Family Photo: The Klum-Samuels’ Big Apple Bliss

06/22/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Freddie Baez/Startraks

Still in their honeymoon phase? You bet!

Seal wraps an arm around wife Heidi Klum as the couple take a cozy stroll with their kids — Leni, 6, Henry, 4½, Johan, 3½, and Lou, 8 months — in New York City on Monday.

The model mama, 37, and her singer/songwriter husband, 47, recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a renewal of their vows in Mexico in May.

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Freddie Baez/Startraks

Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

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Mina on

Adorable…but I dont like the younger 2 kids names. LoL

sharon on

I love this family…they are so lovely and loving together.
Johan is german (Heidi) for John. I think the name matches him.

JM on

the kids are so so so so so cute!

Anonymous on

@ mina- yeah LOL so funny that you offered your opinion where nobody asked for it.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family, love them!

sophia on

I will never like the name Lou there are better L name Layla Lily Lola Leann Leah but the parents choose Lou its plain and boring.

Jen DC on

So lucky, that Heidi. Beautiful herself; gorgeous husband with whom she seems to be totally in love, which he reciprocates and a rack of gorgeous babies. Oooo, d*mn her! (jk)

Amanda on

I love this family. So happy and normal 🙂
I personally like names that have meaning rather than ones parents just pick out of a book and Johan’s name is a tribute to his mom’s heritage.

Miko & Gabe's Mom on

I love this family! I think Henry is all Seal while his brother looks like a lovely mix between the two parents. And how cute is that baby girl!?! It’s the first time I’ve seen her in months and she’s absolutely beautiful.

Cassandra on

Lou and Johan practically identical! So cute! 🙂

Mina on

Nobody needs to ask for it…I can say whatever I want. But I am sure if I said all the kids had adorable names, you wouldn’t be all up my arse for that, right..

Sophia I agree…Lou reminds me of a bathroom or something and its boyish for a very adorable little girl.

Luna on

I have dear friends who have biracial children, and what I’ve noticed is the coloring in each child is so different. All the Klum-Samuel children are beautiful, but each has such different coloring, hair, etc. Johan for example is darker than Henry. Just something I’ve noticed. Cute kids, lucky Heidi. So sweet.

Sage on

I love this family and Lou got so big!

@ sophia- “but the parents choose Lou its plain and boring”I could say that about your parents with the name Sophia. But I bet your parents named you that because they liked that name and not to wow and out do people.

glee fan on

this family seems so normal! the kids are adorable especially
little lou!

em g on

lovely family. kids seem happy…she dresses them like kids not fashionistas…the new baby is stunning.

crimpe on

Hey Mina. LOL – my daughter’s name is Lou. She doesn’t care what you think either.

Tee on

I usually don’t involve myself in back and forth comments but this time I will. Mina did not say anything wrong! She complimented the children’s beauty and then said she didn’t care for two of their names. So what? Had she been rude about it, well… that’s a different story. She wasn’t rude at all nor did she act like Heidi and Seal should have consulted her personally before they chose names for their little ones. It was a completely innocent and well spoken opinion. She does not deserve to be critizied for it.

sgv on

people relax! Mina doesn’t like the name Lou, and she is giving her opinion….this is a blog! and you can post your comments whenever you want, she didn’t insult anybody, just said that she doesn’t like the name, that’s all.
This blog is getting so annoying…I miss all CBB…*sigh*

Anyway, cute family, Lou is sooo cute! and Leni beautiful as always.

CelebBabyLover on

Tee- I agree! Anyway, the kids are adorable! 🙂

JM on

yeah, sorry i have to jump to Mina’s defence here. it’s a forum. what’s the point in a forum if people don’t express their opinions? this place would get boring fast if all people ever said was “that’s nice” or “i like that”, come on, we are all entitled to our opinions. and what mina said wasn’t disrespectful, just her opinion…

xxx on

my gosh, lou is only 8 month old and she already is so tall! She could easily pass for a one year old. She’s beautiful. And yes, she’s a mini Johan.
Thoose kids are so lucky, they have a great great life, despite the paparazzi and people always commenting on the bi racial thing, Briatorre etc… they have two loving parents who work realy hard to give them a great future. They get to see the world, they speak 2 languages…

On the “Lou” think, Lou is short for Louise, it’s an old name, unlike Lily, Layla.. and all those celebritie’s names.
I think it suits her. And it’s the kind of names that can be said in many languages like Leni.
Except for Henry, those kids name are either short for something or german names that also exist in English: Leni: Helen, Johan: John and Lou: Louise.

jenna on

is he really 47!! wow he sure does look good for his age, and with young kids I bet he feels a lot younger than that. bet they keep him fit and healthy running around and playing!

ariel on

They are all adorable kids. Lou is short for something, I can’t remember what it is. But Lou is her nickname.

Lis on

I agree. Lou is such a BEAUTIFUL little girl, with such a masculine name (in MY opinion). I know two baby girls named Chandler and Wesley. Yuck! I just prefer traditionally boy names for boys and vice versa 🙂

maggie on

i agree with xxx and ariel, maybe “lou” is short for “lousie” and they just call her that like how leni’s name is short for helene (i think?). or maybe lou has a personal meaning to them? anyways love this family and i love the pic of seal and lil lou!

MiB on

I have to point out that Lou IS considered a girls name in many parts of Germany, it’s short for Louise/Louisa, I have also met a french woman named Lou, as a feminine form of Louis (which her parents would had named her, had she been a boy). And as far as I remeber, she is named Lou Soulola Samuel, just as Leni is named Leni Klum and not Helene as rumour has it (it apparently keeps getting changed into that on wiki…)

MiB on

I have to point out that Lou IS considered a girls name in many parts of Germany, it’s short for Louise/Louisa, I have also met a french woman named Lou, as a feminine form of Louis (which her parents would had named her, had she been a boy). And as far as I remeber, she is named Lou Soulola Samuel, just as Leni is named Leni Klum and not Helene as rumour has it (it apparently keeps getting changed into that on wiki…)

Anyways, it’s an adorable family, it always makes me happy to see people who have been together for years, and still have that loving look in their intheir eyes when they look at each other.

itstartedwithafish on

I think Lou’s name really only shines when seen in its entirety
Lou Sulola SAmuel, – that sounds so melodic… and a bit like Louise-Lola too *smile* I like it, not that that counts.

I really like Johan in this picture, – looks like he’s on a catwalk, right? lol

electra on

Its so funny, today a woman came up to me and said i have hair like Johan Klum. I guess she was really into celebrity babies. I love how normal they all look.

electra on

and i love leni’s world cup shirt!

CelebBabyLover on

electra- She must not have been THAT into celeb babies, since if she was, she’d know that Johan’s last name (just like his siblings) is Samuel, not Klum. 🙂

MiB- I agree. Lou’s name was announced as Lou Sulola Samuel, not as Louisa Sulola Samuel or anything like that. So her name is Lou, not Louisa. 🙂 And as for Leni, I think the reason why so many people get confused is because Leni was named after her great-grandmother (I think, maybe it was her grandmother), who was named Helene, but went by Leni. So Heidi used her grandmother’s nickname for her first-born. 🙂

Mariana on

@Mina, @Tee, @JM

I was about to jump in Mina’s defence too, but as you have already done it beautifully, I’ll just point out that I fully agree with all of you to the point that she’s totally free to express her opinion.

Mariana on

Oh, and this family is always so adorable. Their names are not my favorite, but I fancy them.

melissa on

I love this family what a beautiful story you can tell what a good husband and father seal is he loves his family so much that is so rare these days.Lou is the same age as my daughter she is such a tiny little thing and so cute!

s on

@xxx: Henry is Heinrich/Heiner in German