Sherri Shepherd Fears Relationship With Future Daughter-in-Law

06/19/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

Her son Jeffrey Charles just turned five in April, but Sherri Shepherd is already determined to have a close relationship with her future daughter-in-law.

“I want my daughter-in-law to say, ‘You’ve got a great mother!’ I’m afraid my daughter-in-law is going to hate me,” she tells Babble.

Unfortunately, The View co-host jokes, if her recent feelings of jealousy toward Jeffrey’s playmate is a clue as to what’s to come, the bond may not be so easy!

“I kiss Jeffrey on the lips and tell him, ‘Only Mommy and Daddy can kiss you on the lips.’ And this morning, I go to kiss him and he gives me the cheek,” she shares.

“And I was like, ‘Who kisses you on the lips?’ And he says, ‘Amy!’ I’m thinking, ‘Who’s this bitch?!’ I was not happy. I don’t mean to call a 5-year-old a bitch, but I got angry!”

Quick to point out she “felt like Jeffrey cheated on me,” Shepherd, 43, insists her intentions are good. “I’ll give [the future girlfriend] the inquisition, but I want her to be close to me because I want to know everything that’s going on in their lives!” she says.

And much like Shepherd is keeping her son close, Jeffrey seems to be following her example in return. “He doesn’t like a lot of people around me, hugging me — especially men!” she admits.

“Jeffrey does not like any man to hug me or touch me. It’s like he can sense there’s another penis in the house!”

— Anya Leon

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Erin on

I know she’s a comedienne and all but, oh my. Oh. My. God. Stop hovering now. Stop thinking about hovering when your kid’s an adult. Seriously! Stop!

Erika on

lol! I love Sherri, she’s hysterical and she seems like a great mom to Jeffery. Many people find her controversial but I think she’s genuine and funny.

Vanessa on

I wish Sherri Shepherd would just stop speaking!!! She is so annoying!

Anonymous on

omg!! this is the funniest post i’ve ever read on this site!! i love sherri shepherd! i’d be mad if i were amy’s parents lmao

D on

She’s developing a co-dependent relationship

Megan on

“is already determined to have a close relationship with her future daughter-in-law”

I don’t want this to sound mean, but I was under the impression her son has major developmental problems and is autistic ? I know there are different levels of autism and that autisic people do get married, but I just got the impression her son was not on the high functioning end of that.

oregon on

Right, calling a 5 year old a bitch? really? even joking that’s wrong. Also kids should not be allowed to kiss on the lips. if it happened at school she needs to talk with the teacher.
Anyways Sherri your daughter in law will love you as long as you don’t call her a bitch.

jay on

This made me laugh a bit because it reminds me of my aunt. My cousin is a boy and my aunt gets really and I mean really jealous when there’s a potential girlfriend around him. I fear for the daughter-in-law, my aunt is going to be a crazy one. I understand why some people (especially mothers towards sons) feel like they should be the only girl in their son’s life but you have to let them go sometime. He won’t be a little boy forever and to keep him that way would be unhealthy. Anyway, for a bystander it’s funny, my cousin doesn’t even realize that my aunt chases the girls away, but that won’t last for long. Once he meets a girl he really likes all hell will break loos.

Jo on

I don’t care how angry you are (and she has no right to be angry), calling a 5 year old a b***** is just so wrong.

JMO on

I used to love Sherri. Then she became a co-host on the view and my feelings changed. In fact that show makes me end up hating everyone I should really stop watching!
She often makes some odd ball comments about her parenting style that make me cringe.

JMO on

Megan – he is autistic but I don’t think he’s on the severe side of it. The way she talks it makes it sound like he’s got a lot of delays but still functions just fine.

cris on

The title should read: “Future daughter-in-law fears relationship with Sherri Shepherd.” The bitch comment was over-the-top and I agree, she is totally annoying.

dianecatherine on

I really did love her before she got on the View. now, I just find her to be a bit uneducated, unfunny, and unaware of how the things she says are being perceived by the majority.

isabelline on

she felt like her son cheated on her? That’s just super weird. That boy is free to kiss anyone he wants ( I know he is too young). A mother is very different than a girlfriend. You can never cheat on a mother unless you call someone else mom.

PS: She’s calling a 5 year old little girl a bitch? Wow, awesome parent.

romy on

I find her a bit annoying, but not harmful. That is just her humor. I can picture her voice and face when she says something like that. I think it’s offensive, but it’s just her humor, so I am not personally offended. I don’t think she has much credit to be on the View, but then she says some crazy things that create buzz for the show. I also thought her son was fully functioning, just with some delays and ‘quirks.’ I really do not take her seriously and hope ‘Amy’s’ mom doesn’t either, IF there even is an Amy.

Silly Mama on

The penis comment is exceptionally weird too. How would a 5 year old equate another man being around to anything about penises and why would that matter to him? Does that make sense?

Tee on

I don’t even know what to say about this post! I really don’t know anything about this lady because I don’t watch The View, but what a horrible attitude to take! I can’t believe she would call anyone- especially a child- that name in an interview! I know this much, my child would not be having anymore playdates at her house!

JM on

man would i hate to be her daughter-in law. and i am in no way saying that based on this article. pretty much everything i have ever heard about this women has been irritating at best and totally off-putting, worrying and offensive at worst.

and if it really matters that much to her for her potential daughter-in-law to like her then she can start by being likeable.

Anonymous on

People get a grip! Sherri is only joking, for heaven’s sake! Her son Jeffrey has Cerebral Palsy, I believe, and this is just her attempt to make light of the situation. As the parent of a special needs child, I understand her need to find humor in serious situations when you really feel like crying. Because of his needs, she would feel the need to “hover” but I think it’s great she is thinking of his life in terms of his future and not based on his current situation. I’m sure I speak for Sherri when I say that she wants him to be independent, married, and on his own instead of depending on her for care for the rest of his life.

Mary on

Trash talking trash. Where’s the tape to cover her mouth.

anya on

she is a COMEDIAN. she is trying to be HUMOROUS since she has a sense of HUMOR unlike most of the people on here! i cannot believe some of the comments on here! nobody that reads this site ever makes a joke or says something that could, maybe, come across as rude? LIGHTEN UP!

J on


amy on

She has zero class and is not funny. I can’t even imagine referring to a 5 yr girl as a “b****. I feel sorry for her son.

JMO on

Anonymous her son does not have cerebral palsy he has autism. I watch the View all the time and she talks about it a lot. I have a nephew with CP and I do understand the protection from the outside world but we do not hover. We feel he needs to learn and grow the same way a normal child would but with an extra bit of guidance along the way. He’s going to have to learn to stick up for himself in this world and learn his best to fit in bc mommy and daddy are not always going to be there to protect him.
That being said if you watch the view (as I do) Sherri makes odd remarks about a lot of things. Last week there was a discussion of kids picking on kids at the playground or whatever and Elisabeth said she had to confront a child to not kick Grace and Sherri chimed in with her “humorous” remarks and made light of not being shy about telling a child to get away from her child!! And the way she talks about discipline and other things she’s really turned me off. But to each their own. I guess some people’s funny isn’t another persons funny!

shidley on

Yup. She’s going to be one of THOSE MIL’s. It’s pretty apparent…joking now, or not.

Jerri on

WOW! Erin, Can you read? Says hes 5 .. do you consider 5 an adult? I think you should get glasses.
BUT ! i love her too. Shes funny.

suzyq on

I find her not to be the least bit funny or clever and I think she is incredibly unintelligent. Her whole demeanor is just not right for the VIEW, she adds nothing to it. I love the show but would certainly like to see a more well rounded woman of color.

Anna on

“she is trying to be HUMOROUS” Yes trying and not succeeding!
I don’t know her, never watched the View but she sounds stupid here.

Anonymous on

her son was a micro-premie born at 25 weeks. he nearly didn’t survive and has faced LOTS of challenges along the way. he has mild to moderate cerebral palsy which has caused some developmental delays. her ex- husband cheated on her and she found out while on bedrest to fight off pre-term labor. and not only was he cheating, but he had knocked up his mistress. there was a not so nice divorce and custody battle and she’s decided to embrace the mistress’ child as her son’s sibling.

honestly, she’s been through a LOT. i don’t blame her if she hovers a bit. and beyond that… she’s a comediene. the things she says are not meant to be taken seriously.

sky on

Jesus, get a grip! She’s only joking i know…LOL!!!

Melaysha on

The only place this woman is funny is in her own warped mind!
Joke or not … calling a 5 year old a b**ch is NOT FUNNY!
She is annoying at the best of times, and for that very reason
(and the tiresome Elizabeth H.), I no longer watch “THE VIEW”

Mumofmyson on

If you really love your child, you`ll be happy if he/she finds a true love! Everything else is selfish! And to call a little girl a b****, is VERY weak and primitive! Sherri has a very “specific” taste of humour! I dont like her!

audrey on

Sorry, but I find this a little unsettling too, I have never really liked her once (I watched The View only once in my life, and all I saw was her throwing a tantrum over the idea of him playing dress-ups in girls clothes…at pre-school!) especially when one of my pet peeves is a hovering controlling obsessive mother, to me it really only points out problems for her in the future when the girlfriend thing becomes real.

Dee on

LOL that is funny….I agree people need to lighten the hell up…good grief!!!!

jessicad on

I thought the interview was hilarious! I didn’t know the story of her ex husband, that’s pretty amazing of her to accept the other child. I don’t watch the show but I’ve seen clips and she seems pretty funny, her interviews here always make me laugh, but I guess you have to understand that kind of humor.

I think it’s sad that some of you are choosing to bash her for name calling then doing the exact same thing, annoying, uneducated, trash, etc.

JMO on

IDK maybe I’m bitter because of how she told the world she never voted before because she didn’t know how to work the machines but then she made sure to vote for President Obama when the time came. Just sort of made me feel like she only cared for the fact that a black man was in office. And of course the earth to her is “flat!”

Uneducated is an understatement!!

Tori on

why the hell are ya’ll taking this so serious she’s a comedienne if a man made a joke about not wanting boys around his daughter and called the kid an ass or a punk ya’ll would be laughing your asses off not ridiculing them about how intelligent they are and wether they belong on The View or not.
p.s. I found the comments very funny she’s a funny lady.

sgv on

I don’t know who she is, but I think she is not funny AT ALL. You can be a comedian, but to be a good one, then you have to make good jokes and have a good sense of humor…and, imo, she doesn’t have.
Really bad calling a 5 yr old a b**ch, I don’t care if it’s a joke or not, it sounds awful! (and the penis comment??? wow..)

D on

Is she for freaking real? Give me a break. Talk about a paranoid mother.

lizzielui on

Anonymous, her son DOES NOT have cerebral palsy. Sherri says so herself in the extended version of this interview:

What’s your biggest parenting challenge?

Getting over the fear of if I’m doing it right. Jeffrey was born at five months, so his odds of survival were very low. And even with survival, they predicted he was going be severely retarded or have cerebral palsy — none of that has come to pass. He has learning disabilities, and sometimes I don’t want to put too much on him, but I have to challenge him because kids only go as far as you expect them to.

JM on

i don’t know why people keep going “she’s a comedienne!!” as if that explains everything. to be a comedienne you have to be funny and she’s not, usually comedians are also quite bright and she clearly isn’t. i don’t know how this woman got a job on tv because i’d hate to think she is a role model we hold up to society now. i am not really offended by this particular comment because i think as usual she was just trying and failing to be funny. but in general she is a really repugnant woman.

Me on

Being a comedienne isn’t an all purpose excuse for bad behavior. Jamie Foxx tried that one when he made inappropriate remarks about Miley Cyrus (But, I’m a comedienne!). Sometimes it’s kind of like the bully who says something mean and then says, “Can’t you take a joke?” Calling a five year old a B**** is wrong even if you’re a comedienne.

electra on

Not everyone is going to find the same thing funny.

Sage on

I found this funny. She is totally joking, and some people are just too uptight to get a joke.

She in no way called the child this to her face, it was a joke. Lighten up everyone!!

Luna on

As people, we think things we should not say out loud. Unfortunately, I think that Sherri made a slip up with this one. Sometimes we over step the line of funny into inappropriate. However, I really don’t think she meant anything by this. And come on, even if there is a little girl named Amy, her parents cannot possibly know for certain that Sherri was talking about their daughter, because the world is full of Amys.

Erin on

Jerri – I said stop thinking about hovering when you’re kid’s an adult. Meaning, stop anticipating being ultra-involved in his adult life when he’s still only five. You might have just said you disagree with me instead of questioning my intelligence (or vision). Or tried really hard to understand a sentence that uses “five” instead of “5” and “he’s” instead of “hes”. I know it’s the internet and everyone takes such things lightly, but if you on call me out don’t leave yourself open to a factual comeback.

lulu on

Do any of you know how to read ….. she didnt call her son a bitch she said that she thought it in her mind and refered to the little girl …. and she was only joking

mp on

Sherri was hilarious and intelligent on Everybody Loves Raymond (she played Robert’s cop partner), but when she started talking without a script on The View, the thrill was gone.

lizzielui on

Lulu, who said she called her own son a bitch? I think the outrage from most here is that she admitted out loud that she was referring to this five year old little girl as a bitch. Furthermore, being a comedian does not absolve someone of having tact and using good judgement. Some things just aren’t funny or shouldn’t be made light of in the public sphere. For me this was one of those situations. And truthfully, as much as Sherri talks about wanting to protect her child and make sure that he is never hurt or made to feel bad I doubt it she would react very well if a male comedian referred to her son in the same vein. What if Chris Rock called her son a punk motherf*&@*^ because he was trying to kiss his daughter Lola? I think Sherri would have a serious problem with that.

Mary on

I’m always making cracks like that about my son and his future girlfriends/wife. I’m just joking as she was. Unfortunately, the whole world hears was she says, not what I say.

Stella Bella on

Yeah, this seems just a tad creepy to me. But maybe that’s because my mil will run her hands through her sons’ hair if they give her a chance.

christina on

Totally creepy and offputting. This woman is so uneducated and misinformed. OMG…I can’t watch the view anymore…she is just a nightmare. So sad. Her son doesn’t have a prayer of having healthy relationships (based on what I’ve heard her say about her parenting style over the years).

Ivonne on

OMG the posters here are so incredibly catty, whiny, nitpicky, and annoying! I don’t remember it being this bad on the old CBB, but maybe I was wearing rose colored glasses. Why is it that [male] comedians can say whatever they want, but it a [female] comedienne says it, she’s automatically barbaric trash. NEWS FLASH! There probably IS NOT an Amy! Most of the jokes that comedians tell are completely made up. Their goal is to make the few people who don’t have light poles up their rearends laugh a little. Doesn’t anyone here watch comedy? Or would you rather hear Kramer’s variety?

lizzielui on

Ivonne, I’m sure a lots of us watch plenty of comedy, at least I know I do. Doesn’t mean that comedians don’t sometimes come out with bad jokes that are in poor taste or that sometimes fall flat. Not everything is funny or should be made fun of. Jokes or not, sometimes things rub people the wrong way and often times comedians have to acknowledge that during their routine, like when there is a hushed silence in the room after a joke goes awry or when the crowd starts booing because they don’t agree with the comedians humor.

Kim on

I think some people need to take it as the joke she meant it to be! Pretty sure she wasn’t angry over it but over-acting the protective mother thing to be funny. Wheres everyone sense of humour gone to? lol

J on

Kim perhaps people would laugh if Sherri was actually funny. Her over the top thing you mentioned about her isn’t an act, she’s just a wierd paranoid woman in many ways.

Diana on

Maybe her humor isn’t for everyone; but I do think people are making a bigger deal out of it then needs to be.

Rye on

I didn’t like her when she said she would never allow her son to play with dolls or dress up if he wanted to and I like her even less for referring to a 5 year old child a “b*tch”. Not cool. Uneducated is the right word for her…for sure.

Billie on

The very scariest thing to me in the whole article was her comment “…but I want her to be close to me because I want to know everything that’s going on in their lives…”

Ugh – her other silly comments aside, I think that she really means this one! This is what would (or should) send any future prospective daughter-in-law running for the hills. Kids should be allowed to grow up and become independent adults that no longer need to share every little detail of their lives with mommy.

Shannon on

LOL! I feel sorry for her future daughter in law!

sh on

What a shame to call a child that name (b….) as a parent Sherri you should be ashamed and act with more sense and value cause I’m sure you wouldn’t like another in an interview to call your son that name if he by chance kiss a little girl….

What is this world coming too……………..

ericka on

I don’t think she called the child a bitch…she thought “who’s this bitch” she didn’t verbalize it. People are sooooo touchy. Really, I don’t think it takes being 20 to be a b*tch or an a**hole…you are if you are. I’ve met some not so polite children lol.

Anyway, I think she’s kidding and didnt meant any harm by it.

Robin M. on

This comes off as tacky, but I’m sure it seems much worse in writing than it did in the spoken word!

SweetDivaT on

Lighten up. She thought it, she didn’t say it!

Chaya on

To the people without a sense of humour.. IT WAS A JOKE!!! Wow, I’m sure the little girls name wasn’t even “Amy”… Comdians exaggerate and make up stories all the time. Comedians go where most of us wouldn’t, but basically they voice what most of us do think but in a funny way.