Kourtney Kardashian’s Blog: Mason’s First Flight!

06/15/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

This week our newest celebrity blogger, Kourtney Kardashian, reveals what it’s like to add a 6-month-old bouncing baby boy to her busy travel schedule — and shares some personal tips and tricks to make your own flights easier.

See more of the reality star, 31, and boyfriend Scott Disick on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, which just premiered its second season.

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Last week, I promised to fill you in on what it’s like to travel with Mason, so here you go…

My son is such a great little traveler already. He even has his own passport so he’s prepared for any trip that may arise. At just six months, Mason has been to Miami, Chicago, Charlotte, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Ind., and Las Vegas. This summer we are going to New York — and maybe even Monaco!

At first, I was scared to travel with him. I’m sure every parent goes through it. You don’t know how your baby will be — what if he gets sick or his ears hurt from the pressure in the cabin? One travel tip I got from my doctor: He told me to nurse Mason during take off and landing. He also recommended I put some breast milk in Mason’s nose because it has antibodies that can help keep him from catching a cold on the flight.

Then there’s the massive amount of gear you see people using while traveling with babies. On our first trip to Miami, I kept the gear to a minimum. Since we were staying for so long -– to film our E! show Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami — I shipped everything there. On our actual travel day, all I brought was his diaper bag and his Orbit stroller/car seat system.

On the plane, we napped together. We shared headphones and watched and danced to the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It! Mason didn’t make a peep, not even the slightest start of a cry. By the end of the flight, every person who had looked terrified when they saw we were bringing a baby on board told us that he was the best baby they had ever seen fly.

All of Mason’s traveling experiences since have been just as good. I was warned that as they get older, kids are less likely to be content sitting in one spot for a long period.

Also, I noticed a comment on one of my previous blogs about how I sent Mason to the back of the plane to sit “with the masses.” I did have a nanny traveling with us on this trip, because my mom and I were flying to Chicago for a work appearance. Mason was a little bored with being in the same spot with us for four hours and wanted a change of scenery, so we had him hang out with the nanny for 10 minutes.

Before I had a baby, I so was the person who would have made a judgment like this — but now it’s all about keeping Mason happy.

Courtesy Kourtney Kardashian

Here’s a list of the travel gear I don’t leave home without:

  • Fresh bottle of breast milk
  • Bugaboo Cameleon stroller with Graco car seat and adapter
  • The diaper bag
  • A blanket to keep Mason cozy
  • A change of clothes
  • Tiffany’s sterling silver teething ring
  • Sophie Giraffe
  • A pacifier

To all you parents out there, happy travels!

— Kourtney Kardashian

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Mom2boys on

Breastmilk in the baby’s nose? I never heard of that but I guess it makes sense. My youngest is 4 so I won’t be trying that at this point. We traveled with my son at 9 months and he was alright…he did kick the back of the chair in front of us and that guys was none to happy.

Oh BTW, for those who say celebrities never read comments, Kourtney does LOL! Of course it could be because it was her post to begin with.

Mason is adorable and I love that hat!

Paige on

Kourtney- I love your blog! Soooo sweet! 🙂 Congrats on “mommyhood”!!!

Jasmynn on

Mason is such a little cutie and very well dressed might I add! I just want to bite his little chubby cheeks!Kourtney seems like she shifted right into mommyhood, you go girl 🙂

Stefanie on

Oh no, Kourtney!!!

The Tiffany’s sterling silver teething ring has been recalled. See below!!!

Empire Silver Co. Sterling Silver Teething Rings

On Dec. 26, 2007. the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall by Empire Silver Co. of its sterling silver teething rings. The manufacturer, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., produced an estimated 1,000 teething rings that were sold for $50 to $120 at jewelry, gift and department stores in the United States. The teething ring, which was available in three styles, has a silver ball, which can come unsoldered, releasing plastic beads that create a potential choking hazard. For more information call 1-800-255-9475 or visit http://www.empiresilver.com.

Best of luck!

PS, I LOVE the new season.

Ashley on

Kourtney he is sooooo adorable!!!!

Mia on

Absolutey beautiful baby!!! You are so blessed. I certainly wouldn’t worry about negative bloggers I think it is safe to say every working Mommy has a nanny or a babysitter. Seems like you are enjoying Mommyhood. Love the blog but especially the pictures.

xxx on

kourteney, i saw you on Jimmy Kimmel the other day and i have a question, maybe you’ll anwer me, maybe not… you somehow managed to stay calm when Kimmel was saying some pretty horrible stuff about your boyfriend and most important father of your child. I wonder if you seriously don’t mind what people are saying about him, or if it’s all part of your “reality” life, and was set up from the biginning? Also, aren’t you afraid that someday, Mason will see that his mother was part of a reality show like yours( “Kourteney and Khloé take Miami”) and will mind that America knew he was an “accident”? Don’t you want to keep your son’s life a little more private sometimes and maybe yours as well?
But i insist on the fact that your son looks happy and healthy and that’s all that matter for now, and i love the name Mason. Hope you’ll have another kid with Scott,because you two make adorable babies.

Nipun on

Kourtney – you are an inspiration for all mommies who are active with work and busy in their lifestyles. I just love you and think you are the very admirable!

Danielle on

He is so adorable! Love the cute little outfit! Can’t wait to see more pics and read more blogs. You are a great mom!

CZY on

He is so darn cute he looks so much like your brother Rob. I’m sure people say that all the time. What I am impressed the most is that a lot of people get married for the sake of the baby and end up in a divorce I respect you very much for not going down that route right now. I tivo your show and I am sure we don’t see the good part of Scott and that makes the show for him being a bad boy. Also I know that if it was always as bad as it looks you would not stay in a relationship. SO your family has to realize no matter what Scott there even if you two decide to split because he is Mason father. Good luck to you and little Mason he adorable!!!!!

skipsie on

Mason is such a beautiful baby!
Kourtney is so lucky to have a happy traveller, and Kourtney, there will always be that certain someone who isn’t content enough with their own life, so they have to pick on little comments, like on your last post, so don’t listen to it.


What a beautiful baby!! I’ll be his nanny anyday! Kourt, love the new show!!!

Kate on

I remember reading that comment, don’t worry about what anybody says in this world. I don’t at 35. Women wonder why we haven’t made it as far as we should, we really are so cruel to each other and so judgemental. Men aren’t like this, they don’t care, I wish women would get there but unfortunately some need to put other people down to make their lives feel better.

I have two kids, have been happily unmarried for 10 years and things have never been better. As long as that baby and you are happy and healthy Kourtney don’t worry about a damn thing anyone says on this site. Mason from the looks of is a happy man. I am glad you made the right choice for you and had that boy.

Luna on

Kourtney, my kids were always great travelers too, until my last. He’s nine months old and he HATED flying. I was told by a doctor to do the nursing thing, and it worked because he is now a content flyer. Good luck with Mason, he’s precious. Don’t listen to the negative people on these comment boards. You don’t have to defend yourself. I can tell you love your son and are a great mom.

Another Nursing Mama on

Nice article! I just wondered why you bring a bottle of fresh breast milk. I avoid NIP (nursing in public) whenever possible, but I wear a nursing cover and nurse my son on take off and landing when we fly. It is so much easier than bringing a bottle and pumping.

Luli on

Hey Kourtney!
Thanks for writing this blog, it always helps to hear from other mommies, I have a daughter that was born november 13th so I can relate to all the stuff with Mason. Best of luck and congrats on such a beautiful baby!

Alexis on

Breastmilk is amazing for just about everything! I’ve always heard about putting it in their nose to avoid colds but have never tried it.
I did however use it to get rid of pinkeye in my kids and it worked overnight!
I don’t fly. If we can’t get there by car we don’t go. I have 3 kids so I can’t imagine flying with them while I’m freaking out or passed out on valium. My son and husband flew from OK to FL so they could drive our Uhaul back here (when we were moving) and I had panic attacks the entire flight until they called to say they landed.

Jessica on

He is too prec! I love his chubby cheeks!! Keep up the great work momma!

Tiffany on

I think it’s great that Mason is well behaved on domestic flights, but please don’t think that a domestic flight is anything like an international flight with an infant. I fly internationally once a year and I can’t stand mothers who subject their children to an 8 hour flight. I don’t care how well behaved your baby is on a 4 hour domestic flight, it’s a lot different on an 8 hour flight and not fair to your child or the rest of us having to deal with your screaming baby because they are tired, cranky, hot, uncomfortable and bored. Please don’t take him to Monaco!!

Alexis on

I don’t fly. It scares me beyond words. I can’t imagine flying wity my kids, one of which has ADHD and 2 of which are toddlers. I would be everyone on the plane’s worst nightmare Ha! When my husband and son flew from OK to FL last summer I had mini panic attacks the entire flight until they called and told me they landed safely.
I’ve always heard BM up the nose does help ward off colds but never tried it! Another tip I learned is a few squirts/drops of BM gets rid of pink eye over night (in adults and kids). I had to pump my milk out to cure my own and for my 7yr old.

Brynn on

Kourtney you are a wonderful mother and you have a very beautiful child!

Bex on

The US must have different flight regulations to those here in Canada – I can’t tell you how many sources I have read that advise nursing on take-off and landing…only to be told on our first flight (and all subsequent trips) with a 3-month old that she had to be held in the “burp” position on TO & L. I wasn’t even allowed to keep her in the sling, and had to hold her up against my shoulder until the seatbelt sign was turned off. That’s the only time my daughter has ever fussed on a flight – because she wasn’t allowed to nurse. Great advice, but not possible everywhere. Maybe first-class is another story…

Lorelai on

Kourtney! Mason is soo handsome! my little one is 7 months old today..oohhh I love my little boy more than anything. Regarding traveling I’d recommend buying an Ergo Carrier, much easier with your free hands to do stuff, get off the plane, grab your carry on / luggage, etc if you just have your baby content in a carrier close to you. I have the Moby Wrap and the Ergo and the last one is the best carrier out there hands down. I have a 3 yo girl so I have quite the experience about traveling with infants/toddlers. It’s true, as Mason gets older he won’t sit in just one spot, and then you will need like a portable dvd, toys, crayons and books to keep him entertained. I love your blog!! I hope I see you in Miami in an upcoming trip I have…and you better take a pic with me lol. You are doing great as a mom!

Amanda Tutor on

Mason is so cute! I just want to squeeze those fat little legs and fat little cheeks. Oh my! Kourtney is an amazing mother and the people that say awful things about her are just jealous. Learn to grow up and take a look at your own life. I’d be willing to bet your that your life isn’t as perfect as you make it seem to be. Why don’t you try having paparazzi following you around 24/7? I’m not saying that Kourtney or any other celebrity didn’t ask for the fame ( the good with the bad ) but the paparazzi are bloodthirsty and most people don’t deserve to be hounded. Off my soapbox. Kourtney…YOU ROCK HONEY!

Ann Nonimus on

So which one is it: Orbit stroller/car seat system or Bugaboo Cameleon stroller with Graco car seat and adapter? Baby is cute.

Liz on

You are doing a Fantabulous job at being a mother. God Bless, and keep up the great work 😉

Melisa on

Tiffanys rattle was recalled in 2007….do you think they keep making it the same way after the recall?? Pretty sure 3 years later the recall doesn’t affect the rattle that he is using.

melissa on

Hi Kourtney! Just wanted to congratulate you on getting the hang of being a Mom so quickly, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. When I saw the episode of KUWTK, the one where you seemed as though having a baby might be out of your comfort zone, well it seems that once the baby came everything came naturally too 🙂 I can relate, I’m kind of scared to have a baby myself… I guess once the time is right, everything will fall into place for me (hopefully). Anyway congratulations again on your adorable baby boy… See ya Sunday night on E! 🙂

Sarah S on

Girl…no worries on the nanny…if I could afford one, I would have one!!! Plus, my son was AWFUL when I took him at seven months on his first flight. The husband and I decided his next will be when he’s 15!

Jennifer on

I took my oldest child all over the world as a baby and she was always fine. It doesn’t mean every baby will be fine but with a lot of practice on shorter flights and a lot of organisation you have a good shot at it.

I highly recommend adding a Baby Bjorn (or similar baby carrier) to your packing list, especially as he gets heavier.

It’s funny that you mentioned the Chicago trip because I live in the village you visited that was flooded that day. Did you go see the firefighters that were asking for you?!

jessicad on

He is so darn cute! Kourtney really seems to have eased into motherhood wonderfully.

Tiffany don’t be too harsh, the next time you hear a fussy baby on a flight give the mother a smile and try to help if you can instead of being irritated. We are very aware of how a baby can bother a lot of people on flights, and I know I’m very self conscious about it, so a smile from a stranger would make me feel so much better. I always tell people, “hey at least you only have to deal with it for a few minutes or hours, I have to leave with this screaming thing!” 🙂

I’m rooting for Kourtney and Scott, but I’ve been in a similar situation and I know what it’s like to forgive someone for hurting you over and over and wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt, for yourself and your child. Ironically, I gained so much confidence from my daughter and when she was one I walked away for good and have never been better. Hopefully it won’t come to that for them though!

Mary Anderson on

Kourtney, I don’t know you but, I think that you will continue to be a great Mother to baby Mason. I remember seeing that comment (about putting him in coach with the masses)and some people just need to get a life!! I love your family and your shows! It reminds me how disfunctional a family can be but, at the same time love one another so much it’s ridiculous…Keep up the good work Kardashians! p.s. Mason is super adorable!!!

rtucker on

I love how Baby Mason looks just like the Kardashians! So beautiful just like all of them!

ILuvPerfectParents on

He is so darn cute!

Christina on

Hey Kourtney!

That’s great that Mason is such a good little traveler. That Sophie Giraffe looks neat. My son Riley is five and a half months, and he is definitely teething as well. Sometimes he will just gnaw on my finger. It feels so funny! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It is so much fun to read about another mom that has a little boy so close to my little boy’s age.

hayley on

awww thats so cute!!

i wish my kids liked to travel but never mind,

he is super cute and looks super healthy too! xxx

Tracy on

Kourtney (and all you other traveling moms),

You’re so brave! I’m terrified to travel with my son. We haven’t had the opportunity to take many trips since he was born, but just driving the few hours to visit my parents is so stressful. When he was a baby, he usually slept well (and we timed things to coincide with his naps). Now that he’s two years old, things are a bit different.

We’d like to take a family vacation next summer (by plane). Does anyone have any advice for traveling with a toddler? I’m paranoid that he’ll have one of his fabulous tantrums and everyone on the plane will hate us 🙂

Thanks for sharing your blog and all the great pictures! You look like you’re doing a fantastic job!


glee fan on

he is so cute and looks just like her brother rob!

maggie on

OH HE’S SUCH A LIL CHUBBY MONKEY! love his little hat too!

Erica on

XXX STFU most babies are accidents!! That doesnt matter now, all that matters is she chose to keep him and loves him more than life itself and is a great mom. Mason is the cutest and Kourtney is as well. I love all the Kardashians and wish them all the best.

Robin on

I understand the purpose of having Mason get a second view (so he wouldn’t be bored)…but why does the nanny have to be in coach while you guys are in first class? I don’t think there is a financial issue there.

kallie on

Congrats Mason on being such a well traveler! I am 29 and have never flown, you are braver than I =)

kelly on

Kourtney You seem Like you are a womderful Mother/person. You are Real and i luv that.I luv to see that you always have mason with you unlike sum celebs that when cameras are on they hold babies and when cams r not around they have a sitter or nanny to do the work, i have not yet seen that with you and that shows a lot about you.even when ur mom is their u still carry your baby.u make your own decisions and dont let people make them for you and that is great!.you also dont let controling people control you. god bless you and ur son:)

Lola Monroe on

Hey Kourt!
I absolutely LOVE reading your blog, it’s so refreshing to see you as a mother, an amazing mother at that! Keep up the great work & dont stop blogging doll…remember…you have soo many haters because your fabulous…rooting for you & Scott too… Mason is one of the cutest celebrity babies, such a little chubby lumpkins…I love it!!!

Cass on

Why in the world would you pay for a nanny to sit in first class? That’s stupid Robin.

Stacey on

Mason is so cute! My sister just recently traveled with my 10 month old niece for the first time for a trip to CO and she did awesome! Great tips!

Sara-Eve on

Sooo the nanny has sit in economy class, be given the baby to mind back there for a while and then be expected to be rested enough to take care of the baby when disembarking the flight?? Afer being cramped up for hours? Surrounding by the illnesses Kourtney is so wary of Mason getting?!

On both Kourtney’s shows they act as though their staff are treated well and like family….obviously not!

Lord knows they can afford the 1st class ticket!!

Lola Monroe on

I honestly think some of your negative nancy comments are due to the fact that maybe you dont care for the Kardashian family as a whole. While you are of course free to speak your opinions…some of you are a bit ridiculous with the nitpicking…..build a bridge & get over it haters!!!

Kourt, you seem like an amazing mom & have been blessed with such a gorgeous boy! Wishing you…Scott & Mason all of the best in the world, love ya doll!!!

C on

I love reading your blog – our sons were born only 10 days apart!

Vanessa A on

Hi Kourtney,
Love love your blog. Amazing that people are quick to make judgements. Way to put them in thier place. Not that you need to explain anything to anyone. Mason seems like a wonderful baby. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Great Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new season!!!!!!!!

michele on

Kourtney, Mason is absolutley adorbale! I just love him! You are doing a great job being a momma! I have a 5 month old also and it is amazing being a mom I just love it.

Keren on

Kourtney I love you, I have alot of respect for you..My life is very alike yours I too had a men that was not all that I ended up leaving him and now I’m a single mother but I have worked my all to give my son everything..people always talk. I’m happy to say that my son has a better life than those with two parents! HAHAHAHA it’s all about being strong and you are the best…wishing you the best and Mason is a hottie!

Serena on


Your blogs are great, keep those coming! Mason is such a beautiful little boy! You seem to be loving motherhood! Love the new season of the show!

Em on

Kourtney you’re such a cool mum, I obssesively watch your show and love you all guys but I think baby Mason is my favourite Kardashian now! He’s sooo adorable 🙂

Brooklyn on

Those are adorable pictures! Mason is too cute!

Meghan on

I travel from Boston to San Diego (6 hours) twice a year with my children (now 2.5 and 5). They have been making this trip since they were infants and never once have I had an issue.

Kourtney – you’re awesome and Mason is beyond adorable. Cherish every moment you have with him!

Jessica on

Kourtney- I love both your shows. Your son is so beautiful and I am so happy for you. What a transformation you’ve made but you got it pretty great with Mason. All the best 🙂

celia on

i just want to say Mason is a lil cutie…i have never flown with my 3 yr old…but we went to see my family in Mn..and that a 12 hr drive with 2 kids under 2….but both of them were very good!!!!but my son loves to ride.

Valerie on

Wow, why would she not buy the nanny, who is caring for her beloved child, a first-class ticket? That is so class-less, unkind, and unwise. Recipe for a resentful nanny, it seems, and I would not want a resentful nany caring for my child. It’s amazing also how she makes that comment as if there is nothing wrong with it- she has no idea!

Ash on

Your little boy is adorable, and I love the name Mason, probably because I have a 10 month old named Mason also! I love you blog and the best advice I can give you is enjoy everyday with him because as you know they get big so fast, and don’t worry about people’s negative comments everyone got an opinion.

romy on

I didn’t even read ALL the comments, but some things like Tiffany’s comment just BUG me. She can take him on an international flight if she so pleases. Millions of people do. Just because you pay for a flight does not mean it will be quiet and serene. Everyone who pays can fly, and babies are just little people. Put on headphones or ear plugs and get over it. I would say Kourtney reads the comments (unlike some other celebs) because she is being paid to do this blog so she should see responses and answer them. The new show is fun (so far) but wow I cannot stand watching Scott. I hope you want to be single instead Kourtney!! I know it’s not my call, but as soon you are single you will have the chance to meet a great man.


To be clear, our celebrity bloggers do not receive any compensation for choosing to write for us.

– Moms & Babies Staff

romy on

Cass most people traveling for work travel coach. I don’t see why she’d have to fly her nanny first class. Of course it would be nice, but I don’t see it as a necessity.

Elle on

Oh dear, Valerie! Get over it! I’m sure if the nany is that bothered, she can get another job.

BRock on

To xxx:
Babies aren’t “accidents” you a-hole. They are surprises. That is a douchey thing to say.

Anonymous on

LOL at kourtney making the nanny fly coach.

Feminist mom on

Your son is absolutely gorgeous and you are doing a fabulous job raising him! I completely support you in allowing your son to travel about the cabin to keep him entertained and happy. Thank you for being so gracious in allowing us a peak inside your life.

@Cass, I do not believe that Kourtney has any obligation to buy her nanny a first class ticket (even if she can afford one) or that it means she is any less of a kind person or great mother for having her nanny sit in coach, so please do not misunderstand my comment. I will say that for my family personally our nanny is akin to family (this may not be the situation for Kourtney or others). Our nanny is essentially equivalent to my son’s grandmother. She eats in the same restaurants with us, stays at the same hotels where we travel, sits in coach with us (if we could afford first class– we would have her with us there). Because she essentially provides so much for our household, she is not considered an employee but a family member. Again, I want to stress this is not any judgment against Kourtney or anyone who hires a nanny and has a different arrangement.

I have the utmost faith that Kourtney treats her employees with great respect and is a FANTASTIC mother. I just wanted to add that it is not unheard of and in my case, it is the norm to have our nanny included in all our travel arrangements.

Best of luck to you Kourtney— we LOVE seeing the pictures of your beautiful son!

Valerie on

Elle- come on, how do you think that would make most people feel? You are a nanny for a rich person who is sitting in first class who thinks it is fine for you, who cares for her most precious child, to be in coach. Can’t you see the ramifications of that? She is not worthy of first-class comforts yet she is worthy enough to take care of the baby? If you don’t see a problem, interpersonal relations must not be your strength. If she were my nanny, I would treat her very, very well since she is caring for my child (and, it is just the right thing to do).

Liza on

Mmm, my daughter has flown internationally quite often since she was 3 months. Anywhere from 6 hours to 14+ hours. I think the hardest part was taking her passport photographs. If you start from a young age they get used to it. My daughter is pretty hyper in actuality, but on planes she just sleeps… She’s four years old now and I could not even count the flights she has been on already. The majority of them international. I even flew 18+ hours with her when she was 2 years old and I was alone. Not that bad, though I was completely exhausted after wards. She slept the entire time, but I couldn’t get any. Breast feeding helps quite a bit. I’ve always been allowed to breast feed on take-off and landing provided that she was strapped in the belt, usually a belt that is attached to mine. 🙂

Hailey on

People like to create judgement over the smallest things. The nanny is an EMPLOYEE…who is not being forced to work for the kardashians! She/he CHOSE to take the job! So people shouldn’t freak out about this when the general public really shows nothing about the employee/employer relationship there, or the situation in general. I see nothing wrong with travelling coach, I have always done so and always been comfortable! Coach tickets are expensive enough as it is…and it’s not like the Kardashians are the equivalent of some other stars who make millions per movie or per concert tour. Kourtney seems to be a fantastic mother, so keep doing your thing girl!!

cindy on

great tips! thanks. we live in charlotte with our 12mo son. love it here!!

Anthea on

To everyone who complains about the nanny flying coach while Kourtney flies first. Where I work, the partners, directors and high level executives fly first while everyone from senior managers down fly coach. None of us coach-flyers resent it even when we travel together and a few turn to the left of the plane and others to the right. I hope the nanny is more mature than some of you!

Kira on

Good for you Khloe! I totally think you should expose Mason to the world! If children were NOT allowed on international flights, how on EARTH would they get to see other parts of the world? Sometimes, people without children can be VERY insensitive..

As far as the nanny flying coach comments go…ummm…did she not JUST say she used breastmilk to kind of protect him from the germs? I hardly think a 4 or 5 hour flight in coach is going to have the nanny SO WORN OUT, that she cannot care for the child. If she is a trained nanny, she knows proper handwashing techniques and precautions to keep herself and the baby in her care from getting sick, the best she can. The baby can contact germs in first class the same as he can contact germs in coach. Also, NORMAL, everyday children fly in coach everyday, yes, his mother is famous, but at the end of the day, Mason is just a human baby. I am sure he was JUST FINE for all of the 10 minutes he was back with the nanny.

SO WHAT if the nanny is flying coach. Being a nanny is like ANY OTHER JOB, when my boss would send me on business trips you best believe I was NOT flying first class. Yeah, she has money, but she is WISE to save some money where she can. Fame does NOT last forever, and she may one day be wishing for that extra $200 she spent each time she wanted to fly the nanny in first class…I’m just saying….How do you know she did not bypass ONE luxury (flying first class) So that the nanny could have another luxury (say, a nice suite in the hotel?) Also, how do you know first class was not BOOKED? THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE

She might have planned it that way…if Mason was getting restless, a change of scenery might have been JUST what he needed. Passing a child from one seat in first class to another seat in first class is NOT a change of scenary, but getting up, walking, and being on a different part of the plane altogether is a definate change of scenery.

Crystal on

I looove your blogs and look forward to them. Mason looks adorable. Especially in his little Burberry hat! Mason changes every day and now he’s back to being Rob’s mini me!!! Lol! I had no idea that you actually read the comments but now that I know you do I just have one thing to say……..Do not be worried/bothered by some of the negative comments on here. Some people will always find a way to find something wrong with the way you are raising your child. You seem to be doing an excellent job with Mason. He looks healthy (very) and happy. You are doing a wonderful job and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Mason is the most important person in the world to you right now and that’s how it should be.

Lindsey on

My sister and I watch your show all the time! Love it!
Mason is such a cutie. We’re rooting for you and Scott.

Ignore the negative posts! If people disagree that much, then they should not read the blog. It’s irritating for those who absolutely love it to have to go through multiple negative comments. We get the point, people….enough!!!

Valerie on

Anthea, the big difference is that where you work, you are not caring for your employer’s children. I have no problem in a typical work situation with an employee flying coach and a boss flying first class. But a nanny-parent is more of a personal type of employee-employer relationship. Often, they are considered more like part of the family since they are taking care of part of the family. I guess if you have a more formal, distant relationship with your nanny, then what you said may apply.

joanne on

I dont know if I could be mistaken but as a friend of a flight attendant,I think she once told me that children under 5 arent allowed to fly in 1st class?

amandamay on

i don’t necessarily see a problem with the nanny being in coach – what i think is a bit funny is that kourtney has the baby in coach with the nanny. trust me, kourtney has no clue what it’s like to be the one actually watching the baby by herself on a flight. she can just hand the baby off when it gets fussy or she wants to watch a film or whatever. i’m not judging kourtney (hell, if i could, i’d have someone else watch my child for part of the flight too lol) but she shouldn’t act like she knows what it’s like to fly alone with a child. also, i’ve flown both first class and coach on my own with an infant/child and flying first class with a small child is WAY easier. kourtney should try taking her son on a 13 hour flight alone in coach, and then she can know what it’s really like lol

Hillary on

I love Sophie!!!! Keep up the good work!

Erica on

I think that its great that Kourtney writes and updates us on fun things in her life…the rest of you that have to put her down or ridicule her need a life. Get off the computer, get a job, and dont worry about other people’s lives. I’m sure that you are not a perfect parent(or person)and if needed I can sure come to your home, take pictures of you, post them and then tell the entire world how stupid you are. Let me know if anyone needs assistance with that.
Have a great day.

romy on

ahh thanks for clearing that up about not being paid! I guess she gets exposure rather than monetary compensation. If I were writing a blog here I would also read comments to try to answer questions.

Cnd Mommy on

To Bex,
I’m in canada too and the FA’s have said that to me too but I just nurse anyways. Not trying to freak anyone out but if the plane hits an air pocket, chances are you aren’t going to be able to hold on to your baby, doesn’t matter which way you are holding them. I just make sure while I’m nursing, I hold on tight:)

Ali on

Amen Erica! Get a life. What has happened to the world that we are all so judgmental. Newsflash: YOU ARE NOT SUPERIOR TO ANYONE ELSE! We are all human and make mistakes. I’m sure Kourtney is not a perfect mother, but neither is any other woman. She is doing the best she can, and her son will have a wonderful, privileged life, I’m sure.

Stacie Canales on

Dear Ms. Kardashian,

I love your show and admire how loving you are with your son – it is obvious how much you adore him (as a mother to my own first child, a little boy, I understand the amazing joy they bring, every second of the day).
A child learns and develops his thought process and future behavior from those around him, he will learn what an acceptable way to treat a woman is, from his father.
I know he has positive influence from your brother and your step-father, but his main role-model is his dad, don’t let time continue to go by, every second his little mind is taking it all in, they learn from us… Love is powerful, but once you have a child, their welfare comes first – You come from a strong family, you would survive the ending of a relationship – your son may not make it through without damage to his emotions and future outlook on relationships. Do it for him.

Lauren on

I know there are airlines that allow you to fly with a child in 1st class. I am not sure about al airlines.

Per The blog, Mason sat with the nanny for 10 mins, maybe you missed that part of the blog.



romy on

I agree Stacie, completely. When I watch the show I want to grab Kourtney out of the tv and tell her these things. Have a little intervention with her mom and Khloe on my side lol. I know sometimes things are blown up and edited to be entertaining for reality shows, and many things are set up, but it is clear that the real Scott shines through regardless.

Ellie on

Everyone, leave Kourtney alone. So she has a nanny and her nanny flies coach – who cares! As a mother of a son that was born two months before Mason, it’s obvious that Kourtney spends as much time with him as she can. Mommies need a break too. I had to get a babysitter to come in while I was on maternity leave to take care of the baby so that I could get a break and do what I wanted or needed to do – even if I stayed at home. She’s doing a great job (just look at how happy and healthy he appears) and leave her alone. There is nothing wrong with having the nanny watch the baby for a little bit on the flight – that’s what she is there for!! And I am sure that she is getting compensated well for it.

Lindsey on

Very interesting info about the breast milk in the nose and great advice for flying with a baby. I applaude you for breast feeding when many women choose not to nowadays. Also, no matter what you do or say, people will find something to criticize. Every baby is different and every mommy has to adapt to their baby – there are bound to be differences from one mommy to the next. I am the same age as you and I have a one year old so I know firsthand – I love reading your tweets on twitter and watching your shows. Mason is such a handsome man and your family is so entertaining and funny. Thanks for sharing the great advice!

joan on

How many people can afford $17 for a child’s teether (Sophie giraffe)? Can they find a blogger who lives in the real world?

Shay on

Crossing my Fingers, Mason stay a easy going, content little traveler!!!

People always worry about traveling with a young infant, but in my experience that’s the best age to travel with them! They’re immobal, and all they really want to do is sleep and eat anyway at the age.

When they get a little older…OMG. The temper tantrums, whining, boredum, getting them to sit still for hours, pleading with them to stop b/c people are staring… LOL

Alice on

Kourtney! Keep up the great work! Your son is beautiful.

To the rest of you nosey nay sayers. As a pre-schooler would say, mind your own beeswax. What effect does it have on you and your personal life if a celebrity flies an employee of hers coach or first class? Absolutely none.

People these days are so judgmental about everything, even if it doesn’t relate to them in the slightest. I’m with Erica a few posts up. Some of you come here just to tear down some of these celebrities. I’m sure a lot of them come to this blog, their children are posted here, what parent doesn’t like to see other people compliment their children? But think of it the other way, how would you feel on the receiving end of some of the nasty comments I’ve seen? I’m sure if Kourtney happened to see a photo of your child on face book and left a comment like some of you leave for her, it wouldn’t make you feel very good.
Think before you speak, or post, in this case. If you wouldn’t say it to a person directly, then don’t write it at all.

Janna on

joan—-How many people can afford $17 for a child’s teether (Sophie giraffe)? Can they find a blogger who lives in the real world?

You think $17 is SOOOO out of reach that it is not living in the real world????

OMG…. LOL…. Now I actually HAVE seen every criticism that can be made here.

{still chuckling}

Lauren on

Janna, I am also laughing. When I read that item on her list of things she brings with her, I thought wow, what a down to earth item. All of the babies in my world have one. It is an amazing teether at such a low cost. And before you say it, no I am not rich, nor or my friends and family. I would rather spend $17 on a good quality item, than $17 on multiple crappy items.

Joan, I think you are joking, right?

Hannah on

At first, I though Kourtney was just some girl from so reality show and didn’t like her much. But, wow she sounds like a great mother!!!! Mason is soo cute too!!!

izzy on

@joan, news flash hun, this is a CELEBRITY BLOG. besides, $17 is not too much money! i’m not rich, but i’d be glad to spend $17 on a teether if it was worth it. haha, gimme your address, i’ll send you $17 so you can have one too.

Jessica B on

Your son is adorable. I just had my first baby, also a boy, in March. We will be going on a cruise for Thanksgiving and so my son also has a passport already. Thanks for your travel tips 🙂

Marija on

I don’t watch your show simply because where I live we don’t have that station so all I know about you and your family comes from online tabloids. Anyways, we were pregnant at the same time (my little guy was born on the 28th of December) and throughout the pregnancy I was annoyed by all the stuff that were in the magazines all the time about your pregnancy – I thought to myself – Ok you are not the only one who is pregnant!!!! However, since Mason was born I have followed your blog and I see so much of me in you! The way you seem to treat that angel of yours, how much devoted you are to him and all the things you do! I see how much motherhood has changed you as it has changed me! My little one was a “mistake” too – but I think we can both agree that my Martin and your Mason are the best mistakes we have ever done in our lives and if there is a God (not very religious) he made sure we kept them and I am positive we will raise them to be respectable men! Love to both of you.

J on

First, please let me say that little Mason is absolutely adorable, you look great and happy and I wish your family nothing but the best.

Now, at the risk of sounding super negative, I can’t help but point out that you kind of stuck your foot in your mouth when you addressed an earlier comment about allegedly “sending Mason to the back with the masses”…you don’t seriously think it’s normal to put your nanny in coach while you and your mom lounge in first class, do you? Not only is that stingy, it’s incredibly rude and classist. Maybe that’s not what you meant?

Anonymous on

kourtney, do not listen to “XXX” and all the other haters.

Danielle on

OMG he is so damn cute. Love the outfit.

Congrats on the bundle of joy and I am loving the new season.

BB on

My kids have flown many times in excess of 8 hours and have done fine. It’s all in the baby’s temperament and preparation. We always purchase a seat for each child, even lap infants.(soooo worth the $$) This gives me loads of baggage room on board for any eventuality. Extra food, diapers, over the counter meds, thermometer, new toys/books (emphasis on new!! gives them something exciting to distract), old favorite toys/books, changes of clothes for baby and mom, tons of wipes, travel pack of lysol wipes, empty ziploc bags (good for dirty clothes/garbage and even pukers), antibacterial wipes (keeps TSA from giving you crap for antibac gel), disposable bibs, and I could go on. Make sure you get rest b/f your flight, b/c you’ll need the energy to keep baby happy. (I have done this with twins by myself. You can do it!!) I have walked the aisles for hours. I actually preferred day time flights, b/c then I was better rested and able to keep baby happy. Even if you sit in first class, try to get the bulkhead row. The more room you have to entertain munchkin, the better. If you can afford a nanny, good on ya. God knows I would have traded my left arm for one during any of my husband’s deployments! It’s easy for others to critique until they are in the situation. I actually asked my pediatrician if they had any sort of mild baby sedation for my 18 month old prior to a 7 hour flight (plus an additional 3 hours of layovers…). You should have heard the lecture I got from that md. (I had just read an article about some actress doing the same, so I didn’t see the harm in asking.) Have fun traveling. Before you know it, Mason’ll be too cool to hang out with you, so enjoy every minute you have with him.
(Oh and not that it’s any of my business, but you can do so much better than Scott. I know many honorable, respectable, intelligent,family focused, physically fit young officers in the US Army. Any of whom could well support you and your son comfortably. They’ll never be wealthy, but they serve their country, would never embarass you in public and know how to treat women.)

Lauren on

How is the nanny in coach and her in 1st stingy, incredibly rude, and “classist?” The nanny works for Kourt and technically is an employee of hers. Why would employees all have to be in first class? When I worked and flew with my boss who was the head of the company, she was in 1st and I was alone in coach. Could she have paid for me to be 1st? Of course, but I didn’t think badly b/c it is not something I expect or deserve.

Jamie on

Great post! Isn’t it crazy how life changes so much when a little one comes along? Kudos for breastfeeding and giving him what he needs! Just a suggestion, but a great carrier, like and Ergo or Beco is also awesome in the airport so you can have your hands free for luggage.

shirl on

I just want to say that I love seeing and hearing about Kourtney and Mason. It is so obvious as to how much she loves her little guy. My comment is not addressed to Kourtney but to the people who have made the comment as to how the nanny is treated. I have my professional nanny certificate, and have acted as a nanny in several situations. Yes I was paid for each job I did. However,when I was treated as a respected part of the family, I acted as part of the family. When I was treated as a paid employee, and not shown as much respect, while I still loved the kids, I was not so drawn to stay in situations where I was not appreciated. One family who has always treated me and my entire family as family, has grown children now and we still all consider each other as family. Treat your help as family and they will do the same!! What more could you want for your children?

Traci on

omgoodness! his facial expression is ADORABLE!!:) Little chubber:) Love it!:)

karen on

Anyone can see what a healthy, happy baby you have. A real chubby one two! Don’t pay attention to the negative things people say, you obviously are doing a great job with Mason.

Natalie on

He is adorable! Look at those chubby cheeks! You make good milk, mama! Keep it up!

Bettina at Best for Babes on

Thank you for blogging your breastfeeding tips and helping to educate, inspire and empower more expecting and new moms. You are a tremendous role model and we are grateful to People.com for publishing your breastfeeding success strategies . . . you can do more to help moms and babies in a few lines than we can do in a few months. We’ve even issued a call to action for our followers to thank you for talking openly about breastfeeding! http://www.bestforbabes.org/2010/06/give-kourtney-kourdashian-kudos-on-blogging-about-breastfeeding-for-people-com/

Amanda on

Yay! Breastfeeding in the spotlight of popular culture! We need more positive models of proud nursing mothers in this country–and in the public eye! Not only is it “normal” it is what is best for baby! Yay!

Amanda on

Mason is such a beautiful baby! Thank you for doing your part to normalize breastfeeding!! Another good thing for travel is a carrier like a Beco or Ergo in case he wants to be held while you are making your way through the airport. Then you can use the stroller to hold some stuff while you push it.

Jillian on

Thanks for blogging about your breastfeeding experience ! You are doing a great job nursing your baby and also encouraging other moms to do the same by blogging about it. Keep up the good work !

Anonymous on

Way to go Kourtney! Thanks for sharing your experiences with breastfeeding. Hopefully someday we can all do our part in “normalizing” it. Don’t know why so many feel that its “insulting” or its something to keep behind closed doors! Thanks for doing your part! Your baby looks like a very healthy happy baby boy!

milkstained on

Congratulations on your baby, Kourtney. Great job with breastfeeding him!

lisa daniels on

love that you are helping breastfeeding women everywhere by sharing your breastfeeding experiences. thank you so much.

Tina Marie on


You buy your son the cutest cloths and accesories ever! I hope you read this.

I would like to know if you have a fulltime nanny or just one that goes on business trips with you?

I dont see anything wrong with the nanny flying coach, ppl in coach probably wont complain as much about babies crying as they would in first class. You are a very blessed woman to have a high paying career and a wealthy family. You are a good mommy, being a young mother I know it can get stressful but u seem to doing well!!

Emilee on

Kourtney that is great to hear you are doing so well with breastfeeding. So many moms just give up or don’t even bother, Just keep going one day at a time!

I’m currently nursing my 11 month old exclusively, she only eats bites of what we eat at meals but not a full meal or anything herself, I’ll just wait until she decides she wants to eat more food, until then breastmilk has EVERYTHING she needs, she’s a little chunk too. So don’t let anyone tell you that babies need more than breastmilk before a year because that is completely false. We nurse 3-5 times during the day and 2-4 times at night, depending on how she nursed during the day or if she’s teething, or growth spurt etc… She sleeps with us so that makes it easy to roll over and let her nurse till she’s done and we both just sleep.

I also agree about a carrier/sling, holding and carrying your baby is the next best thing you can do. Not only is it the most comfortable for baby but it’s helpful and convenient for mom/dad/nanny too. They can sleep, or you can nurse them or they can just hang out with mom. I love my ring sling but a meitei like a baby hawk is great or if you want buckles a beco is great. I’ve used an ergo but didn’t like the shoulders for my smaller frame like yourself. Carrying them as opposed to using strollers and carseats causes the child to lose it’s sense of awareness in space, When being held next to mom, they learn how to react to movement in space, they feel your heartbeat which keeps their own heart beat/breathing steady, your walking patterns helps them learn as well.

This is a great article about this

another great article about baby carrying safety

Melodie on

As a breastfeeding blogger I am so thrilled that you are writing about breastfeeding. As a celebrity your voice is so much stronger than any other advocate and I can’t imagine all the moms and moms-to-be you are inspiring and educating right now. Keep up the good work Kourtney.

Jayne on

i flew with my 3 month old baby girl from brisbane in australia to new york!!!!
she was fine, absolutely no trouble at all. did the feeding at take off and landing (if she was even awake, she actually slept through it a couple times)

she got a little bored being in my lap the entire time, but it was no trouble to get up and walk up and down the aisle for 5 minutes, and that helped her heaps

Good on you for everything 🙂

Jen on

Congrats on a successful trip! My baby always did better traveling than I expected her to, also. I love the tip about putting breast milk in his nose to prevent a cold… I’m going to try that!

Great job breastfeeding, your Mason is a cute little chunky monkey. Keep it up!!!

April on

YAY breastfeeding Mama!

Sarah B on


Thank you SO MUCH for publicly blogging about your breastfeeding experiences! You sound like you’re doing an awesome job with baby Mason. Keep up the good work!

Lera on

Mason is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your travel tips. I love that your doctor suggested that you put breast milk in Mason’s nose b/c the antibodies help keep him from catching a cold. I wasn’t aware of that trick, and I am grateful that you shared it. Thanks for sharing your breastfeeding experience, too. Have you thought of doing an interview with Best For Babes? I love that you like to take Mason with you when you travel. It is clear that you have a great bond with Mason, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Emily on

I love it when celebrities use their star power for good! Thank you Kourtney for sharing your experiences, especially ones that help highlight the wonders of breastfeeding and breast milk. Thank you also to People.com for providing a platform for Kourtney to share her experiences. This is exactly the type of positive press we breastfeeding mamas and supporters need. Keep up the great work!
My daughter is 2 weeks younger than Mason, so I can relate to a lot of her baby-related experiences.

Heather on

Good for you for talking so openly about breastfeeding! We need more moms like you, in the public eye, sharing their experiences and showing that breastfeeding is normal, natural and best for baby!

You sound like an amazing mama truly putting our son first! Your pediatrician sounds amazing also!

Anonymous on

Huge kudos to Kourtney for breastfeeding and sharing her experiences with her fans! Way to go!

Jennifer on

If you can’t nurse during takeoff and landing, a pacifier, finger or bottle works the same way – the idea is basically to have the baby swallowing.

Karisa on

Kourtney, thank you so much for sharing your breastfeeding experiences so openly. You are helping so many mamas to get educated about all of the many benefits of breastfeeding, especially to six months and beyond. You are doing an awesome job, and Mason is such a cutie! Thank you also to people.com for providing Kourtney with a means to share her story!

Apple on

Mason is so cute! I love reading Kourtney’s blog!

Jessica on

Thank you so much for this blog. This is a great way to normalize breastfeeding.

The Similac ad needs to go though.

romy on

WHOA, what in the world? did a bf’ing league all come on and give her kudos, or the same person with a different email and internet name? just funny that suddenly there are all these posts in a row about the breast feeding part.

Diana on

Kudos to you girl for allowing people to see how normal and awesome breastfeeding is. Mason looks like a super healthy, happy breastfed baby 🙂
Keep it up!!!

Brittany on

I just wanted to say I love that you nurse your son and are open about it! I love how you caught him during his birth and I just think you are doing a wonderful job being a mommy! Keep up the good work and keep breastfeeding in the public eye you are doing a great wonderful thing!!

Nora on

Kourtney, thank you so much for sharing your breastfeeding experiences with us. So many people are fans of yours and this will help other mothers to stick with breastfeeding. On a personal note, my in-laws hate that I breastfeed, they always make comments and try to get me to stop, but my sister-in-law saw that you were talking about breastfeeding and asked me some questions about it. She now supports me and sticks up for me when her family is around! Thank you!!

Jackieg on

I love this and even tho i don’t personally watch her show I love the fact that she is bringing breast feeding to the light of day and give kudos to any mommy who nurses her baby looks happy and healthy. Now if only people could do something about the Formula ads i would be completely happy.

romy on

Seriously?! What is going on? Breastfeeding is great, but formula is ok too, and there are many people who need to use it. I guess adoptive moms could get breast milk from a milk bank, but formula for their babies (or any other baby) will be ok too. And I am all for breast feeding, it’s good for mom and baby. This is just getting freaky though.

Pamela on

Way to go, Kourtney!

When my son was that age we took several flights and I was so thankful for breastfeeding. It kept him quiet and content through the whole flight.

Keep it up!

Katie on

Another great article! Mason is such a cutie! I’m just wondering why you take a bottle of breast milk when you can just nurse him at anytime? Is it so someone else can feed him if you need them to? (Just wondering because I will be flying with my 3 month old in a few weeks and want to bring everything that I might need.) 🙂

Amyk on

Thanks Kourtney for helping to normalize breastfeeding!! More people need to see the wonderful benefits 🙂

Kim R. on

My son flew more in the first year of his life than most adults. He was always asleep the entire flight because I nursed him during takeoff. If he was awake, I would nurse him while landing. I also almost always flew solo with him. Not once did anyone say anything but how great he was. Even when we flew first class I got the looks, but he never made a sound since my boob was in his mouth next to some business man who pretended not to notice!

As a blogger who writes about natural and attachment parenting (cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, etc) I am thrilled so see your frank discussions of breastfeeding. More celebrities should share their positive experience so that more Americans see the benefits for mom and baby.

Looking forward to more of your posts.

Kim R.

Karen on


Thank you for helping people see that BF a baby is a natural healthy choice. I have been appalled by the number of problems mom’s have had recently for NIP. You have given your son a gift you cannot give when you formula feed. Congratulations!

Also, I would love to see you do an interview of a column for Best for Babes Foundation.

Best of luck to you! 🙂

Jazmin on

Amazing blog and Mason Dash is a cutie<3

Renee on

Thank you so much for again mentioning breastfeeding. It is great for other Moms, especially young ones who look up to celebrities, to see that it is normal, and rewarding! Your baby boy has such beautiful chubby cheeks!

romy on

ok Kim R, I found your blog and NOW I see why everyone is coming here suddenly saying great job with the breast feeding. I think that’s fine for people to be happy about that and comment, but it’s not so cool when some of the posters have to add in something about taking down the formula ads.

Cristin on

You can also use breast milk rather than saline solution in your baby’s nose if they are congested. It works and lasts much longer. I had never even thought of putting it in their nose to prevent colds in a public place, but I will definitely be trying it out when my 3rd baby is born in December.

Kate on

I love you Kourtney!! I think you come from a wonderful family and you’re all wonderful gals!! You are a great mother and congrats on choosing to breastfeed! Mason is a handsome little guy and I can’t wait to see a little sibling for him!! Keep up the excellent work! Thanks for the blog!! Keep it coming girl!! LOVE YOU!

Heather on

Kourtney, thank you for sharing Mason and your experiences with the world! I love to see new pictures because he is just so adorable! You are doing a wonderful job as a mother and you can just see the happiness he has brought to your life! Don’t let all of the negative people get you down, they must not know happiness and just want to bring people down that do!

meghan poole-van swol on

I love that you talk about breast feeding mason. With your open conversations hopefully our daughters will never be kicked out of stores or any place(like I have) for the simple act of feeding their children. Thank you!

rdft on

hooray for another mom in the public eye talking about the beauty (and practicality) of breastfeeding! keep up the good work kourtney and people!!!

Jules on

Brave for you, Kourtney! Breastfeeding is not an easy feat, the world needs more celebs like you share nursing struggles and successes. As a first time mom of a one year old, people like you make it easier for me deal with the comments I get from friends and family as to why I choose to breastfeed.

You are a great mommy and inspiration!

BTW- you are my fave Kardashian ;0)

KimS. on

Nursing is such a useful tool to calm upsets! Good on you for being open about it! Life doesn’t stop once you become a mother! Goodness knows my 20-month-old hasn’t stopped mine…we go out plenty (though not on a plane yet) and nurse wherever we are.

Liz on

Good for you for nursing on the plane. I’ve traveled a lot with my son and nursing is such a godsend when you have a tired or cranky baby.

Jessica on

You have a wonderful, educated physician! Yay for great information about breastfeeding, and breastmilk, easing the fears and troubles of traveling! Good for you for giving your baby such a great start in life!

ashley on

keep up the good work…breastfeeding is the best thing you could ever do for your baby. thanks for showing your fans it is normal. ever try wearing your baby in a moby or sleep wrap?

Adrian on

Congrats on Mason!! He’s adorable. I’m so glad to hear you talking about your breastfeeding experience! He’s one lucky baby 🙂

Mrs. Taft on

Oh man, Mason is sooo cute!!! Keep up with the breastfeeding, and keep blogging about it! Nice to see a real mom spin on it!

Melissa on

Kourtney, You rock! I think your family is so fun. I always tell my husband I feel like I know you all. LOL Good tips for traveling. I always find nursing (no bottles here) on takeoff and landing to be better than any other “gear” out there. You are lucky to have such a great doctor. So many do not encourage and support breastfeeding like they should (it is afterall, the perfect food for babies!) I’m glad you are helping to make breastfeeding “cool.” So many people are so ignorant about it.

Lori on

Kourtney – You are such an amazing mother. You are an inspiration to many! Your Mason is ADORABLE! Congrats on the beautiful family you’ve created. Love ya girl!

irma on

I love your show and mason is adorable. You have proven to everyone that you are the greatest 1st time mommy around.

Katie on

I already loved all the Kardashians but to hear you speak so openly about breastfeeding you’re now my favorite!!
I’m a mother to an almost 10 month old baby girl and breastfeeding has been an amazing bonding experience. Hope more mothers make the choice to breastfeed after hearing about such a hip mama is doing it.

romy on

Is Kourtney still breast feeding now? Mason is 6mo and the story is from when he was 4mo right? Just curious.

Kim on

It is fantastic to have the breastfeeding discussed as a normal part of motherhood, which is just what breastfeeding is! I get so disheartened by the lack of breastfeeding and the stigma around breastfeeding in public. I love nursing my little girl and receive huge rewards by knowing I am giving her the best food, specifically made for her! Thank you Kourtney for sharing your experiences to help normalize breastfeeding. Also, what a great doc you have to be so encouraging as well!

kayla on

I just want to give props to People and Kourtney for blogging about breastfeeding! We need more celebrities to be open about how great it is during this time when there needs to be a push towards more mom’s choosing to breastfeed! Way to go and thank you for blogging about it!

@modestmiddles on

As a mom of 5 and owner of a breastfeeding tank business that helps moms keep their fashion sense while comfortable nursing in public I really appreciate that you are talking about breastfeeding! You have no idea how many moms and babies you are encouraging!

Cara on

Congrats on having such a gorgeous little man and for doing so well with breastfeeding! Breastfeeding is a challenge, but you are doing the right thing by nursing him and telling the world about it. We need to normalize breastfeeding in our culture where breasts are so over-sexualized that they can’t be seen for their intended purpose (hello, we are MAMMALS – look it up!). Thank you thank you thank you for using your celebrity to bring attention to the cause! Keep up the good work!

Hot Belly Mama on

We use breastmilk for everything. We actually use it instead of saline spray before suctioning out the boogers. I use it at any sign of pink-eye and so on.

Hot Belly Mama on

We need breastfeeding pictures!

You’re a beautiful and lovely mother – motherhood suits you so well.

Elizabeth on

I just wanted to say thank yu to Kourtney for blogging about her wonderful experience and great tips! It’s great to see someone in the spotlight normalizing breastfeeding. I’m glad I read this because I will be flying with my 19 month old next week who still nurses, and while I knew about nursing during take-off and landing, I didn’t know about putting the milk up his nose for the antibodies just in case, so I will be doing that! Did you know that breastmilk can also cure pink eye in a day or two? I’ve had to do it 3 times between my two kids. Great job Kourtney and People, and keep up the great work as a new mama.

Carolyn on

Kourtney- I just want to echo the many comments that have commended you on the fabulous job you are doing as a working and breast-feeding mom! I finally got the chance to watch the wonderful episode of KUWTK documenting Mason’s birth- it was so beautiful! I think you have done so much to show that birth and breast-feeding are normal and not scary! way to go and keep up the awesome work!

Candice on

You are such a great mom! Mason is adorable ❤ and your family is great! I love the shows! Keep up the great work! 🙂
XOXO Candice

Candice on

You are a great mom! Mason is adorable and you family is awesome! Keep up the great work!
Also, I loved the DASH flyers! So cool!!!!
Hugs, Candice

Lauren on

Hot Belly Mama,
Breastfeeding pictures?!?! Are you serious?!?!

Keisha Humphrey on

I must say- This is the most beautiful I have ever seen Koutney (not that she is not pretty in other pictures). This picture looks so very natural and feminine- it is lovely!!

Veronica Hendrixx on

Nice going, Kourtney! Please keep breast-feeding your baby boy and please keep it in the public eye! We have needed a celeb to boost the “ultra coolness” of nursing our infants and you just might be the one to do it. Also, get your sister to talk about it on her radio show and get your mom to promote the hell out of it! Good for mamas and babies!!!!! Thanks, and love the show…….

faye on

Wonderful to see a celebrity talking about the most down to earth thing on the planet — breastfeeding her baby! I admire you for putting your parenting decisions (and they’re great ones!) on display for others to see. It’s sad that breastfeeding needs to be “normalized,” but great that you are helping to do just that!

Thank you, People magazine, for this blog. 🙂

ashia on

kourtney! check this out… i looked up the tiffany’s teething ring to possibly get for my baby, and i see that it was recalled! here is the link… http://www.teethingtips.com/teething-recalls/

watch mason’s so that this doesn’t happen to him! he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! and thank you SO much for your openness about breastfeeding. i wish more people would accept it, and do it as well! what a platform you have for that encouragement!

Anonymous on

Thank you for your support of breastfeeding! This is so wonderful! Great post! And kuddos to your pediatrician for giving you such great help and advice. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!

christy on

Hi Kourtney,

I love reading about you and Mason because my son Logan and Mason share the same birthday. He just turned six months old on Monday and is sooo cute and awesome. We took Logan from Arkansas to San Diego on a plane at 3 months and he did ok but was fussy at parts. The most embarrassing part was walking through first class when we were boarding the plane and we couldn’t do anything about it. It was also kind of difficult to breastfeed in coach with a cover up. He likes to wave his arms a lot. But we got through it and I would gladly fly again rather than drive that far. So, my question is how much does Mason weigh now. My son is probably over 20 lbs. by now and they look about the same size…we go to the doctor on the 29th to find out for sure. It annoys me though when people say he is fat or doesn’t miss a meal. I know my baby is chubby but do people have to call him fat?? lol.
btw…CONGRATULATIONS…He is sooo adorableand handsome and perfect!!!

elizabeth on

Baby Mason is adorable! I love the outfit! I think Kourtney and Scott are doing a terrific job raising their son. He couldn’t ask for 2 better parents. Love to all of the Kardashians!!

The Masses on

The funny part to me is not that you sent the baby to sit with the nanny for a little bit (duh…that’s what a nanny is for to help take care of the baby), but that you and your mom were up in first class while the nanny was shlepping it “with the masses” in coach. Seriously, if you can afford first class you should pay for her to sit there too. that’s just insulting.

Amanda on

Kourtney- Mason is adorable and seems very happy and content.

2 things:

1) I love the fact you showed a picture where you aren’t fully made-up. You are 1000% prettier without all the makeup on!

2) Scott has shown himself to be completely undeserving of you and Mason. Don’t let him ruin your beautiful baby boy. You (and especially Mason) deserve MUCH MUCH better.

Michelle on

omg he is soooo adorable!!!!! ❤ the picture of him sitting in the airplane seat. he looks like a grown little man!

Nancy L. on

OMG!! Is that one gorgeous baby. He looks like your Robert kardashian. He was gorgeous as well. I never miss a show. I want to be like Kourt. She always is so calm & can handle situations. She handles like well. Keep it up!!

JessicaC on

why is everyone up in arms about the nanny flying coach? shes an EMPLOYEE, it is her job to take care of the baby and be kind and loving. If she gets resentful and cant handle it, then you fire her and get another-EMPLOYEE. I wouldnt expect my employer to buy my gas to get to work everyday. Some of you people are ridiculous-“most babies are accident anyway”…one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard…I love the breast milk in the nose and pinkeye tips though!

Kathryn on

Way to go, Kourtney! Breastfeeding my baby on the plane also helped us- no crying, hurting baby! Just happy, sleeping, nursing little one. 🙂

jessie on

Love to hear that your breastfeeding Kourtney! Keep it up. Every momma should try and breastfeed for as long as possible. Glad to see you sharing your experiences with the public. We need to hear it!!

Elle on

I would just like to say how fantastic it is to see such down to earth positivity toward breastfeeding. It sounds like you have a great paediatrician with such excellent advice.

Congratulations on your gorgeous baby and a huge thank you on behalf of the breastfeeding community for helping us in the drive to normalise breastfeeding!


Sarah on

As a professional nanny I have to say there are more important things in a nanny/mother relationship than where the nanny sits on a flight. As long as the nanny is treated like the professional she (I assume) is then who cares where she sits. I just hope this woman is treating her nanny with the respect all nannies deserve.

Sarah on

I have to ask: why a sterling silver teether? Don’t ones from Target work just as well? Does the baby care if his teether is sterling silver? Seems like a waste of money to me but whatever.

Ella on

How wonderful that you are breastfeeding!!! My hope is that you could enlighten your sister about her anti-public-breastfeeding opinions. Why cant a baby eat whenever.. I can imagine you would resent if someone expected your son have food withheld.

Congrats on the amazing path of motherhood…

Sophia on

Just wanna remind all the breastfeeders here, that not everybody has a choice. I was born with a breast tissue deformity which makes it impossible for me to ever breastfeed. I’m trying for a baby with my husband and I really don’t feel that good about myself when everybody is raving how important breastmilk is and what a great bonding experience it is….CAUSE I CANT DO IT.

Sandra on

Great travel trips but as a former nanny, how about considering her travel plans your travel plans? You know the “she’s with us” as opposed to “no, she is fine back there, she enjoys being away from us even if it means she travels in the cargo hold”….just a suggestion. After all you do trust her with your child and what could make her more important in your lives than that…

Karen Peters on

Thanks for normalizing breastfeeding by talking about your experiences, thoughts and fears. New moms feel so alone. Breastfeeding can be the cultural norm when we talk about it as such.

Anonymous on

Kourtney, I remember when you found out you were prego, worried about being a good mother. I must say, you looked nervouse about it. I just want to let you know, you look confident and beautiful and I am sure you are a wonderful Mother. This is a good thing Kourtney because you never know how Scott is going to act. I sure hope Mason has Matured him because I like your sister Khloe thinks you can do better, much respect for ya, Take Care

San on

I so love you on tv, and as a mom, you make it look so easy! I wish I would have been that calm when i went into labor. I was like dang she makes it look so easy! You are doing a great job, I love you and your whole family! Mason is such a cutie pie!

LauraM on

I am thrilled to see Kourtney Kardashian stand up for active parenting and breastfeeding in a down-to-earth, every-mother way. She speaks to many young women through her television show(s) and media presence. I admit I was worried when I saw her treat another woman’s breast milk as “icky” in an episode, but the amazing job she is doing now- even just the fact that she is willing to acknowledge she breastfeeds her 6-month-old is enough to change my opinion of her into a socially responsible, loving Mama. I look forward to hearing more about her nursing journey as Mason grows.

Meygan on

Seriously Courtney…there’s no advice you can give a mother who already has 3 children under her belt. The best advice I can give you is STOP letting Kim kiss that baby on his lips there is a sickness called pertusis. Not to mention adults carry more germs than we know. By the way, cute baby.

romy on

Meygan, even a mother with 10 kids can still learn new things…and LauraM I don’t see how bf’ing alone can change your whole outlook on Kourtney. Yeah it’s a good thing, but come on, there are many more important things in parenting. I click on this post sometimes since it’s highlighted along the side. Very interesting to see the comments made on this one!!

bellaluna76 on

This is how self-centered overly privileged, no talent reality people (not stars) can be. No where does she mention in her post about her “concerns” that she was worried how her child would disturb other passengers on the flight. So disappointing.

Catca on


First of all, where on earth did the silver teething ring comment come from? I don’t see it in the pics and Kourtney does not mention it in the blog. Second, you do realize it is 2010, not 2007. Unless this was a ring that was purchased prior to 2007 and passed down, it is not one of the recalled rings. Products that have been recalled get fixed before going back out on the market. I have one for my son as well purchased in 2009 – so it’s not an issue!

Kourtney, I don’t watch your show as I in general find “reality” tv to be crass and more than a little ridiculous. I’ve never watched your show so maybe it’s different, who knows. What I will say is that you sure have been blessed by one absolutely adorable baby boy. He seems to be very content and comfortable so you’re obviously doing something right. Congrats!

Stephanie on

Kudos to you Kourtney for pumping your breastmilk on TV!!! I think it’s fantastic that you’re breastfeeding & are sharing your experiences with the public!

Maria on

Baby Mason is absolutely adorable! We will be traveling to Greece soon with our almost 4, and almost 2 year old. Am a little nervous about it. I hate comments like someone who said not to take baby Mason to Monaco. We have family we haven’t seen for more than 10 years, and we are absolutely ecstatic to see them, as I know they will be to see us and the kids.

Love Sophie too!

FC on

Oh, my goodness. That last photo of Mason is too cute! He just seems so cuddly and lovable. 🙂

PrincessJ on

The baby is adorable. But the Kardashians are one weird family.

J on

Catca, below baby Huey’s picture is the list of baby stuff Kourtney said she never leaves home without. Before you scold, try reading the entire article, and get the person;s name correct.

Yaya on


My mom was the flight attendant on your flight from L.A. to Chicago when you sent the baby back to coach. She came home from the flight converted. Having not been a total fan of the reality show, she expected a typical snooty celeb, but she said that you and your mother were wonderful passengers and that the love you had for the baby was just overwhelming.

She also commented on how well-behaved and adorable he is. She was thrilled to get to hold him as you used the restroom 🙂

Thanks for treating my mom with respect in an often thankless job, and for raising who I’m sure will be a wonderful young man!

Amanda on


Congrats on motherhood! I want to commend you for being a great role model for nursing mommies. I have a 13 month old that I am still breastfeeding, and loving every minute of it. There are not many celebrities that are as dedicated to breastfeeding, and even fewer who talk about it and are as dedicated as you are. You cast a great light on it and hopefully there are other expected mothers that will consider it who would not have otherwise. Mason is precious, and I am very happy for you and your family!!

Isa on

Hi Kourtney, in Kourtney and Kim take Miami you use a breast pump belt that seems amazing. Can you please tell me which one it is? Thanks and you’re an amazing mum always playing with your kids and finding the best for them!