Catherine Bell Celebrates Her Baby Shower!

06/15/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Sara DeBoer/Startraks

Set to welcome her second child in mid-August, Catherine Bell celebrated her baby shower at Anne Archer‘s Pacific Palisades home on Sunday, May 31.

Joined by husband Adam Beason and daughter Gemma, 7, the Army Wives‘ star, 41, played with yellow lab puppies from host Cottonelle Roll Over and enjoyed cake from Rosebud Cakes.

Guests of the blue-themed baby bash were treated to spa robes from Restoration Hardware as well as Philosophy’s Baby Grace shower gel and body lotion as party favors.

More photos below!

Sara DeBoer/Startraks

Sara DeBoer/Startraks

Sara DeBoer/Startraks

Sara DeBoer/Startraks

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Minami86 on

Catherine Bell is so gorgeous!! I love her on Army Wives! I was so happy that (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!) they wrote her pregnancy into the show. I wonder if her character Denise will have a boy or a girl. They’re keeping us guessing because Denise wants to paint the room green!!

klutzy_girl on

I love Catherine! Also thrilled that they wrote in her pregnancy on Army Wives, since Frank and Denise are adorable. While I’m glad Catherine’s having a boy, I hope her character has a girl!

meghan on

her daughter is beautiful!

Sonya on

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of Gemma before. She sure is cute!

And I love that Catherine is finally in a new popular series, so that we get to see more of her:-)

maggiemoo on

isn’t it bad etiquette to have a baby shower if you already have a child?

Rita on

Beautiful family and the party looks so adorable.The food makes me hungry.

my2girls on

I love Army Wives. Totally addicted since Season 1. I didn’t know until now that she was pregnant in her personal life. I did notice that when Frank kissed her belly Sunday that it looked realistic. I am so excited for her. Wonder what her husband looks like. She always looks so refreshed.

jessicad on

Gemma is gorgeous, look at those eyes! I love Catherine’s dress too.

michelle on

honestly with all the baby showers we see on here that cake is ridiculous and TACKY! this is her second baby… and naming her friend for having it at her house! just ridiculous.. I was a huge fan of hers before but this is a sell out… and a waste of my time.. nothing interesting to find out about this party

ecl on

Don’t these people have enough money that they don’t have to have sponsored birthday parties. The cake has the name of a toilet paper on it!! And handing out elaborate shower gifts like this is really just a plug for those companies. Even having a baby has to be commercial for these people.

Anna on

Is that thing with the toilet paper a cake? Strange combination. I always loved her in JAG but I don’t like celebs making money off their children/pregnancies.

Kimberly on

Geez people, can’t you just be happy for someone else for once? If this is the type of baby shower that Catherine wants than so be it. It was her shower and her baby. I believe in opinions but sometimes people are over opinionated. 😦 She looks lovely an I would love to hold that lil pup! 🙂

Minami86 on

@Maggiemoo: Regarding baby showers, I think they strayed from the original meaning (of helping new parents by buying things for the baby) & turned more into a celebration of a new life. Also some traditionalist on the subject say if the baby is the opposite gender, it’s ok because you will need different things.

As for sponsored parties, it’s a way of getting businesses attention. I doubt the celebs are paid for it & if so, it’s part of their jobs sometimes. Atleast Catherine kept her event a little more private by just showing the displays & settings & not the private moments.

Bancie1031 on

Catherine is beautiful to begin with and even more beautiful pregnant woman! I’m happy for her and Adam.
Quick question is she having a boy? Do we know? Just asking because her baby shower has a lot of blue in it 🙂

Krista on

Miami I agree with you.. baby showers even for us non-celebrity common folk have changed from helping the parents-to-be to celebrating the life that’s coming into the world. I see it a lot with moms who their first child was a boy and the second, a few years later, is a girl.. or vice versa. Or moms who had their first baby years and years ago and are pregnant again.. I don’t see an issue with them, they’re more parties now a days than showers.

And seriously.. who cares what she did with her baby shower. She’s a celebrity.. at least it wasn’t as insane as some of them are these days. So she had a sponsor, she probably made like 2 dollars off of it and got a nice shower in the end. She’s beautiful, her daughter is gorgeous and congrats to them on their new little bundle :]

CelebBabyLover on

Whoa! Gemma is an absolute clone of her mother! As for the shower….I see nothing wrong with it. And hey, at least Catherine picked a sponsor that has adorable puppies! 🙂

amandamay on

her daughter is beautiful!

yeah, the cake is a bit tacky, but if that’s what catherine wanted, then that’s great for her 🙂 i dont see anything wrong with having a shower for each baby – i agree, it’s become more about celebrating a new life than a dig for expensive gifts. and man, anne archer’s house is beautiful – that yard is amazing!

congrats catherine!!

Kayte on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a baby shower for a second baby, especially when the first child is 7 years older and a different gender. What I do think is odd is having it ‘sponsored’ by a company. Celebrities can certainly afford to throw a baby shower and don’t need big companies advertitsing their goods on the cake, decorations, and favors to celebrate their baby’s birth. It’s pretty tacky.
Catherine and Gemma are beautiful, and I wish the family well.

Ciara on

First, Maggiemoo it isn’t uncommon to have another baby shower especially since it’s been 7 yrs between children. At least I know it isn’t uncommon in my family or friends if it’s been that long. Secondly, the whole sponsored thing, to me it’s just Cottonelle trying to get a plug in where they can. Don’t criticize Catherine, afterall I’m sure she didn’t plan her own Baby Shower! Also, I’d just like to say how cute Gemma looks (and Catherine too)! CB is a beautiful person inside and out and it shows! Congrats on the baby, you have a beautiful family!

Amanda on

I’m so happy for her! I met her in California when I was in the Navy and she was filming Jag – she was so nice to everyone. I wish her well in L&D and can’t wait to hear more about her gorgeous little man!

Juli-ann on

Great shower pictures!
Love her dress – any idea who designed it?

fuzibuni on

do celebs get paid to have these kinds of parties?
I can’t understand why else you would pose next to that ridiculous cake, or take pics with the toilet paper mascot dog. It just seems like a funny way to celebrate a new life.

Lee on

@fuzibuni, but whining about HER party is a better way to celebrate a new life? Did you even read what you typed because if you aren’t a troll, you are getting close to being one at this point

Alice on

fuzibuni I don’t think they’re paid but they must get everything for free. They’re paying the set-up, food and activities by advertising the sponsor.
In this particular case I agree that it’s totally weird to have a toilet paper cake for your baby shower but other celebs have had different sponsors that make more sense, so to speak. Baby, clothing, toy or food brands…

Lauren on


You need to stop calling people names and attacking people. You have done this multiple times this week. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That doesn’t make someone a troll it makes them a human.

torgster on

I don’t understand how these celeb parties come to be. There are always sponsors and host companies etc. Who initiates the planning – do the companies contact the celebs and offer, or do the celebs ask for stuff, or what? Just curious lol.

Lee on

@Lauren, do you know what a troll is? It’s a word used for people that only after attention on message boards and blogs. I’m not calling her a name. Her attentions scream troll but I know she isn’t. BTW, I do think it’s adorable you are following me and trying to lecture me like I’m a child. Thanks but no thank you.

electra on

I was just about to comment how simple her baby shower seemed and, how nice it is to see a celeb doing something normal..without a gimmick or trying to make money.

There goes that.

Lauren on

@Lee, I do not what a troll is and if you are calling someone a troll than you are calling them a name. And then you said you know she isn’t one, which makes no sense.

I am not following you. I am reading the posts as I do everyday and trying to enjoy them and stumble upon your posts. I am not lecturing you, I am stating my opinion. If I recall, you asked for people to comment bc you like it?!?

I have every right to respond to anyones posts as this is a free world. Do not flatter yourself.

Lauren on

Kinda sounds like you are a troll

CelebBabyLover on

Kayte- But wouldn’t it be a friend or relative of the celeb’s, not the celeb themselves throwing the party? After all, one major rule of baby shower ettiquette is that you don’t throw your own shower!

Lee- I actually have to agree with Lauren on this one. ENOUGH already!

K on


Kristie on

I love Caherine and her show Army Wives. The thing with celebrity baby showers is that a lot of the proceeds and items are donated to needy charitys. We should get off her back, is it really that big of a deal?

Kayte on

I was refering to Anne Archer as the celebrity that could afford to throw the baby shower without a sponsor. Catherine’s baby shower was held at Anne’s house. It is a definite no-no for someone to throw their own shower.

Kelli on

It has always amazed me how people become so heated and opinionated when it comes to the lives of others.
Seriously, Catherine is beautiful her party was beautiful, and life?… BEAUTIFUL!
Let’s all enjoy our own, and stop judging everyone else’s.

Adelae on

In response to my2girls comment, the belly may of looked realistic but it couldnt have been they film the season months in advance she was either just finding out that she was pregnant or just a few months along not enough to show.

Becca on

She’s so gorgeous… I wish they’d get going on more Torchwood, that’s where I love watching her the most. Congrats on the family addition!

samantha on

Catherine is a beautiful woman…I’ve loved her since she was on JAG and then more recently as the “Good Witch”..her eyes sparkle and her smile is warm and kind…I love her on Army’s a great part for her and that the producers wrote in her pregnancy well, it’s just fabulous!! Congratulations to her and her family for their wonderful blessing of another child…

Becca on

My bad, she’s not the actress on Torchwood, I think I got her mixed up with… wasn’t she on JAG, though? anyhow, she’s beautiful and looks so happy!

grace on

how tacky, a corporate sponsored baby shower. they should have had gifts go to a needy womens charity that would make corporate sponsor and celeb look better!

Carolyn Roberson on

Maggiemoo…I don’t think it is bad etiquette at all. It may be to some people. Each child is different and deserves special attention. Not to mention, Catherine’s daughter is much older and I’m sure her baby things went out the door long time ago. I had showers for each of my 3 sons given by other people, and not my idea. I think it is all about the baby, not the etiquette.

Shelly on

She is a wonderful person, I watch Army Wives every Sunday. Congrats for you and your family on the new arrival coming soon.

Brandi on

Since when is having a baby all about MONEY & gifts instead of being the best mother possible? Looks to me like someone’s priorities are messed up.

Lauren on

@Lee, Oh how you make me laugh. I am checking these posts, just as you and everyone else is checking them. Hope you are having a fabulous day as I am!

Jill on

I think it is great she had a shower. I became pregnant last year naturally at 40 after years of infertility/treatments trying to have a second child. Our daughter was also 7 when we had our baby daughter last year.

I should have celebrated it with a more formal shower but part of it seemed bittersweet finally getting pregnant after trying for so long and then giving up for years too. Just felt I lost so much time with everything. Plus we had another girl so it was not as important to have a shower.

Our daughter was thrilled to have a little sister. Felt bad Gemma was sad hearing the news that she was going to have a brother. I know our daughter would have had the same reaction!

It is so nice to see that Catherine planned it this way and I am not the only one with a bigger age difference between children and around 40 having my second child. I’m finding out there are a lot of benefits too with having a mommy’s helper and not having two very small children at the same time. I could not imagine. Plus I’m in good company with Catherine!

grace on

@ Lee – is catherine bell your best friend? so why are you acting like you are best buds? i think she has more important things to do than read a gossip blog. my point is that there is no mention of a charity in this story or others i have read about this shower. i even checked the corporate sponsors blog. having worked in pr, it is obvious they needed the endorsement and she needed the free goods. come on really, robes from restoration hardware. i think they should have donated them to the people of haiti. however, there are actors that do give back and demand donations are given to their charity or the sponsors.

tjcsweet on

i noticed that she and Jennifer Gareis have ths same dress. I thought it looked familiar at first, so i had to cross refrence it and my thought turned out to be true. I wish the best for her (and Jennifer Gareis).

CelebBabyLover on

grace- Lee is right, Catherine DOES read this blog. In the previous post about her, she responded to all the negative comments about her having a C-section.

Also, why is that celebs can’t ever recieve gifts like the rest of us? Just because someone is a celeb doesn’t mean they can never recieve gifts!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, grace, Catherine may not have donated these gifts to charity, but for all we know, she donates to charity a lot and we just don’t know about it.

grace on

@celebabylover. let catherine respond then. when you put yourself out there like that, you are subject to criticism. how can you speculate about whether she gives to charity? either you make it public like most do, or you take advantage of your celebrity persona to accept freebies.

Candace on

ok…catherine doesn’t need me to stand up for her, but I can’t stand this anymore. I live in Charleston where Catherine now makes her home. I have been an extra on Army Wives with her and I have run into her on occasion around town. She is one of the kindest, most down to earth people I have had the pleasure to meet. She DOES give to charity. If you look at her website, it lists the organizations she supports. Someone asked her where to send a baby gift and she said she would love it if they would instead make a contribution to one of the organizations she works with. She (and the other cast members) are very involved with giving back to the Charleston community and military families also. There are many companies that offer to sponsor celebrity events..showers, weddings, etc. to get name recognition for themselves. Did this article say Catherine hosted her own shower? No. It said the shower was held at Anne Archer’s home. You all want to be invited into these celebrities’ lives, but when you are… you do nothing but criticize. Sad.

CelebBabyLover on

Candace- I agree 1000 percent! Celebs can give to charity and still except freebies from time to time. And you are also right about the shower being at Anne Archer’s house, and therefore most likely hosted by her. So if we’re going to be criticizing someone about this shower, shouldn’t we be criticizing Anne?

With that being said, here’s my two cents on why I stood up to Catherine: Yes, you open yourself up to criticism when you are in the public eye. However, celebs still have feelings, just like the rest of us, and they deserve the same respect that the rest of us do. Put it this way: Would say the things you said here to Catherine’s face? If the answer is no, then, IMO, those things shouldn’t be said here, either.

Try to put yourself in Catherine’s shoes for a minute, and imagine how you would feel reading comments like these about yourself. And Catherine, if you’re reading this, don’t let all the criticism bother you. The most important thing is that you are about to bring a beautiful new life into the world! 🙂

michelle on

My biggest issue is that TACKY cake and the gifts for the guests. I really want to hear about her shower but I don’t want to know that it was a paid advertisement. Catherine can’t stand next to Contonelle because of exclusivity rights. I just don’t like that she is doing an endorsement. Fine if they want to throw her a party they can, but they can get their product in their or call it an advertisement just don’t pretend it is not.

Stacey on

It was held at Anne Archers house because they are both Scientologists.

grace on

what i want to know is why people are still responding to this silly article when it is not posted on celebritybabies anymore. let it go folks! i checked it out of curiousity to see what losers are responding to my comments and say ‘get a life and let it go!’

FC on

The layout of the shower is very pretty. And that food looks good, and the cake is cute and different to me. I wish I had been there…lol.

I think Catherine, as well as Gemma, look beautiful. I love Catherine’s dress. 🙂

Sky on

Grace– You crack me up with your comment about the ‘losers’ that are still reading this article and posting comments….as you just did yourself. Perhaps you need to let it go. Btw, the article is still posted on CelebrityBabies. They don’t disappear–you just have to click back. Not everyone has time to read this site daily.

CelebBabyLover on

Stacey- What does that have to do with anything?

grace- Sky is correct. The article isn’t posted on the front page anymore, no, but if you scroll back a few pages, you’ll find it. 🙂