Stella McCartney Expecting Fourth Child

06/21/2010 at 11:45 AM ET

Nick Harvey/WireImage

The McCartney family continues to grow!

Stella McCartney and husband Alasdhair Willis are expecting a fourth child in late fall, a rep for the fashion designer confirms to Women’s Wear Daily.

The couple, who wed in 2003, are already parents to son Miller Alasdhair James, 5, daughter Bailey Linda Olwyn, 3½, and son Beckett Robert Lee, 2½.

McCartney, 38, is a celebrity baby herself — dad is Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

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Sandra on

Congrats 🙂

Louise on

Wow, in the same period of time I just had ONE child instead of 4!

maggie on

oh i’m happy for them! i think it’s another girl

MaryAnn on

God Bless! Linda must be smiling down from heavean and Sir Paul must be so proud.

Sir Paul and Linda’s deep love for one another is certainly a reflection in the way they raised their children.

alex on

Congrats to Stella,Alasdhair and family,I hope it’s a healthy baby,I’m looking forward to pics of stylish Stella in maternity cloths.

Ashleigh on


Interestingly enough, Melissa Ethridge has two kids named Bailey and Beckett as well (with Julie Cypher).

ariana on

that’s beautiful, congrats!

Courtney on

CONGRATS!!!! Thats exactly the same spacing as ours. We had 2 that were 18 months apart, then added 1 14 months later then had our 4th(and last) 3 years after that.

Zoe Moon on

What fantastic news. She has been talking about having baby #4 for a while now. I am sooo happy for her and her husband. CONGRATULATIONS!!

trulli on

that is really a surprise, because she once said that baby number three was not planned. i am happy for her.

Luna on

Wow congratulations for them! I hope the baby is healthy. Good luck to Stella, Alasdhair, Miller, Bailey, and Beckett.

alexa on

and she’s a designer. thank heaven for the nanny!

me on

Melissa Etheridge also has a son named Miller (with Tammy Lynn Michaels) !!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I love the names Miller, Bailey and Beckett and I’m sure this one’s name will be just as nice!

Kelly on

Congrats to Stella and family! 🙂 I kinda knew a 4th was coming as she hinted earlier in the year she would like to expand her family sooner rather than later. All 3 of her kids are so adorable.

Recently in the Daily Mail there were recent pics of Stella, Alasdhair and youngest child Beckett over the weekend but his face was blurred. Not sure if there are ones without the blur but they were nice nonetheless 🙂

robinepowell on

Fourth child? I didn’t even know she had any others, lol! Shows me what I know.

Congratulations to Stells and her hubby. 😀

Kathleen on

Congratulations to Stella!

Corrie on

Happy to hear it! Congratulations. 🙂

Stephanie on

Congrats Stella! I am happy 4 U! I love your perfumes! They R awesome!

JM on

wow that’s wonderful news. as an avid and lifelong beatles fan i love to hear about what the junior beatles and grandchild beatles are up to. and i agree with a previous poster the mccartney children are a testament to their parents and the love and grounding they had in their family. paul and linda were widely known to have one of the happiest and most loving marriages in showbiz. so sad that linda was taken so soon.
congrats to stella and hubby and to paul too who i’m sure is an amazing grandfather to have. i envy those kids 🙂

Norah on

Does anyone else think it’s odd that all three of Stella McCartney’s children have the same names as three of Melissa Etheridge’s children? Bailey, Beckett, and Miller…..

Sophia on

Call the baby Johnnie Rose and they’ll have used all the same names as Melissa Etheridge! Funny coincidence with the older three kids’ names… 🙂 Lovely news about the baby! Can’t wait to hear what they name him or her, I’m assuming it won’t ACTUALLY be Johnnie Rose haha

CelebBabyLover on

Norah- It DOES seem kind of odd, but my guess is it’s pure concidence. Stella’s Miller was born before Melissa’s (if I’m remembering correctly, Miller and his sister Johnny Rose are 3), so obviously Stella wasn’t copying Melissa. And Melissa’s Beckett was born before Stella’s, so obviously she wasn’t copying Stella in that case. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to Stella. I have to admit I’m happy to see that they are apparently being more open with this pregnancy than their others (to my knowledge, they never offically confirmed the other ones). I also hope it’s a girl. Then they’ll have two of each. 🙂

trulli on

okay, with the names bailey and beckett melissa etheridge was first, but the name miller came first by stella.

JM on

i think all that’s happened (regarding using the same names) is that all three names are a similar style of names. it makes sense that if you like that style that you would go for those kinds of names more than once or twice. it’s a coincidence that’s all it is.

Kelly on

Bailey and Paul’s 6 yr old daughter Bea kinda could be sisters to me. Bea seemed to look that this when she was 3, the same age Bailey is now. Here’s a pic of Stella and Bailey. She’s real cute 🙂

Maria on

Congratulations to them, don’t think much of her as a designer, but, her Dad was/is very talented.
I wonder do the children see much of their half aunt, the daughter that Paul had with Heather?

Robin M. on

Funny, this was the first time I realized that two of her kids share names with Melissa Etheridge’s kids. I know others have commented on it by now but as much as I read this blog I can’t believe that didn’t jump out at me before now!

Robin M. on

Oh, Miller too! That is just too much! I wonder if she has a girl if she’ll name her Johnnie Rose?!

CelebBabyLover on

Robin M.- Well, she obviously wasn’t copying Melissa when she named her eldest son Miller, because Melissa’s Miller hadn’t even been born yet. 🙂

Becky on

Congrats to both of them..

kamiem on

I named my #3 baby BECKETT and always get compliments on it. Love her other kids names. Excited to hear what they choose for #4.

EJ on

Stella is Paul’s daughter, then your head must have been stuck in the sand for quite a while. lol

Becky on

EJ, what are you talking about?

Glamiva on

Congrats Stella!! God bless you and your family!

Mariana on

Way to go! Cheering for a girl.

edwin on

Four kids seems so excessive and selfish to me. At that rate the world the worlds population will be 20b when my little girl will be Stella’s age now. The practices we adopt and the resources we consume to feed and keep 6b people on the planets are so distressing that most people don’t even want to know about them, More role models like Madonna thanks

Lucy on

Edwin, what?!?!?!

Brooke on

I am hoping for a girl so that Bailey will have a sister. Stella has said she’d like to have more children and I think that would be wonderful.