Kyra Sedgwick Bracing For an Empty Nest

06/17/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

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For actors Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, family life began on a whim.

While honeymooning in 1988, “We were like, ‘Let’s just not use birth control,'” the star of TNT’s The Closer recalls in a new interview with MORE magazine.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen so fast,” she adds. “I got pregnant in two weeks.”

Son Travis, 21 this month, recently completed his junior year at college, and 18 years after saying hello to daughter Sosie Ruth, Sedgwick and Bacon are once again preparing to say goodbye.

Of her rapidly approaching empty nest, Sedgwick muses, “It’s like, you’ve had this job forever, it’s the job you always wanted to do, and you were pretty good at it … Then you get fired for no reason!”

Before Sosie leaves for university in the fall Sedgwick plans to pack in as much mother-daughter time as possible, even pushing back production on The Closer by several weeks.

“I set my alarm to wake up so I can see her,” she reveals. “I don’t make plans on weekday evenings in case I can spend time with her. It’s pathetic; I don’t care.”

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Heidi on

Awww, that’s so sweet…!! (Re. the mother-daughter time)

sara on

i love kyra! she’s just lovely..

Shannon on

I think all mothers are like that. My mom was like that too when I went off to college,she said “what am I going to do now?”….my dad on the other hand was like “don’t call me unless you get locked up” lol.

Michelle on

I love her and cant wait for THE CLOSER to start. Hope Sosie is on again this season.

woeisme on

Wow – I felt the same way as Kyra.What a great human connection – we sometimes forget that celebrities/stars are human too!!!I really like Kyra & Kevin Bacon – hope they are always together – with the empty nest they will need each other more than ever.

court on

That’s so sweet! My mom couldn’t wait to get rid of my sister and me so it’s nice to hear such loving stories. on

My children are 6, 4, and 1.5 and reading this brought tears to my eyes. I’m in the trenches now, but know that all-to-quickly the time will be gone. Sounds like this family of 4 is a tight one and I’m sure they’ll always be close…perhaps not under the same roof, but still close.

However, in full disclosure, I can’t breathe when I think of having an empty nest. Pardon me now while I go look in on my three sleeping lovies…

Kelsey on

Love her! Loved her daughter on the closer. She has so much personality and the Bacon family Is just so lovely!

M Pamela on

Like Kyra, my son is leaving Sunday for North Georgia and I am bracing myself; although I know we did the best we humanly can raising him to be fine young man and setting the values and cores that hopefully will continue to lead him on the straight and narrow, I have learned to leave the worrying to God…we parents have been doing our duty and responsibility to raise our children and now the time has come they are stepping further away…that doesn’t mean our job is done, if anything, we still need to be there, guide them, let them fall, let them learn to get back up again and continue on…only when they have fallen, gotten back up have they become successful. I continue to pray and ask God for guidance and love…After all, our fate is in His hands…He knows what is best for us all…although we humans don’t always like the hand we are dealt with, it is what we do with the choice(s) that determine the outcome of how we handle the situation…My son is very excited, very happy, and a bit nervous so the last thing he needs is a emotional-wrecked mother bawling her eyes out!!

sophie on

Kyra sounds like an amazing mother and I know what she’s on about because my mum is like that too. She was so upset when I left home last year and my sister before that. I know she’s dreading my brother leaving in a few years because that means her babies are all grown up. Infact my mum wanted to spend as much time as she could with me before I left she organised a little holiday for the two of us. My mum is an amazing woman and I’m really glad she took the time and made the effort to spend time with me before I left and I’m sure Sosie will be glad Kyra did too. Its nice to feel that love and spend that time bonding, it helps make the relationship that bit closer.

Anna on

I’m on the other side of the story, the last one to leave home and now I live on the other side of the world. I do sometimes feel guilty for moving so far away from my mom.

Lila on

My daughter is 3.5 years old and I already get teary eyed at the thought of her going away to school. It’s nice to know that even celebrities get empty nest syndrome and want to squeeze in those last few precious memories.

Cathy on

I was a mess when my daughter left for her University, but not so much when my son left. I think I naturally worried more for her safety, as she was 3,000 miles away from me.

torgster on

I have always admired and respected Kyra and Kevin. They are such a breath of fresh air, normalcy and common sense in what often seems like an out of touch with reality celebity world.

Simone on

Best celeb couple love love love them!!!

Lola Marie on

Loved her fired comment 😀