Spotted: Naomi Watts and Sons’ Sunny Stroll

06/11/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

With the wind in their hair, Naomi Watts and sons Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 2Β½, and Samuel Kai, 17 months, take advantage of Monday’s gorgeous weather, going for a sunny stroll in the West Village.

Will there be any more children for the actress, 41, and fiancΓ© Liev Schreiber?

“If I could guarantee myself a girl, I’d say yes,” she said recently.

“But I’d be sure to have another boy! I always knew I’d have boys.”

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grace on

she has the cutest kids!

Manal on

Shiloh has a twin!! hehe adorable boys!

Brooke on

Their hair is cracking me up…..Must be a windy day in the Big Apple!

jordan on

All three of the have the same hair line…lol. No but nice pic like always.

Delilah on

She could get a guaranteed girl if she did IFV with PGD or Microsort. Cannot believe more celebrity women don’t try it.

Amanda on

Just because they are celebrities and have the money doesn’t mean it is something they agree with doing. IVF with PGD is the only guarentee for a child of a certain gender and you know what happens to the embryos of the ‘wrong’ gender right? They are destroyed. Cute, precious little boys just like the two she has. As a mom of two little girls, I wanted a boy but not enough to say another girl wasn’t ‘good enough’. We tried for a third baby using the shettles method (read the book if you are interested, there’s more to it than you read on the internet) figuring it might sway the odds. We did get our little boy and I am so happy for that but a little girl would have been wonderful too. If you don’t want another child regardless of gender it probably isn’t a good time to have another. I do with Naomi the best, I do understand wanting a different gender, there’s nothing wrong with that.

xxx on

I love blond babies!! You can see that those two are going to stay blond like their mom. They should have a girl, she’d be gourgeous too.

Delilah on

Microsort doesn’t destroy embryos and even if they wanted to do PGD they could donate their unwanted embryo’s to couples or freeze them. I would do Microsort in a heartbeat if I didn’t have both.

maggie on

i hope she has a lil girl too, but if not that baby would be another cutie-pie πŸ˜€

Sierra on

This is the third article on this site about Naomi Watts where this quote has been used. Old story!! Seriously? I would love to see a new quote/story to go along with pics of Naomi and her adorable boys!

kate on

Has nobody else read this properly?! She said she would have another but only if she could guarantee it would be a girl. That is disgusting. It is the same as saying she wouldn’t have another in case it was a boy. Some people amaze me.

Eva on

Calm down, Kate. I have three girls and the only reason I tried for a third is because I wanted to have a son, but of course I am happy with a third daughter. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a certain gender, and all parents have preferences. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love a 4th daughter, or that I would love a son more if I had one. I just wanted to have at least one son to balance things out, but I love all my kids more than anything in this world and I wouldn’t have loved a son more.

Stop being so bitter and trying to see the worst in everything. Jeez, some commenters on this site are so cruel.

Marina on

what is wrong with what she said Kate? She loves her boys, but she would love to have a girl. How is that wrong?

Annika on

I also think there is nothing wrong in wishing for a certain gender but i do think it is very wrong to sort out embryos of the wrong gender. That is highly sexist and those kind of things that have caused countries like India and China to have a unnatural male-female ratio. Seriously, I can’t even belive that is allowed in the US (I’m from Europe).
Anyway: Those are really cute boys and hopefully ahe will have another baby and then maybe it’s a girl. But looking at those two a third boy would also be great, I think.

Lauren on

I find nothing wrong with Kate said….I agree. It is one thing to say, I would like a girl, but to say you would only have a child if it was a girl. My sister would love to be able to have either sex, but sadly, she is unable to have children. I grow up with one family of 6 girls, they kept trying for the boy, but had girls and couldn’t have been happier. She should stop saying that…

emily on

Lauren, just because obne woman has fertility struggles, doesnt mean that all women need to reflect that. She has a right to say how she feels about her own children, just as you have the right to say she’s wrong.

Lauren on

Thanks Emily for telling me I have a right to say what I want. There is nothing wrong with my post, as it is my opinion. I don’t like to discuss my fertility issues, because it is so emotional. All I will say is to give birth to a child, sounds amazing to me. I would be happy with a child regardless of the childs situation.

That is my point and that is my opinion and I am proud of it!

CelebBabyLover on

Deliah- I doubt she’d want to donate the embryos to another couple, simply because of the fact she and Liev are celebrities. I mean, the couple she donated the embryos to could try to take advantage somehow of the fact that their kids were biologically Naomi Watts’ and Liev Schriebers’.

Or the media might notice the child somehow and start speculating why Naomi and Liev have a “secret” child being raised by another couple.

At best, they’d probably constantly get plagued with the question, “Why do your kids look just like Naomi Watts’?”

Lauren- I think what emily was trying to say is that you need to allow Naomi to have her opinion, too. πŸ™‚

Annika- I agree! I would never do microsort or any other sex-selection methods. I feel that the choice of what gender a baby is should be left up to God. That being said, I realize that not everyone feels that way, and that’s fine. I’m just stating my opinion. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Manal- And Knox and Viv seem to have a triplet (Kai)! πŸ™‚

xxx on

Anika, i read somewhere that not only can the parents choose the the baby’s gender, but also the color of his eyes/hair etc… It’s horrible. Accept your baby the way he will be. This remind me of what Hilter did: kill all the jews and keep the strong, blond, blue-eyed german. It’s called EUGENICS.

Niko on

Some people on this site will use ANY excuse to attack a celebrity mom they don’t like. Its a shame. There’s nothing “disgusting” about wanting a girl after having two boys. Also, the double standard I sometimes witness here is appalling. When Charlie Sheen harped obsessively about wanting boys after having all daughters—even going as far as undergoing procedures to select his babies gender—I sure didn’t recall folks making much song and dance about it here. When Naomi Watts alludes to it, her haters attack. Its her choice and her choice alone, period. Grow up.

poppy on

I agree that this quote from Naomie is getting old – move on! Also why do some posters seem to think that both gender families are the only’perfect’ families? YOu get what you’re given and there’s a lot of joy to be had in a simgle sex family in my opnion!

Lauren on

How am I attacking Naomi? And daily? I stating an opinion and all I said is “she should stop sayint that.” If that is attacking to you, then, WOW, you should stay away from other people. That is an opinion. I would NEVER attack anyone, in any situation, including on these sites. In fact, I am the opposite. I am the one who 99.9% of the time is standing up for the person regardless of what they name their child or what they say. I am entitled to disagree with what someone says. It is what makes me who I am.

If anyone is attacking, it is you.

poppy on

Look at your beautiful children Naomie and be grateful!!!!

Lee on

@Lauren, I’m not attacking anyone. I’m just stating facts and the fact is that your posts involve attacking celebrity parents for no reason. It gets boring after a while and to attack someone you have to feel anger. I feel pity for you.

Lauren on

I attacked no one. I stated an opinion, as did you. I pity you.

Terri on

I don’t think disagreeing with someone should be considered attacking them. I get so tired of people getting so up in arms when people post opinions that conflict with others. Can we just disagree without getting so offended about it?

I’m from a family of all girls and I loved it that way. I’m sure my parents would have loved a by, but they never made us feel like we were any less wanted.

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- Right on! Disagreeing with a celeb’s (or anyone’s, for that matter) decision doesn’t mean you’re attacking them!

Niko- I don’t think it was ever actually confirmed that Charlie and Brooke did IVF to concieve the boys, let alone PGD or any other

xxx- You can relax a little bit. From what I’ve read, it is not yet possible to select a baby’s hair color, eye color, etc. Both of those things aren’t just determined by one gene, as was orignally thought. Apparently, several genes go into determing hair and eye color, and enviornment can sometimes have a bit of an influence as well. Therefore, from what I’ve read, a lot of Scientists think that being able to actually select a baby’s hair and eye color is a long way off. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

poppy- Naomi has never said she’s not grateful for her two boys, just that she’d also like a girl. πŸ™‚

erika on

you all talk about naomi watts like you know her and it makes me giggle she obviuosly just wants to experience being the mother of a girl what is the big deal?i have 3 girls and four boys and the personalitys are so different from the two sexs.doesnt everyone want at least one boy and girl?but were all happy with the children we have just because they are part of us?everyone should sit back put your feet up and just breathe in the sunshine and fresh air!

Molly on

I feel the same way – I’d love to have a daughter but for some reason I feel 99% sure that if I ever have kids, they’ll be boys. Of course I’d be happy either way, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t have at least one girl in there. I know plenty of people with sons who say they wish they could have had a girl as well. Not because they don’t love or aren’t grateful for their boys – they just think it would have been nice to have a girl AS WELL AS them. I’m sure she’d love another boy just as much as she would a girl, and there’s nothing wrong with being happy with “only” two kids.

But then I see nothing wrong with destroying unused embryos, either. They’re not “baby boys,” they’re just cells that have the potential to become such at some point in time.