Twice As Nice: Jessica Alba and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Mommy-Chic Dress

06/10/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Juliano Garcia/INF; Santiago Baez/Ramey

Are we seeing double?

On June 5, we spotted Jessica Alba looking super stylish in a boho-chic peasant dress, Melinda Maria 18K gold-plated Mini Pod bangle ($68) and black combat boots on a brunch date with her little cutie Honor, 2, and husband Cash Warren (not pictured) in Beverly Hills.

And just three days later, we spied Maggie Gyllenhaal — in the exact same dress paired with Worishofer‘s 251 sandals in red ($57) — strolling N.Y.C.’s West Village after picking up daughter Ramona, 3½, (check out her adorable Stella McCartney for GapKids crochet romper!) from school.

Turns out, these fashionable moms are wearing Isabel Marant‘s Leal Denim dress ($695). Perfect for breezy summer days, you can wear it alone or as a tunic top.

TELL US: What do you think of Jessica and Maggie’s mommy style?

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Becca on

I think they both look nice. I prefer Maggie’s look, though but I can’t even imagine spending almost $700 for a denim top/dress but since they both can afford it, why not?

may on

$695 for that?? It’s just a denim sack. Just proves that money doesn’t buy taste.

Loving Red Sandals on

Does anyone know where MG’s sandals are from?

Lauren on

I was looking at the picture thinking how cute Jessica looks, but I think she is cute anyway. The dress is so expensive. But if you think of it from the amount of money they make to the cost of the dress, it really isn’t that much for them. I wouldn’t spend $100 on it, but that’s because it wouldn’t look good on me.

stacey on

$695 to make you look like a cow, no thanks!

Sara on

Cute dress, though I’m not a fan of the sleeves. Looks very toddlerish to me.
But holy moly, 700 bucks?? They clearly live in a different universe than me…

Kayte on

If they like it and can afford it, it’s no concern of mine. But since you asked for opinions on the style, I think it looks frumpy and childish–or like a maternity dress. I think Jessica may have been trying to make it look ‘edgier’ with the combat boots, but she still looks like a little girl in combat boots.

Sarah on

I prefer Maggie’s look (except for the wrinkling) over Jessica’s. Wow, Ramona is already 3 1/2?! Amazing how time flies!

Lumpy on

are they both wearing onesies under that denim sack?

Sara-Eve on

Totally agree Sara looks like a little girls dress to me…and €700! Yikes

cris on

I can’t figure out how that is considered a dress, unless you out it one their children. I agree with what several of the above poster’s have said, it does look like something a toddler would wear!

Kristen on

I was not a fan of the dress but didn’t hate it. But once I saw the price tag I changed my mind. I cannot imagine seeing a piece of clothing priced at $700 and saying “sure…” what world are they living in? Are they making enough money for that kind of purchase? How can you not buy cheaper clothing and donate the rest?

Janna on

Kristen….. “How can you not buy cheaper clothing and donate the rest?” What a bizarre question.

Is that what you do? If you’re willing to spend $100 on a dress, do you spend $40 instead and donate the rest?

(Besides, don’t be so sure they actually PAID for the dress. Celebrities get lots and lots of clothes given to them.)

MissMissy on

I think the dress is cute on their respectively teeny-tiny figures. 🙂

The price, well, it’s not something I could justify or afford, but I’m not a celebrity, and they may very well NOT have paid for it in order for the designer to get exposure (who knows?).

I kind of love that Maggie’s is wrinkled…like she’s actually worn it before and washed it and folded it and then put it on. Just like me and my clothing! 🙂

Lynn on

$700.00 for that!! Looks like it’s a $30.00 dress from Target! What a waste of money…even if they can afford it! The girls are darling!!

Xan on

Yeah, would not have commented on the dresses except for the price tag. Yikes! I can only wonder if they’d have purchased the exact same dress if it cost $30….

PJ on

I think it looks better unwrinkled personally!! If MG can afford a dress at the price can’t she afford to get it cleaned or have someone press it for her?!

I don’t love it or hate it, but would certainly never wear it!

Jenn on

I don’t care for the dresses either but I think Ramona and Honor are precious!

loren on

Agree that they can afford the dress, but unless its hand embroidered on top or something, they both got robbed 🙂 I live in NY where everything cost a lot. That said, I would’ve found a garment like that for about 40 bucks at a thrift store 🙂

Ritz on

they need capri leggings under them. but still for $700 wow. Are they both hiding a pregnancy or something?

soph on

Maggie’s daughter is adorable with a capital A. Love her hair.

JMO on

forget the price tag…it’s ugly!

julie on

i miss the old CBB comment rules.
my goodness.

Kayte on

What do you mean? Are you suggesting that comments should not be allowed unless they gush over the celebrities/fashion? CBB posted the question, “TELL US: What do you think of Jessica and Maggie’s mommy style?” The site asked for opinions, and that is what they got. If you think only positive responses should be posted, it would not be a true representative of what readers think of the style. It’s one of those things where you shouldn’t ask if you don’t want to know.

julie on

opinions are great.
insults are not.
celebrity, neighbor, whatever.

romy on

the old CBB allowed comments just like these actually

Brooke on

Oh Puh-Leeze, Julie…..

How long have you been here? These kinds of comments have been on this site for years.

Me on

I’m with you, Julie. And just because something has gone on for years doesn’t make it right. Comments are one thing, but insults are rude. I just wonder if some people are as hateful and judgmental in real life or is it because they are behind a computer talking about strangers?

Hanna on

There was always opinion and debate but it wasn’t as snarky and mean spirited as it is today. The really passionate debates were reserved for truly controversial topics like vaccinations and autism, not harmless topics like whether or not rich people should buy expensive clothes for themselves.

Shannon on

They both probably got the dress for free. They’re promoting the dress by wearing it. Personally I think it looks like a toddler dress especially on Jessica. The dress would look adorable on their daughters though! 🙂

JMO on

Who’s insulting??

I didn’t see anyone bashing the people wearing the dress. Just the dress itself! Wow, didn’t know that wasn’t allowed when a specific question is posted about what we think of the style?!

some people crack me up.

electra on

Even the highest quality denim isn’t worth 700 dollars.

I often wonder, should you spend money just because you have it? Does quality:value go out the window? It’s a cute dress that I would wear, but I could make that in home economics or buy it from target as another poster said. Maybe they didn’t buy it either, sometimes they get things in gift bags.

MiB on

The dress is probably hand made of quality materials in France, hence the price. I would totally agree that the price was redicullus if it had been mass factored in China or Bangladesh (especially since the production cost then would have been a fraction of the price and the ones who made it would get next to nothing for it) but as it is now, the price probably reflects the price of production, marketing and distribution with a reasonable profit, so I say, if they like it and can afford it, they should buy it.

On a side note, it’s kind of funny to see what different body types they have, You can clearly see that Maggie’s toros is much longer than Jessicas, hence the need for something under

Diana on

I don’t really see how these comments are so insulting; people don’t like the dress whats wrong with that? Give me a break!

I think the dress is ugly and frumpy; Its my opinion I hope it isn’t over the line.

sgv on

“$695 to make you look like a cow, no thanks!”

mmhhh I don’t see how Jessica or Maggie can look like a cow! If having their bodies mean to look like a cow, then I would love to look like a cow too! LOL

I think they look fine, specially Jessica, love the boots! And for the prize, well they have the money, so why not? I will do that too, if I had the money and I like a dress, I will buy it.
Some people here envy celebrities…

And Julie, I agree with you.

romy on

also have to say there wouldn’t have been near this many comments on the old CBB on a post like this. the old CBB moved along much faster, but now posts linger for so long there are so many more comments.

loren on

thanks Shannon they probably did (get it free), also MiB I agree, if its a hand made with fabulous detail it is worth the price. Both ladies look good in the dress. Its just a simple denim dress, that is why the price seems high even to this jaded new Yorker 🙂

Audrey on

That dress is just ugly. Forget what it costs. But, Ramona’s hair is just precious in those pigtails. She looks adorable.

Hanna on

You’re probably right Romy, I hadn’t thought of that. There are a lot less posts now, and the ones that would have been most popular on the old site (like a Jolie-Pitt or Cruise picture) are often posted on the main PEOPLE site now, rather than this blog. So I guess less interesting ones like these attract more comments now.

Lola Marie on

I like Jessica’s outfit more, although I would wear mine with a nice pair of dusty black cowboy boots!

Autumn on

The dresses look breezy & cool for the hot weather, even if they are $700. They also make both young mothers look like they’re ready for Baby #2 as well…and given their daughters ages (2 and 3.5yrs) you never know…;)

Sam & Freya's mum on

May, ITA. Prefer Jessica’s style with the boots, but what an insane amount to spend on that dress, wealthy or not, IMO! Their money, their choice, but uurgh….

rosita on

700 for a dress no thanks although u both look good in it

rosita on

$700 4 a dress no thanks but u both look goooooooooooood in it i guess u both r good shoppers