom and baby, and there are many more benefits than people even realize. It lowers cancer risk for the child forever and has other physical health benefits that last way into adulthood. Breastmilk even has antiseptic and antibiotic qualities. It is really an amazing thing. I think our culture frowns on breastfeeding, which is so wrong! All mothers should be breastfeeding and starting their children off on the best foot. I agree about not caring about who saw my breasts when I was feeding my boys. I feel the same way – don’t look if it bugs you. It is a natural thing. I even tandem breastfed for awhile with my two boys. It worked out fine, and it helped with sibling rivalry I think. I sometimes wish I went longer and let them self wean. It was such a wonderful time and experience. I will always cherish the memories and be so glad that I did it. Don’t let people pressure you to stop either like your pediatrician, Mom or MIL – it is between you and Mason, and let him be your guide. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding long-term, and that is the norm in other cultures. You go girl!

Lauren on

First, to “IMSMD” poster, I’m so sorry that you don’t have all the support you need. When I was pumping at work, I also had a picture of my son that I would look at. A lactation specialist had said it would help w/getting the best out of pumping.

Kourtney-Thank you so very much for being open, honest & PROUD to be nursing your baby boy. He is absolutely beautiful, enjoy every moment because you will blink & he will be a toddler!

Danielle Friedland on

Kourtney, could you please explain why you cover up when nursing in public to Kim? She seems to think that there’s something that’s inappropriate about breastfeeding. The woman she saw who was not covering up in the restaurant was likely not a celebrity who was avoiding the paparazzi like you are so there is absolutely no reason for her to cover up if she didn’t want to.

I think Kim is conflating the two issues. It’s so sad to me that someone with otherwise healthy body issues thinks there’s something to be ashamed of when using your breasts for what nature intended. Please, before she and Khloe have their own kids, teach them that breastfeeding is normal, healthy and nothing that must be concealed.

Carol on

I do think it’s great she’s breastfeeding and sharing her experiences. What I don’t think is great is her getting drunk and then having to wonder if her milk is ok or not. I’m all for going out and having a good time but it can be done without drinking. I breastfed both of my children and if I ever have a third, I will do the same. I never drank while nursing and never will. Yes, you can test it or dump it…but I just don’t want to take any chance that alcohol could be in the milk.

Becca on

Mason is precious! Thanks for blogging!

Kim S. on

Thanks for sharing your experience! My little one wouldn’t touch solids till she was 9-months-old…and while it felt like she’d NEVER eat solid food at the time…obviously it didn’t last. At 21-months she eats a wide variety of things and still nurses several times a day. Sometimes in public as well.

As for your sister’s comments…I was very frustrated by her reaction to it. She didn’t say what the situation was…just that someone was nursing and it was gross to her. Honestly, some toddlers are more difficult to nurse in a “discreet” way than others. Sometimes like like to switch sides often, others just want both breasts out while they’re nursing. It’s hard sometimes, but you do what you need to. I find it kinda odd that someone who is so comfortable with the sexual-side of breasts would balk at them being used for their nourishing capabilities. Kim is comfortable baring-all for a camera, which I fully support (it’s her choice and I won’t look down on anyone for it). I am comfortable baring some or all in order to nurse my child in public and I wish she could be supportive of my choice in that too. Perhaps once she nurses her own children she will understand.

Barbara on

Hi Kourtney!
I just want to say I think you are a wonderful mommmy & Mason is one lucky little guy. So much love in your family. 🙂
Also, Mason still looks a lot like the Kardashian’s but I have noticed that as Mason is getting older you can see more of Scott coming through. He is such a cutie!

Jane on

Mason is just a handsome little guy! I breastfed my son till he was two and a half. I was told, “He would wean himself.” Well, he never did. One day, he asked for it; he had his own term for it. I said, “It went bye bye.” He said, “Where did it go?” I said, “It went for babies.” “Ok”, he said and that was it… I would have to nurse sometimes in the bathroom stall. There were no sofas, like there are now, in the mall bathrooms. I always covered myself up. I remember being at the beach one time and nursing with the beach towel over me.. I love reading about Kourtney. What a great, loving mom she is!! Mason is soo fortunate!! Love their shows on E!, too!

MiB on

Thank You Kourtney for a wonderful blog!

I have to disagree with all who claim nursing in the bathroom is the thing to do, honestly! Would any of you eat in the bathroom? If you can find an undisturbed place, that’s great! But no one should be forced to nurse, or pump, next to the toilet. That’s unsanitary, and quite plainly, gross. And to be honest, where I come from the majority of the mothers nurse, so going to cafés and malls you will quite often see someone nursing, and I don’t think I have ever seen much breast, yes you might catch a glimpse of the nipple when the baby is latching on or off, but only if you actually look. You might actually be sitting next to a nursing mother and only notice when she burps the baby (it has happened to me at several occasions). As for little boys seeing it? (Or teenagers for that matter!) Just tell them that the lady is feeding her baby, and if they were breast fed, tell them they used to eat that way too when they were babies. Tell them that since babies don’t have teeth, they have can only drink milk, either from a bottle or from mommy’s breast, and that baby animals do that too (as they migh have seen on nature shows on television, in zoo’s, in books or if they have been around animals with young). Don’t make a fuss about it, and they won’t either, and perhaps they will grow up thinking that breast feeding is natural, and support their spouses and sisters who want to breast feed.

I do agree though, changing at the table is not acceptable, even if there is no space for it in the bathroom (I don’t think you should have to change the baby on the bathroom floor), but there might be other places outside the restaurant where you can change a baby. With toddlers, I don’t even bother with changing tables, I’ll just change them standing up, which can be done almost anywhere, since you don’t need much space.

Wendi on

My son is 9 months old and has only had breastmilk. At about 7 months old he became very uninterested in breadfeeding. I had planned to breastfed him for the 1st year, but at 7 months he was done. It really took me by surprise because it was going so well. But when they’re done you can’t do anything about. I kept offering the breast everytime I fed him but he wanted nothing to do with it. I was so upset at first. However, I came to realize that it is much better if they wean themselves. I kept pumping for a few months but my supply has gone down a lot. I am just grateful that I was able to breastfeed him for as long as I did.

romy on

I agree MiB! No one shoudl have to feed a baby in the bathroom. That’s ridiculous. if you don’t have a cover oh well, it’s just a breast feeding a baby. it’s not sexual and you don’t have to look. nothing gross about it. if you happen to see a little flesh or nip oh well again. like MiB said, it’s just like an animal feeding its young. it’s a natural and innate thing. I always used a cover and hated nursing in public, but I don’t hate when other people do it.

Sophia on

Kourtney – Thanks for the great blog. My daugher is now 10 1/2 months old, and I’m still nursing. I do supplement with formula in her cereal, but I hate the thought of giving her formula otherwise, especially since she’s on a special formula (that stinks!) for her reflux. I want to continue nursing her for as long as I can. I also pump, mainly because she only likes to nurse before naps and bedtime. I’m finding it hard to keep up with the pumping, especially since I have to pump more often to keep my supply up. How do you do it with all of your travel and photo shoots? No matter what I’m doing for work, I always stop at the designated times to pump. It interferes a lot with my job, but my baby is my biggest concern. Do you do the same during photoshoots and such? Do people find it annoying?

Elisa on

Breastfeeding my third- you go, Kourtney- I did the same- breastfeed where ever and when ever- it is natural. Nobody is trying to snap pics of me though!

jolene on

hey koutney, i love you and your sisters!! your son is beyond cute<3 and i think you are doin and awesome job as a mom!!! i too am breastfeeding my daughter is 2months old..im havin a prob where nice cloths b/c the nursing bras are NOT cute at all! so this maybe a stupid question but how are you able to stay so fashionable?? do you wear nursing bras? HELP please lol
thanks jo

Charity on

I want to say what a good blog Kourtney, and congrats on the breast feeding as it takes time and dose not always come naturally. I breastfed my Daughter till she was 15 months, that is when she decided that it was enough. I agree if you don’t want to see it don’t look. We try to cover up as much as we can, however there are time that the baby will un cover you, and oops you are in a hurry as the baby is hungry. Most malls now have the nursing room, however sometimes they are busy and it leave you no choice but to do it in a more public place. We have all done it a public place and like yourself i have done it my car. Breastfeeding is a natural thing women have been doing it for generations, and will hopefully continue to do it for generations.

Again Congrats Kourt he is adorable

Emily on

Women… breastfeed your children! And don’t be embarrassed for one second! It breaks my heart that we live in this American society where women feel the need to practically cover up with a queen sized comforter in public to feed their children. And I just don’t get the weirdness about it. People throw a fit when they see a woman breastfeeding her child in public: we all have nipples! what’s the big deal??! The bottom line is that it’s not obscene or inapporpriate, so shirts off, or hats off, to all you ladies! 🙂

Shelly on

I agree with Kourtney a hundred percent. I tried to breast feed all five of my children. However my first-Caleb was a premie and had feeding issues. He later passed away at 14 days of age. We later found out that he had a metabolic disorder. Then my second-Caden was also born early and he too was a poor feeder with Kidney disease. He was in the NICU for a month. While there I wasn’t able to put him to my breast due to his health issues. So when he came home he refused it. However I did pump and dump into his bottle. Then baby number three-Noah was also born early and passed away from the same metabolic disorder as Caleb. He wasn’t able to get my breast milk due to TFP. Then number four-Emily. Little Em, well not so little. Almost an 11 pounder just wouldn’t take and by then my body was under alot of stress. Four babies under five years. I just couldn’t produce enough for her. So I would pump and dump in her bottle as well plus supplement. Now with number five-Valynne. She is four months and going strong. However I do have to supplement due to lack of production (In 2001 had a clogged milk duct removed, they thought I had cancer). To bottle feed or breast feed is a personal decision. I get very upset when people judge those that choose to supplement. And then I get upset when people judge those that breast feed in public. Everyone should just shut up and let us the MOTHERS decide what is best for us and our babies. Remember it could be worse. Someone could put some Mt. Dew in a bottle.

Stephanie on

Mason is a Kardashian all the way! I don’t think he looks like Scott. He is beautiful! Good luck:)

kallie on

To Mason~ Congrats on trying “baby cereal” for the 1st time!

To Mommy Kourtney~ You are doing such a great job! Mason is so adorable, and I love seeing how much Motherhood has transformed you. It’s an inspiration to fellow young Moms like me =) And as far as the breastfeeding in public goes~ I say do what you got to do, girl! And being of Mexican decent, I am used to having women around me breastfeed wherever/whenever we go, so it doesn’t bother me at all! hahaha. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Kim on

Well, I personally agree with Kim. Nursing in a restaurant with both breasts out and changing the baby at the table is just bad manners and lack of taste. Anybody that doesn’t agree can kiss it…it’s just not appropro to do that!
And Mason looks like the Kardashian family BIG TIME. Not his daddy.

Jennifer on

Wow Kourtney, he is very cute! I had my 2nd baby 2 months before you had Mason and am still breasfeeding. I never thought I could make it this long, but I really love it and feel that it’s a great accomplishment! I love reading your blog, is great to “compare notes” with other moms. And FYI, I don’t fault Kim for being grossed out by the woman at the restaurant. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with NIP but let’s show a little modesty when neccessary and able. I look forward to reading your blog every week and hearing more stories about baby Mason! (who is definiely looking more like Scott, but still a spitting image of your brother and Dad!)

Penelope on

Some of the people commenting are comparing breastfeeding with going to the bathroom…seriously? When my child was younger and crying b/c he was hungry all I cared about was feeding him. No, I didn’t whip out my boobs but really most women who are nursing don’t and try to be discreet. But my son hated having a cover over him. So I would just wear a tank top under my shirt and pull my shirt up and the tank top down. If someone saw a little something then maybe they shouldn’t be looking. Feeding him in a public restroom wasn’t an option, has anybody been in one recently? The car wasn’t an option since I live in AZ and it was way too hot at the time even when I would crank up the A/C. It’s just breastfeeding, it’s not like women are running through the aisles of a store with their top off.

Veronica on

It is the most natural thing a mother can do. I breast fed my daughter for 18 months and stopped because I got pregnant with my son. He was breast fed for 16 months. People do critize when told, but people don’t realize after so many months, they only want to nurse before a nap and before bed. Then it even changes to just before bed.

Hillary on

I look foward to your blogs!!! My son is 10 months… and let me tell you, he is over the baby food stage!!! He tries to steal anything in a hand reach… So enjoy Mason when he is young, before long you will be sharing all your meals… literally.

Kelly on

Breastfeeding is an absolute joy, but sometimes the little ones do make it difficult to keep from flashing the world if they like to hold on to the other breast or hate to be covered. A nice trick I discovered with my second child was using a Baby Bond nursing sash. It comes in lovely designs and colors and doesn’t cover the baby at all, just the breast. Great for use in hot weather. Wish I’d had it with my first baby!

Emma on

Good for you!! I am a mom of two and both my children were breastfed. My daughter just turned 7 months and we are still going strong. She just started eating solids a month ago. I agree 100% with you that it is such an amazing bonding opportunity for mom and baby. Often I find myself looking at her and thinking how amazing it is that God created us women to be able to sustain our babies’ lives!! It is so natural and loving and provides awesome health benefits too! I give you major props for being a working mom who still keeps up with nursing your son. I did go back to work after having my first child and it was much harder to produce enough for him which is why I think I stopped around 7 months of age. With my second I stay at home so I think we may go quite a bit longer. It’s awesome to hear about another mommy who can and wants to feed their baby the natural way. Keep up the great work!!

Amy on

What an adorable little guy! What a wonderful thing you are doing for your son by breastfeeding. The benefits to his health and brain development can not be bottled and purchased in a store. I am a nurse and mother of a 14 month old just weaned this week (after her 5th tooth surfaced–ouch!). I enjoyed the closeness and bonding that breastfeeding gave us and feel I have given her the greatest gift. Looking forward to your next blog!

Nicole on

Kourtney, It’s so great that you are going with the flow as far as breastfeeding Mason. I breastfed both my kids. I fed them wherever and whenever too. With the first one I took super pains to make sure I was covered up but with the second one I just popped out the breast I needed. I wore longer shirts to make it easier to cover the breast and baby but by 6 months she was pulling the cover or shirt away. It is a personal decision but if you are able to it is so rewarding. I know when you start it can be hard. Congratulations on your success! Also baby wearing can be a good way to cover up too.

Tamara on


I still don’t get what the big deal is about breastfeeding. I could only nurse for 3 months, I just simply wasn’t making enough for my son but the time that I did made a huge difference, especially since he was 1 month early. I am convinced that nursing even for that short time did him a long-time of good for his health. As far as when and where I nursed him it was on his cue. If your child needed a bottle you would feed him, why is nursing something that has to be hidden? This is not a sexual thing it is food for a BABY. Everyone knows the health benefits and bonding so let the baby eat peacefully and stop stressing the mother’s out for doing something good for their child.

Alicia on


I don’t judge other moms, clearly I said I have no problem with breastfeeding only that I wouldn’t do it without a coverup. I also said that in the event that I couldn’t I would have a bottle with breast milk in it. I’m not equating breastfeeding with smoking; I’m saying it would be nice to have a place to go where there is no censure and you can relax and do something as natural as feed your own child without people staring.

Alicia on

@ Scarlet and @Jennifer…you took the words right out of my mouth! No one wants to see your private parts! Covering up is ok, you’re being modest; but just letting it all hang out for everyone (including children and hormonal boys) to see is just not appropriate to me. I plan to breastfeed but I don’t plan to show anyone else what I have on under my clothes.

Michelle on

Hi Kim, so glad you write about BF in your blog! The more celebrities talk about the more “OK” it seems to make it for everyone else. I’m especially glad you wrote about Mason being EBF for the first 6 months. Many moms don’t know about the “virgin gut” and that is why 6 months of EBF is recommended. Perhaps you could write about that. What a great service that would be to other moms!

I have 2 DS, the first I BF for 17 mo and the second I’m stilling BF and he is 18 mo. My original plan was to try and BF them both till they were a year old, but once the pattern is set it’s easier to continue BF and let weaning happen naturally. Just as an FYI, now that Mason is eating solids you may find around 8 mo or so that your milk production decreases a little based on supply and demand. If that is a concern for you at all you may want to look into some herbs now to ensure your supply doesn’t dip. 🙂

Looks like you are doing a great job, mom! Keep up the great work!

Julie on

Hi Kourtney, just wanted to say that what is see and read it looks like your a great mom. I have one question for you, I am going to be a mom myself soon. I am wanting to do the nursing thing with our baby, but I am unsure as to what kind of nuring pump to buy there are so many out there to pick, I just don’t know what is the best one. If you have any suggestions, or what you use and if it works that would be great? Thanks and great job

Sarah on


I am so impressed with your dedication! Can I ask what breast pump or pump bra you were using/wearing on the episode with the bikini wax? I would love something hands free for my next baby!

Laura on

Kourtney you are so right. I have breastfed my son for almost 23 months and I really wanted to stop but he doesn’t. It is our bond and he prefers breast milk over anything. He refuses to drink regular milk so I want to keep him strong by sticking with it for him till he’s 2 or so. Thank you for posting, I’m sure you are a wonderful mother! Most people are grossed out by this sort of thing anymore.

Anonymous on

Kourt- the baby looks just like scott

Amber on

What a handsome boy! Beautiful eyes! I am so proud of you and your commitment to breastfeeding. Too often do we here about celebrities who can’t be bothered with breastfeeding as it interferes with their careers. You really do show them and so many others that it is very doable and for great reasons. It is amazing, this day and age, just how looked down upon breastfeeding is. What ever happened to doing what nature intended? I too would “be devastated” if I would have to give my children formula. Not only do you show woman everywhere that breastfeeding is important and completely doable, but that mom’s can have a life too! Contrary to most believe, it does NOT hold you down. If anything, it makes me personally feel more like a woman and so incredibly proud to be giving this gift to my children. No career could make me feel this way. Thank you for being very open about breastfeeding and making more people aware of all these things. You are a true rolemodel to mom’s and mom’s to be everywhere!

Anna on

I just wanted to say how cute your little boy is. I believe it is your decesion as the mother when to stop breast feeding your baby. I breast feed my son and when he was ready to stop we did. My son is 2 1/2 yrs old.

Amber on

I just wanted to point out the irony of your pro-breastfeeding blog being surrounded by formula ads…

Catca on


Just wondering what you plan to do once you get past cereals with solid food? Will you be making your own food or buying baby food off the shelf?

Regarding your sister Kim’s tweet, yes, it is possible that you can’t always cover up in public but this woman changed her baby at the table! Breast milk can also spray which can be an issue if you’re not covered up. While I support a woman’s right to breastfeed in public and if she can’t cover up, then so be it – but in a restaurant at the table where others are dining there are hygiene issues at play. Kim’s comments weren’t immature as some people have said – personally I think your sister made a valid point.

ADH on

Wow she really canceled out Scott huh? I see no signs of him in that lil boy its all Kardashian. He already looks like a lil man. how cute!

Beth on

I love reading your blog! As a new mom, it is so nice to hear about other people experience and to be able to relate. My beautiful son is 3 months today, and unfortunately he was never actually breastfed. He flat out refused to latch, so we pumped and bottle fed for 3 weeks, but with all the other aspects of my recovery being so stressful I couldn’t keep it up. I would have loved to breastfeed, I believe %100 that it is best for babies, and I’m glad you are promoting it so strongly for other new mommies! I just want to mention though, from someone who couldn’t do it, that as much as you want to do it, sometimes it just plain isn’t possible, and any expectant mothers reading this really shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves. I was dead set on breastfeeding during my pregnancy and refused to believe that it might not work out, and then felt extreme guilt and inadequate as a mother when I couldn’t do it. Having a new baby is a very emotional time, and every mother needs to do what’s best for them and their child. I’m so happy for you that things are going so well with Mason, he is an absolutely precious baby!

lauren on

Ladies, PLEASE HEAR ME ON THIS… I breastfed all four of my children for a short time, 4 to 7 months. I regret so, so much stopping so early. I can’t tell you how much I regret it. I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in both breasts at the young age of 46. I had no family history of breast cancer, had my first child at the age of 25, etc. I recently read about a study (in Sweden or Norway) that showed that women who breast fed their children had a significantly lower incidence of breast cancer, BUT ONLY if they had breast fed for over one year, AND that the longer they breast fed, the more protection they had. I tell you that if I had known that, I would have breast fed each of them until they were at least two years old! ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT — PLEASE TAKE NOTE: At the age of 39, I mistakenly started using a natural progesterone cream, purchased at a very popular health food chain, and used it for seven years to regulate my cycles. This was a big mistake!!! Please reconsider before you ever think about using a progesterone cream!!! I had four different doctors tell me that they believe the progesterone cream was the “trigger” for my breast cancer, especially since my levels were so outrageously high and the multiple tumors were so estrogen and progesterone sensitive — they were being “fed” by the hormone cream!!! DO NOT USE NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM — IMO, IT IS NOT WORTH THE BENEFIT!!

MMG on

He is adorable! I do understand where you say that people want to snap pictures or a nasty comment. I had to breastfeed one time in the Mall of America and it was so hard and so frustrating that I ended up pumping in the bathroom with a screaming, crying baby. Good luck with solid food, my 11 month old little man prefers that over his milk!

melanie on

I’m so pleased to see a celebrity mom that nurses. I nursed my baby girl for 13 months and had zero support, my mother in-law actually told me it makes her really uncomfortable when I would nurse in front of her. I had ZERO friends that nursed and no one to really relate to about it. It really takes a lot of effort to nurse 100% and I think you are an inspiration to other young mom’s who might not have any breast-feeding role models. I love your blogs!

Steph on

What a cutie!!!

Make his clothes last longer…..use a BIB!!! ;-))

Kyleigh. on

Kourtney, I love your shows and Mason is just too cute!! I think breastfeeding is a wonderful thing and I can’t wait to have another child so I can breastfeed him/her. I didn’t breastfeed my first son because I was only 15 and scared it was going to hurt very badly. I’m only 18 now and don’t plan on having another one until i’m atleast 22, but I am forsure going to breastfeed that one. I read what your sister Kim wrote on her twitter and I don’t disagree with her. I feel like if your going to breastfeed, you should cover up and not expose yourself. You should also not change your child on a table with food. Anyways I can totally see Scott in those pictures of Mason and like I said he is absoultly adorable. Also your an amazing mother(:

Michelle on

I breastfed my daughter until she was 10 months. That was when she lost interest. My goal was to get to 12 months, but he’ll tell you when he’s had enough. When she was 3 months old I went back to work and pumped twice a day so she still got breastmilk at daycare. It might not be the most convenient but it’s the healthiest for your baby. Kudos to you for sticking with it!

Amber on

Kourtney, I don’t follow along with your show or anything really, but I wanted to say KUDOS to you for bfing your son – especially EBFing him for the recommended 6 months! I do hope you’ll continue to at least a year, and if he’s not ready to wean at 12mo (most aren’t), that you’ll continue. Not ever having to buy a drop of formula has been my greatest achievement with my son (with that regard). My son is almost 16 months and still nurses 3x a day. Even the WHO (world health organization) recommends breastfeeding until 2 years old. If you think about it, breastmilk is whole milk, so you don’t even need to introduce non-human milk until after 2, and then you can go straight to the low fat stuff.

Amyk on

You are such a lovely mother and a beautiful person for sharing your story with us!! Keep up your message on the joys of motherhood and how wonderful breastfeeding truly is!!
It is a special relationship between a mother and child!! And should be continued for as long as desired!! 16 months and going strong here!! btw babies don’t normally self ween before 18 months, if it seems like they are it’s usually a nursing strike 😉

Amyk on

OH! and @Amber the WHO recommends nursing At Least 2 yrs 😉

KSmomX5 on

LOVE LOVE LOVE your family & the shows. You can tell how much you all really love each other. And a huge thank you for giving breastfeeding good exposure 😉 What a great role model you are! Did your mom nurse & did that have an influence on your choice?
I have nursed all 5 of my kids & they all self weaned between 2 1/2 & 4 years. It is rare for a baby to self wean before 18 months- prior to that it is usually a nursing strike. The AAP recommendation is AT LEAST 12 months & for as long after as mom & baby want to. It seems many moms think they “should or need” to stop at 1 year when it is really the MINIMUM. The WHO recommendation is AT LEAST 2 years. Some people like to say it’s all about mom wanting to keep nursing-which I find hysterical because when can you force a toddler to do anything they don’t want to? I was ready to be done nursing before my kids were but I respected that as the smaller one & their needs came before mine. And I never regretted letting them fulfill their need according to their own time table.
It is a delight to watch you blossom in to motherhood.

Tracey Visser on

What a beautiful little boy! Enjoy him… time goes so fast.

Allyson on

I breastfed almost exclusively until my son was 6 months as well (he’s almost 9 months now). However, I began my cycles just two months after giving birth and would have to supplement with formula because of a lack of supply (not that I didn’t try). Sadly, he stopped breastfeeding completely just a month ago because he wasn’t getting enough breast milk. It was a REALLY hard adjustment for me because like you, I LOVED that special mommy-son time. He loved to feed and it was just so special to me. Now, he’s so independent and everyday he looks so much more grown up. I applaud your breastfeeding crusade Kourtney. Not a lot of moms breastfeed for that long. Keep up the great work and hug that HANDSOME boy of yours!!

Anna on

Good Job Kourtney with the breastfeeding! I fed my first 2 boys for about 19 months and am currently feeding my 3rd baby boy who’s also 6 months and I just started him on solids as well! Your blog sounds exactly like my views on breastfeeding. I feel that my attitude is 95% of what led me to such a successful nursing experience. GOOD JOB!

Jennie on

I think that breastfeeding your baby is the best decision you’ve made, I congratulate you and continues to breastfeed for as long as you want. A tip, if you take too much water will produce more milk. And congratulations are an excellent mother.

Jennie on

I think that breastfeeding your baby is the best decision you’ve made, I congratulate you and continues to breastfeed for as long as you want. A tip, if you take too much water will produce more milk. And congratulations are an excellent mother

Anjelica on

I love your blog Kourtney:

I breastfeed my daughter till she was 14months old. I loved the bonding we shared with each other. We have such a tremedous bond and love for each other now. My daughter is now 14, and we have a great understanding with each other and I think that breastfeeding brought us closer to each other over the years.

Keep up the good work, I think you are doing a great job. Your always going to have those “HATERS” out there.

I think baby Mason look like Rob.

becky clark on

I think mason is such a cutie!!! I mean look at those gorgeous brown eyes! I think you are doing a great job Kourtney. You know whats best for your baby and thats all that matters. I have a 1 year old daughter named Georgia Blair and I received advice till I was blue in the face,but then I soon realized that I was going to do what I thought was best for us, and knock on wood, nothing crazy yet. I know its coming though. She is already standing up by herself so the injuries are not far behind. Have a great day.

Esme on

I have been nursung my daughter now for 18 months. She eats regular food as well but we continue to nurse at least twice a day. Like many have said, everyone will have an opinion but in my case, the only one that matters is mine and my daughters. Good luck with continuing to nurse baby Mason! He is gorgeous!

Corine on


Melanie on

Hi Kourtney!
Awesome job breastfeeding your son for 6 months! Keep up the good work, it is a great goal to try to make it to a year! 😉 I’m still bf’ing my son at 19 months! It is such a wonderful part of our relationship still…

As far as people talking about the breastfeeding woman at the restaurant… I think our culture obviously has issues with nudity and the sexualizing of women’s breasts in particular. (Look at all the magazine covers out there showing breasts in a seductive, sexual way, including Ms. Kim Kardashian herself!) No wonder people are so “offended” by a woman “showing” her breasts in public, as we as a society view breasts as entirely sexual! However, there is nothing wrong with women making the decision to breastfeed in public without “covering up.” In fact, I think it is a positive move anytime I or another woman breastfeeds in public because we are working to NORMALIZE a practice that is natural and best for baby. As far as a young boy or my own son catching a glimpse of a woman’s breasts while nursing her baby… I’d say it’s a beautiful thing and a good example for a young boy or girl to see that breasts are used to feed babies! I am more offended that my son has to look at all the gratuitous nudity on the magazine covers at the grocery store, honestly.

Ashley hammock on

What a great post!! I have been nursing my son for almost 2 years. As soon as you become pregnant, everyone seems to have an opinion about EVERTHING> I agree with you 100% that every family is different. What may work for me, may not work for others. I personally dont agree with women exposing themselves but at the same time, wouldnt expect mommys to have to be sent away in private to nurse their babies. Something so natural and healthy shouldnt be looked at as a disgusting thing. I am so happy for you that you have been able to nurse!!

Shanna on

He is such a handsome boy, those eyes! He has Kardashian written all over him, sorry Scott you didn’t have anything to do with that at all. He kinda looks like Rob. Congratulations! Don’t let people decide what you should do with your baby, do what makes you and him happy!

Kiran on

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that you’re breast feeding up to 1 year!!!!

Jireh on

Hey Kourt!
I love your baby, he’s so cute!!!!! I so much wish other celebs would emulate you.

Amber on

I know it’s hard for you because you have the pap’s always around but I take it as, we all eat in public and at restaurant’s so why can’t a woman breastfeed a baby without a cover on herself, without that being a big deal. Some people just don’t understand that’s are job as a women and a mother.

Jessica on

I applaud you for breastfeeding Mason! I have breastfed all three of my children. My first daughter had to stop nursing at 2 1/2 months but I breasfed my son until he was 2. It was time for him to stop and for me also. My second daughter is 10 months old and still nursing. I plan to nurse her for as long as she needs it. Just take cues from Mason and your body.It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says. Good luck!

Meghan on

Hey Kourtney. I absolutely love you and your son. He is adorable. I really think he looks like Rob in these pictures. 🙂
Anyway, I love that you breastfeed. Its a natural, healthy thing that all mothers should do. Keep up with being a fantastic mom. God Bless!

Sarah on

Good for you, Kourtney. I have breastfed all 3 of my children and I plan to with my 4th child whom is due in November. My last two kids have weaned between 15 and 17 months so don’t be too freaked if he doesn’t stop right away. It is one of best bonding experiences in your life. I feel bad for a lot of women in our society who don’t have the opportunity or the support to nurse their children. I have to say I have a cousin who has a lot of difficulty nursing but has managed to breast feed all 3 kids. It is extremely painful for her and has major bouts with mastitis. If she can do it anyone can. Three cheers for you, Kourtney!!!

Blanka on


I am really impressed with your view on brestfeeding! It is such an amazing experience between mother and child that I think women that don’t do it are really missing out on something… I still breasfeed my 2 year old(!) Yikes ! lol
Not a lot, only at bed time and in the early morning, still I am working hard on weening him off slowly without stressing him too much.

Keep up the good work 😉 Mason is a lucky boy to have sucha selfless AND gorgeous mama !

sarah on


I love your show because you appear to be genuine and your parenting appears to be the same! I am impressed that you are in Hollywood, but not really Hollywood! You are a mother taking care of you beautiful son! Good for you!


Nina on

Mason is hands down an Armo baby…he looks JUST like his uncle and grandfather. He’s beyond adorable.
Motherhood really suits you. Congrats!

Nicole on

I think your son is so precious! Babies are little angels!

Anna on

Kourtney, I commend you for being so forthright. I myself had three babies and breastfed all three for as long as they wanted to, now within reason. Some people would question what is reasonable but however long people are going to criticize. It’s human nature. I nursed my oldest for 18 months and wish that I nursed him longer. My second son nursed up to his second birthday and my daughter nursed until she was 22 months. My middle child never had a bottle. He refused a bottle and only wanted me. I have three very healthy children who are now 23, 20 and 15. What I used to say to people when they made comments was; well, he’s not going to be nursing when he’s 20 years old, or it doesn’t matter because he’s not going to be sleeping in my bed when he’s 20 years old. Do what you feel is right and Cheers for speaking up!!

J on

Amber, probably because when most of us go to a restaurant to eat we don’t make a show of it the way some breastfeeding moms do. Just feed your kid and move on. Not all mom’s do this, but there are some who make it a show and it’s obnoxious. The kid is hungry, feed it, don’t give us lessons and shows on breastfeeding.

jacqueline boyden on

wow. when i first saw you, i knew instantly that you are the backbone of your family. granted your mother is very much so but it’s you that holds the thread sorta speaking that bonds all together. with that said i also knew that you would breastfeed your baby and be proud to take a stand and talk about it. it’s sad but true bit so many people will follow a celebrity and take their advice over that of others and i praise you for helping make breastfeeding not only the right thing to do for your baby but more so the healthiest and beneficial for you and your bundle of joy. as for the family bed issue, i’m all for my baby in the bed with me and in time as with nursing they will let you know when they want to wean from the breast as well as from your bed to theirs.i’m proud of you. ms.jackie in port arthur texas

brokeharvardgrad on

Why is everyone so worried about little boys seeing a woman breastfeeding? How weird is that? Little boys shouldn’t ever see a woman nursing, because it will do what? Why should little boys be “protected” from someone feeding her baby? Won’t most little boys grow up to be boyfriends, fathers, and partners? So now little boys must carry the shame adults carry about a woman’s body?

Jenn on

I am truly amazed at the super strong feelings people have surrounding breast feeding / bottle feeding / formula… It really is amazing.

I was not able to breast feed my daughter and people always just assumed that I didn’t want to breast feed her. Complete strangers voiced their opinions to me when they saw me mixing a formula bottle for my daughter. I was in tears many times due to the comments of these ignorant people.

I guess my point is that people need to be respectful of all mothers and how they choose to feed their babies, because as much as you think you know…. You Don’t Know It ALL!

And for anyone that cares… my daughter is now 3 1/2 years old and is extremely healthy, beautiful, funny, intelligent and has the largest vocabulary I have ever heard out of a child her age. And we bonded just fine with me feeding her from a bottle.

To all you Mommies out there… You do what is best for you and your baby!

Lilit on

He is a total spit image of your father. He has the Armenian side of him with dark skin and large eyes…. You are an awsome mom keep up the good work. Luv your show!!!

Brooke on

Hey Kourtney,
My son will be 1 year old July 9th, and he has been exclusively breastfed and sleeps in the bed with us, as well! I, too, find it such a bonding experience to do both! I am starting to slowly wean him from the breast as he gets close to being able to drink cow’s milk, but he is NOT happy about it. Sometimes I have to hold him back from trying to undress me in public! 🙂
My daughter is almost 5 years old now and she slept in the bed with me as well until she was about 2 1/2. She transitioned nicely to sleeping in her own bed, so I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about. I started with a toddler bed that was in my bedroom so she’d still feel close to me, but after that she was excited to have her big girl bed and have her own space!
Good luck!

MommaMelissa on

You are really impressing me. It is awesome that you are still breastfeeding. I am excited that you waited until 6 months to introduce solids. I did that with my daughter. Best thing. I am still breastfeeding her and she is 15 months old. I breastfed my son until he was 21 and half months old. I thought I would hate breastfeeding but ended up loving it. There is nothing better on the earth then the bond you get through breastfeeding. Keep up the good work! You are setting such a positive example.

Lisa on

I, too, allowed my infant daughter to sleep in the bed with me primarily due to breast feeding (22mo) but I also enjoyed the precious bonding time. Later as she grew older I couldn’t get her OUT of the bed no matter what I tried. She cried with those big brown eyes and I was miserable without her. It wasn’t until she was 14yrs that she finally wanted to sleep in her own room which was decorated beautifully in order to entice her! lol. The ONLY thing that I didn’t think of during that time was the possibility of rolling over on top of her in our sleep. Since my daughter’s childhood I have seen tragic cases in which an infant accidently gets smothered to death under a parent or up against a blanket. Do think twice about it. Could you live without your baby boy? Don’t risk it. Best Wishes! 🙂

Julie Sanchez on

Kourtney, you are such a wonderful mother. Mason is very lucky to have such a wonderful and caring mom. I have to say is absolutely adorable. I see a lot of Kardashian in him. I think he looks a lot like your Father and brother. I know Grandpa is looking down from Heaven and smiling on his beautiful grandson. You are doing an amazing job with Mason, your Father would be proud of that too. Mason looks like such a happy little guy. Just makes you want to smother him in kisses and hugs. Love your show too. You are a wonderful person and most of all mother. I know you will always do what’s the best for your son. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you do not want to do. There are no set rules or time periods for nursing your child. Although I had a friend who continued to nurse her son up until he went to Kindergarten. That was a bit on the freaky side to me, but I am sure that there are people out there who think there’s nothing wrong with that. It just looked so stange to me because my friend was a rather petite and on the shorter side and then her son got to be that big, he was more than half her size and he would be outside playing and if he got upset he would come into the house crying and run up to her if she was sitting down and just climb in under her shirt and start nuring right there on the spot, no matter where she was or whomever was around. At that age and that size, it does look somewhat strange. Keep up the good work, you’ve done an amazing job so far! Best of luck with the baby and the show.

Erica Mendez on

I’m so proud that more mother’s are breastfeeding their babies. I was fortunate enough to have to have breastfeed both my daughters. I loved the experience and the bonding had had with both my girls. I was able to breastfeed my youngest daughter for 13 months. Both my girls are 3 and 1 and are so healthy. I’m so glad I choose to breastfeed. Congrats to all the moms out there doing what they gotta do for their babies.

kelly on

i always knew i really loved you!

TamIAm on

Breastfeeding is a completely natural thing, but then again so is sex, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something other people want to see.

That being said, I’m also an intensely private person and just don’t feel comfortable feeding in public. But you’re right – if someone else is doing it, despite feeling uncomfortable, I just look away.

I’ve heard that breastfeeding can act as sort of a multivitamin for babies, so I’ve decided to do one nursing a day after 12 months to just get my girl through this next winter. Once cold and flu season is over, I think we’ll wrap it up (figuratively and literally!).

Lee on

Kourtney, I fed my son until he was 13 months. I loved giving him a part of me. Please keep doing it. Don’t outsourced Masons nutrition to a manufacturer…


cecily on

Allie-Rose, Americans are pretty repressed as a whole. It’s why they take such offense at the sight of an exposed breast feeding a baby. Violence and guns are okay though. 😉

Mariah on

Good for you for breast feeding, it can be so difficult to fit in with a busy schedule (which I am sure you have…) But it is such a wonderful thing for baby and you (just like you said). You also are helping other mothers make a good choice since you are in the public eye and many people look to famous people for what actions are “cool”. Well done 🙂

MaryLynn on

You are right about the benefits but mostly it is that special time between you and your baby. Nurse for as long as it works but I remember hearing that at least for the first year the benefits for the baby are amazing.Good luck. PS: Mason is beautiful.

Blanka on

@Alicia on June 24th, 2010

Why are americans so upset by naked bodies ??? You have sexualiesed women’s bodyy to a poinyt that a glimse of a bare breast is considered offending ??? You think your child is upset after seeing a mother breasfeed a BABY ??? I breastfed in front of my stepfather, my 16 years old nephew or anyone e lse from family and friends who happened to be around me at the time … what is the big deal???

While in public I never exposed myself but I never used any cover up either and honestly IF someone finds a breastfeeding mother arousing then that is their PROBLEM and they better get help.

Tiffany on

It’s nice to hear a ‘celebrity’ talk about breastfeeding as a natural experience and not one of ‘OMG!’. My son is 6 months and I still breastfeed him more often than a bottle feed and I keep wondering if I should stop because he’s getting older. But when I think about it, I get so sad it really is such a bonding experience that it becomes an overwhelming feeling to stop. It is nice to hear that you decided to keep doing it until he decides he’s not interested anymore. Thanks for sharing that. By the way, Mason is freakin adorable!! His eye lashes are so beautifully long. You’re doing an amazing job..keep up the great work!

Vanessa Cabanas on

I still nurse my 2yr old and she loves it and so do I. It is something that no one else can do for her but me and it is how God made us, I think it is so natural. When I saw that you were nursing I gained more respect for you. I am sure with your schedule and life it would be easy for you give him formula, it says a lot about you that you put him first and take the time to pump and nurse him. You are a role model for those mothers who may be on the fence. Do it if you can it is an amazing experience!!!!

Blanka on

this morning a womanm got on my bus with her baby in a carrier on her belly and as she passed I noticed the lil was breastfeeding !!! How amazing, I did catch a glimpse of her niple… and survived it lol !!!

that is what any mother should do, put her child FIRST instead of worring bout people on the bus …

Lynn on

Kourtney, I breast feed my little one too! I am so glad that you a celebrity is bring attention to the benefits of breastfeeding to make it more the norm. In my group of friends I am kinda the odd one because I am the only one breastfeeding my baby. She is almost 4 months old & I don’t plan on stopping any time soom either! I don’t feed in public either if I can avoid it. I always always bring a bottle of expressed milk with me. But I too will nurse in my car, dressing room, anywhere I can for both my daughter & me. You know how it is if you haven’t nursed in a long time how badly you hurt! I also pump so I have milk for when I have to leave my daughter with grandma or someone. I DO NOT want her to take formula if I can avoid it! Keep blogging about breastfeeding so maybe more people will do it! Breastfeeding should be the norm not formula.

Beverly on

I did not breast feed,and I Totaly regret it. There is such a beautiful bond between mom and baby. My kids and I are very bonded but this is something that I wish I did. So I think u should breast feed him as long as mason wants. He will let u know when he is ready to stop.

Beverly on

I think it is your choice to do what u feel is wright. The only thing that matters is how u and Scott feel. Good luck u will do Great .

Joann on

Kourtney, You go woman!! Not every star chooses to breastfeed their baby because “it’s too time consuming” or they can’t go out like they could before. As a breast feeding mom, it is a wonderful experience that both mommy and baby benefit from. I was thrilled to read that a STAR was breastfeeding- you don’t hear that often!

Shannon Chin on

I dont know if Kourtney has the time to read this, but it was just hilarious and instantly reminded me of her blog on breastfeeding in public. I hope she finds it as funny as I did!! BTW I love the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan!!! I think the women in that family are amazingly beautiful, Every last one!!! And baby Mason with his gorgeous self does totally remind me of Rob, and the girls Dad!!! Great looking genes in that family. Anyways here is a link to the point of this whole e-mail:

Enjoy!!! Love the shows.

Big Big Fan,

Mukel Kat on

Props to you for sticking it out! Breastfeeding is great sometimes, really tough other times. I am still doing it at 12 months and there were many times when I thought I’d never make it. Yay, ladies!

Sarah H. on

I just have to add here that I think its smashing that you are nursing your baby! I teach bfing so I am very passionate about it. SO good to hear about you going for it! I too nursed all three of my kids, the last tow were 3 and 2.5 years old when they weaned. I did not start out thinking I would nurse a toddler, but it just happened. We were both happy so we did it. You’ll know whats right when the time comes!

Marii's Mummy on

I breastfed until my little boy was six months I introduced him to formula from an early age whilst still nursing because he was and still is very greedy and now at 11months loves his solid foods, eats whatever i cook for dinner.

I found nursing him public to be uncomfortable at first but then i thought at the end of the day dont look if it bothers you this is what he needs, but the eyes did annoy me, i tried a few times to pump but it was so uncomfortable for me i stopped and just nursed in public or gavae him formula. I stopped nursing him at 6 months because he started to bite me almost took my nipple completely off once and that was the last straw, he didnt miss it though.

I want to have another one soon, when my son is 3years and I hope to nurse him/her for a lot longer without the assistance of formula, the benefits are greater and i love the bonding time, I miss it even now.

Scarlett on

I will preface this by saying I love the Kardashian sisters-and that includes Kim!!
But has anyone mentioned this?:Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to slander a breastfeeding mother for having her tatas out when you yourself..ahem…have bared your breasts for the camera and for magazine spreads??? What is the difference between exposing your breasts in the name of art/fashion/sexiness, or exposing them for the sake of feeding your kid?
I’m just sayin…
Personally, I will feed my babies whenever and wherever they need me bc that comes first. But of course I’m not going to sit in Tao with my nips out…I always cover myself up. Its not that hard to BF wherever you need to and use a cute cover up.
If I’m at home or with my friends I relax and let it all out, just for comforts sake.
I applaud Kourt SOOO much for bringing BF to the forefront and talking about it, and praising it. This fast paced modern life has made BF not easy at times, and BF has been pushed into the background as merely a choice that should only be made based on a moms convenience. Kourt is an example of a working mom with I’m sure a crazy schedule that shows you that it is possible to BF.
I’m not saying its always possible for every woman..but theres not doubt that natures way is best if you are able to do it.
BRAVO Kourtney! I will read your baby blog/mama advice/and buy your maternity line anytime!

Jessica Thompson on

I just watched your George Lopez interview where you reveal that you are still breastfeeding Mason at 13 months! Congratulations. I too nursed both my daughters until they were 20 and 22 months and it was the best thing for all of us. Not only were/are they very healthy and allergy-free children, but I lost my baby weight quickly and got to eat what I wanted. I also slept well because I nursed at night instead of getting up to fix bottles. I think this type of instinctive natural parenting gives moms confidence and should be encouraged. Thank you for entertaining and inspiring all of us!

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