Christina Aguilera Refuses to ‘Raise a Brat’

06/14/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Having celebrated his second birthday in January, Christina Aguilera is allowing son Max Liron to test the waters of toddlerhood — to a point.

“No child is terrible. When you’re at that age you’re just learning how to express yourself and balance all these emotions and feelings,” she tells Billy Bush of the infamous terrible twos.

“I’m definitely an understanding mom … but discipline is a big thing for me too. I’m not raising no brat!”

Despite the cancellation of her Bionic tour, Aguilera, 29, insists that when the day comes to hit the road, Max will be by her side.

“I’ve got my mommy concerns, you know, bedtime and schedules and time differences,” she admits.

“It’s going to be a little crazy and a little cranky at times I’m sure, but I’m not the first person to do it and I won’t be the last. We’ll find our comfort zone with it.”

— Anya Leon

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Lisa on

Has anyone else noticed that she’s been out and about a lot lately without her wedding ring? Or her husband? I’m expecting the split statement soon.

Tracey on

I was just thinking the same exact thing! She’s one of those people that you very rarely, if ever, see without her 3-ring wedding set on. I’m hoping they aren’t having trouble. And why was her tour canceled?

maggie on

ah lisa maybe she’s not one of thoes people who wears their wedding ring all the time. besides jordan and christina seems like they’re very in love

Shelby on

“I’m not raising no brat!”
Clearly you’re not teaching him proper grammar either. Christina is the last person I would take parenting advice from…

Manal on

Why was the tour canceled?..

Sylvia on

I hope that they are not having issues 😦 I agree with maggie. They have seemed to be very much in love during interviews. Maybe she either lost it or does not want to damage it (unless she does not like to wear to it)
If the non-wearing one is the case, I can sympathesize with her. I find rings annoying as well because I do a lot of stuff with my hands and do not like to get greasy food/etc on them (the rings). *I know that sounds shallow, considering that it’s wedding ring, however, I know some couples that do not wear them all the time*
As for the behavior issues, I like her viewpoint. I don’t think a parent could raise a well-mannered child without disciplining them at some point (non-violent discipline)

melissa on

i heard her tour was canceled because her record sales were so bad

april on

she didn’t write the article shelby maybe you should criticize the magazine writer not her. Her and jordy are just fine. I am so glad the media cannot do to her what they did to Britney.

cris on

April, since the statement was in quote’s, one would assume it is what Christina said. If you are saying different, it would mean that the quote was false.

T on

Just because she is not wearing her ring shes automatically having marital troubles? really?? If you have followed any of her interviews with People mag she has a collection of rings and changes them daily…

Lane on

@Shelby-clearly you’ve never heard of slang. It’s just slang, completely informal. Just because you’re a grammar snob (or just a snob in general) doesn’t mean she’s a bad parent. As for the rings, I wouldn’t read too much into it.

izzy on

@shelby! you took the words right out of my mouth. yeah it is slang, but slang is usually incorrect. she is so annoying!

meg on

I must be the only one that finds it hilarious that she says she’s “not raising no brat” when her husband and son’s last name is “BRATman.” 😛

k1988 on

You’ve all looked over how much she sounds like a good mom. “No child is terrible”, “I’m definitely an understanding mom … but discipline is a big thing for me too”, and “I’m not raising no brat!” are all things we want moms to think, but it’s not good because Christina isn’t wearing her wedding ring? Or because her latest album isn’t selling that well?

It seems like Max has a wonderful mom.

Also, I watched 1 segment of her VH1 storytellers thing, or something, the other night, and she was saying that Jordy was the calm in her crazy life. Doesn’t sound like trouble to me.

CelebBabyLover on

T- I read that article, too!

Lane- I agree with you about the ring and about how what she said doesn’t make her a bad parent. However, I do see Shelby’s point as well. People not using correct grammar is one of my pet peeves. To me “Raising no brat,” is not slang, it’s just incorrect grammar.

dfs on

Lane, slang IS bad grammar. People who speak like that just sound trashy.

Lisa on

Her tour was pushed back so that she could focus on promoting the new album, as well as Burlesque, the film she worked on at the start of this year. She couldn’t tour for the new record while she had other things on her plate.

As for why she’s not wearing her wedding ring; I don’t believe it has anything to do with them having marital problems. I don’t wear my rings every single day. Moreover, I don’t wear the exact same ring every single time I do wear them. It doesn’t make you any less committed. Consider some of the recent serial cheaters who DID wear their rings all the time. That didn’t stop them from their antics.

Lauren on

dfs, that is exactly what I was thinking. One of my pet peeves!!!!!

romy on

I thought the same thing Meg, lol. I do think there is probably trouble. She just made some weird statement about not wanting to be sexy for just men, but also having interest in women and being sexy for women. How about just for you and and your husband? Blind items point to her as the one who doesn’t wear a ring and drags her husband out on shopping errands for appearance sake. May not be true, but I guess I’ve never really cared for her. As for the interview where she said Jordy was her calm, anyone can say that. Doesn’t mean it’s true.

ILuvPerfectParents on

Kudos to Christina, sounds like she is doing a great job raising HER son. I haven’t wore my wedding ring in over 10 years & my marriage is still as blessed as it was the day I said I do!!!

Siana on

But she’ll raise a Brat-Man lol

cindy on

wow…. do all of you really care that much about her ring!? There’s so many more important things to discuss… who cares if she’s getting a divorce and who cares why her concerts cancelled… probably because her new album sucks. You all need to find something else to do.

Terri on

How can the tour be cancelled because her records sales are so bad when her aalbum was released just a week ago and her tour was cancelled weeks ago? Her tour was cancelled because it conflicted with her promoting her film. It will be rescheduled.

Christina doesn’t always wear her ring. And she remains very much in love going by her recent quotes.

And please, bad grammar and slang does not make someone look trashy. How ridiculous. The English language is constantly evolving and words that were slang a few years ago are now in the dictionary. And probably most of us have used phrases that use slang and bad grammar, but know perfectly well what correct grammar is.

izzy on

@ terri, bad grammar = trashy. there is a correct way to put sentenced together, and using double negatives is not only incorrect, but its ANNOYING!!!!!! its people like you that excuse every bad thing in our country and try to make the good people look bad for trying to keep their standards. ugh!

kayla2010 on

izzy, run on sentenceS are annoying too. As is dropping apostrophes and using “that” instead of “who”. This doesn’t make you trashy. It does, however, make you a hypocrite.

I’m almost positive Christina was just saying it how she did to be funny. I highly doubt she talks like that in her day-to-day life. Even if she does, who cares? If that’s the worst thing she does, she’s better than a lot of parents.

Regarding her ring…it doesn’t really fit in with her new persona, does it? Singing about taking shots with a gigantic diamond on your finger doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Bonnie1 on

With regards to her rings, I know several women with small children who won’t wear them around their children for safety’s sake. Same reason some of them keep their fingernails short and sometimes even unpolished. Small children are forever putting things in their mouth or tripping over themselves and it’s only natural to immediately try to reach out to help without first thinking what something like a diamond can do to a baby’s delicate skin. Ms. Aguilera sounds like such a “hands-on” mom that I’m wondering if that might not also be the case with her.

electra on

People who speak slang sound trashy? Really? No one has perfect grammar. Anyone who knows anything about grammar knows that much. There are a lot of exceptions and rules etc..that makes speaking perfectly impossible. It’s so annoying when people straddle their high horses at any given opportunity. Oh mighty grammarians sent to us by the gods I apologize on behalf of Ms. Aguilera for her relaxed/comedic use of speech.

hayley on

izzy I highly doubt that bad gammer is leting the standards drop, I think that its kind of making a mountin out of mole hill.

every now and again poeple say things in short hand or slang, that does not make them trashy it makes them human, nobody talks perfect english all the time, i think trashy is harsh, at least she isn’t spouting racism or profanity all the time. so a little ya’ll or whatever here and there won’t hurt.

i understand what christina is saying, i feel strongly about bringing my children up for other to people to like as my mother would say, but it is hard, kids have tanturms no matter how good of a mother you are, i suppose its just how you deal with them thats the breaker of it. I find shouting does nothing, but sometimes talking doesn’t either, not if they are to cross to talk to.

being a mums is tough, no doubt even harder when you have the eyes of every mum looking on you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Luna on

We all use improper grammar sometimes. It’s not like you do it intentionally all the time either. I think here, she was joking. I’m not usually a Christina advocate (not a fan of her music, parenting) but I’ve got to hand it to her here. My kids use sir and ma’am, please, thank you, and you’re welcome, and all other polite terms you’d expect from polite children. I don’t have bratty kids because I had expectations and rules for them. I am understanding and our house is actually very fun (chaotic but fun). However, discipline reins supreme. I believe the key to earning respect is to show it.

Anonymous on

Does anyone else secretly hope she actually gets a brat now?

Noodles on

Some famous couples do best when they are out in public to not appear together, Gwen P., Julia Roberts… I’m not sure why it would imply there are problems. I don’t always take my kids out with my husband, especially to shop…most guys hate going!

She’s cute and I’m happy for her than even though she could easily just give her kid everything he wants, she chooses to exercise some parenting skills! The world needs more parents who are willing to commit to not raising brats!!

CelebBabyLover on

cindy- I can’t speak for anyone else, but the reason I care about whether or not she’s splitting from Jordan is because, if she was, that would mean that a sweet, innocent little boy’s family was being torn apart!

Mariana on

I must be the only one that finds it hilarious that she says she’s “not raising no brat” when her husband and son’s last name is “BRATman.”

@meg, you’re not the only one! This was actually the first thing that came to my mind when I read the article! lol

Sage on

They we at the Lakers game last night and were pictured together a few days ago, her tour was canceled because she has a movie with Cher coming out and would be promiting that.

lena on

But she’s raising a Brat…man?

CelebBabyLover on

meg- I think it’s funny, too!

Tiarne on

i’m not sure if this is right, but i thought she announced her tour before her album even came out, and cancelled it before her album came out. correct me if i’m wrong, as i said i’m not sure.
i really hope they don’t split. they are a great couple so in love, and they love their child very much 🙂