Family Photo: The Trumps Celebrate Kai Turning Three!

06/12/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa took their children — Kai Madison, 3, and Donald ‘Donnie’ John III, 16 months — to play at Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink, located in N.Y.C.’s Central Park on Monday. Having wrapped his role on The Celebrity Apprentice with his tough-talking dad, Donald Jr., 32, was free to celebrate his daughter’s birthday with a family party.

Brian Prahl/Splash News Online

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Brian Prahl/Splash News Online

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Michelle on

Despite their last name, I love they seem like regular, everyday folks. These kiddos are too, too cute.

glee fan 8 on

there kids are so adorable!

Kim on

I love that the dad wore business attire and loafers to a day at the park. Adorable kids.

pam on

That little boy is utterly gorgeous!! I’m sure his big sister is too (just can’t see her so well).

Brooke on

Anyone else think that Donnie III is the SPITTING image of Shaya Charvet? He looks exactly like him!!

Angela on

Gosh, mommy and daddy look a lot alike! Their smiles and the shape of their eyes are very similar. I think it’s cute that he’s wearing cufflinks to a casual place. πŸ™‚

FC on

Donnie favors his dad, especially in the eyes, and I think he has his dad’s smile. Their kids are so cute, and I can’t get over how big they’ve gotten.

JMO on

really cute kids.

Natasha on

Beautiful family.

skyler on

Donnie Jr is all dad.adorable babies.

lila on

I think he looks like his big sister ( when she was his age) but now she just changed – being more blond and different… kind of funny she even looks another kid.

Luna on

I think those children are too adorable. Sometimes when my hubby just gets home from work, and the kids want to go to the park, he’ll take them in his business clothes. This pic reminded me of that. I agree with Brooke, Donnie looks similar to Shaya.

Elle on

Donnie is so cute!!! I cannot believe how dark he is…especially when I think about how fair Barron Trump is. What a precious little guy.

Yeah it is hard to see Maddie. Haven’t seen a good pic of her in a while.


Who cares if he’s wearing business attire/cufflinks…for all we know he may have just come from a business meeting! Anyway, beautiful family & looks like they had a great time celebrating Kai’s bday πŸ™‚

Rye on

They are SUPER cute!!! I still can’t stand the fact that his name is Donald III, as if we are living in mideval times or something or they are royalty. Ick. Still, uber-adorable kids.

izzy on

what a beautiful family<3

rye-some people still honor traditions and family. there's nothing wrong with that. although donald is a horrible name lol.

Angela on

IMSMD, just an observation, not a criticism/judgment. Relax.

sarah on

their little girl is STUNNING! You can see her quite well if you look properly. And Donnie DOES look like Shaya. He’s adorable. Very sweet pics.

Rachel on

Donnie has his grandpa’s hair.

AndrΓ© on

Awful names, on both of thems. Kai I do like, but for boys only.

dfs on

What is up with the name Kai anyway? I see it has becomne very popular with celebs, but I don’t hear the name being used otherwise.

Rye on

Izzie, I just think it’s a reallllllly outdated, sexist tradition. Why do we always “honor” husbands by naming sons after them yet we rarely hear of women getting the same “honor” and having a child’s FIRST name the same as there own? It’s definitely too traditional for my taste and I think it’s actually somewhat offensive if you really think deeply about it. Call it a tradition or whatever you like, but it’s foundation is based on a primative notion that men need to be revered and women are subservient second-class citizens.

poppykai on

My sons name is Kai and I have met about 4 Kais in my life. I have never heard it for a girl though; doesn’t exactly fit with Donald, but not my children.

dfs on

Actually, lots of women are named after their mothers or grandmothers. It looks like Trump Jr. and his wife decided not to do that with their daughter, but then again maybe his wife is not named after anyone.

Brooklyn on

Great pictures! Kai & Donnie are sooo cute!

CelebBabyLover on

dfs- I agree! I actually know a woman who’s named after her mother. Also, even in the Trump family there is a woman named after her mother. That woman is Ivanka Trump. Her mother, as we all know, is Ivana. Ivana is Slovak if my memory is correct, and in slavic countries (of which Slovakia is one), it’s a tradition to go by what is known as a “diminutive” form of a name. Ivanka just happens to be a diminutive form of Ivana.

That’s also how people in slavic countries usually go about naming kids after family members….they use a diminutive form of the family member’s name. πŸ™‚

So for all practical purposes, Ivanka Trump is named after her mother. πŸ™‚