Spotted: Max Bratman’s Day Out with Dad!

06/11/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

With Christina Aguilera busy around town promoting Bionic, husband Jordan Bratman and son Max Liron made the most of their time in the Big Apple, strolling around SoHo on Tuesday.

“Jordy was the calm in the storm when everybody else was driving me crazy,” Aguilera, 29, said recently.

“He was the person who reached down, pulled me out and made me see reason. I’m very lucky to have him.”

Two-year-old Max is the only child for the couple, who wed in 2005.

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Shelly on

Could he possibly look anymore like his father?! Wow! My first born came out looking like his father is was crazy, but as time has gone on his features have changed a little, he is seven now,but still looks mostly just like my husband but Max is more like a perfect clone than a mini-me=)

Serena on

goodness gracious, he looks just like his father!

Erika on

I agree!

ProudTeenMomm on

In my opinion he looks like a girl??!! 😦

romy on

he looks so much like Adam Sandler’s daughter

Kimberly on

No doubt that kid looks like his father!

maggie on

he does look like sadie sandler

jordan on

about time he’s out with his dad. Christina always has him. Yep he’s his daddy’s son alright

jessicad on

He’s a precious little guy and does look just like his Dad! I like how he and Christina seem so in love, I think this a celeb couple that will definitely last.

CelebBabyLover on

He looks like his dad….But I recently saw a picture of Christina when she was a child, and he also looks a lot like she did back then! 🙂

romy on

Jessicad, I never would have thought that. She always seems miserable. It always looks like she is going out on shopping outings with Jordan for appearance sake. Never wears her ring. Just made a public comment about not wanting to be sexy for just men and also being interested in women. I guess I don’t see it. I think He seems like a loving, doting dad though. Always with the boy and holding him and laughing. Of course I could be wrong about all of it 😉

Cindy Brady on

Wow!! he looks 100% like his father. Same exact face, nose and mouth.

Sage on

He is a cutie and I love how so in love with her husband Christina is, they are a cute little family.

CelebBabyLover on

romy- Well let’s hope that they last for Max’s sake! And as for Christina’s ring….PEOPLE did an article about it not to long ago, and quoted a friend or someone (I forget who) as saying that Christina is just one of those people who doesn’t always wear her ring. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I, for one, hate the “Oh no, (insert celeb’s name here) isn’t wearing his/her wedding ring! There must be something wrong!” thing that people seem to do every time a married celeb is seen without their wedding ring. Not wearing a wedding ring does NOT neccesarily mean anything’s wrong.

My dad doesn’t wearing a wedding ring because he lost it while swimming in a river. My mom wears a ring….But it’s not her wedding ring. She decided that her ring should be with my dad’s in the river. 🙂 Both of them are still very, very much in love though, and they plan to get new rings eventually! 🙂 Also, one of my grandfather’s didn’t wear his wedding ring for the last several years of his life…..but it was because it had become to small for his finger, not because he didn’t love my grandmother! 🙂

Mariana on

Come on! I think Max is the spitting image of Christina.

romy on

CBL, I know the ring thing means nothing. My step dad hates rings and has never worn one in 20 years. Just an added thought to the list. She just does not seem like a content person to me. There are also ‘blind items’ out there that seem to point to her. Who knows, it would be nice for Max, like you said, if none of what I say is true!

Terri on

Max looks a lot like Jordan, but I can still see some of Christina in him – especially in those blue eyes.

dfs on

It could be he’s out with his dad a lot, but I’m sure the papparazzi recognize him more when he’s with his mom.

yoyo on

I think this is the first time i’ve EVER seen her boy smile. has anyone ever noticed that? every time i see pictures of him in public he has the same expression. he seems like he’s never happy. i dont know..

CelebBabyLover on

yoyo- I think it’s just he doesn’t know quite what to think of all the paps flashing cameras in his face, rather than that he’s actually unhappy all the time. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt always used to have a blank expression on her face when she was a baby, too….But now we see her making lots of different expressions!

I have a feeling that we’ll see Max being more expressive as he gets older and more able to deal with the paps, too. 🙂