Sheryl Crow Easier Going with Baby No. 2

06/10/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Peter Kramer/AP

With two busy boys Sheryl Crow has her hands full, but she says she’s enjoying every single moment of motherhood — especially after learning some valuable parenting pointers the first time around.

“I’m not sweating the small stuff,” the singer — who’s mom to Wyatt Steven, 3, and newly adopted son Levi James, 6 weeks — told PEOPLE Wednesday at the CMT Music Awards. “I’m easier going.”

Instead of worrying about the little things like she did before, Crow, 48, now knows that “every little tiny gurgle” doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong and if her son doesn’t eat, it simply means he just wasn’t hungry.

“I’m applying all the mistakes I made with Wyatt to being more relaxed with Levi,” she says.

Though adding Levi to the Crow clan was exciting news the singer couldn’t wait to share with fans, she acknowledges having two kids is more than just double the work.

“One is one and two is twenty,” she laughs. “I can’t believe how much stuff is needed for two kids! We’re getting ready to go on the road in a couple of days and I don’t think there’s going to be any room on the bus for my stuff.”

Up next for Crow, in addition to touring the country, is the release of her new album 100 Miles from Memphis, due out July 20, which features collaborations with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and Justin Timberlake.

— Eunice Oh with reporting by Kay West

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kelsey on

I love her and I love the names she chose for her boys! Can’t wait to see a picture of Levi!

Pam on

I’m very happy for her! Her little boy Wyatt is SO cute!!

Willow on

I love her and am so happy for her 🙂

Mia on

Good for her!-I’m really happy for her. She has the family she has always wanted/makes it work for her.

I am curious-I figured she might adopt a girl, or maybe she prefers having sons- or if it’s just which baby becomes available first? Although I have to admit-if I have 3 boys one day, I wouldn’t mind at all.

I bet Levi is adorable. Congrats to her again!

shirabee on

mia- how i understand it, is that she chooses someone and whatever they have, they have. however, in other interviews she mentioned that it was a looong journey for her and levi came after more then one adoption fell through. she mentioned a mother changed her mind and so on so maybe there would have been a girl, but i bet she is just as thrilled and overjoyed with levi as she would be an baby!!

cant wait to see levi, im sure he is a cutie!!

Katie on

I can definitely see having a 2nd being easier the 2nd time around because of the 1st time experiences. Of course you still will be careful in different instances, but each child is different in their own special way. Congrats! I didn’t even know she had adopted another! I’m adopted as well and have 1 myself (not adopted) but I would be all for it, since I know what it’s like if I could afford to! =)

april on

I honestly feel that the child chooses you not you choose them.

Paula on

Of course its easier going. Besides the fact she doesn’t give birth to her children, she can also afford nannies, and what have you. I mean, I applaud adoption, but I don’t think they should get a shiny gold star over it.

Annie on

Awwe, come on Paula! Don’t be criticizing Sheryl for her road to motherhood. Whether she has nannies or not is irrelevant. Whether she physically birthed these children into the world is a non issue. It doesn’t take a DNA match to make a family and I for one congratulate Sheryl. She seems to be a fantastic mom. And ready how long this journey to creating a family has taken for her, I couldn’t be more thrilled for the arrival of #2! Having had 2 boys myself, I can assure you…there is nothing sweeter than these 2 boys having each other for life. Brothers are a kick in the pants and I am certain there will always be excitement (and bumps and bruises)–and of course endless joy in the Crow household!

Rachel on

What does it matter if she has another boy for crying out loud? Americans are so obsessed with boy/ girl. You should be happy with a healthy baby. Go Sheryl…

dfs on

“I honestly feel that the child chooses you not you choose them.”

Huh? I don’t understand. I doubt Levi had any say in this, he’s six weeks old.

Angie on

Congratulations! It’s nice to see someone not afraid of a little hard work to reap the benefits of life’s most rewarding joys. And she’s never looked more beautiful.

KRO on

Paula would you rather have Sheryl gotten pregnant by someone she wasn’t married to like the rest of these hollywood skanks or would you rather see someone with a giant heart like hers adopt a baby that otherwise might not the life she can provide for them?!?!?! As far as having a nanny; you can be damned sure that if I could afford one I would have one too! And just because you give birth to a child doesn’t make you anymore of a mother. I have no doubt that she does deserve that “gold star.” She seems to love her children to the nth degree.

Jenna on

What does not having her own baby have anything to do with it? I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Sheryl Crow, but maybe she just can’t have biological children. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love them and won’t raise them as her own.

Jann on

Congratulations girlfriend!

and I can’t wait to see you playing at Lilith Fair in a couple weeks!

hayley on

always a few negative nellys out there …..

i found it much calmer with my daughter, all th silly things i stresses over with my son! i laugh about it now but at the time lol, my lord. experienceis such a valued tool in bring up babies 🙂

dfs, i tink what she means is, even though he was brought into the world by some one else he was meant to be her son which honestly i think is the way most people feel about child /children they adopt. xxx whoch is a wonderful romantic way of thinking about it 🙂 🙂

btw giving birth does not make you a mother, its jsut something women do, looking after that child, watching them sleep, feeding them , LOVEING them thats what makes you a mother.

CelebBabyLover on

Rachel- I think some people were just saying that they thought Sheryl might have wanted one of each. 🙂

shirabee- I remember she once said the same thing about Wyatt’s adoption, too (that she had a few attempts fall through before she got him).

Becca on

I think it is awesome that she has adopted another baby, I don’t think gender should matter. As far as why she is adopting… I think a lot of you have forgotten that she battled breast cancer not that long ago and most cancer treatments will leave you completely infertile… so judging her for how she decides to become a mother is a bit harsh.

Michelle on

Folks – please remember that her age aside, Sheryl battled (and won) the fight against breast cancer before adopting Wyatt. I am sure that being a survivor changed her whole perspective on life and that’s when she made the decision to adopt. Good for her!

Janet on

You can love your adopted child just as much as the one you gave birth too. I have two biological daughters and an adopted son and love them all the same. Every once in a while his sisters who are quite a lot older will say, You love him more than you love us. They don’t really think so but it goes to show that he is loved just as much as they are. He is a blessing the whole family thanks God for each day.