Look for Less: Jaden Smith’s Thriller Style!

06/15/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

At last week’s Karate Kid premiere, Willow wasn’t the only one in the Smith family to rock the red carpet.

Big bro Jaden made his own fashion statement a la Michael Jackson.

The 11-year-old was decked out in a custom designed Thriller-inspired jacket, Brooks Brothers shirt ($59.50), Nicolina Royale bow tie ($150), Volcom jeans ($50), custom Supra Society Sneakers ($144), Dalla Nonna Calendar bracelet ($125), Ray Ban Junior sunglasses ($59) and a Neighborhood pocket chain ($150).

We loved his cute — and kid appropriate — homage to the King of Pop so much we rounded up a similar outfit, with pieces all under $140.

Courtesy of Fashion Store


Your little guy will be perfecting the moon walk and showing off his best dance moves in this custom-made replica of the famous Thriller jacket ($140).

Want something less pricey? There are costume versions that start at around $40.

Courtesy of Target


Everyone knows a crisp white shirt = a dapper boy. Try Cherokee‘s Long Sleeve Oxford Tee. It’s perfect for a summer lunch date with mom and dad. Plus, at only $10, it’s super affordable.

Courtesy of Dillard’s

Bow Tie

Available in black or red silk, Dillard’s Class Club Clip-On Solid Bow Tie ($8) adds polish to any button-down.

Courtesy of Kmart


Kick up your little guy’s style with Basic Editions Boys 5-Pocket Black Jeans ($7). They go with everything without putting a dent in your wallet.

Courtesy of Children’s Place


On the hunt for some fab footwear that won’t break the bank? Check out the super cool Gravity Hi-Top Sneakers ($15) from The Children’s Place.

Not only do these hip kicks come in toddler and tween sizes, they also feature an antibacterial treatment to keep feet fresh.

Courtesy of Fred Flare


Go ’80s all the way with Fred Flare‘s Risky Business Sunglasses ($11). These cool shades come in almost every color under the sun.

— Anya Leon

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Jen K on

Awesome post! I’m sure a ton of parents were looking at that outfit and wondering where they could get one for their kid.

rb on

Sorry, but I don’t want my children to look like that kid. Having seen a couple interviews, he is an awful example.

ILuvPerfectParents on

I wouldn’t pay that much for those items but good for the ones who do. Congrats to him & the cast of “Karate Kid” for having the #1 movie and making $55+ millions the first week though.

JM on

he’s a sweet kid i tihnk and i love that he has an individual dress style, i’m not nearly as neurotic about that sort of thing as a lot of mothers here seem to be. teach your kids proper morals, then you’ll KNOW that the way they dress has nothing to with what kind of people they are or how quickly they grow up. simple.

having said that i wouldn’t buy this outfit for my kids for the simple fact that i would hate to think of michael jackson becoming their role model. there are better people for them to look up to.

izzy on

*gag* this “style” is so tacky. look at his body language, he’s so cocky and not the least bit humble. eh.

Sam on

All this says to me is ‘show off’. Sorry, folks, can’t explain it but I feel that’s what it is. Just like his sister Willow, in her ‘outfit’ on here last week, it’s too much, too showy, too ‘look at me, I’m the most important one here’. Again, can’t explain it but from all I’ve seen and heard of Jaden and Willow I’m not liking it.

To put his young, new name ahead of Mr. Jackie Chan’s in the billing for the movie is a prime example of what is at work here. Confidence is one thing. Conceit is a whole other game.

electra on

The Smith children are partially endearing and partially off-putting. Its hard to tell if they’re simply copying their idols, which is normal for kids their age or if they’re posturing. A lot of the time it does just come-off as very look at me look at me. Also aside from the jacket there is nothing MJ about this outfit. When would you see Michael jackson in saggy pants, untied sneakers and mismatched bow-tie?

izzy on

@ sam, wow i didn’t know they put his name ahead of jackie chan’s. ugh. mr. chan is a legend! this child is a nobody compared to him. this angers me.

look at the smug look on his face. i can’t stand it.

tracy on

saw Karate Kid today. Great movie. A little long, but a great movie. Jaden has some really touching scenes. As far as his outfit – he’s a kid. And to top it off, he’s a movie star kid. What do you expect?

Sam on

@izzy – thanks! When I saw the commercials for the movie it’s the very first thing I noticed and I was put off right away. I know Will and Jada ‘made’ this movie, but THAT is what I’m refering too. Putting Jaden’s name first teaches him he is more important, better, special. Where is the lesson of respect for a legendary man and actor?

Also agree with ‘Electra’ – the red jacket may be a bit Michael Jackson, but nothing else is. Not even the child’s smug look. Michael Jackson never looked like that – as great an artist as he was.

missy on

It so easy for people to be negative, he’s a kid and I doubt if he really cares that you guys don’t like him or his parents.

Sam on

@ Lee – – ‘attacking’? Who did that to this child? For shame on them. I didn’t read anyone post that he was stupid, ugly, too thin, too fat, not a good actor, nor did anyone post that they wish this little boy any harm of any kind. ‘attacking’?

However, you did just call us mothers here ‘fake’ and ‘horrible’. That is not very nice.

Anna on

The most shocking price is 150US$ for the chain!

I have to agree that he seems arrogant.

Lauren on

Wow Lee, you are on yet another posting this week telling people they are attacking someone, when you are attacking yourself. You really need to take a step back and look at what you are saying before you comment. If you want to tell people what they are saying is wrong, in your opinion, that is fine. But don’t use attacking words. You are doing exactly what you are claiming others to be doing.

Sam on

@ Lauren YES!!!

alli on

LOL at all of you calling him spoiled and bratty from a couple of interviews or commercials. I totally thought I was way cooler than I actually was at age 11. It’s called BEING A KID. Sheeesh

Josie on

He looks so sweet, has his own style at a young age.

Sarr on

The Movie is the Karate Kid it’s a movie where he is in the starring role of course his name is ahead of Mr. Chan’s I doubt Jackie Chan even took offense to this. Some of you are way to darn critical, it’s time to start living life without a stick up your you know what 😉

He looks cute, the outfit is cute, in the 80’s tons of kids had this jacket and imitated this look, why now is it some horrible thing??

Dee on

I cant people people come on here to critisize a kid who is not always in the public eye.

How often do we see the Smith children out and about…at least they are covered up and not out there getting pierced or showing it all off or dating older people….have a drug addiction or knocked up!!!

He is a kid in the movie and they have stylists and the money to do it….lay off the kid already!!!

Blythe on

The kid comes off very arrogant.There are plenty of young actors who don’t come off as cocky so let us not pretend that it’s some inherent quality. It’s clear the two littlest smiths want to be famous like their parents, so “criticism” (if you want to call it such) comes with the territory. Criticism is not a synonym for attack. Maybe some people have less issue criticizing him because he doesn’t carry himself like an eleven year old boy.

and Lee- Get a life!

M on

Pfft…I want a Thriller jacket for myself.

Lauren on

There you go, making things up again. I never said I hated you or hated your comments. I can’t even say if I like or dislike you because I don’t know you. You also have not irritated me at all. Don’t get all excited over there. To think your message could get to me, is laughable. In fact, you humor me, just like you did on the other page.

I am not going to attack you, just like I did not attack this child or anyone. I don’t like when people point the finger at others for something they are doing themselves.

Also, you should read a little better b/c Sam didn’t “hide behind me.” Sam actually posted something to YOU prior to me and was only agreeing with me.

Sam on

@Lee Lee Lee – what in the world are you talking about NOW? I don’t hate you Lee, I just know you’re wrong about your posts. No one has attacked this adorable little boy. We are simply commenting on the picture we see – I don’t like that flashy (me me me) outfit he is wearing and he does look very ‘into himself’. No one has attacked him on here. However you are doing the attacking and name calling, which you don’t seem to understand even though it was spelled out to you very simply.

P.S. I didn’t hide behind Lauren, silly girl, I posted before her. Then I had the audicity to agree with her.

Sam on

@ Lauren (if I dare) – too fun and funny. Our posts to our new friend Lee are so similar. I don’t think she will understand it here any better then she did in the past on the other posts. Ahhh well, we tried! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Lee on

@Sam and Luaren, I guess you two missed the fact that I could care less what you think about me. I don’t even take anything you both say seriously. I just get a good laugh from reading your lame comments trying to seem like you are so mature.

BTW, Blythe, how about following your advice.

Sam on

Sam, Lauren and now Blythe! The common denominator is ___! Please don’t forget that this place is for comments on pictures we see and that’s what I do. So far on this site I have never seen anyone say anything that is ‘attacking’ a picture. It’s not allowed here, which is why I choose to post here instead of other places. ___ RELAX GIRL!

Lauren on

Sam, right on!

Sam on

Thanks again, Lauren! To Blythe – what Lauren said – – ‘right on!”

Anonymous on

I believe the real issue here is this photo leaves quite an impression on people, myself included. I see this 11 year old child, son of two super star parents, and I can’t help at be a tad over-impressed with the amount of exposure this child is getting and how he seems to call attention to himself.

We’ve already admonished how Jaden Smith’s parents made a multimillion dollar kid blockbuster as a star vehicle for their son, with that said, is it crazy to think the kid would have his own stylist too? The whole point is to place him very much in the public eye. He’s an 11 year old boy with a number one movie in the box office, a song that debuted in the Billboard 100, and he’s probably feeling like he’s on top of the world. With so much reasons for vainglory I would even expect that air of smugness from an adult actor, imagine then a child?.

SarahJane on

Personally, I think his outfit is very appropriate for the industry that he is in, as well as the age group he’s apart of. Sorry if he doesn’t want to wear a navy suit, light blue shirt, and dress shoes and he wants to be a young kid. Justin Bieber wears flannel shirts, sneakers untied, and his jeans sag, but i don’t see anyone lately disapproving of his style. Style is what you make it, people should be accepting of children expressing their style through whichever outlet they choose. And the comments about MJ, than man has passed on, have some respect for someone who is musically one of, if not the, greatest entertainer of all time. If Jaden wants to wear a Thriller-inspired jacket (which by the way was an epic video and craze) then let him do that. He’s dressing how he likes. Geez, it’s sad that in today’s society people are so close-minded to self-expression and even taking from people who inspire them. I feel like this is suburbia 1950, so restricted and serious. Loosen up!

Syazwani Amira on

I love Jaden Smith!!!!
He rocks!!!!
And drive me crazy up to the wall!