BumpWatch: Kelly Preston Debuts Her Belly!

06/14/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Michelly Rall/WireImage

Looking radiant in a brightly patterned dress, an expectant Kelly Preston debuted her bump as she joined husband John Travolta on a visit to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund on Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The couple donated $10,000 to the organization during their trip.

Preston, 47, is pregnant and expecting a sibling for 10-year-old daughter Ella Bleu later this year.

The family suffered the loss of their 16-year-old son Jett to a seizure in Jan. 2009.

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Jax on

Good for them Both! I am so happy for Kelly and John! This is well deserved news! God Bless your whole family

Lauren on

I got a big smile on my face when I saw this picture. I am sooo happy for them. She has a glow about her in that picture.

Bancie1031 on

Kelly and John both look great …. I love Kelly’s dress ๐Ÿ˜€

Jenn on

She looks gorgeous and I am so happy for the both of them! They deserve some happiness after all that has happened. She is so cute with her lil belly!

what of it? on

She looks radiant. It just made me smile.

Josie on

She looks absolutely beautiful!

Kugirl on

VERY sad when their son died….this is a MIRACLE baby! Our heartfelt wishes for a happy, healthy, baby and a wonderful life for the Travolta’s!

Deena on

Im so Happy for the both of them.I wish them health and happiness. May God Bless you and your family.

Karina on

What a beautiful couple!!!! They seem so happy, Iยดm so happy for them. Congratulations!!!!

JenniferLv on

This photo totally brightened my day! I am so happy for them!!! What a blessing ๐Ÿ™‚

Angela on

The story said “a sibling”…I thought they were expecting twins?

Brooke on

I see a little bit of peace in both of their faces, which makes me so happy…..

Patti Laskey on

i am so happy for them both!

Chloe on

They look so happy, and Kelly looks a lot younger than 47, she looks fab!

cntrywmn02 on

I am so happy for Kelly and John they are what hollywood royalty should be. A deep true love for each other and their family. A marriage that can withstand anything and everything that life and the tabloids through at them.
God Bless Kelly and John

jean on

happy for this lovely family

suzanne on

It is refreshing to see a Hollywood couple so in Love and looking foward to the birth of the new baby with everything that has happened

Lauren on

Is it just me, or is anyone else a little weirded out that she seems to be having a “replacement” baby? Not to mention the fact that she is going to be 65 when her baby graduates high school!! Come on, isn’t that a little old?

Carla on

Angela, nope, no twins!! They said that story was totally fake.

cj on

sorry…I like these 2, I really do!!! but c’mon…
they are toooooo old to have new babies! kelly will be
48 when she delivers add 18 & she’ll be 66 at high school grad day & john will be 76 !! 80 when the kid graduates COLLEGE????!!!! yikes, they’re pushing it. in the last 10 years they have so-called been dying to have a 3rd child, why didn’t they adopt a couple kids years ago?? I wish them luck, but fear the gramma/grampa parental-look along with the very high risk they face for a sick child should have been a major no-no factor.

cj on

I wish them luck, but in my opinion they are NOW too old to have more kids. they should have adopted a few 8 years ago. John will be a grampa age of 76 at this kids’ high school reunion, not to mention college he’d be 80+.

Anonymous on

Is no one going to comment on the risks of a 47 year old woman having a baby? It is nice for them but it is playing with fire and a tad bit selfish I think. They could’ve adopted or had a surrogate like Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick. Guess their weirdo religion wouldn’t like that.

Anonymous on

I am SO happy for them!!!!!

Rose on

Good for the both of them. I admire their integrity and style. I have been a John Travolta fan since his Vinnie Barbarino days on Welcome Back Kotter. Best wishes to this wonderful and loving family.

maria on

so happy for them!! they are my favorite Hollywood couple! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alesha on

I think it’s beautiful that they’re having a baby. It wasn’t a “replacement baby”, it was a suprise. Some people don’t do their homework. Who cares how old they’ll be when the kid graduates. As long as the child is loved and happy, that’s what matters. I like it when people say rude things and remain Anonymous. Nice guys. Shame on CJ and Lauren.

Kasey on

Anonymous, it’s not smart to make assumptions about one’s belief. Kirstie Alley, for example, is an avid scientologist and has adopted two children so your point is irrelevant.

karen on

john travolta and his wife kelly exude happiness. they are two of the classiest human beings you could ever meet. i am so happy for them. i wish them nothing but health,
happiness and a lifetime of love with their new baby… best of luck to them and god bless them all.

kristan on

for all you naysayers on here: yes 47 poses significant risks to the mother and baby, however i am sure that she and john are fully aware of the potential complications. and i stress potential. there is nothing guaranteeing that she will have any complications. furthermore, it is not a “replacement baby” as some are saying. they have been trying and wanting another baby for years. you know for some, it takes a lot longer than anticipated to conceive another child. some people experience unexplained secondary infertility. and i can atest to that. so don’t go judging them for having another baby. who are you to say she is too old.

karen on

best of luck to the loveliest couple in hollywood. john and his wife
just exude class. they will always be my favorite people to watch
and follow. they have been thru so much and it’s great to see them
so happy again. may God bless them thru this wonderful time
in their lives.
best of love, luck and happiness

Holly on

I have to agree about the age of the parents being an issue. There are risks with a mother in her late forties. And the child could spend a large chunk of his or her life without a dad around. Seems not very fair to the kid. Plus they totally could have afforded to adopt. They could have even opened their home to an older child with special needs. They were experienced with that from their first son, so why not put their experience to good use?

Jeanne on

John has always been my favorite, always a family man and Kelley is cute and sweet, they make a cute couple and wish them the best,whatever makes them happy, they deserve it.

Joyce on

Lauren, you are such a downer. And no baby is ever a ‘replacement’ baby as you so nicely (not) put it. Where in the world did you get the idea that 65 is old??? You much be awfully young and immature to say that.

Annie on

I agree with Lauren it is weird to be having a “replacement” baby.

Sarah M. on

The story said โ€œa siblingโ€โ€ฆI thought they were expecting twins?

– Angela on June 14th, 2010

I hadn’t been aware that there were rumors that they were having twins. I know Celine Dion is having twins, that may have been what you’ve heard, also. Seeing as they both anounced around the same time that they were pregnant.

They seem thrilled and that baby will be so loved!

Alabama Mama on

I am really happy for the Travolta-Prestons. As for the negative posts about this article – MYOB! It is not your business to make ugly, hateful comments. There are a lot of people who are raising grandchildren, and a lot of women who put off having a baby until they were a little older, because they were having a career. I am one of them. I am almost 56, and am raising a 13 year old boy. Yes, I get tired sometimes, but it is balanced out with more maturity, wisdom and patience. My son is not embarrassed by me or by my 66 year old husband. There are plenty of other parents at our school who are older. We are financially stable, and every single one of us realizes that we have a special gift from God. We savor every moment we have. These are not replacement babies. This is what we were given by God, and neither our religion nor our age matters one bit.

Marilyn on

I am sooooo very happy for Travolta,s They look so very
happy and they look so young and the child that will be born
to them will know so much love from his Father ,Mother and
his sister
Congradulation’s John,Kelly And Ella Bleu for
the new addition to your Family

God Bless to all of you

Barbi on

I’m always amazed when someone criticizes an expectant mother for being “too old” — who gives a hoot? The child will probably be more grateful that their parents gave him/her life! If they have a good 15 or even 20 years with this child, then it’ll be enough time for that child to know that it was wanted and came into a happy home! You have to remember that “tomorrow” is not promised to anyone. The Travoltas have had so much grief that I feel this joy is great! Besides, noboby can replace another child. In the eyes of the Lord, each and every one of us is unique.

sarah on

I don’t think it’s incredibly selfish of these two to decide to start over again with an infant (or two, who knows…). Yes, it was very sad they lost their son. BUT, they still have their daughter who could use their attention just the same. I certainly don’t think this is a surprise…if they’ve been trying for several years, then we’re talking fertility issues (especially since Mrs Travolta isn’t a spring chicken) and fertility “assistance”. Call it what you will, but thank you Mr and Mrs Travolta for trying to bring a life into this world that you won’t see grow into a productive adult that will have a family of his/her own.

Mona on

Shows that anything is possible when you marry the right person… Congrats to them!!

RealSCGirl on

She is so radiant. I wish them nothing but the best. This is such great news that God has Blessed them with this wonderful life that is growing inside and that will be born later this year. This little angel will be welcomed by such loving parents and a sister. May God continue to Bless them all.

tlm on

All of you no-no nellies need to “zip it”. First of all it’s none of your business. Second why do you think 47 is too old to have a baby. If the mother is healthy . . . no problem. And third of all . . . IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I think it’s wonderful . . and I wish them the very best.

Anna on

I think there is a reason why nature stops woman from having children at a later age. It’s not right going against it.

Also when Jett was still alive everyone on here was bashing their parenting skills and now we’re all happy they are having another one?

me on

Who cares how old she is !! Let them have their baby at least he or she is loved and most of all WANTED ! They said a few years ago they wanted more it just didnt happen, now it has! you are only old as you feel it is just a NUMBER!!!
Congrads to you Kelly and John!

Karen on

I hate all the “too old” comments. My husband and I, after years of struggling with infertility, adopted our son. He was 16 months old…my husband was 44 and I was 45. We have a wonderful family life. Yes, our son will have ‘older’ parents…but in today’s day and age…65 ain’t what it used to be! Our son also has the undivided attention of two adults who absolutely adore him and could not imagine life without him. Go for it, Kelly & John…you’re only as old as you feel.

d.bernhard on

any idiot who thinks people have replacement babies need to go through what john and kelly have been through, i can say from my own experience of losing a child that it is terrifying to think of having another child through fear of it happening again, plus most marriages cannot cope with the death of a child, so the fact that they’ve manages to become closer throughout this is amazing and theres no way they would have contemplated this without speaking to their daughter first, they are so brave to do this again, and all you idiots going on about age need to think about how many babies have lost parents in iraq and afganistan, their child will have love, and what if they live into their 90’s, what will you put them down for then???? good luck to all of you, you deserve all the happiness coming your way x x x

Melissa on

I am glad to see that twinkle in John Travolta’s eyes again. I am glad to see that Kelly has a peaceful look on her face. God knows these two deserve it. They would be the first to tell anybody that this child is an individual and not a replacement. Good luck to the whole family.

Kari90 on

I think it’s harsh for people to think anyone is judgemental to say their age is too old, when they simply are. Just because they have money doesn’t assure no problems and if they lost this child, how would they cope? It’s a real fact and I don’t think people are faulting them for having another child. I think people are faulting them to choose to have another one at their age. If she wanted another child so bad, why not 8 years ago? It’s not like she’s been a superstar actress for years and that’s not being petty. I’m sure some will take it that way, but reality is reality.

Melissa on

I already posted and neglected to include this. Why do people have such issues with a mother being “advanced maternal age” (I hate that label!) in yet, men are not only NOT labeled with that, but they get they old slap on the back and called a stud. Talk about your double standard! FYI, scientific data backs up the fact that as a woman has aging eggs, the men have aging swimmers too!

Donna C on

W NO Negative comments on John & Kelly’s baby.
I have never read, or seen a document that states there is a cut off age for a woman to become pregnant and deliver a child!! I believe there is a reason this child was conceived, AND THERE IS NO WAY TO “REPLACE” one child by having another one!!! Also, with all the medical knowledge that has developed, having a baby at 47 means nothing, she will be watched and monitered every month to MAKE SURE she will deliver a healthy and all the “parts” in place, beautiful baby! I am estatic for both of them, God has truly blessed them, this was ment to be!!!!

Alexis on

Congrats Kelly and John! I know that this baby will be blessed with such and amazing family. Lots of Love!

ss on

i absolutely love john travolta. he is one of my favorite actors. i love kelly too. she is very pretty. i have always loved them as a couple. i was so sad to hear about their son, especially cuz he died on my sons 3rd birthday so i will always remember that. their daughter is going to be gorgeous when she grows up. she is so cute now. i worry about them having another baby and hope everything is okay, kelly has a good pregnancy and the baby is heathly. i am 38 and have a 20 year old daughter and started all over again with my new husband when we got married in 2004 and had our son in 2007. now we are torn with the decision of having another one. i felt old being pregnant at 35. now i am 38 and found out i am diabetic. so i am affraid to have another one because of the risk of birth defects due to my age and diabetes. i would like another sibling for our son, but i would be devestated if we had a baby with birth defects and feel guilty that child had to live with them because i chose to have another one.

Tracy on

Great news! They seem very happy. I truly don’t think that this baby is a replacement for their son. They can never, ever replace him. As far as their ages, if they’re okay with it, so be it. As an older mother myself, I’m so grateful that I have my kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless!

Micka on

Uggghhh, I am a bit irritated by all the negative posters…yes you all are entitled to your opinion, but please give these ppl some opportunity for celebration without criticism. They lost their son over a year ago and I’m sure as a result have suffered. This baby is a blessing and sure to bring joy back into their lives during a time when they were suffering nonstop. I doubt that they look at their new addition as a “replacement” baby,there’s no such thing. You can never replace one child lost, with another baby…seems ridiculous. And of course there may be health complications as she is older, but clearly that is a risk they are willing to take so who are we to judge? I for one, am happy for them and wish them the best as well as all of God’s blessing. Congrats!

Traci on

To the ones who keep talking about replacement baby, “anyone who has been a parent and has lost a child, knows that one child will never replace another” I am thrilled for the Travolta family.

Allison J. on

Congrats to Kelly and John and Ella! I am thrilled for them. As for the person who lamented the fact that Kelly will be 66 when the child is 18…..I say, so what? I am 40, my mom is 66, and she runs circles around me all day! She has more energy than I do! 66 is not “old.”

Ashlee on

Age doesn’t seem to matter to Kelly or John so why is it anyone else’s business? None of you who posted distaste for their decision to get pregnant again are in a position to comment. Their reproductive choices have no bearing on you.

Also, for those harping about why they didn’t adopt, adoption is not for everyone. That doesn’t make them bad people. Adoption should never be a person’s fall back option and if a person’s heart’s not in it, it’s not in it.

karenschwartz on

good luck.

dhc on

One point no one seems to recognize. Jett, it would appear. had a disorder on the Autism Spectrum. Autism is genetic. If they are having a boy he is very much at risk of having Autism. Much less likely if it is a girl. That risk would send me looking for an adoption alternative. They could have arranged to have a girl, however, through sperm sorting.

Tammy on

Who are you to judge who’s too old to have children? They’re obviously good parents who are in a happy marriage. I think their daughter and new baby are very, very lucky children. And to call this baby a replacement child is just beyond ignorant. Sounds like a comment that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have a child. If you were a parent, you’d know there’s no such thing as replacing a child you’ve lost. If you can’t post something remotely intelligent, don’t post.

izzy on

i agree with everyone who says kelly is too old. older fathers aren’t so bad, since age doesn’t affect the child. but the mother’s does. i think its a tad selfish to take the risk of having a child at 47.

noreen on

My sister-in-law had her first kids at age 48 (twins!!!). They are all healthy and happy and my sister-in-law actually looks younger than before. Yes, they did think about the age issue,but have designated who would raise the children in case something would happen. When they come home to visit, she tires us out and we’re 3 years younger! I say God Bless and much happiness to John and Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚

glee fan on

i was so happy to hear of them expecting! this is such good news because of all the tradegy they have had the past year or so.

Cindy on

I truly, honestly, deeply wish the best for them. I hope for a healthy, happy baby. I am still concerned about their ages and how sad their child is going to be when his/her parents pass away before they can even get married or have a child. It is a little late in life and I don’t for one second believe they are trying to replace Jett, I just have concerns and really, its none of my business, I’m just sayin’

Lori on

For all of you talking about age…get a grip. You can lose a loved one at any age. Our sons were 19 and 24 when they lost their dad at 57. No matter what Kelly, John and Ella do in their future the pain of losing their son and brother will never be replaced by a new baby. It’s a new chapter in their life and I wish them all the best of luck, love and happiness.

Sandy L on

John and Kelly deserve to have a baby or babies if that’s what they want. I know there are lots of kids that need adoption but if they choose to have their own biological child there is nothing wrong with that. Having lost a child of my own at age 2 months I know how “healing” a new baby can be as I found out later. I’m extremely happy for them.

sheila on

I am so very happy for John and Kelly and the rest of their family. They are such wonderful people and I think this is Jetts way of sending them a gift with Gods help. Best to them always

Bancie1031 on

Well everyone can say what they want but I’m completely happy for them!

Lauren – there is NO such thing as a replacement baby!

Congratulations to the Travoltas!

woeisme on

To Anna-you stated,”I think there is a reason why nature stops woman from having children at a later age. Itโ€™s not right going against it.” Apparently you haven’t noticed that the human race has achieved much longer life expectancy rates,so your argument about nature no longer applies since in the “olden” times humans died fairly young compared to our standards.I’t no longer a full life and death by age 50- many many people live into their eighties – and that’s the people who were born in the 1930’s.

Most of all why do people think it’s ok to judge these people on their choice of adding even more love to their family?Shame on you naysayers.

Cheri on

The stars in Hollywood do what they want because they can.

linda on

There are many woman that can have healthy babies at an older age…and also some can’t..it depends on the individual’s medical condition.
The real problem I have with these 2..is that they lied about the fact that Jett had Autism. They denied him the right treatment for Autism because of their stupid CULT! Shame on them!

prodoggie on

I’m sorry…am I the only one a little dubious as to the “replacing the kid you lost” factor?

Linda on

Nobody knows how long they have to live. I am happy for Kelly and John. Life happens is all anyone can say. Anyone of us could step out of the door tommorow and be gone. It is like my dad always told me enjoy life while you are here. I try to rememember this everyday no matter how hard life gets. My parents had me later in life but I loved every moment they were here!

CelebBabyLover on

ss- Why not adopt a sibling for your son? ๐Ÿ™‚

Kari90- “If she wanted another child so bad, why not 8 years ago?” Uh, maybe because she COULDN’T have another child then? Who says it was their choice to wait this long? They’ve talked for years about wanting another baby, so it’s a pretty safe bet that they got pregnant now instead of eight years ago because it took them this long to concieve!

sarah- As far as I know, John and Kelly have not said they used any form of assistance to concieve. And who knows? Maybe Scientology prohibits fertility treatments of any kind.

Kasey- Not to mention the fact that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, and he adopted two kids with Nicole Kidman (and yes, he was a Scientologist even back then. From what I’ve read, it was his first wife, Mimi Rodgers, that got him into Scientology.). So obviously Scientology doesn’t prohibit adoption! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, congrats to the Travoltas!

jade on

Congraulation & God Bless you all. You are a very loving & deserving family.

R.O on

Glad they look healthy….
I think its selfish though to want a baby at 47. Who wants an elderly dad when they’re 18? It isn’t fair to the child.

Anonymous on

Two people who just deserve the best!

Fay on

To Lauren – no one – young or old Mothers and Fathers – know how much time they have on this earth. If a woman or man wants a baby no matter what age they are – they are entitled to happiness and love. Just because you are 20 does not mean you will be here for your child – life happens. Try to be happy and positive in your life!

Annelize on

I very happy for them. I’m 34 single and have no children. My ex husband had a vasectomy before I met him and never told me about it. Therefore I had no choice if I wanted children. I’m still hoping that I will meet a man I can share my life with and have a baby. So, to all of you with your too old comments, be very careful to judge. It might come back to haunt you.

Junean on

Them having a baby at their age is their business. End of story. Best Wishes!

cara on

Congratulations to John and Kelly, I concur that being an older parent is not ideal but that has no bearing on their ability to provide a loving kind and safe home for their child. Now if they just were not Scientologists, I think all would be absolutely perfect.

Here is an excerpt from a newspaper article about older mothers, which pretty much hits the nail on the head ……

“”””Age is no barrier to childrearing – unlike stupidity ……….

Patti Rashbrook had become Britainโ€™s oldest mother, aged 62.
But so what? If Rashbrook is an unfit mother, what does that make others? If we had to pass a common entrance exam before penetrative sex, the failure rate would be positively Sven-like.

We turned the page to read of KM, a father of seven children with seven women. He is 21. His sexual incontinence has cost taxpayers ยฃ1m, and that is just the start. The emotional bill for his children will spiral for years.

Also that same day we read of 14-week-old Chloe, โ€œwell known to social servicesโ€, who died with 40 broken bones. Her father CT, 21, escaped with three months in jail for cruelty while her mama SS, 19, got a community rehabilitation order. “

Natasha on

Why criticize? Why not just be happy for them, c’mon people everyone makes their own decisions in life, just because they are famous it gives no one the right to point fingers. I am so happy for them, God bless John, Kelly & Ella.

Sofie on

Kelly is in better shape and not to mention she looks younger than most 35 year olds I know….she is setting such a good example for women; Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

Aleksandra on

I was soooo happy when I heard the news that they will be parents again, they realy deserve this. God bless them ๐Ÿ™‚

Deanna Combs on

There is only one person to judge what we do…..so jealous people keep your negative opinions to yourself and let them be happy in their upcoming parenthood again. They care about their children……do you?

Josi Coyote Verlingieri on

I am so happy for them and wish them the best. They are both beautiful people. They have had tremendous loss of their son and then their family dogs. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Paula on

I agree that they are a wonderful couple. And, I wish them the very best with their new child. They actually live in Ocala, Fl and are active our city. They have had the debut of several of John’s films and donated proceeds to many charities here, including one that is establishing a memory garden for children who have died. They are respected as members of the city and allowed to live in peace. They go to many local restaurants and other places and are treated just like any other Ocalan. So, they are really not “Hollywood” here, just a neighbor.

jessicad on

Look at them, how can anyone judge them so harshly, they look so happy! I think they are a great couple, and like they said they have been trying for years, and I’m sure they took time off from trying to deal with the death of their son. I’m thrilled for them, and I’m getting a girl vibe:)

Nobody harps on Sarah Jessica Parker and she’s almost the same age as Kelly. Look how easily she has taken to twins! Age is not that big of a deal.

I agree with Ashlee on adoption and I say it every time this comes up, adoption is an amazing thing to do but not a path everyone wants and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Anna your statement about going against nature is really rude. If that’s true then I assume you believe all women who use fertility treatments are “going against nature” as well? Nature stopped them having them children naturally right? Ridiculous.

Amy on

With a story like this it seems almost impossible for negative comments, but of course there are always those that have so much ugliness in them in just oozes out everywhere. WHO ARE ANY OF YOU TO JUDGE HOW OLD YOU CAN BE TO HAVE CHILDREN?? You have no idea what God has planned for them. Some parents have children in their 20’s & may not live to see them grown. All you can do is love them. The Travolta’s have the love & resources to raise their child. IF they are only with them until they’re in their 20’s then that is 20 years of love that child got & will be well taken care of to move on in life. Have a positive thought for once, or at least don’t comment at all, seeing how it’s really none of your business.

Sharon on

It does not matter how old they will be when these twins graduate from school, those babies will be so loved and cared for it will not matter. Kelly is radiant I wish their family all the best.

nancy on

as a mother who lost a child this is a blessing for them.. nothing can ever replace a child who has died, but happiness comes in many angel forms.. congrats to them they deserve happiness and their son Jett will always be within their hearts..age dosen’t matter cause you never know what life has in store or you..i am blessed to have 2 other children but they do not replace their brother , he is our Angel watching over us.. congrats to John, Kelli and Ella ..

Tina on

YAY! So excited for them!

klutzy_girl on

I’m so happy for them! I love Kelly’s dress.

And as for the “replacement” child – Um, they talked about having another baby for years before Jett died. And it’s not right to suggest that in the first place.

Pam S on

I am so happy for the both of them! Mr Saturday Night Fever!

Take care of yourself Kelly..

Lisa on

Deanna Combs, i agree with you totally.
I have just learned i am pregnant and my child will be born 6 month before my 48th Birthday. My pregnancy has been totally unexpected as i have never and i stress never had any fertility treatments in my life. God bless the Travolta’s and all you wonderful people who have made such positive comments on this story.

nada on

i am happy for them too

Becky on

I’m sorry but you CANNOT replace your child. Happy or not this is sick. And yes, 47 is a bit old by the time this child graduates high school she will be 65….hello grandma. It’s just plain wrong.

TLC on

I’m so very happy for them. And to see them be able to smile after such a tragic loss is just the most wonderful thing. They completely deserve all the happiness they’re experiencing right now. God bless the four of them! Hope all goes smooth with her pregnancy.

Amy on

It is nice to see this family smiles in their faces. They have been sad for so long. Not that you ever get over a loss, especially a child. It is nice to see them “living” again. Also, finally a married couple who lives in Hollywood who take their marriage & family seriously & with commitment. Good Luck Travolta’s!!

monika on

I cannot believe all the idiots who write the stupid comments on here!!!!
the age does not matter anymore…they so deserved to be happy and this baby is going to help them so much!!!

I don’t agree it’s a replacement…there’s nothing that can replace you kids!!!

I’m so happy for them and will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out well ’til she delivers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

greetings from monte-carlo

Lilysmom on

65 may be OLD in your life, but for some 65 is still a healthy age to have grown children. Who cares if you don’t approve of them having another child. Maybe having another one was their plan before they lost their son. Who are you to judge?! If you don’t like it, keep your opinions to yourself. We can all agree to disagree. They didn’t ask for your approval or opinion. You live your life the way you want and they will live theirs. Your opinion doesn’t matter!

Lilysmom on

Congrats to the lovely couple!

Cynthia R. on

@cj, has anyone approached you about caring for the Travolta’s child when they get older? Trust me, I’m sure they’ve thought about that and has or will make plans for Ella and the new baby. Just make sure you have someone to take care of your kids, death can come at any age. GET A LIFE.

;Lolalee on

I think some of you guys are forgetting one very important thing regarding Kelly and John’s choice to have another baby. They have a 10 year old daughter, and I’m sure they don’t want her to be alone when the time comes that her parents pass on. I think this is just as much, if not more, for Ella’s sake, rather than a “replacement” for Jet. Jet can not be replaced. So what if they are “to old” compared to what’s “normal”.
I am very happy for them:)

TLC on

Who’s to say that Kelly and John won’t live to be 100 years old? And if they do, that just means the child will have been loved for 52 years….I believe that’s a healthy, loving life. We don’t know that either one of them will die when the child is 18 or 20. That child could very EASILY have many many fantastic years with his/her parents. And are you all forgetting about Ella???? She is that baby’s sister. Even when John and Kelly are gone, this child will still have Ella and I’m sure some fabulous family memories. And if any of you think that John Travolta is going to be laid up and inactive anytime soon, I feel that you’re all fooling yourselves. I can’t imagine him not being able to be one of the most energetic, active fathers in the world. Give them a break all you haters. They are a very responsible couple with one of the most loving streaks you’ll possible ever see in a family. It’s totally great what they’re doing. My guess is that child will have a quality of life that some parents don’t even care to pass on to their children. God Bless them!

Ellen Smith on

This baby is not a blessing. It is a replacement. The baby is NOT blessed by having two super-wealthy, super-famous parents. The baby is at a huge disadvantage, just like Jett was, having parents who adhere to such a strange set of beliefs that it causes them to avoid seeking proper treatment for their son. If this child has any physical or psychological issues, it will be in a very rough predicament because John and Kelly will avoid proper treatment to appease the powers that be in the Church of Scientology. Again, this baby is already being born with a lot of baggage.

CTBmom on

Yes, they may be older, but come on! With all they have been through….they deserve this joy that is coming into their lives. I pray for a easy pregance and healthy baby for them. Congrats John and Kelly!

dup on

So glad to see Kelly & John looking so happy. They seem to have come through their tragedy united, and stronger than ever. So often something like a serious illness of a child or losing a child can tear a couple apart, because everyone handles that kind of grief differently. Their future looks bright and I am so excited that they are expecting a baby to add to that joy. They are definitely one of Hollywood’s brightest couples, and I wish them nothing but the best!

iame on

For those of you yacking about a replacement baby, keep your infantile comments to yourself. If this couple chooses to have a baby, it’s their business and they owe noone any explanations. There’s no such thing as replacing anybody anyway so get over yourselves. They’re having ANOTHER baby. Be happy for them.

Magdalena on

I think she is too old…I hope this baby is healthy…plus I think they’re trying to replace Jett…which can’t happen….

Lynda on

Congrats to John, Kelly and Ella. I had my son at age 41 and have loved every minute of it. Sure, I get tired, but who doesn’t as a parent? This child is loved and wanted, that is all that matters.

Beth on

Three things:
First, it’s funny that some people are saying the Travoltas are too old to have another child because they will be “grandparent age” when the kid is in high school, and therefore they should have adopted instead… If they adopt now, won’t they still be ancient when the kid is in high school?

Second, to the people debating the God-given vs. Dr. Hollywood thing… IVF and IUI fail ALL THE TIME, so even if they did use fertility treatment to get pregnant, since it worked (and at their ages, the odds are definitely against them), maybe they ARE meant to have another child.

Third, I agree that the people saying this is a “replacement baby” probably haven’t had children of their own. Anyone who’s ever had a child would never even attempt to try to replace him, because it is not possible and the very thought would be terrifying (because of the emotional risk and investment). It is possible that they just wanted another little someone of their own flesh and blood to love and nurture, and I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that.

Just leave them alone, there are plenty of weirder things to complain about, especially re:Hollywood.

Lola on

My thoughts about the autism comment is this “If God brings you to it, he will see you thru it.” They are a special couple, God obviously thought they could handle a special needs child. They are kind, loving, and have so much love to share. They have been blessed with so much. Whatever he is blessing them with, it is because they are givers and not takers!! They can handle it!! It is good to seem them smile from the heart again. I wish them the best!!

Beth on

Oh, and BTW, if the reason you think they shouldn’t have a baby is because they are going to die too soon, then NO ONE should ever have a baby! Last I checked, nobody is guaranteed a life expectancy of 70 years!

ILuvPerfectParents on

I should have known the oh so perfect parents on this board would know, what is the appropriate age to have & not have children for SOMEONE ELSE. Of course they know how to do EVERY SINGLE THING RIGHT. Worry about your own bodies and families, if 47 & 56 is to old for YOU, to have a child, duhhhh NEWSFLASH DON’T HAVE ONE AT THAT AGE!!!!!!

Tracy on

I am so thrilled for Kelly and John. A baby is a blessing no matter how old the parents are ๐Ÿ™‚ I only wish the media would stop addressing Jett’s death along with this happy occasion. We are all well aware of it and if John and Kelly can find happiness then focus on that not the sadness they will suffer the rest of their lives. Congratulations to them both ๐Ÿ™‚

ILuvPerfectParents on

John’s take on having more children. “The Daily Mail. 6/22/2007” <——

John on the possibility of having another child: “Kelly and I like the idea of having a child around all the time. That’s much more interesting to us than having our own time again. Kids are like lightning. You grab that lightning when you can. Plus, infants make me so happy.”

Siana on

47?? She looks much younger! I wish them the best, they surely deserve it

Kim on

Unless someone has lost a child they cannot comment on what is the right or wrong thing to do. That heartache stays with you forever and your child can never be replaced but the fact that they are able to have another child is a blessing and will be loved and cherished. Age has nothing to do with it. I wish them only the best and they are blessed that they are having another child.

Terri on

I love Kelly’s dress. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

Evy on

WOW, OMG such negativity! So Kelly is going to be an older mom, if you have been a CBB reader like myself all these years you will remember that they have been trying for another baby for a long time…so for sure this was not a “replacement” child..boy that is so cruel, so any mother that tries again after a miscarriage is having a replacement child?? People get a grip this child will have loving parents and although they will be older, they will do just as good a job as any young parent.there are a lot of grandparents raising kids for incapable “young parents” no offense to those young parents who do a wonderful job, I know I was a young mom and did a good job with my kids and now an older mom I had my last one at 38 and am no different. I believe that if the child is wanted, it will have the best life possible…so congrats to them !!

Lola Monroe on

Some of you people are completely disgusting & have nothing but hatered in your hearts…ya’ll need Jesus…ASAP!!!

On that note, I wish Kelly, John & Bella…nothing but the absolute best. Praying for a happy..blessed & healthy pregnancy & baby.

Mrs.B on

1.No one knows when you are going to loose your parents. I was in my 20’s when my mother passed way and I have a friend who’s father was 60 when he was born and almost 30 years later he is still alive.

2.As a adoptive mother please stop this non sense of why they don’t just adopt. Adoption is not for everyone. There is so much that adoptive parents have to deal with that you have no idea. I’m not saying that is not worth it but is not for everyone.

So happy for Kelly and John!

FlMom on

As far as them being too old to have a child, there are PLENTY of grandparents raising their kids children for various reasons but they do it and without the funds that this couple has.

JMO on

I happen to be a big John Travolta fan so I’m happy for them especially after all they’ve been through. If this is what they want then good for them.

I do have concens over her age though and what it could do to mother/child but I guess that’s a risk you take sometimes and it’s not like they don’t have the means to take care of a child if it was born with a disability. But I hope that doesn’t happen since they already went through it with Jett (but it would scare me enough to think about adoption at this age more so then having a biological child).

erinomalley on

Two words: sham marriage.

ali on

it really makes me sad that so many people just can’t be happy. who cares if they are older. and who are you to say that this is a “replacement baby” you do NOT know them and do NOT know what happens in their personal life. you can’t just assume they are replacing their child and will be creaky and old. JUST BE HAPPY for them. if they are older, let them deal with it. it is none of your concern.

Amanda-La on

Can someone tell me where I can get that dress she’s wearing? Thank you!

Kim on

The great thing about life is we get to make our own decisions on what makes us happy regardless of what other people think. If they are happy about having another child, then so be it. No one should have the right to tell them otherwise. Instead of all the negativity, just wish them health & happiness. Really, it’s not that hard.

Anonymous on

First off folks this is not a miracle, this is the result of modern medicine. Probably IVF with donor contribution. Since modern medical advances allow an amount of certainty to the viability of the embryo prior to implantation, not much of a risk. It’s not like getting pregnant with your own reproductive materials at the age of 47 through nature conception. Secondly, with nearly 7 billion people on the face of this plant it is pretty selfish of anybody to have a child at any age so don’t judge these two for doing what the want to when the rest of you do. Third, a 40 something parent may lack energy but have far more to offer in the way of life experience than any 20 something out there! There are no guarantees that somebody who has a child at 23 will be alive when their child graduates high school. Everybody wants to judge but nobody lives a pure life, go figure.

BB on

For all you who are being ninnies about how old they are, God will place a child into a family at the time the family and child are ready, so sometimes, it happens when people are older, and not expecting it. What a blessing to their family after so much sorrow and loss.

Danielle on

I am a child of older parents and it is hard when your parents can’t relate to the other parents at school, or when they are too tired/ achey to play. I missed out on a lot because my parents were much older. I think being in your 30s is fine but 40+, that’s just pushing it.

saint on

Pregnancy is risky at any age. Yes, the Travoltas have a higher risk, but a “risk factor” isn’t a guarantee of a problem. They will just pray, as the rest of pregnant couples do regardless of age, that their baby will be healthy. Perhaps we should join them instead of criticizing them!

Cilla on

What is wrong with so many people on here being so negative? So what she is 47 and this is a blessing for this family.This is not a replacement child either.They have talked about wanting more kids but have any of you negative people ever thought that raising a child with Aspergers syndrome and a seizure disorder would have been time consuming.How unfair would it have been to bring a child into the world when so much of their time was being put into their son who was sick?Plenty of women are having kids in their 40’s now and they are having HEALTHY kids. Do you honestly think that women who are having kids in their 20’s and 30’s are not faced with problem pregnancies? I hate to tell you but they do. And as far as how old they will be when the child graduates high school…….who cares! There are plenty of grandparents raising their grandchildren on their own for a variety of reasons……..more so than ever before. Does that make them bad parental figures because they are in the 60’s? No! In fact due to me having two autoimmune diseases my mom is helping me raise my 9 year old daughter and my daughter loves her.My mom is doing things she would have never been doing had I not gotten sick and she tells me that my daughter is helping to keep her active and young….she is 62!
Why not keep your judgements to yourself! We all get it all you negative people would NEVER have a baby at 47. That is YOUR call and it is NOT YOUR PLACE to be telling others how to live their lives! So why not congratulate them,wish them well,and hope that their new child will be healthy….all the things you would be doing if it was your 30 year old pregnant friend.Keep your criticism to yourselves negative posters and mind your own business when it comes to how others live their lives!

isabelline on

a child needs a mother who can be his/her best friend, not grandmother.

Alicia on

I agree, it’s a replacement baby- this is just too odd. Your son died, it was a tragedy and it is an extreme void. However having a baby at such an age is selfishly dangerous and then as the child grows- their age will be a factor. So these people commenting saying that the OPINIONS that readers have, involving their age shouldn’t matter- must not be parents themselves. Children are a LOT of work, money, and effort. What middle 60-70s age person is going to have the energy needed to respectfully raise a teenager. I’m sure the Travolta’s will hire a great Nanny… but really, a baby is a blessing so I’m happy for their excitement, but I pity the short comings the child may endure. Like getting married after your parents have passed- since they were so old… it’s a sad complicated situation. Regardless of my OPINION, I wish them nothing but the best and a happy/healthy pregnancy as well as baby!

Alicia on

Cilla this is an opinion section, calm down, I think you need to have a REALITY check before you post. Why attack people on an OPINION??? It’s rather closed minded and childish of you.

Jane on

What is with all the fuss? My Mom was 47 when she had me and my dad was 49. I am now 43 years old and my mother and father are still living at the ripe old ages of 90 and 92. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having children at an older age. I think it is great that Kelly and John are expecting and I wish them all kinds of happiness! God Bless!

gloria on

It nice to see good things do happen to wonderful people. I know it seem a little old but I have a Step Son and Daughter In Law both 42 and they are having a baby. Times have changed and the 40’s are the 30’s now. It was meant to happen for the both of them and I wish nothing but the best for them.

Kim on

“a child needs a mother who can be his/her best friend, not grandmother” posted by Isabelline

A child needs a mother who can be a MOTHER not a best friend. That’s the problem w/parents nowadays. Trying to be friends instead of parents.

Joan on

I am a child of older parents. My mother was 42 and my father 65 when I was born. It has it’s pros and cons. the pros: you get everything you want and are the center of attention to family and their friends. Con you definitely are a born caregiver. However I would not have picked any other parents for anything in the world. i had a great life. As far as the Travalto’s baby, they are rich enough that she/ he can hire caregivers so CONGRATULATION to both the parents and the baby. May you have many years of joy

PS However, when my father walked me down at my wedding, he did ask rather loudly “Joan, who’s getting married?” the entire church erupted in laughter, including me and i will always cherish that memory.

Sascha on

I am dumb-founded by the posts claiming Kelly & John are too old to have a baby. What century do you live in? Today, many women are in their late 30’s before having their first child because we are independent, bright, and successful women capable of enjoying life to the fullest before handing it all over to motherhood. As for those of you who worry the child will grow up without a father because of John’s age – Are you stupid? That’s a risk bestowed upon any child especially as cancer rates continue to grow. Heck, a pefectly healthy 25 year old father of two could get hit by a bus tomorrow. What’s the difference? The risk is always there. Get off your high-horse. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all, you negative pissants!

Sunny on

I am so happy for them. I really wish them the best and hope Kelly has a healthy and happy 9 months.

beth on

WOW people..if they want to have a child who the hell are we to judge what they should or shouldn’t do. I doubt very much it is a replacement child..there is no replacing a child that you lost..so grow up people..and get a life..

Tracy on

I’m soooo happy 2 hear the wonderful news. They look so great and starting a new fresh start and they look so glow and lovely couples. I wish them the best and their daugther and the new twins on the way. Wish them wonderful long and happy joy. It is like their christmas gifts.They sure lucky mircale babies coming in the world this year… Congrats. I have always love u and u’re my idols!! God bless u!!

May on

Who cares how old they are when the kid is in college, seriously I’m sick of those who criticize people for adopting kids when they’re perfectly capable of having a child, and then bitch about someone getting pregnant when they could have adopted. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES!

Kat on

I don’t have kids right now, but after I hit the big 4-0 no way, I won’t even think about it! To each his own.
I think it’s selfish to have kids at 47, why did they wait so long, they could have had 4 or 5 of them when she was younger…

ellea on

I think this is clearly a “replacement child”, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. My boyfriends friend recently lost her son to cancer back in April, she’s pregnant now. I can’t imagine losing a child, but going from having 1 child to none, or 2 children to 1 child that’s life changing..So what exactly is wrong with bringing another child in the world? One that’s going to be loved and taken care of?

i.labo on

Congratulations John and Kelly. I am glad you are having your OWN baby. Not gone the usual US route of thinking it is ‘normal’ for a usually poor young sinlge mother to give up her baby while adopters stand at the end of the bed waiting to provided with her baby. Nor expecting another woman to carry a baby, attach in utero, as does the baby of course, only for the newborn to be handed to strangers at the end of the pregnancy. All so unnatural, all comodifing children to meet adult needs. Only in the US are these things so ‘normalised’ that some criticise two people for having their own child but think nothing of them putting a mother through the torment of losing her baby. Then have the fantasy that adoption relies on the kindness of the adopters not on the suffering of the seperation of a newborn from its mother. Yes adoption of newborns survives on extraordinary grief and loss of a mother and child who have bonded in utero and who are then torn apart – we would think that extraordinarily cruel if this was done to a dog or a cat – but apparently not if its done to human mother and infant


God Bless this family! I have always loved John, but when he married Kelli and had his children, I was over the moon happy for him. They deserve to be happy again, the glow they have now is so heartwarming to see. Enjoy this time together and congrads on your newest blessing. PEACE

paula on

i.labo…no offense, but your post about adoption was completely nutty and ignorant. Maybe you should think before you write, and it wouldn’t hurt to get to know some adoptive families. You might learn something.

Sarah on

I am so happy for them…Kelly is glowing and John looks content. ๐Ÿ™‚

kelly on

there are may individuals whom think that having a baby at 47 is too old, well my mom had me at 39 back in 1965 in (those) days that was considered old, when i started kindergarden my mom was 44 and my friends parents were between the ages of 19 and 25 so i did feel i had an (old) mom. As i grew older things just fit in, when she died when i was 31 at the age of 64 she was still working full time as a wairess and also helping me with my son who was 15 at the time of her death, she went to every baseball game for 8 years, picked him up from school after she got off work she did everything a mother would do even at her age! now we are in the year 2000 and 47 is not old nor is 65 even grandmas are still working and taking care of their grandkids as a mother would do, they are not at home knitting and baking anymore like in the (oldie days)grandmas and grandpas are different these days,some must still work, alot of people still love to work, thats what keeps them young and full of energy instead of doing nothing and sitting in a rocking chair waiting for life to just pass them by! There are also many many grandparents who are raising their grandkids whatever reason it be, my point being is times have changed people have changed and are more active and healthier. There is absoultly nothing wrong having a baby at her age and when the child does graduate there will be very young parents there as well as older parents, whats the big deal? so what really is the difference? as long as the baby is healthy. They are both financially and physically able to care for there kids and thats what counts. people gripe and make remarks when they see a teen mom! now they gripe because they see an older woman whom is more mature which is it? there is no standard age on when someone should or should not have a baby.And maybe they have been trying to concieve for a long time we do not know, try not to dictate peoples lives and concentrate on your own and be happy for one another! congratulations kelly and john and your family blessing<3

sandee on

i am so happy for the whole family. they have continuously held their heads high and are wonderful parents. enjoy every minute of this, you all deserve this.

Maz on

I think it’s wonderful, congratulations to them all as a family. ‘Replacement baby’ is downright hurtful, I know for one if I lost either of my children and was physically able to have more at that time, I would, to help with the process of healing my heart.
How about sharing in the happiness of this couple?? they sure look happy to me.

Tabitha on

When I heard they were expecting, my first reaction was, “Wow, way too old.” But that’s from my perspective, not their’s. I personally don’t want the work of raising children at that age, but if they are up for it–all the power to them. I admit, I also thought about the baby’s risk and how they won’t be around as long as younger parents, but on the other hand, who are we to judge? From that train of thought, does this mean overweight people shouldn’t become parents or people with a family history of cancer? Who is the ideal parent? You? Me? At least this couple has the resources in place in ensure there childd will be cared for and have great access to healthcare. And looking at them, I’m betting they’re probably fitter than most Americans half their age.

SoonerGirl606 on

Whew, I will say this — the typos and terrible spelling on here make it so hard to read people’s posts. I found that more annoying than anything anyone actually SAID.

Secondly, while they seem to show a lot of love to their children, the Scientology stuff is downright SCARY and it IS a CULT. How could anyone who loves their children subject them to that? In addition, they publicly denied all these years that Jett did indeed have autism, a medical condition which needs early treatment. How can such seemingly intelligent people fall for something that was started by a science FICTION writer and call it a ‘religion?

Scientology was founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. He allegedly founded it on a bet that he could make more money founding a religion than he could writing science fiction. By George, I guess he was right. Who could have guessed that people would actually believe any of that crap? It has nothing to do with God, NOTHING. A bunch of celebrities give tons of money to that cult, helping it to become huge and powerful and DANGEROUS. Self-empowerment? Humans do not receive ‘power’ from the garble some weird science fiction writer wrote as part of a BET. L. Ron Hubbard laughed all the way to his bank that there were so many fools desperate to believe in something so ridiculous! The more you know about it, the more LUDICROUS it becomes. Praying to God has absolutely nothing to do with Scientology and vice versa. And, God is not out to bless anyone who disregards Him but instead chooses to believe in something like SCIENTOLOGY. I do not wish any ill on these people at all; they have been through plenty. However, I find it sad that another child will be subjected to and brainwashed by that CULT. Don’t think they are dangerous? Read this TRUE story http://www.lisafiles.com/aboutlisa.html and then say “Scientology is a harmless ‘religion’ (NOT) and how ‘blessed’ any child is to be born into this!

CelebBabyLover on

paula- I agree! I also wish peopl would realize that adoption isn’t always the result of a woman giving up a child that she irresponsibly had when she really didn’t have the money or whatever to care for them. Some children are concieved as the result of rape, and sometimes those mothers have to give their kids up for adoption because they are not at all ready to raise a child.

Also, sometimes a child is adopted because it’s parent (in the case of single parents) or parents have died.

Evy- Right on! John and Kelly have talked about wanting another baby for YEARS, so how could this possibly be a replacement child? Also, for those of you saying this is a “replacement child”….Are parents forbidden from ever having more children if, god forbid, one of their children dies?

Tracy- They are NOT having twins. There were rumors floating around that they are, but their reps quickly shot them down. If they WERE having twins, I’d think she’d be bigger by now. To be fair, however, it’s possible you had Kelly confused with Celine Dione, who is also older, also just announced she is expecting again, and IS expecting twins.

Kat- As I said last night, how on Earth do we know it was their choice to wait so long before having another child. Going by their comments over the last several years, it sounds like they have been trying for quite awhile. Not everyone is blessed to concieve immeditely, you know.

CelebBabyLover on

Also, here’s something I really don’t get: Sheryl Crow is about the same age as Kelly, and she recently adopted a second baby boy. Yet nobody is criticizing her and saying she’s too old and how it’s awful that she’ll be in her late sixties when the kid graduates from high school. Why the huge double-standard?

Marky on

I think the thing that amazes me is that all these posters who think it’s wonderful for John and Kelly to be pregnant at their age were, no doubt, flipping out when Michele Duggar said she was pregnant with Josie, and she was 5 years younger than Kelly. It was, “OMG, she is way too old! What is she thinking?” I don’t personally care whether the Travolta-Prestons have another baby or not–it’s their business–but I’m dumbfounded at the overall positive reaction, when others get such a negative one. I think if you believe it’s okay for Kelly and John, who love their child(ren), then it should be the same for others who love their children, too. Personally, I’m tired of the negativity and people thinking they should make decisions about other people’s families.

Lynn on

WOW.. I didn’t realize scientologists were okay with doing IVF – yes, and most likely with donor eggs too. Not hating, just facts but a miracle nonetheless!

torgster on

Personally I don’t give two hoots about the logistics regarding their ages, motivation for having another child, etc. It’s their choice and their business alone. What bugs me to no end, and this isn’t even THEIR fault, it’s the medias…..why do we constantly have to be reminded of their trauma, heartbreak et al over Jetts’ death? They are not the only couple in history to have lost a child!!!

Mrs. B on

While it’s not the right road for me to have a child at that age, if it’s the right one for them I wish them all the happiness in the world! Certainly trying to keep up with a toddler in your 50’s will keep them young at heart and in shape! All the best for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!

misty on

C’mon 47 old?? Where have you people been, there are woman older than that having babies!! What ever makes THEM happy not you, and a “replacement” that’s crazy!! No child could ever be replaced! As far as their beliefs, only a christain or someone who calls them selfs a christain would say such a thing, as I am pagan and get judged all the time by so called christains!!- I am so happy for them and glad to see smiles back on their faces, if they were’nt famous you judgers wouldn’t even notice or care, so stop hating on 2 loving parents trying to move on and find happiness again, not a replacement!!- sending love, light, peace, health and happiness to john,kelly,and ella, as for jet who is always still around them who has proubley blessed them with this child, good job!

Jill on

Some of you act like you have never heard of a 47 year old women becoming pregnant. Where was the fuss when Gina Davis Holly Hunter, Nancy Grace and Elizabeth Edwards had babies at 47/48? I’ve also heard of quite a few women becoming pregnant naturally in their late 40s.

It is completely common to get pregnant around 40 naturally like I did after years of infertility — not so much in your late 40s but it can and does happen. A lot of women are just having their first baby in their late 30s/early 40s. That has become the norm. If you don’t know this then you don’t get out much.

So 47 is not that much of a stretch. My husband’s grandmother had her last child at 47. That was before any fertility treatments. The average age for women to have their last baby in post WWII was 42 and that also was before any fertility treatments. Glad the trend is back!

I really think things have shifted by at least 5 and maybe 10 years with people living longer, healthier lives. If 40 is the new 30, which I think it is in many ways then 60 is the new 50 and 70 the new 60. Just look at Martha Stewart, Nancy Pelosi, Rachel Welch and Diane Sawyer — all in their mid to late 60s or just turned 70. They all are very active working and look great. Some people really need to update their thoughts about age!

Plus there is research that shows that women who have babies in their 40s live longer, healthier lives and actually look and feel younger with fewer health issues. They think it is the high progestrone later. So I guess they will have the last laugh.

There is also a double standard with moms who adopt like Sheryl Crow who is 48 and just adopted a newborn son. There were no age related comments with her. What gives?!

Jill on

I’m sure they also want to give a sibling to Ella now that she has lost her brother. So at some point it becomes more about Ella than Kelly and John.

It is very important to parents to know their child will have a support system like a sibling. It was to us.

We spent years trying to have a second child and then gave up and looked into adoption options only to find no good options. Finally became pregnant naturally after years of infertility and treatments.

It gives me peace that our 8 year old daughter has her little sister now. It helps to know that they both have each other now and as adults will be there for each other throughout their lives.

deborah on

Having lost 2 of my own children- one shortly after her birth, and the other in his mid-twenties due to muscular dystrophy, the idea that somehow this must be a replacement child is ridiculous. The children I conceived after losing my daughter were in no way replacements for her, and no one ever even suggested to me that they might be. Could it possibly be because I was young at the time? I think that the age of John and Kelly is spawning such comments, and perhaps a bit of snarky commentary based on subconscious jealousy over a wealthy and successful couple having what those posters wish they had.

I think it’s a shame that some are so focused on the idea of this couple ‘hiding’ their late son’s illness as if it should somehow be their right to know about it. Perhaps no one has considered they were simply protecting their son and his right to privacy, given how intrusive the media can be in the lives of celebrities and their children. It is not our right to know about the medical history, and medical treatment, of anyone’s children but our own. Passing judgement on something we know nothing about is hateful. It appears these two were treated as badly, if not worse, by the medical professionals who were trusted with the care of this poor boy at the end of his life, when John and Kelly were in the midst of mourning for the loss of their son. I feel so sorry for them, that I can’t even put those feelings into words. Put yourselves into their shoes for a moment, and try to imagine the horror of those moments.

Even though I have lost 2 of my own children, I cannot say I know what they must be feeling, because no one knows but them. Grief is an individual thing. What I can say I know is that the joy on their faces now is obvious. I don’t care if they had medical intervention to have this child or not, it is none of my business or of anyone else. Nor do I care what age they are, because young parents can pass away too. The only thing I would ever say to them is that seeing the joy in their faces put a smile on mine, and I wish them and their children all the happiness in the world.

Congratulations and best wishes on a safe pregnancy and delivery.

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Well said debrah, out of all I have read, your comment makes the most sense and the honest truth, their happiness is all that should matter, and I am over the moon seeing them smiling again without it being forced and faked, yes there will always be that hole and empty spot that could never be fill with what so many are calling a replacement chil, I’ve heard it all now,I think that all you heartless people out there who has never walked a day in there shoes needs to keep there comments to themselfs, isn’t there enough hate in the world now? ? I wish them a long,healthy,happy life!! And by the way, their beliefs just as mine calls for no rules like the bible and christains who live their life by a book with no proof, a harry potter book is just a true as the bible, so don’t judge their beliefs because they are free of brain washers who do nothing but tell you how to live and set fear into people with this place they call hell that doesn’t exsist.. Keeps your heads up kelly and john as I know yall will, the ones who love yall out number the haters, — blessed be

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Marky- I think Michelle got more cricisim because, in addition to her age, Josie is her 19th child. If the Duggars only had, say, 1, 2, or 3 other kids, I don’t think they would have gotten nearly the criticism they did.

Lynn- We have no idea whether or not Kelly and John used IVF (and if so if it was with or without donor eggs) or not. As Jill said, it’s not like it’s impossible for a woman Kelly’s age to become pregnant naturally. It’s rarer for older women to become pregnant naturally, but certainly not impossible. One of my great-grandmothers and one of my great-aunts, for example, both had change of life babies (granted, I don’t think either was QUITE as old as Kelly, but both were in their 40s at the very least!).

Also, I have a cousin who is well into her sixties and, I am not kidding, has not yet even shown any signs of menopause (let alone actually go through it). So, techincally, although the odds would probably be very low, she probably COULD still theoretically concieve naturally (not to worry, her husband had a vasectomy after their fourth child was born years ago, so there’s no chance of that actually happening!).

I realize being in your 60s and not having gone through menopause is extremely rare, and that having babies in your 60s is extremely risky. I’m just pointing out that older women can and do concieve naturally!

Jill- I agree completely! In fact, as far as your comment on women who have babies later in life living longer on average, I actually once read somewhere that studies have been done showing that the vast majority of women alive today who are over 100 and are moms didn’t have kids until they were in their 40s (whoa, sorry about that run-on sentence!).

As far as the replacement child comments go, I meant to say last night that my parents suffered two miscarriages, one before my older sibling, and one before me……and I can tell you that they in no way, shape, or form, see my brother or I as replacement babies!

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misty- The bible being as real as a Harry Potter book and hell (and thus I assume you feel the same way about heaven) not existing is YOUR belief. Not everyone shares that belief. By generalizing Christens (by calling us “brain-washers” and such) and critcizing them, you are basically doing the same thing you just accused people of doing to Scientologists.

Bottom line- Everyone has different beliefs, and it’s not right to critcize someone because of their beliefs, or attempt to paint all members of a religion with the same brush. We should all just accept each other as we are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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SoonerGirl606- Why should they have had to tell us that Jett had Autism? Just because they’re celebs doesn’t mean they have to share every detail of their life with us! Frankly, their sons’ medical information was none of our business (similarly, it’s really none of our business whether they had IVF, with or without donor eggs, either).

Also, I’m sure Kelly and John were doing what they felt was best for Jett. I have an ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) myself, and until you have walked a mile in the shoes of a person with ASD or the parent, sibling, or other family member with ASD, you have absolutly NO right to judge!

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It is so good to get your perspective on this with your parents 47 and 49 when they had you. It makes me feel better after finally getting pregnant naturally and having our baby at 40.

You seem just fine and you still have your parents at 43 with them around 90 and doing good. Some people act like 65 is so old on this board. That is far from the case. People are not even retiring until well into their 70s.

Life does not stop in your 60s by any means. In reality A LOT of people live and thrive 40 more years after that. 60 really has become the new 50. If that’s the case tell your parents that 90 is the new 80!

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Forgot to mention Barbara Walters who is now around 80 and looks amazing on her show The View. Kelly does not look 47 and looks more like 35 someone said here. She does not look 47 because 47 is not old at all. Demi Moore is 47 too and looks fabulous. Some of you really need to get with the program and realize that things have really changed with 40s becoming the new 30s with people living longer, healthier lives.

So stop sterotyping age. It is just a number and our society seems so obsessed with it. I know of a 70 year old women teaching endurance/spinning classes at my gym and an 80 year old guy doing marathons! So Kelly is still young and will be a great mother to her unborn child.

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It’s great for John and Kelly to have another child after Jett’s tragic accident. Ella will have a baby to play with! I’m so happy for them!!!!

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Just because John and Kelly never called a press conference or put Jett on the cover of People Magazine doesn’t mean that his Autism was being ignored or going untreated. Family friends say that everyone in the Travolta’s lives knew about Jett being Autistic, it was never a secret to the people around them. They just didn’t feel the need to make him a poster child for the condition. Not everyone is Holly Robinson Peete or Jenny McCarthy and that’s their choice.

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I am so happy for John,Kelly and Ella,its just soooo wonderful to get some great news cause all you hear is too much doom and gloom. So Kelly my very bestest wishes to you throughout your pregnacy. x

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Congragulations to John, Kelly and Ella, i am really happy for them after all they have been through. I hope they have a safe pregnancy and a healthy/happy baby.

For those who are saying they shouldn’t be having another child. Ask yourself this, if you were pregnant & a stranger came up to you & started telling you that you are too young/old to have a baby & told you what they thought the appropriate age to have a baby was and that you should of adopted instead, you would probably tell them to mind their own business along with a few choice words. Try putting yourself in that situation before standing in judgement & telling other people when/how they should have children or live their life.

As a side note, John Travolta’s own parents were in their 40’s when he was born, his mother was 43 and his father was around 48 according to a book that i have about his life. So, since he is a child of older parents himself, being older parents is probably not a probloem to them.

Sheila on

Never in all my 60 years have I done something like this but I have to say it.
I am so thrilled for John & Kelly!
God & his angels have smiled down on two very deserving people!
I am celebrting along with you!

pam on

hey, you have to smile when see this. congratulations, very happy for the three of you!!!