Family Photo: The Garner-Afflecks Visit the Dentist!

06/15/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Giovanni/Splash News Online

After lunch at Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their daughters — Violet Anne, 4½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 17 months — along for a trip to the dentist!

The family of four recently returned from Louisiana, where the actress was shooting Butter — and garnering rave reviews from the locals.

“It’s like clockwork,” a source told PEOPLE of their Starbucks visits, which included lattes for Garner and cookies for her daughters. “Jennifer is super sweet and her girls are too.”

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Elizabeth on

It seems very rare that we hear anything about celebrities doing something as routine as going to the dentist. Its nice to be reminded that they really are just like the rest of us (some of them anyway).

sadie on

I love this family. They are so beautiful & down to Earth.

electra on

I thought they no longer wanted to be photographed, did they lift the ban?

Jaedyn on

Don’t hate me, but Jen looks pregnant… to me 🙂 I love the family 🙂

Lauren on

I love this family. Down to earth, seem like great parents, always with their kids. I love seeing pics. They are so cute!

The ban must be lifted bc there have Ben pics of them on here for well over a month. I feel bad for Jen if she is not pregnant bc of everyone saying try think she is.

xxx on

lauren, even if she’s not pregnant she has every right to have a little belly. I’m sure that many of you have a belly, pregnant or not pregnant. She had seraphina 18 months ago.. it’s okay not to lose all the pregnancy weight right after the birth( right, Heidi Klum?), hell it’s okay to keep some of the pregnancy pounds forever. If she’s pregnant, well congrats, hope they’ll have a “Ben junior”!

ss on

their daughters are both so adorable. one looks like ben and the other one looks like jen. thats so cute. i love this couple and i love how they are down to earth people! not too hollywood! and their kids are dressed normal for kids and not outrageous like alot of hollywood parents. i dont think jen looks pregnant at all. her shirt is just up from carrying her daughter and i dont see no baby bump at all! (you look great jen!)

Luna on

Taking my kids to the dentist is like taking my dog to the dog park. They LOVE it. The whole ride there they argue over what is the best toothpaste flavor to get and if they’ll get a balloon. Wonder if the Garner-Affleck kids are like that. They’re adorable.

amy on

I love Violet’s tretorn sneakers!

iluvperfectparents on

Those are some very pretty seemingly happy little girls.

Lauren on

i think you are missing my point. my point was that it IS okay to have a little belly, but I feel bad for everyone to assume that the little belly means she is pregnant. Every time Jen is pictured, people say she looks pregnant. That would make me a bit insecure. That is all.

Sharon on

My god Ladies, That belly looks flat as a tac to me!!!

tia on

Jen has looked exactly the same for ages. Having a small belly (which she always has had, even when she’s in great shape) does not mean pregnancy unless it’s a change from someone’s normal body. This isn’t. It’s so strange how people keep thinking she’s pregnant when she looks exactly the same in every single picture. And how could Ben “ban” the paps from taking pictures? He may not like them, but as long as he’s out in public, there’s not much he can do about it.

Manal on

they loon tanned, beautiful family!

Lauren on

Sharon and Tia,
That was my point. People need to stop fixating on her being pregnant and realize she has looked the same forever. People have been saying she looks pregnant for months. I WISH my belly looked like hers.

Brooklyn on

Adorable as always!

Elizabeth on

Violet has some loooooong legs! I’m jealous!!!! lol

celia on

ben and jenn uplifted it couple months ago…CBB explained it…as long as it wasnt at violet school!

i have always love them both they look like a great family and the girls are to cute!

romy on

Ben and Jen had an agreement with People to not put pics of their kids up. Probably because of the stalker thing they had going on. Other sites still had them up. In this pic all FOUR look cute! I can see why people think she’s pg a lot. It’s just her shape. She’s thin but still has that shape. Maybe she is pg, maybe not, but she looks good. She seemed to get so thin for a little while there when Sera was younger.

Liz on

This family and so many stars (and their families) are constantly being followed, filmed, photographed. It’s like their whole life is under a microspcope. They are treated like animals in a zoo. I certainly would not be as understanding as so many of the famount people are. It’s one thing when they are at events like film openings, but they can’t even do day-to-day stuff like go to the dentist. I wonder how the photogs and others that partake in the “celebrity business” would feel if they were be constantly hounded. I certainly wouldn’t be smiling at the paparazzi etc. Is the clothes, who they are dating, a pic of the latest handbag so important? People are so used to it, many think its 100% ok.

Pinkdancer on

They are one of my favorite celeb families and it’s so great to see them all together on a normal part of family life. Gorgeous parents and cute kids!!!! They are lucky. And as for all the pregnancy talk, I don’t think she looks like it at all and I feel bad for all the scrutiny but I’d be so thrilled if she was! :-$

Anna on

She does not look pregnant al all. I hope she doesn’t read the “I’m sure she’s pregnant” comments/articles because it must be annoying.

Sarah M. on

Tia – Ben and Jen asked that CBB stop posting their pics due to the fact that other children at Violet’s school were getting shoved or hurt by the paps. Just so that they could get pics of the girls. While I like seeing pictures of these precious kids, I am on a celebrity baby site after all, I wouldn’t want to see any knowing that children (the Affleck children or any other, for that matter) were getting hurt just to see them. I don’t know if an agreement was ever sought for other sites and just ignored, or if none were sought at all, but CBB stopped posting the pics in respect for Jan and Ben’s wishes. (While I missed seeing the pics here, I’m glad CBB did so.) That ban/agreement has been lifted for awhile. Several pics have been on here of Jen with either one of both of the girls over the last month.

I LOVE how happy their kids always seem!!

Mariana on

They’re all beyond cute!

CelebBabyLover on

tia- I agree! Jennifer has ALWAYS had that little belly. I remember it causing pregnancy rumors numerous times between Violet’s birth and Jen’s pregnancy with Sera, too. 🙂

tracy on

wow, now following little girls to a dental appointment.

Terri on

Wow, I’m jealous of Jennifer’s physique and other people think she’s pregnant. Makes me really embarassed about how my stomach looks.

Molly on

Vi is starting to look more like Ben as she gets older. Love this family.