Bethenny Frankel After Baby: More Mellow, Less Punctual

06/16/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Life as a new mom has Bethenny Frankel moving to the beat of a totally different drum — that of 5-week-old daughter Bryn Casey!

“I’m painfully punctual and with a child it’s really not possible,” the Bethenny Getting Married? reality star tells PEOPLE.

“There are things you have to do and people have to wait. The baby comes first and everyone else can suck it.”

In addition to “getting out the door on time,” Frankel, 39, cites breastfeeding as one of her biggest challenges.

However, no obstacle is too great to take The Real Housewives of New York City star off her first-time motherhood high!

“You love nothing more than this tiny little being that entered your life five weeks ago and the world stops,” Frankel raves. “Nothing else matters … and having drama and arguments really seem to fall to the wayside. It just seems like you can’t hook in like you did. I just don’t feel as angry as I was.”

— Anya Leon

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lostbutf0und on

My goodness, she looks fabulous! I’m jealous!

Shelby on

She can’t be time anymore is she kidding? I am mother of 3 with a 4th on the way I am always on time or early for appointments. Even when I had just one kid I was always on time or early. I guess Southern mothers raise their daughters to respect others time.

Fifi on

I had a hard time being punctual early on, but then I figured out how much extra time I needed to get ready, and things fell back into place. It just takes a little time.

aja1223 on

Giver her a break- she’s only been at this five weeks! She’ll return to being punctual, but it takes a little time to get used to being a momma. Everything seems difficult at first.

michelle on

I love her and listening to her talk about Bryn is sweet. She has wanted this for a long time and being new at it is hard. She will get a hang of it and then she will be back to being on-time. 🙂 I’m just glad she has had her wishes come true. And I love her new show. 🙂

jessicad on

Shelby I’m a southern girl and my mother did raise me to be on time, and I’m the type who gets anxious when I’m not early, but I agree with Bethenny here! That’s awesome you can be on time, but it was very hard for me to be on time the first year after my daughter arrived. you can plan all you want, but unexpected diaper changes, breastfeeding, spit ups, and getting yourself ready too is hard work when you’re used to just up and going:)

I really like Bethenny and I’m glad she has the family she always wanted, she looks absolutely amazing too, she’s a good pregnancy role model!

cris on

Shelby wrote: “I guess Southern mothers raise their daughters to respect others time”
LOL!! I was raise in the west and my mother raised me to respect others time…puhleaze!

Megan on

“There are things you have to do and people have to wait. The baby comes first and everyone else can suck it.”

I have to wonder how she’ll feel when people take that attitude for events important to her(her kid’s birthday party, public speaking events, etc) and show up really late or not at all.

Lauren on

I LOVE Bethenny. I have been a fan of hers since she was on Martha Stewarts Apprentice! She looks amazing and Bryn is beautiful. I can’t wait to see my pictures of her. I love her humor and wish she could cook for me.

I totally understand how difficult it is to be on time with children. It does get easier with time, but like she the baby comes first. I love the baby comes first and everyone else can suck it comment. So a Bethenny thing to say and I totally agree.

Shelby, in regards to having respect for peoples time. I do have this and was raised very well by my parents in the midwest. If I am walking out the door and I have a child who spits up, I am not going to be on time with a dirty baby.

Megan, I get what you are saying, but I personally have no problems when people are late to my parties/events, etc. Everyone has lives and things that come up. They will be there when they want. A friend of mine was 3 hours late for our party on Sunday. She is childless, but it didn’t bother me one bit b/c when she was there, she was all about the celebration at hand.

Shelby on

I don’t know who ^Shelby is but she sure isn’t polite like “Southern Girls.” I’m watching Bethenny Getting Married now and I absolutely adore her. How can you not love someone who adores being a Mother. As far as punctuality is concerned, remember the life Bethenny led before Bryn entered it; tons of traveling, publicity, etc. Obviously, it will take a while to adjust, Bethenny had only herself for quite a well so seeing her surrounded and loving being a Mommy makes me SO happy. Lots of blessings to you Bethenny!!

p.s. THANK YOU for admitting to how difficult breastfeeding can be but not giving up…stick with it!

Luna on

I am an extremely punctual person, with five kids. However, just starting out and getting a new addition, I struggled for the first couple months. Suddenly, you have to worry if the baby will poop all up his back or if someone else will spit up. It’s hard in the beginning. In regards to Shelby, I was raised and still live on the East Coast. I’m always early and/or on time with my five children. It’s really not entirely accurate to make generalizations on punctuality based on region of birth. That’s like saying, I guess Western mothers raise their sons to be attractive. It’s an opinion 🙂

Laura on

I agree with her totally – when you have a new baby – the world stops for them, and if that means being late every now and again, then so be it.
If you make an appointment for yourself – then of course you do your best to be there, but a casual visit to a friend’s place, bbq, etc is different. I don’t think this has anything to do with being polite or impolite. I’m sure she apologizes for being late.

Alisa on

“There are things you have to do and people have to wait. The baby comes first and everyone else can suck it.”

I too found this rather rude. It’s HER baby, so why should other peoples’ worlds have to stop for her?

izzy on

i hate it when people attribute things to the place where they were raised, i.e. SHELBY who is a southerner and that is why she was raised to respect others time. okay, so ONLY southerners are polite? hmmm, thanks for the news flash hon.

mochababe73 on

As a Southern Woman born and raised, I am a stickler for being on time, but a child does change that. Until you get into a routine and have things down pat, it happens. It may take 2 months or longer. My sister was amazed at houw I could get my two boys out of the house and on time to places. Just being somewhere early. I told her that it will happen, but I had been at this longer.
As far as Bethenny’s comment, it sounds like something she would say. If you have ever watched the show, this is who she is. If someone was late or didn’t show up for her, I really don’t think that she would give a damn.
Unfortunately, we’re not all perfect mothers. Lighten up, perfect mommies. Give us mere mortal mothers a chance.

JM on

yeah, the southern women comment is ridiculous and shows ignorance and a petty disposition more than anything. perhaps shelby, by that logic, those raised not “in the south” (of where exactly? you know not everyone in the world is an american!) also learnt how to not make sweeping generalisations.

i have always been a punctual person (raised in europe btw if that makes any difference) and i have five kids now and i’d say 99 percent of the time i am still on time or early unless the situation is out of my hands. but with your first baby i can understand anyone being a little out of their depth in the beginning. i’m sure others judging you for that and telling you how much better they are doesn’t help.

Julia on

“There are things you have to do and people have to wait. The baby comes first and everyone else can suck it.”

I also love her, but did find this statement to be rather rude of her. I get what she was trying to say, but there has to be at least a million other ways to get that point across.

Julie on

Guess what SHELBY there are lots of mothers, yes even us mothers in the south, that have a hard time getting somewhere on time with even just one child! Like Bethenney, I too was painfully punctual, even early for everything before my daughter was born. There are too many unknowns with a baby/toddler. I think you are a LIAR to say that you have never been late to anything with three children and one on the way. Oh and your halo is a little crooked. Please stop portraying southern mothers are STUCK UP SNOBS!

kristen on

come on Bethanny not on time any more. I had a two day old and still managed to get out the door on time to appointments.
You can do it, you just have to manage your time better!!
Not to mention you have a nanny, most normal mothers dont have that luxury and have to do everything themselves…

holly on

@ Shelby…so you’ve NEVER been breastfeeding one of your kids before you had to leave, it took longer than you thought, then they pooped, then they spit up, change your clothes change their clothes, get them in the car etc etc…you must be PERFECT then!

AliB on

Classy, motherly, quote telling everyone to “Suck it”.

Ann on

Bethenny is who she is. That comment is her and it’s funny. I take from that the fact that while she used to in her pre-baby life value being hightly punctual etc. that having the baby now has made her see how other things & people are way more important at times & if someone is upset bc she is a little late, then they can suck it. Honestly, I have said stuff like that to my mom regarding friends of mine without kids, & it’s just how I roll – I am direct, I will not sugarcoat to make people feel good about themselves. I’m not your mom. And I agree – until you get a routine down with regard to heading out of the house with a baby in tow, it can be sooo hard the first time around (especially if you are not one of the chosen perfect mommies right out of the gate) Being a mom has a learning curve for sure, & I am happy to see Bethenny being honest about the challenges & not saying how easy everything is. She looks happy – congrats to her! 🙂

Kari90 on

Give a new mom a break. This is Bethenny’s personality and it is what it is. Take it or leave it. I think for Shelby or anyone else to judge her needs to mind their p’s and q’s and start acting like a lady themselves. Right?

Laurie on

Oh Bethenny Bryn is so addorable, You have always been my favorite housewife since all this started. To see you in love and married with a child, who would of thunk it. You very much deserve all the happiness you feel now and all that is to come. I wish Byrn,Jason,you and don’t forget cookie all the happiness in the world.

Amber on

Get over yourself Shelby!
Bryn is beautiful, and Bethenny looks radiant!

Katy on

Shelby and Kirsten –

I meet so few perfectly perfect people – always on time, always perfectly groomed, always exceedingly polite with perfect children and a husband who thinks you walk on water. It must be amazing to be you two!

Like Bethenny, the rest of us are doing the best we can – we don’t really need your perfection thrown in our faces. She’s a new mom to a preemie – cut her (and the rest of us non-perfect people) some slack please.

Wow – I feel so much better now.

Bria Marchel on

Some people need time to adjust to a new baby. That doesn’t make her wrong, and just cause your a southerner does not mean you are all ways on time!

jul on

How many women have a baby and are working within days or weeks? The reunion show was just 12 days after this baby was born and was 8 hours of taping. Give her a break. Most women have 6 weeks to figure it out…she’s had to hit the ground running. Late? I’m impressed that she shows up at all!

Peggy F on

This quote almost describes how much you love your child! “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone”

Congratulations to you both!

lynn on

OMG ladies, lighten up. Anyone that is a new Mom, can relate to what she is saying. If your first few months as a brand new Mom were completely perfect, then I am glad I am not you. She is completely in love with this beautiful little girl and is enjoying every minute and focusing all her attention on her baby, as it should be, she has the right. So she is not being rude by being late here and there, or by saying “suck it”. She is being honest!!! Kudos to her!!!

Peggy F on

I forgot to say how great you look… and I love your new show!

Melissa on

I am curious about her food intake and breastfeeding. I read something that she wrote about food portioning. I hope that her intake is enough to be able to produce enough milk and to keep herself healthy.

Lilysmom on

It has nothing to do with where you raised your children. She’s very new at this and will figure it out. EVERY child is different. Maybe her baby is a slow eater. Maybe she sleeps a tad longer than yours and she needs the time to get things ready. You have 3 kids who can entertain each other while you get the baby ready. Don’t compare your life to hers. Congrats momma!

memster on

She’s a new Mom she is still embracing it. I’m sure after awhile her timing will get better. This was her dream that turned into reality let her enjoy it.

abb on

My dad always raised us to leave extra early to be sure to be on time, so even though I have 5 kids, I am always on time. My cousins, who were raised in the south by a southern mother, on the other hand, are never on time. So please Shelby take your “only southern people have manners and morals” attitude and kiss my yankee butt. I realize my comment is neither mannerly or ladylike but I find that southern “holier than thou” attitude extremely annoying, so I really do not care. Blame my northern upbringing. 🙂

Erin on

Shelby wrote: “I guess Southern mothers raise their daughters to respect others time”
LOL!! I was raise in the west and my mother raised me to respect others time…puhleaze! -cris
^^ Yup, I feel the same way!! I was raised in the Northeast and I was raised to be on time too. Nothing to do with the South sweetie.

Anya on

I love Bethenny and her daughter is absolutely precious. I am not a mother, but I am a proud aunt and spent countless hours with both my nephews when they were little. I can only imagine how it would feel to be a mother, if as an aunt, I sometimes found myself being late for things because I just could not tear myself away from my nephew. And yes, sudden accidents, pooping and spit-ups happened to me too. So for some of you posters to say that you are ALWAYS on time is not only obnoxiously snooty, but just impossible. Unless, that is, you start preparing for your noon appointment at midnight. I think you might want to leave your ego at the door. You’re NOT getting a trophy for best or most punctual mom in the world. get over yourselves and give the new mom a break. So what if she is not punctual. And as for her comment on everyone “sucking it”, i think you are all blowing it out of proportion. She is a new mother. Cut her some slack.

Alice on

I’m curious about the Northern/Southern distinction (I’m European). I’ve already wondered about it in the Ali Landry and Estela posts. What is the stereotype exactly – southern people dress their kids in a more classic way with lots of bows and teach them more rigid manners? Sorry, it looks very cliché written like that but I’m really curious. What is “special” to Northern people?

Wow on

I am not really a ‘fan’ but wow…really, why get offended over such small things. And the venom spewing?! I applaud any parent from any area who raises polite and well mannered children – where, doesn’t matter. Each mother does things her way based on who she is and her child’s temperament/habits – rich people can afford the ‘suck it’ attitude as others tend to cater to them. The rest of us…well, there won’t be any articles on if we are late or rude 🙂 Congrats to Bethenny!

nunya on

No one cares if you’re from the South! Doesn’t make you a better person in any sort of way! I’d rather live in the North then the South ANY DAY.

And Bethenny, we love you, keep doing your thing girl.

tobey on

I hate it when other people think they have the right to tell you how to run your life. Bethenny already has a mother and she does not need another one. If she wishes to spend more time on her daughter, then so be it. Is anyone telling you (Shelby) what to do in your life? Leave everyone alone, this is personal and no one should tell someone else what to do in their own life. It is theirs, and not yours. That is what makes this world turn, the fact that we are different. I love that…so hush. No one wants to listen to drab talk.

D on

She is SO cute! The baby that is!

Melissa the NY'er on

Oh please…to those (SHELBY & KRISTEN) who are on their high horses, let me give you a hand stepping down. Managing time with a newborn takes some getting used to. I was a nervous wreck before I went back to work when my daughter, now 15 months, was just 3 months. And things are infinitely easier at 3 months than at 5 weeks! Cut her some slack! Although you may have “always” been punctual (mmm hmm), I’m sure that you may have had a hard time with other things. Both my husband & I are from NY but he’s the stickler for punctuality while I’d prefer to get up way earlier so as not to rush. I still tend to just barely make it or be a little late but that’s probably because I’m the one trying to think of everything we need & last minute details. Such is life. And not for nothing, if you knew anything about NY, you’d know that the generalization of NY’ers is that we’re very time-driven. Would it be fair to say that the stereotype of southerners is that they’re slow, lazy, & stupid? Exactly. So give me a break.

I think Bethenny is absolutely radiant in her new “role” as a mom. There’s nothing like motherhood to change your perspective & priorities 🙂 All the best to her & her new family! It gets better & better!!

Cynsational on

Shelby, you may think you’re a Super Woman or Super Mom, but that doesn’t make you better than anyone else. I am a very punctual person but I’m also a mother of a 4 month old and I unforunately have to wake her up most mornings to take her to the daycare (if she doesn’t wake herself) and if she’s taking her time sucking her bottle some mornings, I’m not going to pull it out of her mouth to make sure I’m not late for work. I wake up an hour earlier since I had her. Thankfully I have an understanding boss, but with children it takes patience and re-working your schedule sometimes. Like the other mothers said, you can’t plan spit-ups, poops, fever, clothes changes, etc. Just because it may have worked for you and I don’t believe you were NEVER late, don’t judge other mother’s by your standards. If my baby wants to nap for 3 hours on the weekend, I can rearrange by plans around her nap because she does come first and most mature people understand that when you have a child. I hope you don’t raise your children to be judgmental like you. I like that Bethenny speaks her mind and being honest so new mothers will know that motherhood isn’t easy, there are challenges every day.

Cookie on

Oh please Shelby not ALL Southern girls are what you try to make yourself out to be..I find most southern girls to be the worst of the worst..not saying all are like that because I know they aren’t. But the girls that praise on that “Southern girls do this, southern girls aren’t like that” are the ones that ruin it for all southern girls!

I think Bethenny’s baby girl is just adorable and I’m glad she is adjusting to motherhood on time or not.

Tiger on

I am from the south, have two children and am sometimes late for appointments. Please don’t be ridiculous and judgmental with your comment, Shelby. That’s absurd.

Lauren on

Alice, the general stereotype about Southeners in the US is that they live a more classic, conservative life than those in the North. The culture prides itself on traditional values in terms of family life, religion, and yes, manners, and children tend to wear more matchy-matchy, frilly outfits. That is why Ali Landry singles out the South in terms of how she dresses Estela; her dresses and bows are common in the South, but seen as fussy and overdone to many in other parts of the country, where the dress code is different (oftentimes way more casual) and the pace of life is severely quicker, thus (in my opinion) causing less of an emphasis on manners and family. I say all of this as a native Bostonian who has since lived in NYC and Washington, DC, so I’m not hating on the North, just calling it like it is. Hope it helps 🙂

Deborah on

OMG–Will you all listen to yourselves. Implying that you are Ms Perfect Southern Belle, Perfect Society Lady Northerner or anything perfect is so condescending it is unbelievable. May I remind everyone that Bethanney had a wildly dysfunctional family growing up and was forced to forge her own life, values and standards on her own at a very early age. As a result she needed to have control hence she created a perfect image for the world and then lived it. I am personally very happy to see her evolved into this more mellow Bethanney and admit what a positive impact Bryn has had in her life for the better. Her comment about “suck it” is pure Bethanney and those of us who watch RHONYC and her new show get it.

Alice–I love your question and have encountered it before as I have been in a 10 year relationship with a man in London and have a very close friend in Paris. I am hardly the one to ask as I am a Northerner but your question opens the way for the “South to Rise Again” comments. You might want to Google that question or read about our Civil War which was the north vs the south. If anyone tries to answer your question it could soon be more vitriol than attacking Bethanney’s new mother article. I am not going there with this group!

loubeth on

I totally understand being late sometimes with a little one. To the perfect mom that says she is never late: What do you do if you are walking out the door to an appointment and the baby needs it’s diaper changed, or spits up all over you and themsleves? So many things are unpredictable with a baby…It is sometimes hard to be on time.

Melissa on

Being from the south, I apologize for the ignorant comment that was made. It has NOTHING to do with where you come from, but EVERYTHING to do with if your child chose to either fill the diaper to full load or is hungry, AGAIN! It DOES take a while to adjust when this is all brand new to you. I hope those that have the “I am better than you” attitude don’t pass it on to their children.

alisia on

It does always take a bit of time to get used to your new schedule especially if it’s your first and you’re breastfeeding. I breastfed my second and I couldn’t believe how much my schedule changed! But, after a couple of months or so I was back to figuring out my routine. She seems very happy and she looks great.

Ashley on

Oh for goodness sake. Some of you women drive me nuts with how critical you are. She wasn’t saying that everyone else had to think Bryn is the most important thing; she was simply saying Bryn is the most important thing to her. Everyone else CAN suck it. Her daughter comes first in her life, and that is wonderful. She looks beautiful, she loves Bryn, and she’s feeling complete now. Some of you should really learn to SHUT it…

samantha on

Congratulations little Mommie!! you look great and I’m so happy that your life is going so well..You deserve it!! Love the new show as well!! just keep telling it the way it is..that makes you special and real!! love ya!!

Grantu8 on

I want to say that I am very…very happy for Bethany!!! 🙂
She deserves a lifetime of happiness!!! 🙂

Chely on

I love Bethanny and her daughter is beautiful. For all of yuo out there that are always in time, giver her a break, she’s only been a mom for five weeks. She’ll get the hang of it and go back to being on time. Who cares if she’s on time or not. PEOPLE GET A LIFE!

violet on

To Shelby, Kristen and all the critics,

Not only does it take time to adjust as a new mom (and Bethanny would be the first to admit this is a completely new reality for her)- but Bryn was 4 weeks early! That can mean that feedings are more frequent and challenging, sleep patterns are different, etc., so maybe some of you aren’t quite the “experts” you think you are.

Congratulations to Bethanny and Jason on their beautiful baby girl.

Ann on

Bethanny, God bless and congrats. Everyone else, CHILL OUT.

Jackie on

I got my foster daughter only after knowing her 2 weeks… talk about a life style change, have been single all my 48 years so this was major but a most welcome change. People know me as being extremely punctual but now I can totally relate to Bethenny’s comments. Baby comes first. Now that she’s been with me for 6 months, we are getting in a groove and it is easier to plan. $hit still happens and being late is now a part of life.

Alice on

Thank you lots, Lauren and Deborah!
I’ll look it up further on my own, I don’t want to start a debate on baby Bryn’s thread!

Julie on

Cookie- most southern girls are the worst of the worst? bold statement


SOUTHERN MOTHER SHELBY….wow… it must be wonderful to be so perfect…. you’re always on time or early…. i’m certain you don’t speak for all “southern women”…. there are always situations in life that are unforeseeable and unavoidable that could result in a delay… i guess your herculean southern mother super powers supercede those situations….. remember, being tolerant of others is an enormous value to pass on to your children……

Alabama Mama on

Ladies!! I am from what is called “the Deep South”, here in Alabama. A few years ago, there was a book about how to be the perfect “Southern Belle”. Those wanting to emulate one should read it (Shelby!!). I was raised by a beautiful Southern Mama and a hot-blooded Latin, military father. We were raised to be punctual, polite and to consider other people’s feelings. Bethenny is a new, first-time mother, who is reveling in her new role. She is probably somewhat sleep-deprived. Some of you seem to relish picking apart everything she says and does. Are there a few hidden “Kelley’s” and “Jealous Jill’s” on here? A true lady, Southern or otherwise, would consider what she is facing right now, and temper their responses accordingly. There was a plaque on a wall in my high school with a quotation of Robert E. Lee’s. To paraphrase: A true gentleman is someone who never knowingly causes distress or embarrassment in others. As Bethenny settles into her new role,she will perform more to some of your exacting expectations. BTW, as an older Southern woman, I find little New York Bethenny to be a beautiful girl, full of spunk, wit and life!

Sheppard on

I was raised in the ‘South’ and the first thing I was taught was to be polite and not to be judgemental. Guess some ‘Southern’ mothers forgot that lesson. Anyway! I wish all new mothers love and patience. Very happy for Bethenny and her family.

Randi on

Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood. Just give “you” to your baby. You will discover who “you” are, all anew. Congratulations!

Sue on

Oh please people, Shelby and Kristen is probably Jill or Kelly anyways – you can tell by unsubstantiated argument (who knows if she is punctual), and the arrogant attitude. Don’t get worked up about these idiots. Again, Bethenny is very realistic in everything she does. I’m sure she’ll get adjusted in no time.

LilDiva on

I cannot believe mothers and grown women are arguing over such a trite and trivial comment. If you know who you are and are comfortable, then why make such a big “stink”?

Jodi on

I can’t believe the critism this woman is getting. I guess you all are perfect. I know as a single mom it definately slows me down having two children. I start a little earlier to get there in time. But it took me at least a year to get used to getting me and the kids ready instead of just me. She looks great and a big CONGRATS on the baby!

nicole on

Shelby: Who cares that you are on time? whoopdeefreakin doo for you! You are also egotistical and judgemental as this story is about Bethany, not you. Why do people feel like they need to interject their own personal stories on blog comments about a celebrity? No one out there gives a crap about your story, we are reading about Bethany and we really dont care to hear about how YOUR life is different and you are oh so better in your own mind. Give us all a break.

Mom of almost 5 on

I have to agree with most of you here. I’m a SOUTHERN mom of 4 (a set of twins is in there) and breastfed all my kids. Most of the time when I was trying to get some place, no matter how early I tried, I was delayed by a baby who needed to nurse, then change diaper, then clean up the spit up, change MY clothes and sometime reshower after I had been spit up all over. With my toddlers, nature calls at the worst times for me, so I have to wait for the potty breaks. Babies come first, schedules can be adjusted. My docs all know what it’s like to be a nursing mommy so when I’m a little late, they still see me and my little ones. To those Perfect Moms out there … you must have either NOT breastfed or ignored a hungry baby, plugged the cries up with with a pacifier, left with a messy diaper and the spit up clothes, on if you are NEVER late. OR you are just drill sergeant moms that keep their kids on YOUR schedule instead of THEIRS. This lady has only had her baby one month .. give her a break! I don’t even watch the show but read this because that little baby is ADORABLE!!!

nicole on

Jodi: If you read the comments you will see that Bethany is not getting criticized. Its Shelby from one of the top posts who thinks she is perfect.

Kit on

SHELBY is the reason I HATE reading COMMENTS> Judgmental, ignorant, know-it-all, hateful, VILE comments. Wow. That was one of the most annoying comments I have ever read!!!! Someone is admitting they are not perfect, being honest, and you point how perfect you are. I thought Southern people were supposed to have manners! Also, it is such a lie to say that you are always on time with all of those kids. RIIIIIGHT. You should be ASHAMED of yourself for leaving comments like that. ARGH!! SOOOO annoying! GET RID OF YOUR COMPUTER SO NO ONE HAS TO READ YOUR COMMENTS AGAIN. THX.

Julie on

Wow Shelby, that is a really BAD generalization about other mothers there. I was raised in the Midwest and I was raised to respect other’s time, give the woman some slack, going from having no one but yourself to having a child, it takes adjustment, and maybe just maybe she is taking in every moment that she can with her child. Since she was always on the go, now is her time to slow down and enjoy motherhood. Not rush through it and take things as they come including mishaps and just wanting to bask in the joy of seeing a sleeping child or whatever it may be.

saber on

wowowowowo congratulation. 🙂 So cute 🙂

samantha on

Shelby is a big fat liar!! no one with even one newborn or infant can be on time ALL THE TIME!! so she has three with one on the way…well, I guess she has a lot of help getting to her apointments ’cause I’ve yet to meet any new mother from any part of the country who is ALWAYS ON TIME…p.s. I’m a nurse in a pediatric office and have been for over thirty I know what I’m talking about!! (from Boston to Palm Beach)

Mom To Two Little Ones on

Bethanny will get it all together soon enough!! She needs to enjoy her new little girl and not worry about being on time right now! It took me a little while to figure out how to get both of my kids out the door on time – but you learn the tricks and off you go; I always make sure the diaper bag (and everything else) is ready to go the night before and I always factor in extra time ‘just in case’ something happens. Now I tend to be early for everything!!! Bethanny will get there too. I hope the critics give her a break – she is going to be a great mom.

Carlie on

North, South, East, West- the “suck it” comment is tacky.
She will learn (as we all do) to edit herself when Bryn starts repeating what she hears.

Ellie on

I love Bethany’s frankness. She’s always been very honest and very upfront about WHO she is and that’s very refreshing. She’s a woman who is the FIRST to acknowledges that everything changes when you have a baby. The Bnmjki9.A0.
BY rules and everyone around has to adjust. It’s just that simple. We didn’t make up the r1ule, it’s just how life goes. A baby is unpredictable, unscheduled and very demanding. What Bethany is say, any mother would agree.

Ej on

Shelby –

I beg to differ, I’ve seen a LOT of new mothers in my practice and only a few managed to be on time, most of the time, but they too have a “late” day every now and then. But overall, majority of new mothers are adjusting to a whole new baby and a whole new world. NO one is perfect.

Bethany should not be BASHED for shifting her priorities and focusing on her daughter Brynn. She’s a NEW MOTHER and she’s going to have to adjust her life around a new baby. Every mother does, but eventually Bethany and Brin will get into a set routine and everything will fall into place.

soph on

Um…wow. All of you are CRAZY for jumping on Shelby the way you’ve been doing. How insecure all of you are, perhaps she really IS on time all the time? Keep your feelings of inadequacy to yourself. The “well, I guess you’re perfect then!” line that keeps coming up in comment after comment is so childish and makes you look super defensive.

Clarissa Smith on

Why is everyone so concerned about wheather Bethany is on time or not? We should all embrace the fact that she is focusing on the most important part of her life. Bryn. In ten years it won’t matter wheather she was late or not.What matters is her taking care of her baby and her health. Breastfeeding is very hard. I did it with three children one being aspergers. Give her a brak. Bethany is fun, honest, and not afraid of what others think of her. Stay true Bethany! We love you and are so happy for you.Ignore the critical people there just jealous.

sara krueher on

THe ppl dont like shelbys comment here because shes being jumping on bethenny because she isnt always punctual. Shelby seems like the insecure/inadquact- one who has to prove on a blog comment that shes always on time. Its bethannys first kid so shes adjusting to the new rountine..

CMC on

Wow. Poor Bethenny can’t say anything without pissing off someone.
Lighten up, guys!
She’s doing great, she loves her new baby, what’s the problem?
I wasn’t thrilled with her weight loss statements but I still like her! She’s hilarious. She’s human.
Keep up the good work Bethenny!

Mary on

Soph, Being late isn’t an “inadequacy”–clearly you are missing the point of these comments towards Shelby The point is that it ISN’T, while Shelby is asserting that it IS. Understand the context before you type, please.

soph on

Mary, where exactly did I say that being late is an inadequacy? I said FEELINGS of inadequacy. Obviously everyone on here feels so defensive about how they live their lives that they have to bash Shelby for her opinion.

m-dot on

Alice-The women of the South tend to appear more polite, dainty, and lady-like. They hold strong to traditions of recipes, keepsakes, etc. Appearance (of clothing, hair, attitude, etc) is very important as it is seen as a reflection on the family. The women of the North tend to have more independent spirits. They are raised w more freedom to be “themselves”. Education, quick-wit, and personal style tends to be the attitude.

I say this w/out judgement as I am a NY girl, who was raised by a southern family who moved to NY. My mother is on time to EVERYTHING, and I’m late to everything but work. lol

Lauren on

I don’t feel people are defending themselves, as you put it. The thing that irritates me about what Shelby said was, “I guess Southern mothers raise their daughters to respect others time.” Just because I may not be on time with children, does NOT mean that I don’t respect others time.

The insulting a new mother by saying, “She can’t be on time anymore is she kidding?” I am positive that Shelby is not perfect in all areas of her life. Bethenny seems like a wonderful mother who is adjusting to motherhood and doesn’t need to be bashed.

JM on

as i said earlier, i am from europe. but i have spent a lot of time in america and have travelled all over america (north, south, east and west) and as would be expected of a country so big there are of course vast differences. i have met lovely and some definitely not so lovely people all over america, which i think would be the same in any country. i felt more at home in the north-east because i can’t connect to the more conservative, religious and narrow-minded mind set of the south. but that’s just me, and i don’t look down on people from south because of that (excuse the pun). you’ll find differences like that in all countries. everyone needs to find where they feel most at home.

and just to clarify i don’t think people are jumping on shelby because she said she was actually punctual. i think that’s great for her. it’s the generalisation she made about southern vs northern women that seems to have rubbed people up the wrong way. and rightfully so it is childish, ignorant and purely there to stir trouble.

erin on

I think everyone took Shelby’s Southern girl comment way out of context, and need to get a grip. She was just saying she respects other peoples time, and that is how she was raise People don’t read things with an open mind. Anyways.. this is funny to see a discussion turn into HATEFUL comments. well, actually SAD! Anyways.. I think everyone,everywhere around the country was raised to respect peoples time, but sometimes you cannot help small setbacks!

soph on

Lauren, I think the defensive tone in the comments are as plain as day (and people, do you really need to type long responses about your own families? Start a blog.) Yes, it was irritating to read the “I guess Southern mothers…” line but the amount of comments in response to that line just had me shaking my head. “She can’t be on time any more, really?” is not that insulting to Bethenny, honestly, because I think it’s safe to assume she has some help when it comes to Bryn. She’s already talked about a baby nurse, etc.

Oh, and to Alice…quick-witted people do exist outside the North, believe it or not. So do people who place importance on education, and who are “independent spirits.” Just so you know.

soph on

whoops…I meant m-dot, not Alice.

PP on

Shelby, What’s wrong with you? Why be so bitter? It’s her life and she’s saying shes not uptight about things. Are you serious? Read a book, get some sunlight.

cassie on

Being southern doesn’t mean you know how to respect others time…and not all northerners are rude. Stop being prejudice.

Jennifer on

Everyone experiences motherhood differently and to say she can be punctual is completely short sighted. I was determined to breast feed my second born even though I produced less milk than most moms. My son nursed 40 minutes at a time every two hours from start time. So if I nursed at 1 o’clock, I would be nursing again at 3 o’clock. That is not a lot of time considering there was at lease one diaper change in there. I have to nourish and relieve myself etc. You can go off the schedule to try to be on time, but it really is up to the baby. He will nurse when he is ready not when the appointment book tells him to.

princesspr on

@Shelby on June 16th, 2010

Really…No Really Shelby!!!…..

You are a better mother because you have found a way to be on time? PUL LEASE….STOP IT!

Cut Bethenny some slack….just as others have cut you some slack. Besides, if…BIG IF…you watched the show you would know what type of person she is an extremely control person and I mean that in a good way as well as being a first time mother; so, of course it will take her some time to get motherhood down to a science. Being a mother other 3.5 children I am sure with your first child you were on time for EVERYTHING (yes, I am being sacrastic). Let’s be a little more understanding and a lot less judgmental!

ooooooh by the way because you are from the south DOES NOT make you a better mother!!!! Get real!!

usa in the uk on

Oh please – I am from the South and that is just a silly comment. Let’s get back to the story CAN WE – Congrats, Bethenny!

Workin for a livin on

She has very dry sense of humor – she is not telling people to F off and leave her alone (well maybe some days haha. I took it as her way of saying her priorities have changed since Brynn was born. I find it humorous that people take what celebs say so personal! Yowza!

Cute baby – I love your new show!! Keep up the good work momma!

Cassie on

Bethany congradulation. You are so real and wonderful.

You look great!

shelby young on

Congratulations bethenny you have a beautiful family you the seed that was sown and now look what was produced because of a young lady that did give up you have your own. I love you will miss you on NY housewives but not sad because you be on your own show. I was even hoping to see you venture out on a healthy cooking show for bravo or food channel.

shelby young on

I don’t want to be mistaken for this other woman named Shelby because i’m a Shelby too and i just want to say Bethenny and her new husband congratulations and how wonderful it is to have seen you go through you metaphorus stage and come out on top. You were the seed that was planted to start your own beautiful family and I must say look at what you have for willing to go through some hard times and places your reward is inspiring and i just wish you many many blessed days ahead.

The other

m-dot on

@Soph-Really? Good to know! LOL

Lauren on

“i felt more at home in the north-east because i can’t connect to the more conservative, religious and narrow-minded mind set of the south. but that’s just me, and i don’t look down on people from south because of that (excuse the pun).”

I’m sure the generalizations you just made about people from the South make you appear “childish, ignorant, and purely there to start trouble” as to them well, particularly since you apparently can’t understand the screaming hypocrisy of your post. It’s always the people who scream the loudest about tolerance that are truly the most intolerant.

nancy on

hey shelby either you’re really uptight or have ocd. Do you even enjoy your kids and motherhood??? or do you just simply pop them out???!! and how your mother raises you has nothing to do with what part of the country you’re from…

brit on

She is a mom for the first time. I am a mom of 1 and time management is hard at first, we still struggle sometimes. btw I am from the south too! But I have that hospitality part some of us seem to be lacking.

Gina on

I agree that Bethenny is totally being a good mom. Who cares if she is late, she is even still in her postpartum “leave” as we refer to in the blue collar world and should only be concerened with her baby at this point. I recall breastfeeding my sons every third hour and they would nurse for a one hour duration. Not sure but most pysicians are in complete understanding if you call and say I am running a little late. I do not care if you were born in the south, north, east, or west considering she is still in the post partum era at this juncture is totally acceptable to put etiqutte aside to be with baby.