Tori Spelling’s ‘Guncles’ Are New Dads!

06/17/2010 at 12:35 PM ET

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It’s a girl for the Guncles!

Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, Tori Spelling’s dear friends and regulars on her reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, have welcomed daughter Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn, who was born last week weighing 6 lbs., 2 oz. and measuring 18 inches long.

Simone is the first child for the couple, whom Spelling lovingly refers to as “Gay Uncles” to Liam, 3, and Stella, 2, her kids with husband Dean McDermott.

“Dean and I are beyond happy that Scout and Bill’s dreams of becoming parents have come true. Little Simone couldn’t have two better loving and deserving dads,” Spelling tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Her cousins Liam and Stella are anxiously waiting to meet her. Stella kisses pictures of her that Guncle Billy and Scouty send us.”

Horn, 38, and Masterson, 35, who married in May 2009 at a Palm Springs, Calif., wedding planned by Spelling herself, began the adoption process last year. They declined to reveal details of their experience in order to protect the privacy of Simone and her birth mother.

“We are in awe of Simone and thrilled that our dream of becoming parents has finally come true,” the couple — who just finished taping season five of Oxygen’s Home Sweet Hollywood — tell PEOPLE. “From the moment we saw her we instantly fell in love — she has us wrapped around her little fingers.”

The infant already has a nickname: “Nugget” or “Nugget of Love,” says Horn. “I sing Sade’s ‘Soldier of Love’ to her and replace the word ‘soldier’ with ‘nugget.’ Yup — she’s already embarrassed by me.”

And how did they choose her real name? “We found it in a baby name book under a list of ‘Activist Names,'” says Horn. “We liked that the name denotes a strong woman. Plus we love Nina Simone.”

— Alexis Chiu

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JMO on

oh I am so happy for them! I know how badly they wanted to start a family!!! Just saw the episode of them announcing they had a potential birth parent lined up! So glad it worked out!

mary on

I am so excited for them! The season ended on a cliff hanger, when were they getting their beautiful baby! I am so happy that they now have her and are a complete family – they seem so fun & loving!!!!


Kesaia on

I just want to say congratulations to Bill and Scout. I watch them on Tori and Dean’s reality show and love them so much. They are so amazing with kids from what I see on the show and I couldn’t be happier for them. Congrats Guncles!!!

Dorian on

Yay!!! I am so glad they finally have a baby girl! Scout and Bill broke my heart this season with how they so desperately wanted a baby. They will be awesome parents. Congratulations!

jennifer b on

im so happy for them.yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait to see pics of her.

Jenna on

I’m so happy for Scout and Bill. That’s great news:)

Christina on

I am just so estatic for them! They deserve all the happiness in the world!

Caroline on

This is so exciting! I watch the show, and these two are so great with Stella and Liam, they seem like they will be great parents! congrats!

Jennifer on


KyiKyi on

So excited for you guys! I’m beyond thrilled. I know the pain and suffering of waiting for a child. My DH and I suffered through 9 years of infertility and 4 weeks ago welcome our little miracle, also a daughter, into the world. She was conceived naturally much to our surprise. But I know that you both will love your Simone as much as we love our little Kaylee. You both are such inspirations to me. Our little mayflower also has a set of “guncles” that I named after you, also married. You will be wonderful parents and she is so lucky to have been blessed with you as her daddies. Good luck and God Bless!

jessica on

Congratulations and welcome to Baby Simone! How wonderful for the two of you! Prayers are answered! Wishing much love!

Amie on

Love Bill and Scout! Yeah for them! How could we send them a present???

Breanna on

Congrats Bill & Scout!! Y’all will be the best parents!!

Cori on

Yay they got their baby!! Brought a smile to my face to come on to People and see this story. With so many people out there having babies who really have no business being parents it’s awesome to see 2 people who have wanted it so bad have their little nugget of love. They are going to be amazing parents and she will be surrounded by so much love. Congrats Bill and Scout!!

Janine on

I was in tears at the end of the tori & dean episode where they said they had a potential baby. So happy to hear that it finally happened for them. Love the name Simone!

Natalie on

Oh that is so great!. My heart was breaking for them when they were trying to adopt.

Valerie on

That’s a sweet story. On another note, I laughed at the picture because Liam looks too big for Tori- almost seems like Liam should be the one carrying Tori!

ll65 on


Kristie on

LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!! I am super excited for them, and can’t wait to see them on the next season of Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood! Hopefully they will be appearing on the show still!!!!

Steph on

Love it! I love Bill and Scout on the show. They are wonderful with Liam and Stella. Such great news for great people! Congrats!

Amanda on

YAY!!!! I just love them! They have so much love to share, she is gonna be loved so much! WAY TO GO!!!

Courtney on

Congratulations! Hopefully, the little bundle of joy will make an appearance on a upcoming season of Tori and Dean!

CMC on

CONGRATS! I am soo happy to hear they have finally become parents. They seem like fantastic people and are always so great with the kids on the show. I am sure they will give this beautiful little girl such a wonderful happy life. What I am even more happy about? All of these comments are so positive! It’s nice and refreshing to see that everyone has something good to say for once about these online articles!

Deep Purple on

So wonderful that good things can still happen in the world despite all the bad that is going on. I celebrate with them and wish them all joy!! Kisses!!!

SAM on

yay!! Congratulations to the Guncles!!!! A new playmate for Liam & Stella:)

Alice on

Congratulations, can’t wait to see her in the show. They will have their hands full.

eilis on

My congrats to you both,your long wait is over,and you got your pride and joy,also congrats to both set’s of grandparents, you must be over the moon with joy.God bless all…

Sarah on

This headline ALONE made me bawl my eyes out!!!! During the Finale, when The Gunks told T&D they ‘found a potential mom’, I cried harder than Tori did.

I’m so, so, so happy for them!

God bless them, Simone and Simone’s birth Mama…. (insert heart)

kallie on

Yay! Congrats to them both =) So excited for them

Lila on

Yay! So glad they finally got a child. They seem like such loving people and will make wonderful parents, no doubt.

It took us 3 years to concieve our daughter through IVF so I know the pain of waiting, and the joy of finally holding that sweet bundle in your arms!

Tasha on

Congratulations! It makes me so happy to see so many positive reactions to their joy. Being a great parent isn’t determined by your sexual orientation or race. These guys will be incredible parents and that is all that matters.

Kate on

Congratulations! So happy for them!

Anne on

Congrats Bill and Scout!!! SOOOO happy for you! Sending tons of love xoxo

Anonymous on

They will make wonderful parents!

ericka on

It is greaaaaaat news, so happy for them.

Amanda on

I am SO thrilled for the Guncles! I have cried with them while watching their struggle on Tori and Dean and feel relief that their dreams are now a reality. I LOVE the Guncles and the McDermotts…what a wholesome great group of people, totally relateable! RIP Mimi LaRue!

Nikki on

Yay! So happy for them 🙂 They will be great parents!!

Nicky on

I am so happy for them!! I have fallen in love with them for years watching them on Tori and Dean and they are a true inspiration to the meaning of love and adoration. Baby Simone is a lucky little girl to have chosen them to be her parents. Congratulations!!!!

Amanda on

I just like that People put this story under Mom’s and babies! LOL

Elizabeth on

Yeah!!! The Guncles are now daddies!!! That’s so awesome. Congratulations to the new parents and baby Simone.

Luna on

This is the happiest I’ve ever been for someone I don’t know. Bill and Scout are going to be FANTASTIC parents! They are great with Liam and Stella. Simone will have two parents who love and adore her. Bill and Scout deserve this. This just goes to show that sexual orientation, race, religion or anything of the sort determines the ability to be a parent. Congratulations Bill, Scout, and welcome baby Simone.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. Not really a fan of the name though. But, as long as they like it then that’s all that matters!

Patricia on

I am so happy for you both! Congrats!!!

Lori on

Over the moon for them. I love them on the show and am so glad they are finally realizing their dream. They are such great uncles to Liam and Stella, and I can only imagine the kind of fathers they will be! Congrats to all! Welcome to the world baby Simone. You are one lucky little girl! And to the birth mother…God Bless you for bestowing such an incredible gift upon Bill and Scout!

Kimberly on

I’m so happy for the “Guncles” I love them on Tori show; and literally cried during the final episode when they announced they potentially had a birth mother lined up. They’re going to make great parents. So happy for them both!

Amanda on

So happy for them! They seem like awesome people. I have a gay brother and being gay doesn’t make a person bad, it’s whaats on the inside and Bill & Scout have true loving hearts! CONGRATS & GOOD LUCK 🙂

Christina on

I am so happy for Bill and Scout!!!! I had tears in my eyes when they announced they had a birth mom on the season finale. I know they will love her so much and they are great parents. Congrats you two!!!

Tina on

AWESOME!! Congrats! I have watched the show and have seen how they are with Tori’s kids…they are great and will be GREAT dads!

Melissa the NY'er on

Congratulations! You will be wonderful parents! So happy to hear the news of your beautiful daughter. Our own daughter has a few Guncles also. Wouldn’t trade our loved ones for anything! All the best to you 🙂

Randi on

It is about time!!!! They will make wonderful parents to little “Simone”—-She is a lucky little girl—- also to have wonder friends like Tori and Dean!!!

Jamie on

Congratulations! I am so happy for the Gunkles! You will no doubt make wonderful parents to Simone. God Bless you and your new family !

veronica abato on

I am very happy for all of them.Their personalities
on the series ,shows how loving and wonderful they are.Congrats!!!Kermsgirlie(Veronica)NY

James on

OMG I’m so happy for them! Drinks all around!

Dee on

Yeah for them! Congratulations. Lucky Simone!

Randi on

So, So Happy!!!! Simone is a very lucky little girl to have two wonderful, loving parents and two wonderful—–cousins and of course an terrific Aunt & Uncle!!!!

Jory on

Awesome!!! Awesome!! I am so so Happy for them!! I know they will make wonderful parents!!! What wonderful news!!! I cant wait to see a picture of her with them!!! I do hope they release one!!! Yeah!! this makes my day!!! :O) Congratulations TO the Guncles!!!

Rhonda on

Congrats! I also adopted & yes that love is there from the first second you see them. Enjoy your new family. Can’t wait to your family on the next season.

Maureen on

Congrats to the Guncles !!!! SO happy for you two. What a lucky baby.

Teddie on

I am so happy for them. They are great “uncles” and will be great parents. I can’t wait to see her. Al my love and best wishs for the happy family

Theresa on

Congratulations on the baby, but please tell me these guys aren’t actually called ‘guncles.’ What a god-awful word.

Amy in Oregon on

I was beyond happy to see this announcement today! Yay for Bill and Scout! I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness with their little Simone. I can’t think of a couple who deserved a child in their lives more than them!

iluvperfectparents on

\o/ Yey!! Congratulations to them. They seem like they are going to be wonderful parents!

JMG on

I’m SO happy for them! It’s obvious from how they are with Tori Spellings children, that they will be wonderful, loving parents. In a time when so many children are mistreated by their birth parents, it’s very heartwarming to see people who truly want to be parents, adopt a child. That little girl is no doubt going to live a very wonderful, happy, love-filled life!!! CONGRATS on the NEW FAMILY!!!

Karyn on

Congratulations Bill & Scout,I am so happy for you God Bless!

Miki on

Congratulations! After seeing you two with Liam and Stella I just know you’re great dads already!!!!

Leila on

Congratulations!!!I’m so thrilled for both of you, or should I say the three of you. This is going to be the most loved baby of all time. I know that Aunt Tori must be overwhelmed with joy. I predict a very spoiled little Diva.

Linda on

CONGRATS to both of you!!Thanks for sharing w us the great news and can’t wait to see her!!Many Blessings & good luck now the fun begins

Debbie on

Good for them; they are both so nice and to see the way they take care of Liam and Stella….Congrats…

Crystal on

That is so great!!! Congratulations guys. The “Guncles” will be awesome dads.

Lindsay on

I AM SO EXCITED for the Guncles… It brought tears to my eyes that their dreams have finally came true. They are going to be the best parents… Love you guys!!

Jenny on

Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see pics of the little angel. You guys are GREAT uncles to Liam and Stella and Simone is a blessed to have you as her fathers.

Karyn on

Congratulations Bill & Scout,I am so happy for you,Simone is a very lucky girl.God Bless All Of You!

Anonymous on

i agree, theresa…terrible name – “guncles”…are they now “gaddies”??…i am all for adoption regardless of sexual orientation, this just seems to draw attention to orientation instead of just people being people…an uncle is an uncle whether he is gay or not….

julie on

I am sooo thrilled to hear this news, Congrats and welcome Simone

Maddie on

I am so incredibly happy for them i never miss and episode of tori and dean home sweet hollywood! Congrats Scout and Bill cant wait to see the new baby girl on the show looking forward to it! best whishes with her! ❤ 🙂

Lissette on

Very happy for them! Congrats!!

Jennifer on

CONGRATS!!!! I am sooo happy for Bill and Scout, they are sooo blessed! They are going to make wonderful parents and I wish them all the best in the world! I hope ya’ll got in a whole lot of sleep before she came into this world cause sleepless nights here ya’ll come, lol! Nothing but the best to ya’ll always! Much Love!

Stephy on

Congratulations to Scout & Bill !!

Amanda on

SOOOOO happy for them!!! There is no doubt little Simone will have a wonderful life with her ‘adoptive’ parents 🙂 What a wonderful story! Melts my heart.

Melissa on

Congrats! I am so happy for them! I know they have been wanting a baby and they said on the show the baby was due in a month meaning june so i was hoping they would annouce it.

Kerry on

This is wonderful news!!! They are going to make Simone a wonderful person because you can see the love and values that they share with Tori, Dean and everyone around them. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing her soon.

juls on

Congratulation guncles you are going to be great parents, can’t wait to see pictures of your beatiful daughter. good luck and parents day.

*** on

I am sooo happy for them! I know from watching the show how much little Simone was wanted and how much she will be loved. Congrats Guncles! 🙂

Jen on

I’m so very happy for them! What a beautiful blessing baby Simone is for their lives. Best of luck to their family!

Kellie on

Congrats to them! I am so excited for them. Simone is going to be filled with a life of love and happiness because of her dads!

Simone on

Great name 😀

Iam sure she is going to be a happy baby and will be raised with plenty of love!

robinepowell on

Congratulations to them. An added bonus: if their daughter needs to talk to a mother figure down the road, she’ll have Tori.

Btw, Tori’s going to have to stop carrying Liam around, he’s 3 and I can see that he’s getting (phyiscally) too big for that.

Mandy on

That’s great for them, congratulations. But I can’t help but make another comment about this. Why do they get an actual ‘breaking news’ story? Who cares about them? Obviously enough people but I don’t watch the show so I don’t know them. But I do watch The Duggars show and others and yet they only get a ‘bolded’ mention in the ‘around the web’ section. I don’t think that’s fair. I think this site needs better consistency. That’s all I’m saying.

Anonymous on

Simone will be lucky to have such loving parents. Congrats!

Beth on

Way to go guys! So happy for all of you! God Bless and best wishes always!

Valerie on

I have been watching every day for news about this. Words cannot even express how excited I am for them. I know I don’t personally know this family but watching their yearning for a child was heartbreaking. This is such wonderful news!!!!!

Genei on

Congrats to you Both!!!!! I am so happy for you. I was in tears when you announced you possibly had a birth mother. Love her every day which I know you will!

Nanc on

Congrats to the Guncles! I have watched Tori and Dean since the first show and I love all of them. I’m so happy for them.

Erin Van Schaack on

Congratulations to the GUncles! From what we have seen on the show they are going to be loving and caring parents.

Erin on

Simone, you’re one lucky little girl! Like everyone else, I’m thrilled for Scout and Bill!

Lucina Moon on

Congrats to Bill and Scout and thank you to Simone’s birth mother who made an incredibly generous and wise decision.

Dawn on

How wonderful for them. I am sure she will be showered with love and raised to respect all people. Hope Tori saved all of Stella’s baby clothes!!

Bu on

Congratulations Bill and Scout on your new baby daughter. You both seem like you will be great parents!

Fiona on

Congrats to the Gungles they are going to be great parents.. they are very loving and you can tell they are very family oriented… their little girl is going to be sooo loved and spolied

Remy on

I’m so happy for them! They’re going to make great parents. They’re so sweet with Liam and Stella and this baby is going to be so loved.

Erin on

Congratulations!!!! This is wonderful news. You will be great parents!

Sheronda on

Wow!!! Baby Simone is so lucky!!! I can’t think of two better people to have a baby.

Tammy on

Congratulations! You are going to make wonderful daddies!

Anonymous on

why does Tori have to refer to Billy and Scout as “gay uncles”? Can’t they just be “uncles”? Why do differences need to be pointed out….?

Vanessa on

I love the “Guncles”! They are 2 wonderful men. I think they will make loving fathers! It was a very emotional moment on the finale of the show. And I thought to myself, I really hope they get this baby. And they did! Congrats Bill and Scout!

Lauren on

I have been hoping for so long that they would get a child and i am so happy they have finally got one!!!! Congrats guys!

Penny on

Hooray for the Guncles, but more horrays for Simone! She’s found a loving, stable home and no doubt will be so deliciously spoiled! Guncles, just love her, be silly with her, talk to her about why grass is green and skies are blue, play pirates and princesses and have tea parties! Let her make mud pies in the kitchen and jump in the pool with her clothes on! The lives of children are meant to be fun, playful, silly, imaginative….and when you’re there with her, doing these things, it will create her most precious memories in life! Congratulations!

Amber on

Congratulations to the new parents! I am very happy that they finally have the child they so wanted- after many years of actively trying, my husband and I are having a little boy in August, so I DEFINITELY understand how waiting feels.

Amy on

Oh, that is just awesome! I cried when they were telling Tori and Dean that they had a potential match. My heart is beaming for you guys.

JJ on

I am SOOO happy for all of them. Liam and Stella can have a litle playmate now. They are such awesome guncles and they’ll be awesome parents as well:D Wish my kids could have guncles~ In regards to those complaining about the word ‘guncles’ all I have to say is does it really matter? Obviously it is a term that every agrees with and loves let it be. It is so nice to see all these positive comments instead of reading all the negative ones in regard to Tori and Dean and esp. Tori’s looks. Luv them luv the show and Liam is hilarious! CONGRATS!!

amy on

I teared up when I saw this. They are going to make the best parent to this little girl! Not to mention what a great Aunt & Uncle Tori & Dean are going to make!

Vicki on

I am thrilled with the news!! Beautiful name, welcome to the journey 🙂

Debbie Bell on

I love the guncles. I was so excited and cried with Tori during the Season Finale. You guys will be GREAT PARENTS. She is so lucky to have found you. Enjoy every moment.

susie on

i have been watching tori and deans show since it started–i love the show–i love tori and dean and the kids –and i also loved bill and scout tooo–they are sooooo cute together–and tori and i had the same reaction when they told tori and dean at the kitchen table that they wanted to adopt—they are sooo good with liam and stella –they will be really good parents–CONGRATS!!!–soooo happy

i think somebody should get mehran a date–he is soo cute

Brandi on

YAY!! I love the guncles and they will be great dads. Simone is a lucky girl!!

anastasia on

i’m so happy for them! they seem like a wonderful couple and will make fabulous parents. i’m not crazy about the name simone, but i wish them and their new baby a lifetime of love, health and happiness. congratulations to bill and scout.

ang on

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! they will be rockin’ daddies and they will cherish every moment. finally!

toks77 on


Janny on


Betty on

I am so heartened to hear this news. I was pulling for these two. What a lucky baby to have this opportunity. What lucky dads!

Shelly on

I’m sooo , soooo happy for them . They both deserve a child. They are going to make wonderful parents.

Melissa on

so happy for them…I can’t wait for the next season to come on…Congrats!

Sharon on

That is such a wonderful Father’s day present. They will be such great dads. The best of luck to all of them.

Melanie on

What a blessing. To have loving parents who have done everything they could to have you in their life. Congratulations to the guncles and the sweet angel who gets such admirable parents.
Enjoy every moment!

Anonymous on

Yay! I’m so happy for them! They’re going to be the best parents. Congrats, guys!

Maria on

Yay!! They will make great parents!! they are such a loving couple and such good friends to Tori and Dean and their children. and BTW, Tori did not officiate their wedding. She helped plan it. She is ordained though and has officiated a same sex wedding when they owned chateau la rue!

Heather on

wow!!! the wait is over!! congrats to you both!! you both deserve whatever you work hard for!

Tina on

OMG I’m so happy for them I’m crying hellloooo!!! LOL I know that she will have a wonderful life and the Guncles have just be gone their little family!

jerrie on

So Great! I love that they can now share this experience together. Congrats to the new Dad’s! Can’t wait to possibly see them on your show Tori.

Joann on

Congrats Billy and Scout on your new bundle of joy Simone best wishes and happy days for the new daddy’s 🙂

Amber on

Congratulations!!! And Simone is such a gorgeous name!

sonya on

congrats! that is wonderful news!!! beatiful to see families grow and come together!!! enjoy your new baby!

Scooby In Edmonds on

I fell in love with guys on Tori and Dean’s show and I am so happy for them! I can’t think of two better people to be parents:-)

Anonymous on

Congrats!!! What a lucky little girl she is!!

Tracy Davis on

WHooo HOOOO.. the guncles got baby.> Thats amazing… SO happy for you guys..

kathy on

Congratulations to the proud parents! You guys are goining to be great parents! Just watching you with Stella and Liam and all the love you have for the both of them is great! Congratulations again! Enjoy every moment of it!



Anonymous on

I am so happy for the two of you. This could not have happened to two more lovely and deserving people. She is one lucky little girl.

Wendi on

Welcome to the life you never imagined, no sleep, no time, no money for yourself (since you now have a GIRL hehe) and most of all the greatest joy and experience of your entire life!!! Enjoy every moment -even the nights that you see every hour!! lol My baby girl is already 5 years old and I think how fast the time has went!! So happy for you two….congrats!!!!!

ga fletch on

thats great best wishes 🙂

Laura Haney on

I am over the moon happy for them. They have been staples on Tori and Dean and to hear that they have their own child is AMAZING!!!! They will make wonderful parents to this lovely baby girl! CONGRATS guncles turned dads!!!! May the heavens bless you and your baby from here until forever!

Carla on

I am so happy for the guncles. This news made my day! They will be wonderful parents. 🙂

Wendy on

YEAH!!! So happy for them!

Robyn on

I’m so happy!! This news seriously made my day after seeing them wait on the show. They seem like lovely people. Congrats.

Sandy on

I am so excited for them…They will make great parents.

Candice on

I’m so happy for you!!!! 🙂 Congratulations!

Katie on

So So happy for Bill and Scout. They are so good with Liam and Stella. They are such amazing Guncles and will be amazing parents. Simone is lucky to have them as they are to have her! Congrats guys!!

Lindy on

I am so so so happy for them.. They are both awesome!!!!

sharon littlefield on

Happy Joy! This is wonderful news. Sending congratulations and wishes for all happiness!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to two wonderful people who are going to be loving parents. God bless Bill, Scout, Simone and the birth Mom for making them a family.

Hilary on

I LOVE the guncles! They are so loving and sweet to Stella and Liam. I am so happy that they finally get to experience what it is like to be parents. Congrats guncles! & the best of luck!

Tara on

So happy for Bill & Scout!!!

Deb on

Grats to the Guncles. I am so happy for them that their dream has finally come true.

Diana on

Congrats Bill & Scout! So happy for you guys!!

Kari Ana on

Yeah for the Guncles. Such great news.

Lori A on

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Such great news!!! Congrats to all!!!

Kim on

So beyond happy for the guncles!!! I know they will be great parents.

Anonymous on

aw that’s amazing! that is fantastic news!! congrats to them!

Reta on

I too am thrilled for the guys who are really great people full of endless love. I am also thrilled about the comments. NOT ONE was negative about their sexuality which I find endlessly horrible and negative on other sites. These people need and deserve to be treated just like everybody else, and allowed to have love in their lives. Hooray for them!

Carol Saunders on

Congratulations Bill and Scout, on the birth of your little daughter. How happy you two must be! As a regular viewer and strong fan of Tori and Dean (and of course all the regulars) I send my best wishes. We here at the Saunders’ household look forward to many episodes that will feature your family and of course look forward to seeing your little Simone.
God Bless,
Carol Saunders

Lynne on

What wonderful news ! I’m so happy for you. You both will be FAB parents…can’t wait to see the little one. I do have to point out you need to add a “e” to Lynn (we are far and between). Love you all xoxo Lynne

JM on

congratulations how wonderful that they get to experience the wonder of parenthood as they should be entitled too. what a loving family.

can i just say, what is almost as wonderful, i haven’t read every single comment here but skimmed them and i tihnk i can safely say, no nasty or vindictive comments. that is so so so nice to see. i am ashamed to say i was a little cynical going into this thread thinking surely someone will have commented on “the traditional idea of a family” and gay people raising kids, and no one has and i almost feel i should apologise for being so cynical. instead i just thought i’d have a mini-celebration here that people aren’t being judgmental and that maybe the world has moved forward a little. all, wonderful news!

Bill & Camille Karl on

Congratulations to you both…it’s a dream come true for you…just don’t teach her the word “no” and do have her skip the teenage years, and life will be near perfect !?! And don’t let her go shopping with Cousin Mary (especially if she has your credit card)…
Uncle Bill

Lisa on

Yay Guncles!!! So thrilled for them!

Nancy Chval on

congratulations Bill and Scout,
you are going to be great guys are great with Tori and Deans kids I have been a parent for 20 years and there is nothing better to me.Good luck and God Bless.
Nancy Chval

Bancie1031 on

YAY! I can’t wait to see her! The Guncles are wonderful with Liam and Stella!!!! I hope they show her on Tori and Dean’s show 😀

Ilovelucy on

Ahhhh, how exciting! My heart was breaking for them. They will be wonderful parents. Simone is gonna be one lucky little lady. CONGRATS!

faith&love on

congrats, the guncles are gonna be great parents may god bless your new family,im so happy now its complete.

Antoinette on

watch the show faithfully every week love it, I am sooo happy for Bill and Scout that they finally have baby Simone, they have waited a long time for her, but it paid off in the end they will be GREAT parents, baby Simone is very lucky as well as Bill and Scout


Jamie on

Congrats Guncle’s!! I hope Tori throws you an over the top baby shower, as she is soooo good at!! Can’t wait to see you on season 5!!!

Stanley on

I’am so happy that they got their child. It would be even greater if this could happen in every state in our country. Gay marriage and Adoptions is a step in the right direction. But untill there is Equality for all gay people in all states, I can’t be as happy as I should. I love the Show and I look forward to watching the kids grow up.

Gigi on

So happy for the new family!! Little Simone is a very lucky girl to have such wonderful parents–many happy wishes to the three of them! And FABULOUS name pick!!

Nicole on

I cried just reading this!! Congrats to the Guncles, you are going to make wonderful parents!! Can’t wait to see pics of your sweet bundle of joy!! I never miss an episode of Tori & Dean and so love the Guncles!!!!

Pinkdancer on

That’s great news! Now this may not be the right thing to say but I am absolutely in no way trying to be negative. Hopefully Tori can be a female figure for her when she’s in the preteen years for things that are awkward with dads, like bras and other stuff. That being said, they will obviously be incredibly loving parents and provide everything their precious little girl could possibly need. Congrats!

Alysia on

Aww Im soo happy for them. They seem like they would be awsome parents and have so much love to give. Its great that they weer able to have a baby girl.

Ashlee on

Congrats, Guncles!!! So happy for you guys!!!!!! 🙂

vanessa on

Congratulations Bill and Scout, on the arrival of your new baby girl! I wish you all the happiness with your new baby!!

fuzibuni on

wow. who are these people and why have i never heard of them before?

Bancie1031 on

JM – I couldn’t agree more and I was expecting the same exact thing …… 😀

Congratulations Guncles once again 😀

Julie Sanchez on

CONGRATULATIONS BILLY AND SCOUT! I am so happy for the two of you and I know from seeing you on the show with Liam and Stella that you both will make wonderful parents! If you haven’t already been told this, I would like to be the first to wish you both a VERY HAPPY (1ST) FATHERS DAY. I seriously couldn’t be happier for you. Please kiss the baby for all your fans too. Much Love to all of you. I am happy your family is now complete!

sophie on

Congrats to the couple, I don’t know who they are but a baby is a blessing and from the sounds of it they’ve been trying for a while.
I have to ask why they are called guncles? An uncle is an uncle regardless of sexual orientation and it just seems weird to me to point it out. But that could just be me.

Shelby on

Wow, what a blessing! I was terrified to begin reading the comments when I saw there were 190+ of them but as I scrolled through the Congratulations I began to cry. What an amazing story and heartfelt message…two parents wanting a baby so desperately regardless of sexual orientation. Can the rest of this country please follow suit? Congrats to the Guncles, you are very lucky girl to be born into a household of such unconditional love!

Stacey on

COOL COOL COOL< congrats to the new parents.

Chrissy on

Congratulations Billy and Scout!!!!! I’m so happy for the both of you… Simone is one lucky little girl. She could not ask for better parents!!!

Chris on

To both of you, we are SOOOOOOOO happy for your family. We’ve watched you and it’s SO very obvious how much love you have to give. Looking forward to seeing your family blossom.

Much love,

Maddie’s Gaunts (Gay Aunts)

Chris & Christy

Jill on

YAY! I love the show, and I think it’s great they have found a baby! YAY to the GUNCLES! Billy and Scouty you will Make FANTASTIC parents. I know you probably won’t be reading this, but you have a great support system!

amy on

To JM:
My guess for all the postive comments (unlike most comments on this site) is that Bill and Scout (or Tori & Dean) probably sent this post out through social media to everyone they know to announce Simone’s adoption. I think the majority of people posting are people who personally know them or are some fans of Tori and Dean’s show. I think the people who typically make negative comments here on anything and everything may have been scared away by all the positive comments! 🙂

Amie on

Congrats to them….. They will be great dads… Can’t wait to see pictures…

Mya on

I am so happy for Bill and Scout. I love them on the show and I was praying for them to get a baby. This just makes my day! And Simone is my middle name, so I am proud to share her name. This baby will be so loved…I can’t wait to see pictures of her!

Jana on

Congratulations to Scout and Bill! I’ve wondered about them since the end of the Tori and Dean season, when they mentioned they might have a baby coming. They were too cute on the show when they were showing off all the baby proof things they had done to the house in the hopes of getting a baby. They will be wonderful parents, especially since they have Tori to help with any questions. Congrats again!

Vicki on

I not only say Congrats and I love you both soooo much!! I also say, do I hear SPIN OFF??? That would be so AWESOME and I for one would love, love, LOVE to be a part of your experience with your new little Simone. God bless you all and enjoy being new daddies to your beautiful girl ❤

Nancy L. on

Simone is the luckiest little girl in the world. Congrats Billie & Scout!! I feel like I know you from watching Tori & Dean. I want Guncles too!!! You guys are awesome!!

Beth Diaz de Leon on


Tess on

I follow you through Tori & Dean. Congratulations and what a blessing!!

Nikkie~0;-) on

Such wonderful news! Welcome, little Simone. I so enjoy Tori and Dean’s show and you two make it even “specialer!” God is good! Hugs and kisses~0;-)

Bancie1031 on

fuzibuni – you must not watch Tori and Dean’s show. Scout and Bill are friends of Tori’s (and now Dean’s 😀 ) Tori actually married them on her show when they owned the B & B. Tori is a BIG supporter of gay’s ….. These 2 are the Guncle’s (Gay Uncles) for her children Liam and Stella ….. and Mehran is her gay husband 😀 (he’s her best friend and has been for many many years!).

Amy – you might very well just be right … huh …. I was reading some of the comments on here and was like wow this comment actually sounds like they personally know the Guncles ….. and I wonder if the Guncles (Tori or Dean as well) actually read this site????

Erica on

I am so happy to see that Bill and Scout finally got the baby that they deserve!!! They are amazing with Liam and Stella and are bound to be WONDERFUL parents. Enjoy your new dughter and God Bless!!

Kara on

Truly awesome news! That is one lucky little baby:) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Julie on

YAAAAY!!! I am so excited for them… when I saw the last episode where they told Tori and Dean of the baby.. I cried.. this couple is so cute… and I wish them nothing but the best… Hugs from Kansas!!!

Tara on

I’m sooo happy for them!! Cant wait to see pictures and the next season of Tori & Dean!

Jessica on

I am so happy for them, they will be wonderful parents. I started crying reading this, what a lucky little girl!

Maureen on

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the guncles. My heart went out to them when they were crying as they babysat Liam & Stella, hoping for a child. I can bet there is no child that will have as much love as that little girl will have. I couldn’t be happier for them.
2 p.s. Nice to see no negitive comments.
and I second the motion for a spin off, they are great to watch, warm and loving is what I think of when they appear on Tori & Deans show..
Again to the new Daddys, Congratulations on your baby girl, I wish you all the best!

Erin on

I’m so thrilled for them! But even happier that there is so much positive support out there for them! Simone is one luckly little lady!

Dena on

I went to highschool with Scout and know personally what a wonderful person he is. Have never met Bill, but he must be just as wonderful if Scout has chosen him to spend his life with. Could not think of two more deserving people to receive such a blessing. Little Simone is a lucky girl! Can’t wait to see photos!

michelle on

love the guncles! congrats billy and scouty!baby simone is a lucky girl!!

michelle on

love the guncles! congrats biily and scouty need to find a nugget cookie jar!!!

jill on

so sad the show has finished, your little girl will bring you such joy. you are so lucky you have dean and tori 4 advice the are such great parents. good luck. jill australia,

grace on

omg have an awesome life you guys! nice name!!!

BJ on

Congrats! So happy for you. You guys will make parents.

Lynne on

Congratulations to Simone for getting two such awesome parents. Bill and Scout, Hoorah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad that all the waiting is over and you can get the full time experience! There’s nothing better…………..

Amanda Lindley on

Im sooooo Gappy for scott and bill. they wanted a child of there own. and i know tori is so happy to have another baby around.they are going to be wonderful parents and she is going to love haveing them as her dad. they r so good with tori and deans kids and you can tell how happy they are when they are around them. i wish them best of luck and a happy life with there new family!

Janet Hodulik on

Congratulations…you will both make great parents…

Joan Garcia on

This is wonderful news! I love Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella, as well as the guncles, Bill and Scout. Anyone could see that Bill and Scout would be great parents as we watched them take care of Liam and Stella. I can just see them loving Simone, spoiling her, buying little designer baby clothes and throwing big parties for her. I wish them all the best. They deserve it!

Verda on

Such a Blessing for the Guncles… You both will make beautiful parents such a lucky little girl. Thank you for sharing I have been praying for you.

kellyheidiMichel on

Oh! Im so thrilled for them.They are a fabulous.loving couple!
Congratulations to Bill and Scout and WELCOME to Simone!

Kristen on

So happy to see the headline this morning! Love you guys on the show. Good luck with your little nugget of love. 🙂

Sarah on

I am soo very happy for Bill & Scout!! You could tell by the episodes they really wanted to have a child!! Congrats to them!!

Jule on


coco on

that is so awesome. i hope they read this and see all the nice stuff everyone is saying. what great news. what a nice little corner of the world they have to bring that child to. they seem like such sweet people.

Shy on

Congratulation guys, you will be a wonderful father!

Sherry on

I am so very happy that they finally got there baby. I really think they will make great parents cause they seem to have so much love for Tori’s kids. Congrats on the new baby and i just love the name.

Simone on

Finally some piece of news that isn’t about a teen giving birth or some “star” going into rehab. congrats to Scout & Bill, they will make great parents and i know Tori will be there for Simone as her female figure in life.

Kristina on

Congradulations to Bill and Scout…. can’t wait to see the baby…. hope all goes well with them and they’re new arrival.

FC on

I was wondering if there’d be any news about her arrival since they announced it was pretty much a go during the season finale of Tori’s show. I’m so happy for them. And she came just in time for them to celebrate their first Father’s Day. That’s even sweeter.

Congrats to Bill and Scout on their baby girl, Simone. 🙂

Angela on

I am so glad to hear that “The Guncles” have finally realized their dream of becoming parents! Their commitment to each other and to Liam and Stella is amazing: they should be an inspiration to us all. I can’t wait for the next season of Tori and Dean!

rhonda on

that is so awesome…..Congratulations to you both….

Franny on

I am thrilled for them! Simone is a lucky girl – I hope we get to peek into their lives as they experience parenthood. Congratulations!

Traveler on

This is wonderful news! Bill and Scout will no doubt be wonderful, loving parents. Congrats!

Jackie on

so happy for you Bill & Scout! I am sure she will be loved very much, she is going to be adorable! Congrats. the best thing in my life is my daughter & my hubby!

Chrissy on

They are so deserving of this!!! They are great “Guncles” and will be great parents! Good luck guys!!!

connie wiberg on

I am over joyed for Scout and Billy. Like Tori always said, they are going to be great parents and now they can have fun doing it. I hope there’s going to be a new Tori and Dean so we all get to see the new arrival.Tori and Dean will make the best aunt and uncle for Simone, and Liam and Stella are going to have the time of there life’s teaching her everything she’ll need to no. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS. Big fan of all of you. Connie.

Erron on

I think it is wonderful that they are going to get to be parents!!! I think they are going to be great parents they where awesome with Monkey and Lady Bug on the show!!! I love the Guncels and i beleave that they are going to do great at being parents and i wish them all the best….

Mary Nolin on

Go Guncles- You Rock- Can’t wait to see pix’s of the new bundle of joy. I’m a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 6, so I know the joys of becoming a parent. You can’t compare it to anything. Enjoy the time while they are small, they grow up way to fast.

Jodi Murphy on

I just wanted to wish you both congratulations. You both truly will make wonderful parents!!

suzi on

I am so happy for you guys I just love you I wish you the best and lots of happiness.Good luck guncles!

b goddard on

How great for them. I loved watching them with Liam and Stella when Dean and Tori took their vacation. They will be wonderful parents.

Robyn on

Congratulations Guncles! Seeing how much you two love each other and are with Liam and Stella this is one blessed little girl to have two such loving daddies.

christina Jones on

congrats I’m a big fan of the show and i’m so happy you two are parents now . i’m a mother of 2 and i love each moment congrats and they do grow up fast so take plenty of pictures

Madi on

I’m so happy for Bill and Scout! Simone is lucky to be adopted by two people who obviously have so much love. It’s going to be fun watching Liam and Stella playing and growing up with their new “cousin”. I can’t wait to see pictures of the new family.

Kate on

If anyone has doubts about a gay couple’s ability to raise a child, watch the Tori and Dean show. Billy and Scott will make great parents – what a lucky family. From a Mom of a wonderful son who happens to be adopted son.

Donna on

I am so beyond thrilled for Bill and Scout. They have such a loving relationship and they are so loving and maternal towards Stella and Liam. That episode where Bill and Scout were watching the kids and they were so sad and teary about wanting a child of their own made me cry. God Bless you Bill and Scout and little Simone.

Amy on

God Bless all 3 of you. There is nothing better then a little baby girl. I have one and she is the light of my life. This one will be the light of yours. Most little girls are a daddy’s girl, Simone is very lucky she has 2 daddy’s so, hold her tight and spoil her rotten.

angie on

YAY!!!! could not be happier for them!!! they will make great parents!!

Janie on

Congratulations Guncles! Soooo happy for you! You are going to be the best daddies. Can’t wait to see a picture of your new little girl.

lm on

I’m very happy for them. It’s nice to see people couples who can’t conceive themselves adopt. This little girl is going to very loved by her two daddies.

elaine on

god bless and good luck you guys are going to be great parents

rie rie on

God. Bless and many happy thoughts coming your way.

Susan on

Love the Guncles ! I am so happy for them. They will be fantastic parents to little Simone. Beautiful baby !

John and Doug on

We are going through the adoption process ourselves. Seeing all of these supportive comments is incredibly moving. Congrats to the boys.

Trxie on

I am soooo happy for The Guncles, that baby is going to be so well cared for, they both make perfect parents, congrats to both of you and your baby girl!!

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